you can do this baby

You would be jamming out to No More Dream, unaware that Namjoon has been watching you this entire time. In the middle of the song you would do the splits and you got startled when Namjoon clapped. He would quickly turned off the song and carry you to the bedroom
“I wonder if you can do the splits on my dick baby*

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He would watch you with lust in his eyes as you did the splits while dancing to War of Hormone. He didn’t know you were able to do that and he was turned on to say the least
“Holy hell baby. Do that again but maybe naked this time”

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He knew that you were a dancer but didn’t know how good you were. So when he saw you spin then jump into the splits while dancing to 1Verse, he wondered what else you could do
“Somebody’s flexible..let’s see what else you can do”

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He would come with you to the dance studio and watched you dance to Autumn Leaves. He would be impressed as you slowly went into the splits. He would be really turned on by your flexibility.
“Shit babygirl that’s pretty hot.”

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You too planned on doing a dance together to his song Lie and during the bridge of the song, you lifted one of your legs behind your head and went into the splits. You look up and saw Jimin licking his lips and his eyes were full of lust.
“You see what you do to me? Now we have to take care of this”

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You guys would just be goofing off just dancing to random BTS songs in your apartment. As you danced to Baepsae, you did the splits and all of a sudden Tae had other plans.
“Let’s take this to the bedroom”

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Once he saw you do the splits while dancing to Blood Sweat and Tears, he would be a little shook but he got over it real quick and needless to say, he wanted to fuck you against the wall
“You look so sexy doing the splits. I want you to do them again after I fuck you.

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Hi hi hi ~ can you please do hc for a baby fever mc with everybody pretty please 😊😊

hi, love! of course I can, thank you for being patient with me💛

I hope you like it! (❀◦◡◦) [ side note: you said everyone but i forgot if this was before or after i made vandy part of everyone, so we’re just..not gonna put them here, but if you want, I can still put them!


  • absolutely wants kids
  • and thought it was adorable when mc started getting baby fever
  • heck, it started rubbing off on him too
  • one night, mc offered to babysit for her sister 
  • and zen came home to find mc and a little baby waiting for him
  • that’s what made him really want kids
  • he tells mc, of course! and they babysit much more often
  • but they don’t start trying yet
  • because zen still wants a more stable career and a house more suitable for kids
  • so they wait, spend time babysitting and thinking of baby names
  • until one day where zen comes home, with news of a big role and an opportunity to move
  • y’all best believe they start trying that night


  • he got baby fever first
  • but mc didn’t want kids yet, and he respected that
  • however, when yoosung’s sister has a baby…
  • now mc has baby fever
  • and yoosung is so excited 
  • they’re impatient and start trying immediately
  • the two of them fantasize about everything
  • names, nursery room colors, how many kids they ultimately want
  • they’re so excited, they really want a baby
  • it takes awhile, but they get one!!!
  • the two of them are so excited 
  • yoosung will be a great dad  


  • mc had baby fever, but jaehee did Not
  • sure, babies were cute. and jaehee would like a kid eventually
  • but right now, she wanted to sleep
  • understandably
  • she did indulge mc, though
  • giving her input on names, participating on future scenarios
  • and the more she thought about it, the more she realized she wanted it too
  • so she approaches mc about it, after thinking about it a bit more
  • mc is so excited omg
  • they got to the adoption center about a month later 
  • they’re going to be the best parents 


  • what’s that? baby fever?
  • jumin has it too
  • no one needs to have a baby or anything, they both really just want kids
  • they start planning before they start trying
  • but they will have a baby
  • jumin already has a room set up
  • mc gets to decorate
  • they decide on names together
  •  i think jumin would want a big family
  • maybe 3 kids 
  • only if mc agrees, of course

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • secretly has baby fever
  • but is terrified
  • doesn’t think he’d be a good dad 
  • so he pushes the idea away for a bit
  • but he sees mc planning
  • possible names to show him, color schemes, looking up baby clothes
  • and he keeps daydreaming about it
  • he’s always wanted a family
  • why is he pushing the chance away?
  • well..he sure won’t now
  • joins in on name picking and chooses a color scheme
  • gets more and more excited
  • mc secretly planned it like this 

v / jihyun

  • i imagine jihyun has always wanted kids
  • so when he heard that mc wanted kids too, he was so excited
  • they definitely have baby fever together 
  • especially after mc’s cousin had a baby, aw man
  • they were All Over that kid
  • by now, they already have names picked out 
  • and they have a nursery are planned out and everything
  • thing is, they don’t start trying yet 
  • jihyun knows that trying while having baby fever might only end up with them upset
  • still, they can dream
  • and boy, do they 
  • they manage to get a kid a bit later! 


  • saeran was more scared than anything when it came to kids
  • not because he’s asexual, but because he doesn’t think he’s going to be a good parent
  • but then he and mc got the job of babysitting tom’s kid
  • because uncle saeyoung is cool, but he goes out to work while saeran doesn’t 
  • and then he noticed mc started to get really into the idea of having kids
  • so he does some research
  • and he really starts taking this babysitting thing seriously
  • as it turns out, he’s not as bad as he thought!
  • sure, there were things he didn’t know how to do and he still made mistakes
  • but he was feeling a little more up to it now
  • so he approaches mc about adoption
  • he also let mc hug him tightly after he asked 

It’s not stupid. I promise. It’s not stupid to turn into your 5 year old self and get happy beyond measure for the little things. It’s not stupid to be proud of yourself for completing a load of laundry and washing the dishes. You aren’t lame for patting yourself on the back when you chose a salad over a burger. You’re taking care of yourself and each victory - no matter how small - is worth celebrating. 


HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy


Mark is happy where he is and enjoys what he likes best: rapping!


i almost married someone who didn’t love me


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya

ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴛʜɪɴɢ ʙᴀʙʏ sᴇɴᴛᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇ!


❝ We’re going to be parents! ❞
❝ Did you feel him/her/them kick!? ❞
❝ Do you want to feel the baby? ❞
❝ I’m pregnant…and it’s yours. ❞
❝ Do you think I’ll make a good mother/father? ❞
❝ What are you hoping for? ❞
❝ I feel so nauseous today… ❞
❝ What should we name him/her/them? ❞
❝ How many diapers do you think we’ll need? ❞
❝ You’re crying over a puppy? ❞
❝ Is just strawberry okay? They didn’t have strawberries and cream. ❞
❝ I’ve read this book four times I’m basically an expert by now. ❞
❝ Boy or girl? ❞
❝ Wait, do we have everything on this list I found? ❞
❝ Can you put the crib together? I’m so tired. ❞
❝ This kid can come out anytime it’s ready. ❞      
❝ You’re glowing. ❞
❝ How far along are you? ❞
❝ Please don’t freak out…but I’m pregnant. I SAID DON’T FREAK OUT. ❞
❝ Hospital. Now! ❞
❝ I think that was a contraction… ❞
❝ The due date’s not until next week! ❞

     NEW BABY -

❝ S/He’s your kid before five in the morning. ❞
❝ We need to go on a diaper run again. ❞
❝ We’re out of formula–where’s the other can!? ❞
❝ Ugh, s/he spit up on my good shirt! ❞
❝ S/he won’t stop crying, I don’t know what to do. ❞        
❝ Please take him/her, I’m going to go crazy with the screaming. ❞
❝ Is it even possible for a baby to scream so much!? ❞
❝ Should they be breathing like that? ❞
❝ I need to go check on the baby. ❞    
❝ If you never put him/her down you’ll spoil him/her. ❞
❝ Daddy/Mommy’s little girl/boy! ❞
❝ Good morning, little spawn of Satan! ❞
❝ Shhh, they’re finally asleep.  ❞    
❝ Dammit, I just got them to sleep! ❞
❝ Be careful, s/he’s a hair puller…. ❞
❝ Where’s the pacifier!? ❞
❝ I can’t find his/her blanket, please help me. ❞    
❝ I’ve been up since four this morning, it’s your turn. ❞
❝ I found you and the baby sleeping in the recliner at six am and it was so precious. ❞
❝ Stroller, diaper bag, playpen, blanket, bottles, what else do we need before we go to your parents? ❞
❝ A babysitter!? Are you insane!? ❞    
❝ You’re going to spoil them. ❞    
❝ We can’t go out with the baby, that’s just asking for trouble. ❞
❝ Baby’s awake… ❞
❝ S/he’s so precious…. ❞
❝ This is our son/daughter…. ❞
❝ We make damn beautiful babies. ❞
❝ Look at his/her little feet… ❞
❝ S/he has your eyes. ❞
❝ Do not dress him/her in that! ❞    
❝ Be careful with him/her! ❞
❝ Did you remember to pack his/her toy? ❞
❝ His/her first tooth came in today. Already bit me.❞
❝ Did you hear that? That was a cough.❞           

        CHILDREN -

❝ The kids won’t stop fighting. ❞
❝ We should have another. ❞
❝ Stop giving them dessert before dinner! ❞
❝ You’re going to spoil them rotten… ❞
❝ You need to learn not to fall for the puppy dog eyes.  ❞
❝ I just love them so much!? ❞    
❝ How are we going to break the news to them that they’re getting a brother/sister? ❞
❝ Their screaming woke the baby… ❞    
❝ I’m a horrible mother/father… ❞
❝ How can you make the baby hush and I can’t? ❞
❝ Was that a word!? ❞
❝ His/her first word better not be a damn cuss word! ❞    
❝ You look exhausted. ❞
❝ First steps! First steps! ❞
❝ Watch, s/he can roll over now! ❞
❝ I don’t want anyone else watching our baby/children. ❞    
❝ They totally wanted to build the pillow fort, not me. ❞
❝ Can you manage dropping them off? ❞
❝ Damn terrible twos, right? ❞
❝ How did they outgrow their clothes so fast!? ❞   
❝ I think we make damn good parents. ❞
❝ Why are both you and the baby crying? ❞
❝ Here, I’ll watch him/her, you go relax. ❞
❝ I haven’t been able to put her/him down all morning/day/night. ❞    
❝ S/he doesn’t want me, s/he wants you! ❞
❝ S/he just ran into the coffee table, don’t worry. ❞
❝ Stop fighting with me in front of the kid/s! ❞
❝ We shouldn’t have dressed the twins in matching outfits… ❞    
❝ Can I hold him/her? ❞
❝ S/he has separation anxiety because you never put them down! ❞
❝ My mother always hoped my kids would end up like me…I’m so sorry. ❞
❝ I wouldn’t let them do ____, so they started crying. ❞  
❝ Oh, s/he’s just a little angel! ❞
❝ Hello, little one! ❞
❝ I can babysit if you’d like. ❞
❝ Guess who broke your favorite ____. ❞  
❝ Finally got him/her/them to sleep. ❞
❝ It’s your turn to put him/her/them to bed. ❞
❝ I hate bath time. ❞
❝ Can you help me with the kids for five goddamn minutes!? ❞
❝ I think ____ is jealous of the baby. ❞
❝ ___ just hit ___, can you do something!? ❞
❝ Is locking kids in the basement against the law!? ❞
❝ They’re cute when they’re quiet. ❞
❝ Maybe taking them to the park will let out all their energy. ❞
❝ _____ colored on the walls today… ❞
❝ Look at the mess they made again… ❞      

even if you don’t see progress right away…

  • YOU.
  • ARE.
  • DOING.
  • GREAT.
We finally get to see Lotor’s Face and

it’s a dorito 

it’s a fuckng dorito

yaoi sempai triangle faced fuck

Keith: (slowly and a little too loud) Hey, It’s me Keith. I am your fa-ther. We are bonding? Yes?

Lance: Keith, no. Just no. You know, she can’t talk, right? Try again. Just talk to her, like a normal person and not, I don’t know, like you are a robot who works with the elderly, maybe? 

Keith: Hi, I’m your dad.

Lance: Better.

Keith: Well, one of your dads. You have two dads. Your other dad, Lance, he is going to be a great dad. You’re a lucky little girl. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll love you. I love you now, more than I thought I could ever love someone I just met. And I promise I will always protect you. In fact, I’d slaughter-

Lance: Uh, I’m gonna stop you there, Keith. Up until the slaughtering, you were doing great. Can I have our baby back, now? 

(Lance looks like a man who regrets his life choices and it cracks me up. He doesn’t. Just the fact that Keith really has no clue about babies is dawning on him.)