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White Chiristmas

Warnings: angst(?), fluff

Words: 858

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 Being an Avenger was hard. Especially for someone like you, who loved writing. You had learned to block your story ideas  when ou were on missions. The problem though, was to get them coming again.

 Currently, you were in the Stark tower and were looking intently at your laptop screen that was sat on your legs.

 “If you  look at it any more intensely it’s going to burst in flames” Clint joked when he walked in the living roomand saw you sitting on the sofa.

 “That’s it! I can’t do it” you groaned “I have no more ideas and I really need to write something!”

 “Do you want to talk about it?”

 “Talk about what?” you growled.

 “Oh, come on! I’ve known you for three years and if there’s one single thing I know about you, is that you only need to write when you want to take your mind off something”, he gave you a knowing look, “Is it about who I think it is?”

 “Yeah”, you said non-chatless, “I just saw him talking with Nat this morning. Their faces were so close I’d swear their noses touched.”

 “Bucky and Nat?” Clint asked with a shell-shocked expresion plastered on his face “ Impossible. He likes you (Y/N).”

 You rolled your eyes at that. Ever since he learned about your crush on Bucky he was trying to set you up with him.

 “Whatever, goodnight Clint” you said and shut your laptop closed.

 “Goodnight  (Y/N)” he replied.

You walked to your bedroom and closed the door behind you. After changing into your pajamas you took your laptop and laid in bed.

 You were stressed and when stressed the only thing that helped was a Harry Potter movie marathon. You started the first movie and immediatly felt at home and a nice warm feeling settled inside you. When you started getting sleepy the fourth film was at its end.

   The next thing you knew, you were woken up by a loud feminine voice.

 “(Y/N), get up already. It’s snowing! And it’s Christmas!” a bewildered Wanda said and opened your bedroom door. ”Get up! And get dressed, for God’s sake.”

 You hardly managed to get out of bed and with a little help from Wanda you change into warm enough clothes to play in the snow.

 “Come on, the rest of the team is waiting for us outside” she said excitedly. Geez, she could be such a child sometimes.

 The first thing you saw when you stepped outside from the facility was snow. Snow covering everything. You found a nice, clean place and set to work to make some snow angels. You were just about to sit down when a ball of snow hitted the side of your head. You turned your head to face the one who hit you and saw Bucky standing there and laughing his ass off. From what you saw yesterday night you were still mad at him. Mad at him because you had done anything possible to show him that you liked him. Hell, even loved him. But he was flirting with Nat.

 “Don’t you have anywhere else to be?” you asked impatiently.

 “What are you talking about?” he asked with a confused look.

 “I saw you with Nat yesterday.Talking and your noses almost touching” you were so frustrated by now you had started throwing snowballs at him in between sentences.”I’ve - done anything - possible - to show you - that - I love you!” you continued while you kept throwing snowballs at him. “ At least - you could - just - have - told me - that you’re - not - interested!”

 “(Y/N), hear me out, please!” he pleaded and tried to protect himself with his hands.

 “No, I’m not -” you gasped. Before you could finish your sentence, Bucky had thrown you to the ground and fell on top of you.

 “What do you think you are doing?”

 “If you aren’t going to hear me out willingly, doll, I’ll make you.”

 “Really, how?” you retort.

 He just smirked at you a devilish smileand before you could say anything else he shut your mouth by kissing you. His lips, although chapped were soft. He pecked you sweetly but when he asked for entrance in your mouth with his tongue, to deepen the kiss, you pulled back.

 “But what about-”

 “Natasha is nothing more to me than a good friend. When you saw us talking I was asking her help to get you to go out with me. I love you  (Y/N). You and only you.

 You could feel the butterflies inside your stomach so clearly now. Before, you were so mad that you couldn’t comprehend almost anything. Now though, you could feel everything.

 You leaned forward and captured his lips with yours in a passionate yet tender kiss. His lips on yours made goosebumps erupt in your body. He made you feel warm even though there was snow all around you. This time when he asked for entrance you gave it to him. He tried to be soft and sweet but it soon turned into a passionate make out session. Your tongues fought for dominance but you knew he would win. It didn’t matter. Kissing Bucky was like you had imagined. Just perfect.

Drabbles - 99

“You got a cute butt.”  G-Dragon

“Y/N, which of us has the best butt?”

Clearly today was the wrong day to swing by the boys’ dorm.


The five of them are sitting in the living room, the hyungs taking up the couch while Seungri and Daesung sit on the floor. They’re gathered around Jiyong’s laptop, scrolling past tumblr posts. Of themselves.

“People keep saying that Daesung has the best butt because of these pictures and its overall roundness,” Seungri says, commandeering the mouse pad from Youngbae. “But that can’t be right. I work out. I go to the gym. My ass has to be superior by default.”

You give him a dubious look. “Pretty sure Daesung and Youngbae both go to the gym too and way more often than you do.” You put the huge bags of take-out on the counter, already regretting your decision to buy them dinner. “Why are you talking about this?”

“Internet contest,” Seunghyun-oppa says as he heaves himself off the couch and comes over to poke around in the bags. “Chinese?”

“Yep. I was even kind enough to buy all your favorites. Who’s your favorite coordinator?”

“Seoulhyun-noona brings us beer,” Seungri adds, before grunting when Youngbae elbows him in the side.

You sigh. “Not anymore, she doesn’t. So who won the contest?”

“Daesung,” Seunghyun-oppa answers, already digging into a box of Beijing beef. “Jiyong was ranked last.” He smirks at their leader.

Jiyong pouts the way he would if a camera were watching before rolling his eyes. “I’m still the overall favorite,” he brags, biting into an egg roll.

“Just with a nonexistent butt.” Seungri receives a half-eaten egg roll to the face for his sass.

“Don’t worry, Jiyong,” you console him teasingly, sliding the sweet and sour chicken container across the table for him “You got a cute butt.”

The others look at you in surprise. “Noona?”

“What? I’ve got eyes.” You wink at Jiyong, whose cheeks are turning pink under his smile.

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A/N: kind of crack?

secrets held in our hearts

prompt: The way you said “I love you.” 

29. Slowly, the words dripping from your tongue like honey.

for @stiles-saved-me I hope you enjoy this established!stydia drabble :) sorry it took a bit !

Lydia pulls into his driveway and sees that his bedroom window is open, and the lights are off. But if she cranes her neck, she can see his laptop open, the light from the screen obnoxiously bright in the darkness.

She sits in her car, arguing with herself for several minutes, until she finally turns off the ignition and gets out of the car.

Lydia glances back at her phone as she approaches the Stilinski house, digging with her other hand in her purse for the spare key. She’d sent him a text not ten minutes ago: You awake?

Mere seconds later, she’d gotten her boyfriend’s response; the laughing with tears emoji.

She took that to mean she could come over.

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Trespassing [Zach Mitchell x Reader]

Author’s Note: Man, I seem to be at a loss for titles lately. This sucks. o_e’ I’ve been working on this imagine on and off the last couple of days so I apologize if it seems choppy. I don’t think it is though… Oh, and I’m sorry if there are typos. This is kind of long so it’s easy for me to miss things. I’ll be glancing over it some more though and correct any I see. :)

Word Count: 2,529

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For peek-a-boo5543 who requested more Reid imagines

“Interests?” you said, sitting with your laptop on your lap. “Um Y/n” Reid started, but you cut him off with a light laugh. “Talking definitely” you nodded as you typed it into the laptop. “I don’t uh, I don’t think this is a good idea” Reid said looking at you. “Why?” you asked looking up from the laptop screen. “Do you not like girls? I can change it from hetrosexual on the site” you said about to type again. “No-I do. I am straight, just I don’t like online stuff” he said, scratching the back of his neck. “Okay” you nodded, closing the laptop. “Well let’s hang out instead of doing the profile” you smiled. Reid looked up at you and smiled sweetly.

Prompt #29. Them helping you with your homework. (Peter Parker x Reader)

Requested: Yes! (29 w Peter Parker :-)) (Can you do #29 with Peter Parker and maybe make the Hw math. I can’t do math to save my life.)

Warnings: Cursing, Fluff.

Word Count: 657


You sighed loudly, you were beyond frustrated, you hated math, more than anything on this planet, and it was moments like this you were so thankful for your friend Peter Parker because, without him, there was no doubt you would fail your math class.

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Type: fluff

Prompt: A yoongi cuddle fluff? You can do it how ever you want


You were sitting on the couch in your pajamas watching TV with the volume down. Yoongi sat next to you, his laptop in his lap and headphones on. This was how you usually spent your evenings when Yoongi had a lot of work to do (which was more often than not). In a little while, you’d kiss him goodnight and go to bed alone. He wouldn’t join you until sometimes 4am at the latest, when you were already deeply asleep. You were used to this routine, and completely fine with it. He always made time for you during other parts of the day (for example, his promise to always eat dinner with you when he could), so you were fine going to bed alone.

You stopped watching TV and turned to watch Yoongi instead. His messy hair was in his eyes but he didn’t seem to notice. He had this little crease that formed between his eyebrows when he was really focused, and it was there now. Your eyes traced down his nose and along his jaw. You felt very peaceful just watching him work.

You decided you were tired enough, so as usual, you clicked off the tv and leaned over to kiss Yoongi on his temple. Slightly dazed from working so long, he only blinked at you. “Goodnight,” you mouthed, knowing he couldn’t hear you over what was playing in his headphones. You stood up, but before you could walk away, Yoongi grabbed your wrist. 

“Wait,” he said. He let go so he could take his headphones off and set his laptop on the floor by the couch. He grabbed your wrist again and pulled you down on top of him as he fell back into a laying down position. You giggled.

“What’s this about?” you asked, your face hovering above his. He smiled sleepily.

“I’m tired of working for tonight. I wanna spend some time with you.”

He leaned up and kissed your nose. You smiled shyly and buried your face in his neck.

“We should probably go to the bedroom though,” you mumbled. “Otherwise you’ll have to carry me there when I fall asleep here.”

He chuckled. “Alright." 

You climbed off of him and grabbed his hands to pull him off the couch. He intertwined his fingers with yours and spun you around so you were wrapped in his arms. You both stumbled, giggling, down the hall and into your bedroom. You climbed into bed and snuggled under the covers together. He slid an arm around you and you rested your head on his chest. You laid there for a while just listening to each other breathe before you fell into the deepest, most restful sleep you’d had in a long time.

anonymous asked:

I had a bad time with my exams today, so could you do a prompt about a similar situation happening to Annabeth? And maybe Percy conforting her? It would be so great <3 Thank you very much!

“I made you s’mores cookies.” Percy said leaving the tray next to her.

“I can’t believe it,” Annabeth said. She was sitting on the couch, her laptop open with the email telling her she failed her class. “I put my heart in the class, i spent weeks studying for the final and it didn’t matter, i failed it.”

Percy sat next to her and put his arms around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. “I don’t what i did wrong,” Annabeth said, tears were starting to form on her eyes. “I don’t get it.”

Percy kissed her forehead and moved one hand to her back so he could rub it. “You did nothing wrong.”

“My grade seems to disagree with you.”

“And I happen to disagree with that grade. That grade doesn’t know you like I do.” He rested his chin on her head. “And I know you gave your best and more to this class.”

“It wasn’t enough.”

“Annabeth, this grade doesn’t define you. This is just a small rock in your path.” He kissed her forehead again. “Cry it out, be angry, feel the pain and the stress, make it go away from your system and then you’ll sleep it off and you’ll wake up and it’s gonna be a brand new day with new opportunities.”

Annabeth moved so her face was hiding on Percy’s neck and he could feel her tears. Her body was shaking with silent sobs and Percy felt his heart breaking. He couldn’t help her, he could try to console her but he knew she would still blame herself. He saw her studying for this class, well more like he barely saw her because she was studying for this exam, he knew how much she did for this class and how important it was for her. This was not the first time Annabeth did bad in a class, but this was the first time she failed a class in college, it was their third year on college and while Percy have had problems with his classes, Annabeth had done amazing with hers, she was so close to being an architect and he knew it was killing her to fail when her goal was almost in her hands.

He held her until she stopped shaking and he could no longer feel her tears on his skin, but he didn’t let go and she didn’t move.

“I’m gonna make hot chocolate,” Annabeth said after a while, her voice was raspy. “Do you want marshmallows with yours?”

“You’re seriously asking me this?” Percy replied. “It’s not like you have know me for ten years and date me for almost six years.”

Annabeth gave him a small smile and Percy felt so proud of himself for making her smile. “I’m gonna go with a yes.”

She left his embrace and started to stand up from the couch but instead of standing up she got closer to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you, Seaweed Brain.”

“You have nothing to thank me for.”

Exo Reactions To You Sucking Their Fingers Suggestively

So I made this for the anon who asked, obviously, but I also decided to make some of it for my friend. She knows who she is, she really likes fingers. ;) xo


/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/



He’s sitting on the couch, minding his own business as he casually browses different sites on his laptop. You’re sitting next to him on your phone when you get a sudden idea of how to make things a little more interesting. You can’t just come out & say it though because that’s no fun. So you decide to tease him. You take his free hand, the one that isn’t on the mouse & start playing with his fingers. He ignores it at first since you have a habit of trying to annoy him but that doesn’t stop you. You slowly move his hand closer to your mouth, inserting his finger in & you start sucking it. He looks at you finally, confused when you let his hand go free & you watch as it falls to his side. You raise your eyebrow at him, smiling slightly & a second later, he’s on top of you, wiggling his fingers in your face & teasing you with his dick between your legs. He pushes against you, his smile growing with the suggestion of what’s about to happen.


You’ve been trying to hint to him about sex all night, but his dense personality is making it hard for you to actually convey it without coming straight out with it. You grab his hand while the two of you are sitting in the studio as he’s messing around with compositions. He doesn’t acknowledge it at first but then when he needs two hands to tweak a mix, he glances at you with a confused expression. You smile at him & place your mouth around his long finger, letting it slide into your lips & all the way to the back of your throat. He just watches in amazement & lets you go, curiously keeping his eyes attached to yours. You let him take back his hand & there’s a moment where you consider letting him figure it out but you’re so horny that you decide to just take things into your own hands. You pull him up off the chair & force your hand into the waist of his pants, gripping at his dick with all your might. His eyes widen & he finally looks at you with understanding & smiles. He picks you up, wrapping your legs around his waist & pushes you against the wall, lowering his pants, positioning himself & colliding his dick into you.


You’re lying on the couch together watching a movie, not really paying attention because of all the making out you’re doing. He bites at your neck, nipping a little too hard & causing you to cringe a little. But he doesn’t stop, he likes the idea of a little pain. He lets your tongue take hold of one of his fingers & you close your lips around it. He watches with a smile as you bite down slightly & his face wrinkles in reaction. Before you even have the chance to get his finger out of your mouth, he’s using it to point at his dick, not so subtly telling you what he wants you to do next. 


You’ve joined him during rehearsal to watch everything up close, he’s on stage messing around in between songs when he calls you up. There’s a moment where just the two of you are on a small part of the stage alone, somewhat concealed from everyone else. You let him play with your hair, licking the side of his hand. He laughs but you pull his hand closer to your mouth & start sucking his finger slowly. He gently recedes his hand, wiggling the finger at you & shaking his head. But he whispers about what you’ll do together later.


You’re on the balcony of the hotel he’s staying at, being immature together & playing around. You grab his hand as he’s waving at someone & stick his finger in your mouth. He wasn’t expecting it so he just laughs. But when you let it slide deeper down your throat, he gets a little more serious. He knows people are watching so he just kisses your neck & whispers what he’s going to do to you later. He sticks a hand up the bottom of your skirt from behind, playfully rubbing at your clit with his fingers & pushing it in to mess with you while using the other hand to rub at your breasts. He sticks a second finger in, separating them to make you squirm & when you let out a small gasp, a smile spreads across his face. Your fingers grip at the cement balcony wall & you try your hardest not to show anymore signs of pleasure out of concern that he’ll stick another finger in.


You’re at a fan meet up with him, just watching as he signs things for hours. He notices how bored you look so he starts making faces at you & poking you. You get sick of it & decide to tease him a little. You bite his finger when he tries to poke you & inhale it deeper into your mouth. His eyes widen at you as you sit there with it dangling in your teeth but he feels the back of your throat open up. Without a word, he stands, picking you up & carrying you off into one of the private rooms so you can put your throat skills to work.


You’re both tired after a long day of running around, but when you get home you get a sudden horny tingling in your lower region. You watch him undress, walking over & taking his hand in yours, then shoving his finger down into your throat. He gives you a smile & you get excited for what you think is coming. But just as he looks like he’s about to grab onto your face for a kiss, he starts doing aegyo. 


You’re sitting alone in your room when you hear a car pull up, telling you that he’s home for the day. You run out to greet him as he’s just sitting with the car door open, watching you get closer. You walk up, standing just in front of him with your legs in between his & he takes your hips in his hands, smiling up at you. He asks about your day casually, but you just shrug. He starts to stand but you push him back down. His face is surprised but he lets you do it, curious about what’s happening. You take his hand, keeping your eyes on his, & you slip his finger into your mouth. He watches you with a dazed expression as you suck at the rings around his thick finger, making sure you’ve clearly shown your intent. You roll over him after letting him have his hand back & you straddle him in his seat, a leg on either side of him. But when you think you’re in charge, he gives you a look that tells you otherwise. You’ve barely had a second to register it as he gives you a mischievous smirk & flicks a finger into your vagina without a second thought. The feeling of his rings catching in you forced a whimper from your lips & he stuck a second finger in just to tease you. You grip at the seat behind him & his free hand wraps itself in your hair, holding you still so he can finish with his fingers & get to the good part.


He’s ignoring you to play video games, as it’s getting later, you’re getting more impatient, trying to catch his attention. You walk over as he’s screaming at the TV & remove one of his hands from his controller. He watches you, unsure of what’s going on, as you slip a finger through your lips, letting it go in slowly & come back out. He stares with wide eyes, seeing as your lips turn up into a smile & you pull your shirt up over your head. You walk away, turning to him & pushing your shorts down, then stepping out of them. He follows the trail of your clothes as it leads down the hallway, ending with your bra & underwear just outside the bedroom door. He gulps hard from the doorway, opening the door & sees you sprawled across the bed with only your hair to cover any part of you. He slyly walks over, removing his shirt & lays on top of you, letting you undo his pants then kicking them off. He smirks down at you when you give him a look of innocence, trying to act like you didn’t just seduce him & he crashes himself into you, making you instantly whimper.


You’re in the kitchen with him, making dinner when he grazes your breast with his hand by accident. You smile to yourself, knowing he didn’t mean to but it felt good. You give him a little look, telling him silently that you enjoyed his little touch. He just looks at you with a bewildered deer in headlights expression & watches you pick up his hand & suck a finger into your mouth. You wrap your tongue around it, playing with it & not letting him have it back for a long time. He just lets you do it, not sure what to do in response. After a minute, you let him have his finger back & return to cooking as he just gazes at you with a confused yet horny expression.


You’re alone in his shared room one night while the others are at a movie & the two of you decide to cuddle for a little while. You mess with him a little, telling spooky stories to get him to jump. But when you start getting ideas about other things to do, he starts trying to fight it. You carefully pluck one of his fingers, lightly placing the tip of it between your teeth. He watches with a giddy smile, knowing what you’re doing. You let him wiggle his finger around in your mouth, which kills part of the mood. 


He took you for a night stroll in the park, needing to make up for a date that he had to cancel last minute. You weren’t too bothered by it but he insisted. Things like that always got to him so he always did his best to fix everything to the best of his abilities. Tonight was a kind of cold night so the two of you huddled close. You could feel the warmth of his body against yours & it made your insides tingle. His hand gripped at your arm, you could see the muscles in his forearm through his sleeve & he pulled you close for a kiss. Your lips molded together. You separated the two of you by pulling your head back. You wrapped your hand around his index finger & just as you were about to push it into your mouth, he hooked it onto your lip & pulled you in again for a longer, more heated kiss. You ached for him everywhere & your hands were touching every part of him that you could find. His arms tightened around you as he fell back against the tree you’d been standing under & be braced himself on it, pulling your body harder into his. The kiss brought you to your peak & you couldn’t wait any longer. You urged at him silently & he responded by switching the two of you around & pushing you against the tree, creeping a hand into your pants & smashing two of his fingers inside your pussy, his rings creating a second layer of pleasure & forcing you against the tree harder. You couldn’t help but moan at the feeling & he smirked when the sound met his ears.

Q: Always makes me feel a bit melancholy. A grand old war ship, being ignominiously hauled away for scrap. The inevitability of time, don’t you think? What do you see?
James Bond: A bloody big ship. Excuse me.
Q: 007. I’m your new Quartermaster.
James Bond: You must be joking…
Q: Why? Because I’m not wearing a lab coat?
James Bond: Because you still have spots.
Q: My complexion is hardly relevant.
James Bond: Your incompetence is.
Q: Age is no guarantee of efficiency.
James Bond: And youth is no guarantee of innovation.
Q: I can do more damage on my laptop, sitting in my pajamas, before my first cup of Earl Grey than you can do a year in the field.
James Bond: Ah, so why do you need me?
—  Skyfall, 00Q.