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If we make accounts for MAMA voting now can we still vote tomorrow?

No if you make accounts now they will not be valid. We don’t register yet, we are waiting for their new membership policy to start and then immediately sign up to MAMA, so stay alert (read this post HERE to understand more). Voting starts at 6PM KST at

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This is what you can do now:

  • Make multiple e-mails (in case temporary emails don’t work) 
  • Make more TWT/FB/Kakao accounts.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet to put all your emails and passwords in together and to help you give accounts away in case they are too much for you to handle alone.
  • Start mass creating IDs (it will be an ID competition just like Mwave)
  • Install Opera Browser to vote for MAMA, it is a faster server and will hopefully speed up voting.
  • Do not start fanwars, stay focused (sometimes it’s used as a strategy to harm both our fandom and BTS’ image but also distract you).
  • Do not believe in hacks coming from non-experimented BTS blogs. Many fandoms result to hacking so stay on your guard. 
  • Be updated with fanbases for daily mass voting events. 
  • We are ALL starting the voting at 6PM KST of Oct 19. If we don’t a gap will get created. 


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Do you think most feminists know what a cis white guy actually goes through on a regular basis because of the "extreme feminazis"? I can tell you I understand the pain of an abusive partner, and when a majority of the abused are females you will be damn sure I'd help anyway I can, I just wish women would realize that there is a few of us who understand. I hate constantly being told "You don't understand true abuse! You're a guy!"

I’d probably say a lot of male issues aren’t understood because of “extreme feminazis” (a.k.a. some misandrists), fear of judgement, and people’s failure to listen and grasp that men go through these things too. Plus, the majority of feminists aren’t men and we don’t know what men go through since we aren’t them, so it’s incredible, inspiring, and enlightening when people like you do speak out, not to mention very brave.

Like you’ve said, a lot of people turn a blind eye when men discuss abuse, but it’s very real and a lot more common than we know. As a whole, we need to realize that everyone and anyone can suffer abuse: it isn’t just a problem for women, and we shouldn’t act like it is. That doesn’t help male or nonbinary abuse victims at all, and probably doesn’t encourage them to seek help or someone to talk to.

moral of the story–anyone can be abused, and it’s not okay for any of them. there is no justification regardless of gender, race, sexuality, etc. abuse is wrong and we need to listen to the victims. that’s that.

(also, false accusations are wrong as well! do! not! do! that!)

Absorbing Energy

Absorbing energy can be a very useful energy technique that will be able to help you in your craft by allowing you to take energy from many different sources, so that you can use that energy in your energetic working. This process will allow you to target a construct that you desire, and pull in its spiritual energy, so that you will be able to use it to empower yourself, and to continue to keep yourself energized. Once taken into your being it will be yours to do with, and we’ll be able to be used in any way that you see fit. This technique is also helpful at keeping at bay energetic burnout, because it allows you to recharge from other objects around you through the act of taking their energy into you.

Absorbing energy steps:

  1. Before you do this process you are going to want to center, and ground like every other form of energy technique.
  2. The first thing that you are going to need to find is some form of construct, or entity that you wish to take the energy of. This should be a form of energy that you wish to take into you, that you believe will not cause you any negative problems by taking it into your being. Constructs that are good for this are things such as crystals, and herbs, because they usually hold very helpful energies that can be absorbed into you without causing problems.
  3. Next you are going to want to hold your hand next to, or pointed at the construct, so that you can allow your powerful hand energy centers to be close to the energy that you want to take into your being. This will allow the energy-absorbing process to go more smoothly. Absorbing energy can also be done at a distance, or can be done by resting your hand upon the construct. Once your hand is in a proper comfortable position you will be then able to go on to the next step.
  4. Now we are going to start the process of absorbing energy by visualizing the energy of the object flowing upper arm, and into the rest of our body. By visualizing this we will be sending out an intention that will allow are desire to manifest, and control the energy to move. Keep in this focusing state for a while, so that the energy can have enough time to work its way up your arm, and into your body allowing it to be completely absorbed. Once you feel more energized or  that you have accomplished, and absorbed what you need to you can cut off the connection at any time by breaking away your focus, and removing your arm.
What CAN be done...?
( darkiplier )
What CAN be done...?

Anonymous asked:  Dark I know you probably don’t want to talk… But do you think we can do anything to help you? It’s not fair for you to live in suffering like this. 

Darkiplier responds with a rather calm and monotone voice.

“…What could you possibly do that would help me…? That previous life of mine is gone, and it is never coming back. Nothing will change that.

But… it is, indeed, unfair… Betrayal can never be undone. What happened back there couldn’t have been predicted. (sighs heavily)

If you have anything of worth to contribute, leave them here on my desk….”

Educhum SOS: Failure Rate

I need help reducing the percentage of students who fail my class. I’m at all loss and don’t know what else to try.


  • Last year I routinely had failure rates of 30%+ and no one said a word to me until the end of the year despite 20% being the “allowed” percentage of failures.
  • We had a low matriculation rate that the campus admin identified as “lack of support systems to help students be successful” and made that a campus goal for the year. 
  • Despite no warnings or supports or interventions, my failure rate factored into my TTESS evaluation. Whatever, I still got “developing” which is not bad for a 2nd year teacher.
  • This year, assuming my ability to improve this would factor into my TTESS again I made some changes and implemented some new systems. 
  • Our department got a new admin in charge of us who I overall like better and she will be my new TTESS evaluator, assuming she is still over us next year.
  • Today right before lunch I get an email request for a meeting with this admin. I see her on my way to lunch and ask- she says the meeting is about my failure rate.

The Meeting:

  • She did not bitch at me or try to make it like “what are you doing wrong”. It was definitely approached as a “I want you to be successful, I want the kids to be successful, and overall this is a problem because it creates more work for you, for me, and for the counselor (who definitely works way too hard). So how can I help you?”. I appreciate this approach as this is not how it was approached last year.
  • I now have to meet with this admin every single week for 20 min. during my first planning period of the week.
  • She wants me to cut the number of students who fail my class in half. I think that’s a fairly reasonable goal.
  • 39 students failed my class, which is 26%. 

The Issues:

  • On one hand, I feel vaguely encouraged that what I have implemented has reduced my failure percentage already. But ultimately I feel discouraged because my growth has not really been acknowledged, but at the same time I don’t really want to tell this new admin to look into how bad my failure rates were last year.
  • The ultimate problem/what’s causing students to fail is they are not turning in work. They collect their make up work when they miss and then never turn it in. They waste time in class, take assignments home to finish them, and never bring them back.

What I’ve Already Done:

  • Changed the way assignment categories are weighted
  • Automatically drop the lowest quiz grade, the lowest daily grade, and the lowest homework grade
  • Implemented a missing work system where students collect their work from a file folder at the front. (Students do collect their work but then don’t turn it in).
  • invited parents to class dojo myself (instead of sending the papers home) and communicate with them through dojo about grades and behavior. (The problem here is only a small number accepted the invite and a handful of those parents never look at the messages I send.)
  • Last grading cycle specifically I gave: 2 extra credit opportunities, 2-3 make up work days in class, and a free homework 100 to every single student.

So far all we’ve agreed on is using our meeting each week to call parents, giving PLC time to call parents, and 9 students that I’m willing to do grade change forms for if they make up their work (that I now have to compile for them…). We talked about a “ZAP / Zero’s Aren’t Permitted” system where kids who have missing assignments have to sit in ISS and do them, but we couldn’t come up with a process for that that didn’t create a ton of work on the teachers. I tossed out the possibility of using Remind 101 to send out reminders about due dates, but she didn’t seem keen on that. (She kinda gave the impression that she didn’t think that would make a big impact.)

So what else do I do? The admin kept asking “how can I help/support you?” but I didn’t know what to tell her…. How can you force students to turn work in?

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I feel like there’s a huge difference between what the “we can’t all be NT” crowd are angry about and what the harmful NT mentalities actually are. “If you just did some yoga and drank some tea you wouldn’t be depressed,” “happiness is a conscious choice,” and “have you tried just focusing more?” are all harmful statements—but “Doing yoga can help some people with depression,” “sometimes it helps to find an up-side,” and “here are some ways to focus better” aren’t.


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I am 100% not trying to be antagonistic, but I really want your opinion on this: how can we impose our own views on racism on a fictionary world that does not share the same ideas as we do? How does that help us understand that world?

We’re doing it already anon. The fact is Tolkien’s verse does share the same ideas and principles of racism that our world does, because Tolkien drew from a world that was festering in racial inequality. We can see this in his works very evidently, even more so if you are a person of color who has gone through the racism that is so deeply ingrained in his work, to the point of invisibly to those who’ve never experiences racism.

This is because racism was so ingrained in the culture back then, that they went unnoticed by those who were primarily imposing racism on others. The huge shock amongst white fans that Tolkien was racist, and that his work has racist elements in it is an example of that.

Its possible for us to examine the world and its many flaws—as we as fans do—while still understanding it. In fact examining it with the racist elements in minds helps us understand it even more.  And it’s also important for readers to view the text while keeping in mind exactly what time period it was written in, this way we can pick racism out when we see it, talk about it, and prevent it from spreading into the fandom.

Negligence to do this results in the current state of the Tolkien fandom now, if it’s not blatant racism, ,then it’s ignorance of racism, which are both equally bad!

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how do I find you're fan fiction??

Hey there! If you are looking for fanfiction written on the Shapeshifter Au we made a collection on Ao3 that you can find at this [LINK]

If, instead, you are looking for fanfictions written by me you can find them at this [LINK]. I write in Italian but I’ve (with the help of my dear friends) translated a couple of my stories in English as well! 

so i want to try something, an ‘experiment’ that will actually help people rather than hurt them. i want to see how far this post can get and how much positivity it can spread. HERE’S THE CHALLENGE: if you see this, contact a few people and let them know how important they are to you, say something nice about them, wish them a good day, etc. you don’t have to include any reference to this post, just send them a nice message. and if you feel comfortable doing so, reblog this so other people will see it and send others positive messages. the ‘experiment’ part of this little project is in seeing how far these messages can get. i’m in a relatively small fandom, so i want to see how many fandoms this can get to, how many people this can reach with the intention of spreading happiness. because we need good, helpful things, not negative ——and i hope this post may actually do some good.

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Okay, so, what about Virgil who bottles up all feelings and refuses to ask for anything (help, a hug, etc) and refuses to let the others see him cry, but he totally encourages the other sides to express themselves because showing emotion and asking for help is important. He holds a huge double standard against himself. I do this all the time, and I can imagine him sharing the same “I want to help you feel better, but I’m being a burden” mindset.

Yeah I definitely know people like that. (stares hard at someone specific) Definitely know people like that. 

I could also see Virgil doing that for sure. Depression and Anxiety tend to tell us mean things about ourselves and while we can learn the importance of self-care and emotional expression on an academic level, and even learn to apply those lessons to others, depression and anxiety insist to us that we do not deserve them ourselves. The insidious little voices whisper, “Other people are GOOD people, so they deserve these things, but I know the kinds of things you think. You’re not as nice as you pretend to be. You’re not really that good. You don’t deserve kind treatment.” 

That voice is wrong, though. First of all, EVERYONE has thoughts that maybe aren’t so nice–it’s called being human. Secondly, though, remember: being a good person is something you DO, not something you ARE. It’s a constant choice you make. And the things you DO are so much more important than the things you think. Because the things you think stay in the privacy of your own head, as long as you don’t ACT on them. 

Sorry this got philosophical for a second. 

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Hi, how are you? Love your blog, shibas are a treasure. I have two questions! 1-can we reblog the socks giveaway post several times? 2- what does parakavka mean?

You can reblog it more than once but it won’t help.  I won’t disqualify people who do this but I’ll cull any duplicate reblogs before drawing the winner.

Parakavka is just the name of two of my characters.  My ideal url is just Kavka but that’s usually taken!


Chamois: “Do you know where she lives?”

Poppy: “Yes but- well, we can’t just…go steal her, can we?”

Chamois: “Well, she is an adult. But we can just go talk to her guardians. See what we can do. Okay?”

Poppy: “OMB, thank you so much. I’m so sorry I yelled at you Mom. I know you’re in a bind.”

Azalea: “It’s okay sweetie. I’m sorry I can’t help…Tell Watermelon she’s welcome here as long as she needs.”

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I'm scared of everything and I don't want to be. I just hate how I had to be born with Anxiety. Why me? Thanks Tink. I look forward to your post because I can escape reality and pretend for a moment. You make me happy.

Aw hun, I can’t pretend to know what it’s like but I have a close friend with anxiety too so I do know a little about how it sucks and can affect you, I love spending time with her though, it doesn’t affect how I love her and the fun we have but I know it is a struggle!

Im glad I can help in any way! What I love about it is that unless it’s crack / silly posts I’m just talking about what the show is actually giving us with the canon, isn’t it great? It’s so seemingly positive in the long run, even when things seem down like Cas being dead and Dean and Sam upset, we know it’s going to get better and I love that psychological POV, that’s what I focus on, the endgame that imo seems pretty hella positive :)

Loads of love and hugs from me!!


We are a fansite dedicated to the characters of Marvel (MCU, X-men, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, etc). We are looking for people who can help keep the blog updated with original content, such as edits and gifs, and news regarding the movies and tv shows. If you are interested in applying you can do it here with the listed information:

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We are looking for affiliates as well so if you’re interested you can apply here.

A low-quality update on how I’m doing! Currently on autumn break and struggling to be productive… This is a presentation I’m doing on an article we read in English, it’s incredibly interesting but very tedious ☼

Currently listening to: Can’t help falling in love-cover by dodie

(pssst if you’re sneaky you can see my phone case mirrored in my laptop lol)


I’m a very tired boy trying his best. I’m not the libero lover, but I’m trying my best. School got wild and I had to pull my first all nighter ever to write a 3 page paper and make a presentation that I gave literally that day and basically just trying to finish this zine for y'all is hard with college sending me to an early grave.

ANYWAY THE IMPORTANT THING: I’m in a layout design class that actually teaches me about magazines, so I can do this with the help of a professional (my teacher)… Except now the deadline for submissions has passed and we have 12 pieces total. That’s not enough for a good sized zine. That would be a very small zine. And I know the love for liberos is stronger than that.

BASICALLY WHAT I’M SAYING IS. We’re doing another call for artists. People who have applied already can email me and ask to be in again. 

If you want to join just apply here.

What happens when I see a “Open Commission” post

Me: *Sees commission post* *Eyes widen as I slowly reach into my wallet*

Brain: Uh, Jay? What are you doing?

Me: Commission! 

Brain: No, Jay, we’ve talked about this. You’re in school, you have debt, you can’t afford commissions without being more in debt.

Me: But…commissions…

Brain: If you save your money you can buy a single, cheap, piece. 

Me: But the artist is open NOW and if I don’t help them then who will!?

Brain: They’ll be fine just be patient…

Me: Yeah, I guess…

[literally the next second]


Brain: Damn it Jay, NO!


The new text generator we use allows us to upload pics in a chat.
So, we were wondering: is anyone interested in doing some AMU art?
Or, if you are inspired and draw a picture, you can send it to us and we can write and exchange about it!
What do you guys think? is there anyone interested in helping us out?

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But why do they need to close up Rumbelle? Why can't they just have Emilie back like Bex? Why are they doing this? Old fans love Rumbelle, Emilie loves the show, Bobby loves working with Emilie. If they can bring Bex back, why can't they give us a bit more too? Why do they ignore what Bobby wants? (I know they don't give a fuck about Emilie, but you'd think they do care about what Robert Carlyle wants. And I'm postive he wants Emilie back.)

Short answer: they’re assholes. I’m sorry it’s so unfulfilling but yeah, that’s it.

Long answer? They want to go back to a lonelier, shadier version of Rumple. I don’t think they EVER wanted Rumbelle, but the story went there (and we all know who helped them plot season 1, where Rumbelle bloomed) and later they thought they could use it (only to later drop it because of their SHINY NEW TOY syndrome). I think they don’t want any more rumbelle but they don’t want to piss us off. I think they want us to get excited about the new characters (as if… well, maybe Alice, but that’s not enough).

So just remember A&E are horrible writers and kinda horrible people (looking at you specially, Kitsis). Brace yourself for every possibility and remember Rumbelle belongs to us fans, not to the show.

Headcanon #78: “What’s this bug lady gonna do on board anyway?”

“What’s she gonna do here,” Rocket grumped.  “This boat is crowded enough already.”

“We can’t just leave her at some port,” Peter reasoned.  “She’s a complete innocent.  Someone will take advantage of her.”

“I will strive to be help so the crabby puppy doesn’t think I am useless,” Mantis said.  “I made food for my master, so I can cook for you if there is nothing else to do.”

And so the Guardians gained another member, a powerful empath whose touch-ranged ability seemed useless in combat, negotiation, or most other situations.  Sure, she would be wonderful to have if they needed to question someone,  and she’d saved their bacon on Ego, but what else was she good for?

It turned out she was good for many things.  First, her ability to simply listen to the Guardians was more therapy than most of them ever had before.  There wasn’t a single Guardian who was not emotionally hurt in some way.  Everyone needed someone to listen.

Peter, who carried throughout his life the loss of his mother, a tough upbringing, and recently the death of his father. (None of the Guardians accepted anyone but Yondu as his father these days.  Ego’s name, if it was spoken at all, was always followed by spit.) Who until recently had hidden his hurt with shallow romances, right up until he met the Guardians.

Gamora, trained to care for no one, to be an emotionless killer.  Who too had only now begun to genuinely care for someone.

Drax, who after the loss of his family became little more than a berserker, a brute, hiding his pain with violence. And like the others, finally beginning to relax.

Mini-Groot, raised by hurt, broken people, and taking from his “father” Rocket the pain and anger that followed the raccoon wherever he went.

And finally Rocket, lab experiment, horribly abused little “monster”, who only now realized he wanted to be part of something greater, to have real friends.  A real family. To be something better, something besides a thug for hire. To maybe even help people, if they’d let him. To do something with his life besides just survive.

Besides the simple therapy of having someone there to listen, and if need be – and they all could use it, little though they’d admit it – a bit of empathic soothing, the simple fact that there was now someone nice on the ship made a difference.  It reminded them that the universe didn’t consist entirely of horrible people out to kill them, steal their stuff or abuse them.  

Not everyone was bad.  There were good people in the world.  And gradually, whether it be in quiet conversations over dinner, or her silently helping do chores, or as Drax or Gamora or Rocket or Peter taught her about the ship and how to use weapons and tools, they began to accept her as part of the family.

Then came the bad time when Rocket, as he often did when he hurt the worst and couldn’t suppress the awful memories of the lab and the surgeries, curled up in a public area hoping someone would pet the sleeping raccoon and comfort him, something he couldn’t bring himself to allow while awake.  And Mantis, petting him for the first time since nearly being bitten, made the mistake of reading his emotions as he was gripped by a nightmare.

And after what followed, after trying to bite her as she hugged him (“You poor thing, what did they do to you?”) and after the his pent up emotions finally burst out in a storm of tears, he realized that the others already had.

It wasn’t just powers that made a person useful.  It was personality, too.  And they badly needed at least one genuinely nice person around just to remind them that the world was not all bad.  Her powers were occasionally very useful indeed, too.

And, it turned out, she really did know how to cook.