you can delete the text idc


Hello I am giving these things to you


  • Cropped T-shirt (OSFA) ((also idk what the hell the monster 99nd means))
  • VIXX - Voodoo Album (w/ Ken and Ravi photocard thingies!!)
  • Handful of samples from Innisfree and Tony Moly
  • Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in Juicy Strawberry
  • Kitty Sleeping Eye Mask
  • Cat Mouse Pad
  • Let’s Make Cute Stuff! book by Aranzi Aronzo (has lots of instructions+patterns for cute little bags and cozies and stuff)
  • Some notes+doodles from me!

I may throw in some more stuff as I collect more things so!!! Also, if I have time I will throw in a mini watercolor portrait of a person of your choice (it can be your bias, your mom, yourself, idc!!)


  • Must be following at least one of my blogs (kpop, fashion+misc, beauty advice, art)
  • don’t delete the text duh
  • reblogs count, reblog as much as you want for more entries
  • likes count yo
  • no giveaway blogs pls!


  • Ends April 15th for now (I may move it back or forward depending on how much/little response this gets)
  • Using a randomizer to pick the winner
  • I’ll give you a few days to respond before choosing a new winner
  • Message me for questions!

what if stiles and isaac are both really into comics, and scott’s thinking thank goodness, maybe they won’t fight as much now that they have something in common

except as it turns out, isaac likes marvel and stiles is a total dc fanboy

and they get into a screaming match over which is better that ends with isaac picking up stiles and almost throwing him out the window


Hiya Sailor Moon fandom can i ask u a thing??  As far as I know, there is no real tag for just sailor moon edits?  If I’m wrong pls correct me and let me kno what it is.  But if not, can i propose we use sailormoonedit as the tag?  So we can kinda get away from the reposts and text posts and idk just stuff that ur not rly interested in in the sailor moon tag idk i dont wanna step on any toes or anything but what do u think?  Idk its just a thought but the majority of the other fandoms im in have an edit specific tag?

(also u can delete this text if you wanna reblog idc :])

text / kiran.
  • kiran: which one??
  • kiran: is this a crazy ex or a chill one??
  • kiran: bcos if it’s naomi again you can just delete it idc what she fuckin wants
  • este: ...aren't all of them crazy?
  • este: it's not naomi it's some girl named chloe
  • este: she says she heard you got a manager and she's proud of you
  • este: also she misses you and if you want to stop by her house later that you can
  • este: you don't have to worry about replying because i already did