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Astro Community!!!

Astro bloggers, when it comes to answering random anons and brave enough blogs, please, listen. Because apparently this is becoming a major issue.
All of you SAY you’re open to any questions in your inboxes but then you complain if someone doesn’t message you in the way you WANT them to.

“I’ve posted that answer before!”
Then link them to the post
“Why can’t they just search for the answer somewhere else?”
Maybe they value your opinion, trust that you are a reliable source, or just like the way you write out your perspective!
“I specifically put what I won’t answer in my FAQ!!!”
Maybe they didn’t see the link! Maybe they’re just trying their luck! Either way, it doesn’t hurt to give them a gentle reminder about it. Heck, even link the FAQ in the message!

In fact, you could ignore the message/ask altogether and pretend like you did not see it! THAT is better than posting a snide remark or rude answer back. Whoever wrote to you is human too, and if their ask was so annoying then you can easily DELETE the message.
If it’s rude commentary then it is a whole other story. Do what you must.

I’m just pointing out that there are fellow astrologers, beginners, and random everyday people who just stumble onto your blog who actively seek out answers from YOU!

…and some of you want to mock them for it?
Please, just think of this the next time you have a random or uneducated question in your inbox. If we want our study to be respected so much maybe we should practice a little respect ourselves.

I need to talk about how much I love Pearl and her song right now.

The singing and the visuals are delightful, but I’m especially taken by the lyrics and what they tell us, both about Pearl and about her relationship with Rose.

We have fanfiction for delving into whether or not Pearl enjoyed the “silly game” of fighting with men over Rose’s affection, whether she found it thrilling, or hurtful, or – from a position of knowing she’d always win in the end – titillating.

The “It’s over, isn’t it?” verse is so poignant for Pearl and Rose. It was beautifully sung, and captured the feeling of outwardly accepting that a relationship has ended while still inwardly longing to be proven wrong. In a situation like theirs, that’s particularly complicated and fascinating because Rose is gone… but she’s not. And Greg will, at some point, despite having been chosen by Rose, be gone too, but Pearl will live on. Rose would theoretically live on with her to forget about Greg in time, but she won’t because she’s part of Steven now. But how permanent is that, really?

It’s no wonder Pearl can’t move on.

The lyric, “Now I’ve got to be there for her son,” could have been sung with resentment or resignation, but it wasn’t. It’s undeniable in any canon context that Pearl loves – adores – Steven for himself, even apart from his connection to Rose. A perfect example is her song Strong in the Real Way back in the 20th episode, but throughout the series Pearl has shown that she loves being there for Steven. She wants him to look up to her; she cares about him and his opinion a heartwarming amount. It seems impossible that she’ll ever get Rose back while still having Steven, but I can’t imagine her ever wanting him gone now. So, right, what she had with Rose, it’s over, isn’t it?

Pearl sings about “war and glory, reinvention, fusion, freedom,” and Rose’s attention. These are the things she fought for; they were how she defined her purpose. I think those words were chosen carefully, not just to fit the bars, and I’m particularly interested in the choice of “reinvention.” There are many ways that could be applied – are Pearl’s behaviours and personal goals essentially a reinvention of what a Pearl is? Does it refer to what she did in the Crystal Gems being the reinvention of relationship norms between castes? Does it refer to what the Crystal Gems were trying to do with the planet Earth? It could quite conceivably be all of those, or something completely different, and I’m desperate for them to reveal more. Since her next line is “Out in daylight my potential: bold, precise, experimental,” I think I’m justified in my suspicions. Something about Pearl will be shown to relate to experimental reinvention.

Returning to the point at hand about Pearl and Rose, if the previous two lines were about how Pearl saw herself with Rose, the next one is how she perceives herself without her. Without Rose, Pearl sees herself as petty and dull. She describes herself as having the “nerve to doubt her.” I’m so fascinated by the hints they drop as to what Rose and Pearl’s relationship was like, and Pearl’s lyrics imply that even questioning Rose’s actions would be seen, maybe only by Pearl – but maybe not – as a form of impertinence. One of the reasons I love Steven Universe so much is that this show depicts characters and relationships as multifaceted and complex. Whatever the more intricate details of Pearl and Rose’s relationship, everything we’ve been shown so far clearly indicates that it was (and is) both of those things, and so important to the creation and development of their characters. While I love exploring the many possibilities of what their relationship was like in fandom, every hint they give us in canon makes me so eager to learn even more.

And you can see at the end of this clip that even though she’s aware of her pettiness and resentment toward Greg, she doesn’t want to hurt him. The Crystal Gems are our heroes, and they’re all essentially good people, but it’s the little things like that which have an impact and have made them really grow on me.

Steven is really very lucky that his plan worked as well as it did, but since it did work out, I’ve got to applaud him for his emotional intelligence in this episode. I’m really glad that he gave Pearl and Greg the opportunity to talk their issues out, and I think that Pearl having had the catharsis of actually giving voice to those issues will turn out to be great for her. This is a children’s cartoon, so it’s not totally unexpected for the power of friendship to save the day, but I still enjoyed watching it do so. I doubt Pearl and Greg’s conflicts are fully sorted out by any means, but I do think this episode marks the start of a solid understanding between them, and hopefully a strong friendship. Despite their similarities in how they loved Rose, I doubt they’ll ever be the sort of friends who seek each other’s company just to hang out, but I do believe they’ll bond through understanding, trust, and respect in ways that will make both of them happier. It appears to be what Rose would have wanted, and it’s honestly impressive that Steven’s skill for bringing people together is strong enough to make that happen.

richonnedaily  asked:

Okay, so I've been very out of the loop lately (referring to most of the latest Walking Dead news) & I was wondering, if you don't mind, could you help me out & fill me in on where everybody is finding all of this information? From the matriarch thing, to the deleted scenes; anything you think is important for me to know. I feel like a terrible member of this fandom. Thanks in advance 💘

Hey, @richonnedaily. Of course I’m happy to help. And you’re a wonderful member of this fandom :)

I’ve tagged you in the deleted scene.

Andrew Lincoln’s commentary can be seen here, with thanks to @camillelasin

If I can think of anything else, I’ll tag you in it.

Also, if fellow Richonners would like to add anything, please do so.



1-2 weeks, October 2012 vs 7 hours, April 2015 (single posts here and here

I normally skimp on commentary but here we go, you can delete all but the dates if you’d like! It’s rare I’d be in the same fandom long enough to redo a piece with the feeling still, but I had the opportunity here! 

The top drawing is something I did that made me happy until someone (a friend actually) tore me down pretty hard. I spent a lot of time not creating the way I wanted after this knocked me off track–and the bottom is the result of slowly developing what I liked again. I like silhouettes, feeling more than showing and color play, I like horror, I still like the gay angel. They make me happy. Like, really happy. It shows when I’m happy, and that makes others happy. 

Moral of the story: be nice. Please, especially to yourself. You will improve, some days by leaps and bounds, and some days only by frustrating experience, but none of it deserves to be belittled. 


Guess what I started to pick up and play again-
This beautiful gem, and I couldn’t have picked it up at a better time.

This part is really beautiful. It’s the most romantic part of the game, and also, the most important. SE staff calls this the ‘climax’ of the story themselves, and they go out of their way to protect the three secrets revealed within the sequence, even to this day.

When Cloud and Tifa first fall, I find it sort of symbolic. They’re drifting further and further apart, towards the same direction. I think it symbolizes how their story was. Always trying to find each other but ending up further apart for some reason. Cloud wanted to join SOLDIER because of his feelings for Tifa, he wanted her- more than ANYONE to notice him. Tifa waited and waited for him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he was SOLDIER or not, but from her perspective- he never returned to their home. He was too ashamed. He felt he had failed as her Hero by not fulfilling his part of the promise. 

Yet he saved her anyway, and in this scene we see how, and we know more about his feelings than ever before when it comes to Tifa. His mind is literally centered around her. Their promise, their shattered reunion, their broken home, that terrible day that Tifa and him fell- every important memory still locked in Cloud’s mind is centered around one person- Tifa. Tifa is the key to his memories, his past, and his heart.

Even though Jenova and Sephiroth would rather him think of himself as a puppet or an experiment with no past and no real memories, their power wasn’t strong enough to block out his memories of the promise- he remembered that night because it was important to him and Jenova and Sephiroth couldn’t touch that, they didn’t have the power. Sephiroth had to block Tifa’s voice out during the scene in Northern Crater. Even they are aware of the threat Tifa poses to their control over Cloud. 

'Only your opinion matters to me’

'We finally… meet again.’

Tifa will always be the one bringing Cloud back, she’ll always be the one he allowed into his heart and mind, and the one he was calling out for when he was lost and alone. Their hearts connected and they found each other, which is what the last picture symbolizes to me.

Now they’re finally together, their first official reunion. They’re going home, where they belong, together.


So everything that makes me whole
Belongs to you I’ll give my heart and soul
I’m yours

so this is my one of my contribution for Harmony Day, which is on February 1st, right? I don’t think I can post them on Sunday, so I’ll post them early. You can delete this commentary, but

I just can’t help but write it. I’ve been listening to this song for weeks and I’m not bored listening to it yet. SERIOUSLY. The lyrics, both the original and the one I use, and the music are just so good and beautiful. I won’t recommend you to watch the show (it’s a mess, honestly), but the soundtrack is one of two things that are amazing from the show. By “amazing”, I mean I-can’t-stop-listening-to-the-soundtracks-that-I-want-to-cry. When I read the lyrics, all I can thought of was just,“This is SO my ship.”. ;__;


Compared to the other gems, we’ve seen relatively little about Garnet’s emotional issues. I think this was a very important line, and I’m sure the issues it refers to are going to come up again. I expect that we’re going to get further explanation of what exactly fusion means to Ruby and Sapphire, most immediately in the Sardonyx fallout and further in the what-fusion-means-on-homeworld-and-wtf-was-going-on-at-the-kindergarten plotline. I also think that the emphasis on Ruby and Sapphire as Garnet having to be the bigger gem is fascinating.

I think that even though Ruby’s more outwardly expressive than Sapphire, they’re both equally emotional and equally upset and stressed by recent events. Garnet tends not to show negative affect except in extreme cases, and I think Keystone Motel demonstrated both that that’s due to Sapphire’s influence, and that although Sapphire tries not to express negative emotions, she feels them just as strongly. If always having to be the bigger gem is bothering Ruby, I’m sure it’s bothering Sapphire just as much, even if it might seem like she “doesn’t even care.” If the gems composing Garnet are so bothered by this, it must be a huge issue for her. Garnet really does have to be the bigger gem as the apparent leader of the Crystal Gems in Rose Quartz’s absence. It must be an incredibly stressful responsibility, and although I’d argue that she’s most suited for it, we don’t even know whether that was a position she wanted.

I’m sure that this is something they’re going to address in the show, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them delve further into Garnet’s thoughts and feelings.


Laura left the M&G “upon request”  when there were still 30 people left, and that upset some of the people there who said she left when they waited so long and started calling her selfish, even though the whole event was free and the m&g was limited to 30 minutes and there were 100 people there. 

She left to visit a sick girl in the hospital.

Laura Marano has a heart of gold, bye.


Free! Episode 1 [through makorin lenses]

“The swimming club is going to be torn down soon.." 
M: "So, are you sure about this?”
N: “Weren’t you all for it earlier? Are you getting scared?”
M: “It’s not that. Is it okay for just the three of us to dig it up?”  

Note: This trophy was really important to Rin because they all won it together. And since they all had a part in obtaining it, Rin felt that it wasn’t right for one person to keep the trophy for himself, hence why he suggested that they put it in a time capsule and dig it up together when they’re grown up. Makoto remembers this and doesn’t feel right about digging it up without Rin. Nagisa and Haru might have felt the same way but not strongly enough to feel compelled to bring it up. It’s important to point this out because this is not the first time Makoto tries to include Rin into their circle of friends. In fact, he had always done so ever since they were kids (ex: think of when Rin first transferred to Iwatobi).

  • First of all, thank you for this ^ it was severely needed imo
  • Second of all, this episode wrecked me
  • That is not a bad thing, that was essentially what it was supposed to do, and it wrecked me in a good way and I hope you know what I mean by that
  • Especially the very end, thank you for letting Jane show actual emotion
  • I am liking how, eh, I don’t know if direct is the right word but how direct the cases have been so far, no wandering around questioning every person they happen to walk by, actual detective work occurred
  • And on that note, intelligent detective work, like wow Maura isn’t only around to make jokes about?? wow who would have thought
  • And still on that note, detective work while grieving (or trying not to) which wasn’t overplayed but not ignored either, and it was nice to see everybody written as dealing differently rather than all having stock character reactions so good job again
  • So um yeah it’s good to kinda see everybody acting like real people I am gaining hope plz don’t kill that hope JNash