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hey hey hey i’m gonna have a little talk about the story i’m coming up with for the distortionist so far!! of course this would contain spoilers for the story, if it ever does become a Thing, so if you wanna look forward to that then don’t read i guess? of course there’s no guarantee this’ll ever happen snfbjnj

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Seventeen reaction to caught a guy trying to  pin their s/o to a wall and make out with them

tbh i think that they will react similiar to each other, but hope you enjoy! 

Send me requests!~


Saying that he’s angry isn’t enough. He knows that he can’t be aggresive towards that guy, because there could be rumors about that situation. He will push him off, grab him by shirt and be like “Try to touch her/him again, and i will cut your dick”

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Angry, confused, all in. He will try to stay calm and just observe situation, but probably go and “/cough/ yo, mister, better let her/him go”

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I think that this boy would like to see your reaction, and when he see that youre pushing him off, but guy is insistent, then he will absolutly help you

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I think that he will be like S.Coups, but even better. He’s ready to beat that guy, because no one can touch his gf/bf. he will first just warn him, but if that guy is still too much, there would be probably a fight. 

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This little cutie will not be sure whats going on tbh. I think that he will get the situation when its over and you do everything by yourself

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Probably chill. Ofc he will watch the situation, but he don’t really want to interrupt, until everything is ok and you can deal with it by yourself

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I think that he will be just like Wonwoo. He also know that his height and all are not really scary, if that guy is much taller it would be kinda……

But if the guy is too much, then he doesn’t really care bout that and will go 

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“Oh, boy, uhm, can u let her go or something? Yeah, thats nothing, but shes already taken and stuff..:

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“OOOH FUCK WHAT CAN I DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO GOSH WHERE IS MY INHALER THE F–” in head for too long, so u dealed with guy by yourself. (Mingyu aka manly man)

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In that case i think he is exactly like Jihoon im sorry, theres nothing more to say. He’s the chill type but when its too much…u kno

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He’s kinda reckless co he will probably go to that guy and tell him to stop but inside he’s shaking like a little girl (another manly man)

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Chill and stressed in the same time. He will gently spoke to that guy, and he will please him to let you go. 

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He really wants to be your hero like boys in movies but he’s scared tbh. If that boy don’t want to let you go, he will be really upset, and go like WHATEVER, I CAN GET BEATEN ONCE and go spoke to him

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Raphael x Reader

Requested by @onlyharryforever

“Raph!” You yelled and dived for the demon.

“(Y/N) … come on answer me.” Raphael called as he tried to get to you but you jumped back onto the roof with a chuckle.

“Seriously I’m tough, you thought an itty-bitty demon could get me?” You giggled and he rolled his eyes as Simon chuckled behind him.

“What were you thinking!” Raphael snapped and you rolled your eyes.

“Urm saving your life, seriously Raphael if I have to deal with Camille again I will eat Mundanes just to get rid of her.” You sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes.

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The Signs During their Finals

Aries: Ok but why is Deepthroat by Cupcake playing in my head I need to know these chemical functional groups

Taurus: Yo this exam is tearing me open a new asshole but I’m completely ok with it, not like as if I would have done any better if I studied

Gemini: *stands up to blow their nose* OH my GOSH everyone probably thinks I’m a DISGUSTING little GERM

Cancer: Lol for once these questions are more confusing than the emotional mess which exists in my mind

Leo: I can already tell I’m either praying to God or making a deal with Satan to get a good grade on this final after I finish it

Virgo: *is the normal one, does the preparation required, passes their exams with ease*

Libra: HA there’s an L in the name of my astrology sun sign for a reason

Scorpio: *focuses on one question for an hour* NO i will NOT continue until this QUESTION is ANSWERED I just need to REMEMBER HARDER

Sagittarius: You know what?  Why am I so worried about these finals killing me I’m already dead on the inside 

Capricorn: Ok well if my average in this class is a 98.6 and I need an 89.5 to maintain an A and the final is worth 15% of my final that means I need a 37.93% but you NEVER KNOW I might still ABSOLUTELY fail this

Aquarius: *wings it* yo life is quick you can’t let yourself be tied down by the evils of this tyrannical world

Pisces: *turns in final* I either killed this test or the test killed me, there’s absolutely no in between

Passive-Aggressive Partnership

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 @coveofmemories

Part 5


“Well, don’t keep us in suspense, my statuesque God of Chocolate Thunder,” Garcia said, “Who did Boy Wonder go out with?”

“Y/N,” Morgan replied with a smile. “So much for her being obnoxious and annoying.”

When Morgan looked around the room, everyone was in varying states of surprise and anything but surprised. Garcia was stunned. Emily wore a knowing smile. Hotch and Rossi, of course, weren’t fazed at all. “It’s about damn time he asked her out,” Rossi exclaimed, raising his eyebrows as Spencer walked back into the room to stunned silence.

“Why is everyone so quiet?” Spencer asked, sitting down at the table with the god-given elixir that was his cup of coffee. “Were you waiting for me to start?” 

“No,” Hotch said, surprising everyone else by being the first one to talk. “It’s just that when you left the room, you left your phone on the table.” It was so rare for Hotch to be smiling at work, no less in the conference room, where such grotesque, demented crimes were discussed, but there he was, teasing Spencer. “You got a text.”

Immediately, the confused look on Spencer’s face turned to a busted one. He still tried to play it off though. “I’ll answer it later. No big deal.”

“No big deal!” Garcia asked, eliciting laughter from the rest of their friends. “No big deal? You’re going out with Y/N!”

Spencer slapped his hands over his face, burying his head to try and contain his embarrassment. Not that she was embarrassing, he just didn’t know how to handle talking about his romantic life (or more often, his lack of one) in front of his friends. “We went on one date,” he said quietly, trying as hard as he could to downplay the situation. 

Of course, that didn’t work.

“You’ve only gone on one date so far,” Morgan replied with a sly smile. “She said, ‘I had a great time last night. Looking forward to the next one.’”

“I thought you said she was obnoxious,” Emily laughed. She couldn’t count the amount of times Spencer had complained about having to work with her. It was hysterical every time because he was the only one that didn’t seem to get that the reason they butted heads so much was because they were all too similar. 

“She is obnoxious!” Spencer exclaimed, remembering the way she called him stubborn. He wasn’t stubborn, she was. “She said I was stubborn.”

“You are stubborn!” everyone said simultaneously, laughing at Spencer’s expression of indignation. “You’re being stubborn about being stubborn.” Morgan couldn’t contain his laughter - this is what he had been saying for years.

Spencer scrunched his mouth shut. He wasn’t going to get anywhere with his friends today. He just had to resign himself to being ragged on for the remainder of the day. “I am not stubborn. Can we just get to the case please?” he asked, desperate to turn the attention away from himself.

“Sure thing, lover boy,” JJ laughed.


Their case out in California was different to say the least. While their normal victims tended to be children, teenagers or adults, their three victims so far were a minimum of 60 years old.

“So all three of these victims had in-home care after a surgery and died suddenly of the flu, all within a 15 block radius?” Reid asked Garcia over the connection on the jet.

Despite the distance between the BAU and the airborne jet, the furious sound of typing could be heard throughout the jet. “All three of the victims, Geraldine Walters, Harvey Burns, and George Johnson were all relatively healthy, but needed help with daily activities after surgery. Geraldine had a knee replaced, Harvey had a hip replaced and George had a stent put in his heart. Other than that, no one had any issues, except that they all came down with the flu after their surgeries. Geraldine and Harvey have unfortunately already been cremated, so we aren’t going to be able to get anything from them, but after George died, his daughter contacted the police. She knew the other two victims in passing and claimed she found it odd that three relatively healthy people died within such a short time and with no actual cause of death,” she continued. “She claimed that her father had never had the flu in his life; he never got sick.”

“It is odd,” Emily said, looking between the files of all three victims. “The likelihood of having that many healthy individuals come down with the flu during a time when the flu isn’t common and die suddenly in such a concentrated area is unlikely, but it could just be a coincidence, and with two of three already having been cremated, we’re going to have a difficult time proving that anything nefarious happened.”

Everyone agreed, wondering if this trip was going to turn out to be a waste. But better safe than sorry. “Well, working under the assumption that something nefarious is going down, what kind of person are we looking for?” Rossi asked.

“If they were actually sick, it would be considered an angel of mercy style killing,” Spencer started, “but given that they were relatively healthy, we are looking for someone sadistic, and although serial killers of this kind tend to be male, we definitely can’t rule out a female killer either. As a matter of fact, when it comes to this type of killer, a female is even more likely than the typical serial killer.”

JJ rolled her eyes. “Typical serial killer. We have such wonderful jobs, don’t we?”

“Alright,” Hotch started, “When we touch down, Emily, you go interview Geraldine’s son and daughter. JJ, take Harvey’s son. Reid, you and Morgan take George’s daughter and the in-home nurse he had, and Rossi, you and I will go to the funeral home that took care of all three funerals. Morgan and Reid, ask George’s daughter if she objects to her father being exhumed for an autopsy.”

As the plane started to descend, they all hoped that this was a false alarm, because if they did have some kind of angel of mercy, sadistic or otherwise, on their hands, they were going to be extremely difficult to catch - at least without another victim.


With JJ, Emily, Hotch and Rossi off to pursue other avenues, Morgan and Reid headed off to interview George’s daughter and his at-home nurse. “Hello,” Morgan said as a young woman about 30 years old opened the door. “I’m Agent Morgan, this is Dr. Reid, are you Helena, George’s daughter?”

“Yes, come in,” she said, inviting the two agents inside. “Thank you for coming. Everyone says I’m overreacting, but I really feel like something is wrong.”

“It could be nothing,” Reid said, “But in cases like this where many people die in a short period of time in a concentrated area, we do what’s called an equivocal death investigation to determine the cause of death. Can you tell us about your father? How was his health beforehand?”

As the three sat down in the middle of the living room, alongside George’s at-home nurse, Fiona, Helena did her best to describe her father through the tears. “Besides his heart problems, which were genetic and he was ready for as he got older, he was unbelievably healthy. Heart problems run in our family. He had a 90% blockage in one of his arteries, despite the fact that he was healthier than I was, so he had a stent put in. That’s when I called Fiona to help him with his daily routine while I was at work.”

“I can’t believe he’s gone,” Fiona stuttered, “He was such a sweet man.”

“Fiona,” Morgan asked, “How long had you been taking care of Mr. Johnson?”

She took a deep breath, linking her arm into Helena’s. The two had been friends since college. “A little over two weeks,” she said, “depending on how he was feeling, it could’ve been another two to four weeks.”

“And how long had he been sick?” Reid asked. 

“About four days.”

“Last two questions,” Morgan said, “Was there anyone but the two of you with him in the past four days? And is it okay if we exhume your father? There is a chance that something will show up on the autopsy.”

Fiona pulled out a card with the name and number of her in-home care agency on it. “I had a family emergency of my own to deal with earlier in the week, so I couldn’t make it here until the afternoon. I was told that the agency sent two different nurses to cover those mornings.”

“If exhuming my father proves that he was actually murdered, like I think he was, then you do whatever you need to.”

“Ok, thank you. Please let us know if you can think of anything else that might help,” Reid said as the two stood up to leave. 

Morgan and Reid walked outside, immediately contacting the agency to see who else treated Mr. Johnson. Spencer pulled out his phone to see a list of missed texts from the rest of the team. Emily and JJ both said that the first two victims’ children also said that their parents were ridiculously healthy, so coming down with the flu was out of the ordinary, while Hotch and Rossi said that the funeral home claimed there was nothing out of the ordinary. “Rossi purposely asked if anyone had any skin discoloration or if they could detect the scent of bitter almonds, but there was nothing out of the ordinary,” Reid said.

“What would that indicate?” Morgan asked as he pulled out into the street and toward the agency.

“Cyanide poisoning,” he replied. “But there was nothing.” As the two made their way to the agency, Spencer texted Y/N to let her know that he probably wouldn’t be back in time for their next tentative date. Thankfully, being in the same field, she was well aware of the difficulties and just extended her expertise if necessary. 

“You got another date set up?” Morgan asked, trying to talk about anything but the case for a moment.

“We did,” he replied, “But I have a feeling this case is going to have us here for a while.”

“Me too.”


Before heading back to the station, where the rest of the team had already convened, Reid and Morgan headed to the agency, where the head of the facility referred them to Mr. Johnson’s other nurses, Sam Meyers and Maryann Trotta. 

“I don’t know,” Morgan said, leaving the agency and finally heading toward the station. “The way Maryann was talking about his symptoms, it was almost as if she hadn’t been treating him. She claimed he’d only been coughing slightly, while Fiona insists that he was violently ill.”

Spencer didn’t have a good feeling about her either. “She’s definitely hiding something. We just have to figure out what and why.”

And they needed to find out quickly. Minutes after they returned to the station, the local authorities got a call indicating there was another victim. “Jennifer Valesky died of flu-like symptoms about five blocks from George Johnson’s house. She was apparently healthy,” he said.

If they weren’t already feeling as though there was a killer on the loose, that cemented it. Four victims within a week and a half and in a now-17 block radius. “We have an angel of death in the area,” Hotch said.

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i need more nsfw liet hc's in my life tbh <3

Ok but he really likes to give blow jobs,

This being said he kinda likes the feeling of his throat being fucked until its hella raw,

Hair pulling is kinda a big deal

He is a high level masochist dude, he has a low tolerance for pain, which can cause some of his s/o’s to go to the extra degree

He likes if he is being threatened so pretty much CONSENSUAL noncon, like you will really get a reaction if there is a knife at his throat

Just because he is a masochist doesnt mean he doesnt like good ol’ fluffy sex, or vanilla in general,

There will be most days where he isnt as kinky as he can really get, or vanilla sex is all he wants

He can get very shy asking for harsh treatment,

Pet play is a huge role in alot of this,

Lowkey has a daddy kink ngl

Literally if he is playing a role and he is submissive, he may enjoy it.

Sf9 When Someone Started To Talk Crap About You Out Loud For The Both Of You To Hear.

Inseong: Would be joking around with you until he heard what they said and would immediately turn his head around and stare at that person. If they spoke up first, he wouldn’t hesitate to reply back like “You shouldn’t talk about a lady like that, it only makes you look like trash”

Originally posted by foxyins

Youngbin: sits there for a sec to take in what he just heard and before you could hold onto him, he would be up and out his seat to confront the person. “Hey, You. You want to say that again?” Omg most likely to hit someone

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Jaeyoon: Will come for whoever said that to you, boy or girl- he will come for them both equally. Doesn’t matter if it’s a flock of people he will take them all down. “Excuse me but I would think twice before you open your mouth again, I don’t tolerate rude ass people especially ones who come for my woman. If you don’t want your asses to get kicked the f*** out, then shut the f*** up got it?” 

Originally posted by sf9

Zuho: Rolls his eyes with you, and laugh it off. “Don’t worry about those rats, let’s just enjoy our night.” If you get uncomfortable he will take your hand and leave, however if they get really vocal about it he will go up to them and warn them to shut their mouths. But if they are just being childish, he won’t waste his energy or want you to waste yours worrying about someone irrelevant. 

Originally posted by ohjuho


Originally posted by sf9

Rowoon: “Well that was quite rude, You want to apologize to the lady?” If they say no, he will go up to them and stand there like “Apologize to the lady if you don’t want to turn this into a big deal.” He hates seeing you get humiliated so if he has to humiliate them back, he will. 

Originally posted by hwiyoungs

Taeyang: Gets super awkward about it only because he knows how awkward it makes you feel. “we can leave if you want sweetie.” If you wanted to stay, he will sit facing them and just stare, eyeing them until they’d stop talking about you, just waiting for one of them to even dare to start a fight with him first so he can do something. “It’s ok hun, I’m here. If they want to do something they have to deal with me first.”

Originally posted by honeyxxxmoon

Hiwyoung: Gets super upset thats someone is talking to you like that. Confrontation is probably very very rare and the chances are slim unless they started to call you really mean nicknames and slurs. Once something like that sets him off, he will most likely start cussing them all out and won’t stop once he starts. “Who are you to say my girlfriend is ugly when you have a face like that?!”

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Chani: Could be chillin with you and heard what they said like “What did that dude over there just say? That guy must be out of his mind to want to say something when I’m right next to you.” Stares at them until they ask him what he’s looking at. “Obviously at you big guy, you find it fun to slander a woman?” And if the guy tries to start a fight dont worry, basically chani has all of his sf9 hyungs behind him. (Rowoon jumping in before a fight even happens.)

Originally posted by sf9canyounot


Jackson x Reader

“(Y/N) right?” Jackson asked as he watched you walk out of the school.

“Maybe… why what’d you want?” You asked Jackson who grinned.


“No offence but I just need to use you, and I’d rather it be you than Stilinski.” Jackson muttered as he gripped the back of your hair and forced your neck back before revealing his red eyes and fangs, his deep bite muffling you cry for Scott’s help.

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Under Pressure

Requested by annonymous!

Hope you guys like this one! Thanks for the request! 

Do any of you guys watch Shadowhunters? because Alec…WOO

The days began to blur as one. Your lack of sleep was getting the best of you along with the constant hunger in the pit of your stomach. You assured yourself you’d eat, but you never did. Coffee was enough to sustain you even though you began feeling weaker and weaker.

Your busy schedule consisted of late nights to early mornings; midnight trips to the airport, followed by a stream of jet lag. You’d forget which city you’d be in next. Despite promising yourself you would always know where you were going. This career was too important for you to not even have enough respect to keep a schedule. For months you did. The excitement was like nothing else and you felt blessed to even be doing what you were- singing, performing. Having the most incredibly, loyal fans who did nothing but support every decision you made.

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T-Rex is reader’s best friend. You trained her since she was born and Owen finds it cute...

Owen Grady x reader

Requested by: Anon

You had arrived at the island for more than an hour and were still waiting. Two weeks ago you were contacted by Dr. Wu to work with animals on a remote island and it was only the information they had given to you. Finally, a man came out of a room and headed to you.
“Welcome to Isla Sorna, my name is Henry Wu and this is the InGen’s laboratory. I presume you are Teresa, right?”
“Yes, it’s me… so what’s the job you have for me?”
“Follow me, she’s almost done.” Said Dr. Wu grinning like a child with its Christmas presents.
You went after him and entered a room full of strange machines. You discover that it was an incubator, you saw eggs everywhere. He indicated to you a large egg that had a sign underneath that said T-Rex.
“What is this?” You asked perplexed.
“Come on, she will be born and I want you to be the first person she sees” says Dr. Wu.
You stepped up to the egg, it was moving and was already cracked. Suddenly with a squeal, you saw the head of a small creature coming out. It didn’t seem very friendly but at the same time it was so defenseless. Without you expecting, she opened her eyes, you stepped back and she looked at you. One of the scientists who was present, picked her up with a towel and handed her to your hands.
“What is going on here? Someone tell me something! "You said angry.
"Ok Teresa, what you have in your hands is a baby dinosaur, specifically Tyrannosaurus-Rex. You’ll take care of her until she grows up and then will be transferred to another island, which is being created a park where she can be adored by all the people of the world, at least that’s what Mr. Hammond hopes … ”
“But I was just a birds of prey trainer in New York Zoo, how will I deal with an extinct animal millions of years ago ??”
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” Dr. Wu said, already leaving the laboratory.
As with the hawks and eagles, you started training little Rexy with small pieces of meat. She obeyed your orders. You discovered that her vision was based on the movement and so, you also used a bat. Certain movements were associated with orders and she obeys to that.
Each time you arrived at cage, you whistled and Rexy knew it was you and the other keepers could do their job without any risk.
Past two months she was huge. She’s 13m long and 5 of height. It’s time to go to another island. You spent the night before crying because you wouldn’t see your best friend again.

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Scott x Fem!Reader x Liam

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Oral, sex, smut

Today would be your first day attending Beacon Hills High since Scott bit you. The scents and loud noises were driving you mad, how the others managed you’d never know, the shrill ringing of first bell warned you that you were late.

Without thinking you yanked your locker open, shoving what you didn’t need into it, flinching when you forgot just how loud slamming the door would be. 

Scott glanced up when you skidded into the class room, over shooting the door due to your new found speed, reminding Scott of a deer finding it’s legs, when you slammed your bag down on the desk you flinched and then groaned as you rubbed the table.


“What’d it do to you?” Stiles mumbled as he leant over to the an impressively sized crack in your desk.

“Shut up Stiles.” You grunted through gritted teeth.


“Hey, it’s ok just chill out a bit (Y/N).” Stiles whispered as he gave you an encouraging smile.

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Fire & Ice

Surprise? This has been sitting in my docs for a while and it was going to form part of another story but I decided against it for now so I’m posting it tonight for you as a one shot. There’s a tiny hint as to what the longer story was going to be about but that’s not happening anymore so don’t get any hopes up! Set in the 2013 Harry-verse; tanned, muscles, the hair went up, y’know what I mean. It’s not perfect. I’ve written better. The sex scene is a bit ‘mehhh’, but it’s just a little something I had left behind x

The camping trip had been organised for when Harry was back in town for a couple of days; one night in the woods, at a quiet spot where nobody would find him, with his friends from home to be normal for a while before heading back out to LA to record some new songs. It’s the height of summer and the surprising British sunshine had given you all plenty of time to mess around in the lake a couple of minutes from where you were staying, and it had all been going swimmingly until somebody caught on to the fact that you and Harry are going to be sharing a tent once the fire burns out in a couple of hours.

“A guy and girl can be friends, yeh know?” Harry brushes off the comment, taking a sip from the beer bottle in his hands while you stare at him across the fire which is smoking away in the middle of the group.

Friends who have sex.

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anonymous asked:

@all the other anons Ki has anxiety and depression that's why she took a break she has exams all well too she is not running away and I'm doubting she is even seeing this because I am a friend of hers and she even went as far as saying deleting tumbr app so she can focus and study and help her mental heath so everyone needs to stop talking about her because honestly as her friend its getting on my nerves and probably a lot of her followers nerves as well

no one brought it up again until you did tbh it’s not even a big deal. i hope she’s ok 


Originally posted by felywrites

A/N: Boom.-erang. Panties/boxers/breifs/thongs off! Let’s have some fun! JUST KIDDING, this is mostly SFW, the NSFW is implied like in innuendos, and just words like “sex” is mentioned and stuff! Hope you guys liked it! Probably not my best work of art, but I thought it’d be fun to write that HC anyway! Also for some reason it wont let me un-italicize all of this so….whoops! 

I’m tagging @jxbilationlee​ once again, guess that’ll be a constant Digger Harkness imagine addition. Also I’m tired so please forgive me if you see any more errors. Also…also…

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Damon x Reader

“Where are you guys going?” You called out as Damon and Stefan shooed Bonnie, Caroline and Elena away from the school.


You dodged past hurrying students, grumbling to yourself when they occasionally bumped into you. By the time you’d caught up with your friends they were all stood by their cars and glaring at Damon who had finished what he was saying to them and turned to face you.


“Shouldn’t you be in school?” He asked and cocked his head.


“Shouldn’t they?” You replied quickly and tried to duck past him to the others.


“She could come with us.” Stefan muttered and rolled his eyes when Damon grabbed you by the shoulders and turned you back the way you came.

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You're Worth It

Prompt: Could you please write a Derek Morgan from criminal minds oneshot where the readers on the team&they’ve gone out for a few months & she’s always really flirty and stuff but is a Virgin so when he kinda hints about having sex &stuff she like pushes him away a bit and finds more reasons to like avoid him during the day and he’s worried she doesn’t like him anymore and stuff&it leads to a fight but they make up once he understands shes self conscious about how she looks&a Virgin?leave the rest to u

Rating: Mature
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Reader
Word Count: 1,680
Warnings: Reader is self-conscious, virgin!reader, self-hate, there’s an argument between reader and Derek, & swearing.
Author’s Note: So, I decided not to put any smut in it, there’s an obvious but brief description that they did the frick frack but nothing in depth. I hope you enjoy anon!

I’m so bad at naming my fics, it’s ridiculous! 

“So, we get Henry to bed and we’re finally getting some mommy and daddy alone time when… you all know the rest.” JJ was telling the team how her night was going as everyone listened with amused smiles.

You were sitting next to your boyfriend of 6 months, Derek Morgan, when he made his sexual comment.

“Ooo trying to dust off the old cobwebs.” His arm slyly wrapped around your waist as he said it and Garcia hit him.

“Hey, inappropriate comment, sir.” She said jokingly, making you all laugh before she offered to babysit so JJ and her husband could have a vacation.

“Speaking of cobwebs, my pipes could use a good cleaning.” He whispered in your ear playfully, you gave him a small smile but shied away from his touch, thankful at that moment Hotch called you all into the conference room for the recent case.

It wasn’t unusual for Derek and you to flirt with each other but just when things turned the least bit sexual you shied away and backed out, letting yourself go quiet. It wasn’t because you weren’t attracted to your boyfriend, it was very much the opposite of that, but you were very self conscious about the way you looked. Ever since you were younger you never really thought of yourself as attractive and maybe that was the reason you were still a virgin at this age. Derek didn’t know about any of that, of course, you were afraid that if you told him he wouldn’t want you anymore, you still were amazed that he even wanted to be with you.

As you were briefed on the case you could feel Derek’s eyes on you, you tried not to make eye contact but you ended up looking at him anyway, he looked confused and a bit… worried?

“Alright, wheels up in 20.” Hotch finished, walking out of the room. Everyone began leaving behind him and you tried to get out quickly but as luck has it you and Derek were the last ones.

“Can I talk to you?” He asked

“Uh, yeah, sure.” You answered nervously.

He waited until everyone was out of earshot before speaking.

“Is everything ok with us?”

“Yeah, of course it is.”

“I just feel that sometimes you distance yourself from me.”

“I’m sorry I make you feel that way but everything is fine, promise.” You felt so bad for lying to him like this but the truth would have been worse to deal with.

“Okay, come here.” He grabbed your hand gently and pulled you to him, he wrapped you in a hug before he leaned down, catching your lips in a quick kiss.

“Anyone up for some food?” Rossi asked the team as you all came back from your recent case.

There were a mumble of answers that came from each of your mouths.

“I’m guessing that’s a universal no.”

“Are you going straight home?” Derek asked as you put some papers into your bag from your desk.

“Yeah, I am so tired I’m barely keeping my eyes open right now.”

“How about I drive you, don’t want you falling to sleep at the wheel.” You looked at him for a second thinking about it. You and Derek. Alone. In a car together where many things could happen.

“Uh, it’s fine, I’ll be okay.” You turned back to your desk and you heard him sigh, you could tell that it was his annoyed and frustrated sigh.

“What is going on with you, why are you distancing yourself from me?” You glanced around the room to see that almost everyone had already left out, which means there was no making an excuse to get away from this conversation.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Derek.” You were trying to make a quick getaway by rushing past him but he followed behind you and caught your arm. He quickly led you into an empty office where he slammed the door.

“Don’t give me that bullshit, _____, you’ve been finding more and more ways to avoid me! Is it something that I did, do you not want to be with me anymore?!" 

"What, no, Derek, it’s not you–”

“Oh, great, now you’re going to give me the It’s not you it’s me conversation!” He scoffed and turned away from you, trying to calm himself down.

“Well what do you want me to tell you then, Derek!” When he looked back at you you could see the pain and frustration in his eyes.

“The truth, that’s all I want!”

He wanted the truth, fine, here it was.

“I’m a virgin and I despise the way I look, there, there’s the truth!” You couldn’t meet his eyes and he didn’t say anything so you finished what you were going to say.

“Any type of anything sexual makes me nervous and yes I know I’m a huge flirt but I have never gotten anywhere past that because I’m so self-conscious about what I look like and you’re absolutely gorgeous, I have no idea why you’re even interested in me.”

There was a couple of minutes of silence before either of you said anything. He was the first to speak.

“I’m with you because I love who you are, everything isn’t all about looks, _____, but I think you’re beautiful. Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?" 

"I was ashamed, a lot of people my age aren’t virgins, Derek. Guys that I’ve gone out with before you didn’t want me because I was a virgin, they didn’t want to be responsible for taking it or they didn’t want me to get clingy. So, I stopped saying anything to the men I dated but I never went past kissing then… you came into my life and I fell in love with you–I just didn’t want to scare you off because of my issues.” You shifted on your feet and crossed your arms feeling embarrassed.

“______, sweetheart, nothing is going to scare me away from you. I want to work through this with you, I want to be with you every step of the way until you see yourself the way I see you.” As he talked he walked closer until he was right in front of you, his hands reaching out and rubbing up and down the top of your arms.

“Hey,” You looked up, your eyes reaching his dark brown ones. “I love you and I’m with you every step of the way, okay?” You nodded, feeling relived that you finally told him but you knew that the next days, weeks or months were going to be hard.


5 Months Later 

“Are you excited for this weekend?” Derek asked, threading his fingers with yours as you made your way to one of the many properties he owned. 

So far there was no case and it looked like your weekend would be free but there was always something, for the moment though, you and Derek decided to take a little trip for the weekend. Just he and you and this time you weren’t nervous about being alone with him. 

The past few months were spent with you building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down, the first time you looked in the mirror and called yourself beautiful you broke down and cried because you didn’t believe it to be true but you kept up with the exercise, started thinking more positively and with Derek making you feel like you were his world you got over your fear and began really loving yourself and all of your flaws. They were what made you, you.

Which is why, if this weekend went okay with no cases, you would be surprising him with something special.

“I’m very excited.” You smiled as he kissed the back of your hand.

“______, what are you doing up there, are we watching this movie?” Derek yelled up the stairs before going back into the kitchen.

You came down the stairs soon after in Derek’s old button up shirt, you had a bra and pantie lingerie set on underneath it, you were going to give him the surprise of his life.

“I don’t want to watch the movie anymore.” You stood in the entryway of the kitchen with a small smile on your face.

“Then what would you like to– whoa.” His face showed blatant surprise when he turned to look at you but as he took in your a smile spread on his face.

“Well, look at you.”

“Yeah, look at me.” You giggled coming closer and sat on the counter.

“Are you going to keep staring or are you going to come over here?” With those words he came straight over to you, putting one arm around you while his hand gripped the back of your knee, bringing you closer to him, you wrapped your arms around his neck and met his lips.

“Wait, wait, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I’ve never been more sure.” You placed your lips back on his and you let out a laugh as he picked you up, easily carrying you to the bedroom.

You both were waken up by the sound of your phone ringing loudly, you refused to get up, you were exhausted and a little sore so you just lied there ignoring it. It wasn’t until Derek woke up and reached across you to get it that it stopped.

“Hello?” His sleep laden voice asked and you heard the familiar voice of JJ on the other side.

“Yeah, yeah got it, we’ll be there.” He hung up before wrapping an arm around your middle to bring you closer, he kissed the side of your neck and you sighed contently.

“I don’t want to get up.”

“I know, me either.”

After being briefed about the case on the jet you decided to take a nap, as you laid yourself out on the couch you heard JJ laugh.

“Long night?" 

"Very, didn’t get much sleep,” You gave Derek a playful glare and all he did was chuckle. “But it was worth it.”

fantasizing-in-code  asked:

Heyo I was wondering if you deal with this problem too as an INTP.I always notice small details when something is wrong with someone and persistent until I try to solve the problem But I've seen people around me, miss the most blatant of symbols that someone is not ok, but the they either ignore it, or just straight up don't notice Something as blatant as drastic mood change, cutting, being in the verge of tears and it panics me when I'm not around the person going through it orelse I can't help

I may notice details if they are out of the ordinary, but I very rarely try to solve a problem for someone. Some people are good at just jumping in and being a great help, but I usually wait until someone asks me for advice, only because I’m pretty much a clumsy oaf when it comes to human relations.

So, yes, I notice things, but normally I pretty much don’t try to solve the problem. One thing that probably keeps me from this is also the fact that I come across as odd to most people. Sometimes when I’m at my most absent-minded, people think that I’m cranky or that there’s something wrong with me, even when I know that there’s not; I’m just thinking. I’ve even had people think I was depressed and anorexic when I am neither of these things. Because of this, I think I tend to be careful about assuming things about people, even if I notice stuff. It’s a personal thing.

Now, when the symbols are indicating something serious and dangerous, perhaps it might be better to ask the person if they need any help. You don’t need to do anything big. Just let them know that you notice a problem. Don’t make a fuss, because that’s the last thing that a hurting person needs. Just see if you can’t do something for them. Perhaps you might even be able to help the person find someone who is better qualified to help than you. It’s a hard time for all concerned, so mainly you should probably just be careful. Remember that the person in danger is the most important one at the moment, and act accordingly.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.

spaceprincesses  asked:

au where karai doesn't go after shredder after escaping his dungeon and everyone is hAPPY


  • OKAY FIRST OF ALL obviously Leo’s the one who makes her stay cause he’s like “don’t worry babe we’ll kill shredder later TOGETHER no matter what splinter says” and she’s like “oh leo you know exactly what to say to get a girl going” (okay not exactly like that but almost)
  • At first it’s HELLA AWKWARD with Karai around even though everyone is supernice and accepting (even Raph will almost smile at her???? send help) so she tends to stick close to splinter and leo until it gets a little less awkward
  • April comes over with Casey to greet her after a few days, she’s brought some LAME AS SHIT clothes that Karai is like haha thanks I definitely wont set this on fire once i get clothes on my own…..
  • Casey kinda flirts with Karai and Karai is kinda like haha ok…. meanwhile you can see Leo in the background vibrating in jealousy
  • when April and Karai gets to be sorta alone together Karai tries superhard to apologize for the beatdowns and insults and April gets it cause she has to deal with this kinda stuff with Raph (and sometimes Casey) all the time.
  • THEY HAVE A SLEEPOVER!!!! Stays up late watching movies and playing videogames and Karai IS LAUGHING AND HAVING TONS OF FUN and she is declared video game queen after beating Raph (who probably complains about “beginner’s luck” and demands a rematch).
  • Karai sends a lot of time in the dojo with her dad just catching up and learning everything she can about her mom and it can get pretty emotional

This is “La Big 3” a very adorable group of chubby Japanese signers. This video have been criticized by some ‘health experts’ because “it tells girls bad eating habits”

Ok people let´s clarify something here, this song and video is about being body positive and about not being ashamed of eat what you like. It’s not telling you to eat junk food until you get health problems and die, ok? it’s a very happy and positive video where girls can be their selves without worrying about the shape of their bodies. 

Why it’s such a big deal for a woman to eat a pancake or a big ice cream? Why do we have to pretend we only like salad or fruits? Why are we criticized because we crave Pizza or French fries?. This video is about enjoying what you eat and not being ashamed of it.

It’s not teaching girls bad habits, come on, we all know that junk food once in a while won’t kill you. We should stop this obsession of counting calories in very dish and start enjoying food without regrets.

Sympathy for the Devil - Part 2

Word Count: 3432

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Type Violence

Series Rewrite Masterlist

Lying across the bed with your head in Dean’s lap, his fingers massaging your scalp while you watched TV and Sam read through John’s journal almost felt normal. Except for the fact that you were watching the world fall apart on TV. “How would you then explain an earthquake, a hurricane and multiple tornadoes all at the same time all around the globe?” A news anchor asked an environmentalist being interviewed on the news.

“Two words.” The environmentalist answered. “Carbon emissions.”

“Yeah right, wavy gravy.” Dean rolled his eyes and chuckled.

“Dean…if you keep doing that I’m gonna fall asleep. This isn’t exactly helping us look for Lucifer.” You mumbled, struggling to keep your eyes open.

“You’ve been through a lot.” Dean whispered back. “You could use a rest. World isn’t gonna end today.”  

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