you can cry of how perfect it fits

Starters | Serial Killer

“Now, is there really a need for all that screaming?” 

“You’re a smart one, aren’t you? Tell me, how much blood can a human lose before dying?” 

“This is one of my favorites, do you know what it does? Why, I’ll demonstrate.” 

“You can’t get away from me, you’ll never get away from me!” 

“Go on, I love a good chase! It gets the heart racing!” 

“I must say, you put up a good fight. Some of this blood is mine!” 

“Oh, don’t cry. You’ll be so beautiful, soon. I’ll immortalize you in my collection.” 

“Which limb would you like to lose first?” 

“You’re so fucking smug, you deserve a death that’s fitting.” 

“I finally caught you, isn’t it exciting? You’ve evaded me for longer than anyone else!” 

“I love you, how else was I going to keep you? No one else can have you!” 

“I like stringing my prizes up. You do look so helpless, like that.” 

“Ssh, just breathe. The rope isn’t even tight, yet!” 

“You really are as twisted as I am. Aren’t we a perfect match?” 

“You look best in red.” 

“Did you think you could outsmart me? My dear, I’ve been doing this for a long time.” 

“You young ones always squirm so much!” 

“I don’t tolerate escape attempts. I will break your legs.” 

“I’ve been watching you for a long time…you’ve made me wait. But, it was worth it.” 

“Go on, then! What’s your plan? Bargaining, begging, threatening? Maybe try to psychoanalyze me?”

Updated Bughead Fanfiction Master List

Famous and Streetwise               Photographer Jughead/ Actress Betty

I’m Home                                      Pops Diner Coworkers

Please Don’t Leave Me                   She makes me nervous

Asylum Part 1                                  Freakshow

Asylum Part 2                                     Baby Sitting

JellyBeans Dance Teacher part 1           Pregnancy Problems

JellyBeans Dance Teacher part 2             Fixing the car

Camp Mapleoak                                         Betty gets threatened

Werewolves and Vampires AU                      Jealousy is not your color

I Can Hear You Crying Through The Walls        Grease AU

The New Girl in Town                                        Second Grade sucks

Somethings wrong with Betty                              First Grade Rainstorms

Chick Cooper                                                       Break up make up

Season 2                                                             Of Bunnies and Chewing gum

Cancer sticks                                                          Fathers day fluff

Mermaids Aren’t Real                              How Jughead Jones sees Betty Cooper

Souphead Jones 2                                                  Picture Perfect         

Domestic Abuse and Protective Jughead                 Live for me and for you

I’m Pregnant                                                   Sweet as American Honey part 1  

Is this your..package?                                    Sweet as American Honey part 2

sound of pleasure                                              My Mechanic 

Lets Bail Archie ‘out of Jail                                   they don’t fit in

Jellybean is home from Toledo

Calling My Serpent

Most Protective Boyfriend Award

Betty Loses her Memory

The Silk Dress

Fu*k boy Jughead

country fair


You are lovely. I always see posts about how beautiful women are and maybe that’s cuz I’m like super gay but, boys. Boys are beautiful. They’re small and big and thin and squishy and they smell wonderful and the looks they give you when they feel something is heartbreaking because how can someone like you ever like me? Boys are strong, not just their physical appearance but mentally. You aren’t weak for feeling. You’re not. You feel all these emotions and it breaks my heart that society doesn’t allow you to cry. We portray men as pig’s because of the things that we hear about them. We as a society forget that women can be disgusting too. We use sexism to our advantage and now you are supposed to be strong. Don’t feel, they say. You’re a boy, you must be strong. Boys are the brisk air in the morning on the jogs I took before this year. They’re refreshing and real and they bring me so much happiness. Soft hair, rough hands, hard stomachs. Soft hands, no hair, chubby belly’s. Their smiles and laughs and tears and frowns make me feel some type of way. Please, don’t hide around me. Cry if you need to, tell me how you feel, because I will not judge you. I’m here for you if you need me because I know how it feels to have to keep it in all the time. As a woman I am allowed to cry and feel but as someone who feels more than I probably should, I’ve learned to hide it through the years. Boys are strong in their own way. It’s not all toughness or working out or being perfect. We love you more if you feel and accept your pain because we are here to help you get through it. Boys, you’re beautiful. You’re handsome. You can be feminine or masculine, and yourself. That means boys of all kind. Whether you’re trans or cis, fit or overweight, young or old, you’re so amazing and kind and wonderful.

And I love you all.

part 7 - love bunnies (a dream daddy fic)

7:40 p.m. it’s the night before the neighborhood party. joseph and i spent our free time during the past week spreading word of the event and advertising it in the local shops. yesterday i stopped by mary’s new apartment to check it out and help her with the decorations. she seemed to be doing just fine—spectacular, in fact. she made an extra amount just in case! i guess she really can be trusted to handle a large task.

I decide to spend time outside for once, since the weather is so suitable for such an endeavor. I bring a cup of hot tea and a word jumble packet out onto my front porch and sit down. The cool autumn air chills my skin, yet comforts me at the same time. I set my things down and run back inside to quickly grab a light sweater. I start unscrambling.

As I get caught on this one particularly difficult jumble, “randeetmne”, I hear my phone wildly buzzing from inside. I feel stumped, so I decide to give it a break and investigate the ruckus. Text messages jump onto my phone screen with rapid succession.

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so I saw Kinky Boots

and I just gotta talk about it (this post is spoiler free). If you don’t know what that is- it’s a musical and a movie about a guy who owns a failing shoe factory and because of a chance encounter with a drag queen- they start manufacturing good quality killer high heels for drag queens.

aND I CRIED TWICE MY DAMN TRANS HEART??? Seriously, near the end of the first act there’s a scene where the main queen shows up in men’s clothing and runs to the men’s bathroom absolutely humiliated. It was like my every day life was on stage. It was something I had experienced almost every time I had to go out in public. You show up somewhere, people stare at you with such hatred because of how ill fitting your clothing looks on you because you and everyone else knows something is wrong, and you hide in the wrong bathroom mortified to step out again. Seeing that queen being so loud and proud while in drag being reduced to a small quiet person crying in that bathroom was so much for me. It meant the world to me as a trans person.

this whole show is so amazing with such a perfect message of accepting others and yourself because once you do that you can do anything. I cried in act two as well. I was very emotional. I just can’t put into words how much this show means to me as a trans person; I’ve never connected with a musical/play so much in my life.

Not to be annoying but

Plot twist: i am!

So if you liked the universe and characters in the lightning thief musical, i’ll give you one advice : if you haven’t, read the books.

Here’s why:
- they’re awesome
- you’ll learn most about the characters
- with all the love i give to the musical, from what i heard, my boy beckendorf is more than that,, i mean, that’s literally the main reason why i want people to read the books,, my son is wonderful and i love him,,, (i don’t really remember but i’m not sure he appears in the first book) (ok there’s only like one line about him in the entire cast recording, but i don’t care, i know people here like to focus on a few lines and all, and i love my boy too much)
- they’re funny (ahaha…)
- no but really that’s just for charlie
- i love him
- ok i may be biased (did you know that i cried when i heard his name?) (That was too soon)
- you’ll know how everything ends (if there aren’t other musicals about the following books) (i hope not)
- you will probably love the characters even more
- ok ok, but there are so many characters who are wonderful and need to be loved even more
- like,, the Stoll brothers,,, the Di Angelos,, Ethan (ok i love him and he’s my japanese son and i love him),, Z O E the queen of my heart NIGHTSHADE,,, even a few gods (no need to loved them tho)
- come on talk about the tree on the hill
- the musical and the first book are not exactly the same (fortunately! It’d been kinda boring for you otherwise)
- g r o v e r (i love him too) (here’s Perseus Jackson’s best dude, not some guy named jason duh) (btw jason’s best friend is leo but ok) (yes, they’re friends, they live the same things, they’re powerful, but do not forget those facts, fam)
- you will understand all the little references in the musical from the books, like there are so many, that’s amazing
- the title of the chapters are p e r f e c t
- i don’t have any more ideas so just read the books, please,,,
- please read the books and love my children,,

- also if you’re not really into greek mythology, there are also series about the norse gods (with annabeth’s cousin and good representation) and egyptian gods (with my children the kane siblings and with like only two characters who aren’t poc) (but there are many references from other books and appearances) (and the crossovers between the kanes and percabeth)

Anyway, I think most people who heard about the musical, actually have read the books, so… yeah. That’s for those who didn’t. (those who came because of George (i see you))

Now, for those who are in the pjo fandom and didn’t listened to the cast recording : you have to.

It’s your duty, because :

- references and quotes from the books
- it’s better than the movies???!
- like, there’s CLARISSE, and Silena and Katie and Mr.D??? And Ares??
- Mr.D and Clarisse both have a song (well in Clarisse’s case it’s more of a duet with Annabeth but still!!!)
- and their songs are AWESOME!? and perfect and fit the characters so much???
- just by hearing it you can tell more or less where each song’s supposed to be
- the Dam joke!!! And Perry Johansson/Peter Johnson!!!
- all the songs are amazingly written
- ok that’s just my opinion but Luke’s voice (James Hayden Rodriguez for you to know) it’s just how i portrayed it
- there’s a tree on the hill upon half-blood hill (*sobs*)
- no but they actually sing a song about Thalia’s story and all and i’m gonna cry
- george salazar is a talented and awesome actor and singer,, he played Grover and Mr.D in the musical and he was so perfect for the role,,
- by the way you will love grover even more too
- like george’s version is impossible to not like - he will make you cry - BLUE FOOD!!!! THERE’S A SONG ABOUT BLUE FOOD!!!
- it’s funny and sad just like the books!!!
- luke got a great characterization (ok i know he’s not a good/great person but i love this character)
- there are the fricking parallels between him and percy
- the lady who plays sally and silena (and charon i think) is so talented!! Her voice is so lovely and strong!! (sadly i can’t remember her name, i just know i follow her on twitter)
- there’s a song about the prophecy!!! The one with “you shall face the traitor god” or something like that (sorry i don’t exactly know i didn’t read the book in english and it’s hard to remember from the song)
- this song rocks
- ok i just love the cast
- the girl who plays annabae kinda have a voice easy to dislike (personally i find it pretty fine and cool but i know some people may not like it) but the actress really understand the character!!! And she loves what she’s doing!!!
- they replace the poodle by a squirrel and it’s pretty much more realist
- that really is the adaptation we were waiting for
- chris is so percy
- like,, wow
- come on fam, if you like pjo and listening to music i don’t see why you wouldn’t hear that masterpiece
- it’s just like the book!!! But not really!!! In a good way!!!
- no but really they really really did well (because it must be so difficult to adapt something like pjo in a musical)
- so, you get it, they!!! Read!!! The!!! Books!!!!
- they did a perfect job characterize my children?? Like it *is* Percy, and Annie, and Grover, and Clarisse, and even Mr.D!! (he’s not my child tho)
- it’s so so good

Ok, i think i must end here, and if you wanna add something, feel free! And I don’t think there’s really any spoiler but if i’m wrong, tell me!

“Snow White is wea-”

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Snow White lost both of her parents and was fourteen when she was told that the only family she had left, her stepmother, wanted her dead for being fair. Even through all this, when she prays at her bedside, she prays for the dwarves, particularly for Grumpy to like her. So what she wanted a man? That was her only source of happiness after being hunted after by her stepmother for being fair. Not only that, but she orders the dwarves around.

“Elsa is angr-”

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Elsa was born with powers that no one else had, instantly making her feel like an outsider. Then, said powers almost killed her sister, a traumatic event. Her parents didn’t help, saying they were dangerous, something to be feared, and thus Elsa’s hatred of her powers (and herself) grew. Note: when they are grown up at the end of ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’ , Elsa is wearing black. She was so scared of herself, that she couldn’t bring herself to go to her parents’ funeral. Then she is instantly flung with the responsibility of being queen and running a country. She was scared. Next thing she knows, she’s being called a monster, people are trying to kill her, and worst of all she hurts her sister again. Elsa wasn’t “”angry””. She was irritated, confused, scared, and upset. “But the scene with Marshmallow” I hear you cry. Elsa had a panic attack. A panic attack is not rocking back and forth. It can be fits of anger. Voila! Not to mention, Elsa then fought through a cold to try and make Anna’s birthday perfect. She isn’t angry, she’s a flawed character. And that’s why I love her.

“Ariel is an idiot who changed herself for a ma-”

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I don’t know how many times this has been said, but Ariel wanted to go to the land before Eric. That’s what ‘Part of Your World’ is about! Ursula just used Eric to finally convince Ariel to take part of her deal. And who cares if she wanted a man? She was sixteen. I know when I was sixteen, I was daydreaming about finding my own “prince” (not that everyone is, which is absolutely okay!) And she stuffed up. And that’s perfectly okay. It doesn’t make her a terrible character. It makes her a naive sixteen year old. The princesses aren’t all perfect characters who have to only do good things. Not to mention, Hercules gave up being a god for a girl! But no one is calling him weak, are they?

“Beauty and the Beast is about Stock-”

I really don’t need to explain this again. There is a fantastic analysis of why this is absolute garbage, which you can find here (x)

I could keep going with the rebuttals, but I would be here for hours. Thus, I’ve only done the most popular/most common “criticisms”. These criticisms can easily be seen as false if one would just watch the films. Not saying that the princesses don’t have faults, but these most commonly mentioned ones are not them.


I’m just going to put this here because I can’t afford starting another playlist when I have so many unfinished, but this song is killing me a bit more each time I listen to it.

Just Deacon, ok?

Deacon before meeting and getting close to the sole survivor (be it as friends or also lovers), 
Deacon after Barbara,
Deacon that gives up on himself in favour of Deacon - the gear in the grand mechanism that is the Railroad,
Deacon as he witnesses loss after loss inside the Railroad,
Deacon that believes he’s not worthy of redemption, 
And yet Deacon that still hopes for redemption, because at times you can see it between the cracks of the mess he is now, the optimism of the person he used to be, 
Deacon and this conflicting nature of his that makes him such a complex character.

I am crying here at how much I think this song fits his ‘pre-sole survivor’ chapter. So please, any sole survivor out there, please treat him well, because he doesn’t show it through that well feigned indifference, but he’s an idealist, and idealists break easily, and he’s there, at the very edge. 

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Theo James imagine


It was the happiest day of my life until she showed up. Theo and I had the perfect wedding and what was the perfect reception. Everything , including me, looked perfect and no paparazzi came to ruin it.

But just as Theo and I ended our fist dance one of his psycho exs came through the door throwing a fit.

For a second he stood there jaw dropped. I was ready to cry and yell all at once.

“Theo James! How can you marry this girl?!” His ex yelled, “after all we’ve been through, she isn’t even pretty ?” Blah blah blah that’s all I heard basically.

By that point Theo had snapped out of it. “Listen, you need to leave right now… We’ve been apart for like three years, time to move on.” When she didn’t leave he tried again, “but if you really cared you would leave and not cause a scene on my wedding day…”

At that point I stepped in, “listen, honey, it’s too late, we’re already married. It’s a done deal, he doesn’t love you okay? So leave. Go ruin someone else’s day because you aren’t ruining mine.”

I apparently stunned her into leaving because she stood there opening and closing her mouth like a fish before finally turning to leave.

Theo came up and hugged me, “so sorry baby.”

“It doesn’t matter, I have you and she left. Let’s enjoy the rest of our day.”

“Deal,” he bent down to kiss me and everyone cheered.

This playlist project is a collaboration between ME, and the lovely KRYSTAL TSUKI, who has made the graphics ♥ ★

The songs in this playlist are picked by ItaSasu fans together. I want to say thank you to everyone, including some shy anons, who came up with suggestions! I added my favorite songs that I think fits them, and completed the list.
The order of the songs is chosen to depict their change of relationship, from the beginning (love/hatred) to the end (love and sorrow), showing both Itachi's and Sasuke's perspective.
★ Enjoy, fellow ItaSasu fans! ★



With You Reanimation Remix – Linkin Park
Falling Inside the Black – Skillet
Look In My Eyes – Rains
I Hate Everything About You – Three Days Grace
Had Enough – Breaking Benjamin
Liars and Monsters – Escape The Fate
Yours Again – Red
All That I'm Living For – Evanescence
Behind The Mask – Escape The Fate
Apologize (Original version) – OneRepublic
Carnival of Rust - Poets of the Fall
Forgiven – Relient K
Undisclosed Desires– Muse
Call Me - Shinedown
Sorry – Chris Daughtry
No Matter What – Papa Roach
World Around Me - Escape The Fate
Break In- Halestorm
Safe and Sound - Sheryl Crow
Still - Ana Johnsson
Run – Snow Patrol
So Far Away – Avenged Sevenfold
Picture Perfect – Escape The Fate
There is a Light that Never Goes Out – The Smiths
Dearly Beloved Orchestra Version -(Kingdom Hearts)
I See You - Leona Lewis
Sweet Uchihacest (Bonus)


I really hate that Taylor thinks she went wrong with Red and that that’s the reason it didn’t get as much recognition/appreciation because that’s not true. Red is my favourite album of Taylor’s for so many reasons but mostly because of the diversity of the album. It has songs that make me want to curl up into a ball and cry and songs that make me want to dance and sing as loud as I can, it’s such a passionate album.

I don’t even know where to start with how incredibly it’s written, like lyrically that album forever blows my mind.
“You’ve got your demons and darling they all look like me” “words how little they mean when you’re a little too late” “a first glance feeling on New York Time back when you fit my poems like a perfect rhyme” “and sometimes I wonder how you think about it now” “remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes” “a new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be” “all we are is skin and bone trained to get along, forever going with the flow but you’re friction” “the train runs off its tracks, kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen” “I bet it never ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you and risk another goodbye” “all I know is a new found grace, all my days I’ll know your face” “these are the hands of fate, you’re my Achilles heel” “this is the golden age of something good and right and real” “maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much but maybe this thing was a masterpiece til you tore it all up” “you call me up again just to break me like a promise so casually cruel in the name of being honest”
And that’s not even half.

Red was so perfect in every way, it managed to make any situation seem so beautiful and tragic (no pun intended) even its aesthetic was beyond amazing. The autumnal feel of the album gave it such a welcoming, relatable vibe.

Even the Red Tour was so unbelievable, the emotions in the room whilst Taylor performed those songs, the way every person there had their own story and their own thoughts influenced by the music and yet Taylor seemed to understand every single one of them.

It just breaks my heart that the media was so caught up in Taylor’s love life that they overlooked one of the most amazing albums ever written and now Taylor thinks she did something wrong.

Back to December // Dylan O’Brien

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Prompt: “I’d wish go back to December”

Imagine bassed on Back to December by Taylor Swift

Word count: 648

A/N: English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude.

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I took seat in the small armchair which was situated in front of a table. There was him, as perfect as always, his black hair accommodated perfectly, his dazzling smile, everything in him continuated being the same.

He sat in front of me, looking at me sadly, despite everything I was to blame,

“Why did you want to see me?” he asked

“I just want to say sorry” I whispered

“Come on (Y/N) after all this time you want to apologize? It’s absurd”

“Listen Dylan, I am swallowing my pride, okay? So be quiet and listen. You gave me your love, and I was so stupid that I rejected it. I’m sorry for not calling on your birthday, for letting the rosses that you gave me will wither. Do you remember the summer we spent together?”

He nodded.

“It was the best summer of my life” I stated “When the autumn came, you were making me spinning around while the dry leaves were falling down on us”

“All of that is past time (Y/N) I don’t know why you’re sorry if was you who ended up all of that” he said sadly

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Jesschan wrote in her tags under my edit something which caught my attention: 

#suspicious how snugly Aomine fits inbetween Kagami’s legs



Even when they are drawn separately, their bodies still fit with each other’s.

Goodbye world, I’m done.

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(1) I WILL CRY ABOUT MINJOON WITH YOU I love themmmm so much

(2) Jimin fits in sooooo well with Joonie, like the perfect small spoon. Joonie loves how adorable Chim is and I die inside every time they have those “moments.”

(3) I saw that yoonseok post, oohh f u c k me up. (I’m sorry for the spam I just can’t-) 

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minjoon :) kills me :))

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bonus yoonseok: 

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they are so gross urgh rapper boyfriends 

I Have You {Modern-verse} (a oneshot for rogue-one-aviator)

Everything was coming together.

He and Baze had been together for some time now and they’d been married coming up on a year now. Naturally, the next step they’d been considering was starting a family. It was something they’d been talking about on and off for a few years but shortly after they’d tied the knot they’d put in their application. Since then it had been the waiting game, long and torturous. Even once they’d been approved; it was still a matter of waiting to be matched with a child.

They’d also applied for a guide dog.  It seemed like a logical enough idea. After all, it would be extraordinarily helpful for Chirrut. He was proficient with his cane, but that didn’t mean he didn’t still frequently face difficulty in getting around by himself. And if there was something he liked, it was his independence, regardless of how grateful he was for Baze’s help in his everyday life.

It would be nice, they had mused one night as they curled up in front of the fire, Chirrut’s head resting over Baze’s chest, listening to his heartbeat, to have their own little family. They’d already begun fixing up a room. Fairly neutral for the time being, until the time came that they were matched with a child and able to tailor it to suit their tastes, but Chirrut had insisted on preparing the moment they’d been approved, his excitement palpable.

Finally, after six months of being approved, they’d been matched. A young boy of seven, known as Bodhi. He’d been in the foster care system since the age of three, bounced back and forth a bit between various homes and they were currently looking for a long term foster home for him, preferentially one that might lead to adoption.

Chirrut knew he was perfect immediately.

And so, they first met their soon-to-be son on a rainy Tuesday afternoon at the orphanage. They’d arrived early, been shown into a room and a few minutes later, the little boy had been brought in and Baze had understood Chirrut’s immediate decision. He wasn’t entirely sure what it was, but he knew there and then that this boy was going to be part of their family.

He was small, skinny, with lengthy dark hair and big brown eyes that looked up at them widely. Silently he watched them, chewing on his thumb. Baze watched as the boy’s eyes raked over him, before switching to his partner and pausing. It was the usual reaction to Chirrut’s eyes, but at least the boy seemed to look more curious than unnerved and he quickly moved on to gawking at the cane in Chirrut’s hand. While he seemed a little nervous, his curiosity was definitely getting the better of him.

Chirrut seemed to sense this, crouching down in front of the boy and offering him a small smile.

“Hello Bodhi. My name is Chirrut and this is my husband Baze.”


After several more visits and slowly getting to know the boy and what he likes- planes, stuffed toys and action figures of superheroes- they’re given the date of when he can come home with them for good and their home is a frantic flurry of activity as they finish preparing his room- and Chirrut has so many ideas that they need to sit down and go through them until they’re certain of what they’re doing.

The walls are mainly a sky blue, with clouds littered here and there, and on the main wall, there are a multitude of red planes, with one large one in particular soaring down into the bottom corner, and there, spelled out in the smoke is Bodhi’s name. The rest of the colour scheme matches and there are any gods amount of action figures and stuffed toys as well. So perhaps they’ve gone a little overboard, but nothing is too good for their little family. They’d turned down the idea of making the actual bed look like a plane- perhaps when he was a bit older- but that hadn’t stopped Baze from constructing a few things himself to add the appropriate finishing touches.

Then, once again, the wait.

It’s considerably different this time, given that it’s just the wait for the social worker to arrive with their son- their son, Baze keeps saying the words over and over in his mind because it’s still sinking in- but that doesn’t stop Chirrut from being horrifically impatient, sitting there tapping his fingers against the edge of his cane. It takes Baze wrapping an arm around him and murmuring soft reassurances in his ear to soothe him.

At least until the doorbell rings.

They both stand up, before realising they probably shouldn’t crowd the poor boy and Chirrut slowly sits again, allowing Baze to answer the door to the social worker who has little Bodhi by the hand. The small boy has a bag that’s almost as tall as him, not that that’s overly difficult and an expression on his face that’s a mixture between nervous and hopeful.

He understands that perfectly.

He ushers them on into the living room, smiling softly at seeing how Chirrut’s face lights up when the boy walks into the room. He can tell Bodhi notices it too, judging by the momentary pause before a shy smile creeps over his face and his heart swells. It only truly sinks in though when the social worker bids them goodbye and leaves, promising to be back to check up on them in a few weeks, and they’re left alone, that they have a son now.

“Would you like to see your room, Bodhi? We can get some of your things unpacked and then maybe get some food?” Chirrut suggests in a soft voice and the boy nods, waiting for the blind man to stand up before slipping off the sofa and following him up the stairs. Baze takes the rear, carrying the bag for Bodhi, even though it doesn’t exactly weigh much.

“Now, close your eyes so it’s a surprise,” Chirrut chuckles softly and Bodhi blinks before reluctantly doing so, an action that brings forth a chuckle from Baze as he pushes the door open and nudges the boy forward a few steps.

“You can open them now.”

And in that moment, when Bodhi first opens his eyes and Chirrut hears the gasp ring through the room, he knows all the hard work has paid off. Although he can’t see it, Baze murmurs softly in his ear how their son is slowly wandering across the room, taking everything in and running his hands over everything as if he can’t quite believe that it’s real or for him.

“Is this for me?” his little voice rings out, small and innocent and Chirrut crouches in front of him once more, a serene smile on his lips.

“It’s all for you. Your name is on the wall after all.”

Bodhi turns, looking up to the wall, as if to confirm and he stares at it for a few moments. The silence leaves Chirrut uncertain, but then suddenly he’s feeling tiny arms wrap around his neck, fine hair brushing against his cheek from where the boy tucks his head against his neck and his arms instinctively respond, embracing Bodhi gently as the boy squeezes him. His grip is tight, but Chirrut says nothing because this moment is worth more than anything to him and it’s all he can do to blink the tears away. He doesn’t want to upset Bodhi.

After a few moments, Bodhi lets go and looks up at Baze, clearly judging that at this height, the same tactic is not going to work. Chuckling slightly, Baze crouches and next thing he knows, the boy is hanging off him, hands gripping onto his hair and in a fit of silliness he picks the boy right up,  causing a high pitched giggle to emanate from Bodhi.

Their family is perfect.


Two weeks later, when Bodhi asks Chirrut, ‘Papa? Can you help me reach the cookies? Papa said I could have one if I ate all my dinner and I finished it all up!”, Chirrut’s heart bursts with pride and once he’s finished helping, he has to go and have a little cry to himself because of how wonderfully everything has turned out. Baze clucks and teasingly calls him a sentimental old fool, but Chirrut knows him well enough to hear the telltale signs in his voice that this moment is affecting him as well.


They’ve been so caught up in their first few weeks of parenthood that they’d almost forgotten about the guide dog application, so when they get confirmation of a match, it only adds to the joy in the household. Bodhi keeps getting overly excited that he’s going to get a pet dog, even though they keep reminding him that the dog is to help Papa Chirrut so he won’t be quite like a pet dog, and they’ll have to be careful with training and make sure that they’re not feeding him scraps off the table. It doesn’t seem to dampen his spirits though and he bounces around the house going on about their new puppy.

It’s not exactly a puppy, the dog’s already over a year old and Chirrut has to go for training sessions, but he makes sure to get photographs so that Bodhi can coo over them before asking him a million and three questions like what their puppy’s name is going to be, and whether he can sleep in his room with him. The answer to the second question is a no, if he’s going to sleep in anyone’s room, it’ll be in Baze and Chirrut’s, but they’ll figure that out when it comes. The answer to the first is long decided.


The name makes Baze snort but he says nothing, partly because Chirrut looks so damn proud of himself for that name, and partly because as soon as he hears it, Bodhi continues his laps around the house chanting it, leaving him wondering where the quiet, slightly nervous boy went and also how he has so much energy.

Thankfully he’s a little more restrained when Chirrut eventually comes home with the dog, a young German shepherd with its yellow harness that identifies him as a guide dog. He sits obediently beside Chirrut as the harness is taken off him and doesn’t even cock his head as Chirrut calls over a suddenly shy Bodhi. Reassuring him that it’s alright, Chirrut wraps an arm around the boy before taking one of his hands in his and together they gently stroke the dog, Bodhi’s confidence rising until he’s petting the dog himself, and Lì is clearly lapping up the attention, nosing a bit at the little hand and making the boy giggle.

So it’s no real surprise when, a few nights later, he comes home from work to find his husband fast asleep in his armchair, and on the floor, Lì is stretched out on the rug. Bodhi is curled up beside him, snoring, one arm flung over the dog’s back and his head resting on its shoulder. The German shepherd raises its head when he enters and he stoops to scratch between its ears before smiling. A quick photograph of the scene before him is enough to preserve it before he scoops their son off the floor and gently carries him up the stairs to bed.

He does the same with Chirrut, although his husband is considerably heavier than their seven year old son, and Lì follows him up the stairs, obediently slipping into his own bed.

Yeah, when he thinks about it, their family is pretty damn perfect.



OKAY YES so after years of waiting I have heard a new the 1975 album?? what?? I just have to say, wow. I’m not gonna lie a part of me was like hm, can anything compare to the debut? I hold the debut so close to my heart and it’s so special to me, but i absolutely love this new one as much as the debut. When I first went through the whole ILIWYS, I was a bit shocked. I was just absorbing everything and trying to pay attention to everything and was also finding it extremely surreal that I was listening to a // new the 1975 album // but after a couple of listens, I have picked up quite a few of the lyrics and I can honestly say this album encapsulates the 1975 and it gets so deep, it is the 1975. I just can’t thank this band enough for producing and creating this kind of material, the type of material I not only want to invest in - but I need to invest in. I just feel so lucky to have their music in my life. You can just hear how hard they worked on it and it’s such an honest, brilliant record. I love how they continued the same kinda ambient style from the EPs and the same pop style from debut and kinda combined them into one record. Like the only song that sounds kinda out of place is Love Me - yet it fits perfectly in it’s place in the record. I think the acoustics were the most perfect way to end the album, it gets all calm and soft, all the emotions that built up inside me through the record had me crying a lot by She Lays Down. It was really incredible to hear Matty open up about so many of his feelings/experiences with death and love and drugs and religion and mental health and I really hope he’s doing okay and is happy. I hope hope hope they play She Lays Down live. that would be amazing. I kinda wish they didn’t release all those songs before the album dropped tho…It was like 6 of them and i felt like i was kinda bored w/ the first few songs of the album not cos they were bad by any means but I was just so familiar with them that i wanted to get to the //new, good stuff//. okay so my faves were Paris, She Lays Down, If I Believe You, and Loving Someone. Loving Someone is going to be on the radio one day, it just has that vibe. It’s so good. I’ve picked up on a few of the “easter eggs” too which is cool :). I didn’t realize how much I needed this record until I listened to it, “The only art worth any investment is art that makes one feel personally addressed” - Matty Healy. thank you the 1975. I can’t wait to make more memories to your music x 2016 is their year

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I think Through the Dark and Ready to Run by One Direction fit perfectly to Stucky

THEY DO AND I’M CRYING THANKS FOR THAT but oh my god, through the dark is my fav 1d song ever, and look how perfect:

You tell me that you’re sad and lost your way
You tell me that your tears are here to stay
But I know you were only hiding
And I just wanna see ya

You tell me that you’re hurt and you’re in pain
And I can see your head is held in shame
But I just wanna see you smile again
See you smile again

But don’t burn out
Even if you scream and shout
It’ll come back to you
And I’ll be here for you

Oh, I would carry you over fire and water for your love
And I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough
When the night is coming down on you
We will find a way through the dark

I wish that I could take you to the start
I’d never let you fall and break your heart
And if you wanna cry or fall apart,
I’d be there to hold ya

You tell me that you’re hurt, it’s all in vain
But I can see your heart can love again
And I remember you were laughing
So let’s just laugh again

But don’t burn out even
If you scream and shout
It’ll come back to you,
Back to you

Oh, I would carry you over fire and water for your love
And I will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough
When the night is coming down on you
We will find a way through the dark