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Gore and mech are allowed (im not the best at drawing these kinds of things tho) 

Raffle ends July 25th 

I’m not the best at finishing requests;; but i’d like to give thanks to my followers by drawing them something they’d like! Its crazy to me that i almost have 600 followers! That’s 400 till 1000!! But really thank you guys so much ;v;


Prompt: Hiii !! Congratulation for your 6OO followers! Are your 600 Follower Celebration close? If no, can I request something with Spock and 41. Is that…lipstick? and 10. “If you hear muffled screams, consider that a request for a rescue.” ? thank you ! ;) 😊 and congratulation again!  For the Enigmatic @elenawrit

Pairing: Spock/Reader

Warnings: NAH!

A/N: I had fun with this one. It took me some time to figure out what I wanted so I’m glad I landed on this. ALSO: one more till I’m actually done with these! Then back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Word Count: 529

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kaneki’s elementary school adventures
(what do you mean it’s not how this scene actually went)

Stuck - A Riverdale Imagine

Betty x Reader

A/N: i loved this request ❤️ sorry it’s more of a drabble, i hope you like it anyway. and thank you guys for 600 followers!!

Requested by: anonymous
“Can you do anything with Betty x reader where Betty is the responsible down-to-earth one and the reader is the goofy one. Maybe with 73?”

73. “I’m stuck! Help me!”

Warnings: getting stuck in a locker- so claustrophobia?

Word Count: 560


Nobody really understood Y/N and Betty’s relationship. They were complete opposites, and yet they were perfect for each other. Betty was always calm cool and collected, while Y/N was sprightly and brazen and constantly bouncing with positivity. Neither of the girls were really able to wrap their heads around it either, but that didn’t matter. Anyone could see they were made for each other.

One day, while Betty was waiting for Y/N to finish up at her locker, Y/N suddenly stopped, like she had had a revelation.

“Oh! I forgot!” she gasped. She began setting all of her belongings down on the floor, and Betty looked at her quizzically.

“What are you doing?” she asks hesitantly.

“I made a bet with Kevin,” she tells her girlfriend. “He said that I wouldn’t be able to fit inside my locker. I said I’d prove him wrong.”

Betty laughs at the ridiculous story. “I’m not sure that’s-”

“Shh,” Y/N cuts her off, walking over to place a kiss on her cheek. “It’ll be fine. It’ll be great! It’s gonna be super fun,” she rambles, more to herself than Betty. That’s another thing Betty loves about her- no matter what the situation is- whether it’s serious or ridiculous or grim- she’s always looking for the positives.

Betty watches with a smile as her zany girlfriend climbs inside the locker with ease. “Ha! I told Kevin I could do it. Now shut the door.”

“What?” Betty laughs.

“It doesn’t count if you can’t shut the door,” she says in a “duh” tone.

“How will you get out?” Betty asks, still smiling.

“Ehh, I’m sure it can’t be too hard,” Y/N responds, shrugging it off.

All Betty can do is shake her head as she closes the locker door, entrapping her girlfriend inside. “Yes!” she hears her shout. Betty is overwhelmed with a fit of giggles- after all, what other possible reaction could a person have in this situation?

“Alright, now I just have to…”

Betty’s laughter doesn’t stop as she hears Y/N struggling to find a way out of the locker.

*** “I’m stuck! Help me!” *** Y/N shouts, laughing.

Betty takes a deep breath as an attempt to stop the laughing. “Hang on, I just need a second,” she says with a smile, entering the combination into the lock. Once she’s finished, the door swings open, and a disheveled looking Y/N steps out.

“You saved me!” she squeals, engulfing Betty in a tight hug. She pulls away and presses a kiss to Betty’s lips; she tastes like strawberries and mint. Betty notices that Y/N still tastes like the cinnamon gum she’s always chewing, this time with a a hint of chocolate (her favorite candy.) The two girls laugh, relishing in the ridiculous moment.

And then Y/N says, “Now I just have to do it again tomorrow so I can show Kevin.”


so i’ve decided to do a fandom family bc they’re super fun!!! this is what you’ll have to do:

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  • send me an ask with the 3 top harry potter characters you’d like to be, a quote and 3 things about you! (keep it simple pls, someting like your house, your zodiac sign, etc)
  • you can see who is taken here!!

that’s it! thank you guys for being so amazing

Unarmed (Part 3)

Summary: You and a small team infiltrate a mysterious Hydra base, and things do not go according to plan.

You are a gifted empath, meaning you can sense the emotions of those around you and even sense emotions connected to objects. You escaped Hydra, who used you as an interrogator because of your empathetic abilities.

Word Count: 3,993

Warnings: Swearing, some angst, mentions of violence/trauma

A/N: Here’s the final part! It’s long enough I probably could have cut it up but I said three parts and I’m sticking to that. Also, THANK YOU for 600 followers. You guys are amazing.

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

Muffled shouting.

Flashes of red hair and a gleaming shield.

The unmistakable sound of gunfire.

Shallow breaths and a terrible, agonized shout.

“Stay with me, (Y/N)!”

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I’ve reached 600 followers!

I really can’t thank you enough for this. A year ago my follower count was stuck, and I couldn’t even dream of getting asks or being tagged. Tumblr was just a place where I came to see, not to be seen: No one here knew who I was, and no one cared. And that was okay for me, but there is something really nice about posting a personal post, specially during a crisis, and getting a like or a reply. It means that someone out there sees you, someone out there cares, even if it’s just for a second. 

So, after all that melodrama of mine, let’s get to the important part

To celebrate, I’ve made an Icon page, starting with 100 icons for my 100 new followers.  They are medieval themed, and I will be adding more in packs of 20 or so. Enjoy!

Here are the first two I made, the ones that gave me this idea

more icons here

█ ║► jfc i’m so lousy with my celebrations, by the time I want to organize it… it’s always eclipsed by a new one.

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Thank you so much!

I’ve not got anything lined up for 600, seeing as my milestone won’t be hit for a while…

but I was thinking I would organize something small, like an icon giveaway or a promo giveaway or something…

i’m not the greatest… but it’s a way i can give something back to you guys.

600 Follower Raffle!

Hey there friends! Because I finally reached another 100, it’s time for another raffle!

This time around, the prize for this raffle will be me buying a steam game off of three (3) lucky winners’ wishlists while the Steam Summer sale is still around!

-You HAVE to be following me to participate

-Likes and reblogs count! 

-You can get your name in multiple times but you can only reblog once a day, I will be counting! 

The final day of the raffle will be Wednesday 7/5/17 at 8:00 pm PT

Thank you everyone!

anonymous asked:

FIRST OFF CONGRATS ON THE 600 followers!!! :DD Can I request a Criminal Minds, specifically Spencer Reid with the prompt, 6. “why won’t you ever just let me all the way in”? THANK YOU LOVELY!!!

Awe thank you so much hun. You can of course have that, here you go I hope you like it.

Don’t Lie To Me

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 765

Song :(Wipe your eyes by Maroon 5)

Originally posted by radspencerreid

“Y/n wait please I know I lied to you again but I need you. I love you so much I can’t do this without you.” Spencer said running after you

You didn’t stop. You couldn’t stop if you did you would fall right back into his arms so you kept running but sooner than you hoped you heard his footsteps coming closer and closer until he was beside you screaming your name.

You couldn’t from this, from him, forever so you slowed down and caught your breathe.

He stopped next to you reaching out but you backed away not ready to forgive him.

“Why won’t you ever just let me all the way in”? You yelled at him fighting the tears coming to your eyes. “I feel like you’re holding me at arm’s length that you’re not telling me everything about you for some reason. “

“Y/n I know th…” He started to say until you interrupted him.

“I have poured my heart and soul out for you to see. I’ve left myself completely exposed and open to you and your judgement all I asked was for the same thing in return but you hide yourself under lies that I just can’t fight anymore. I want all of you Spencer, the real you. If you can’t give me that then don’t even bother talking to me.” You said not letting your voice waver even though you were trembling inside.

He sighed and sat down on the ground patting the seat next to him. You eyed him suspiciously.

“You want to know everything. I’ll tell you everything. Now come and sit down” He said noticing your look.

You sat down next to him still a little suspicious as he dove into his story.

“I work for the F.B.I, the B.A.U in particular which is short for behavioral analysis unit, we study the behavior of bad guys and help the police by providing a profile of who the bad guy is I work with some of the greatest people I have ever known Hotch, Morgan, JJ, Emily, David and Penelope” he said calmly with a slight smile thinking about his friends.

“I couldn’t tell you because when we first went out you were a target in an investigation and I didn’t want you to freak and run. After that I just couldn’t let you go so I continued on. I wanted to tell you but every time I worked up to it something got in the way or I chickened out by convincing myself that you would get scared or you would think that I was using you. I told you all those lies to cover up what I really do for a living not because I don’t want you to know me y/n” He finished reaching over and grasping your hand in his.

You let him thinking about all the times he had acted strange and distant especially during the beginning of your relationship and everything clicked.  

“So when you told me you had to leave early or late or you didn’t call me or you didn’t pick up when I did was because you had to go work for the F.B.I” you said in a little bit of a shocked voice.

He nodded his head. “I’m sorry I had to put you through all that I just didn’t know how to tell you. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

You sat there and thought about all of it. It wasn’t a decision to take lightly so you took your time and made up your mind before responding.

“If you can promise me no more lies and I can meet these people you work with at the B.A.U, your friends, then I think I can forgive you.”

A huge smile took over his face as he lept up grabbing you in his arms and spinning you around laughing.” I can do that y/n thank you so much.”

You laughed with him and held on for dear life as he spun you around kissing you everywhere.  When he finally put you down your head was spinning making you fall into him. He caught you and lifted your face to his for one last kiss before he helped you back to your house.

The smile was still glued on his face.

“You look like you’re in pain” You said laughing up at him.

He laughed with you too “It doesn’t hurt. I’m just happy that I don’t have any more secrets. I finally let you all the way in and I couldn’t be happier.

anonymous asked:

Congrats on 600 followers! Can you please do #17 with Reid? Thanks sooo much! 😊

Thank you hun and your welcome hope you like it. 

#17.  “I’m not leaving here without you.”

We won but at what cost?

Spencer x Reader

Word count: 933

Song: Eye of the storm by X Ambassadors 

There was smoke everywhere. You couldn’t see anything or anyone.

Before the fire had happened you and the team had cracked a case and you were able to put the man behind bars. While working the case you and Spencer fell in love and started to peruse a relationship. Too bad you didn’t know that he wasn’t working alone. His partner broke him out of jail and together they set the B.A.U floor of the F.B.I on fire.

You were able to get people out all of you working together until a blast sent you falling back through the glass doors of the B.A.U making it hard for you to crawl let alone stand up and walk through the flames to the exit.

While you were inching along the floor coughing all along the way you heard someone calling your name. It was Spencer so you yelled back as loud as you could with your smoke filled lungs “Spencer I’m over here!!”

You heard some shuffling and coughing over the crackling of the fire and then a moment later saw Spencer his face was covered in ash and there was blood dripping from his arm. “Y/n thank God I was so worried we lost you. Here let me help you up” He said leaning down and trying to help you stand.

You whimpered feeling the pain everywhere. “Spencer I can’t, I can’t feel my legs and the smoke is so thick you can’t stay here much longer and you’re hurt. I can’t make it but you can. You half to go without me before it’s too late.” You said using the rest of your remaining strength to push away from him in hopes that he would listen and leave you.

But through the smoke you read defiance in his huge brown eyes “I’m not leaving here without you y/n. We finally got together I can’t lose you now, not when we have our whole lives to figure out together. I won’t leave you here to die not when I can do something to save you.”

“Spencer please you can barely stand, your arm is injured, and soon you’ll pass out from smoke inhalation without the added effort of helping me out of here, you half to go. At least then one of us can survive and that’s enough.” You said feeling your mind spin and tears prick your eyes.

He shook his head “That’s not good enough y/n I love you and I can’t leave someone I love to die so suck it up and let me help you.”

You could barely hear him feeling yourself drifting in and out of consciousness. You felt your body move and felt agony drift throughout your body and then everything went black.

When you came too you discovered that you were in a hospital. You thought back to the fire and remembered bits and pieces until your mind came to Spencer. You sat bolt upright and knew that he must have been the one to get you out of there. You wanted to jump out of bed to find him but your doctor was there pushing you back down.

“You shouldn’t be moving around.” She said beginning to read over your chart. “You have some serious burns all over your body,  the smoke seriously damaged your lungs and the glass that you fell through imbedded in your skin causing you to lose mobility in your legs” She said with a serious sad expression on her face.

You’re eyes went huge with shock and you started to hyperventilate. “Your Doctor was quick to placate you “Calm down, calm down the loss of mobility could most likely be temporary through physical therapy but you are always going to have some numbness in them.

You sighed in relief for a moment and then asked her about the others. She told you that everyone made it out okay a few burns nothing serious except for you and Spencer who got the worst of it, after another almost heart attack she assured you that Spencer was alive and in his own room down the hall from you.

A few minutes after she left you the team walked in and gathered around your bed. They gave you a rundown of what happened.

“The man who started the fire and his partner died not expecting the flames to grow so fast, because of you and Spencer getting people out we made it out generally unscathed. But we were so worried when you guys didn’t come out but just as we were about to go back in Spencer came out carrying you in his arms. You pretty much know what happened after that” Hotch said looking at you and Spencer with a relieved smile on his face.

You nodded your head and then looked around at everyone until your eyes landed on Spencer. He limped closer to your bed while you scooted over and he climbed on laying next you and gathering you in his arms. The team took this as time for them to leave and started to file out of the room.

You snuggled closer to him and let the worry and pain from the fire drift away content to lay like this with him forever. But you could feel the tension still radiating off him which confused you. “Spencer we won you can lose the stress” you said sitting up to turn and look at him.

He lifted his hand and stroked it over your burnt skin while looking down at your un-moving legs “Yes we won but at what cost?”

cool23890  asked:

How did you chose such a good topic for your tumbler posts

Here’s some handsomedogs history!

When I joined tumblr, I followed a few dog blogs that seemed to only post cute or funny dog pictures, pictures that were blurry, grainy, out of focus, and just not that great of quality. The photos were never tagged with what breed the dog was, or if they did, they were wrong. I also found that a good quality picture of a dog makes them look more stunning, more handsome.

I decided to create a blog called handsomedogs, where at first, only high quality images of pure bred dogs were displayed. After 3 months, though, I began adding in mixed breeds. I started getting submissions, and would accept every single one. No matter what. But just last year, people started to complain about the quality, and encourage me to not be so nice and actually start refusing bad quality images. I also used to give terrible dog training advice, and talk about things I knew nothing about. Fortunately, after being called out a few times, that didn’t last too long… I’m a tad bit more educated now ;)

I have, and had, a great deal of folllowers that have been around since the beginning who i greatly appreciate! oliveramy, fib, dianaoftheword, wolfidy, hellhoundstooth, assbaka, comelycanines, hellocute, crustified, electricalivia, and many more. I remember getting my first messages, my first debates, my first submissions… and these guys were around to keep it going.

I had 1k followers after 4 months, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

After a year I was interviewed by 11questions here: (my responses are no longer the same to those questions, btw, that was 2 years ago!)

And a month later I was on the radar and gained 4k followers in one day, and received 300 submissions. There was a time where I had to close submissions and only open them for short period of time, people…

2 years ago /  60,385 notes

I was on the radar again after a year and a half,

1 year ago /  27,951 notes

and a few days later decided to start the very first handsomedogs photography contest (which now has been held 7 times!)

Handsomedogs has never done this before, but I think it would be cool to hold a photography contest. Its just for fun, no prize or anything, just recognition and if you have any photography site or tumblog you’d like to promote.
1 year ago /  42 notes

After 2 & ½ years we became And the same month we raised over $600 for a rescue organization.

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to supply CHAINED Inc. with a dog house, a dog crate, 2 tie-outs, 4 bones, and 12 bags of dog food! If you didn’t get a chance to, you can donate to this rescue group here!

I have lots of fun with this blog and with all of you! I have more followers than I can count, and have spent probably a little too much time on here than I should. But I believe it is all worth it :) 

Here’s to another 3 years!


hey there kiddos! c:

I really wanted to host an art giveaway for a longer time now and now you shall receive one! Also i reached 600 followers the other day so that’s a thing to celebrate with you guys :) thank you so much <3


  • you have to follow my artblog katnapsh
  • every reblog and like counts as entry!
  • no giveaway blogs
  • have your inbox open so i can notify you :)


1st: Colored Portrait 
2nd: Grayscale Portrait
3rd: Colored Chibi 

i will draw any Character or Person you want me to c:

ENDS: 21th August 9pm GMT +1 

(if you win please respond within 48h or i’ll randomly choose another winner)

Good Luck!  (◠ω◠✿)

So, yesterday I reached 600 followers and asdfghjjkl!!! :D 

When I started this blog, it was my little corner of beautiful things where I could share stuff I liked, even though I knew anybody was looking nor cared about my posts. But, little by little, I started talking to people and fangirling together, I shared my book hangovers with other bookworms…, definitely, I became a member of booklr and I’m so happy to be part of this community :)

I know some people here have thousands of followers but, for me, knowing that 600 of you are following me is absolutely amazing. Thanks a lot to everyone of you.

I wanted to make some kind of Follow Forever by way of thanks, and I decided to divide it in four different categories:


  • snoopymudblood: You know, everything, Iso. You are my parabatai and we’re so alike it’s scary. I love our long, long messages (talking about anything), that we can fangirl together and share our madness, our diverse hugs, and knowing that I can always count on you ^^ You’re the best of the best and I love you! <3

2.- MY TUMBLR CRUSHES (sorry not sorry for the stalking):

  • bookmad: Manda (aka the queen of booklr), you’re my favourite of all time and you’re a role model! You have always been very nice to me and you have helped me to know myself better. You’re an amazing human being and you deserve all the best. I hope you and c-parks have a happy life together (surrounded by books, of course) :)
  • buttermybooks: Summer, you are fantastic (and you know it). You’re beautiful inside and out. Seriously, you’re so gorgeous it’s dangerous, and you are always so sweet and kind to me!! And I adore your extremely good taste in books, lipsticks and hot boys!!
  • bookdrunkinlove: Kierstan, we have hardly spoken (because I’m very shy and I need to improve my social skills) but you’ve always been nice to me. I admire you, and your posts make me happy :)


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P.S. The artist who made the drawing was my marvelous friend deliriosdebelleza (gracias otra vez, Blan) :)

Thanks so much you guys for 600+ followers~!!!

I could kiss you all right now 0//3//<


1st- shaded and colored pic of your oc 

2nd-flat colored pic of your oc

3rd-sketch of your oc

Reminder: I also do nsfw, which isn’t just porn, it consists of horror, blood, triggering and others, if you want any of those, just ask


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Thats all, good luck!

follow forever

okay so I’ve put this off for the longest time but I’m here finally doing it

so i recently hit 600 followers which may not be a lot to people but that’s a lot for me. that’s like 600 new friends that i never had. whatever made you follow my flop of a blog, thank you for sticking around I’m forever thankful

☾ cool ass friends that I adore ☽

@wittlemalum // analia we’ve known each other for 10 months but it feels like we’ve been friends forever. you are a person I can count on. a person who tries to make me laugh at my lowest points. we both may be emotional wrecks & act like we’re 5 but its always a great time. I can’t wait for our summer adventures. thank you for being you, love you lots ❥

@yoonminart // korin same as analia we’ve known each other for 10 months. you are literally the cutest little person I’ve met. you have such great sense of style. your reaction pictures & writing give me life. I still read the thing you wrote me for my birthday. hopefully the 3 of us can hangout this summer or analia and I will kidnap you. thank you for being great, much love for you  ❥

to ‘group chat thing yo’ // you guys are great. we may not talk a lot but its cool. very sad that we live in different places, but we will have fun at our slfl dates

( #-C )

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T I N K E R I N G T E X A N ' S

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It’s really very simple.

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  3. Multiple reblogs and likes will still only count as one entry.
  4. You must be a roleplay blog.


  • 1st place: A portrait of a character of your choosing, and a drabble involving your character and Dell.
  • 2nd place: An icon of a character of your choosing.
  • 3rd place: A sketch of a character of your choosing.
  • Characters do /not/ have to be related to TF2 in any way. They can be OCs, canon characters, etc. Whatever you like.

The deadline for this giveaway will be November 26th. Prize winners will be randomly generated. Thank you guys for 600 followers! Just wow!

Officially hit 600 followers! thank you so much guys!

You know the drill!


  1. Followers only
  2. One like/Reblog each!
  3. please no give away blogs
  4. One winner
  5. Winner will get a prize like the above images!

*Note: I can do furries, humans, animals, fan art, whatever

Winner will be chosen randomly on: Oct. 1st, 12:00 am which means no more reblogs will count after Sept. 30, 11:59 pm.

Good luck my friends!