you can confess


why don’t we call it a day and we can both confess 
you can force me to use a little tenderness
white lies, alibis, anything but say that it’s true
we could sit like lovers staring in each other’s eyes
but the magic of the moment might become too much for you

happy valentine’s (valentron’s?) everybawdy

(edit: added close up of their faces;;)


i have no excuse for this and i am sorry

I already loved you.

TITLE: I already loved you.


AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl 

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is planning to confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day, with orchids and a poem he himself wrote. Someone from the Avengers (who has a problem with Loki being in their team now) catches him in preparation and mocks him, saying “Oh, a monster in love, nice.” This gives Loki a pause as he is reminded of his heritage and his past deeds. He throws away the flowers and the poem, telling himself he is a deluded fool to think you’d ever reciprocate his love….Cont.


NOTES/WARNINGS: I loved this imagine so I did this for fun. It isn’t the best, but maybe someone will write one better. ;) Hope you enjoy. (I so wanted to make this smut, but I held back, lmfao) 

It was Valentine’s Day and although Loki had never celebrated the Midgard custom he was all too eager to use this day to confess his love for you. Since the day you arrived he had felt a strong pull towards you. He had been pleased when you had been nice to him, even forming a close friendship. He couldn’t remember a time when someone treated him with such kindness and genuinity. He realized some time ago he wanted to claim you as his own, but his own self-doubts got in the way but he had decided today, Valentine’s Day, he would finally admit his feelings for you.

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Can we take a moment to talk about the track Yuri on ICE?

Because this song is so emotional for me. It is a beautiful journey and when you pair that journey with the meaningful title and the basis of the show it just… makes this whole package that I can’t even begin to describe.

The song starts quick, fluttering, and almost wondrous. Tentative, but hopeful. But then it begins to gain confidence and while the wondrous tone continues underneath it is building. There is something else there coming through. Getting stronger and stronger. And the wondrous notes begin to change. They lose some of that fluttering feels and just become strong and confident. It all builds and builds, joyful.

And then it slows. It becomes so sincere. For a moment it is tentative again. You can almost hear the confession in those soft, solitary notes. But they aren’t scared, just a bit shy. And quickly again they build up. Happy, and strong. Uplifting. The music feels so certain and powerful. Like it’s found exactly what it was looking for in those tentative moments. The bass notes so much more forceful, joining in the song outright instead of just supporting. As though that hope from the beginning has been finally brought to full fruition. As though you can hear Victor at his side as an equal and not just an influence.

And it winds down, not somberly, but comfortably. It feels warm. Like after this journey, it has found a home.

And that is Yuri on ICE. That is Yuuri’s Love.

It is no longer the song of his skating career, but of his heart.

And I think that means a lot.

Will you be my Valentine?

TITLE: Will you be my Valentine?



ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki is planning to confess his love for you on Valentine’s Day, with orchids and a poem he himself wrote. Someone from the Avengers (who has a problem with Loki being in their team now) catches him in preparation and mocks him, saying “Oh, a monster in love, nice.” This gives Loki a pause as he is reminded of his heritage and his past deeds....

RATING: safe

NOTES/WARNINGS: I don’t have anything against the Black Widow but I think she could be the most suitable to say that cold comment. I apologize for my grammar mistakes. Thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think.

It was February 13th, the following day would be Valentine’s day and some of the Avengers were planning what to do with their partners while the single ones living in the Stark Tower just didn’t give it a thought. What no one knew was that Loki, the last one recruited to be part of the team, was planning his own thing. He wouldn’t admit it out loud but he had fallen in love with one of the members. She didn’t have powers, she was just the best with computers so she was contracted, being a lose second hand to Tony. (Y/N) was friendly, cheerful, passionate about what she did and stood her ground, no one could make her feel inferior to them and Loki loved that. She was kind hearted but with a strong personality. Loki knew she liked romance so he did one of the things he was best about, use words. In a poem to be exact. And he bought orchids, her favorite flowers.

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Is it too late to just start over?
—  💜

anonymous asked:

YAY so glad I'm here for your requests opening!! ^^ Any chance I could get RFA and MC after having "special brownies" for the first time (whether by accident or on purpose)?

~Oh my god. Okay lololol


  • He’s the kid that doesn’t feel anything so he eats more
  • Big mistake
  • Gets on LOLOL and just sucks horribly
  • He’s running around laughing and his guild is like WTF Yoosung what are you doing???
  • Orders 2 pizzas from different places just to see which one would get there quicker
  • Calls V on speakerphone for you both
  • He is just feeling really lovey and kind
  • But it’s like 3am and V has no idea whats going on and why Yoosung keeps bursting out laughing mid apology
    • “I’m so sorry I thought about punching you that one time, man…also be honest is that your real hair??? (both of you burst out laughing) I dye my hair too so you can confess to me it’s okay I won’t tell annyyoooneee”


  • He has slipped into the void
  • Literally just spends the whole time petting Elizabeth 3rd and examining her close up
  • Feels intense love for her and how cute she is
    • “MC, the pads on her right paw are slightly pinker than her left??? Grab a pen I need to write this down at once.”
  • Impromptu Ellie fashion show
  • You’re grabbing ribbons and bows and frills and dressing her up so cute
  • You both are just gushing over her
  • Jumin is taking amazing photos for the first time in his life
  • He also recorded her and on a playback he swears she is saying “i love you” and now he wont stop listening to it and its been 3 hours


  • He’s a talker
  • Won’t shut up
  • He is just blabbering on and on when it hits
  • He’s singing songs and showing you dance moves for fun
  • You guys sit and watch some of his musicals and he is entranced by himself
  • Also having you brush and braid his hair as you both watch
  • Okay but he is also feeling frisky
  • Keeps making moves on you and kissing you
    • “I love the feel of your lips on mine”
  • He’s getting pretty handsy and you’re just laughing
  • Anyway it isn’t long before you gets you into the bedroom


  • She has never felt more relaxed™ in her lifeee
    • “Is this what not being stressed feels like??”
  • Someone help her
  • She hasn’t stopped smiling for 2 hours now
  • A ‘Doer’ when she is high
  • Even though she moves slowly
  • She decided to bake a new muffin recipe that came into her brain
  • And she is smiling and humming and mixing happily
  • Tasting everything
  • Letting you taste everything
  • Just enjoying life tbh
  • And she baked up the best muffins she has ever made to this day


  • Most of the time is spent watching internet videos and laughing at memes
  • Vine compilations all night
  • You’ll watch the same thing 15 times and still be laughing so hard that your sides hurt
  • He has the munchies really bad
  • He is also hyper-focused and faster at hacking somehow?
  • So you guys decide to mess with Yoosung of course
  • You hack into his gaming comp in the middle of him playing LOLOL
  • It flashed with a pic of Saeyoung’s glasses
  • And Yoosung has to look at his webcam and say ‘God 707, Defender of Justice, please save me! Fix my computer so I can go back to my game-addicted ways!”
  • Which he, of course, records as Yoosung says it with a scowl

Assassin’s Creed II  {Sentence Starters}

  • “It is a good life we lead.”
  • “You should find an outlet.”
  • “Okay, guess I better get started.”
  • “I’ve waited too long, lost too much.”
  • “How many people have died for this?”
  • “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”
  • “I’m sorry, were you hoping for a confession?”
  • “You can’t. You can’t! This is my destiny. MINE!”
  • “I don’t care. It’s not approval I’m after, just power.”
  • “I’ve always had a soft spot for women in distress.”
  • “I thought… I thought I was beyond this. But I’m not.”
  • “You claim not to be a believer. And yet, here you are.”
  • “We were just talking about you. I’m surprised to see you here.”
  • “Makes for a lovely image, but the truth is far more interesting.”
  • “I only wish you’d suffered more! You met the fate you deserved!”
  • “Thanks for that. It was great, being shoved in the trunk, bouncing around. Loved it.”