you can call me liz

Hello studyblr world!

I want to introduce myself to all of you, knowing facts about me you’ll probably connect easily to me.

Why I started this blog:

I wanted a place where I could:

  • reblog pictures or post pictures myself about school, since it takes up so much time from my life ;)
  • motivate myself and others through the posts
  • meet people who also attend high school (or uni)
  • have tips for studying 

Basic facts:

My name is Elisa, you can call me Liz

I’m 17

I come from Italy (which has other cities besides Milan and Rome)

I attend the ‘liceo linguistico’, which means I study languages, and I’m at the third year (corresponds to a junior in American High School)

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ID #66940

Name: Lizzy
Age: 21
Country: California- U.S.A.

Hello! My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz or Lizzy :) A bit about me: I love adventures and travelling, crafting, going to coffee shops, going to the beach, binge watching movies and TV shows, music, photography, baking, reading, and all things nature. I know English, Spanish, and currently learning German :) I’m looking for long term penpals who are interested in snail mailing as I think it’s so much fun and really special to send and receive hand written letters! If I sparked your interest, don’t be shy and send me an email, I’d love to hear from you! I’d prefer penpals from the UK, Europe, Australia, and anywhere within the US, but I am open to anyone from any part of the world :)

Preferences: Male or Female ages 18-30 are welcome :)

anonymous asked:

just in case you're still doing the prompt list: #4 (since lizzie's mom is "dead" i guess this is going to be red's mom lol)

Hello anon! :D Yes, I am most certainly still doing the prompt list! I need as much writing practice and experience as I can get! This was a cute prompt, thank you :) My fic is under the cut. Enjoy! <3

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Newsflash to all fatphobic people put there

Summer is coming (to some places it’s already there). So people big and small are gping to be breaking out the shorts and tank tops. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RIGHT TO MAKE FUN OF ANYONE OR POLICE WHAT PEOPLE WEAR. It’s hot for everyone. Get used to it.

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Hello there, sinners. Figured I should stop by and proclaim my arrival since apparently, that’s what everyone else feels the need to do. My name is Elizabeth Wilde, but you can call me Lizzy. Not Liz, not Beth, not Liza. Lizzy.

Just because I’m now on social media, don’t expect me to pander to your unruly, juvenile, and blasphemous behavior. Consider yourself lucky if I’m following you because you’re about to get a healthy dose of the Wilde truth. Because remember, lying is a sin.

Anyways, that’s all. Thank you.

Have a blessed day.

The Beach- Luke Hemmings

So I got an ask to make Luke imagine where you go on vacation with your best friend, her aunt and her two cousins (Jack and Luke), and of course you have an epic romance with none other than Luke himself. So what better song to base this off of than “The Beach” by All Time Low?!

Hope you guys like it! Warning: This is a long one (practically a novel lol), and I’ll be posting more parts soon…was going to make this all in one but I write too much for that haha. Let me know what you think, and of course….enjoy!!

Fyi: Y/N is your name, Y/B/F/N is your best friends name.


“So who is this person again, and how are you related to her?” I asked my best friend Y/B/F/N. “Well, she’s basically my aunt I guess…I don’t remember meeting her, but she’s my mom’s dad’s uncle’s wait no…my mom’s cousin’s…ugh  have no idea, she’s my aunt though ok? That’s what my mom said to call her.” She replied, slightly annoyed in her seat on the plane. “And she’s really gonna just let us stay with her while she’s in Hawaii?” “Yeah, she wants to get to know me better, and get me and her two sons closer or something.” “For a week??” “Yes” She laughed. “Be glad you have friends like me” “Believe me, I am! So how old are her sons?” “Not much older than us…one is like 20, the other like 22 I believe. So let’s hope they’re pretty cool. I don’t even know what they look like” “Well for my sake, I hope they’re cute” You smiled. “Oh Y/N…they’re my cousins…” Your friend shook her head. “I’m just kidding. Unless one of them is super cute” You gave her a wink. She just shook her head again and slipped on her headphones, clearly done with this conversation. You laughed, but followed suit.

By the time the plane landed your phone was nearly dead, but you didn’t mind because you were in Hawaii for crying out loud. The views alone could make you forget about your phone for a while. “We’re here!” Y/B/F/N screamed. “I know!!” You screamed back. You both grabbed your bags, and headed to the luxury car that was sent for you guys. “Fancy…” You remarked while getting in the car. The drive wasn’t long, but the location of the house was a drastic change of scenery from the airport. For one, the house was right on the beach, which was empty meaning it was probably private. If that wasn’t enough, the house was huge. “You didn’t tell me your aunt was rich…” You told your friend while you gaped at you surroundings, unable to believe you were going to be spending a whole week here. What a summer vacation…”I didn’t know…” She gasped, her thoughts clearly masking your own.

Before you could reach the front porch, the door opened and a woman with long dirty blonde hair stepped out. “Hi!” she said. “You must be Y/B/F/N, and Y/N, right? You can call me Liz!” You and your BFF looked at each other with puzzled expressions. “Now you ladies can go ahead and come inside. You will be sharing a room, I hope you don’t mind. The room is just up the stairs on the right. When you’re done settling in I have some snacks and such. Dinner isn’t quite done yet, but the snacks should tie you over from that. I’m sure you both are starving from the trip down here.” “Thanks Aunt Liz” Y/B/F/N said as you both nearly ran up the stairs to your room. As soon as you reached the room, you threw your bags on the bed. “Why does she look so familiar?” Y/B/F/N asked, sitting on the bed. “Well normally I’d just say maybe you vaguely remember her from some distant childhood memory, but I thought she looked familiar too. “ It was bugging you that you couldn’t remember who she reminded you of, it was like the answer was at the tip of your tongue but of course you couldn’t quite say it. “I don’t know…” You said, giving up for now. “Y/B/F/N lets just head downstairs, she promised us snacks, and I’m starving” You said while walking backwards out of the room. It was then that you crashed into something, or rather someone. “I’m sorry!” You exclaimed “I didn’t-“ But whatever else you were going to say didn’t leave your mouth. “It’s fine” The tall blonde boy laughed. “Are you Y/B/F/N?” “No,,,I…um….I’m Y/N, her friend…y-you…” You stuttered. “You’re a fan I’m assuming? Guess that means I don’t exactly have to introduce myself, but I will anyway. Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Luke.” He smiled, a sly grin that made your heart melt and held out his hand. You awkwardly shook it, but quickly regained your composure. “It’s nice to meet you too Luke!” You said, smiling back. It was then your best friend decided to join you. “Hey Y/N have you seen my brush? Oh hey you must be-“ She then put her hand over her mouth as she realized who she was talking to. “So you’re a fan too cuz?” Luke laughed. “You can say that” She smiled. “Well it was nice to meet you both, I’ll be downstairs. Maybe we could all head out to the beach after dinner, ya?” “Sure” Y/B/F/N said the same time you said, “Why not?”. He gave a little wave then walked down the staircase. “Did that-“ Y/B/F/N stammered. “Yes.” “So he-“ “Luke Hemmings is your cousin? Yes. Good thing you’re an Ashton girl!” You winked. “Oh…my…god…” “I know….now come on let’s get downstairs!” You screamed, running down the staircase.

“Hey girls!” Liz exclaimed when you guys walked into the kitchen. “There’s cookies and some pretzels there on the table for you both, help yourself. Luke here told me you have already met, and that you guys are fans! How nice is that?” You and your best friend just looked at each other and smiled. How sweet is she? You both thought. “Thanks Aunt Liz” “Of course! Oh and Jack is over there in the living room, so make sure you say hi!” “Here I’ll introduce you both” Luke grinned, and got up from the table, bringing the bowl of pretzels and plate of cookies with him. “Would you mind?” He asked, pushing the bowl towards you. “No not at all” You said taking the bowl from him. “Where’s the living room?” Y/B/F/N asked. “Just walk straight ahead” He said, pointing in the right direction with his now free hand. As your friend headed in that direction, Luke’s hand came down to the small of your back. “Come on let’s go” Luke said in your ear, pushing you forward. “O-okay”

When you and Luke reached the living room, Y/B/F/N was already having a conversation with Jack about whatever movie he was watching. “I see you have met our cuz Y/B/F/N, and this here is Y/N” Luke said, slinging his arm across your shoulders. You knew that was a completely innocent gesture, but it still made your heart race. You smiled anyway, trying to hide the nervousness you felt. “Hi! Nice to meet you Jack” Your heart was racing, but you couldn’t help but notice just how similar Jack and Luke looked, they nearly could be twins. It wasn’t so strange, since they were brothers after all, but hell you and your siblings didn’t look much alike. “Nice to meet you Y/N” Jack said as Luke removed his arm from you and sat down on the couch. Since Y/B/F/N was sitting next to Jack, the only place left on the couch was between Luke and Y/B/F/N. You weren’t complaining, but sitting right next to him did nothing to help your irregular heartbeat, in fact it made it worse. You tried to push away the nervousness you felt, reaching for whatever stands of confidence you had left, luckily for you just enough.  You were able to relax on the couch, eating most of the pretzels, not really paying attention to the movie in front of you.

It wasn’t long before dinner was done. “This chicken looks amazing Aunt Liz!” Y/B/F/N said. “Ya Mom, looks great!” Luke said. Luckily, you were only sitting next to your best friend. However, you were also sitting directly across from Luke…great. The dinner was nice, reminded you of the ones you used to have at home. You couldn’t help but keep glancing up at Luke, admiring his looks in person. He was also a really great guy, that was immediately clear.  Although you tried to be sly, he often noticed you glancing at him. One of those instances, he winked at you. You blushed, and quickly looked down at your plate, hearing a light chuckle while you did so. When dinner was over you guys decided to go for a walk on the beach, just you, Y/B/F/N, Jack, and Luke. You hadn’t been to a beach in a long time, but you never remembered it being as beautiful as this…”It’s gorgeous here…” Y/B/F/N remarked. “Yeah it is, your Mom’s the best for letting us stay here with you guys on your vacation.” You added. “She is the best” Jack said. “Yes, and originally I thought I’d just be spending some quality time with my brother and mom, since I don’t get too much of that with all the tours and such, but I have to say I am glad you guys are here. This could be fun.” Luke smiled. The rest of you agreed. You spent the rest of the evening on the beach, getting to know each other. Exchanging stories, goofing around, and just having a good time. A really good time. By the time you guys got back to the house the sun was long down, and Liz was asleep. You and Y/B/F/N said goodnight to the boys then headed to your room, both of you exhausted. As soon as your head hit your pillow, you fell asleep in paradise.


Author’s note: Well that was fun lol, got over 1,500 words, and decided this might be best as a series lol. Tell me what you think! Request what you like, and as always thanks for reading!! -Lydia


5SOS Preference - Meeting His Family

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| I started writing this like two months ago and kind of lost it in my drafts, and have just finished it now. They’re a decent length, Michael being a bit shorter than I anticipated though. Hope you like it! - s.j | 

Ashton:  Ashton had always been the man of the house. His mum, sister and brother were very important to him. And so were you. He wanted them to love you, as well as you love them. He had told you so many stories about the three of them, you already adored them.

You had already met his mother and sister once before, it was a small coffee get together and they adored you, and saw how much Ashton adored you as well. So this meeting you would be meeting his younger brother, and you really hoped he liked you. You know how much Ashton loves his family, especially his younger siblings, so Harry liking you was really important to the both of you.

You were pretty nervous to meet him to say the least, and Ashton could tell.

“You nervous?” He asked, squeezing your hand as you sat in the car.

“Just a bit.” He smiled, his dimples showing.

“No need to be, babe. He’ll love you. I do, so he’ll love you too.” You smiled back,

“Let’s hope so.” He leaned over, kissing your cheek, before unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car. He came around, opening up your door and holding his hand out for you. You took a breath, taking it and walking with him towards the house. You were halfway up the pathway when the door swung open and his little brother came running up to the two of you. Ashton’s hand slipped out of yours as he leaned down to hug his brother.

“You took so long.” Harry complained. Ashton chuckled, standing back up straight, connecting your hands once again.

“Sorry, bud. We took longer than expected.” This was when Harry looked at you.

“Are you y/n?” You nodded.

“And you must be Harry.” He nodded, looking between you and Ashton, before smiling that same smile Ashton had.

“Come on inside guys! My favourite show is on!” He grabbed both of your hands, pulling you inside.

“Y/n!” You heard Ashton’s mum, Ann exclaim from the kitchen. You smiled, taking off your shoes and walking over to her, giving her a hug. You haven’t seen her in a while, and definitely missed her.

“Hey, Ann. How are you?” You asked, pulling away.

“I’m wonderful, you dear?”

“Pretty well myself.”

“Are you coming y/n! You’re going to miss the best part!” You heard Harry yell from the living room. You smiled at Ann, before going over to where the rest of the Irwin’s were.

“What are we watching?”

“Teen Titans.” Harry replied, staring intently at the TV. You smiled, you loved that show growing up, and you assume that Harry had must discovered it.

“I love this show!” You exclaimed, taking a seat beside Ashton. Harry looked at you, a huge smile on his face. He leaned over to Ashton’s ear, whispering something into it, causing him to laugh.

Halfway through the episode, Ashton leaned over, whispering in your ear, “He likes you.” You couldn’t help the smile that came across your face that you were accepted.

 Calum: You were beyond nervous to meet Calum’s family. You were a klutz, a big one at that. When you met Calum, you slipped on a granola bar wrapper, spilling your food all over him and then when you went to get up, lost your footing, falling once again to the ground.

Nerves to meet Calum’s family would make you even more of a klutz.

“Cal, I’m going to end up tripping on something and then embarrass myself.” He chuckled, turning off the car, and turned towards you.

“You’ll be fine, babe. You won’t trip on anything, just watch out for the rug.” He kissed your hand, before getting out and walking around. He opened the door  for you, taking your hand and helping you out of the car.

“Are you sure?” He nodded, kissing your hand once again. You walked up to the front porch, successfully avoiding the welcome mat. You sighed in relief, that wasn’t so hard. Calum chuckled, before knocking of the door.

“Mum! Dad! Open Up!” Calum yelled. You giggled, what a nerd.

His mum soon answered, a huge smile on her face.

“Calum! y/n!” She greeted, hugging the two of you.

“Hey mum.” Calum smiled, walking into the house, you in toll. “y/n, this is my mum, Joy.”

“How are you Mrs. Hood?” You replied, still holding onto Calum’s hand.

“I’m amazing. Please do call me Joy. How are you? I’ve heard quite a lot about you from Calum.” She laughed. You laughed as well, looking at Calum.

“What can I say? You mean a lot to me .” He shrugged. You all laughed.

“I’m great, thank you.”

“You two take off your things, your dad and I will be in the living room and Mali should be down soon.” Joy told the two of you, walking into the living area. You nodded, leaning down and untying your laces. You pulled one off, before pulling the other off. Sadly, you lost your balance, falling right on your bum as Mali came down the stairs. Calum laughed slightly, shaking his head.

“Calum stop laughing. Are you okay, doll?” Mali asked, leaning down. You nodded.

“Yeah I am, thanks for asking.”

“No problem hun.” She offered her hand, helping you up.

“Thank you.” she laughed, shaking her head, something Calum did often.

“It’s really not a problem.” She walked off into the living room, leaving you and Calum. You turned towards him, pouting.

“I told you I’d embarrass myself.”

“Babe, it’s okay, don’t worry. They already love you from how much I talk about you.”

“What a great first impression though, falling right on my ass.” He laughed, taking your hand, and giving it a squeeze.

“It’s fine.” The two of you walked into the living room, finally joining his family.

But you didn’t notice the rug, your foot slipping under and you tripped again, but this time Calum managed to grab your waist, preventing you from hitting the floor. You heard them all chuckle before Mali spoke up,

“She’s definitely one of us.”

Luke: You were nervous about meeting Luke’s family, but not the nervous someone would usually be when meeting their boyfriend’s family for the first time.

This technically wasn’t the first time you had met Luke’s family. Well half of his family. You never told Luke, but his mom was actually your math teacher for a few years, and you went to her for help quite often, so you got to know her pretty well. And you had also met her son, Jack. He would visit her often too, and would make conversation with you every once in a while. You got to know her pretty well. Like how she had three sons, one around your age who was good at math and liked to play music. She was very fond of her family, and you hoped to meet the rest of them eventually.

And now you were. You were planning on telling Luke before, but figured it would be more fun to not tell him and see what his reaction would be.

So when you pulled up to Luke’s childhood home, you were more nervous for Luke’s reaction, rather than meeting his family.

“Alright, we’re here babe.” He got out of the car, coming around and opening up your door. He took your hand, leading you up to the door. He knocked, before opening it up, knowing his mom would of left it open for him.

“Mom! Dad! We’re here!” He called, slipping off his shoes, as did you. He led you into the living room where his mum, his dad, Jack and Luke all sat.

“Y/N! So nice to see you again!” His mom stood up, enveloping you in a hug.

“You too Mrs. Hemmings.”

“None sense, you can call me Liz.”

“Wait, what?” You heard Luke say.

“Y/N! Long time no see.” Jack said, getting up and hugging you. He held you out before him, “Look at you! All grown up. I see no more braces huh? Did you end up going into law?” He asked.

“Decided to pursue teaching actually.”

“That’s great hun! What major?” Liz asked you.

“Math and English actually.”

“Wait, wait, wait, how do you all know each other?” Luke finally asked. You laughed, going back over to his side, where he wrapped his arm around you.

“I taught y/n for a few years, Luke.”

“Oh, what about Jack?”

“I would go in for extra help, and he’d be there sometimes.” You answered.

You hugged everyone goodbye, before walking towards the car with Luke. You turned to Luke when you got in the car and saw him pouting.

“Hey what’s wrong?” You asked.

“My family likes you more than me.” He mumbled. You giggled, cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips quickly.

“They don’t.”

“They do.”

“Nuh uh. But you want to know something?”


“I love you.” He smiled, leaning down and kissing you softly.


You had tried getting a hold of Michael before you left your parents to tell him you were coming back home early. You just had to pick up a few things from the grocery store first. You were just going to the store, you didn’t need to dress very nicely, so slipping on some sweat pants, one of Michael’s old hoodies and saying goodbye to your family, you were off.

Arriving at your shared apartment, hands full of bags as you picked up more than just a few things, and that you didn’t want to make two trips. You were tired, and wanted to watch the new TV series you were obsessed with. You also wanted to see Michael as you haven’t seen him in a week, as he was with his own parents. You tried to knock on the door, but failed miserably and settled for kicking the door instead.

“Michael! Open the door! These bags are heavy!” You yelled through the door. You continued to kick the door until it finally opened and revealed a woman. You gasped quietly, of course you recognized her. She was your boyfriend’s mother, but this was definitely not the way you planned on meeting her.

“You must be y/n! Michael has told me so much about you! Let me help you with those dear.” She smiled, taking some of the bags from your hands. You smiled back, thanking her,

“Thank you, Mrs. Clifford.” She chuckled lightly,

“Do call me Karen, dear.” You nodded, helping her unpack the groceries. “Michael and his father just ran out to get some drinks, they should be back soon though.” You nodded, slightly embarrassed of your state. “So, how are you y/n.” She smiled, taking a seat at the kitchen counter. You sat across from her, sipping from the coffee you bought on your way.

When Michael walked in and saw you laughing and talking away with his mum, he couldn’t help the huge smile that etched it’s way on his face, as well as love in his eyes that his mom could only see.

Fireflies and Fairy Lights– The Andersons, when Blaine is seven, decide to take a family trip to an isolated campground for a change of scenery, too used to living near the bustling city of Columbus. It’s the third week of July and they’re far from the only family there. While Blaine enjoys all the company, he fixates on one person in particular. (8.2k) ao3

“Dad, where are we going?”

Blaine looks away from the window and towards the driver’s seat, interested in the answer to Cooper’s question. Cooper’s tone is bored; Blaine knows he doesn’t want to go camping, at least not with his family and none of his friends or potential girlfriends. He’s fifteen now, and Blaine is a bit in awe of how old his big brother is - a teenager - but that doesn’t mean he has forgotten the way that Cooper never praised him for finally getting their dance routine right. So Blaine scrunches his nose a little at Coop’s obvious annoyance, because what could be more fun than camping?

“We’re going camping, buddy.” Blaine’s frown deepens; Dad never calls them by anything but their name. It’s weird.

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5sos at the movies probably
  • ashton: how many hot girls are in this
  • mikey: if this isn't ninja turtles i don't care
  • calum: is it acceptable to take my pants off in the theater
  • luke: no calum keep your pants on and shush i'm watching the movie
  • mikey: do they sell pizza here
  • ashton: *giggles at sex scene*
  • calum: fuck it i'm taking my pants off
  • luke: you guys shut up calum there are children here
  • calum: *runs around theater naked* ANARCHY
  • mikey: this movie is boring can we go get pizza
  • ashton: *runs around theater giggling*
  • luke: *calls liz* mom can you come pick me up i'm scared
Dinner (Luke Hemmings imagine)

You were slightly nervous; you had gone over to your boyfriend, Luke, house after school and had been talked into staying for dinner. This was going to be the first time, and you were growing more and more anxious.

You had met his mom before, she was a gem, but that was it. Apparently one of his brothers was away, but you were still nervous because you were so awkward with keeping up conversations.

You and Luke were currently working on an English project, until you heard his mom call for dinner. You let out a sigh, and you could feel your stomach drop. “Hey,” Luke said, grabbing your arm before you guys left his room. “Don’t worry about it; you’ll be fine I promise.”

He lightly kissed your lips, before you guys walked out hand in hand. You offered to help bringing the dishes to the table but Mrs. Hemmings refused while yelling at Luke for not helping.

You took as seat next to Luke at the table, his brother and father joining you guys. After a few minutes of small talk between the family, Luke’s mom turned to you. “So Y/N, I hear that you’re pretty gifted in the arts.”

You lowered your head, feeling your cheeks warm up. “Well Mrs.-“

“I told you, you can call me Liz!” She interrupted you, and it felt like this was the thousandth time she’s told you this.

“Sorry. And I’m not that good.” You muttered, talking about her previous comment.

“That’s a lie.” Luke cut in, sending you a small smile.

“So tell me again Luke, how long have you guys been together?” Luke’s dad asked, after no one continued to previous conversation.

Luke looked at me, his face scrunching up. “Uh, I think almost 4 months now?”

“And it’s only now that I get to meet her?” He scolded Luke jokingly. I laughed lightly, sending a smirk to Luke.

“Y’know,” jack, Luke’s older brother said with sly smile. “You guys probably interrupted them,” he spoke to his parents. “They were probably going to-“

“Don’t be an ass.” Luke said, sending a glare to his brother.

“Language.” Liz scolded, and you had to bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing. This wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

Luke must’ve seen your smile, and brought his hand down and squeezed your leg in a comforting manner, a similar smile on his face.


OMG this is cute

HI, so i finally did this, thank you hemingwaydaquiri for requesting this


Your First Time.

Anonymously Requested: 

Today was the first time you were meeting Luke’s parents, and you were the most nervous you’ve ever been in a long time. You really wanted his parents to approve of you and like you. 

You went through your closet looking for an outfit that would say “She’s classy and smart” You fell upon a pink dress that you wore once to an outing with your family. You took it off it’s hook to look at yourself in the mirror next to your desk, putting it against your body eyeing it trying to imagine it already on yourself, “This is the outfit i need” you said to yourself, cute little black heels and you were ready to go.

You looked at your phone to see Luke had messaged you asking when you’d be on your way. You answered him with a “in 10 minutes.” You were now parked in front of his house, taking a few more nervous “breathe in and out” breaths, to hear a knock on your car window, you looked up to see Luke smiling and giggling at you for being so nervous about all of this. “Hey, so are you gonna stay in the car all day or come out and meet my parents?” He said with a smirk. You opened your car door as he held his hand out to yours, “It’ll be fine, trust me. My mom loves everyone and may i add how beautiful you look?” You felt your cheeks go red. You and Luke have been together for 6 months now and you felt it was stupid that you were meeting his parents only NOW, you wished it was sooner, but his parents seemed to understand what was going on and respected the long wait in meeting you.

You were both standing on his front porch, he grabbed your face with his hands and kissed your forehead and your checks that still felt red from blushing. “My parents will love you” he said, as he now placed a warm kiss on your lips. When the kiss ended, he opened his door and let you in first like a gentlemen he always was, you both walked in the living room hand in hand, “Mom, dad this is (y/n)” You smiled and did a little wave. “Hi Mr and Mrs Hemmings, it’s such an honor to finally meet you both” His mom got out of the chair she was sitting in and approached you both. “You can just call me Liz, it’s a pleasure to meet you, i heard lots about you.” You looked over to Luke who was now blushing. “And you can call me Andrew” His father said as he was getting up to shake your hand and leaned in for a hug. “Were known as big huggers” Liz said with a little laugh, as Luke stood there still. “Well, how about we go in the kitchen and have some dinner, shall we?” Liz said to break the tension as she saw Luke blushing more and i guess she could tell he was feeling a little embarrassed. 

You were sitting next to Luke as his parents were across from you both. “This is my mom’s famous spaghetti i was telling you about” Luke said with a smile, he looked over to his mom to see what she’d answer. “Famous? You’re such a liar” Liz said laughing. “I use to make this all the time, Luke use to get so fed up of having it, due to how often i would make it” She added. “This spaghetti is the best I’ve ever had” You added. You now saw Liz smiling and blushing to your comment “Awn, you’re a sweetheart” She said with a cheerful voice.

The dinner conversation didn’t feel as awkward as you thought it would be, talking to his parents felt more natural then talking to teenagers your age, and you felt so welcomed here. His mom loved compliments as much as she loved giving them, she made you feel special and welcomed. The dinner went by and so did the conversations. Luke laid his hand on your thigh. “So, i think we’ll go watch some TV in my room, if (y/n) wants to” Luke said, Liz and Andrew looked over to you waiting to hear your response, “Sure, that sounds like a great way to end the night” you said. Andrew got up to pick up all the plates to put them in the sink, “You two don’t cause any trouble watching your TV shows now” You giggled and commented with a “We wont”

Luke took your hand in his as he lead you upstairs to his room. He took the remote from his desk and jumped over to his bed, as he patted the side next to him, “Come lay next to me” You went over to the other side and laid next to him, he put his arm around your waist and turned on the TV. How I Met Your Mother was playing. You were both now laying there for an hour and you felt your body and eyes falling asleep on you.

You felt Luke kiss your head, as his free hand pulled your face to his to kiss your lips, your little kisses were now into a passionate make out. You felt his hand close to the back zipper of your dress, his hand debating if it was a good idea to unzip it or not, you unbuttoned his shirt to give him a sign that it was ok. You now felt him unzipping your dress, you moved just enough for it to fall off your body leaving you in your under clothes. You two went back to your make out session, as you felt a little cold and you could tell he felt how cold you were.

“Here, lets go under the covers, i don’t want you to be cold” Luke said, you both got up to go back on the bed with the covers now both over you two. Before your lips were attached to each other again, you both looked into each others eyes. “Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Luke asked, you kissed his forehead as you went to kiss his lips and now down to his collar bones to answer him with a “yes”


You were now sliding your dress back on, as Luke helped zip it up. Once the zipper was all the way up, he kissed your shoulder “I’m so happy i met you” You both sat on his bed to remember what you two just did moments ago and it made you feel that this was exactly how you wanted your first time to be, let alone how perfect the person you had your first time with was. You both sat back up to finish a 3rd episode of How I Met Your Mother in season 6, laughing at the jokes that were said in the show. You heard a little knock on Luke’s door, to see Liz pop her head in, “Hey loves, i just wanted to say good night.” You both looked over to her, to wish her a goodnight as she closed the door quietly. 

You sat there starring at the TV forgetting where you even were, to just realize his parents were still here in the house. You now felt a little paranoid that they might of heard what happened in his room, but you didn’t want to say anything to Luke about it, you two were both very silent and you thought it would be the best way to end the night. You laid your head on his chest, to feel your body fall asleep. 

The next morning came around and the sun was shining through Luke’s blue curtains that lead you both to waking up around the same time. “Are you hungry? I think my mom might be making some pancakes” You both got up, you were wearing one of his baggy sweaters along with your own shorts you brought along.

You both sat down at the table to see that Luke was right, his mom was making some pancakes. They were delicious, It felt like everything his mom made was always tasteful. You knew that is was close to the time of you having to head home, but you didn’t want to leave.

You were now getting your bag and car keys to head back home, but before you left, you gave a big hug to his mom and dad as they said their goodbyes. “It was so lovely to meet you, come back anytime you want, it was a pleasure to have you here.” Liz said “You’re a sweetheart and you keep my son smiling, come back soon” Andrew added. You smiled to them with a big “Thank you so much, it was great to meet you both” They gave you one last hug before they left you alone with Luke to say you’re goodbyes to him. “I love you” Luke said. You were both now hugging, “I love you too” you finally said. You felt like you could stay this way forever. You two gave each other one last kiss before you headed home. “Text me when you get home” Luke yelled out to you.

You were now home and as soon as you got into your bedroom you took your phone out of your bag to text Luke to tell him you were home, as he replied with a picture of him and his mom with the caption “Our first time was not heard, oh and my mom says hi” You couldn’t help but giggle at the memory of last night, you two were more than just a couple, you two were in love.

Luke Imagine- Meeting His Family

“Mum! We’re here!” Luke called, leading you through the front door to his mom’s house. He had invited you to a big family dinner so that you could meet everyone.

“I’m in the kitchen!” She responds.

Luke squeezed your hand, smiling down at you. “Don’t be nervous, they’re gonna love you,” he whispered and kissed your temple.

Entering the kitchen, a heavenly scent fills your nose.

“Hi! You must be Y/N!” Liz crows out, walking toward you with arms open for a hug. “Luke has told me so much about you! You can call me Liz!” She pulls you in for a hug as you glance at Luke. He was standing behind her blushing and biting his lip. (looking somewhat like this).

Liz pulls away as you hear eager footsteps getting louder behind you.

“Oh, shit,” Luke mutters in a voice inaudible to his mother.

“Little Lucas wasn’t lying! He actually does have a girlfriend!” the voice boomed.

You turn around to find his brothers. The older one stuck out his hand, “Hi, Y/N, I’m Ben. Jack was just kidding, by the way, we believed that you were real.”

“To an extent,” The younger of the two reached out his hand for you to shake. “Jack,” he smiled, and in that moment he could have been Luke’s twin the resemblance was so strong.

Everyone stood around staring at you silently. The pause between dialogue making your heart pound.

“Well, Y/N, it is so lovely to have finally met you!” Liz chimes in, “I hope you like homemade soup! Chicken and dumplings, my specialty.”

“Sounds wonderful, thank you,” you smile, attempting to be as polite as possible.

Luke excuses himself to go to the bathroom when Ben and Jack take the opportunity to talk to you alone.

“Y/N, why don’t you join us in the living room,” Ben smirks, “we have some.. stories.. that we think Luke would love for you to know.”

Luke comes back to find Jack midsentence explaining in full detail the time when Luke peed his pants on the school bus when he was five.

“This is going to be a long dinner,” Luke breathes out, fully aware of the torture the two of you are going to be put through in the next few hours.