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Hey Cy, what are your favorite Bella outfits? Also do you dress like Bella? Like, do you get inspo from her outfits and try to replicate them? If so, where do you buy ur clothes bc I can't seem to find similar clothes to what she wears (at least in my area).

I have a bunch of my “faves” in this post here, in addition to what I’m posting below (since most of my faves have been out done by newer looks). 

Fave stylized looks (as in “”fancy“” looks):

Fave casual looks (as in “”everyday“” looks):

You can buy clothes similar to hers at dollskill and asos, they’re both websites (I would really recommend dollskill, they’re kind of expensive but I’ve seen a few items of hers on there, like exact matches). And then she wears a lot of Nike and Adidas when it coes to her active wear. You can honestly find a lot of stuff she wears at like Forever21 or Charlotte Russe, too? 

It’s all about colour pallet and accessories for her looks; black, red, white, or blue (denim on denim counting as blue btw) and she usually colour blocks or will wear most black with a little red or a little white worked in. Lots of rings and necklaces, always have sunglasses, and always have a hat. She only wears sneakers or boots. She wears denim on denim and leather on leather a lot so make sure to have denim jackets and leather pants/jackets because she does that a lot. Only crop tops, body suits, or sheer tops and if you wear a tshirt, tie it back to show your tummy. Then she has her punk looks and her 90s hiphop/sports luxe looks and occasionally they overlap but you should shoot for pieces that’ll help you make those looks. I have more detail about the kinds of things you would need to make Bella’s looks here

I mostly shop at thrift stores and I see stuff that she has similar versions of there all the time. @Hadidscloset will actually track down similar, affordable alternatives to Bella’s clothing along with exact matches for you. 

I don’t really dress like Bella. I don’t wear any kind of athletic clothing. I don’t really like boots and I pretty much hate sneakers, I mostly wear my creepers and Docs. I don’t wear any kind of leather and I don’t do the double up on denim thing she does. And I don’t wear accessories or jewelry except for my earrings or the amount of sheer she does. 

The only similarities I can think of is that I really only wear black and red (but nt white which she does a lot), I don’t really wear any kind of graphic or printed items, and my outfits consist of a lot of crop tops and high waisted bottoms, plus a fair amount of dresses and skirts mixed in there? And then I guess I lean towards more the alternative route which she usually does (or at least the styles i like from her the best do). I don’t know, a lot of what I put in my faves above is similar to what I wear (or at the very least would wear from her most recent looks), minus all the hats, sunglasses, and most of the jewelry lol.