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What stuff do you use for your digital art? Like what tablet or smth? I want one but don't really know where to start!

so, i have the cheapest tablet i found at best buy (best bi???) it’s a small white intuos draw like the one in the picture

not the best tablet out there but it works fine if you are a beginner or hobbyist. i’m sure you can find cheaper options if you really look, but wacom is pretty good. i got it for 1,500 pesos which would be about 75 dollars

You know what I want? A transgender store.

It has “traditional men’s,” “traditional women’s,” and “whatever” clothes sections. There are posters converting men’s and women’s clothing sizes. Each stack of clothing item has both sizing systems on it. They carry a wider range of sizes than usual, with lots of extra small clothes in the “traditional men’s” section and extra large/extra tall clothes in the “traditional women’s” section. They have shoes in all sizes. The dressing rooms are gender neutral. There are binders, gaffes, breast forms, and packers, with leaflets on how to use them. There’s a section with makeup and jewelry. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There’s a stack of handouts with transgender resources that people can take home for free. There are bookshelves with transgender books you can buy, as well as a small library. No one is gendered, and people can buy whatever they want without judgement.

Useful tips for college kids!!
  • College students can get Amazon prime free for 6 months!! You MUST sign up here with your school (.edu) email and if you don’t want to keep it after the free months remember to cancel it! With Amazon prime you get free 2 day shipping on anything and also lots of tv shows and movies+ other great deals 
  • Rent your textbooks from Chegg, don’t buy them unless you absolutely must because $100+ for one book is ridiculous. You can also rent/buy some books from Amazon 
  • If you’re lost/at a party/can’t get a ride home or to your dorm use apps like Uber or Lyft (for uber you can use the code zarak38 for your first ride free)*this can be used by anyone for any reason, not just college kids*
  • For dorm decor try cheaper places like Target first to save money cause they have tons of stuff like urban outfitters but for way less, also Amazon and eBay have super cheap stuff too!! 
  • Do some of your back to school shopping at local thrift stores and apps like Mercari and depop. For Mercari when you download the app, create a profile and you can use use “FWDJAS” as the invite code to get a couple dollars off your first purchase, this is the website I use to get high end makeup and clothes for 50-70% off *also can be used by anyone not just college kids, you don’t need a college email*
  • Clark Kent: It's over Miss Luthor
  • Lena Luthor: And how may I assist you today Mr.Kent?
  • Clark Kent: There was a break in at Star Labs Weapons Laboratory. The police found your prints. You are going down
  • Lena Luthor: At what time was the break in?
  • Clark Kent: At 3 am
  • Lena Luthor: Well then my prints have obviously been planted. I was in my penthouse at 3 am and I can have someone vouch for me
  • Clakr Kent: Let me guess one of your many employees? You can't buy yourself an alibi Miss Luthor .Not this time
  • Lena Luthor: Actually she is not my employee. I believe you are familiar with Kara Danvers?
  • Clark Kent: Wh....what was Kara doing in your penthouse at 3am!?!?
  • Lena Luthor : Well it rhymes with Lex.....
*Me to that ex-boyfriend* “Can you buy me pads, the super ones, please...I’ve run out.” *rolls around bed in agony.* *Him shrugging* “Sure, if you want.” *Me* “Really? That was easy. I thought men were weird about that stuff.” *Him* “The drugstore lady isn’t going to think they’re for me, is she?”

Mostly I have shit taste in men.

But once or twice, I got it right.


So we reached 10k awhile ago and now we have some money to throw at you all if you want to participate in it! Thank you all so much~


  1.  40$ in gift cards for either so you can buy  Overwatch stuff on any console. 


  1. One like = one entry 
  2. Have to follow us
  3. No Giveaway blogs
  4. Enter to win by next week (March 29th) 
  5. If you enter on the end date, I won’t count you. 
  6. Respond to us when we send you a message telling you that you win within 24 hours otherwise it goes to another person

We will reblog this post over the next week and message the winner as soon as we pick one next wednesday. Good luck and hope you win!

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Hetalia Characters as stuff People say to me at Work

America: “So like is this produce American grown?”

Canada: “So I was looking at your maple syrup and you don’t seem to have any just regular maple syrup?!? It’s all the fake maple flavored crap!”

Germany: “I’m German and like cabbage…don’t judge me.”

Prussia: “What do you mean there’s an alcohol limit?! If I want 20 cases of beer I want 20 cases of beer!” (The state I live in has laws on how much alcohol you can buy in one transaction.)

France: “So beautiful what do I have to say for a date and maybe a couple dollars off?”

Russia: “Consumerism is just a plot by the government to control us all!”

Sweden: “I have a date tonight and just what flowers should I get? I’m sorry I’m just really nervous!”

China: “Its been so long since I’ve come to the store without children! I’ve forgotten how nice it is!”

Finland: “Do you have anymore eggnog in the back? I grabbed all I saw out but I still need like 6 more.”

Bookmarks: DIY

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own bookmarks.


  • Photoshop
  • Laser Printer Paper (preferably 28lb, but 24lb is also fine)
  • Pretty Poster Board or Scrapbooking Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors & Paper Trimmer
  • Laminator (if you don’t have one, you can buy one at WalMart for $20. They’re SUPER useful to have, especially if you make artsy stuff a lot.)
  • Bookmark Tassels (Optional)
  • 1/8 Inch Hole Punch (Optional)

Step One

First, determine the size of bookmarks you want to make. (Mine are typically 2″ x 6.5″.) When you’ve decided on a size that you like, create a new canvas in Photoshop with those dimensions, and make sure it is set to AT LEAST 300 DPI.

Step Two

Draw your bookmark design! Make sure all of your important stuff doesn’t get too close to your edges because you want to leave a tiiiiiny bit of room for error just in case you mess up when you cut them out.

Step Three

After your bookmark design(s) is done, create another new Photoshop canvas that is 8.5″ x 11″ and set to the same DPI as your bookmarks.

Drag and drop as many of your book mark designs as you can onto your new 8.5 x 11 canvas. Don’t put them very close together, though, as you want to leave enough room to comfortably cut them out later.

Step Four

Assuming you don’t have a laser printer, we’re gonna take a little trip to Staples/Office Depot/Office Max!

Save that canvas with all your bookmarks on it as a JPEG and put it on a flash drive. Grab a small stack of your own paper and put it in a folder (make sure you have a way to show the printer what type of paper it is. You may just wanna bring the whole pack with you, because I know some stores want to make sure you’re giving them laser printer paper to print on, as other paper types will mess up their machines)

Note: I’m not sure about Office Depot/Office Max, but I KNOW Staples will only charge around $0.50 per page to print your image out if you bring your own paper! ♥

Take the flash drive and your paper with you to your nearest office supply store.

Ask the printer there to print out however many copies you want. If you’re very particular about the size of the bookmarks, make sure to tell them to not have it set to “Fit to Size” and instead let it print at 100%.

Step Five

Once your bookmark copies are printed, it’s time to cut them out!

The best way to do this is to use a paper trimmer. You can get a cheap one from WalMart or Michaels for about $5. They’re SUPER useful to have and make cutting straight edges a million times easier.

The reason you want to cut them out before you glue them your poster board/decorative paper is because you want to be able to fit as many bookmarks as you can onto the posters so that you don’t waste any.

Step Six

Time to glue them to your poster(s)/scrap book paper!

I try to buy really unique posterboard that catches the eye and matches the colour schemes of my bookmarks. I usually end up getting metallic colours or holographic poster/paper because that’s what I personally like. I would advise staying away from anything that has textures, though, since you’re going to laminate these later.

Make sure you’re gluing your bookmarks to the BACK of the poster board.

Also, make sure you coat all edges and corners, as you don’t want anything to curl up. A good tip I find is lining any of your bookmark edges up to the edges of the poster board. That way it’s just one or two less edge(s) you have to cut off.

Step Seven

Time to cut out the bookmarks again!

Get as close to the bookmark’s edge as you can so you don’t leave any white poster board backing hanging off the edge. If you have to, it’s totally fine to cut off a millimeter of your bookmark design just to make sure you have a clean trim.

Step Eight

Laminate! Since I already have some Mettaton bookmarks laminated, I’ll use them for this example.

Make sure that when you slip your bookmarks into the lamination sheet, they have a decent amount of space between them. If they get too close, the lamination might not seal all of the way around each bookmark.

Step Nine

Once you get all of your bookmarks laminated, we once again have to cut them out.

It’s very important to leave about a third of a centimeter of lamination on the edge of your bookmarks. If you cut right along the edge of the bookmark, the lamination will eventually peal off, and we don’t want that. We want to keep it nice and sealed.

Be sure to trim the corners a little bit, since they can be kinda sharp and poke you pretty bad.

Step Ten

This part is completely optional, but I love to take an 1/8 inch hole punch and punch a little hole in the top of the bookmark and add a little tassel decoration.

You can find these tassels online from China on Ebay or Aliexpress for pretty cheap. The prices are all about the same no matter who you buy from, so I can’t really give a specific vendor who has the best prices. (Note: pretty obvious, but if you buy them within the US, you’re gonna pay a lot more.)

Bonus Info:

If none of my instructions have made any sense, this video does a wonderful job of explaining the process of bookmark making for artist alleys and whatnot.

I found this shirt

And now all I can see is this

*Tsukishima dies in the distance*

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Ohh you do aerial silks? I've been wanting to start them, do you have any tips for how to get started (like how to get your body in shape for it)

Yes I just started a few weeks ago!! I got my body in shape by doing 3.5 years of pole dancing (and 4 years of swimming, and a bit of rock climbing, and other stuff haha). Nothing trained me properly for the demand it puts on your hand and finger grip though holy moly. Do whatever you can to strengthen your hand grip!! Buy one of those mechanisms where you can just squeeze/contract it over and over again - do like, 50 on each hand every day. 

For general core strength, I would just do some planking every day. This 5-minute routine is really good:

I used to do that every day (now I do it occasionally only haha). Focus on strength in the core, back, arms and hands, and then flexibility in the hips and legs. 

Lil pokemon tip, containing no spoilers!

When you get to the Thrifty Megamart, you’ll get a coupon from one of the guys around the store which gives you (i assume? i never bought anything else) a 50% discount. You can use it for one trip to the store, so you can buy things from multiple cashiers/separate purchases from the same cashier so long as you don’t go outside.

I think its pretty common knowledge that if you buy ten balls, you get a premier ball for free? So if you buy ten pokeballs, you get a $1000 discount from the $2000 price, and reselling things to stores gets you half the retail value back. So you see where i’m going with this. If you have the patience, you can farm infinite free premier balls

Apologies for being so quiet lately, but I had a very good reason!!!

That’s right, I WROTE A BOOK!!!  A real one, that you can buy!!!


“Matt Bartlett and his family have been pulled apart in the last year by his dad’s affair and the subsequent divorce. Now Christmas is looming, and Matt and his sister are expected to play nice and share the holidays with his dad’s new family.

Lucky for Matt, his best friend Aedan Gallagher arrives on his doorstep on Christmas morning, bringing with him a much-needed blast of festive cheer and plenty of sparkle.

As they navigate Matt’s vindictive step-mother and Aedan’s own family trouble, Matt starts to realise that Aedan might be more than just a friend to him. But with everything else threatening to fall apart around them, he’s not sure if he should dare risk taking the next step. If he doesn’t though, he could lose Aedan forever.”

A stand alone, New Adult romance with a happy ending.

49,000 words approx. 

Available now on Amazon

Imagine Draco buying your baby a broomstick
  • Draco: lOok what I GOT my LiTtLe BuDdY
  • Baby: *shrieks in joy*
  • You: Draco
  • You: Draco that is a fireboult supreme
  • You: You CAN'T buy that for a ONE-YEAR-OLD
  • Draco: Yes I can
  • Draco: Actually, I just did
  • You: Draco you'll KILL him
  • Draco: He can do this he's a MALFOY
  • You: that's exactly what I'm worrying about
  • Draco: come here little lad, don't listen to that spoilsport
  • Baby: *mounts broom*
  • You: *leaves room in annoyance*
  • You: *hears a loud rattling noise, a thud, Draco howling in pain and a one-year-old's laughter*