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 I’ve already accepted that this is probably gonna end with Teru being like ‘haha sorry Kageyama-kun I just wanted you to feel good about yourself’.

But you CANNOT convince me that Teruki “Thinks It’s Acceptable To Wear Red Shorts Over Black And White Camo Pants” “Can Only Think About How Amazing Mob Is While Being Blasted Off Like Team Rocket” Hanazawa was actually lying about anything he said.

Land of Storms and Ultraviolet

Your Land is exceptionally dangerous due to the fact that its atmosphere intensifies Skaia’s rays into highly damaging ultraviolet storms, due to an enchantment placed on your land by Horus. Your consorts, the Jackals, are immensely stupid, and will continually scorch themselves into corpses before they can help you on your quest unless you tell them off in a firm and loud tone. 

And, trust me, you’re not finding a safe way around these sun-blasted ruins without their help.

Described by @classpectanon.

This one’s been a long time coming. I hope the anon who requested it can forgive my tardiness.

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What if Kara tries to get Clark to do something but he doesn't want to so she Asserts Her Dominance by floating up higher, towering over him, saying "Well I'm older so you have to listen to me!" And he counters and floats higher than Kara and they keep on and on and so in no time they're just blasting off into the fucking sky with their argument

since kara’s faster she just takes off and just what was that, i can’t hear you way up here

clark tries to keep up but all it turns into is him yelling for kara to wait up as she cups her ear and shouts what as if she can’t hear him

Probably some off-screen moment
  • Janna: Hey, Star. Can I tell you something real quick?
  • Star: Sure, what is it Janna?
  • Janna: No matter what happens, I've never had a friend like you.
  • Star: Well, of course you haven't! How many people do you know who can summon a narwhal blast with a wave of a wand?
  • Janna: Yes, but that's not what I meant. I mean that not many others like me so much because of my interests; it scares them away most of the time. For the longest time, I was the "creep" or the "weirdo," and that kind of saddens me. But when I'm doing weird stuff with you like escaping D10 or messing with Marco, a little bit of me accepts the fact that I will never be like everyone else. You inspire me to be me! And for that, you're my best friend and thank you.
  • Star: *wide-eyed in awe, dropped jaw, complete silence*
  • Janna: Let's keep this between you and me, plea-
  • Star: *hugs Janna in a blink of an eye, then releases her, smirking*
  • Janna: *wide-eyed in awe, dropped jaw, complete silence*
  • Star: I guess you're not used to hugs. ;P

Important things to remember this year:

- drinking water everyday is probably the best thing you can do for yourself

- make your bed everyday because it will start your day off with one easy task done. look at how accomplished you feel!!

- keep your room clean, clutter makes your head feel cloudy

- you are a work in progress, don’t waste time trying to be perfect for people you don’t even know

- when you start to feel sad towards the middle of the day, blast 1989 too loud and force yourself to dance. you’ll feel better, trust me

- it’s okay not to wear makeup

- it’s okay to leave your hair a wild mess

- if you’re heartbroken, be sad for an hour or two and then realize you should be your number one priority and that you deserve better. you always deserve better.

p.s. you’re beautiful even though you never feel it

Something about you.

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about you that draws me in and makes me constantly think about you. From the first time I’ll be able to kiss your lips to when we’re laying in bed and I’m tickling your back. I can’t keep my mind off of wanting to hold you and kiss you and drive around blasting music and singing in the car with you. I want to know what it’s like to hold you at night and feel you pull up from laying on my chest to give me a kiss goodnight. I want to know all little things about you.


Nothing flatters me as an INTP like knowing that someone actually enjoys what I’m saying. I know this is flattery for most people, but when a person goes out of his way to have a conversation with me, knowing full well that I’m only going to blast off his ears with a lot of linguistic lingo and story ideas, then I can’t help enjoying the attention.

I know you may only think of listening to a nerd as being a nice person for a little bit, but to the nerd it means all the world. 

how didn’t i see this coming? of course you did this to me. of course you left. you didn’t close yourself off from me because you were gentle and scared; you closed yourself off because you didn’t want me to have you. you didn’t lie so i wouldn’t start a fight; you lied so you could keep me. you wanted me to stay, but you kicked me as i went.

how could i be so vain? acting like i’m the only person in the world who could love you. telling you that you are scum like i wouldn’t take you back the minute you opened your arms. i would take you back with arms so wide that i would be made to believe we can still fly with broken wings. but you are missing and i am allergic to your scent.

i can’t think of you anymore without thinking of you blowing cigarette smoke up my mouth until my insides turned ugly. so i blast your favorite songs in the car and scream until i lose my voice and can’t talk about you anymore. i pretend we will speak again and it will make me happy. i pretend you’ll get sick of the way she says your name like you are brand new. i pretend you’ll get sick of her eyes sparkling in your ribcage. i pretend you’ll get sick of resting your tired eyes in her temples of light. i pretend, because it’s all i can do.

i am your baggage claim; you are free now.

i am free now.

but freedom just feels like showing up in front of your house in the middle of the night and taking a deep breath before circling the block again and returning home. freedom just feels like free drinks and emotional fucks and doing anything to make myself feel as alive as her eyes. freedom just feels like biting my tongue when your friends flirt with me because i see your name stamped on their lips. it’s not fair. my lips are sealed of everything that isn’t you.

people say it’s worse to do the hurting than to be hurt, but if that were true, you would have a knife in your throat. i’m sorry for the nights i fought heartbreak with hatred. but i think the only thing worse than being heartbroken is being dead.

—  baggage claim
Meeting Katherine and Dominique at ClexaCon

lets see if i can even remember anything about clexacon! it was such a blast but then it took me so long to get home then i basically slept for 2 days! lol 

  • I met Dom first and as soon i told her i was from Australia she was like “OMG ARE YOU NIKKIE?? KAT AND I WERE TALKING ABOUT YOU EARLIER. (OMG WUT??) 
  • I gave her a Koala and told her she needs to visit Australia. She agreed and I told her I would make it happen.
  • Kat really wants to come too.
  • Kats autograph line got cut off and i missed her on the first day :(
  • I got my group photo with them though on that day and Kat kept saying my name and then she was like WAIT YOU’RE NIKKIE FROM OZ! and said we’d talk soon.
  • On day two I finally got to talk to her she was so sweet! we talked for a while and she told me how she notices everything i do.
  • I gave her a Koala and she loved it.
  • On the last day she came out holding her koala.
  • idk i think the Koala was a good idea guys! lol.
  • I got another hug and she told me “We’ll see each other again I know we will"
  • I gave her a letter and the next day she told me she read it and we talked about some of the stuff i told her.
  • She kissed me in the photo I got with her but the first one had glare so I got two, WHICH MEANT TWO KISSES.
  • They both hugged me goodbye.
  • Dom wrote on my picture “you’re gorgeous never forget it”
  • got one last group photo and Kat was holding the koala in it.
  • I AM SO EMOTIONAL. And still alive somehow.

I will post some pictures and videos later :)

Snapshots of Life - A Harry Styles mini fic

This mini-fic was written as an answer to a couple of blurb requests I got for several stages of a ‘relationship with Harry’. Behold, several little snapshots… It’s quite long, so be sure to click keep reading ;) hope you like it. 

The day they met

“Lily!” Jeff shouted over the loud thumping of music blasting from his speakers and the loud hum of people talking, “Come over here, come meet Harry Styles!”

Lily turned her head, brown eyes twinkling over a cocktail with an umbrella in it. She smiled when she spotted Jeff and hopped off the stool she’d been sitting on, taking the drink with her.

“Lily’s father designed this house,” said Jeff.

“God, Jeff, he’ll be disappointed when he realises I’m not nearly as interesting as my dad! Can’t you give me a proper introduction?” she grinned at Jeff and then turned to Harry, “Hi.”

“Uhm, Harry, meet Lily, she uhm, she’s really good at Scrabble.”

“That’s it?!” Lily scoffed, punching Jeff’s arm.

“Trust me, that’s a good thing!”

Harry was watching the whole exchange with a bemused smile on his face. “Pleasure to meet you, Lily.”

“And you,” Lily smiled, picking the umbrella out of her drink and reaching up to stick it in Harry’s hair without further explanation.

Harry learned that Lily was studying to be a teacher (and nearly done), that she was unphased by his stardom, but laughed at his puns.

And when he got home in the early hours of the morning and plucked the umbrella out of his hair, he couldn’t bring himself to throw it away, because it was as colourful as she was.

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Imagine: You and Henry spend two long weeks at home with his family before he’s set to pick up filming for his latest project.

Words: 1223

“Henry!” You gasp as a cold blast of air threatens to disrupt the bubble of warmth surrounding you. Catching the shower curtain, before all the cold air can get in, you cover yourself. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to take a shower,” he replied casually as he tugged his left sock off. His eyebrow rose at your attempt to remain hidden from his gaze. He removed the other before forming a pile. “I think the better question is, what are you doing?”

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marril96  asked:

If a person was to hear an extremely high pitched noise, would their ears bleed? If yes, how else would the sound affect them? Would anything else bleed (nose, eyes, other orifices???)? Would they get disoriented? Dizzy, perhaps? I'm giving a siren this ability and would really like to know how sound can damage a person's body. Please and thank you.

Heyhey! So let’s talk about ears, baby! (Let’s talk about you and me!) I could not f ind a gif of a siren blasting out somebody’s eardrums, so here is a puppy howling:

Originally posted by fortheloveofhuskies-blog

First off, the concept of ears bleeding because of a pitch , or frequency, of sound is a pure BS trope that Hollywood likes to play. Bleeding ears look dramatic, but human ears deal very well with extremely high pitch. Beyond a certain threshold we simply can’t hear it anymore. That’s it. The end.

However, the tympanic membrane (eardrum) can rupture because of volume. Sound exists in pressure waves, and the frequency of those waves is immaterial to your desired effect, but the amplitude (volume) is not. An extremely loud siren-character might be able to rupture tympanic membranes by producing overpressures.

Now, there are going to be some other effects from this, not the least on the sirens themselves; since this is SciFi™ I’m going to say that for that one, the Rule of Reality applies.

As to the victim, I’m now basically considering your siren to be a bomb, in terms of pressure waves. That means that the “blast” is going to produce results similar to primary blast injuries. Solid organs are going to do pretty well with this, actually, because sound  will just vibrate right through them. But hollow organs, especially the lungs, stomach, and small intestines, might run into problems, because all of a sudden the pressure on one side of a membrane is very different from that on the other.

In short, this could cause issues with internal bleeding in the lungs, and the gut. Also consider structural damage in a cone shape that radiates outwardly from your oh-so-loud siren. It could also potentially throw people backwards across a room.

Oh! One last point. As to your dizziness question: yes indeed, this could cause dizziness. Also deafness. And, uhh. Possibly death, if a building falls on them.

Best of luck and happy holidays!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


okay so while i was mowing my lawn today i had a thought:

so the haus obviously has a lawn, and while smh team is generally disorganized and a disaster, they do at least sort of take care of their house sometimes? they at least mow the lawn. they’re not animals. 

so chores usually fall to boys looking to acquire dibs right?


and one william j poindexter is everyone’s fav handyman, and he’s def looking to get ransom or holster’s dibs for next year, so he totally volunteers to do yardwork.

and if dex is anything like me (in this case he is) mowing the lawn is actually kind of relaxing? like you shove in some earbuds and blast some music and you can ignore literally everything else? its dex’s favorite chore, okay?

but it also makes you really gross and sweaty cause cause its hot out and that can be kinda miserable. 

so imagine: dex outside the haus, mowing the lawn and getting really hot, so he takes off his shirt to wipe his forehead and then chucks it onto the porch and keeps going, music blasting so loud that he doesn’t notice nursey approaching. 

he also doesn’t notice nursey walking into a street light cause shirtless sweaty dex is VERY DISTRACTING and nursey is so, so gone on this boy.


It’s been so hot in NYC that I developed a heat rash on my face, neck and back. It looked so bad that I had to leave work.

I’ve never had heat rash before, but my doc confirmed it. I was prescribed meds.

Anyways, my fiancé wasn’t about to let my fears about my skin and a rash stop him from being all over me. “You can’t give me your rash, so scoot over!” With air conditioner on blast we fell asleep and I woke up earlier than him but his heavy ass was hard to push off ❤️😂😉

Imagine Having A Tickle Fight With Ezio

      “Leave me alone, Ezio!” She said, slamming the bedroom door in his face.
      “Not until you tell me what’s wrong!” He yelled, his voice slightly muffled.
      With that, she threw herself on the bed in a tizzy, pillows falling off each side. She heard the door squeak as it opened and letting out a sigh she sat up to glare at the intruder. He had only his head peaked around the door, testing the waters before he came in full blast.
      “Tell me what’s wrong or I’ll-“
      She scoffed, “You’ll what, Ezio? Kiss me to death?”
      “No…I can do something far worse.” A smirk twitched at the corner of his mouth as he leaned forward, pinning her to the bed. He slyly slid his hands up her midriff while he kissed her neck. Just as she groaned to push his hands away he launched his tickle attack. She screamed, grabbing hold on his wrists trying to pry his hands away but she stood no chance.  A combination of laughing and screaming began as she tried kicking away from him.
      “Ezio!” She gasped, pushing herself up further on the bed. “ST-Stop!” Hysterical laughs erupted from her before she started screaming again.
      He chuckled as he let up, pressing a line of kisses from her neck to her lips. She smiled, kissing back while she hooked a leg around his.She quickly flipped him over, pinning his hands under her knees and began torturing him, tickling his sides just as he’d done to her. He didn’t last nearly as long as she had, begging for mercy only seconds in. Being the kind person she was, she stopped and kissed his forehead.
      “You win.” He breathed, smiling up at her. “You’re the victor.”
      “Come again?” She asked, cupping her ear to hear better.
      He groaned, rolling his eyes, “You’re the victor.”

Don’t imagine living with your bias. Don’t imagine waking up in the middle of the night to him sitting at the end of the bed, a notepad in hand, humming the melody to a song he’s been trying to write for you in secret. Don’t imagine trying to cook together, shoving the other out of the way so you can read the tiny directions off of the Allrecipes app on your phone. Don’t imagine blasting your favorite songs while doing spring cleaning together, a familiar pair of arms reaching around your waist and yanking you off the chair you were standing on to dust the ceiling fan, whirling you around the room while you scream “Put me down!” and he laughs uncontrollably at your weak flailing in his arms. Don’t imagine falling into bed every night, being lulled to sleep by forehead kisses and whispered promises of forever.

submission - student digs
  • our heating’s been cut off until you pay the bill and i'm pissed
  • you’re the clean flatmate and i’m the messy one - it’s really fun to wind you up with the state of our kitchen. (bonus if another flatmates watches the saga unfold intently)
  • we roomed together last year but then moved to separate houses in the same area. you’re over all the time and my housemates think we’re a couple
  • admin put us in the same halls for our first year and i don’t know you that well but i can hear you crying in your room late at night sometimes
  • you’ve racked up noise complaints from everyone in the area - except for me. the tracks you blast are always my favourite ones
  • i set off the fire alarm at 3am and you have a test tomorrow. i’m so fucking sorry i’ll make it up to you i swear
  • i’m in love with you. this would be fine if we didn’t live together but i have to see you all sleepy and dazed in the morning and it’s destroying me slowly

I’m ashamed to say that I have no plans for Spring Break, because I’m dedicated as fuck and promised to work while all of the newbies run off and enjoy themselves. With that said, I’m gonna be needing to hear all of your plans so I can live vicariously through you, and ask that you all think of me shaking the goods on a pole for pervy old men to drool over while you’re all having a blast.

Go ahead, make me jealous. What are your plans?



“Uh you’re infuriating!”

“Am I (Y/n)? You haven’t mentioned

“Cut all that sarcastic crap and just tell me what’s wrong!”

“Nothing’s wrong so stop asking!”

“Something’s wrong Peter, I can tell. You’re my best friend. I always know when something’s wrong”

He fell silent, body still shaking with rage. He licked his lips, shaking his head as he turned to walk away.

“What?” she hissed, snatching onto his shoulder “What the hell have I said now, huh?”

“Nothing” he grumbled, shoving her off “Now piss off”


“I said piss off!”

She shot back, the blast of magic hitting her like a brick wall. She fell flat on her ass, landing on her arm awkwardly. She cried out in pain, shuffling back as he ran over to help her.

“(Y/n) I’m-“

“You’re a monster Pan” she spat “And that’s all you’ve ever been”

And with that she sprinted off into the trees, ignoring his protests for her to stop.


(Y/n) kicked sticks in frustration. She and Peter had fought a few days ago. She had been purposely avoiding him and camp ever since, trying to live on her own in the woods.

She had managed to make a shelter, and find clean water but food was another story. She could hunt fine – you had to be able to if you were a Lost Boy (or girl in her case). But game was scarce in the area she had fled to, a stupid choice on her part.

She when she stumbled across the Jolly Rodger - unattended and docked - it was like a miracle. She climbed aboard deck, being careful not to use her injured arm too much.

On some level she had already forgiven Peter for the incident. She didn’t mind really that he had lost control, she had been pushing him that day. But she was far too stubborn to ever admit that to him. No, if he wanted to make things right he would have to apologise. Then they could discuss it like mature adults.

That of course was just as likely as the girl admitting she was in the wrong.

(Y/n) searched the crates on deck for any food, not paying attention to anything around her as she rooted through them. She didn’t notice the ambush until a sword was placed on her neck.

“See, what did I tell you captain!” Smee cried “Just make everything seem like no one’s home and we’re bound to catch one”

“It seems luck is on your side Mr Smee” Hook smiled “I didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to fall for this”

(Y/n) leapt into action, brandishing her own sword after knocking out the pirate who had held her at bay.

“Sixteen against one little girl” Killian smirked “It hardly seems fair”

“You’re right” she nodded, winking at the captain “All of you against me, you might as well just surrender right now”


Peter had sensed she was in trouble the moment she stepped foot on the ship. He debated for a few minutes whether he should go to her rescue. After all, she had called him a monster. But then he thought about her in serious trouble – trapped by pirates, limbs trembling, bleeding on the clean deck. The imagines he managed to think up shook him to very core.

So he appeared right in front of her, blocking an attack with his arm. He winced at the cut, but ignored the pain. This was more important.

“You couldn’t have picked a better time?” she huffed, readying her sword.

“Shut up” he grumbled, getting ready for another attack “I’m here now”

“Yeah, why are you here exactly?”

“To save your ass” he smirked “Now stop talking and start fighting”

“I was doing just fine before you came” she panted.

“That’s why you’re bleeding, yeah?” he rolled his eyes, throwing a man into the water.

“I still don’t know why you’re angry with me” she changed the subject quickly, spinning to meet another opponent.

“I still don’t know why you care so much” he countered, eyes narrowed.

“You don’t-“ she stared at him in amazement, the fight forgotten “If you don’t know why I care so much then you’re a bigger idiot than I thought”

He frowned, licking his lips nervously.

“Peter, I don’t like seeing you hurt. Because in a way, it hurts me” she pouted, trying to get him to understand “You’re my-“

“Best friend” he finished, staring down at the ground “Yeah, I know”

“Is that what you’re mad about, Peter?”

“Yes, okay!” he snapped “I’m so pissed off that I have been with you through everything (Y/n) but you don’t seem to notice how much you bloody mean to me. You aren’t just my best friend. You’re my everything, (Y/n). And it kills me to see you walking around, flirting with the others. Boys, because I want you to be mine. I want to hold you at night, I want to kiss you whenever I please. But you’re so blind to my feelings. That’s what I’m mad about”

She stayed still for a few moments, trying to process everything he just said.

“Oh Peter” she sighed, walking over to him quickly.

She reached up and threw her arms around him, kissing his cheek. He caught her lisp with his own before they touched his cheek, grabbing to back of her head so he could tangle his hand in her hair.

“You’re so infuriating” she winked, moving to kiss the corner of his mouth when they broke away from each other “Now let’s kick some pirate ass”

Team Blue, blasting off again!
  • About 0330...nothing going is all quiet.
  • Officer 1: "Officer 2, what's your 20?"
  • Officer 2: "Getting fuel. Do you need me rush?"
  • Officer 1: "Go to channel 2"
  • Officer 2: "On channel 2."
  • Officer 1: "Can you come over here to XXXXX?"
  • Officer 2: "Yep, whatcha got?"
  • Officer 1: "...There's a Charizard over here..."
  • Officer 2: "I'll be right there!"