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request: “could you possibly write a fred weasley x reader with number 4 and 68?? if you could, that’d be wonderful!!” — by anon

a/n: it’s funny to think that the numbers you requested are somehow linked with the drunken nights imagine i made for draco lol

4. “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.”
68. “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?”

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    “Y/N, dear, thank you for bringing Fred in one piece.” Molly Weasley handed you a cup of tea. “Really. It still amazes me how he managed to find a girlfriend who’ll actually tolerate his devilish tactics.” she mostly told the last statement to herself rather than to you, moving on to the kitchen once again to now prepare for breakfast.

    You grinned. “It was no biggie, Mrs Weasley. Thank you for letting me stay for the night.” you sipped your tea silently.

    “Well, it’s the least I could do considering how my son disturbed you. Oh, I swear, as soon as he wakes up he’ll hear something from me and I’ll make sure he won’t do it again.”

    Mrs Weasley kept on speaking to herself even more after that, her tone obviously mad from the way Fred behaved that it made you chuckle as you finally finish you drink.

    Honestly, what Fred did wasn’t too grand. He just had enough drinks to actually get drunk last night, he apparated to your house and insisted to sleep there, but since you knew how strict your parents were, you just decided to bring him home at the Burrow instead. You were supposed to come back that very moment but you couldn’t bring yourself to leave him so you settled in staying with him just for night, planning on waking up tomorrow as early as possible to go home unnoticed by your mum and dad.

    It was definitely a good thing that your parents were such heavy sleepers.

    “Thanks for the tea, Mrs Weasley. I’ll just go upstairs and change my clothes then I’ll be leaving.” you stood up from your chair.

    “Okay, honey, please do make yourself feel at home.”

    You headed to the staircase and quickly made your way to Fred’s room. You were wearing a shirt of his for the meanwhile of your stay and your clothes from yesterday (which still smelled decent, thank the heavens for that) was on the edge of his bed.

    Before you could take off your shirt, you peered suspiciously at your boyfriend’s still sleeping figure. Well, it wasn’t like it would be the first time he would see you naked if he was awake, but somehow you still wanted to keep your guard up.

    When you were sure he was still unconscious, you stripped down as quietly as you can. Though just as you were buttoning your pants, your upper body completely bare except for the bra that you were wearing, you abruptly heard Fred grunt and turn behind you.

    “Any reason why you’re half-naked in my room?” his hoarse voice filled the area, a chuckle escaping his mouth afterwards.

    You turned around and raised an eyebrow. “I know what you’re thinking.” you rolled your eyes, reaching out and grabbing your shirt that was still on the foot of his bed.

    Fred took a minute before answering and sitting up, “Did we …” he slowly asked you again in grogginess, his eyes not even opened entirely as he gazes at you.

    “No. We did not do the frick frack last night.” you laughed to yourself, soon sitting down to wear your shoes.

    “Damn it.”

    “You seem disappointed.” you teased.

    “I am.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows, “Are you still drunk, love?”

    Fred chuckled again. “No. Just amazed that my girlfriend has self-control.” he had the nerve to joke.

    After you have successfully worn your shoes, you finally walked towards the bed and sat beside him. He was already looking at you though, bringing his hand to your leg and closing his eyes again.

    “Seriously, Y/N, I’m sorry for last night. I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he yawned.

    You leaned down and kissed his forehead. “It’s alright. Everything for my favorite man.” you winked playfully. “Though now, I need to get going before my parents wake up. You know, you should be thankful they’re both muggles or else they’d be aware of my late night sneaking out.”

    “At least give me a proper kiss before you go.”

    You smiled, reaching down and attaching your lips to his. You felt him smile, his hand moving its way to the back of your neck to pull you closer. You almost melted into him because of how warm he was in the morning and how he was honestly such a good kisser, but as you broke free, you realized what he was trying to do.

    “Nope, not working on me, Weasley.” you pecked his lips once more before standing up and getting your wand from the table.

    Fred dramatically sighed. “I was sure it would work this time.” he grinned, his face now red.

    You chuckled. “Whatever.” you looked at his eyes again. “Make sure to apologize to your mum when you go downstairs, okay? Stop giving Molly such a headache.”

    “I will. Go home safely.”

    You nodded.

    With one final playful wink, you waved your wand and apparated back to your room, where your own bed was messy and the door was still tightly sealed with a lock.

Meeting the gang (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

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► Summary: The reader will see herself hanging with the Bowers gang because of her best friend Cathy without knowing that it will unleash a wicked game between her and one of the members of the gang.

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: Bad language, Patrick being… Patrick (Not that much tho…yet)

Author’s notes: So I grew SUCH a crush on Owen Teague when I went to see “IT” for the first time and he plays the character I find the most interesting of the story so I though that besides of reading some Patrick imagines it could be cool if I started writing them as well. Hope you like it


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Constructive criticism is always welcome.

The worst part of Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays?
Having to stay at school for a few more hour after the end of the classes.
The best part of those same days?
You loved the meetings of the cinema club.

Your best friend Cathy was the one who convinced you to join the aforementioned club when the scholar year started. She had been part of it since last year and was pretty sure you would like being part of it so you decided to give it a try.

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“Coming Home” (Chap. 3)

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Also, keep in mind I am pulling pieces from Iron Man but definitely rewriting the timeline/events as needed to fit this fic so dont expect it to keep exactly to the MCU!


Enjoy! (or not because its kind of sad but whatever lol)


(Day Five)

“What’s your name?” Tony asked weakly, licking at his chapped lips and wanting to gag when they still tasted like blood. “What’s your name?”

“Yinsen.” The Beta brought him some water, tilting Tony’s head up carefully to help him drink. “My name is Yinsen. I am from–”

“Gulmira.” Tony finished. “I remember.”

“You remember.” Yinsen sounded skeptical. “From when, exactly?”

“I met you one time. New Year’s Eve 1999. Switzerland.” Tony closed his eyes. “You tried to get me to talk to someone and I was on my way up to get lai–” he coughed and then flinched when his chest pulled. “I was on my way upstairs with an Omega.”

“You do remember. I am impressed.” Another sip of water and Yinsen moved away to give him some space. “You were so drunk you could barely see straight and yet you managed to give an impressive lecture on integrated circuits. I would not have imagined that you remembered my name and where I am from when you were having to be helped to your room.”

Tony cracked the barest smile. “Yeah, well. I might have been pretending to be that drunk so the Omega would take pity on me and walk me up.” he opened his eyes again to look around for a second, noting belatedly that he was reclined on a makeshift cot instead of sitting against a wall. “Where are we? We aren’t in the same cave as before.”

“No. They moved us yesterday.”

“Yesterday. I don’t remember.” Tony shivered, trying to draw his wings closer around his body and groaning when they hardly moved. “Why don’t I remember?”

“You should be glad you don’t remember.” Yinsen folded his own grey wings behind his back and sat in a rickety chair next to the cot. “You have been in and out of consciousness for almost three days. You cried out when they moved you, but passed out quickly.”

“Three days.” Tony repeated. “So that makes it four days since I was captured?”

“Five.” Yinsen corrected. “You were unconscious for most of the first two days.” He watched Tony for a few minutes, watched as the Alpha struggled to breathe evenly against the pressure in his chest. “I am surprised you lived through this, Stark. I fully expected to be burying your body by now.”

“I fully expected you to be burying my body by now too. But Starks are stubborn.” Tony reached out to trace the wires that ran from the battery into his chest, and then flattened his hand over them to keep them as still as possible as he tried to sit up.

“Let me help you–” Yinsen started to move, but Tony shook his head. “Don’t hurt yourself more than you already are.” he cautioned.

“I don’t think I could if I tried.” Tony gasped, tears springing to his eyes as he finally made it upright, every muscle in his body burning, several of barely healed lacerations up the side of his body tearing open all over again. “Damn it.” he was shaking almost uncontrollably and Yinsen grabbed another blanket to put around his back, avoiding the wings that hung limply on the cot. “How are my wings?”

“You shouldn’t worry about them.” Yinsen said calmly. “It is your chest that is more of an issue. Wings will heal. Your vanity will survive.”

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VIXX: mornings with them

N:  even more cuddly and touchy than normal, and that’s saying a lot. He’s not hard to wake up, esp since he’s so used to it and sometimes he simply can’t sleep in late bc his mind won’t let him. So if you’re still sleeping at this point, he’ll take this time to run his fingers lightly over your skin and admiring your sleeping face. Fixing your hair out your face, he’d kiss you on the forehead and begin to stretch his limbs, quietly getting up to fix you both some breakfast.

Leo:  he’d curl up next to you while alseep, and it’s hard to move out of his grip in the morning…not that you’d want to. He mumbles in his sleep a lot, so you always end up asking him what be was dreaming about the night before, and he answers with the same thing every time, “you.” He’d take his time to fully wake up, not really wanting to let go of your body and start the day.

Ken:  a very light sleeper, and wakes up often during the night bc you move around and lot lmao so let this boy get his sleep while he can. While still unconscious, he’d pull you into his chest and sigh peacefully. After finally waking up, he’d smile lazily at you but pout and groan when you try to get up.“babyyyy, let’s just stay in bed all day, we have nothing important to do.”

Ravi:  he barely gets any sleep, and when he’s finally home and sleeping next you, he’s completely knocked out and isn’t going to wake up for a while. He thinks of you as his teddy bear, basically, and refuses to let you out of his arms. All he wants to do when waking up is to cuddle with you for a little while, and talk about his previous day. Sometimes he’d play music while you two talk, and you’d both end up jamming hella hard to whatever he’s playing, and that’s his favorite way to wake up.

Hongbin:  he’d try to give you your own space and not bother you while asleep, but you’d both somehow end up entangled with each other in the morning, neither of you wanting to move. He’d lazily draw his lips across your shoulders and neck, mumbling about quiet ‘good morning’ and smiling. He isn’t the type to sleep in late, and sometimes manages to get up early to make you breakfast.

Hyuk:  will pretend he’s still sleeping, and snores very loudly as you try to wake him up. It’d take a lot of jumping on his back and “wake up, you lazy dummy” for him to roll over and attack you with kisses. Wouldn’t want to move out of your comfortable bed in the morning, and takes as long as he can just talking to you about anything and everything, and stroking your hair. He’d try aegyo for you to fall asleep with him again, and you’d never admit it…but it always works.

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the wrong & perfect confessions

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member: kim donghyun
genre: fluffy w a lil bit of angst
summary: you’re a new trainee at BNM and the male and female trainees are going to have a special collaborative month, when a male trainee with soft brown eyes and the sweetest smile catches your eye what will you do?
requested: yes

  • you were a bnm trainee and you’ve trained there for only 1 month
  • you joined the company together with a girl called yoojung 
  • you, yoojung and the other female trainee, somi who was already there for a few months, basically became inseparable friends
  • you were already known for your killer dance moves and hella sweet vocals but you struggled with high notes 
  • all three of you did really so all of you always had fun trying to hit them and completely failing and laughing at each other 
  • you were also super excited to meet some of the guy trainees 
  • because according to somi, there were 4 of them and they were all gorgeous and super talented
  • she was friends with all four but especially close with daehwi
  • the boys and girls schedules never intertwined so you never saw any of the bnm boys
  • but when Rhymer (the CEO) announced that he was doing a special collaborative month for the female and male trainees and that the classes would be combined to create more competition so that we would all push ourselves
  • the thing is there were only 4 male trainees, and 3 female trainees 
  • because of Rhymer being extremely selective and only starting the idea of idol groups very recently 
  • you really liked Rhymer as a CEO, he gave you all quite a bit of freedom, he didn’t even have a dating ban his reason being was
  • the best music comes from either being in love or being heartbroken and that needs experience
  • but that love should never interfere with your career 
  • anyways when you three heard the news 
  • you all squealed and jumped around 
  • somi basically screaming “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE DAEHWI MY FLUFFBALL”
  • yoojung also being like “GUYS what if one of us have to do a couple dance with one of the trainees??!!! I’d probably faint” she ended with a giggle
  • you smile at your friends and try to downplay your excitement saying “hmmm it’ll be nice to learn and get feedback from the other trainees”
  • somi teasingly says “OH COME ONNN Y/N!! live a little i bet you’ll fall for one of the guys” she ends with a cute little wink
  • you blush and deny it outright “oh hell no, i want to debut and a guy will just get in the way”
  • “mhmm keep on telling yourself that” yoojung says disbelievingly
  • *time skip to the day where you meet the bnm boys*
  • you can’t help but to dress a bit nicer instead of a normal baggy t shirt and really worn out shorts, you wore tight sport grey shorts and a cropped loose black t shirt both super comfy and great to dance in
  • you look at somi and yoojung who look so much better than you actually putting effort into what they wear
  • anyways you enter the dance studio and there’s Rhymer who greets you three and 4 boys all extremely good looking who immediately stand up and greet you all with a bow saying
  • “hi! we’re the male bnm trainees, please take care of us!”
  • your eye catches a super sweet looking guy with jet black hair and a smile which could melt the coldest hearts
  • he gives you a grin making your heart surprisingly flutter 
  • you scold yourself in your head “no no no not falling for any guys remember that y/n okay?”
  • the four boys then introduce themselves
  • the first guy, has honey blonde hair and looks so adorable and cute introduces himself super brightly as daehwi, you see him and somi waving at each other
  • the second guy with dark red hair and gorgeous brown eyes introduces himself in a low soothing voice as youngmin 
  • the third guy who looks nervous but still looks confident with dark brown hair and a killer smile which showcased his adorable snaggletooth introduces himself as woojin
  • then you turn your attention to the fourth guy
  • your heart flutters again and you’re annoyed at yourself, again
  • you admire his soft eyes and super nice smile, in a soft sweet voice he introduces himself as donghyun 
  • as he introduces himself he looks you straight in the eye making you want to squeal like a little girl on christmas day
  • you three girls introduce yourself super quickly greeting them as well
  • “hey it’s nice to meet you all!” you say in unison
  • somi and yoojung introduces themselves super confidently and brightly and then it’s your turn you feel slightly nervous but muster up your most confident tone
  • “hello my name i-is y/n!” 
  • you slightly stutter in the middle because you saw donghyun whisper something in youngmin’s ear and both of them looking at you in the process
  • you feel self conscious wondering if they’re mocking you, you slightly frown at the thought
  • but on the contrary, donghyun was saying how you were super pretty even in just a training outfit 
  • your thoughts gets interrupted by Rhymer who says to all of you
  • “so now since introductions are finished, i will give you a brief outline on what’s happening in the next month. in a month’s time you all will have to perform in front of your sunbaes, there will be three groups. one for vocals, one for dance and one for rap. the rap will be original lyrics from the two rappers but the music will already be produced. the vocals will be three people and they will have to compose the song and lyrics since there are more people. the dance group will be a couple dance and you will have to make a choreography designed in a couple format.”
  • all of you try to process everything
  • and there are a million thoughts in your brain but the one that stands out the most is a bit of you hoping and hoping
  • that you would be paired up with donghyun for the couple dance
  • you try to dismiss the thought but you can’t 
  • Rhymer announces that you’ll all have about 4 hours today but then only an hour each day and everything else must be done in your spare time
  • he also announces he already decided the groups and starts to call out names “yoojung and youngmin for rap, daehwi, somi and donghyun for vocals and woojin and y/n for dance”
  • your heart sinks as you hear your name for dance paired up with woojin instead of donghyun
  • you give a small smile to woojin who smiles hesitantly back
  • you hear yoojung whisper in your ear ‘ooo couple dancing with woojin huh?” 
  • you scold her “i’m not interested in him that way yoojung” 
  • she just lifts an eyebrow and you roll your eyes at her antics
  • you look at donghyun who has a small frown on his face and as he looks up at you his face brightens and he gives you a grin
  • you smile back shyly trying to ignore the butterflies which keep on occurring whenever you see him
  • anyways everyone gets in their groups and heads to different practice rooms
  • you discuss with woojin about which songs you want to do
  • you decide on wild thoughts by rihanna agreeing it’s a good beat and it’ll be easy to do a couple dance to
  • woojin and you were super shy and awkward at first but then suddenly you both get super comfortable with each other and is just super in awe of each other’s dancing
  • surprisingly after like an hour or so woojin loosens up and so do you and is a lot of fun and jokes around a lot, the whole couple dance thing isn’t awkward at all and you both think it’s just hilarious 
  • in a span of a couple of hours you guys become really close but not in a romantic way at all much more like siblings than anything else
  • by the end of your practice session you guys end up rolling with laughter than actually practicing 
  • unknown to you donghyun and youngmin was walking past 
  • donghyun saw you and woojin fooling around and having so much fun
  • he couldn’t help but be jealous of you two 
  • he knew he was going to have a massive crush on you from the moment you entered the room 
  • it kind of hit him again how much he already likes you, since he’s already being super jealous
  • he knew he felt something before from
  • the shy smiles you guys exchanged made his heart flutter and beat super fast
  • youngmin interrupted his thoughts saying “yah! donghyun you look super upset, you’re jealous aren’t you? you really like her don’t you but you haven’t even talked to her!” 
  • “i know i haven’t youngmin-ah i want to though” donghyun replies with a sigh
  • youngmin gives him a cheeky smile and says “well we’re gonna change that”
  • he pushes donghyun into the training room and he follows
  • youngmin announces brightly “WE’RE HERE WOOJIN DID YOU MISS US??!!” 
  • woojin groans “no, i really didn’t”
  • you laugh at the sight and greet youngmin politely “hello youngmin-ssi how’s your practice going?”
  • “no no don’t call me youngmin-ssi that’s too formal and makes me feel old just call me youngmin and practice is going great actually yoojung is so much fun to be with” he says with a smile
  • you agree wholeheartedly everyone loves yoojung
  • you face donghyun and you can’t help but blush and you say shyly
  • “hello donghyun-ssi i hope your practice is as going as well as youngmin’s”
  • he smiles back sweetly at you admiring how pretty you look even all sweaty and says 
  • “it’s going pretty well but i’m struggling on a few melodies because i didn’t have time to work with somi. since she and daehwi decided to go to the convenience store to get snacks and also get fried chicken and pizza for all of us, i think yoojung went with them as well” 
  • woojin and youngmin cheers hearing the news of food and you smile brightly thinking of how good the fried chicken and pizza will be
  • fried chicken and pizza over guys any day 
  • you can’t help but want to spend more time with donghyun so consciously/unconsciously you suggest shyly to donghyun 
  • “if you’d like before they get back i can help you with your melodies since me and somi voices are quite similar”
  • he grins brightly at you making you feel all warm and gooey but also relieved he didn’t shoot down your idea on the spot
  • he says gratefully “that’d be amazing thank you! could we go to the vocal practice room because all of my sheet notes and my guitar is there?”
  • “of course!” you reply feeling super nervous but excited to spend time with donghyun
  • woojin and youngmin look at each other with the look, youngmin whispers to woojin “new couple alert″ woojin grins back nodding
  • as you and donghyun leave the room woojin and youngmin shout to you two 
  • you both blush crimson red and you give a joking bitch glare at the boys as you close the door
  • donghyun and you head towards the music room and you end up helping him with all his melodies
  • you both enjoy each other’s company a lot laughing and smiling
  • and every single time donghyun looks at you your heart can’t help but flutter
  • and you know you were going to fall really hard for this guy
  • he was sweet, funny, kind, handsome, had such a nice voice and you felt so happy and comfortable around him
  • donghyun felt the exact same way 
  • he never met someone as like you lol the cheese
  • you were sweet, nice, understanding, helpful. and pretty as hell
  • he also couldn’t help but fall for your angelic voice
  • you really wanted to learn guitar and you told him so 
  • “really?! i could teach you if you’d like?” he said sweetly
  • “thank you so much! if it wouldn’t be a bother of course.” you reply with a bright smile
  • “here i’ll give you your first lesson now” he says handing you his guitar
  • he tells you he’ll teach you an A major chord that being one of the most common chords
  • he shows you the fingering and you basically stop breathing because of how close you guys are
  • with his face centimetres from yours as he focuses on placing your fingers on the right strings
  • you both turn slightly pink at how close you two were
  • he tells you that the fingering is right and tells you to strum
  • just as you finish strumming daehwi bursts into the room
  • both of you speed into the dance studio and basically sprint to the food
  • everyones eating and causing so much noise
  • there’s so much joking, bickering, shouting and it’s just such a great group of people
  • you all end up being super close after like an hour of stuffing yourselves and talking 
  • the next three weeks were a lot of fun
  • participating in classes with the guys was so much fun but also made it more competitive but in a good way
  • woojin and you basically become siblings and always have a blast dancing with each other and practices always go smoothly
  • your crush on donghyun just kept on growing every single day
  • your favourite part of the whole week is when he gives you guitar lessons
  • then you both eat dinner and just spend good quality time together
  • but you still always end up blushing when he either smiles at you or you guys have physical contact
  • donghyun and somi also get super close making you jealous occasionally but you always try to calm yourself and tell yourself there’s nothing between them
  • the actual reason why donghyun and somi were so close is because donghyun always wanted to talk about you but the guys would always tease him
  • somi promised not to tell you but she knew you had at least some feelings for him
  • he’d just always rant to her and ask her for advice
  • because he was falling for you harddd
  • he literally could never stop thinking about you and decided he’ll confess on the day of the performance
  • with the help of somi he organised it to the second 
  • he was going to make a super grand and cheesy gesture in front of everyone 
  • because that’s the type of person he is (idk if he is just let me do my shit)
  • anyways
  • you really didn’t want the month to end but sadly it did
  • it was the day of the performance and you were so hyped
  • you and woojin could do the routine while sleeping
  • it was super complex and so tiring to dance especially since you made a routine to the whole dance but it was so rewarding when it finishes
  • you were walking past the music room and what you saw and heard broke your heart into a million pieces
  • donghyun was there with a rose in his hand and his perfect angelic smile confessing to somi
  • you heard him say “i’ve liked you for so long and you always make me happy so will you be my girlfriend”
  • your heart shattered as you heard that one sentence
  • you couldn’t bear to hear somi’s response and you fled to the dance studio in tears
  • your heart was hurting so much
  • you thought the shy smiles, the guitar lessons, the long chats meant something to both of you but it didn't 
  • it just meant something to you 
  • he probably was just being nice and you were the fool kidding yourself he might actually like you 
  • he likes somi he likes somi he likes somi is the only thing that was running through your mind
  • you slammed the door shut and ended up sobbing your back pressed against the door
  • you hated yourself for crying this much and being so affected by him
  • you were in the midst of wallowing yourself in your own tears when you felt a pair of strong arms around you grabbing you tight
  • you looked at who it was 
  • woojin
  • he whispers soothingly into your ear as you cry into his shoulder “it’s okay y/n, i’m here okay?, it’s okay you’ll be okay.”
  • you finally stop crying and woojin asks you to explain what happened you tell him everything 
  • he nods understandingly through the whole explanation
  • then says 
  • “i don’t know y/n, i personally thought he really liked you too but i don’t know anymore. but you can’t this affect our performance, you need to show what he’s missing okay?”
  • you sniffle a bit before softly saying “thank you woojin for always being there for me and yeah i’ll give the best performance of my life, all our hard work will not go into waste”
  • your head think of the words rhymer said to you “love should never interfere with your career” and you promised yourself to give it your all
  • youngmin and yoojung finish their amazing rap, they had such great chemistry and every single word they uttered was perfect
  • up next was you and woojin
  • you put your performance face on and as the music started you felt at ease and you knew exactly what to do 
  • you and woojin flowed so smoothly and hit every single beat, your movements were jolted and sharp but those movements easily turned into flowy soft ones
  • both of you just oozed confidence and all the couple dance bits made you think of donghyun even though you hated yourself for it
  • you both performed the routine basically perfectly
  • from the side of the stage donghyun was trying to fight that monster of jealousy
  • he tried to smile at you as you passed but you didn’t even give him a single look making him frown
  • he was super nervous but not only for the performance but afterwards he was gonna do a solo and confess to you
  • he really hoped you’d accept his confession
  • he practiced with somi a few times before but she said they were all to scripted and fake and told him to just wing it
  • cue the ahhhhh that makes sense now
  • yeah lol ppl donghyun ain’t a two timer
  • the song went super smoothly and the not a single note was wrong, the harmonisation was perfect and so was the rhythm
  • donghyun then got his guitar and started to speak to the crowd
  • “so i’ve prepared a little song for someone special and i hope you all enjoy” he said with a smile at you but frowned slightly seeing your glare 
  • nonetheless he sang the song he’s worked on, not sleeping some nights to finish a few lines
  • you still felt so upset knowing this song was dedicated to somi and then he had the nerve to go and smile at you?! 
  • but you couldn’t help but fall in love all over again with is voice and the song
  • the song basically was a confession to this beautiful girl which you thought was somi
  • after he ended you couldn’t help but clap because no matter how heartbroken he was truly a talented performer
  • he then said “as you could tell this was a confession, every single bit of me loves this girl and she just always makes me happy and makes me feel so cared and loved for so i hope you accept my confession, this song was for you y/n.”
  • you’re dumbfounded and as you walk onto the stage with everyone cheering except woojin who looked even more confused than you 
  • you say to him a bit pissed off “bu-but i saw you confessing to somi like two hours ago?!”
  • he blushes bright red and explains super rushed “no no no!!! i was practising how i should confess to you, and somi was pretending to be you”
  • your heart soared, and happiness filled you up and your brain was screaming
  • you blush bright red and whisper super embarrassed “really? so you were practising to confess to me?”
  • donghyun heart raced and said “yes i really was”
  • “well then i hate you for making me cry over you for an hour but i love you and of course i accept your confession” you say sweetly smiling widely as your heart was beating a hundred miles an hour
  • he smiles the happiest smile you’ve ever seen and before you know it
  • he gently cups your face and his soft lips are on yours and your heart flutters even more as he smiles against your lips making you smile as well
  • you break apart and he kisses you lightly on the forehead as he holds your hand and you both walk off the stage
  • he then whispers into your ear “i’m sorry you had to experience the wrong confession”
  • “it’s okay, i still got the perfect confession in the end” you say with a smile feeling like you’re on cloud 9 and then you basically go to heaven as donghyun says
  • “i’m glad you think so my little angel”

gosh i’m so tired i spent so much time writing this its 2am rn and i need to go to school tomorrow and i just wanted to finish this also this was 3.5k lol it is sooo long why do i make my writing so long, i’m so sorry ppl following meee, i always feel bad i feel like I’m wasting your precious time lmao also donghyun is such a sweetheart and i can’t wait for mxm debut!! also ppl please send me messages and anon stuff like even just to talk cause i love interacting with you all, anyways I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!!! 

Mischance [Jungkook]

{{ noun // bad luck; an unlucky occurrence }}

Accidentally punching your new neighbor isn’t the best way to introduce yourself.

Fluff. Neighbors AU. 1,633 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

You can be very jumpy sometimes.

One time, during a paintball fight, Eunbi tried to ambush you and ran straight towards you screaming. In your panic, you threw the paintball gun at her, and she narrowly avoided a trip to the hospital for a broken nose. It’s safe to say, Eunbi makes sure to stay a good distance away from you from then on. Actually, all your friends make sure not to scare you now.

After so many jump scares, screams, and horror movies later at your friends’ home, you find yourself bidding them goodbye and walking back to your own apartment. You’re not sure why you thought it was a good idea to take a stroll back to your place alone, but after scaring yourself half to death with your own imagination that warped shadows into dark entities and monstrous creatures, you run the rest of the way back.

So far, you’ve made it home safely, thank goodness. Standing in front of your apartment door, you search through your purse for your keys, furrowing your eyebrows when you don’t hear the familiar jingle. But suddenly, there’s a small shuffling noise behind you, and you freeze up. You feel someone creeping up behind you. Petrified, millions of different scenarios race through your mind, each one more terrifying than the next. What if it’s a murderer? What if they’re trying to kidnap you? Oh god, what if it’s that ghost girl from the horror movie? You frantically try to find your keys now, digging through all your pockets as well.

Suddenly, you feel their hand on your shoulder.

Your first instinct is to scream. Your second is to wildly punch them in the face.

Fuck! What was that for?!”


That was definitely a real, breathing human being, and not a ghost.

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A New Chapter (Ch. 6): Home Again

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1355+ words

TW: Descriptions of Injuries

A/N: I decided to split this Chapter into two parts! It was too long, and I felt like this new split is way better. Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

Sam waited for hours in the hospital. The sun finally appearing brightly through the windows of the waiting room. He had checked in Y/N, telling the police a story about perhaps an abusive boyfriend in the picture or a robbery, and how they were long distance friends who had planned to meet up, but she never showed up, leading for him to go to her home to check on her.

“Y/N L/N?” the doctor called.

Sam ran to the doctor. She was in her mid-30s, her fiery red hair a stark contrast against white coat. “Is she okay?”

“Hello, I’m Dr. Carter. Y/N had a lot of injuries ranging from shallow to severe injuries, but thankfully it wasn’t life threatening. Aside from the superficial wounds, she has five broken ribs, two hairline fractures on her collarbone, both her wrists are twisted, the bones in left ankle was crushed- it looks like he shattered it with a blunt object, and her right knee is twisted- perhaps from trying to escape against her binds, and her trachea is badly bruised from being strangled and also her screaming probably. Her state was only worsened because of the lack of nutrients given to her in the past few days. We have her hooked up to an IV, and morphine, so she will continue to be unconscious until perhaps tomorrow.”

“Can we see her?”

“Of course.” The doctor led them to a few rooms down the hallway, opening the door for the two boys. “I will give you some time alone. If you have any more questions, feel free to find me.”

Sam slowly walked up to her bed, seeing her face covered with cuts, and black and blue bruises. There didn’t seem to be a part of her that was not covered with bandages and gauze. The younger Winchester choked back a sob, his hand reaching out to touch her face, but stopping himself midway. “I don’t want her to wake up alone,” Sam softly said, sitting by the foot of her bed as Dean sat on the chair, silently agreeing with his brother.

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Chapter 01. We Arrive

The black, burlap sack over top of your face is itchy and terrifying. You don’t remember how it got there. You were at Starbucks, last you remembered. Picking up a coffee on your way because you hadn’t had time to brew some at home. You had been complaining about something. About your job, probably, wanting an escape. Well, this wasn’t what you had in mind at all.

You can hear a high pitched ringing. You’re not sure if that’s from being knocked unconscious or if it’s coming from some external source. Other than the ringing, you hear talking. Two people arguing, more specifically. You don’t know what they’re saying, the ringing overpowering any other sound.

You try to squirm out of the ropes. The rope is thick material, itchy too, and it burns the more you try and break free. You don’t know what to do. You’re scared. Your breathing increases a little, feeling overwhelmed and distraught.

Suddenly the burlap sack is pulled off your head. The man in front of you has a pink moustache. He’s grinning, and is way closer to you than he needs to be. Behind him, you see a man with gray skin. He stands, arms crossed, red and blue surrounding him. You see him do things, like twitch and scream, but he never moves. It’s unnerving. The ringing fades slightly, but persists as the pink moustache starts talking to you.

“Oh~! You’re awake!” He says, beaming. “My name is Wilford Warfstache, welcome to our humble abode~! I know you found yourself here at a very inconvenient time-”

“Against your will and without your knowledge.” The gray man subs in, his voice echoing and distorted.

Wilford rolls his eyes. “Whatever. Point is, welcome!” He grins again. “I think you’ll enjoy your time here.”

You point out that you have a job, family even. Wilford raises an eyebrow.

“Married, kids?” He asks.

You tell him no.

“Then it doesn’t really matter now does it!” He says, adjusting his suspenders, once again happy-go-lucky.

“My sincerest apologies for Wilford’s behavior.” The gray man says, stepping closer and putting his arms behind his back. You notice, once he’s up close, that he and Wilford look exactly the same.

You ask him his name, to avoid calling him ‘the gray man’ any longer. “Ah, of course. My name is Dark.” He smiles, and for a moment you feel safer with him than you did Wilford. Then you see something tear away and scream.

“Your shell is still cracking.” Wilford huffs. “Are you that angry with me? I did what they asked me to do! They said ‘Golly gee I sure wish I was kidnapped right now in Starbucks so I don’t have to go to work’!”

You’re a thousand percent sure that you didn’t say that.

“I doubt it.” Dark says. He walks behind your chair, and he starts to untie the ropes. Your heart races as he does, scared out of your wits. “I’m so sorry for what has transpired today.” He says. “If you’d like, you can stay, or you’re free to go.”

You’re curious about this place, enough so that you decide to stay.

This makes Wilford grin. “Yippee! I could show you around the place if you’d like!” He grins, offering his hand.

“Or, I could.” Dark says smoothly. “It’s up to you.”

You’re not sure which. Wilford kidnapped you, seems to have no compassion for family or have strong work values. He’s impulsive and reckless. At least he’s sweet and genuine about it. Dark has been nothing but politeness, but there’s something otherworldly about him. It’s unsettling, like he shouldn’t be alive at all. And although politeness should be rewarded, does he have ulterior motives?

Well, who do you choose?



Hi there. This is a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short. I’m an INTJ, and my friend (who I’ve been ‘best friends’ with for 5 years) hasn’t been speaking to me, hasn’t been acting nice to me, being straight up mean, for the last 1,5 years. Back when our friendship was still strong, I had her take the 16 personalities MBTI test (which is not reliable, I know) She typed as an ISFJ. When she started behaving a bit weird, I asked for an explanation for her sudden behavioral changes, since to my knowledge, I hadn’t done anything wrong. She told me she just wanted to make new friends and broaden her horizons, not just spend time with me. I don’t get that, but I understand her point. It’s just weird to watch, she acts nice and friendly to literally everyone else but me. Is it a common thing for ISFJ’s to behave like this? Or is it just her particular case? I don’t know if you can help, but if you can, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Unhealthy ISFJs can be incredibly passive-aggressive and childish when they are angry about something you did or that they perceived you did and chose to become insulted about; some of them will refuse to address the real problem and ‘punish you’ through behaviors like you described above (being intentionally nice to other people and mean to you is a negative Fe-way of trying to hurt your feelings / make you feel devalued). They can also fall into a ‘habit’ of mistreating you because they create a ‘pattern of negative’ behavior toward you that it is then difficult to stop, because the more they do something, the more it becomes natural to their cognitive process.

No one wakes up in the morning and decides to treat another person like crap for a prolonged period of time. Despite her denials, she’s mad at you about something – it may or may not have been anything you did, but she read it as a negative and decided (consciously or unconsciously) to punish you for it. She can have any number of reasons for deciding to do this; one potential motive is that she wants you to end the relationship so she doesn’t have to, and she figures if she treats you like crap you’ll call it quits.

Since most feelers tend to hate conflict or breaking up with people, they may give the other person reasons to do it for them through passive-aggressive, distant, unfriendly, or detached behaviors.

Since you were not specific in telling me what she does to you, I cannot objectively evaluate the situation, but if she really is abusive toward you / mean every time you see her, this is toxic relationship. She should not get away with treating you badly, and you should not put up with it. Since it seems to be a pattern of behavior with her in negative interactions with you, you can stop them by spending time apart from her. Call it quits for awhile and see what happens.

A good ratio in a relationships might be 8-11 positive interactions (which leave you feeling good / improve you in some way) to 1 negative one (which hurts your feelings / makes you feel bad / ends in a fight). Any higher than that means the person is passive and too accommodating; any fewer than that means you are unsuited to one another and will wind up unhappy.

- ENFP Mod

🗣 why Justin foley isn't redeemable

listen, regardless of how awful his mom and her boyfriends were to Justin Foley, he still let his best friend rape his girlfriend. Justin KNEW she was out of it and fucked up, he knew what Bryce was asking was wrong you could see his doubt, but he still let bryce walk in that room & rape Jessica whom he KNEW was unconscious. So I really honestly can NOT relate to a single person who feels sorry for Justin or had any sympathy towards him in the end at all. Like I get it his mom was awful, he took it out on people he knew, he was a total dick like even before I knew about tapes 10-12 I wanted to punch him every time I saw him. But his past doesn’t excuse the fact that he let his girlfriend get raped. So if you like Justin foley, block me back

Countdown (M)

Originally posted by hpfanaticinfinity

» jay park x reader
» 2k
» anon asked: Would you be able to write Jay Park smut where he’s your coworker and new to town and you end up spending the weekend together? 
» warning: smut 

No strings attached? Yeah right. Jay had tried the whole thing before and it had become the most disastrous thing ever. He ended up getting attached and at the end of it all he ended up wanting the more than just friends treatment.

But, now that he was placed in the situation again and there was a girl laying on his hotel bed with nothing but a racy black underwear set on, Jay found himself with nothing else to say but yes. Yes, I’ll fuck you tonight and tomorrow we go back to being just coworkers who occasionally get coffee together.

“Are you going to eye fuck me or actually fuck me, Jay Park?”

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Blind // Yoo Kihyun - 07

Blind Chapter 6 / Seven / Blind Chapter 8

Your pup led the way up the mountain as you sprinted, sprinted as fast as you could through the trees, around the rocks and other shrubs; you could tell in Kihyun’s eyes, the second he got there, the second he was safe, his primary concern was Minhyuk. You had to tell him. There was no time to waste. You hoisted his heavy suitcase in your hands—thank god because you weren’t sure what you were going to do about Kihyun and clothing. You’d throw them all in the wash the second you got there; there was no telling how long it had been since they’d last been washed.

It didn’t really matter, it would come back to you later; now your hand turned the knob of your front door in such haste, you almost tore it off when you flung the door back closed. You dropped Kihyun’s heavy case on the floor near the front door as you made your way to the guest room. Without thinking, and without knocking, you opened the door and immediately regretted it.

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thisbirdhadflown  asked:

Roxy and Eggsy, 18

18.  “…and you’re the best at boring me to sleep. That’s the only reason I called you, so talk to me.”

Eggsy is enjoying one of his rare off days where he’s got nothing to do at all when his glasses chirp Roxy’s private ring.

He considers ignoring her in favor of finding out if Joyce will save her son from the upside down or not, but no longer than a second.

He might not be on a mission, but she is and it’s something like two o’clock in the morning where she’s at. If she’s calling, it must be important.

“Hey, Rox-a-lot, how’s it going?” For the moment he’s not too worried, knowing that she wouldn’t have contacted him if her situation was dire in any way.

“I need to sleep.” She sounds grumpy, which means she’s probably been trying to do so for some time now.

“Unfortunately, by the time I get to you and dart you unconscious, I’m pretty sure it will disrupt your mission.”

He hears her huff a little laugh and he allows himself a little smile of satisfaction. He’s not sure how he can help, but he knows that if she’s too frustrated, sleep will continue to elude her.

“I don’t want you to dart me. I could do that to myself. But it would leave me all groggy in the morning.” He hums in agreement because the darts might be great in a pinch, but they aren’t designed to be functional sleeping pills. “I need to sleep the conventional way and you’re the best at boring me to sleep.”

“Fuck you too.”

She would have punched him for that if she had been there, but instead, she continues as if he hadn’t interrupted her.

“Come on! That’s the only reason I called you; talk to me already!”

He rolls his eyes, but still ends up indulging her. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for her after all and he knows that she is insulting him mostly so that she doesn’t seem weak. Not that Eggsy would ever think such bullshit about her, but he understands being on the defensive all the time. He’s just glad that she did call for help, even if she would never admit that this is what it is.

“Alright then… So, ever watched Stranger Things?”

“No… It sounds dumb.”

“Well, you’re dumb.” Obviously, he cannot see her, but he would bet JB she just stuck her tongue out at him. “Okay, so the show starts and-”

He doesn’t even gets to the end of the first episode before he hears her breathing evening out and he smiles as he un-pauses his own episode, after having mute it and put on the subtitles.

He’s not risking waking her up now, but if she does before it’s a sensible time for her, he’ll be right there to “bore” her out again.


“It takes a lot of work, strangling,” Bond said. “It’s physical labor—you’ve got to have strong hands, a strong grip, and the means to pin the other person down so they can’t fight and escape your hold.”

“I know about the physics of it, Bond,” Q said from the next cell over. “I could graph the use of force for you. And if there’s one place I have muscle, it’s my hands.”

“It’s also more difficult emotionally,” Bond continued as though Q hadn’t spoken. “You’ve got to look into a man’s face—or a woman’s—and watch their eyes bulge out of their skull, see their face turn blue, hear them choking and feel the flutter of their carotid pulse under your hand. And you’ve got to keep going; if you relent, it’ll only make the job messier, or give them a chance to try to kill you back.”

“Right,” Q said.

Bond said, “You’ll want to stop. Your hands will get tired, or you’ll feel guilty, or you’ll think that unconsciousness is enough—they’re asleep now, they’re not going to be any more trouble. But unconscious people become conscious people who are pissed off and want to kill you. You have to keep going, understand?”   

“I have to finish the job.” Q’s voice was steady.  

“Squeeze until he’s blue,” Bond said, “and then for a few minutes after that. No breath, no pulse. Can you do it?” Bond couldn’t; he was injured, and they watched him too well, and they sent two or three guards at a time whenever they had to deal with him.

Q’s guard came and went alone, after Bond had been taken care of. He was weedy and young, probably a new recruit who’d been given Q’s prisoner detail to make him feel like he was doing something important and so further commit him to the organization. Q could take him. He certainly had enough motivation; they’d shred his hands to pieces if he tried and failed.

“I think I can take him,” Q said, echoing Bond’s thoughts. 

Bond smiled a grim smile. They would see. 

For 007 Fest’s angst week! 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm in a sad mood so I wanted to request something... Could you have EXO reacts to you being in a car crash and being fatally injured please? Sorry if I made you bummed out with this request :)

It’s okay, we accept such requests anyways!

Also, extreme trigger warning! Please be warned!

Sorry for the confusion, but due to our mistake we made the reader’s state critical and not fatal. We’re not native English speakers so we’re sorry for that slip!

- Admin Gumi


When he got the news he was terrified and dropped everything to go and see you at the hospital. The doctor said that you’re in a pretty bad condition and he gets scared of losing you. When he can finally see you, he carefully takes your hand in his and tries to calm down his bad thoughts, repeating all the time that everything will be okay.


You’re unconscious and he’s very worried and just can’t think straight. He’s waiting for any news in the hall and his hands are shaking as he’s trying to shove away worst-case scenarios running through his head. He just wants to see that you’re okay and come back to normal life you had just few hours ago.


He gets a call from the hospital that his girlfriend got in a car accident and doesn’t hesitate to run straight to you. When he arrives he still doesn’t know much about your condition and wants to know everything, but calms down a little only when he can see you with his own eyes. He meets your gaze and says that he won’t go home until you’re completely okay.


He’s very nervous and wants to be with you all the time and reassure you that it’ll be fine and you both will go home soon, but he needs to calm himself down first. He can’t sit down and just walks around the hall waiting for any more information from the doctors but he feels like it took them ages to tell him anything.


He’s waiting outside the operating room where the doctors are trying to treat your injuries and blankly stares at his own feet. It’s taking them so long that after few hours he’s already panicking a little because he still doesn’t know how bad your state is. When someone comes up to him trying to explain to him that you’re in a fatal state he’s feeling like a wreck and wishes that it would end eventually.


He’s trying so bad to stay calm in this situation but almost loses it when the doctors says that you’re unconscious and in a bad state. He’s very worried and almost shouts at the doctor to keep you alive. After that he sinks to the floor and hides his face in his hands with a loud sigh in order to calm down and start thinking at least a little more positively.


He’s very upset about the situation and runs to your room as soon as the doctor said that it’s fine. He spends there all day and doesn’t want to go home because he’s worried that your state may get worse through the night even if the specialists say that they won’t let it happen. He can’t stop thinking about how much he’d want his healing powers to work in that time.


He’s in the hospital as quickly as it was possible and instantly asked the doctors if he can go and see you but they won’t let him. It irritates him, especially that they don’t want to tell him any details as well. He calms down only when they told him that you’re in a stable condition  and he’s so thankful that he almost starts crying, but wants to see you even more than before.


He acts surprisingly calm on the outside, but his mind’s racing and he can’t help but think about losing you and it slowly drives him crazy. As soon as the doctors let him go to your room he sits near your bed and gently squeezes your small hand and looks at your both hands combined in silence.


He acts like a worried dad, but tries to hide it behind a smile which really calms you down. You’re confused and in pain but still try to reassure him that you’re fine and it makes him even more upset because he’s the one that should be comforting you. He spends many hours with you and doesn’t leave for the night, sleeping on the chair beside your bed.


It really broke his heart to see you with all the injuries and he’s scared shitless that you’ll die and he can’t stop thinking about it so soon after getting to the hospital he’s already in tears, furiously trying to get any information about your state and panicking when they can’t tell him much. Only when they treated your injuries, he’s a little more calm but still can’t calm down completely.


He’s sitting on the chair in front of the room you’re in and stares at the wall in front of him, trying to breathe deeply to calm his racing heart. On the outside he seems completely calm but in reality he wants to run in there and have you in his arms, but he knows that it’s not possible and he has to wait. He trusts the doctors and is ready to stay there for as long as it’s necessary.

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian 

iKON Reaction To A New Member of the Group Being Female


*The things he was once used to become awkward with you around, like for example changing backstage or in the middle of the dorm room*
“Ah, hi there Y/N”


*Meanwhile Jinhwan would like to show off more of his manly side, blame it on hormones, this boy just can’t fight them*


*His dreams were heard*
“So, what do you think of Pooh?”


*Friendly and considerate, would most likely act like your mother*
“Tell me if Junhoe or Jinhwan act suspicious towards you”


*Doesn’t want to show it but he really likes the idea of a girl being a member of the same group, but he would be very awkward*
“If you’d like to I can read to you sometimes, just, you know, to break the ice, or something…”


*Very awkward, but also very excited to spend time with you. Might act flirty, but it’s unconsciously*
“Oh! Y/N, come sit beside me! If you want…? No?”


*Acts as if you’re his bro, unless he starts developing feelings towards you, which could happen to any one of them in fact*

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

anonymous asked:

could you do the crush thing you just did for ISFP but instead ESFP? thank you :D

Since ESFPs are too often stereotyped, I’ll try to give a more nuanced reply. ESFPs are so responsive to the external world that they are not always in touch with their inner world. As a result, when they see someone they like, they will immediately know it, but they may find it hard to decide what to do about it. ESFPs who have a stronger sense of Se/Te will probably be more bold and proactive, admitting their feelings without much hesitation. But, usually, these types of ESFPs are in it more for the chase than actually wanting a lasting/close romantic connection.

ESFPs who are more in touch with Fi/Ni will find themselves with an unexpected inner whirlwind to contend with when they develop a crush. Fi will compel them to protect their own feelings, making them hold back from pursuing a crush immediately. On one hand, Se enjoys the dramatic flood of emotions that Fi brings. On the other hand, Fi can be full of trepidation because of an underlying fear of being exposed, humiliated, or rejected, especially because ESFPs are generally well-liked and confident in front of others. In a way, this natural aplomb can amplify their insecurities because romantic feelings are a high stakes endeavor. They may even unconsciously resist a crush because they do not like the feeling of ceding control of their inner emotions to others. This Fi insecurity can be further exacerbated by inferior Ni, which can make them swing wildly between extreme confidence and extreme doubt. If they are not sure whether the person will reciprocate, any visible “sign” from them can be a source of emotional turmoil, pushing them in and out of the conflict between their Se love of excitement and their Fi need to protect emotions. Thus, ESFPs who are more in touch with Fi/Ni will tend to proceed more carefully. If they decide they do not want to pursue the crush for whatever reason, they may find it difficult to behave normally and be a bit awkward in front of the person because they feel like a “fraud” in hiding their feelings (since Fi pushes them to be true to themselves). If they decide they DO want to pursue, they will try to capture the crush’s attention by appealing to what they think the person might like/enjoy. They may (more intensely than usual) show off some skill/talent, lavish attention and encouragement, or joke/tease. They will naturally seek opportunities to be nearby and deepen the friendship, becoming more and more forward if they feel the person is reciprocating. Sometimes, these efforts will result in the other person making the first move, which will spare ESFPs from having to take any real decisive/direct action.

From the other person’s perspective: You cannot be sure that an ESFP likes you until they are certain that they want to pursue you; until then, it will be a guessing game. If they only have a slight sense of liking you, they may act on it in more unconscious or spontaneous ways. Generally speaking, you can tell an ESFP has a crush on you if they want to spend a lot of time with you (and don’t get bored with you), and they try harder to impress you. But, if they were wanting to hide their feelings, then you’d have to look for them to suddenly behave a bit awkwardly or even uncharacteristically subdued, timid, or erratic around you.

I don’t like the Middle-Earth “Shadow of” games, but there’s an idea you could steal from them for D&D that I think would be really cool: the nemesis system. Calculate each of your players as monsters to determine their XP value, and any time a monster knocks a PC unconscious, the monster gets that XP. (You might want to rebalance things so that, like in the Middle-Earth games, your players never fully die and they’re fighting more challenging enemies than usual so that’s more likely to actually come up. Also remember that monsters can run away to fight another day!)

anonymous asked:

The assassin's reacting to their S/O being in a coma? Also, congrats on getting all the requests finished! I'm so proud of you, Sara! ❤️❤️

A/N: Thank you so much! I’m still pretty surprised I actually got through them all!

Altaïr: He wouldn’t really know what to do. He’d spend the first few days of your coma beside your bed, wishing you would wake up. But once he realized that you showed no signs of coming to he forced himself to get back to work. He knew you wouldn’t want him to just mope around just because you were in a coma and all Altaïr could do was wait for you to wake up.

Ezio: He tries to stay beside your bed as much as he can, often bringing his work into your room so he can work beside your bed. He’s reluctant to go on missions while you’re in a coma, not wanting to be too far away from you at any given time.

Connor: He refuses to leave your bedside the entire time. He just wants to be there when you finally wake up. Eventually his friends will have to come see him and talk him back into working. Connor will reluctantly go back to doing his daily tasks around the Homestead, but he’ll check in on you almost every few hours.

Edward: He can’t keep you at sea. It’s too dangerous to have someone who’s pretty much unconscious all the time on a ship, a pirate ship no less. He brings you to Havana and gets you set up to be looked after by someone. He’ll be visiting Havana more than ever to check up on you and it’s almost as if the Jackdaw is never too far from the island.

Arno: He’s at a bit of a loss. He can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like being in a coma. He doesn’t want to leave your side, at all. But the duties he must uphold to the Brotherhood draw him away from you and he eventually resumes his normal life, always keeping you in the back of his mind.

Jacob: He grows impatient at the fact that you’re in a coma and tries to keep himself busy. He’s worried for you, so worried, but all he can do is wait for you to wake up. He does a lot more work from home and goes out if he really has to, and when he’s out his mind always wanders back to you.

Evie: She’s the most calm and collected about the whole situation. She knows she can’t do anything to get you to wake up, so she’s just going to wait it out as best as she can. She doesn’t let your being in a coma get in the way of her work and goes about her normal business. She makes sure the check up on you when she has the time in case you’re come to.

I wrote an E.N.D. thing!

I had to write this and get it out of my head! It’s not Beta’d, so please ignore the awful mistakes! This is about Lucy becoming E.N.D. and Natsu having to deal with it. 

let me know what you think? =]

Mard Geer, covered in a mixture of his own blood and the blood of the ever-persistent Fairy Tail mages that had refused to stop fighting him, finally collapsed to the floor.  “You may have beaten me, but it’s already too late…” He forced the words out of his mouth between bloodied coughs.

“You’re wrong.” Natsu smirked. “I ain’t no fire demon. Your plan didn’t work. E.N.D. didn’t possess me.”

“Impudent boy. Who e-ever said it was you?”


“I’m gonna leave you all behind if you don’t hurry your assess up!” He had yelled behind him. Finally, they had defeated the Nine Demon Gates. All that was left was the leader, the Demon King himself, Mard Geer.

“Natsu! We are running as fast as we can..!” He heard Lucy yell somewhere to his back left. Subconsciously he slowed down. If it had been anyone other than Luce, he probably would have sped up.

Tilting his face towards the ceiling, Natsu took a deep breath through his nose. Somehow he was right in his assumption that following the awful stench in the air would lead him to the Demon King.

“You sure this is the way, Hot head?” Gray antagonized. Not wanting to push him any farther than he had already been pushed, what with the loss of his Father and having to leave Juvia’s unconscious body with those of the Reijinshu, Natsu skipped on the insults.

“Yeah. I’m sure. I can smell it.”

“What makes you so sure that it’s him?” Erza questioned, coming up beside him.

“It smells like death.”

With that they all stopped abruptly in front of an ornately decorated door. Thinking of his injured friends and comrades Natsu wasted little time blowing the door off of the hinges with a Roar of the Fire Dragon.

“Natsu, Fairy Tail, so glad you could make it.” The Demon King purred. “I honestly have to say I’m disappointed. I didn’t expect to see so many of you left standing. Only one death this evening so far and it was of that traitor, Silver. He was weaker than I thought. What a disappointment.”

Natsu looked back at Gray who was clenching his fists at his sides and grinding his teeth. If he didn’t know any better, he could swear he saw tears welling in the corner of his eyes.

“For what you’ve put my friends through… You’re not worthy of the air you breathe. I will kill you…” Natsu growled.

“Even if you manage to carry out such a childish fairy tale, Natsu Dragneel, you’ll never be able to overcome Lord Zeref’s ultimate demon! E.N.D. is so powerful he had to seal it away in this very book so that it wouldn’t destroy him.”

Behind him Natsu heard Lucy gasp. Turning his head slightly to his side, he caught a glimpse of the Celestial Mage. Lucy had many facial expressions. He had seen them all. Everything from fear to bravery, hate to compassion, joy to terror. And right now, Lucy was scared. Natsu didn’t like when people upset his friends, Lucy in particular. Locking eyes with her, he grinned in an attempt to comfort his comrade.

“Don’t worry, Luce, I’m not afraid of a book.” He smirked, turning his full attention back to the Demon King. “You’ll have to do better than that.”

“E.N.D. is not a book, boy. It’s the most powerful being ever to exist. The book is only its temporary host. Once I let it out, it will possess a new, powerful, host and it will be unstoppable. It will make fire reign down on this land, taking every life with it.”

“Fire..?” Lucy whispered.

Mard Geer turned his attention to Lucy with a coy smile on his face, “That’s right, Lucy Heartfilia. E.N.D. is a fire demon. I’m sure you of all people know how dangerous they can be. Like their element, Fire mages tend to destroy everything in their path,” He looked at Lucy and licked his lips. The gesture almost sent Natsu over the edge, “And it’s all thanks to you, Natsu Dragneel, that E.N.D. will finally be set upon the world.”

“Natsu!” Lucy yelled, “You need to get that book away from him right now!”

Mard Geer laughed aloud. “You think you know what’s going on, don’t you, little girl? Think you’re so smart? You know nothing. Go back to relying on your pretty face because your brains won’t get you anywhere. You’re powerful for a Celestial mage, but you lack conviction. It doesn’t matter. You haven’t got much life left. E.N.D. will make you suffer, daughter of Layla. I guarantee you this.”

“If you think I’ll let you or anyone else harm one hair on her head…!” Natsu screamed as he went flying towards Mard Geer, the rest of the group following behind him.


Natsu snapped back to reality and looked down at Mard Geer who was laughing, looking somewhere past Natsu. Turning to see what he was looking at, Natsu saw Lucy bending down to pick up the book the Demon King had cast aside in battle.

Like some sick, twisted puzzle, the pieces started to fall in place.

“…it’s all thanks to you, Natsu Dragneel, that E.N.D. will finally be set upon the world.”

“…it will possess a new, powerful, host..”

“You’re powerful for a Celestial mage, but you lack conviction.”

“E.N.D. will make you suffer, daughter of Layla. I guarantee you this.”

And as if time slowed, Natsu watched her bend over and scoop up the leather bound demon. “LUCY, DON’T TOUCH THAT BOOK!” He screamed, but it was already done.

“Na…tsu…?” She looked up at him with the book already in her hands. First she started to shake, then her eyes got wide as she stared at the Dragon Slayer with panic. “What’s… happening to me..?” With those words the Celestial Mage fainted.

Running as fast as he could, Natsu reached the falling star just before she hit the ground. Not caring what could happen, he grabbed the book from her arms and violently threw it across the room.

“Lucy…! Lucy wake up!” He pleaded as he shook her.

“LUCY!!” Happy cried from across the room. He was currently wrapped up in Erza’s arms. Erza was doing her best to stay standing, but with all her injuries she was getting tired too quickly for her liking.

“Bastard…” Gray scoffed towards the dying Demon King, still laughing in a pool of his own blood. “What did you do to her?”

“I’ve simply p-perfected her. Given her the roll she was… born to play.”

“Lucy’s future isn’t mapped out. She chooses her own path.” Erza stated, clutching a sobbing Happy.

“You’re all such fools!” Mard Geer laughed, recovering his strength. “She is the daughter of Layla Heartfilia, the most powerful Celestial mage that was ever born!”

“Who cares who her mother was? What does that have to do with anything?” Gray questioned.

“Only one who is strong enough to open the portals to other worlds and call forth spirits, granting them physical bodies, is strong enough to host E.N.D.” Mard Geer spat, “The blood of her mother runs in her veins. I’ve been searching and waiting for Layla’s daughter for a long time. Finally I found her, of all places, laced in with the Fairy Tail guild. Her Father tried to keep her locked up and hidden from me, suppressing the growth of her magic, but a certain Salamander got in his way. So to that I say thank you, Natsu Dragneel. Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

The Demon King bowed his head at Natsu with a sick, twisted grin on his face. The dragon slayer in question was ignoring him, still clutching Lucy to his chest.  Even though she was unconscious, she had continued to shake violently. Her temperature was dropping fast.

“I still don’t understand what her Mother has to do with this. Aren’t there other powerful Celestial Mages out there? Why did it have to be Lucy?” Erza went on. Something still didn’t make sense.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Mard Geer looked astonished. “Layla Heartfilia gave up her life to try and destroy E.N.D., but in the end it possessed her, too. It took several dragons to finally kill her. Even then, E.N.D. wasn’t destroyed. It simply transferred back to its book host.”

“Igneel…” Natsu looked up.

“That’s right. Igneel, King of the Fire Dragons, helped Kill Layla Heartfilia.”

“Don’t tarnish Igneel’s name like that… He wouldn’t kill an innocent person.” Natsu growled.

“He had no other choice. He killed her, ultimately stopping E.N.D. for many years. It’s a shame that he’s not around to stop it again.”

Natsu went to spit a long line of obscenities at the now standing Demon King, but just as he was taking in a breath, Lucy clutched her head and started to scream.

“Lucy! Lucy what’s wrong?!” Natsu cried, forgetting all about Mard Geer. Her screams were those of utter agony. When she started to scratch at the sides of her head, Natsu pulled her bloodied hands to her lap, noticing that her fingernails had grown into sharp claws. As strong as he was, he was having trouble holding her down. “Lucy, stop it! Happy, go get Wendy right now!”

“Aye, Sir!” Somehow the Exceed managed to gather up the strength to equip his wings, flying at max speed out the door. If it was for Lucy, Happy would find the strength to push on.

“It’s too late. It’s already begun.” Mard Geer laughed manically. “E.N.D. cannot be stopped. It’s already taken Layla’s heir. Say goodbye while you still can, Natsu Dragneel, because soon you will die at that girls hands.”

“Natsu!” Gray bellowed from across the room, “What’s happening to her?”

Looking down at the screaming blonde, Natsu couldn’t believe his eyes. “She – She’s growing horns! And her nails have turned into claw– OOMF!!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Lucy had overpowered him and used her now free hands to punch him in the gut, sending him flying towards Gray. The moment he landed he got right back on his feet and moved towards the blonde once again.

“Get… away… from me…!” Lucy managed to pant as she stood up; hands going right back to the sides of her head.

“I’m not going anywhere, Lucy! I’m staying right here with Gray and Erza. It’s going to be okay. Happy is getting Wendy. Everything will be fine, I promise.” Natsu tried to reassure his friend as he continued to stagger back to her.

“” She whimpered.

“I’m right here, Lucy.” He said softly as he closed the distance between them, putting his arms around her in an embrace.


Eyes wide, Natsu pulled away from her, but it was too late. Screaming, Lucy threw her head back, arms shooting out. The earth started to tremble as an incredible amount of magic power was released from around her. The force of it threw Natsu back across the room, this time towards Erza, who had pushed her sword deep into the ground to prevent her from flying back as well.

Off in the distance, Mard Geer was laughing hysterically. “You think you can reason with a demon, Dragneel? That’s not your Lucy. That is E.N.D. That is the demon that will engulf the world in flames!”

Natsu, who couldn’t take his eyes off of Lucy, watched as she slowly turned her head towards the laughing Demon King. She scowled as she watched him, and started to gather up flames in her hand. Realizing what she was about to do, Natsu screamed. “Lucy! Don’t do it!”

Lucy, who was paying no attention to the pink haired boy in the corner, shot her flames in a condensed, laser like beam of raw magic power, straight into the throat of Mard Geer. “You’re annoying. Die,” Was all she said.

Staring at her in disbelief, Mard Geer fell to his knees. There was a gruesome gurgling noise as he tried to say something, but only blood escaped his lips. It took only seconds, but felt like an eternity for him to fall face first into the ground, dead.

“Luce… Lucy, no…” Natsu couldn’t believe his eyes. Lucy. His Lucy… had killed someone?

“Natsu… We can’t let her leave this room.” The shock was so great it was all Erza could do to whisper the words.

Natsu looked at Erza with a confused face. “What.. what are you saying..?”

“She’s saying we have to kill Lucy.” Gray, who had snuck over to them while Lucy was preoccupied watching Mard Geer die with a sick smile of satisfaction on her face, said the words without any inflection.

“NO!” Natsu screamed, “How could you say that? This is Lucy! This is our Lucy… She’s our comrade! I won’t let you…!” He got up and placed himself in front of Erza and Gray. “There has got to be another way!”

“Natsu. She’s on a power level that surpasses anything I’ve ever felt. Gildarts would be about as strong as a child compared to her… We have to do what is best for the Guild. For Earthland.” Erza started to cry. By the tone of her voice, it was easy to tell she was trying to convince herself more than the others.

“She’s still inside that thing!” Natsu pleaded. “Just let me try to prove it…”

“What if she kills you too? How are we supposed to tell the Guild that we lost you both? Don’t be selfish, Natsu!” Gray screamed. “You don’t get to leave us all behind!”

“I’m not going to leave Lucy behind either!” Natsu screamed back. The Ice Mage fell to his knees. So much had happened to him within the past 24 hours that it was a miracle he was still functioning.

Without asking for any more permission, Natsu turned and started walking to Lucy who, intern, was watching him closely. She cocked her head to one side as he got within fifteen feet of her.

Slowing down, Natsu reached out a hand. “Lucy? Do you know who I am?”

Staring him down with unfamiliar blue eyes, he dared to take another step. “You’re a dragon. I hate dragons.” She opened her eyes wide and Natsu could see that her pupils were slits. “Dragons. They think they’re so powerful.  You can’t stop me. Nothing can stop me. Not this time.”

“I don’t want to stop you, Lucy, I just want to talk.”

“Who is Lucy?” She asked.

Natsu couldn’t help but take a sharp breath inward. “Who is Lucy? Lucy is the most caring person I’ve ever met. She would do anything for the people she loves. She’s like a bright shooting star, casting light wherever she goes, no matter how dark it is.”

There was a small flash of brown in her eyes as a single tear slid down her cheek. She raised a clawed hand to her face, dabbing it up with her fingers and staring at it. “Natsu…”

“It’s me, Lucy. I promise I’ll get you out of this.” Natsu reached his hand out to the girl once more, “Come with me.”

Flashbacks of their first encounter sprung into Lucy’s mind. The charmed ring, the boat, the army coming, and finally, Natsu grabbing her arm and telling her to ‘Come with him.’

“Natsu, make it stop. It hurts so much. Please…” She gritted her teeth, which had sharp fangs in them. “I can’t make it stop.. I can’t hold it for long… Please kill me…”

Natsu’s eyes went wide. Closing the gap between them he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. “Don’t say that. Don’t give up yet!”

“I don’t want to.. Kill anyone else.. Please do it…You have to stop this thing for good!”

There was so much pain in her voice. “Even if I killed you it would just go back to the book. There would be no point. See? You gotta live. You’re Lucy.”

“I can.. open the gate to the spirit world. When I’m dying and it.. it leaves my body, I can trap it in the space between the realms… But it would take everything I have.. There’s no other way..”

Natsu couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. There was no way he could kill Lucy. But did he really have a choice? Looking back at Gray and Erza, he shut his eyes and nodded once. “Lucy.. are you sure it will work..? There’s no other way?” He sobbed.

Lucy opened her mouth to answer, but she shut it immediately. Natsu could feel her body tensing up. Placing his hands on her upper arms, he took a step back to look at her. “Lucy what’s happening..?!” There were large lacerations starting to appear all over her body, gushing blood. “Lucy!!”

“It’s.. It’s trying to get out… it knows I can kill it…!” She sobbed.

“Let it possess me! Lucy please! Please let it out! It’s killing you!” He begged as he fell down to his knees, pulling her with him.

“I’m the.. only one who can.. who can kill it, Natsu… Natsu you have to do it. You have to hurry, please!” She pleaded.

There was blood everywhere. Her blood. Lucy’s blood. “I’m going to die.. either way.. It might as well mean something.. Please, let me protect you this time.” With that, Lucy lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. Hers were flashing between brown and blue, her fangs were retracting and growing with each flash. He couldn’t watch this anymore. He couldn’t watch this girl who had been his partner, his own personal shooting star, suffer any longer.

Knowing there was nothing else he could do, the sobbing Dragon Slayer put a smile on his face and stared her in the eye. “I love you, Luce.”

“I.. love you t-too, Natsu.” The two of them laughed, smiling at each other.

With those final words, Natsu pulled his arm back and thrust his hand into her chest, literally breaking her heart along with his.

Despite all the pain she must have been in, Lucy held the smile on her face as she went limp in Natsu’s arms.

- E.N.D.