you can be the person you want to be

Thank you

really you are really nice beautiful people 

i always was sad about my writing skills because of hates or jokes message 

but you made me so happy telling it’s ok and making me realize i should not care about these haters 

and i realize i  translate my comics not for them but for you “ good people “ who follow me and encouraging me and say nice things to my drawings 

that why i translate my comics because i want everyone to read it i didn’t want to be selfish and translate just only my language  ( not all artist need to translate there comic they are not selfish i said that to myself because personally thing ) 

i mean i can just stop  translate them but every time i read something very nice from you all 

that what makes me want to translate my comics <3

so thank you for all your kind message <3

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What exactly was Gerard's red danger days haircut? I really want to get that cut after I lose some weight but I've never been able to really see how it's done underneath and I don't want to mess it up. I saw that you had it at some point so I thought maybe you could help me. Please and thanks!

im not a hairdresser so maybe im not the right person to ask…i can only give you photos really. it looks like he had everything but the top of his head/the middle of the back of his head shaved off tho…if that makes sense but photos are better than my explanation i guess

you could actually see it a bit better after he cut it shorter

Ok we need to talk about the elephant in the room

Can Black people be racist? The short answer is no, racism is systematic oppression that implies a level of institutional power that black people don’t currently have. When people say, “you’re being racist,” they usually mean that you’re being prejudiced. You’ve said something negative about another race based on stereotypes. “Black people are stupid,” and “white people are evil,” are two good examples.
So can black people be prejudiced? Yes we absolutely fucking can. I am, a lot. But honestly that makes me a shit person. I don’t want to see a white person and automatically assume they’re the devil, but sometimes I do. That’s not ok because I shouldn’t have a level of hate in my heart for someone I just don’t know. Idk I feel like we’ve become so comfortable with prejudice on here, which makes me cringe.

Idk I’m open to thoughts and positive discourse.

Have you ever had those nights wherein you’re eating burgers, fries and chicken from Mcdonalds and you are constantly sobbing at the same time?

It would be fun if ‘twas the movies or the series that’s making you tear up but what if it’s a whole new batshit crazy reasons like—you know, life and love?

I hate it when i’m on my period. Everything is just too emotional.

Resist, but know what you're resisting.

Memes and SNL skits are just about all that’s keeping me sane during these ridiculous and contentious times. Comic relief is helpful but the author of the following op-ed piece brings up a valid point we should all keep in mind. This isn’t to say I’m going to stop posting jokes and I certainly won’t stop calling Trump out on his idiocy, but perhaps, for the good of the fight, I’ll refrain from pointing out his small ass hands and his terrible cheeto tan.

Someone actually tweeted at me suggesting that I refer to Trump as an “it” – a thing, rather than a person.

This is what the road to failure looks like.

The desire to dehumanize Trump is no different than the desire to call him “crazy.” I get it. Some of you REALLY want to distant yourselves, and all of humanity, from all that he is. But you can’t.

That ship sailed long before you were born.

Humanity can be wretched. ACCEPT THAT. Slavery, Nazism, Native genocide, and every other horror in the history books was perpetrated by a large mass of people. Entire populations were, at times, complicit or actively engaged with behavior people now want to define as aberrant, insane or inhuman.

Those masses – those actual purveyors of violence – were not insane. And they were not inhuman. They were the shadow side of human potential.

What we are at our best, and what we are at our worst, is all fundamentally human. That’s why Trump is so dangerous. Active support of fascism isn’t simply evolving in dark places, where depraved narcissists and sociopaths lurk. The rise of fascism is all around you. It has attained power, it is rewriting the laws and even its most shocking elements are being normalized.

The scariest part: All of this is human as fuck. Because human beings are capable of being ungodly awful. Mourn that if you must, but it’s time to accept it. Because your denial endangers us all.

Think tactically: The more time you waste trying to distance your humanity from Trumpism, by calling it insanity, or inhuman, the more ground we’ll lose. We are not fighting caricatures or mental illnesses, or abstractions. We are up against fascism, and it has literally seized control of the United States – a country with more fire power than the Third Reich ever imagined. Such forces must be seen and addressed, strategically, for what they are.

Resist the urge to uncomplicate what’s happening. Don’t fall back on, “he’s crazy,” or worse, “he’s not even human.” Instead, do the work of studying your opponent, not as a caricature, but as an actual enemy force that has its own culture building, community building and action-taking praxis. Because you will not dismantle those things by mocking Trump, or distancing yourself from human ugliness.

Like it or not, Trump is an example of what humanity can serve up. Prove we can also be the opposite, and let the “middle ground” of the spectrum fall somewhere between where they are and where we ought to be – not somewhere between this neoliberal hell and the America Trump is working to create. Because that spot somewhere between now and the full realization of Trump’s vision is the only compromise that establishment Democrats are going to offer – and that keeps us on the same track that brought us this low.

Resist, but know what you’re resisting. Name it. Understand it. And then organize to bring it down.

By Kelly Hayes

Maybe it’s because you’re incapable of empathy, or maybe you’ve just convinced yourself of that. You see, I think you could get it if you wanted to. I’m not sure how much I buy into this idea that you can’t empathize with another person, put yourself in their shoes. It’s more a matter of perspective, and, if you choose, you can adopt one other than your own. You’re just too stubborn to try.

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This is kind of a stupid question but I've new feeling really unlovable because I have so many mental illnesses (not really I only have 4 but that's a lot to me), and I wanted to know if anyone would date someone with multiple mental illnesses? I feel like nobody will love me because I'm such a burden with all of them and I just want some validation or something. (Sorry to bother you I just want to feel like I can be loved)

I would date someone with multiple mental illnesses. You’re a great person and I’m sure you are completely loveable.
Mod Aaron

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Since you are so good at writing and communicating in general I wonder if you speak other languages other than yours. Also, do you like literature? What genre and authors do you prefer? You must be such an interesting person to talk and share opinions with.

Hello there! Thank you for the compliment. I love languages. I want to learn as many as I can.

I speak conversational Spanish and a little Italian in addition to my native tongue, Paakantyi. I understand some Wiradjuri when I hear it; can speak and read Marauara; and can understand my mother’s language, KuRnu (that she mainly uses when talking to her siblings/cousins). I’ve designed Aboriginal Language Programs for schools and tertiary education institutes. I’ve taught Aboriginal languages for 13 years, as well as workplace English to Aboriginal people for whom English is their 3rd or 4th language. I really want to learn German, Welsh and Shona. I know basic AusLan (sign language), too. And I can understand some French when I read it because when I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time looking for swear words in this old copy of de Sade’s ‘Les 120 Journées de Sodome’ that I found at a secondhand bookshop hehehe

I love literature! My favourite author is Anaïs Nin; if you haven’t already, you should read 'Under a Glass Bell’. I love anything Arthurian. The last line of Baldwin’s 'Giovanni’s Room’ still gives me goosebumps to this very day. I have a PDF file of Thomas Harris’ 'Red Dragon’ saved to my phone incase my Kindle app is being weird and I need to re-read it. 'Animal Farm’ and 'Nineteen Eighty-Four’ are perfection to me. Arthur C. Clarke’s 'Childhood’s End’ owns my heart. The Jedi Apprentice series by Jude Watson is my rainy day go-to reading material. I still have the same copy of Sartre’s 'Nausea’ that I had when I was 16 years old. This line from 'The Stranger’ by Camus is the most poignant thing I have read: “…the little plaintive sound rose slowly, like a flower growing out of the silence and the darkness.”

Oh, and of course I love comic books and books about comic books!

Hey, thanks for dropping by my Ask box and getting me to talk about some things that I love 😊

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My girlfriend says she won't see her ex while she's in town if I don't want her to but I don't want to be that person who says who she can or cannot see or talk to. Idk how to feel or what to do bc I know she won't cheat on me and I'm just really insecure bc her ex is this gorgeous doctor and I'm just this potato dental student like ugh kms. Wtf.

tell her that it is her choice. Do you trust her? Im sure she loves you. She broke up with her for a reason right?! So yeah tell her how you feel and give her the choice

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Hi! Do you know if there is a standard life list format? The check marks in my field guide aren't exactly rigorous documentation. I'm willing to "start over" for the sake of better data. Also, in regard to your comment about how birding varies by location, I live on the West Coast so I've never seen a blue jay or a cardinal! I would be stoked to find someone else's "boring" feeder birds.

I’m gonna toss this question to​ @woodthrush @cuckoo-ca-choo @awkwardtypo or another proper birder. I am personally a terrible birder, but I’ll offer my answer in any case:

Your life list is what you want it to be. There are some “rules” set out by various birding organizations, but nobody can tell you how to document what you have and haven’t seen! Your life list doesn’t have to be a rigorous and meticulous data sheet, but it also can be if you want it to! You can start it over at any time, or you can keep consecutive year lists in addition to a life list.

The only one rule I subscribe to is this: the life list documents all species you have seen since beginning the act of listing. So, even though I grew up seeing scarlet ibis and roseate spoonbills weekly during my Texas childhood, these species aren’t on my life list because I haven’t seen them since I began birding in 2013.

I see too many times people saying that people are never too busy…..y'all come on. That actually is bad mindset. You’re expecting a person to ALWAYS make time for you….no matter what they got goin on? If you want them…they gotta drop what they doin. Or constantly hit you up? Yaaaaaaallllllllllllllll. I mean some of yaaaaaaaaaaaalllll.

not everyone shows love like that. Not everyone can do that. Sometimes a person is just busy. They too focused on one tasked and you don’t cross their mind. I know that sucks to hear but not being on someone’s mind every second of the day isn’t a bad thing…it isn’t against you. Like its not always gonna be about you…and that’s healthy. Ask any psychologist and they will tell you, expecting a person to ALWAYS be there is unrealistic and selfish honestly….it’s not even tht you aren’t a priority…..if your relationship is built on some real trust…y'all can go a couple of days of not talking and still be okay. Like its possible to care about someone so deeply and not talk to them every day. It sounds so weird in this day and age but when the real relationship sets in and the honeymoon faze is over…that does happen.

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HA the spoiling Dead fans Tumblr page even SAID that Daryl isn't in love with Carol. They have a bond sure but it isn't romantic and it's just caryl'ers interpreting it as romance when it's not.

Do you want a cookie? Or will your special snowflake award do?

And guess what buddy, I know who you are 😚Anon can’t hide you from IP address searches. Hahah guys I’m pretty sure this is the same person whose been sending every caryl shipper hate like that’ll change our minds about our ship. Should I expose them?

Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

We’ve been blessed by Supergirl 2x13 for all of the Karamel sweetness we got. But as a hardcore and crazy (and probably obsessed) person when it comes to Karamel; meaning never fully satisfied about all things Karamel, so I made a Karamel wishlist consisted of scenes or act or dialogue or descriptions of simple gestures (literally everything) that I really hope to see on the next upcoming episodes.

There are things that us Karamel shippers - generally, and I - especially, wanted to see in the next upcoming episodes. So here’s to your review, I present to you the Karamel Ultimate Wishlist

*PS: it’s a long list, and I’ve tried to gather as many as I can from you, but if I missed something you are so welcome to reblog and add some of your own Karamel wishes. so we can checklist ‘em altogether!

What I* want to see happen next :

□ Set after 213, they’re waking up on the couch hugging each other
□ Cuddling on that couch!
□ Morning kiss(es)
□ Can I just wish they have a Karamel waking up on the bed scene - maybe with a shirtless Mon-El, that’d be AWESOME! 😍😍
□ Another Karamel breakfast with pancakes
□ Mon-El cooks breakfast for Kara - BONUS* : wearing an apron, and he is shirtless
□ Kara introduces Mon-El as her boyfriend, and vice versa
□ Mon-El bringing Kara flowers
□ Smitten Kara
□ Karamel “for good luck” like-in-the-comic kiss
□ Casual hello and goodbye kisses*
□ Make-out session on the couch
□ Make-out sesh on the bed
□ Heavy makeout session on the couch
□ Heavy makeout sesh on the bed
□ Heavy hot steamy sexy makeout sessh. Period. #ItllBeTheDeathOfMe #ButIMeanHowCanTheyNotHaveOneTheTensionsAreCrazy
□ Another hungry passionate kiss scene
□ A HUG - that is really tight, close, and comforting*
□ Intense eye contact their signature eyes-fucking-game
□ Heated communication through intense eye contact*
□ Silent communication between the two of them in a room with plenty of other people*
□ Alex reverse that “look at you, love ray!” to Kara 😍
□ They’re kissing and Mon-El was trying to open the door to her apartment with his lips attached to hers, they continue their hungry kiss, she started to discard his jacket and he took off hers, but they stopped immediately to be greeted with Alex *cough cough* who sits on the couch with this certain “wow” look on her face

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Since some friends referred me a certain person made a call-out post about me, I just need to put this here and end this nonsense once for all.
Just putting the words “child” and “porn” in the same sentence fucking disgust me, how can you even THINK of that?
I study psychology, I know VERY WELL the difference between childhood and adolescence. So, if I want to draw something BARELY smutty between two teenagers I will.
I deleted the posts because I understood that this fandom is full of TOUCHY and JUMPY people.
Why don’t you all do something constructive and good for the fandom/ship instead of leading fucking moral Crusades against other people? 
And keep your #nygmobblepotnegativity or whatever out of my blog, THANKS.

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hey i hope you don't mind me asking this. does it ever get better?bc i feel like it's only getting worse for me each day and i really want to give up. im sorry.

don’t be sorry, friend. i understand how you are feeling.

life isnt always easy sweets. sometimes you have a bad day, week, month…

you get stronger. every experience makes you grow as a person.

and soon the good days outweigh the bad.

you can make it through this.
i believe in you.

please don’t give up.
stay alive.

you’re worth it

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I have a suggestion for the self-dx anon who doesn't know whether to tell a person about their struggles : you could tell them without disclosing your autism self-dx, like (using auditory processing disorder as a symptom example) "My hearing is sensitive so I sometimes struggle making out what you're saying, it would help me a lot if you could pay attention to that and speak clearly." If you want to make sure to be taken seriously you can tell them you're currently being evaluated professionally

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Hi! I'm not sure what you know about Kenyan Sand Boas, but do you know what size enclosure they would need? I saw somewhere that a 10 gallon tank would work, but I wanted to know if you had any input.

It seems to be accepted that a ten gallon would work for a male kenyan sand boa, since there’s a fairly significant size difference between them. I’m personally of the mind that, just because something fits in a smaller enclosure and can survive in one, doesn’t make it the best idea. Sand boas are very stout little creatures, so even though they’re not very long by other snake standards, they still take up a fair amount of space. Then there’s the matter of a proper heat gradient, which is difficult in such a small space. Plus larger enclosure just look nicer. You can add all the neat decor you want, all the extra enrichment, and then, when your snake is burrowed in his substrate and you don’t see him for days on end, at least your enclosure will still be nice to look at lol