you can be the fury in my bed


Bucky X Reader 

Warnings: super long, angst, little self doubt, and fluff

Summary: What happens when the team forgets your birthday? Including your best friend to have a dinner party to meet his new girl. 

A/N: I was super encourage by all the love I got on my last story that I thought I would try again. Thank you all for reading these. This one is super long I let my feelings go and this is what can out of it. 

It’s not like you never told anyone your birthday, it was just a weird thing to bring up in conversation. You would also think a group of ex-assasins and superheroes would remember a little thing like that. So for the past week leading up to it, you had been waiting with bated breath for someone to ask if you had plans for that day. Each day rolled by with nothing, maybe they were going to surprise you. Nobody was acting suspiciously though, no talking that stopped when you walked into the room. Thursday rolled around with nothing and with 2 days till your birthday, you were excited when your best friend Bucky came into the living room. 

“Hey lady, you got plans Saturday night?" 

"No, none what so ever!” You had gotten so excited that you had blurted it out rather quickly. Almost shouting at the man. 

He rocked back at your tone surprised at your eagerness.  

“Awesome we’re all going out to dinner wanted to know if you wanted to join us? Just a little something nothing too formal." 

"Sure, yes I’ll be there" 

He nodded and walked back out. You squealed a little, they were doing something. This was going to be great. You got up and practically sprinted to your room. You had to look nice for your party. You laid out a couple different outfits, finally you set your mind on a (F/C) dress you had been saving. You paired it with some sandals and called it a day. 

Finally Saturday came and you spent the better part of the afternoon getting ready. When you walked out to join your friends. To say some jaws dropped was an understatement. You were known as the queen of casual; never really putting to much effort into how you looked so when you stepped out in you dress all dolled up, the boys didn’t know what to think and the girls were cheesing so hard their faces might have split in half. 

Sam recovered first. Strolling up to you he said "Hey pretty lady, can I take you out to dinner?" 

"Ha, sure you can, as long as you can show this girl a good time." 

"Well then I’m the guy for you.” He held out his arm and you hooked yours through. 

“What’s with the extra effort? You never dress up.” Nat asked curiously. 

“Just wanted to look good for this night.” You say blushing slightly.

Everyone finally headed out except Bucky, he was joining them at the restaurant. They made their way down the street to your favorite little Italian restaurant. Stepping in you’re immediately escorted to a private room for your group. There you see Bucky seated with a blonde bombshell chatting quietly with heads close together. Your heart stutters for a moment, yes Bucky is your best friend but you had always secretly hoped one day it would be more than that. Obviously that wasn’t happening anytime soon because as soon as he noticed you all he started introducing his date. 

“Hey guys this is Gabby.” He starts to introduce each one of you and everyone shacks hands with her. 

When he comes to you he says “This is my best friend, (Y/N). This is Gabby, we’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks.” You’re frozen in your spot staring at this girl. He had never mentioned her but from the smile on his face you can tell it’s pretty serious. You snap out of it and reach your hand out greeting her. Suddenly you get the feeling that tonight had nothing to do with your birthday. 

For the rest of the dinner you sit quietly, not really talking more just sitting and observing the things going on around you. But you always go back to Bucky and Gabby chatting; he had barely glanced your way the whole night and hadn’t even noticed what you were wearing but why would he when there was a gorgeous woman next to him. It had become very apparent, by the time the check was brought that this wasn’t for you but for the girl next to Bucky. Not a single person had remembered your birthday; but it was too late to say anything now. Glancing around you see all the happy faces of your friends, no one looks back at you all focused on their own discussions.

So you excuse yourself from the table, saying you need to use the restroom, but instead of heading there you head straight out the front door. If no one remembered you would celebrate on your own. You walk down the street trying to blink back the tears while shooting Sam a quick text letting him know you weren’t feeling well and you were headed back to the Tower. Stopping by a quaint looking bakery you stop in and grab a cupcake your favorite kind.

You finally back at the Tower, you go straight to the balcony on the top floor. You sit with your legs dangling over the edge and focus in the city spread out in front of you. Taking the cupcake out of its box you begin to sing “Happy Birthday” to yourself, tears start to fall about half way through and your voice cracks then gives out toward the end. You sit quietly and finish your cupcake.

A pair of black stilettos appear in the corner of your vision, you glance up to see Nat. She plops down next to you. 

“You like Bucky don’t you?" 

You kind of stare at her she knows that but not your Birthday? "So? Doesn’t matter he’s with Gabby.” You state your not mad, a little jealous but he can date who he wants. Yeah you wish it was you so bad but who could blame him for picking her over you, a little pudgy vs. drop dead gorgeous. 

“So I think you two would be great together. You are selling yourself short." 

This was perfect; just perfect you were miserable about your missed birthday but now you were adding on Bucky. Each on it’s own you could deal with but together. Well together seemed a little more dismal.

You felt you heart break in half. Maybe this whole thing was a mistake, you weren’t meant to be a part of this team. Heck, it would definitely cause a rift if Bucky ever found out you liked him. A whole bunch of awkwardness there for sure. The rest of the team couldn’t even remember your birthday. You start to think back on all the times you had thrown a tantrum, when you were so tired your sarcasm came out and you said harsh things to the team. Maybe it was better if you left, you couldn’t hurt anyone that way. 

You knew in your head most of the things you were saying were false but it rang so true right now that you couldn’t help but believe it. You focus back on Nat coming to a final decision about everything.

"I know. Call it a coping mechanism or whatever; one learns quickly the way the world works. Him and I, never going to work out. He can never know though. Promise you won’t tell him?!.” You add some finality to your voice to emphize your point to her. 

She merely nodded her head in agreement. Standing up you brushed off your dress and picked up the remains of your cupcake. 

“Now enough of my pity party. It’s time for bed and start a new day tomorrow.” You pull Nat up beside you and walk back in side. Before you part ways she gives you a hard hug. You make your way to your room scrolling through your phone looking for a certain email. Upon finding it you email Fury asking if the position was still open and that you were interested in taking it. Once done you stripped and showered then cuddled into bed to start a new day and a new life tomorrow. 

The next morning you wake up to a message from Fury saying the position was still open and that he would start the process to get your transfer ready. He did say that it might take a week or two to get it done and for you to move. Closing the email you get ready for your day. This changes things you look around your room you would have to start packing but secretively so they didn’t think anything suspicious was going on. You asked FRIDAY for some boxes to be delivered. If asked you could always say you were donating it. 

You head out to grab some food, telling yourself not to annoy anyone while you were there. You were walking on thin ice with the group already no need to leave on an even more negative note. Right before you enter you hear a giggle. Oh, Gabby must have stayed over last night. No need to keep her a secret when the whole team knows now. You make a bee line for the fridge, avoiding making eye contact with anyone. 

“Hey, (Y/N). Good morning”  Bucky calls cheerfully. You raise your hand above the door of the fridge and wave back. “She’s not much of a morning person, tends to be rather grumpy most of the time.” He explains laughing slightly. Though from his tone you can tell he is slightly embarrassed by your behaviour in front of her. Dang you’ve screwed up again, but it would be over they wouldn’t have to deal with you soon enough.

You exit the room but pause when Gabby asks “What does she do? Like her role on the team?”  

There’s a moment of silence you can’t tell what their faces look like whether it is shocked or confused; but the answer that follows tells it all. 

“She’s like a jack of all trades,” Tony answers hesitantly “she…. how do I explain this? She does what we need her to. She isn’t great at any one thing." 

Your breathing stops, that’s what they thought. You could hear grunts of agreement. You feel tears start to build again. No not again, she wouldn’t start crying again. You raced off just after hearing Steve say, "Yeah that’s what she is jack of all trades, master of none." 

What you didn’t hear was Bucky saying "But she’s the glue that holds us all together, the one that will become anything you need her to be. In a way she’s the perfect friend, the perfect Avenger in a way." 


You had avoided everyone as much as you could the past week. Didn’t want to get in their way or piss them off if you could help it. No one seemed to miss you anyway. There was no one checking up or asking for you. So when Fury came by to confirm your transfer and ask some questions you were out doing other things. 

"Where is (Y/N)? I need her to finish this paperwork.” Fury stated to the group. 

“She’s out, I don’t think she won’t be back till later. Why? What kind of paperwork? Maybe we can help.” Nat strolls over to him glancing at the papers. 

“I need some basic information from her like her birthday, social, and a couple more things. Though now that I think of it I could just ask FRIDAY. Pull up all general info on (Y/N) (Y/L/N) for me including social and forwarding address if available." 

It popped up on the TV screen and Sam blurted out "Wait forwarding address, where is she going?” Starting to panic. 

“She is taking a position in England that we offered her a while ago she will be in charge of train agents in the European offices; getting them in first rate condition. She declined at first but changed her mind last week; she let me know she wanted to take it." 

 They all shake their heads there was no way you would do this not without telling them. Bucky is the first to jump up furious at what he was just told. 

"What do you mean, transfer, she belong here with us. No way is she leaving.”  He is shaking with how upset he is. 

Fury really isn’t paying attention to the upset heroes instead he is filling in your information on the sheet he has. “Oh look at that she’s a year older, that will get confusing I’ve always hated right after a birthday you have to remember that someone’s older than they were. But I guess that’s how it works. I need to get her something maybe one of you could pick it out for me? I bet Tony here threw a wonderful party for her birthday? Huh." 

Again the team freezes, "Wait her birthday passed? When?” Steve asks  confused as to how any of them could have missed it.

“(Y/B/D) it was on a Saturday this year perfect time to do something.” He jokes but looking at their faces knows something is very wrong. “You forgot?! All of you Earth’s Mightiest Heroes forgot a team members birthday! What did you do?" 

Sam answers hesitantly "We meat Bucky’s new girl that night. Thats why she had gotten all dressed up. Not to meet Gabby just her birthday.” He smacks his forehead with his palm. 

“She probably thought that we were going to celebrate her birthday. She didn’t do it for Bucky, she did it for herself.” Nat says. 

Bucky blinks “What do you mean for Me? Why would she do something like that for me?" 

Tony signs "Obviously because she likes you. Not that you noticed you were too wrapped up in Miss Prissy to notice how decked out she was." 

Unbeknownst to the team you were traveling up the elevator and the door opened to the living room just as Bucky was saying ”(Y/N) likes me?“

You froze, he wasn’t supposed to know, he was never to find out. All eyes turned to the elevator as it dinged above you. Your eyes shoot to Nat asking for an explanation. She merely shook her head indicating it wasn’t her that had told him. You don’t want to know the look on Bucky’s face whether it was pity or disappointment. Instead you shift it to Fury, walking up to him and grabbing the papers. 

"I’m assuming you just need a signature and then I’m all ready to go, Yes?” You quickly take the papers and sign them finalizing the deal. You hand everything back to Fury while still ignoring the group that stared at you. 

“Thank you. I’ll get this all taken care of. Oh by the way Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day." 

"I did thank you so much.” You smile slightly at him. Walking up you kiss his cheek. Now if jaws could drop even further they would because this group’s would all be on the floor by now. Never before had they seen some one kiss Fury let alone get close enough without being stopped. You turn around and head for the staircase towards your room, Fury calls out “Don’t need to lie to me, sweetheart." 

You turn back to face him a sad but knowing smile on your face. "It was a good day, I got to spend the day relaxing and then went to dinner with my family. We had a good time I got to meet someone dear to my friend we are laughed and talked. No my life wasn’t celebrated and there was no cake, but I got myself the best cupcake a girl could ask for then celebrated on the balcony over looking the city. Did all my dreams come true? No. Did i get the guy? Never going to happen. Am I happy for him? Of course he deserves the best in the world, even when its not me. I still got to celebrate even if it was just me. But sometimes the only person needed to have a celebration is yourself.” You turn back around and continue on your way to your room. 

Fury glances back to the group. They now had somber looks, “You all really screwed up this time,  your going to lose her because you couldn’t see something that was right in front of you. Even worse I’m losing her. You all best make it right. That’s my girl, and I will make your life miserable if she moves. I’m going to go lose these for a while, you best have it fixed before I find it again, you hear?" 

"Yes, Sir!” Comes the unanimous and frightened reply. 

“Heroes my foot, trying to drive my favorite away. Always screwing around with my plans and my people.” Hes muttering as he exits the room into the elevator. 

They end up looking at each other no one quite knowing what to do. They had messed up before but all this seemed to pale in comparison. They had driven away one of their own. Wanda was the one to speak up first. 

“Bucky, how do you feel about her? I mean really? I’m not saying that what you feel for Gabby is fake but there has always been a.deep connection between the two of you something that not even some married couples achieve. I’m also not going to force you to chose her either if Gabby makes you happy go for it. She is a sweet girl. Please though give it some thought." 

Bucky’s forehead wrinkled thinking through all the thing you had done for him from calming him down from his nightmares, to just sitting in silence on the couch after a long mission neither of you saying anything you just letting him rest his head against your thigh as you ran you fingers through his hair. He thought of the times you made him laugh at some dumb thing you did. He also remembered the way you interacted with everyone.

Each remembers everything you had done and what stood out the most. You made yourself tailored fit to each person. With Bruce you would make a nice cup of tea before snuggling in With a good book. Asking every once in awhile how it was. You were the steadiness that he craved. For Tony you would fiddle around in his lab handing him tools as he needed them and having late night dance off parties when the guilt and shame of the past prevented him from sleeping. 

Nat was a little difficult since you tended to have opposite tastes but there you were training with her, learning to fight but also to dance. You were never going to be a Ballerina but you liked to think that Nat could see that all that she had learned wasn’t bad she could use it to help others. Of course with Clint it was nothing but fun and games pranking all that you could find and running away giggling. When Thor was around you would traverse this Midgar and explore the wierd traditions, you humans had, Thor’s words, even if it was simply grocery shopping. At this point Wanda and Vision were a package deal one was hardly away from the other. With them you spent your days cooking and coming up with  new recipes. But also trying to out smart Vision the best you could. 

Sam was your go to buddy, watching movies, playing video games, or even just chatting about how life was going. Hanging with Steve was always interesting, you had appointed yourself list completer. You did just about everything on the list with Steve and if you couldn’t you set it up for him, the where, when, and even sometimes the who. 

Bucky though, it was everything, everyday he could think of a memory with you. A rock was how he would describe you; a constant person that whenever he needed something you were there to provide. Your random adventures out into the world with no real destination in mind. Now just the thought that he wouldn’t see you for even more then one day was terrifying. He pulls himself from his thoughts to see the group looking at him. 

"I can’t lose her. I don’t know what I would do without her.” His voice is trembling over cone with fear of what may happen. 

“Then you need to go talk to her, after we need to talk to her, so get her down here. We need to apologize and make her see that she is beyond needed here.” Wanda is firm, making it clear that failure is not an option. 

Bucky nods and begins his way up the stairs, towards your room. When he reaches the door he raises his hand to knock but hesitates, he doesn’t know what to say, how is he going to get you to stay after everything the group has put you through. You could leave, you had every right, they had taken so much from you never giving anything in return always just expecting more. No, not now he would give you anything you wanted. You were going to stay right here, with him. He knocked, this time determined to make you see where you truly belonged. 

The door cracked open, revealing tears traveling down your face and a pair of eyes revealing a shattered heart. You stare at him for a moment taking him in. You turn away leaving the door open knowing that he isn’t going to leave even if you wanted him to. He came into a room of boxes and thing scattered about. His hear restricted again it was real you were leaving. 

“You can’t go.” He blurted almost shouting it.  

You turn towards him. “Why not?" 

You’re tired, exhausted really you had cried yourself to sleep to many times this week. Ready to put the whole thing behind you and move on. So when you spoke it was devoid of emotion. This scared Bucky even more, you had never spoken to him or anyone else this way. 

"I…we need you here. No I need you here. You help keep us all together.”

“Funny thing about Jack of All Trades, yeah we maybe good at almost anything we do; we are also very replaceable. You’ll find someone else just as good or even better. You think you need me now but just wait couple of weeks you’ll forget i was even here." 

"No we won’t. You are much more than that to us. None of could really function without you here. Who do you thinks keeps all the evil from crushing us. You see us as more than just superheroes. Please don’t go." 

You sign and continue to pack things into the boxes. Fear takes over Bucky as he watches to the point where he walks and tips the box spilling it’s contents on to the ground. 

"What are you doing!!!” You scream at him. 

“I’m not letting you go. I … I need you here with me. Not anyone else just me. I’m going to unpack everything you do so stop right now." 

"You’re making a mess that’s what you’re doing. You stop.” Exasperated at this fool. You had just finished packing those; but he continues to dump out your boxes. “Knock it off.” He keeps going. He has about two boxes left before he has effectively unpacked everything you have done. “Alright let’s talk, just stop trashing my room." 

He freezes mid tip, a smile grows on his face. He puts the box right side up. You plop down on your bed and pat the space next to you. He sets himself down and angles himself so he is facing you. 

"Why should I stay, and don’t just say cause you need me?" 

"I do need you, but the others need you as well. I didn’t realize how vital you are to me until you were walking away from me. You keep the nightmares at bay. You make me get up in the morning afterward even when I feel like the weight of everything I’ve done will crush me. No one else does that for me." 

"Wha..  what about Gabby, she makes you happy? I’ve never seen you smile like that not even when we are together." 

"That’s because it’s not that real. You aren’t paying enough attention to me when we are together. I can’t not smile when we are together. Gabby is sweet but half the time I feel I have to hide part of myself so that I don’t scare her. She’s sweet and caring but she is not you. I know you would go to the ends of the earth for me and kick anyone’s butt that even insinuates that I’m not meant to be here. I don’t get that from you." 

Staring at him now, you can see how much he means with what he is saying. Why had he never said this before. Why Now? 

"I know you think that I might just be saying this because I don’t want you to leave” you not you head, “but I mean it. It’s cliche but I almost list you and I realize that I do care for you. I.. I love you, I can’t live without you. I can see a life without Gabby but without you I can’t even wrap my head around it." 

He pauses looking at your face to see your reaction. Hoping that it is positive but scared that it’s too late for all this. You sit for a moment taking everything he has just said. 

"I… Why couldn’t you say this earlier. I just signed my transfer. It’s official now. I love you too but.." 

"Well Fury may have chewed us out and "lost” your paper work till we made this right with you.“ 

You can’t help it now you let out a laugh, Bucky can’t help but smile at the sound he missed it and even more he didn’t want to lose it again. He tackled you to the bed, wrapping his body around. You wiggled trying to escape while laughing some more. He then begins to poke you in your side, causing you to laugh even harder. 

"Stop, please I’m staying I’m staying I promise.” You’re trying to catch your breath while wiping tears away from your face. You snuggle deeper into him, enjoying the warmth and the pleasantness of the embrace. You stay like that for a while just reveling in each other. 

“Good,” he likes where you are at, right here in his arms, “we do need to move sometime. I have been tasked with bringing  you downstairs so the others can talk to you. They feel bad for missing your birthday. I feel really bad, I’m your best friend and I couldn’t even remember something that important. Give me a day and I’ll make it up to you, anything you want I’ll do it. It’s your day." 

You merely nod, then unravel from him before standing up to head downstairs. He grips the side of your face taking his thumbs and wipes the remaining tears from your eyes. He kisses your forehead before releasing you to go. You take a deep breath and head out, Bucky lingers pulling out his phone to make things right. 

You head down the stairs to living room, you go to grab Bucky’s hand for support to find him missing. Looking back around and continue down taking deep breathes. Looking into the living room you see that they are running around setting up balloons and streamers. Tony was trying to dictate where everything went and how everything looked. Wanda and Vision, were of course baking in the kitchen they were assembling the cake decorating it as best they could.

Everyone is so busy they don’t notice you on the stairs. You sit down and continue watching them, wondering how you ever thought you could leave these people. Tony pulls up the security video from the day that Gabby asked what you do. You watch them defend you and what you do, no one had a single thing wrong with you. 

You feel the tears gather again, you feel Bucky come up behind you wrapping his arms around you from the step above. All of a sudden the cake starts to tip over and a cry rings out from Wanda which causes Clint to startle on the ladder sending streamers falling and balloons to start popping. You smack a hand over your mouth to stop from laughing. It doesn’t last long as Tony starts running around before slipping on some decoration boxes he falls on his butt. The cake finally tips and falls across the counter. And Steve stares at everything happening. You can’t help it you busy out laughing bending over in half with a stitch growing in your side. You can feel Bucky behind you cracking up as well. 

They all look over see you collapsed on the stairs laughing. One by one they start laughing, each caught up in the moment. They all tapperoff when they hear a ding from the elevator. Fury steps out and looks around. 

"I don’t need these correct?” He hold up your papers. All eyes shoot to you. 

“No sir you don’t. Their stuck with me now.” You shake your head as cheers go up. 

Bucky leans in to whisper in your ear “I broke it off with Gabby, I’m all yours.” You shoot a look back at him just to confirm what he said, “Till the end of the line.”  You go back to looking at your friends as they stumble back up. This was the best birthday you could have asked for. 

“Happy Birthday (Y/N)!" 

Green With Envy- Chapter One

Bruce Banner x Daughter! Reader and Peter Parker x Reader 

Summary-You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones

Message- Here’s the first chapter for Green With Envy! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Warning- Mentions of child abandonment and a drug addicted mom.

Word Count-1300

“Shit, shit! This is bad!! We need to find a place to lay low for a while.” Tony says while he flies the quinjet. “Does anyone other than Clint have a secret family we can stay with for a while?” Tony jokes and everyone but Bruce laughs. Bruce sighs.

“Yeah, move over, Tony. I have a place.” Bruce says.

“Wait! You have a secret family?” Nat shouts.

“Yep.” Bruce mumbles. All of the other Avengers stare at him in shock and Bruce does his best to ignore it. After a couple hours of flying Bruce starts to land the plane. They all look out the window and they see a young woman with green hair standing in the field beside the house. “You guys should stay here, this might get ugly.”

“She looks a little young to be your wife.” Clint says.

“What!? No! She’s my 17 year old daughter!” Then Bruce takes a deep breath and walks out of the quinjet.

“What the fuck are you doing here!? You abandoned us 7 years ago! You have no right coming back! Me and Wyatt have been doing just fine without you!!” You scream.

“What do you mean you and Wyatt? Where’s your mother?” your father asks looking concerned. He hadn’t wanted to leave but you mother had kicked him out about a month after Wyatt was born.

“She left two years ago, the visions became too much for her to deal with so she started to do drugs to block them out. One day I woke up and found a note saying she couldn’t handle it anymore. She said she couldn’t be our mom anymore. Fury has been taking care of us since. He tried to find you but after Ultron you fell off the map. But I told him you didn’t have any interest in us anyway.” You sneer.

“Your mother kicked me out, Y/N. I didn’t have a choice!” You can see his skin ripple green. Good. That’s what you really wanted. You needed to have a few words with Hulk. Then you see the Avenger come running. They must have seen your father start to get angry. But you can’t let the interrupt so you use your powers and surround you and your father in a green dome.

“You abandoned us!” you shriek! “I haven’t seen you since I was 10, Wyatt was what a month old when you left!”

“I wasn’t safe to be around! I could have hurt you or Wyatt!”

“I can take care of myself.” You yell back, you lift your open hand up towards him and you shoot a bolt of energy into your Dad. Then you close use your telekinesis to throw him against the dome wall. You are vaguely aware of the Avengers banging against the dome. Trying to tell you to stop. “I want to talk to him. So stop trying to keep him away!” you scream.

“He’ll hurt you!” Your dad yells back.

“No, he won’t! He’s always protected me!”

“Fine!” then your Dad starts to grow and turn green, eventually the person standing in front of you isn’t your father, it the Hulk. You look at his face and instead of anger you saw shame.

“You let him leave! You promised me that you wouldn’t let him! I trusted you!” You scream as you shoot bolts at him. He just stands there and takes it. “Everything that’s wrong with my life is your fault! You took my dad away from me! You’re the reason I’m a freak! You’re the reason mom left! Wyatt doesn’t even know the two of you!”


“So you can talk, that’s new.” You said as you looked over to the Avengers. Vision was currently trying to phase through your dome. “I think I’m giving your team a heart attack. Just so you know I don’t forgive you-yet. You have a lot of trust to earn back, and so does Dad.” Hulk grunts in agreement. “Wyatt’s inside, if you give dad back his body, I’ll introduce them.” Hulk grunts again and he starts to shrink down until your dad is standing in front of you. “I know mom kicked you out and I know you stayed away to protect us. I wish you hadn’t but we can’t change the past. Just know that if you ever do something that stupid again, I will never forgive you.”

“D-did your Mom give you and Wyatt the letter I sent?”

“No, I found them when she left.” Your dad nods like he expected this.

“Is Wyatt gifted?”

“Yeah, he kind of takes after Mom. But not as intense, he goes into this trance and his eyes go white, then he draws an image of the future. When he snaps out of it he has no memory of it happening. I should probably drop the dome and let your friends in.” You say looking over at the Avengers. They’re a little calmer now that the big guy was gone, but they were looking at you warily.

“That would probably be for the best. How did you know that we were coming?” your dad asks.

“Wyatt drew it yesterday. He’s excited to meet you, he’s just as smart as the two of us, maybe even a little smarter.” You say grinning at your Dad. Then you bring the dome down and the avengers come running. That’s when you notice him, Spiderman. He’s wearing the suit but not the mask and you realize that he’s your age. “You have a teenager on the Avengers?” you ask your Dad and he shrugs. “You guys can follow me into the house, I saw what happened on the news. You guys are here to law low, right?” They all nod and you turn and start walking back to your house. When you get in you see your brother painting on the wall. “Fuck.” You whisper as you run over to him. His eyes are white and unfocused as he uses his fingers to smear the paint around. You know better than to try to break the trance so you keep the Avengers away from him. Then you see Fury walk in. “When did he-“

“A couple minutes after you went outside.” Fury’s says cutting you off. You look at the painting and you see that it’s the world literally crumbling apart.

“That’s a pretty disturbing image for a seven year old to be drawing. Are any of the three of you going to stop him?” Tony Stark asks.

“No, it’s not him and he can’t control it. He’s enhanced, he draws future possibilities. It’s dangerous to try to snap him out of it.” You murmur. “What the hell have you guys gotten yourselves into?”

“How do you know that the painting has anything to do with us?” Natasha asks.

“Just a feeling.” You say as you watch your brother paint. After about 10 minutes his little body sags in exhaustion. You walk over to him and pull him into a hug. “Dad’s here and he brought the Avengers. They would all really like to meet you.” You whisper into Wyatt’s ear. He looks over to where they are all standing and he starts to smile a little.

“Can I meet them after sleep? I’m real tired, Sissy.” Wyatt mumbles.

“Sure, you earned a nap. You pained a real big painting.” Wyatt then starts to stumble towards his room. Fury follows him to make sure he gets into bed safely and you turn to the Avengers. “I’m sure you all have question.” After you say that everyone starts talking at once. You sigh and sit at the kitchen table. This was going to be a long day.

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Our Little Secret (Part 5)

Bucky x Reader
WC 1206
Warnings: alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, some swearing

Bucky was standing on the other side of the door and by the set of his jaw, he was pissed. When he spoke, his voice was low, “What the hell, Angie?”

You reached out and grabbed his arm, “Brad, calm down. Nothing happened.”

He shrugged your hand off him, “What the hell were you guys doing in there?”

“Nothing! We just had a drink.”

“Yeah,” Max smirked, “She was cold.”

Bucky grabbed you and pulled you so you were standing behind him. “You,” he glowered at Max. “Leave her alone.” He turned to you, “Let’s go.”

He grabbed you by the arm and lead you away in silence.

The ship was beginning to dock and he angrily lead you off. The ride to the villa was tense and silent and when you arrived back at the villa, Bucky got out and slammed the car door shut without waiting for you to exit the car.

You weren’t sure if he was actually mad or just playing a part but you took your time getting out of the car. The driver looked through the rearview mirror and gave you a sad smile. When you got into the villa, you expected to see Bucky in the hallway but he wasn’t there. You heard noise coming from the living room and headed that way.

Bucky was pacing the room. You stood at the door watching him silently when he stopped suddenly, turning to you.

“Did he hurt you?”

You shook your head, no.

“Did he touch you?”

You shook your head again. “Are you… are you actually mad?

He raked a hand through his hair, “No…?” It came out like a question.

“Bucky, stop. Let’s have a drink on the balcony, okay? We can talk about things.”

He nodded, heading towards the glass doors at the other end of the room. You fixed yourself a gin and tonic and poured a glass of scotch for him.

Bucky was sitting on one of the patio loungers, sprawled out, arms behind his head. You handed him his drink. Taking a seat in the other recliner, you took a sip of your drink and made a face. “Ugh. I don’t actually like gin and tonics, you know.”

“Then why do you drink them?”

You swirled the drink the glass and shrugged, “I like the taste of the lime.”

He stared into his drink, “What do you like to drink then?”

Leaning into your seat, you answered automatically, “Cofee. Tea. Hot chocolate. Basically, hot beverages.” You shivered in the chair, feeling the cold since you were still in your dress.

Bucky noticed you shivering and suggested you go in to change into something warmer. As much as you wanted to discuss what had happened, you agreed. No point in freezing again.

You quickly changed into warmer clothes and washed off your makeup which took longer than anticipated. You rummaged through your purse for your cigarettes and lighter knowing it was going to be a long night. Hurrying down, you grabbed a few blankets so you could stay warm while outside.

Bucky wasn’t outside anymore but you heard him coming. You looked up to see him carrying two steaming mugs of coffee.

Smiling broadly, you were at a loss. “Thank you.”

He handed you the mug, “I wasn’t sure how you took it, so I just added milk.”

You inhaled the aroma, the giant mug hiding your face. “When it’s made at home, that’s exactly how I take it. It’s when I’m out I get fancy with my coffee. If I’m spending seven bucks on coffee, I want it to taste like dessert.” You took a sip and hummed. “This is perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. Lighting it up, he inhaled.

You gaped at him, “Bucky! I didn’t know you smoked!”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Since before…”

You held up your own pack, shaking it, “Looks like we have something in common.”

He gave you a small smile, “Guess so.”

You sat there in silence, this time, it was comfortable. It was Bucky who broke the silence. “So? What’d you two talk about?”

You wrapped a blanket around your shoulders, leaning forward in your chair. “I think I underestimated him. He’s more involved that we thought.”

He motioned for you to continue.

“It was a feeling I got. Like, he was trying to impress me or something and he kept alluding to ‘working hard’ but he wouldn’t actually say what he meant by that.” You shuddered, “He invited me there because he said I looked cold.” You looked at Bucky, “He was watching me. And the whole time I was there, my skin prickled. I don’t like him.”

“You need to figure out how far you want this to go.”

“What do you mean?”

He turned to look at you, “How far are you willing to go to get what you need from him? It’s obvious he’s interested in you. My little stunt may have been what we need for him to step it up. But do we continue down this road? Me being the jealous boyfriend? Or do we try a different tactic?”

You made a face, “Shit. I don’t know. Do we have to decide right now?”

He gave you a small smile, “No, not right now, but we should have a plan of action soon enough. I know the estimated time for this mission was weeks but we didn’t anticipate immediate contact with the target or how badly he wants to get in your pants.”

At that moment, Bucky’s phone rang. When he answered it, it went straight to video chat.

“Bucky, what’s the status? Neither you or Y/N have checked in with anyone on our end.” It was Steve.

Bucky looked up at you. You were frozen in your spot. Swallowing hard, you nodded to him.

“Steve. Things are going well. The target made immediate contact with us, well, with Y/N. Seems like he has an interest in her.”

“Make sure she doesn’t get in over her head on this.”

Your blood boiled. Snatching the phone from Bucky’s hand, you snarked, “She can take care of herself just fine, Captain.”

“Y/N, don’t do something you’ll regret.” His tone was condescending.

“Where the hell do you get off telling me what to do? You’re not my superior in this case so you can fuck right off.” You tossed the phone back to Bucky, “I’m going to bed.”

Steve waited for you to walk away then he laughed, “Still got that fiery temper, huh?”

Bucky rolled his eyes, “She’s not wrong, you know. You’re being as asshole.”

“C’mon Buck. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Well, we’re not reporting to you on this one. So you don’t need to call and request updates. You can get them from Fury if you’re that damned curious.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry.”

Bucky nodded, tensely. “I’m gonna call it a night, too. It’s been a busy day.”

“Take care of yourself.”

Bucky shut down the call and sat there, staring at the night sky for a while. He was hoping that if enough time had passed, maybe you’d be asleep before he came up to bed.


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  • <p> <b>Rhys:</b> How do I ask Feyre out, what should I say?<p/><b>Cassian:</b> Roses are red, violets are blue, you should know my bed has room for two<p/><b>Rhys:</b> nO<p/><b>Mor:</b> Sing her a song!!! Twinkle twinkle little star, we can do it in my car<p/><b>Rhys:</b> STOP. IT.<p/><b>Amren:</b> I like Mor's idea, sing her a song. Row row row the boat, gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily, I can make you scream<p/><b>Cassian:</b> ...<p/><b>Mor:</b> ...<p/><b>Rhys:</b> Don't you think that one's going a bit into serial killer territory?<p/></p>

Dean Winchester x Reader

Requested by Anon (I think) If you requested this and I forgot who you are, I’m so sorry!!! Requested #28 with Dean:   “You’re still mad?”

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The entire ride back to the bunker was silent, and awkward. Even the radio stayed silent, while Dean white knuckled the steering wheel all the way home. Gingerly resting on the back seat of the Impala, you tried not to wince at each and every one of the bumps the Impala raced over.

Sam would turn around occasionally, giving you a sympathetic smile before Dean would glare at him. Sighing, Sam had tried once or twice to talk to his brother, but Dean was in no mood for talking. Which made you more than a little nervous to be back at the bunker. It hadn’t been your fault the werewolf had targeted you. You had tried hard to kill the werewolf, but you had also been more concerned about protecting its young victim. In return, you had received a nasty gash along your shoulder and thigh, and Dean’s fury.

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Spilled Secrets (Secrets)

Summary: After leaving your assassin life behind, you seek a new life to forget your past. Nick Fury brings you into the life of the Avengers, posing as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. But, what happens when your secret’s revealed?

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, (Eventual) Steve x Reader.

‘Secrets Masterlist’

Everybody was sitting in the conference room, speechless. After the events that unfolded, nobody wanted to go to bed, despite the massive amounts of cardio everyone just endured. 

“Are we going to address the elephant in the room?” Tony asked, looking at you. 

“Are you calling me fat, Stark?” you joked. 

“N-No, not at all,” he said nervously. You chuckled. 

“I’m just kidding.” 

Fury spoke. “As you know, Shadow isn’t dead. She’s been living under wraps for a few months under our care, as you can see.” The team looked at you and you shifted uncomfortably under their gaze. Natasha sat next to you and gaped. 

“I can’t believe it. You’ve been my hero for the longest time,” she said with a nervous laugh. You smiled. 

“That’s sweet, thank you. No need to be nervous around me, though.” 

“I still can’t wrap my head around it.”

“I think it’s time you all knew he truth,” you started. “I was Shadow. The HYDRA branch that took me as a child is long gone, but I’m still trying to adjust to the life Fury gave me. I’ve, uh, been Tony’s personal assistant ever since.” 

“I really can’t believe that,” Tony said. “This badass was hired as my personal assistant? Damn, I should’ve hired you as my body guard.” 

“Leaving that life behind is kind of the point.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, why’d you leave Shadow behind?” Steve asked. You looked at him and tried to detect the emotion on his face. He was calm and calculated, like a captain, but you could see his eyes held concern for you. Taking a deep breath, you explained. 

“My childhood consisted of training. I was convinced I was doing good in the world by killing all those people and stealing things. I kept telling myself that was I was doing wasn’t wrong. HYDRA gave me a compelling story and when you’ve been abandoned all your life and someone takes you in, you don’t really question what they say. When I wanted out, HYDRA forced me into continuing by brainwashing me. I don’t know how they did it. I’m not really sure I want to know. 

“But something broke inside of me. I guess it was when I tried to save this girl from a burning building, defying my commander’s orders. I broke then. I didn’t want to kill anyone and I didn’t want to harm people. I resisted the brainwashing and lived under cover for a while. 

“Then Fury found me. He offered me a brand new life at the tower if I agreed to work closely with you guys. Just in case anything happened to me.” You looked down at your hands. Truthfully, you had always been this shy girl around other people, but as an assassin, you kept up a facade that you held up for so long. In that conference room, you felt more vulnerable than you ever had in your lifetime. 

“I’m not proud of what I did,” you said, looking up to meet Steve’s eyes. “I never want to go back. I’m not that person anymore, I…,” you trailed off, not knowing what to say. Natasha gently put a hand on your shoulder and began to rub small and soothing circles. 

“I know, Y/N,” she said. She experienced something similar to what you went through and you relaxed under her touch. “You’re not that person anymore. You’re not what HYDRA wanted you to be.” 

“It’s really hard pretending I’m not Shadow,” you began. “Every footstep in the house feels like an intruder and every corner feels like it’s concealing something behind it.” Bucky looked at you and understood. Clint grabbed one of his arrows and toyed with it, a habit he had when he was nervous. You looked at him and smiled.

“Sorry. I know it’s a lot to take it.” 

“It’s okay, Y/N. Really, it is,” Wanda said. You allowed her to cross paths in your mind and she could hear your every thought. “You’re safe here, right guys?” Everyone nodded. 

“So I guess this means you’re no longer my personal assistant, right?”

Everyone went to sleep and Fury let them have the day off. Truthfully, the team didn’t go on a lot of missions. The Earth was safe (for now, at least), and the team picked up small jobs here and there. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes didn’t need to save the Earth to be considered heroes. 

You noticed that everyone tiptoed around you. They’d be so careful with what they say and they continuously tried to impress you when you sparred with them. Now that the cat was out of the bag, Fury begged you to train with the Avengers and teach them your skills. You figured there was no harm in trying to pass on your skills to people who actually did some good. You told yourself again and again that these people weren’t going to hurt you to keep yourself from staying in your room all day. 

It took some time for you to be comfortable with accepting the fact that you were Shadow. You had come so far, running so fast from the truth that ultimately, you fell hard when the truth hit you. You knew you’d have to face it one way or another, but you didn’t count on it hurting you so much. 

You wanted the team to become better at fighting. You wanted them to help other people in the way that you didn’t. It became a personal mission to you - helping others to make up for the time you spent sending terror to people who didn’t deserve it. You and Natasha had gotten along pretty well, having a similar backstory. Natasha gleamed whenever you two would spar or hang out because she was your number one fan. You saw her as a friend and as someone who understood why you ran. 

Steve and Bucky were in the common room with you. You were reading a book and Bucky and Steve were trying not to look at you. You felt their gazes, but tried to focus on your book. 

“Shit,” Bucky said under his breath. Your eyes looked up from the page. “I forgot I was supposed to help Sam oil up his wings.” Bucky stood up and jogged out, leaving you and Steve alone. 

Steve felt awkward. He was used to feeling relaxed around his teammates, but he couldn’t sit still around you. He couldn’t figure out how to sit comfortably nor did he know the right words to say, so he decided to shut up altogether. You were aware that Steve tried to avoid talking to you and you assumed it was because of the recently revealed secret you had been trying to hard to hide. 

He shifted in his seat and started at you. You sighed and closed the book. 

“Is there something I can help you with?” you asked. Steve looked at you and his eyes widened. 

“No, not really.” He avoided your eyes. 

“Are you scared of me?” 

“No, why would you think that?” 

“You don’t talk to me anymore. Well, we didn’t really talk in the first place, but we talked more than I talked to the others. Now, it’s just…,” you paused. “It’s just silence.” Steve didn’t know how to answer that. You were being so upfront with him and it scared him. You scared yourself. You forced yourself to be candid and not beat around the bush. You didn’t want your teammates to be scared of you and you didn’t want Steve pushing you away. 

“I just, well, I don’t really know how to handle this entire situation,” Steve said, waving his hands in the air. 

“You don’t have to live with it, I do.” Steve’s eyes softened when he noticed your small frown. 

“I know. I get that, I do. I’m afraid I might say something that’ll offend you or trigger you in some way.” You offered him a small smile and he returned.

“Thank you for thinking of me, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to tiptoe around me. Not you, especially not you. Please,” you pleaded. You looked at your hands again and played with your fingers. Steve felt horrible that you felt this way and shifted his body so that he was kneeling in front of you. 

“Hey, hey,” he said, coaxing you to look at him. Once your gazes met, he put his hand on yours and stroked your skin with his thumb. “I can’t say I know what you’re going through, but we’re all dealing with some demons from our past. Just take it one day at a time.” You nodded at him, soaking in every word he said. Steve hesitantly moved his hand to cup your face. Your cheeks flushed, but you didn’t care. It was nice being held. Steve didn’t know if he made you uncomfortable and was about to retract his hand until he felt you relaxing in his palm. He started to stroke your cheek and you closed your eyes, humming in approval. 

Steve looked at you. He could see you were tearing yourself apart, punishing yourself for doing more harm than good. But he also saw that you committed yourself to training the Avengers with the intention to help them prepare for anything they might face. For the first time, he saw how helpless you were. He had known you as being the quiet assistant who wasn’t afraid to talk back to Tony Stark when he needed to be put in his place. Then, he knew you as the most ruthless and feared assassin in the world, but now he saw you as someone who was trying to better themselves. He could relate to that. 

You opened your eyes and saw Steve looking at you. The corners of your lips tugged upwards into a small smile and Steve was happy to know he was the reason behind it. 

The both of you stared at each other. His blue yes looked straight into yours and you swore you could hear your own heart beating fast. This was so new to you. You never had time for relationships and being so close to Steve scared and excited you at the same time. 

Steve was the one who leaned in first. He was scared that you’d think he was taking advantage of you, but truth be told, he wanted to know what your lips felt like the moment you were hired as Tony’s personal assistant. 

You and Steve were only inches apart before Sam interrupted, yelling at Bucky.

“What the hell, man? I told you to let go after I jumped,” Sam said. You both pulled apart and were grateful Sam and Bucky were too busy looking at each other to notice the position you and Steve were just in.

“Jeez, I’m sorry! You should’ve made that clearer,” Bucky retorted. 

“I really don’t know how I could’ve been clearer,” Sam scoffed. He saw you on the couch and Steve standing next to you. “Oh, hey guys. Don’t mind us, Bucky’s just being overdramatic.” Bucky glared at Sam. 

“Me? How about you?” You looked and Steve and shared a laugh. For the first time, you felt like you were going to be okay.

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'how high are you?' 'yes.'

This one is about 900 words. Steve x Reader A little angsty a little fluffy. Surprise ending? Masterlist

Summary: You try smoking something from Asgard, that leaves you high as can be. Steve sees you passes out on the couch and takes care of you.

Originally posted by ireneknight

“I am defiantly going to regret this” I thought as I  took the glass pen from Thor. I breathed in and puffed blue smoke out. In its place, a fuzzy warm feeling was left. “Not bad” I thought. Thor laughed “Lady (y/n) is a natural. Do you midgardians have any substances like this?” Thor had brought some “Frendem” as he called it to one of Tony’s famous party’s. I laughed “Thor, earth has lots of drugs. Just don’t let Steve see these okay? We have training tomorrow.” I have had a crush on Steve for years now and I was trying to stick to the diet he had drawn up for me. It was comprised of only protein, and fat, so i highly doubted that he would be okay with my trying some mystery drug from Asgard.  I sat down next to Thor with the glass pen and got comfy.

A few minutes later I heard some angry voices. I looked in the direction of the voices and saw Thor and Steve yelling about something. I tried to focus on their conversation but my head felt so fuzzy. Oh no Steve! “Thor! Steve’s here! Its Steve! Hide the pens!” I yelled as loud as I could. My eyes felt heavy and my head felt wobbly so I rested it on the couch I was sitting on. Wait maybe I was lying on it? “(Y/N)?” “Yeahhh?” I said to the voice. A nap sounded really good. Through the gloom in my head I heard “(Y/N) you are not going to pass out on me. Thor what did you give her?” I didn’t want Steve to know that I smoked whatever Thor gave me.  "I didn’t take anything Steve. I promise" I said. Thor sighed “I didn’t know it was that strong Steve. My apologies.” Steve signed and cupped my head in his hand helping to support its weight. “(Y/N)” Steve said loudly and firmly. I opened my eyes and tried my best to focus . I looked into his crystal blue eyes and butterflies fluttered in my stomach. “How high are you?” he asked “Yes” I said confidently. Steve’s brow furrowed but a small smile appeared on his lips. He stood “Thor I’m going to take her to her room. How long does it take for the drugs to wear off?” “Thor shrugged. "A few hours. Giver her water and have her sleep.” Steve nodded.“Come on (Y/N)” He sighed lifting me from my waist and legs. “Whoa I’m flying” I said looking around the empty room. “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!” I sang. Steve chuckled walking towards my bedroom. “Good horsey” I sighed resting my head on his shoulder. I fell asleep almost instantly.

Steve’s POV

“F.R.I.D.A.Y can you open (Y/N)’s door please?” I asked. I had never been in (Y/N)’s room before. It was a open space with a few pictures on the white walls, a bed, closet, and fairy lights above her bed frame. I cradled (Y/N) In my arms being careful not to wake her up and I walked her over to her bed. I sat down on the edge of her bed setting her down gently. I took off her heels and I pulled a blanket up over her. She looked so peaceful sleeping. I had liked her from the moment Fury decided to put her on the team. She had a fiery passion for music and a fierce loyalty to her friends. I groaned thinking about what I had said to Thor. It had just hurt so much walking into Tony’s party and seeing you so loopy. Thor had given you drugs that had gotten you completely high and wasted. I wished that I hadn’t been so harsh with Thor though. “F.R.I.D.A.Y remind me to get Thor a box of pop tarts tomorrow” I asked the AI. “Of course Mr. Rodgers” she responded.

 I took a deep breath and stood up as quietly as I could. “Stevie” (Y/N) whispered. I turned around to see (Y/N)’s eyes still closed but arms extended towards me. “Stay with me please Stevie. Im scared.” I bit my lip wanting badly to stay with her, but I was scheduled to train Pietro first thing in the morning and I couldn’t be late. Gosh that kid had energy. “(Y/N) Im sorry I can’t stay.” I whispered brushing some stray hair out of her face. She wimpered like a sad puppy and dropped her arms. “Please Stevie” she said. Maybe I could push Pietro’s training just an hour back. He couldn’t possibly be up at 5am after the party. “Just for a little bit okay doll?” I said softly. (Y/N) smiled and shifted over to make room for me. I laid down on my back, keeping a few inches between us. As soon as I stopped moving, she clung onto me like a koala, effectively trapping me in place. One of her hands rested on my chest while the other was on my arm.  I sighed breathing in the smell of her hair. I could feel a breeze drift through her open window. It fluttered the curtains and cooled the room. “Steve?” (Y/N) whispered in my ear, sending tingles down my neck. “Yes?” I whispered up to the celling. “I love you.” she said smiling. My eyes widened at the confession, my heart quickening any palms growing sweaty. “(Y/N)” I began until I heard her snore.


Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 1842

Characters: Jace x reader, Alec

Warnings: kidnapping, violence, Jace being overprotective

Summary: Requested by @jiiiiiill. Jace has a problem controlling his temper when you’re kidnapped.

You ached, again. You’d just managed to beat Alec in a sparring session, but it was nowhere near easy. It had cost you what felt like a few bruised ribs and, you realised as you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, a split lip.

“Damn,” you groaned to yourself, getting closer to the mirror in your room so that you could see it properly. When you brushed your fingers over it, the sudden sting made you flinch. There was no way you could hide this. Jace was going to hit the roof.

Your boyfriend was ridiculously overprotective of you.

Honestly, it had become so silly since you started dating him that it wasn’t even funny anymore. Shadowhunters got injured, both in training and on actual jobs. It was unavoidable. You were used to it. Jace, however, seemed to want you to fight demons whilst wrapped in bubblewrap.

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Part 3 Chapter 3: More Questions Than Answers, Part Two

This is quickly becoming the chapter that never ends, but I promise there’ll only be one more part before moving on to Chapter Four.

Recap: Claire and Julia (Faith) were separated on their journey thru the stones. Claire went forward to 1948, Julia jumping ahead to 2007. Julia has been kidnapped in the future and winds up going thru a set of stones in rural North Carolina, coming out on Fraser’s Ridge in 1767. Father and injured daughter are reunited in the woods before Jamie carries Julia to the cabin, where Claire and Julia reunite.

You can find previous chapters here.

October 31st, 1767; Fraser’s Ridge, North Carolina

Jamie flinched as a pillow flew thru the air. It brushed the top of his head, landing on the floor behind him.

“You’re lying!” Julia bellowed, quickly rearming herself.

Jamie tried to placate his daughter, arms outstretched in surrender, “I ken ‘tis a lot to take in at one time, a leannain, but I prom—mphff.”

The next hit him square in the face.

“Don’t you dare promise me anything!” She stood on the bed, towering above us as she swayed slightly in her vehemence.

Seeing that she was now out of ammunition, I tested the waters. “What do you want us to say, love? What can we do?”

This gave Julia pause and she glared at us in silence. She was slowly starting to lose her resolve, her pain and our unwillingness to match her fury knocking down her last defenses. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she begged, “Make it stop.”

I scrambled over the bed, rising up on my knees as I took her into my arms. She didn’t protest or move away, but melted into me. Her whole body shook as she sobbed. Easing the both of us into a sitting position, I gently swayed back and forth, my eyes sliding shut as a flood of emotions threatened to overtake me.

I was holding her. The child who I had so longed for was here, cradled in my arms. She was alive and whole. Injured and in pain, yes, but her wounds would heal with time and a mother’s touch.

Julia sniffed loudly in my ear and I felt Jamie press a handkerchief into my hand. I opened my eyes to find him beside me, his own tears flowing unchecked.

“It will be alright,” I whispered.

I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when, but I knew deep within my heart that all would be well.

Julia was here, nothing else mattered.

Shoulder now set back into place, Julia sat cross legged on the floor before the fire, blinking owlishly.

“Would you like to lay down?” I asked gently.

She straightened, shaking her head adamantly. The action woke her up a bit and her face regained it’s determined expression. I had to turn away to keep her from seeing my amused smile, I knew she wouldn’t like being laughed at.

How many times had Bree worn the same expression when faced with a problem she needed to solve?

A problem.

The reality of everything hit me like a ton of bricks.

Twenty years had gone by, in both Jamie’s time and mine, when I returned a year ago. Bree would be twenty-one come the end of the month, which would make Julia…


The child on the floor before me couldn’t be a day older than twelve, say nothing about being older than Bree or even Ian.

How was this possible?

I turned further away from the fire, searching for Jamie in the shadows of the cabin. Julia was in no condition to explain and I needed answers. I found him silhouetted in the doorway with Ian, the their heads bent in urgent discussion. They knew something, they knew of a danger afoot and were preparing against it.

Crossing the room, I interrupted them, “Tell me what’s going on.”

Jamie placed a hand on the small of my back as he led me out of the cabin, “The man who took Julia, or maybe one of his men, is here on the Ridge.”

“Who is he?” I asked, a cold fist tightening around my heart.

Julia hadn’t identified her abductor in her brief rundown of the situation, only telling Jamie that he had said he could go thru the stones and wasn’t there when she had woken up. She had given him detailed information on the man’s henchmen and Jamie had sent Ian into the forest to find out what he could.

“She told me his name is Randall,” Jamie answered slowly.

I would have thought my world couldn’t be turned any further upside down than it had been in the last two hours, but a single word, a solitary name, made it possible.

“What?!” I pulled away from Jamie, stumbling over something before sitting down hard on the bench beside the door.

“She said that he kens us an’ we’re the reason she was taken,” he collapsed onto the ground before me as his voice cracked. “Tha’ ‘twas in order to get to us.”

This wasn’t possible.

None of this was possible.

Frank had died in 1966, over fifty years before the year Julia said she had left. I saw his dead body, attended his funeral, buried him in Boston.

Black Jack Randall had been killed on Culloden Moor, two hundred and twenty years before that. It was a documented historical fact that he was dead.

Neither Black Jack nor Frank could have traveled to the future to kidnap my daughter, especially since I wasn’t sure Jack Randall was even aware of her existence and I knew for certain that Frank wasn’t.

No, dead men couldn’t travel thru time and both were securely in their graves.

Swallowing hard, I asked, “How? How is this possible?”

“I dinna ken, Claire,” Jamie shook his head, his eyes mirroring the panic and bone chilling fear that I felt within me. “All I ken is tha’ the men who want to harm her are here.”

“You’ve seen them?” I turned to Ian, Rollo’s bulk brushing past me as the dog lumbered into the cabin.

Ian cleared his throat before answering in definite authority, “Aye, auntie, I have.”

He looked so formidable, his stance wide and arms crossed, as if the gravity of the situation fell on his shoulders.

In a way it did.

Jamie wasn’t yet willing to leave Julia’s side, instead, he entrusted the assessment of the surrounding forest to Ian. I knew they would trade places soon enough and Jamie would then leave the protection of his wife and child in the capable hands of his nephew, something the lad did not take lightly.

“Are they close?” I swallowed hard. “How many of them are there?”

“Two men. They’re headed down the ridge, awa’ from us,” Ian reported

The slow, calming feeling of relief washed over me. “So they don’t know she’s here, at the cabin?”

“No’ likely,” he shook his head.

I took hold of Jamie’s hand in both of mine, needing to feel the weight and strength of him. He squeezed them gently, communicating ‘she’s safe’ without saying a word.

Julia was sound asleep on the floor, using Ian’s faithful Rollo as a pillow. She’d been this way for a good hour now, but I couldn’t tear myself away from her. I sat on a stool beside her and simply watched her sleep.

In my mind’s eye, I saw Bree at this age. Curled up Frank’s wingback chair and lost in a book, beaming as she handed me an exemplary report card, and twirling about the kitchen in her new dress as she anxiously awaited midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

They were so similar in looks, both inheriting their father’s height and coloring, but there were little things about her that made her distinctly Julia.

Soon after learning to walk, Julia had tumbled headlong down the front steps at Lallybroch, leaving her with a small white scar above her right eyebrow. Her hair was wilder than Bree’s, the curls flouncing around her shoulders with abandon; where Bree’s had been wispier and only showed themselves on a hot summer’s day. She had more freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks than Bree did, too.

Julia sighed and shifted against Rollo, her brows tugging together as she moved.

I wish I had something to give her for the pain, but sleep was the only remedy I could provide.

Sleep and time.

Oh God, please, that we’d have time.

Time to heal, time to live.

The small stone in Lallybroch’s graveyard beckoned, reminding me that everyday I had with Julia was borrowed. She was once again cheating death by being here with me.

How long would we have this time? A year? Maybe five? Ten?

The urge to scoop her off the floor and run as far away from Scotland as possible was overpowering. If I could just keep her from ever setting foot in her homeland, she’d be safe. She’d stay with me and live until she was old and gray.

Please, let me have more time.

Not going anywhere


Requested by @fluentflash:

Can I request a Bucky imagine where Bucky isn’t allowed to go on missions anymore by Fury’s order, cause he’s been very off his game the last few missions, and the reader agrees with Fury, and Bucky gets mad and they fight, but then make up? Twist it however you want, and can you make it fluffy!!!! thx beautiful! Xx

Warnings: angst, blood, swearing (don’t worry, it gets fluffy at the end)

Word count: 3011

A/N: I really hope you like it! I have the worst cold in the history of colds and I’ve been on my bed all day so I hope this turned out alright, if not, blame it on my foggy brain :)

Originally posted by sensualkisses

James Buchanan Barnes is an obstinate, mulish human being. He’s as stubborn as a person can be and for god’s sake he has major issues when it comes to authority, so it’s no surprise that he’s being called to Fury’s office.

Again. For the third time in under two weeks.

He huffs as he is told to sit on a chair but does it anyway, because as many authority issues as he may have, Nick Fury is the only person he would never, ever disobey. At least you think so, until he tells Bucky hat he’s “no longer allowed on missions”.

“Too reckless” Fury says. And he’s not wrong. Bucky has screwed up the last few missions and everyone in the Avengers facility has started to notice.

The first time, it had been him missing a shot. Most of the Avengers had shrugged it off except for Sam, who had mercilessly teased Bucky about his bad aim, until you had threatened to use him as a target on your next weapons practice. Sam had stopped his teasing after that, because he had heard of your terrible attempts at shooting a gun, and Bucky and you had become friends. More than once, you had been woken up in the middle of the night in order to heal an Avenger that had gotten hurt during a mission.

“Fury’s right Buck” you say as he looks up at you from his seat at the table, almost missing the hurt expression on his face. You wait for him to respond something but Bucky keeps his mouth shut, fists clenched by his sides and a muscle popping in his jaw. It’s strange; Bucky is not the kind of person to follow orders, and yet he sits still as Fury imposes a four-week suspension.

The rest of the meeting passes quickly. To your surprise, Bucky doesn’t say a thing. He merely nods his head at Fury and glares at the both of you. It’s not until you enter your room, him trailing swiftly behind you, that he explodes.

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*Derek Hale Imagine*

Request: Hey can you do a one-shot where you’re Dereks little human sister and dating Stiles and Derek - who is super protective - finds out?

Authors Note: Thank you for requesting!

Readers POV

“Yes, Stiles, he left. I promise Derek isn’t here now would you please come over already? He won’t be gone forever, you know?”

“Alright, alright I’m almost there. See you soon, beautiful.” My boyfriend, Stiles, said and hung up the phone. You see, Stiles and I have been secretly dating for almost two months and we still have yet to tell my older brother, Derek. Did I mention that my brother is a werewolf? Derek is very protective over me and Stiles isn’t exactly his favorite person.

The loft door slid open to reveal, Stiles. A big grin formed on my face and I ran over to him, jumping in his arms. He hugged me back and nuzzled his face into my neck.

“I’ve missed you.” I told him.

“I missed you too, beautiful.” I pulled away from the hug only to place my lips on his in a soft and passionate kiss. A very loud and very angry growl filled the loft and we quickly pulled away from each other. There stood, Derek who was all wolfed out. He marched up to Stiles and grabbed him by the back of his neck, all but dragging him to the loft door. I ran up to Derek and pulled on his arm.

“Derek! Stop! Please stop! Derek!” I shouted at my brother but he continued to drag Stiles until he threw him out and slammed the door shut. I tried running to the door to see if Stiles was okay but I was picked up and thrown over Derek’s shoulder. I pounded my fists against his back and squirmed around, trying to break free. Derek walked us over to his bed where he set me down and gave me a stern, angry look. He’s calmed down enough that he was no longer all wolfed out.

“How long?” He asked. I looked down.

“Almost two months.” I mumbled.

“Two months?! You kept this hidden from me for two months?! That’s it! I forbid you to see him again!” I angrily stood up and gave him a glare of my own.

“I’m not a child, Derek! I’m 16 years old I can make my own decisions! I’m tired of you always trying to control me! Don’t you want me to be happy?” I shouted in a fury. Derek’s face softened. He sighed and sat on his bed, placing his face in his hands. After a few monents of silence he stood back up and pulled me into a hug.

“Of course I want you to be happy, Y/N. I’m just trying to keep you safe.” He explained.

“You can’t save me from life, Derek. I appreciate that you want to keep me safe but I need space to breathe. I have to go out and make my own mistakes and learn from them. I really care about, Stiles. He would never intentionally hurt me in any way. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you but I knew you wouldn’t allow it.” Derek pulled away from the hug and cupped my chin.

“If dating…Stiles is something you REALLY want. Then I suppose…you have my blessing.” I brought him in for another hug.

“Thank you, Derek! I love you.”

“I love you too. But if I catch his mouth anywhere near yours again I’m gonna rip his throat out…with my teeth.” I sighed but gave a chuckle. It’s a work in progress.

Why Didn't You Tell Me? (Young Remus Lupin x reader-- drabble)

A/N: this one is okay
#42- “It’s midnight! Where were you?”
#65- “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!”

word count: 648 (oops lil more than a drabble)
warnings: angsty but then cute :)

You sit in your dorm, twiddling your thumbs, bouncing your legs, nervous habits that you’ve tried to break. Remus always knew when you were nervous, but now he’s not here. He’s actually the one causing your anxiety. You haven’t seen him all day and it’s getting really late. You two have only been dating for several weeks now but he’s been sleeping in your room every night since. You get it, if he needs his space or whatever, but he didn’t say anything to you; he didn’t even show up to any of his classes, leading you to believe something is wrong.

You force yourself to lay down and just forget about it. He’s probably fine, sick maybe. You sigh and run a hand down your face. There’s a knock on your door, barely there. “Come in.” You say softly. The door opens slowly. You see a tall, lanky form come in. “Remus?!” You jump up, running over to him, engulfing him in your embrace. “It’s midnight! Where the hell were you?” He squeezes you to his chest. “I was worried.”

“Was just feeling a bit under the weather, sweetie.” He buries his hands in your hair. “I’m alright, just tired, promise.” He kisses the top of your head. “Let’s go to bed, yeah?”

“At least gimme a proper kiss, first.” You giggle slightly. You flinch slightly as you peer up at him through the darkness. He’s got a cut across his cheek. “What’s this?”

You reach up to cup his face, but he merely takes your hand in his. “It’s nothing, Y/N. Please, I’m exhausted.” He starts toward the bed.

“No. No. What happened?” You don’t move, still holding his hand.

“Nothing! You know me; I’m a clumsy oaf.” He attempts to lighten the mood. If it were any other situation you probably would’ve laughed, but you can’t help but feel a little angry. Just a little. “Now, can we please-”

“I’m not going to bed, Remus, until you tell me what happened!” You cross your arms. He goes to say something but you feel as if you don’t say this immediately, you’ll never say it at all. “You’ve been in a foul mood for days and you told me you weren’t gonna spend last night with me, but then tonight- I mean, you disappeared! Didn’t tell me where you went, and now you show up at my dorm this late with this shit on your face!! I think I deserve an explanation of some sort!!”

“I’m a werewolf!!!” He shouts, clearly frustrated now. Your body freezes in shock. “I was gone last night because it was the full moon! I was in the hospital wing all day!!” You watch his jaw clench and unclench several times, still too dumbfounded to say anything. “Are you happy now? Huh? DOES THIS MAKE YOU HAPPY?!” Painful silence ensues.

“I’m sorry.” You utter, your voice just barely above a whisper. “I didn’t mean to make you upset. I just- why didn’t you tell me?”

His expression of fury soon melts to one of confusion. “What?”

“I had no idea. I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” You take a step toward him now.

He steps back slightly, setting himself down on your bed. “Y/N, I- you don’t have to- I’m a monster.”

You scrunch up your nose. “What? No you’re not. You’re my boyfriend. You wear big sweaters and eat chocolate and give me big hugs. What kind of monster would do that?” You chuckle, placing yourself beside him. That’s when you realize there are tears in his eyes. “Can I have a big hug from my boyfriend, then?” He nods and takes you in his arms, holding you so close.

“I’m sorry I snapped.” He snivels. “I’m so sorry, baby.”

“S'alright, love. It’s okay. Let’s get you to bed. We’ll talk in the morning, okay?” You murmur softly.

The Lady in Red (8/10)

Title: The Lady in Red (8/10)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem Reader
Words: 1253
Warnings: Angst

Steve woke with the feeling of a slight weight on his head. He slowly lifted his head and Y/N’s hand dropped to the bed. She was still sleeping. He watched her face in the early morning light streaming in through the window. She looked so peaceful and serene. He could stare at her all day. And now her memory was back. Steve didn’t know what that would mean, but it didn’t change how he felt about her. He didn’t want her to leave but he steeled himself with the knowledge that he would let her go if that’s what she wanted.

“Still sleeping?” Bruce whispered as he stepped into the room and handed Steve a cup of coffee.

“Yeah, she probably needs it. I’m not sure how well she’s been sleeping at night but I know she’s had at least one nightmare.” Steve replied softly.

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Delicate Part 7/9

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

Warnings: Swearing, yelling, here comes the ANGST

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Reader is brilliantly smart but has spent her life being exploited by anyone who finds out about it. She is recruited by Fury to come to the Avengers facility, but it may not be for the reason she thinks.

Not going to lie, I listened to the song Delicate by Damien Rice about a million times while writing this. Also the trailer for Gifted not only left me an emotional mess it also seems to have seeped it’s way a little into this story.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7 II Part 8 II Part 9

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Pardon? (Bucky Barnes x Deaf! Reader)

Author’s Note: (G/T/R/Y) stands for guardian that raised you, because everybody is different and you could have two parents, a single parent, an aunt of grandparent or other family member that raised you and I want this to be as inclusive as possible! Also, (Y/F/H/B) stands for your favorite hot beverage! This was requested by awesomeahwu!

Being deaf had always added to your cuteness factor as a child, however growing up deaf had been incredibly difficult. After graduating from the safe haven of your ASL school, the world had gotten a little tougher. Not many people knew ASL and applying for jobs could be difficult, especially since you weren’t interested in teaching. Knowing ASL had however landed you a job at the prestigious organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D, and while you may have only been a simple secretary, the job had its perks.

Because of your inability to hear, your (G/T/R/Y) had enrolled you in self defense a the ripe age of five. Knowing that you would be unable to hear someone approaching, they figured it would be wise for you to at least be able to defend yourself against them. At the time it had bothered you, because why couldn’t you take something else that you actually wanted to do? However you quickly got over your frustration when you realized how beneficial it was, especially when S.H.I.E.L.D took notice of it.

You were quick to move up in the rankings after that, and while speaking with others at work could be difficult at times, you’d maintained a long friendship with one woman who seemed capable of doing anything she put her mind to: Natasha Romanov. She was fluent in ASL and you’d nearly jumped with joy upon realizing it all those months ago, and the two of you had maintained a close friendship since. It was exactly why you lay on her bed at that very moment, blanket drawn over yourself in a pathetic attempt to shield yourself from her steely gaze.

Lazily reaching up, you cast her your middle finger. You’d been done with this conversation some time ago, but she brought it up every opportunity given. You were starting to avoid spending time with the redhead.

‘I just don’t get why you’re making such a big deal out of this,’ She signed, moving to sit next to your curled up form.

‘Because leave me alone,’ You signed back, letting out an indignant puff of air. ‘It’s my life and I’ll do what I want with it.’

She stared at you for a moment before rolling her eyes. ‘You’re being ridiculous. You may be an agent, but he’s a soldier and I bet he already knows.’

‘Then he would’ve approached me if he felt the same way!’ You signed, feeling furious. Bucky may have been incredibly handsome, and quiet and kind and mildly dangerous and gentlemanly and all of those hot things, but that didn’t mean that you were capable of expressing your harbored feelings for the man bun wearing hunk. You were at the Avenger’s Tower quite frequently, and you really didn’t think that things would play out well at work if he said no. You told yourself that things would stay professional, but you know the atmosphere would change for everyone here.

Natasha was silent for a moment, lips pursed as she thought. ‘What if I talk to him? Make it casual and completely innocent so that he wouldn’t even know.’

‘No.’ It was sharp and fast and you accentuated your discomfort with a quick shake of your head.

‘But what-’

‘No!’ You slapped her hands down and pulled the blanket you were wrapped in across your face. You wished you were as confident as Natasha, you really did, but you weren’t, and no amount of pestering would change you.

You remained in the blanket for a long while after that, ignoring the dip of the bed when Natasha stood from it. As much as you hated to admit it, the idea of being turned down by someone after you’d remained crush free for years was rather terrifying. You were a twenty-five-year-old woman and you were scared to ask a man for coffee. How would you do it anyways? Write notes? Only text? He didn’t even speak ASL for Christ’s sake!

This was all so damn frustrating, and it was getting too hot under this blanket.

Angrily tossing the blanket aside, you sat up in the bed and glared at the wall opposite you. Boys and feelings were stupid and being an adult sucked. You frowned when you cast your gaze around the virtually bare bedroom and realized Natasha was nowhere to be found. Your eyes widened when they landed on a note resting against a mug with steam rising from it on the bedside table.

In a matter that was far from graceful, you clambered over to the side of the bed where the table sat and peered into the mug. Ou, (Y/F/H/B), Natasha must have felt bad. Carefully blowing steam away from the mug, you took a tentative sip before setting it back down and picking up the note instead.

Dear (Y/N),

I had to go on a short mission for Fury and figured you’d bite my head off if I pulled the blankets away from you. I made you (Y/F/H/B) so you can stop being pissy with me now.


The pretty one ♥

Rolling your eyes, you tossed the note haphazardly behind you and swung your legs out onto the floor. It was time to get up anyway, you probably had shit to do somewhere.

                                                             * * *

A little while later, you found yourself roaming the halls of the massive tower. It had been raining all day and to be quite honest, you didn’t feel like doing anything hat required a lot of effort. And so you wandered, thin blanket wrapped around your shoulders and hands wrapped around your mug of (Y/F/H/B) still. Your hair was probably a mess, one sock was half off and the baggy t-shirt you’d stolen from Steve from a while back hung on your like a wet rag. All in all, you probably looked like shit and you one-hundred-percent did not care.

Looking up, you caught sight of Steve a little ways down the hallway and offered him a small smiling before unwrapping your hand from your mug to wave timidly at him. He grinned, raising his arm to wave before he started towards you, opening his mouth to speak.

Oh damn, this was always so awkward when people forgot you couldn’t hear them.

Smiling politely, you stopped when he paused in front of you, still yammering on. It was only after a few moments of awkward silence did you realize that he’d most likely asked you a question, and when his cheeks suddenly bloomed in a bright pink you realized he’d caught his mistake.

Horrified, Steve held his hands up in front of himself as if he were going to explain but realized he couldn’t remember the sign language he’d learned so far.

Smiling up at the large goof ball, you gently caught his hands in your own and pushed them downwards. ‘It’s OK,’ You mouthed slowly but his blush never faded.

‘Sorry,’ He mouthed back, looking ashamed but you only shook your head, smiling. The whole team was learning for you, and that was all you could ask for. Offering a timid wave, you tightened the blanket around your shoulders and moved past Steve to continue down the hallway. You’d always wondered what Steve’s voice would sound like. Maybe it was deep and rough, or melodic yet stern.

                                                            * * *

Hours had passed and still Natasha had not returned. You would have gladly kept the company of some of the others but Clint was gone, Bruce was working on something, Tony was celebrating something with Pepper, and Steve had left earlier to do something as well. That and Bucky was just out of bounds. You felt too tired to exercise, and too sluggish to work. There was nothing on TV and your phone had gotten boring fast. It had probably been about an hour of you just lying on your bed, so when the door to your room slowly started to open you were surprised to say the least.

Shooting up in bed, you turned your head to face the door and nearly choked when you saw who was gingerly stepping into your room.

‘Bucky?’ You signed, looking bewildered.

He gave a small grin, lifting his hand in greeting.

What the hell was Bucky doing in your room? Did Natasha tell him something?

Heart in your mouth, you frowned at him quizzically and hoped he understood that you were asking him what he wanted.

He lifted his hands then and your eyes widened drastically when he started to speak with them. ‘I just came in to say hi.’

You felt yourself let out a loud yell then before you were detangling yourself from your bed sheets and leaping towards him, his face a mask of horror and surprise.

‘When did you learn?!’ You asked excitedly, unable to control your smile. ‘When did you become fluent?!′ This was so exciting, now you could speak freely with someone besides Nat!

‘I’m still a little-’ He paused then, frowning as he struggled to remember the word. ‘Bad.’

He looked so handsome in that moment, his long hair pulled back into a bun, and a loose sweatshirt keeping his muscled frame hidden from view. You couldn’t help the smile that threatened to split your cheeks.

‘This is so exciting!’ Without thinking, you wrapped your arms around the man before hurriedly pulling back. Embarrassed, you trained your gaze on your feet for a few moments before Bucky’s hand on your chin forced you to look up.

‘I don’t think Nat knew that I know how to speak this earlier today,’ He signed slowly. Yeah, he was a little rough. ‘And I think I might have seen something.’

It felt like your heart fell into the pit of stomach and you froze. Quickly masking it with a smile, you willed your hands to stop shaking as you looked at Bucky, focusing on anything but his eyes. ‘Oh, what kind of stuff?’

‘Why don’t you tell Steve you like him?’

St-Steve? What the fu-

Frowning, you shook your head and stared up at Bucky confusedly. ‘What are you talking about?’

Bucky seemed to sigh then, and he paused for a few moments, hands in front of him as he struggled with what to say to you. ‘I saw you talking about liking a soldier. Steve is a soldier, and I’m sure he’d love a date with you-’

You didn’t even register what Bucky was signing after that, your vision had gone out of focus and your heart was beating erratically in your chest. Did you tell him that you didn’t like Steve and make something else up? Or did you tell him what you’d always wanted to and be bold?

Bucky’s hands were suddenly being waved in front of your face and you snapped your gaze up to his, startled.

Tell him.

Your breath was caught in your throat and your head was reeling.

Tell him!

Muscles feeling as if they’d been laced with cement, you struggled to keep your eyes on his.


‘Steve isn’t the soldier,’ You started, hands shaking noticeably. You were never going to be able to live this down. Bucky frowned, looking confused before he raised his hands again.

‘Then who is?’

Your throat seemed to swell shut then and you simply stood there, palms sweating and hands shaking. Your silence must have been enough for him because before you could react or even deny anything Bucky’s hands were on your face and his lips were pressed ever so gently on your own.

Eyes snapping open in shock, you stared at Bucky in utter surprise before a quiet gasp escaped you when he hungrily bit your lip. This-this was not what you had been expecting.

Eyes fluttering closed, you allowed your hands to tangle themselves in the front of Bucky’s shirt as you dragged him closer to you. He tasted like tea, you realized, and it was rather delicious.

He was gone suddenly, pulling away from you in a futile attempt to catch his breath. Eyes suddenly heavy, you gazed up at him through your lashes and suddenly he was pulling you back into him, one hand in our hair and the other wrapped tightly around your upper arm to keep you from moving away from him. It’s not like you ever would, I mean this-this was-

His hand giving your hip a tight squeeze cut off your train of thought and you felt yourself collapse into him. Oh what a wonderful time to be alive.

More MadaTobi drabble!

The Great Hokage Debate
Words: ~1,700
Sypnosis: In which the fight for the Hokage hat goes not in the way that’s expected and Madara is more whipped than whipped cream. Set in IzunaIsAlive!AU.


It should have cued him that a disaster was heading his way when his little brother with his recuperating kneecap, quite the lazy and unrepentant abuser of other people’s sympathetic goodwill towards the injured, Madara might add, stands up in an abrupt manner that shook the cutlery of their breakfast, and excuses himself out of their dining room.

“I, uh, gotta go,” Izuna mumbles. “Left something in the office. Later, brother.”

Madara hums in goodbye as Izuna hobbles towards the exit, too immersed in reviewing the new insurance proposals to notice his little brother tripping over air, and righting himself, before muttering a hasty greeting to the figure that passes him by the door.

He’s not usually this inattentive to his brother’s odd behaviours. Izuna’s panicked chicken dance has been a reliable indicator of when trouble comes crashing in the past (probably because he’s been the cause of numeral of said trouble), but ever since Hashirama’s recent health scare his work load has tripled, the stack stretching all the way to the top of the Hokage mountains. More than ever, Madara has been doused with requests from the Nara, the Yamanaka, the Aburame, the civilian sector - almost every aspect of the village has been crowing and demanding his attention.

Except for the Hyūga. The Hyūga clan hasn’t asked him for a thing. For once, Madara is glad for the huffy rivalry between their two clans, he’d like to keep his paperwork to a minimum, thank you very much.

It’s no wonder Mito enforces Hashirama’s sick leave with a fist of steel. Not even a man with the most steadfast constitution that rivals mountains or the regenerative powers of twelve lizards combined could handle this much stress. The fact that Hashirama whines, and begs her to let him come back shows how much of an insane fool Hashirama is.

Every particle in his body starts buzzing with warmth. “Senju,” Madara greets, surprised but pleased upon sensing his partner’s comforting chakra patterns. Madara shifts the glasses framing the pronounced lines creasing along his nose, and shuffles his paper back onto the table.  “Didn’t expect to see you before lunch.” He smiles as Tobirama makes his way around his dining table to where he kneels.

Tobirama is holding something behind his back, clad in his signature blue armour. He smiles in return, his right dimple adding a wholesome layer to an otherwise frighteningly fierce face. “Close your eyes, Uchiha. I have a surprise for you.”

In hindsight, Madara should’ve jumped through their screen door like his robes were on fire, and reverse-summoned himself to the hills. Tobirama never smiles before his second kettlepot of tea. The last ‘surprise’ he had for Madara involved his screen door ripped into shreds, a leopard with familiarly white colouring lounging on their patio, and a half-assed apology note stuck between his teeth.

But being the lovesick fool that he is – and he shakes his fists daily at how far he’s fallen –Madara humours him. Madara humours him because he went from a man that spikes fear with a single glance to a man melting to goo at one look from Tobirama. It’s White Day today, Madara thinks half-wittedly, and Tobirama might brighten his day with a much needed kiss. Tobirama might even spoil him with some chocolate out of pity. It’s not even nine o clock yet and he was just wishing for a break from all this paperwork when Tobirama arrived. It’s like a higher deity from up above is looking out to him, listening to his wishes and conjuring them true.

Unfortunately, a higher deity is not listening from above. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Off in their shared study room, Izuna is snickering his butt off.

With his eyes closed, Madara feels something lodge on top of his head and Madara figures out that it’s a hat. He opens his eyes and Tobirama is sitting cross legged in front of him with a small mirror. Tired, black eyes shift to the mirror, and widens in alarm.

On top of his reflection is a diamond red hat, trimmed in white, with a white diamond centred on his forehead. Right above his eyes, emblazoned in burning red, is the Kanji for fire.

“Surprise,” Tobirama congratulates.

Madara hisses like a frying skillet, grabs the hat on his head, and tosses the hat on to the table. 

“What the fuck?” Madara seethes. “Senju, you’re supposed to give me chocolate back on White Day, not a fucking heart attack!” His heart is pounding, cold sweat starts breaking. Just the thought of becoming Hokage is enough to scare him into a coma, he doesn’t even want to think about following his best friend’s footsteps and ending up in an actual coma.

“I’m giving you the gift of forewarning.” Unblemished by Madara’s shrieking rage, Tobirama neatly seals the mirror into a storage scroll with a dainty and regal composure – why he needs a mirror for his daily activities, Madara will never know - before cocking his head towards Madara in a stern look. “Not to mention the gift of instilling the next generation with the Will of Fire. Some would consider it a great honour to be bestowed the title of Hokage.”

“And some,” Madara bites back, “would prefer to live past their forties and not keel over from stress-induced illness. Why are we being hasty here? Your brother is still the Hokage, he’s just on sick leave.”

Tobirama shuts his mouth. Instant dread crawls up his back, and the bottom of his stomach falls through the floor. “No,” he whimpers in horror.

A Tobirama without a snarky quip is a troubling Tobirama. Troubling for Madara, that is.

“It turns out brother’s sick leave is quickly developing into more of a…permanent leave,” Tobirama informs him, eyes flickering to read the blatant longing in Madara’s face as he eyes the screen door. He shifts his body, becoming a formidable obstacle between Madara and his freedom. “In any case, you are next in line so it’s only in due time.”

“I thought you were next in line for Hokage,” begs Madara desperately.

“Sadly, I was not,” lies Tobirama, trying to inject a sincere – fake – amount of sympathy instead of the devious smirk that Madara can see was threatening to twitch his beautiful – punchable – face. “Also, overseeing the Academy and conducting research takes up the majority of my time.”

Tobirama isn’t a heavy man, Madara considers. He’s sculpted with muscle – he admits he’s leering a bit – but isn’t considerably heavy. With a boost of chakra in his system, and a lack of caffeine in Tobirama’s system, he could-

“Don’t even think about it.”

Madara curses, but he’s desperate enough to keep reaching. “What about that cousin of yours? She’s scary enough.”

“Tōka is on a self-assigned infiltration mission taking place in the Land of Wind which will last for another month at least,” Tobirama reiterates with a bland tone. “She wishes you, and I quote, to have ‘a fun time burning in hell, that poor bastard’.”


“Mito says that a woman with a delicate constitution, such as herself, should not be placed in such a distressing position.”

The pure incredulity of that statement leaves his mouth gaping. Delicate? As if that woman hadn’t seal a twenty foot, raging, chakra beast into her coils and flourished. That cackling witch.

Madara considers his next statement, fully aware he might get slapped in the face for even suggesting such a thing. “…Izuna?”

Tobirama gives him a long look filled with such deep rebuke that Madara feels downright shameful.

As the damning walls of responsibility and duty close in around him, Madara feels a pulse of rebellion thrumming in throat. Impetuous, petty, rebellion. “Damn it,” Madara swears. “Why can’t you be Nidaime? The elders have always preferred you anyway, nagging airy sack of bones.”

He is not pouting. Pouting is not the adult thing to do in this situation and Madara is one hundred percent a pure, grown adult reacting in a reasonable manner that adults are prone to do. Madara is an adult, so very adult.

Tobirama gives a sigh that rumbles the whole of his chest. “I suppose I can become the Nidaime…”

The seeds of hope are sprouting tiny leaves. Madara holds his breath.

“…but between leading the village, supervising my students and my research projects,” Tobirama takes his time to inspect his nails on one perfectly manicured hand, “I might not have any time to spare organising the move from my house to yours.”

All breath rushes out in fury, making him splutter. “…. you ruthless – bastard.”

“It’s shameful really,” Tobirama continues despite Madara’s increasingly red face. “How tired, and exhausted I might be at the end of the day. How I might just prefer to collapse in the comfort of my own bed, alone, instead of a thinning futon occupied by another person.”

Madara is making inscrutable squeals of anger, hands itching to hurl his stack of paper at Tobirama’s adorably smug – not adorable, shut upbrain – face, before bunching his shoulders in a tense explosion of frustration, and settling into a glare.

Tobirama meets his glare with a pointed look. Below his faceplate, he raises one tidy eyebrow.

A standoff.

He is a fool, Madara repeats to himself in a fervent haze. He is the biggest fool in all of Konoha. He is a lovesick fool for reaching out on to the table, grabbing the Hokage hat and plopping it on his grudging head.

It settles in neatly like a rope around his neck, and Madara knows that for anything concerning Tobirama, he is an even bigger fool than Hashirama will ever be.

“You look very handsome with the hat on. You don’t even look half as dead on the inside as you usually do,” Tobirama consoles, or at least tries to, it’s a futile effort since he can’t stop his lips from twitching. “It’s fitting that an Uchiha becomes the next Hokage, don’t you think?”

Madara’s face twists until he’s definitely pouting. Pouting and glowering, the whole sullen firework.

The foul mood that blankets him worsens as Tobirama smothers his laughter. It doesn’t improve when Tobirama takes his jaw in his hand and trails kisses on it in compensation - because it’s weak, and pathetic compensation for such an underhanded tactic, Madara decides, especially when Tobirama breaks off into snickers every time he takes a look at his sulky face.

And goddamn it, Madara scowls, it should be illegal for a man to make whipping noises when he’s the cause of it.

The past, the present... The future.  -Part 4

Summary: In SHIELD you are known for your charisma and your irrational optimism. Specially taking in count the irreversible curse HYDRA condemned you with. Because of that, Director Fury has determinate that you are the best person to take care of Bucky’s mental state.

Chapter 4: Who are you?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Y/N: Your name

Warnings: This part is pretty dark, you’ve been warned. Mentions of abuse, torture, human experiments and panic attacks.

Word count: 1,988

A/N: I got a bit carried away writing this. Specially the beginning and the end. Please, don’t hate me! I really want to explore the reader’s backstory in detail. As always, I would love to have feedback, so don’t doubt telling me what you think!

Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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“Who are you?” the voice rips me suddenly from my trance. It’s deep and menacing. I turn around slowly to face the man staring at me from across the room.

His figure is tall and strong. Pale moonlight drips along his face. His dark hair is messy and longer than I remembered, going down to his jaw, that is clenched and stubble. The moonlight reflects on his exposed left wrist made out of vibranium. But that’s not what gives him away. It’s his eyes.

I will never forget them, no mater how long I live. Those piercing blue eyes have haunted my nightmares countless times, and now, all of a sudden, they drag me back to my fourteen year old self, hiding in a corner, waiting for the monster to grab me.

It’s him.
It’s the soldier.

>>Sentences in cursive and bold are flashbacks.<<

Y/N’s POV:

“Who is her, sir?”

“Who are you?”

“This, doctor, this. This is where you are going to test the serums on.” he smiled, running a hand through my arm, secured between two leather holds. “We have others, so don’t worry about the condition it is left in. We just thought it would be an excellent place to start.”

The doctor nodded. “That’s good. I think I will need more, I don’t expect this one to be left in a good condition, but this is an excellent place to start.”

The world is spinning. Past and present mix before my eyes and absorb me with a magnetic force.

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“I’ve missed you,” Clint grinned and leaned himself against the doorjamb to the infirmary. Natasha, who lay in the bed, rolled her eyes and tried to sit up. She came back from her three months undercover mission badly hurt only this morning.

“None of that,” the nurse said, put a hand on her shoulder and shoved her back onto the mattress. Natasha glared at her and Clint raised a brow. This woman had balls, so to speak. Not many people would’ve dared to do what she had done.

“I’m okay,” Natasha grouched, and Clint chuckled quietly, unfolded his arms and came closer.

“No, Ms. Romanoff, you’re not okay. You have two broken ribs, a broken wrist, a ruptured spleen and a contused kidney,” the nurse told her and glared back. “You can’t get up in this condition.”

“I was in an even worse condition when I had to get out of Budapest and I had to carry Barton on my shoulder,” she grumbled.

“Yes, I know, you’re really tough. But now you stay in this bed until the doctor says you can get up,” the nurse said with a really patient voice. “Otherwise I’m obliged to call Director Fury.”

If looks could kill, Natasha’s glare would’ve killed the poor nurse in an instant, but she only smiled, patted Nat’s shoulder and turned to leave the room.

“If you help her disappear, I promise, the next time you’re here I’ll schedule you for the biggest enema available, Agent Barton,” she smiled sweetly. Clint raised both hands in surrender, leaned down to kiss her forehead before he sat down beside Natasha.

“Yeah, I really missed you.”


I’m not going to apologise for getting way too into this one. The reader’s character, Loki’s character and the way they worked together was just too interesting and couldn’t be shortened any more than this. Hence this story comes to you in two parts. I’m sorry, I know that leaving things halfway isn’t ideal but I think you’ll agree that it was better I do a long job and do it properly than the other way around. (Plus in the process I was able to throw in a little bit of Bruce x Reader - actively encouraged by Tony Stark). This wonderful request was made by theunlikelyavenger. I hope it’s what you were looking for and that I did your request justice. Enjoy, my darlings! This one exhausted me again but I don’t regret that for a second. :3

Prompt(s): I feel a lot of people forget what Loki truly did to Earth, and the Avengers - how much pain he caused… Now, this isn’t criticism because I am guilty of loving him, too - but he isn’t “good”… I want to see him recognised as the evil we love (and loves us).

“Strength” (Part 1)

There he was. Loki. He paraded through the crumbling streets like he owned them despite the handcuffs, gag and armed escorts that suggested otherwise. His guides, the Avengers, had grave expressions that humbly noted the success they had achieved in capturing the God. The world around you lay in ruins, your life equally so, and as you stepped away from the remnants of the building behind you, Loki’s glimmering eyes turned to you.

Iron Man, or Tony Stark to those near him, also noted the turn of the man’s head and his eyes met yours.
“Wouldn’t do that if I were you.” But you were not one to take orders – not now. Your father, mother and brother had died in the day’s events and Loki would not live another day with knowing it. Stark began to approach you as you hastened towards the group, stopping you with a gentle hand on your shoulder.
“He… He killed them. All of them.” You panted.
“Step away, kid. He’s going back to Asgard, he’s finished here.”

The God’s eyes remained fixated on you as he was forced to walk. Despite being unable to move his mouth, you could tell he was laughing.
“Relax kid. We got him.” You grunted as if you didn’t think much of their efforts. Frankly, you didn’t. Despite their supposed success, they had laid waste to the city and you knew that it would take a lot of time to recover, a notion not exclusive to the buildings either. People had died and the toll that would take on the world’s morale would be drastic.

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AU #1: Hear Me (6)

I AM FAIRLY SURE THIS IS PART SIX BUT IT COULD BE PART SEVEN. TO RECAP: this is a soulmate au about a fem!reader x warren worthington cause i’m just the worst, and basically, you’ll meet them when you meet them and they’re in your head too, idk. great struggle, see 

one //  two // three // four // five

Her appearance couldn’t have been worse timed. She was never supposed to be the hero.

When your eyes reopen, it’s to the sound of metal scraping on wood.

Warrens patchwork wings lay across the bed, one tucked close to you, the other hanging over the edge of the bed and scraping along the floor, most likely. You can’t see through the white feather flecked metal wings.

But you can see Warren. Shifting slightly, he mumbles a noise and pulls you closer to his chest, his arm wrapped around your waist. Gently, with a feather light touch, you trace the tattoos on his face, the lines running over his cheek and up his temple to circle around his eyebrow.

Closing your eyes, you tuck yourself into him, sleep washing over your senses.

“Y/N?” Warren mumbles, his wings fluffing up and down over the blankets as his eyes blink and focus on you.

“Yeah?” You whisper, watching his pale blue eyes focus on you, watching the shadows around them soften, watching his gaze itself soften.

“Nothing.” He mumbles, closing his eyes and pulling you close for a moment and you feel him inhale.

“You’re always welcome here.” You tell him, and he swallows roughly. Leaning back some, he peeks over your shoulder and you glance toward the window with him, the dawn breaking through and sending pale rays through the glass.

“Thank you.” He whispers, his lips brushing the hair by your ear and you try not to beam, pride filling you as you realize just how far back his insomnia has gone. Sighing, you turn back to him, meeting his eyes pointedly before you slowly reach to touch his wings. You watch them shiver, but he doesn’t move them as your fingers slide over the metal boning of the wing, feathers brushing your fingers every so often as you trace the line, stretching your arm.

“You’re magnificent.” You observe, sliding your fingers back up the line until your fingers brush his back. He makes a soft noise of disagreement, grimacing, but his eyes are glued to your face as you trace over him.

“I’ll say it again.” You threaten playfully, gently touching the tattoos on his face and wincing when he half shies from your touch. “Warren?”

“It’s fine. Keep going.” He grits and you hesitate, but press your finger to the blue black marks anyway and continue, sliding your finger up through his hair and back down, tracing over his eyebrows.

“You’re magnificent.” You repeat, and his lips twitch, his eyes squeezing shut.

“Y/N, you up?” Ororo calls, banging against your door and you stare at the bag of toiletries in your hand.

“Yeah- Uh-”

“Are you with Warren?” She calls again and you snort, shooting the angel napping on your bed a look. Pulling open the door, you smile at the other girl and hold up the toiletries.

“I was gonna shower but I didn’t want to just leave him there.” You answer, jerking your head at Warrens form. “I would’ve woken him but… I can’t make myself.”

Ororo stares at him a long moment, frowning before meeting your eyes and nodding.

“You should wake him up. He needs a shower. I’ll meet you downstairs in half an hour? For breakfast.” She orders, making you promise and you agree quickly, grinning when she winks at you and backs away, shooing you back into the room.

“Warren.” You coo, kneeling beside the bed and folding your arms over the blankets. “Wake up, Angel.”

“Or sleep.” He mumbles dazedly and you bite your lip hard not to grin. Or giggle. Either way, you’ll look like an idiot.

“Or get up so when you next see me, Ororo hasn’t stolen my heart.” You tease and he growls with sleepy fury, pushing himself to his knees, eyes still closed. “Check you out, fighting for my affections.”

“Hell yeah.” He yawns, smiling at you with slitted eyes, and letting you pull him from off the bed and to his feet.

“Wanna go to you room and have a shower? Put on some clean clothes?” You ask, your palm smoothing over his shoulder as he pulls you close. You have a bit of a feeling the closeness is so he can lean against you and sleep while standing.

“Sounds great.” He answers, sleepy and you sigh.

“Get out then.” You order, pulling all traces of playfulness from your voice and he jerks, blinking and shaking his head as he takes in your serious expression.

“Leave?” He asks hesitantly, and you groan at him, sliding your fingers into his knotty curls.

“Leave and take a shower. Ororo is showing me around, aren’t you going to come?” You question, eyebrows raised and he sighs, nodding slowly and heading for the door.

“Twenty minutes?”


“Hey bird boy, finally left the nest?” Someone calls mockingly, snorting a laughter, and you’re suddenly blinded by fury. Warren throws an arm around your shoulders, tucking you close to his side and shaking you from the darkness.

“It’s nothing, Y/N.” Warren whispers, trying to keep you walking as your feet root to the ground.

“It’s bullshit. Does this kid understand what he said?” You snap quietly, glaring at the eyes hidden behind the opaque red glasses and leaning into your soulmate. “Who even is he?”

“You’re new.” The red glasses boy smirks, stepping closer and you suddenly recognise the face. The kid on the stoop with the dark haired girl and blue boy. “I’m Scott.”

“Who asked?” You inquire sourly, glaring at him as he moves closer, his silver haired friend leaning against the wall behind him. You watch him glance back, meeting the silver haired boys eyes pointedly and smirking. You can’t help but tense, leaning forward, and Warrens arm slips around your waist as he hides his grin in your hair. Behind the chestnut haired boy, you see the silver jacketed young mans eyes zero in on the movement, his lips parting slightly- with surprise?

“You did.” He shrugs smugly and you want to wipe the stupid look off his face, if not for the fact that you’d been whispering and he was across the room.

“I’m sure you know what a rhetorical question is. But if you don’t, it’s a question that doesn’t need or want an answer, just like I don’t need or want you speaking to me right now.” You sniff, turning toward the doors to the dining hall, Warren moving with you. “We’re late.”

The silver haired boy laughs, saying something to his friend, but it doesn’t matter.

“What’d you say?” Warren snaps, pulling up short and turning and you latch onto him, capturing his bicep and gluing yourself to his side.

“He said nothing.”

“I said that’s a pretty soulmate you’ve got there. Just a compliment, dude.” The silver haired boy grins, expression relaxed and you squeeze Warrens arm. His gaze slips to you and you meet his eyes pointedly before he nods, turning for the door again.  

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