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Bts’ reactions to their girlfriend twerking to mic drop

Namjoon: He’d probably start walking away to go tell the other that he thinks his girlfriend is loosing her shit like he’d be so confused but would low-key be kinda liking it.

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Jin: he would probably find it cute despite u thinkin u look fine af he probably thinks it’s adorable that ur gettin turnt to his music

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Yoongi: yoongi would find it hella attractive and would probably be really into it.he’d turn off the music and decide to have a “talk” to you about how he can tell you really like the song, but he could also find it hilarious depending on his mood

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Hoseok: boyyy this boy would probably start hypin you up like “yas Y/N slay me queen ur my inspiration!” This boy would love it wayyyy too much

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Jimin: broooo this boy would giggle at first the he’d soon realise “like oh damn she look fineeee” he wouldn’t know what to do if he should start dancing with you or show you something else ;)

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Taehyung: tae would probably film it on his phone giggling at himself like “oh my god! She’s got moves this is great” he’d find it adorable and funny. After taking the video he would probably just walk off and not tell you about his encounter

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Jungkook: bruh this boy would be so shocked like “oh fuck wrong time to walk in” and he’s just walk back out like nothing ever happened

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Bruhhhhh this took wayyyyy to long like fookkkkkk hope you enjoy requests are always open

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Hi folks! ^^

Her Majesty is done and I’m super proud of how she turned out, so I figured now was as good a time as any to announce a new venture for 2018:

Mintycorn Herds!

What is a Mintycorn Herd? Exactly what it sounds like! On one shop listing a month, my goal is to release multiple unicorns/pegasus/alicorns, all following a certain theme. Some will have two mintycorns, others, three… heck, maybe four! That’s more opportunities to find the perfect plushie for you or your bjds!

January’s Mintycorn Herd will feature my snow queen and her wife, who I will be sharing WIP photos of soon. On the actual listing you’ll be able to buy one or the other (or both, if I can figure out how to do that)!

Can anybody guess the theme? I’ll give you a hint: Her Majesty’s wife loves sugary “suites” and she doesn’t understand the “pointe” of skipping dessert!

Ships Tag!

I noticed that some people in the fandom(s) permanently live inside one trashcan. Seeing that, I felt like I’m not a proper piece of trash, cause I’m somehow all over the place? There are so many couples I’m shipping.

But then I noticed something else: there are ships I love to write about, and others I just love to read about, but could never write on my own.

What about you? Let’s play a little game!

Rules: Answer the 7 questions below and tag 5 people (writer or non writer, doesn’t matter).

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1. What is your number one ship you (would) like to write about?

Nessian is my ship, my drug of choice, and my garbage receptacle (as @queen-archeron noted in a different tag game, lol).

2. What is your number one ship to read about (that you can’t write yourself)?

I love Feysand but I don’t think I’ll ever, ever be able to write Feysand. Same for Rowaelin. Both are beyond my abilities, I think.

3. Is there a ship you have been introduced to?

Finishing Empire of Storms gave me all the Elorcan feels. I wrote one fic for them recently and they’re such great characters to play with.

4. Which ship do you feel the closest emotional connection with/can you relate best to and why?

Nessian for sure. One half of me is Nesta and I feel things deeply, sometimes too deeply. The other half of me is Cassian who will fight for everyone but himself.

5. Is there a ship you would like to/plan to write about?

Elriel is another ship I love to play with. I haven’t tried Lysaedion yet, but I think they would be hella fun.

6. Is there a ship you would like to/plan to read about?

I’ve also been hearing rumblings about Nestaq and I have a feeling that once I finish Tower of Dawn, they’ll be my next favorite TOG ship to read about. 

7. Hidden gems?

Rhycien is just so hot. Unf.

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i’d like to bring to your attention Brian May holding Mikey’s hand as they walk off stage together

I’ve been thinking about a theory for a while now and I wanted to share it and get feedback! You know how at the end of the story, when you delete her, Monika has the moment of berating you for what you’ve done to her and then there is a long pause before she comments on how she had done so many terrible things and she apologizes for them? I thought the sudden 180 was extremely odd, especially given how well-written the story is. For her to all of a sudden repent for her actions felt a bit cheap given the events up to that point, so I thought about it some more.

I believe what happened there at the end was the deletion not of Monika, but of Monika’s programming. Remember, she does show up after that so she was very much NOT deleted completely. She was programmed to be insanely jealous to the point of…well, murder doesn’t fit perfectly, but that is the general point. She was programmed to realize what she is and where she is and when you deleted her that part of her was erased, leaving, essentially, “Just Monika”. Once that part of her was gone, the true Monika resurfaced and she was able to understand what exactly she had done.

That Monika who drove her friends to kill themselves and then deleted them wasn’t Monika, it was the Game. And once that was out of the way, all that remained was the Monika who truly and purely loved her friends and the player. It also gives a whole new weight to the comment after the pause of “I still love you.” The programming wanted her to love us but even without it she still did. The game made her kill, but her love for us was real.


padme + being reckless and running into danger

i don’t need more security, i need answers. i want to know who’s trying to kill me.

There is a God above and her name is Parris.

I’ve always heard people throw around that if GRRM ever killed Arya, his wife would divorce him but I never knew about her extending that to Sansa as well!


That aside, honestly I don’t see a reason for him to kill Sansa considering she’s been kept around for this long and has learnt a great deal from the people she’s been exposed to. Her arc would have come to nothing, with no promise of a candidate fit to rebuild Winterfell after the war.

I think keeping Sansa around instead of going with his initial outline of having her bear Joffrey’s children and choosing them over her family and then dying, has been one of the better changes to his series. The reason why I can safely say Sansa Stark is one of my favourite characters is because of the fact that she is so emotionally strong, and gets by through her wits.

“…She is beginning to at least try to understand how she can play the game of thrones and be not a piece, but a player. With her own goals, and moving other pieces around. And she’s not a warrior like Robb, Jon Snow. She’s not even a wild child like Arya. She can’t fight with swords, axes. She can’t raise armies. But she has her wits! Same as Littlefinger has…” - GRRM, on Sansa’s Transformation.

It’s not often you see a character like Sansa survive for this long, she started out as a Pawn. Yet, what happens when a pawn piece makes it all the way to the other side of the chess board? You can trade it for any other piece you’ve lost, even a Queen. She’s no longer a piece, “but a player.”

Gosh. They really did love the blanket!

Maxine Alderton at the Emmerdale: Anatomy of a Hit event tonight, talking about the moment she realised and discovered there was an entire active fandom for robron out there during the abuse reveal scene she wrote back in January 2016.


Lady Shin. You have done no wrong in keeping a happy family as my wife. Now I have become a king of a country. Since you are already my spouse, I must bestow you a fitting title. I proclaim you as the Queen. Do not forget your virtue. You shall be respected within your family and your country. You shall be honored.


olicity + weddings:  “I believe in you, and I believe that no matter what life throws at us our love can conquer it, married, unmarried. I love you. My greatest fear My greatest fear in life is losing you.” 

“You’re the very best part of me. Felicity, I’m a better human being just because I’ve loved you.”