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GOCHI WEEK 2017 – March 12-18

In light of recent discussion, some of the fans of the GoChi pairing have gathered together to hold a special week event celebrating Goku and Chi-Chi as a couple. We’ve noticed other pairings will have their own special weeks of celebration and positivity for their favorite couple, so we decided why not emulate the idea ourselves? Yes, we already have a Son Family week (encompassing GoChi Day 5/7 through 5/10) but this one time we want to do something to focus on the GoChi couple alone.

Please feel free to participate any day you can with whatever art form you can offer. Fanfiction, art, graphics, videos, etc ~ All of the prompts are up for interpretation so go ahead and create whatever you think suits the theme. I’ve included two options for each day. You can go with the first, or the second, or use both. Whatever you feel best doing. They’re pretty general so have fun with it!


1. Fairytales / Triumph

2. Secrets / Longing

3. Butterflies / Anticipation

4. Art / Inspiration

5. Game / Energetic

6. Patience / Stress

7. Future / Satisfied


1 - Pairing must be Goku/Chi-Chi and preferably new work

2 - Not opposed to NSFW content, just make sure it is tagged or placed under a read more

3 - You can interpret the prompt in any way you want

4 - Please no ship hate on any ship

5 - Please tag your additions #gochiweek or submit to @kairi-yajuu (you can also make a post linking to something off tumblr and still tag it)

6 - Try to have your addition posted the day of the specific prompt; it’s okay to be a day late because of life obligations but do make an effort is all I ask :)

7 - Be positive and have fun! ;)

You can flood the #gochi tag and/or use #gochiweek to tag your work so that they show up. I will be tracking the #gochiweek tag and reblogging what I find. (Remember – make sure the tag is one of the first five of your tags, else it may not show up)

Spread this around to gather more people that may be interested. And above all – stay positive and have fun!

-Thanks to @cozymochi and @blauvixen for the collab on the banner - you guys rock!-

anonymous asked:

You really put detail into these, I just noticed how in the panel with the different skelebros, they are Al actually clear AUs, not just generic. Bravo to you

Thank you very much! I’m super pleased with how those pages turned out :3 Feel free to try to guess the ones you can! I know some are hard to see :)

jesprefahey  asked:

hey alice, do you have any jimon fic recs?? you can feel free to rec your own, sorry if someone's asked this before

omg don’t apologize, i’m always happy to talk jimon!! i’m super bad at saving fics i love tho so these are just the ones i found in my rec tag & that i remembered off the top of my head. also i tried to keep it down to 1 fic per author but honestly every single fic written by the authors listed below is 100000/10

general resources & recs:

specific fic recs:

now, truth be told, i haven’t read this one yet bc i’m waiting for a good opportunity to sit down and really enjoy it. but it’s literally a hannah montana au written by the one and only ellie so i mean? you just know it’s gonna be lit

this is the softest shit you’ll ever read. it has everything!!!!! it’s literally set at a wedding, like? it doesn’t get softer than that. on top of that there’s dancing, pining, amazing writing…. just overall a Soft fic that everyone should read

just the softest mf fic. short but sweet!!! very in character & very domestic. def worth a read or five!!!!

ok im breaking my own rule of only 1 fic by each author but…. this is like, the first high quality jimon fic i read. it changed my life???? so yeah. read it!!!!! it’s soft, fluffy, it’s literally canon jace giving simon dating advice but WAY BETTER. everything you could want!!!!

alternate version of 1x12. it’s smutty so read at ur own discretion. it’s really fucking good tho. angsty and smutty and incredible. super good characterization!!!

coffee shop au, need i say more???? flustered & awkward simon, smooth but also adorable jace. all-round really sweet fic!

really cute college au, with clothes sharing!!!! short & sweet

SUCH a fucking good fic. so so good. recommend so much. the perfect characterization of jimon banter!!! like it’s one of the best jimon fics out there, hands down. if you haven’t read it, what’re you doing with your life????? it’s adorable and funny and just plain amazing

Writing/drawing/story telling idea

A story making game idea for both.artist and writers? BC it’s currently 4am here… ((of all time to get strange and.weird ideas))

Someone (either artist or writer) starts a story but with a cliff hanger.
Then they post it for someone else to continue, who would respond with a cliff hanger ending as well.

The goal is to make the game as long as possible

Ofcourse, the fandom will be just one. They can use other fandom characters as well as an extra or smth even OCs but the main fandom’s characters must still be the main focus.

The reply type can be in any format. Novella style, doujinshi style, webcomic style, rp style (with those icons and stuff), light novel style, or anything at all! It can even be a mix of a doujin and novella! You’re free to experiment!

Also, anyone can join!starting artists / writers , old or young, anyone!

Just keep up the goal to make the story go on for as long as you can!


i feel like i haven't said this enough

I love you I love you I love you. Your existence means a lot to me. You trying so hard to overcome so many things is a motivation and inspiration for me. Your mind is so beautiful, creating and working all the details out. It’s mesmerising how nice of a person you’re. Thank you for holding on until now. You can put down your worries for a while. You’re free, nothing can stop or restrict you. You’re loved and valid. Everything you do is appreciated. Thank you for having a kind heart. You deserve happiness, and you’re on the path to it. You’re okay. It’s okay not to be okay. I love you.

And by you I mean all of you. Every single one of you.

anonymous asked:

I am all prepared to buy paint tool sai but I want to make sure I am doing it right. So as soon as I buy it, it's mine right? OR do I have to pay more money for brushes and textures, etc?

From what i know yes it will be permanently yours. As for the brushes, i think ppl make free (and sometimes not free) downloadable ones. Or you can customize your own

anonymous asked:

I'm patiently waiting here for Karlie to post a picture of her BF to her 6 million followers. Josh is in the midst of a full on public display of love lately . Why is she so shy ? I'm going to pretend she is in love with him otherwise I can't stomach the trump connection honestly. I hope those who continue to follow her get your payoff in the end .

No one is forcing anyone to stay around or follow anyone. I think she’s a lovely woman who is in over her head. They have less chemistry than any couple I have ever seen, including my gay girl self and either of my two gay guy besties. So while there is a tiny part of me that hopes she’s madly in love for her own sake, I don’t think that’s the case. If you can’t handle the connection, feel free to take some time away. Those of us who have been through the past droughts and beards and shenanigans will still be around.

I have managed to avoid getting sucked into the Sherlock fandom for years. I’ve enjoyed it, but not really been in fandom for it. But that last episode finally sucked me in. I even gave in and wrote Sherlock fic. Fair warning: I will be spamming Sherlock, and especially Sherlolly stuff for a while. I’ll tag everything so you can block if you don’t car.
Or feel free to dive in with me. There is always room in the shipping dumpster.

misskatattack  asked:

Hey cosmic-witch, I would like to ask you a question. I recently became fascinated with conspiracy theories on YouTube. I don't believe any of them, but the fact that they exist is amazing. Have you heard of the flat earth conspiracy theories? Or the any of the illuminati conspiracy theories? I feel that believing in the flat earth would dramatically contradict witch craft, and it shook me to the core. I would just like some comfort from you really, I trust you so. Feel free to post 💙🌌

the flat earth thing can be completely debunked with scientific fact. the others, such as the illuminati ones, not so much. it’s not too crazy, but i try not to buy into any of it tbh. 

thanks for contacting me about it though! i am always up for any kind of discussion lol. 

Mutuals, like this if you want a hunter/hunter training au for your muse and I’ll throw a starter at you. Will probably be done in a few days when my time frees up so please be patient. Also you can be from any fandom and your muse can be any age/gender/situation or whatever. I don’t mind. If I can’t work it out I’ll message you. Multi blogs please reply/im me to specify the muse(s) you want it for.

anonymous asked:

I have secretly been wanting to get top surgery for a little while. I am looking into information. I'm hoping to get it within the next couple of years, but I don't even know where to begin to look for information in costs and doctors and all if that. Do you have any resources I could check out? I'm very lost, and I'm not quite 18 yet so can't really meet with doctors and stuff about it on my own get anyway.

Hey anon,

This all depends on where in the world you live. In Canada, each Province has it’s own coverage to pay for surgery. I’m not sure how it works for all other countries. Your best bet would be to contact your local Pride Centre/LGBTQ Centre/Queer Resource Centre or one in a near by city if you’re somewhere small. They will likely have a list of doctors or steps to take for services in your area.
If you can’t find any leads that route feel free to drop us another message with more details.

Best of luck!!