you can be different

started watching orphan black yesterday and have one question

how the fuck is it that hollywood isnt throwing themselves at tatiana maslanys feet and scattering flowers at the floor she walks by because holy shit

k-shawols have picked up on the fact that part of the lyrics to “lonelyappeared in a tweet that jonghyun made back in february 2015: ““loneliness” (외`로움과) and “suffering” (괴`로움). the difference is a “memory”. do i get to read them very differently?”. (you can find the post for this tweet here). the lyrics that they can be linked to are: “loneliness and torture, the only difference is one memory”.

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Are there any resources you recommend to aspiring artists? I'm interested in what an art teacher with your style would recommend!

~ Heya, dear Anon ♥ Maybe not really what you’ve asked for ? I am not really the one to ask for “modern” resources, actually. But I always say to my students to train their eye before their hand, looking at the real life around them, the shape of real people, hands, clothes, or objects, the lights and shadows of every little thing in the same room. Museums are also a wonderful place to train the eye, so I put there some paintings I really like since I was a teenager. I am a “old-paintings” lover, and all of this gave me the wish to draw and paint, years ago.


Okay, so, I didn’t draw anything, but you know why??? BC IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, YAAAAAAY!!<3 <3 <3
And my friends drew for me some arts with JeffMads, bc they know that it’s my OTP. On the first picture writing in Russian, it means “Happy birthday!” in English. On the second picture Jemmy and Thomas in pink clothes bc it’s my favorite color, haha <3
Also, my other friend gave me a t-shirt with Hamilton emblem, aaaaaw!! It’s perfect and I love it so much :“3 /and I finally can change my age in the description of my blog, hhhaaa/

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question: how is gene sex repulsed if he's gray asexual? I'm on the ace spec myself but I'm just wondering how that works? thank u. ^\\^

Good question!! 

I’m a firm believer that who you’re sexually attracted to and who you want to be sexually involved CAN be two different things. Gene does feel some attraction towards Clyde which has developed over a long time, (which is similar to demi-sexual) but definitely doesn’t want to be intimate, so I wrote him as grey-sexual, which is an umbrella term to mean anywhere along the ace-spectrum. 

I hope that makes sense! 

i just watched a video of baby larry and like…… harry just….. stared at louis all the time, it’s awful he just sits there and [harry’s voice] kind of like just admire what louis’ like

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tuafw your SpIn is a Really Obscure comic book character (from a canon alternate universe where the heroes are villains) and none of the information you can find Fits together (he's married to two different people?? 3 different origins???) and you're so upset but!! then you find a 30+ story fanfiction series!! and it's all consistent!!! and no one understands why you're so happy about a bunch of fanfiction but it's great!!!

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One thing that's really bothering me is that even though I can agree that the animation has looked a little odd lately, it's unbelievable how cruel some people are being to the Crewniverse about it, calling them lazy and incompatant and unprofessional. What's worse is that this doesn't seem to be a crit-blog exclusive thing; a lot of people in the fandom seem to be really upset about it and are belittling the Crew for it. And it just doesn't feel right in the slightest.

Exactly! It’s not like the show doesn’t look different these days. Anyone can see that. The characters look totally different when you set a screenshot from Season 1 next to a screenshot from Season 4.

But ‘different’ doesn’t equal ‘bad’.

I can’t seem to find the post (if someone could link it in the notes, that’d be lovely!), but at a panel or podcast once, Rebecca talked about how she gives the storyboarders freedom to draw in their own styles instead of holding them to strict model standards.

She gives them freedom in their art to express the scenes in their own way. Because – as long as the characters are recognizable and look relatively the same – why shouldn’t she?

So it’s really hurtful to see all this backlash about it. Every artist’s style and the way they draw is naturally gonna change overtime. So it’s okay to not enjoy the current style compared to previous seasons, or prefer one storyboarder’s to another … but to call them ‘lazy’? That’s just rude.

You can see it in the Crewniverse’s social media posts; there’s a lot of love put into this show. I think that love has only grown as the years have gone by since this show started.

tl;dr - Yes, you can be disappointed with the current animation, or even hate it! No, you cannot harass the Crew over it!

for reference, syrup and the ultimate sweet was almost 17k words so mermaid game is quite big but also more spread out across playthroughs because of the different paths you can take. longest story ive done is still rd2 at 35k…

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I can't tell between platonic and romantic attraction. I get excited about new people, enough so that I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking about them, and I tend to obsess over the few people I'm actually close with. Is it normal for lonely aroaces to be this excited about platonic relationships, or am I experiencing romantic attraction?

You might be quoiromantic! That’s when a person can’t tell the difference between platonic and romantic attraction. I’d say it’s pretty normal to be excited about new and cool people, whether it’s romantically or platonically, so I can’t really tell you if it’s romantic or platonic attraction



( x ) O-Of course I remember you!! So much has happened since we last saw each other.. It’s really great to see you again!!!

So you remember me, you just didn’t recognize me.
C’mon, I can’t look THAT different, right? Psh, I could still recognize YOU though!

–But hey, I could let it go if you treat me to something, this is pretty huge reunion after all~

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Today my coach tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to run with him. He told me he firmly believes that I can run crazy fast times. After, he went on about how I had everything it took to be a state champ one day. And how the other coaches talked to him about wanting an athlete who dug as hard as me. I'm so thankful that I have a coach who believes in me and who's gonna be here to help me chase my dreams. I'm wanna be great someday. Haha someday it'll be me. But I'm just a freshie. Who knows.

THIS MADES ME SO HAPPY!!! I am so proud of you and excited for you! You are going to do some incredible things, and I am so glad you have such an incredible support team behind you! These things can make such a difference in peoples lives, and I encourage you to be the support system to someone else. Tell them you believe in them and their passions too and spread the love around. I know you will be great and I wish you the very very best! You have so many adventures ahead of you!

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What can you say about art style theft and tracing/stealing? And the difference between being inspired and copying??

OH boy, my time to say my opinion


I remember, when I was 10, I actually tried to mimic an art style for practice, I wasn’t on internet yet so the stuff I tried to draw are unposted) and let me say: it’s impossible. No matter how much you’re good, you can’t copy perfectly an art style for calling it a theft.

Tracing/Stealing is so many levels wrong, if it was using an art piece as reference and iusing it for improving would be another topic (always if the reference piece was credited and the piece for improving was shown to the reference’s artist) but tracing or stealing: ya won’t learn a shit

And lastly, there’s a HUGE difference between getting inspired and copying:

Getting inspired is more a help or something that gets you with motivation, sometimes you might do it on purpose, but sometimes you realize after.

Let me say this, the whole body and soul stuff I use with Drew and Aiden was inspired of the most famous Undertale theory about Chara: they are the narrator and are a ghost that follows Frisk.
I really like that idea, pretty common let’s face it, and wanted to do a story of mine like that (I already had Aiden before of knowing this theory but what made me want to have them as a character again was that). Then I got inspired but many fellows and added stuff I really liked that I’ve thought on my own

Copying would be rewriting Undertale’s plot

(ya might have meant by drawing but in the end writing is art too)

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Oh yeah. Sorry Ferdi. Forgot how old you really are. But, do you and Tori want to learn anything? We can give you books on different subjects if you want!

Ferdi: Well, I guess carpentry wouldn’t be bad. I could add on to my house without using magic. It would certainly give me something to do. Ah, a book about plants would be nice~ I can make the seeds for it if I know the plant.

Tori: A manual for a camera would be cool. I really wanna start taking pictures of everything.

i’m running out of steam
balloon puffing out the air
with an exasperated sigh
don’t call me, don’t call me
because i will go
forget myself again
on open arms
or closed caskets
i will forget

i’m not here, i’m not here
half the time
i wonder if you notice
the other half
is buried under the debris
chanting to the void
whispering words of hope
can you see me
can you see me now

oh i’ve said too much
but this rusting heart
can’t take this corrosion anymore
it’s always the wanting
it’s always the fear
it’s the waiting for change
it’s the daydreaming with oblivion
there is no scientific method
to this madness

paint me with different colours
can you see that
this palette is missing something
help me figure it out
i’m colourblind
when it comes to my life
trick me into believing
in those forgotten hues again
trick me into believing
in a bright future

just give me a hill to die on
I need the rest
—  i hugged myself and this leaked out // julia m.

Selfie with bias tag and thx peaches @exoequalsmylife @cremethorns
Uhh okay awkward~ :“) I’m not type of taking many selfie of myself as I am saved by the old pics I took :“D and yes you can see the difference between filter and unfilter haaaa 😅😅😅 I can’t chose between Chanyeol and Johnny….I mean who has only 1 bias? Liars 😂 lololololol

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