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BTS reaction: them having a kid they didn’t know about

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Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would definitely want to arrange a meet up with you and talk about it. I don’t think he would be angry that you didn’t tell him, but he would definitely be upset. It’s his kid too, and even if the two of you broke up he would at least have wanted to know about them. Depending on how the two of you broke up he might want to either get back together, or at least be friends, so he can be in his kid’s life, because he doesn’t want them to grow up without at least knowing who their father is.

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Suga/Min Yoongi:

He’d probably confront you right then, because he’d worry that you wouldn’t agree to meet him if he asked later. And he’d probably get a bit angry. Like, he’d be so upset that it would turn into anger. He wants to be a good father to his future kids, and not even knowing they exist does not qualify as being a good father. And depending on wether you ended on a good not or not, he’d either ask to be a part of their life, or at least to get to spend a day with them, and then maybe let them decide wether they want him or not. He’s not about to let his kid get away without even trying.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Like with Jin, I can’t see him getting angry. But he would definitely be upset. I think he’s another one who would try to confront you right away, but I don’t think he’d be collected enough to really get a good point across, so the two of you would decide that it’s better to meet up in like a few days. And when you do, he would pretty much beg you to let him be a part of his kid’s life, even if the two of you ended on a really bad note. And if he still has some kind of feelings for you, he’d probably suggest that the two of you get back together for your kid’s sake. He’d take it very seriously, and would do anything.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would probably be more shocked than anything. Like, did he actually get you pregnant? He wouldn’t believe it at first. And because of that he wouldn’t walk up to you right away, but rather text or call you later and be like “I saw you with a kid that looked a lot like me today… Are they mine?”. And I think that he would want to figure most things out during that same conversation, and not postpone it to a later date. This is about his kid, and he is not about to wait a few days to figure out a solution with you.

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Jimin/Park Jimin:

Like Yoongi, I think he would be so upset that he would get angry, especially when he finds out you didn’t say anything because you thought it was your burden. He’s just as responsible for the kid as you are, so what on earth made you think it’d be okay to not even inform him of his kid’s existence? He’d probably confront you about it right away because his emotions would tell him to, and then decide that it’s better to sit down later and talk things through for real, when he’s more collected and fit to talk about it like an adult.

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V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d be upset, frustrated, and mad at the same time. He loves kids, and everyone knows that. So why didn’t you tell him he was a father? Did you think he wouldn’t have wanted the kid? Were you afraid he’d try to take them away from you? Did you simply not want to put yet another responsibility on him? Whatever the reason, he’d think it was absolute bullshit. He’s always wanted to be a father, and now he was, even if he didn’t know about it at first. And like Hobi, he would do anything he possibly could to make you let him be in the kid’s life.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’d be similar to Namjoon. He’d be shocked to the point of refusing to believe it at first. He couldn’t possibly have gotten you pregnant, right? And then he’d discuss it with the members, and they’d probably be the ones to convince him to get in touch with you because he would be very hesitant to do that. But once he does, he will try his hardest to let you be your kid’s father for real. Once it has all sunk in properly, he will get really strong fatherly feelings, and he won’t want to give the kid up.

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Nico takes Allison by the arm and leads her away. But they don’t go too far. They were afraid things would become explosive between the young couple. But instead of being hysterical with tears or even fiercely angry, Lala looks at Remy with a weary expression, then turns her back to him.

Remy quiet: I’ll get tested. But I’m sure everything is fine.

Lala snaps: Why? Because she’s rich and beautiful? You think rich b*tches don’t have herpes? That they can’t get knocked up?

Remy: Lala, come on. Stop. You never speak this way, baby girl. Let’s talk about this.

Lala: There is nothing to talk about, Remy Holmes. I’m done with your cheating and your lying and your self destruction. 

Remy tries to put his arms around her, she pushes him away.

Lala: Dont f*cking touch me, Remy. Don’t ever touch me.

Remy: Lala. She’s nothing. It was just sex. With every other woman, it’s just sex. You know that.  With you it’s different.

Lala: I did this to myself and I know it. I always let you do whatever you wanted on the side because of that ridiculous reason. Just sex. There’s no such thing as just sex when you’re in a relationship and you’re in love, Remy. If it were just sex, I wouldn’t have nightmare about Steven Brandt f*cking me every night when all I wanted was to be with you.

Remy: I’m going to make him pay for that.

Lala: Why should he pay, Remy? When YOU were the one who pushed me to sleep with him? When you were the one who robbed HIM? Why should he pay when we entered his life, not the other way around? And I know Angelina True wasn’t just sex. You’re still trying to go after Steven. She’s connected to him. You’re going to kill him, no matter how I feel about it, how wrong I think it is.

Remy: I am going to kill him. I can’t live with myself knowing what he did to you. What he did to others. I’m doing this for my son.

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Could you maybe do 22 with modern!Kylo please?

22. “Come over here and make me.”

A/N: Uhh this got away from me, hope you like it as much as I do! I love hearing from you guys :)

One of the perks of being friends with Rey was that her family owned a lake house, which she took you with her to visit during the summer. Of course, it wasn’t almost too perfect, and the cost was possible encounters with her horrible cousin Kylo.

“Oh come on Y/N, he’s not that bad,” Rey defends.

“Rey! He literally poured his milkshake all over me because I teased him about his motorcycle, he can’t take a joke. He always wants to get in a fight with me and-ugh I’m getting angry just thinking about him.”

You remember something else, “Oh and he’s also a complete perv, confirmed. Remember how he wouldn’t stop staring at me when we where getting ready to go out one evening, he’s an ass!” You add. “God I hate Ren,” You mumbled under your breath. He annoyed you to know end, if asked if you had any enemies you would probably say him.

“Yeah that was bad, but Y/N, that was a few years ago. He was still going crazy with all of those ‘boy’ hormones, he’s calmed down a lot.”

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for white rpers & what you can learn from rpers like d/inobcnes: you might think that dinobcnes and her actions were of her own, but we must remember she isn’t the only person who has a history of making racist remarks and thinking she can get away with them.  it’s our job as not just as roleplayers, but as human beings to take care of one another and mostly learn to respect others and their feelings.  lottie has denied writers of color and their struggles while playing a role as a white rper that reflects on us & if you don’t think that says a lot about the picture I can promise you it does.  if you aren’t willing to hear out why people are angry than I believe you truly don’t care for the community.  this isn’t drama nor is it something to be forgotten in the next week.  look @ how much pain one person can cause? it’s easy for any of us to say those simple words of “i understand” when really we will never understand the struggles that the poc community has.  i will never understand why some white rpers want to act like a martyr when it’s not their place.  we need to stop avoiding the topic and admit that whites try and make something their fight when it’s not  ;  this doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for others,  but you should know when it’s your place to say something and when it’s not.  yes! we should be upset in the way lottie acted because it shows a side to this community that white people want to keep in the dark. racism is in the community & it’s majority of whites that don’t want to accept this.  i don’t understand where some whites and people like lottie act like it’s our place to stand in and say when the poc community can be angry and when they can’t?  yes.  we’ve let it get to this point and have let people down for it.  the best we can learn from this situation is to stand up for our fellow poc rpers & support their fight without making it about us. 

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How do you think the boys felt/feel about Crowley's death?

I think Cain summed it up very well by saying that Dean would have mixed feelings about killing Crowley.

I think Sam is far less involved with Crowley obviously and Dean has mixed feelings for sure. There was the summer of love, it wasn’t really himself but he still remembers it and Crowley keeps reminding him all the time and he isn’t so much angry about it but kind of resigned to the fact that it happened and he can’t get away from it, but not in an angry way.

He now sees Crowley as a sometime all, he even lists him in his list of people that are on their side, so I do think he will have sad feelings about losing him, though of course it is overshadowed by Mary and Cas.

It is sad that Crowley’s death was overshadowed but it does also fit the overall story that it would be so because of the mirrors etc. and actually for me it does make sense given that Crowley saved Cas in 12x12 and we started having his redemption arc then and once Dean thanked him in 12x15 I started to get worried for him. As soon as he came in 12x23 saying that he was tired of it all we knew he was dead.

I think overall they will have mixed feelings and be sad about losing him, but as usual Dean will see it more emotionally, though he will be focused on Mary and Cas and Sam will see more the fact that it would have been far more useful to have an ally on the throne of Hell than an antagonist.

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that marilyn monroe quote applies better to louis imo, and the distorted victim persona his stans have created

I think that quote can actually apply very easily to almost any celebrity, but I know what you mean. I think the reason @old1ddude added that comment about Harry is, perhaps, because there seems to be a lot of hate directed toward him based on people’s perceived idea of who he is/was. The quote was specifically about how people became angry at Marilyn when they realized she wasn’t what they had imagined her to be.

Louis’ situation seems a bit different to me. I haven’t seen him getting hate in that way. Louis’ “Victim persona” as you call it, is a complex thing. I can see how the perception of him “needing our help” to succeed seems to have been magnified and used by his team/label to get the fandom to do their work for them and to drive sales/chart rankings. IMO Louis was systematically abused and manipulated in a number of ways. I, personally, don’t look at him as a victim, though. I see him as someone remarkably capable, resilient, and strong who’s endured some pretty awful things over the past few years. This makes a lot of people feel empathy towards him and makes people want to see him get what a person of his character and talent deserves. I see the desire to jump in to drive his album sales and chart a single and raise money in his name as a way to remind him how much we believe in him and support his work. Not because he’s a victim incapable of doing it himself, but because we love him fiercely.  

Obviously none of us really KNOW any of them (including the people who make up their teams) so we create an idea of who they are in our minds based on things they’ve shown us or said in interviews. It’s easy to forget that we each process that same information through the lens of our own personal experiences –– which is part of the reason why there are so many varying reactions to events or articles (or quotes). 

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I've been seeing The Adventure Zone around for a little bit now, and I'm not sure if I want to actually listen or not. (The fandom sounds a bit much, tbh). My question is, is the show worth dealing with the fandom? (Love love love your art, btw. You're a big inspiration to me to keep drawing, tbh. I hope you have a wonderful day!!)

Good content is good content man! I try not to let bad fans ruin something for me because ultimately they’re not involved in the final product yknow? No matter how bad some fans can get, I think i will always recommend The Adventure Zone for just how much I’ve truly fuckin enjoyed it. So it is 100% worth “dealing with the fandom” in my opinion because at the end of the day, you can ignore those people. Avoiding looking at stupid drama and getting angry about it helps you to avoid feeling negative emotions by association to the thing you love. 

Plus if you only got into works depending on how good the fandom is, I doubt you’d be able to watch/read/listen to a whole lot haha everything has its share of toxic fans though some admittedly worse than others.

Of course once you like something having to see bad fans is all the worse feeling (I will admit there are a couple things I’ve been a fan of that felt like the original content got a tiny bit tainted by just how awful the fans are) but I genuinely think there are a lot more good fans of these boys than bad ones. And I think people who are fans of the McElroy’s in general and follow their other podcasts and videos are a lot more chill compared to some of the taz centric fans? At the end of the day I’ve spoken with all kinds of wonderful and lovely people since getting into the McElroys and have received far more kind messages compared to hateful ones ^_^ 

Oops didn’t mean to ramble so much —Hope you check out TAZ or other McElroy-related content and enjoy it!

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I’ve been thinking, and I think I get it. All season we’ve been seeing a suffocating amount of Noora and hearing all these wonderful things about her from everyone and their mother. And we’ve been so frustrated and so pissed at Julie because it’s Sana’s season yet we’re seeing so much of someone who’s already had their own season.

But after the last clip I think it’s because we’re not really seeing Noora, but rather how Sana always feels overshadowed by her, and that was obviously something we didn’t see before because (a) we didn’t have her perspective before and (b) Sana hides her emotions really well.

And obviously you can’t really feel suffocated by someone you don’t see or hear about that often, so I think the whole point of seeing Noora 24/7 is that we’re SUPPOSED to feel frustrated, and bitter, and even angry, because that’s how SANA feels.

Basically Noora overshadowing Sana in her season is symbolic of her overshadowing her in her life, which is especially frustrating because Noora actually shares a similar lifestyle to Sana in that she doesn’t drink, doesn’t really party, or do other things teenagers usually do, but she gets away with it and is praised for it because she doesn’t look ‘different’ while Sana gets bullied and judged because she’s Muslim.

I mean I’m still pretty pissed that Noora’s taking such a large chunk out Sana’s season, but if this is Julie’s intention and she’s not just kissing Noora’s ass AND it comes to a resolution with my baby Sana being happy and appreciated, I can live with it.

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I need the story of the Underground Shakespearian Ring

Okay, so the school I went to for 9th grade had this really bizarre grading setup that I still don’t understand- for some reason, instead of the teachers writing up and grading tests and exams and the like, all the work was sent to an unknown third party for them to grade??? It made no sense.

Now, for the most part, the school had decent teachers, and they would just teach the curriculum correctly and then you wouldn’t run into problems with the grading. My English teacher was not one of those teachers.

So like, she hated me pretty early on- she was my homeroom teacher and thought it was disrespectful that I slept in homeroom in the mornings (I was on sleeping pills and they never wore off completely until around 10am), I never had the vocab homework in on time (someone kept breaking into my locker and stealing my vocab books I had to buy a new one like five times), she thought it was “inherently pessimistic and stuck up” when she caught me reading a book called ‘Ninth Grade Slays’ (it was about vampires, not her?), and during our Greek Mythology unit I kept correcting her about the name pronunciations of the gods (she pronounced Hephaestus as Hepatitis one time holy shit). 

Anyway, her feelings on me aside, her teaching skills were shoddy at best. But I had had way worse teachers, so had the rest of the class, and Greek myths are pretty straight-up in what’s going on, so no one really had trouble with the third-party tests.

Then we get to the Romeo and Juliet unit.

Now, fun fact: Shakespeare has always come pretty easily to me. Like, to the point where I sometimes forget/fail to understand that other people have an incredibly hard time translating his works. (I told this whole story to my friends in the school I went to for 10th/11th/12th grade and when the drama department put on ‘Midsummers Night Dream’ one year, more than half the cast tried to get me to translate their scripts and monologues for them lmao).

So, anyway, I’m just a girl, reading Romeo and Juliet and digging how it’s going…and then the teacher starts ‘translating’ it.


I cannot sift through all the bullshit this woman was spewing, but let’s just say that my favorite part is during Romeo’s spew about Rosaline, there’s one part where he says something like ‘with cupid’s arrow/she hath diane’s will’, and the teacher was taking this to mean Rosaline was a Super Lesbian who was breaking the law or something and running away with her lover Diane, which would be a rad storyline, sure, but like…I’m just raising my hand like “Um Ma’am, Diana is the Roman goddess of chastity. What Romeo meant is that she told him she’s sworn off love and is probably becoming a nun?” and this woman just got. So angry. Like, excuse me, you are a student, you’re here to learn, so you clearly don’t know anything about this (I read Romeo and Juliet for the first time in like preschool whoops). Anyway, she continues on making up her own plot to the play, and I…well I was basically Hermione Fucking Granger at this point I couldn’t just sit there and listen to someone be this wrong about something omfg??? She just got angrier and angrier and stopped calling on me after a while.

So for a couple lessons I’m just left to seethe quietly, but one day after class this girl I knew since grade school came up to me and was like “Could you…? Tell me what the hell we’re supposed to be learning?” and I didn’t even like her but I liked the validation of being someone’s Chosen Teacher so I wrote out a summary for her of everything we had covered so far so she could actually write a comprehendible essay for our homework that night.

But THEN the during the class when we got our essays back, she made a HUGE DEAL, like ‘oh Molly, it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve been failing this course material, now you have to drag your friends into it by trying to re-write the play?’ (l m a o). Like this bitch had literally tried to fight me on ‘Paris is the guy Juliet’s father wants her to marry’ and she didn’t even put a grade on my essay where I said the play only ended in tragedy because of how young and naïve the kids were, that if they had taken a breather and thought things through it probably would’ve been fine (it was a damn good essay and I stand by it). But anyway, she’s trying to make me out to my classmate’s as someone who’s trying to sabotage their education for laughs.

This backfired on her.

See, it dawned on people one by one, that she was only teaching the wrong material -> so they wouldn’t know the right material -> so when they eventually would take the exams they would only have her crazy answers -> which the third party graders wouldn’t know about -> everyone fails this course that’s like half the overall grade of the year.

Most students consider that a problem.

So suddenly the class has decided I’m the fucking Shakespeare Whisperer or something, and one by one start begging me for help. At first I was confused, because as I said, it’s so easy for me that I didn’t realize literally the entire class was lost out of their asses here. omfg. So I was really getting hassled here but I didn’t want my entire class to fail you know???? So I started meeting with people during study halls or texting them after school so they knew what was going on. And then they started telling people in this teacher’s other classes, including upperclassmen who were lost as fuck, so this was quickly spiraling out of control on my end, but overall people were really starting to understand the plays better!! So I was feeling really great.

But then, the teacher noticed that none of the homework getting handed in to her matched up with her crazy translations, and knew I was the sole person to blame (naturally). She literally tried to get me suspended over this, she went to the school’s disciplinarian!

Note: This guy, Mr. C, knew I was a God damn angel- my science class was off the charts, inappropriately awful, so every time one of our science teacher’s wanted to give the entire class detention, instead of calling Mr. C up to the class room as was the rule, they’d send me down to get him so he’d know to write up every student except for me. So when my English teacher dragged me in there he was looking her like “What on Earth could this girl have possibly done to piss you off?” 😂😂

And when she explained he looked at her for a very long moment, glanced at me with a signature ‘Office’ Reaction Face™ , turned back to her and was like “You want her suspended…for starting a study group?” and I was CHOKING.

So that really pissed her off and they started fighting and this was a very overworked and Done man so at some point he gave up and was like “I’m not suspending her but fine we can put a ban on the study group if you leave my office” omfg. So all the other students get notified and now they’re back to freaking out about the upcoming exams.

So like two days later, I’m at lunch, complaining about this to one of my friends who had a different English teacher and thus no problem, and I’m on this whole angry rant (Because I’m pissed, a bunch of kid’s grades are gonna get fucked up because of this! They just wanted to do well! I just wanted to help them!) and my friends staring at me quietly the whole time and when I finish I’m like “What?” and she’s just like “…Molly did you literally start up Dumbledore’s Army in our fucking school?” and I died on scene.

But then I started thinking about the comparison and I was like? You know fucking what? If Harry Potter can get those kids to pass their fucking DADA test I can help kids pass their fucking English Exam. Bring it the fuck on, Umbridge.

So I started Spreading The Word that anyone who needs help with their Shakespeare course can still get help, we just all need to meet up once to hash out the details. After some back and forth notes and deliberations, we ended up meeting in the school library, which was hilarious for a few reasons:

1) It was directly across the hall from this teacher’s classroom.

2) It was actually a converted janitors closet, way smaller than all the other classrooms, and there were like 50 people shoved in there; Not exactly an ideal Room of Requirement

3) The library carried no Shakespeare texts, but had the entire Harry Potter series on display to see when you first walked in

But anyway, despite the fact that we were literally three feet away from her door while we were doing this, our teacher was none the wiser of the meeting. We worked out a game plan- everyone writes out bullshit essays that align with what the teacher’s expecting. After she grades those and gives them back, they get them to me- slipping them in my locker, handing it to me discreetly in the halls or in another class, what have you. I then try to power through the dizzying amount of confusion radiating out of the teacher’s mouth and onto these papers, and more or less write out better translation of what was going on in whatever scene they covered, what the highlights they needed to know were, stuff like that, and then slip it back to them in similar discreet fashion (so the teacher/disciplinarian wouldn’t see me and get suspicious ; also because I was like 15 and wanted to feel like a super cool secret agent). They would then keep my copies and use them as study guides for the upcoming exams, where they would then answer all the questions correctly, the way the third party graders would mark correctly, and pass the exams + the bullshit essays would get them high marks in the teacher’s homework grades. The teacher never caught on to what was happening, just thought her students finally started paying attention to her.

All in all, it was a complicated mess, but it fucking worked. I don’t think anyone failed their exams that year. Will I ever be cooler? No. I think I fucking peaked when I was 15.

Why Steve Trevor is amazing Thread


  • He never made a comment about Diana not being able to do anything because “She is a woman.”
  • When he said “I can’t let you do this,” he wasn’t underestimating her powers nor thinking he could control her. He was just stating that Ares might NOT exist so Diana might be after a human being.
  • when squad said they weren’t worried about Diana, that she could take care of herself, they were worried about him, he didn’t go like “Oh come on i can protect myself too.”
  • When Diana became angry at Steve because she thought Ares affected him too, he didn’t say anything hurtful, he just pointed where the guy is and literally said “GO THERE.”
  • When Diana said men are useful but not necessary for pleasure, he didn’t make any stupid comment nor deny it.
  • He never judged or made fun of Diana for not knowing ‘normal’ stuff, instead he explained them.
  • He kept his promises.
  • During “No Man’s Land” scene, although he said noone was able to cross that place, he didn’t mean it because Diana was a woman. He was just simply stating the facts.
  • However when Diana said “It’s what i’m going to do” and started fighting, HE WENT AFTER HER TO HELP. He could just sit there until Diana finished taking everyone down, you know.
  • Whenever Diana went fighting, he was always supportive, never said things like “No, i’ll go,” or “Let me come with you.” First shield, then warehouse. He just stands there and nods.
  • When he told Diana to stand back and Diana saved him from the bullets, he didn’t become grumpy. Instead he was like “LEAD THE WAY.”
  • He tried to convince Diana that even if people aren’t controlled by Ares and even if they are pieces of shits, she still needs to save the world.
  • He literally told her what is important is what you believe in and that somehow became Diana’s motto. When she remembered his words, although she was still so angry and sad because of his death, she embraced love for humanity once again.

PS:feel free to add to the list.

She’s not the type of girl you’re used to… and you’re not quite sure if you like it or not. She’s not easy to get to know. She’s guarded and closed off… anything even slightly personal is harder to get to than Fort Knox. With her – it’s always one step forwards and two steps back and it’s SO frustrating… But you think maybe you kind of like it… because when you see those little glimpses of her you know you’re probably the only person who ever has.
She can’t be charmed… she’s not that type of girl. She manages to twist your compliments into insults or downplay them into jokes, and again… it’s so frustrating!!! Why can’t she believe that you like her!? Why can’t she just accept that she’s beautiful?
She can’t be bought because again… she’s not that type of girl. Jewelry, flowers, gifts… none of it interests her and she gets angry if you try it. She seems to think it’s effortless, and to her credit she’s kind of right… you’re simply repeating the same rehearsed steps to try and make her like you that you did with every other girl… and it won’t work… because she’s not like other girls.
She’s demure yet provocative… She runs hot and cold… She’s self-conscious, but also self-assured… In fact, she’s just about every contradiction you can possibly think of and yet you’re somehow addicted to this roller coaster ride because you know that even when she’s being the complete opposite of herself she’s still the most ‘real’ woman you think you’ve ever met and you just want to get to know her more. You want to see all of her… get inside her mind… know everything there is to know about her…
But she won’t let you. She’s not that type of girl. And when the day comes to let her go and kiss her goodbye forever, you can tell she wants to cry… But she won’t… because she’s not that type of girl. She never was. She never will be… And that’s exactly what you loved about her most.
SKAM S04E10 Clip 7 - Eskild & Linn

LINN: Look.

ESKILD: You look so good, Linn! You’re so pretty.

LINN: Can’t I just wear the blue summer dress?

ESKILD: No, you can’t just wear the blue summer dress! Okay, this is the most important holiday to Muslims. It’s not a whore and pimp party.

LINN: But do I have to wear a veil?

ESKILD: Yes, you have to wear a veil, Linn. It’s like if Sana showed up to your place on Christmas in sweatpants. Do you think your mother, Mette, would’ve been happy about that? She wouldn’t. She would’ve been angry. Linn.. What’s up with you these days?

LINN: Do you think Noora is going to move out?

ESKILD: Come and sit down. You know that Noora loves us a lot, right? And that.. Even though we’re not fans of William.. Noora is much better than him, but she should be allowed to live her life, right? And I think we just have to be very good friends to her and support her no matter what she does. And I think that even though she doesn’t always show it, Noora loves us very much and wants us to be happy. And we’re going to be happy. And do you know why? Because we have each other and I’m going to take care of you and you’re going to take care of me. It’s you and me against the world.

LINN: The two of us against the world.

ESKILD: You’re so nice. I also want one. A veil, but I can’t. Should we drink some Pepsi Max? You had a booger.

Them finding out you are pregnant with their child


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  • actually melts
  • “Are you for real!?”
  • you show him the pregnancy test
  • And you assuring him that he will be a great father
  • “Peter, we are not naming our child Tony”
  • “I’m just saying-”
  • “No.”
  • Deciding to tell Aunt May
  • She is really happy and supportive 
  • “I mean, the making process was fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”


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  • will not stop smiling
  • “Are you even listening to me?”
  • Not even a single worry
  • And when you get insecure as a mother, he will be there to tell you that you are just fine
  • The Avengers freaked out, but Tony just smirked
  • “I heard you that night”
  • You got to paint the baby room together
  • “It was the most fun I've ever had”
  • “It’s because I was there”
  • Everything went smoothly as if you planned it


Originally posted by itsyourboystiffyliveat

  • As if he didn’t have enough kids at the manor
  • “Oh shit”
  • You’d be in tears because you were scared that something will go wrong trough out the process 
  • But of course, he was there to help you cheer up
  • “I will take care of it as if it was mine, Miss [Y/N]”
  • “I think I'll be fine Alf.”
  • You wanted to make sure the child didn’t find out about the bat
  • it ended up as the sixth robin…


Originally posted by fireworkofdec

  • As if you weren’t freaking out to tell him
  • he seemed angry to you for some reason (that wasn’t true ofc)
  • but that quickly escalated to a tight hug
  • “I’ll make sure this child lives the best life possible”
  • you had to go furniture shopping together 
  • You were both so happy when you saw the decorated room after so much work went over it
  • You imagined the small child running around
  • After it was born, you both tried to get time and take care of it
  • you would read her/him stories to bed
  • all your insecurities flew away


Originally posted by varied-marvels

  • O boi
  • How did that happen  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • IT’S NOT LIKE YOU HAVE SEX EVERY WEEK OR ANYTHING  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you tried to be serious, but Tony wasn’t at all
  • he just kept smiling and giggling like the giggly bitch he is
  • but you still love him
  • “Okay so….what are you doing”
  • “I’m planning the-”


anonymous asked:

Hello! How would you write a dialogue in which a character is freaking out about something? I generally have them word vomit but I don't really like that style. If its too much could you show me an example as well?


You could definitely word vomit – especially if your character is hysterical – but that’s not the only way to do it by any means. I know a few other ways.

1. Calmly.
This is strange, considering your character is freaking out, but the freak-out is internal – they’re shutting themselves off due to shock. In this case, they would be quiet, sane, and even if what they’re saying is illogical, it would probably sound reasonable.

“I was right there when she shot him. He dropped like a sack of flour. I figured he was gone as soon as the bullet hit his chest. So now I’ve decided I’m gonna go after her. Right now. And I’m gonna kill her.”
“What? You can’t do that!”
“Sure I can. She killed him, so I kill her. It’s called justice.”
“But- With just your bare hands?”
“The way I feel right now, my bare hands are more than enough.”

Notice how the character who just watched their friend die in front of them isn’t yelling, isn’t stuttering, isn’t getting angry or crying – they’re perfectly calm, almost to the point of complete emotional shutdown.

2. Angrily.
Some people get angry when they lose control and freak out – it scares them, and the fear manifests itself as anger. This type particularly happens when they’re upset about something and other characters aren’t taking it seriously or are shrugging off their concerns.

“No! It’s happening tonight! We don’t have time to think, or weigh things, we need to fucking leave! Now!”
“We can’t. You know that, and you’d remember that, if you were thinking straight-”
“I am thinking straight! It’s you who’s fucked in the head. I don’t give a damn what you think we can and can’t do, we need to clear out of here, right this second.”

As you can see, this character is freaking out – their concerns may or may not have a firm foundation, but obviously they are concerned, and that concern is manifesting itself as fury.

3. By stuttering.
For some people, it’s hard to talk when they panic, because their minds race forward ahead of their mouths and they get tongue-tied. I typically see/use this with more anxious characters, or with characters who aren’t typically good at speaking anyways (in other words, who are uncomfortable with talking).

There are a couple of different ways to stutter:
a. Repeat the beginning of each word.

“I tr-tried to s-save him, but he wuh-wouldn’t l-let me … he knew it was g-going to happen. It’s my f-fault!”

(However, keep in mind that this kind of stuttering is more as if you’re character is crying and trying to talk through sobs and hiccups. Please use it sparingly – it can get old fast.)

b. Repeat words.

“No. No, I don’t know what’s going on, Ricky. Ricky, why would I have any idea? Don’t fucking look at me like that, Ricky. Don’t look at me like I’m lying.”

c. Insert filler sounds: “ah”, “uh”, “um”, and/or curse words.

“I, uh, I- fuck. I,ummm, I think maybe, ah, maybe we should leave?”

For more on stuttering – it can be hard to peg correctly – check out this post.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Most of the conversations about abuse I see on here ascribe a certain… intentionality? to abuse. And I mean, to abuse as a general concept. And while I have definitely encountered people who were wilfully and maliciously abusive, I think this is also part of a tendency to class people as ‘good’ and 'bad’ and credit bad things to individual agency, if that makes sense. Plenty of abusers are just damaged people acting out harmful patterns without recognizing them. My father, for instance, since I’ve had a lot of time to become objective about him. I’m confident that at no point did he make a decision to terrorize and shame me into any plan of his. He was just an angry, self-centered asshole who should not have been a father and blamed other people for his failings.

None of this is in any way intended to excuse abuse. On the contrary, abusive behavior is never, ever acceptable. The point is that you don’t have to make any conscious decision to be abusive, and you don’t have to belong to some class of “abusive people”. Anyone can perpetrate abusive behavior. Know what it looks like, think about your interactions, and see whether they build people up or tear them down.

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prompt: andreil + emergency room visit

(this is a sequel to THIS ‘I think there’s someone in the house’ fic!)

The paramedics hammer on the door, and Neil looks up, teary-eyed, from where his face is pressed into Andrew’s damp hair. He’s feeling for his breath with the back of his hand, waiting moment to moment for Andrew to die in his arms, silently like he does everything else. Urgency keeps stunning Neil all over again, hysterical defibrillators. The EMT’s are calling out through the wall, muffled but calm.

It feels unthinkably wrong, their absolute evenness and ease outside his door when his life is an exposed neck and Andrew’s death is the whirring blade of a saw.

He realizes that he has to get up to let them in, and it seems as impossible as it would be for Andrew to spring up and answer the door himself. He feverishly wants them to crumple the door to splinters and be inside already. 

It’s a herculean effort to ease Andrew to the ground, like he’s gritting his teeth and cutting off his own leg. He touches Andrew’s clammy face briefly but he can’t bring himself to try and slap him awake. He props Andrew’s bare feet up on the rim of the bath so the blood will flood towards his head, at least.

He feels untethered to his body when he stands, a helium balloon with its usual weight passed out on the bathroom floor. He falls into the wall immediately, adrenaline neck and neck with exhaustion.

He finds his way to the front door without his mind’s help. His head is in the bathroom with Andrew, and he knows that no matter what happens it’ll be there for a long, long time.

The next time he blinks, a man in uniform is holding his biceps and peering down at him seriously.

“—sir? Sir, are you hurt at all?”

“No,” Neil says, lips numb. “Bathroom. He’s in the bathroom. He’s bleeding to death.”

He turns, easily slipping the paramedic’s grip. There’s a procession of them, hefting a gurney and a couple of kits, and they’ve brought all the cold from outside in on their heels. They’re such a foreign object in their warm, messy apartment — uniformed, official, and precise.

It’s deadly, walking in and seeing Andrew spread out in his boxers, blood oozing through his t-shirt from his loose stitches, pale enough to match the porcelain. Neil’s seen enough corpses to recognize what they look like. 

He falls heavily to his knees and puts his head directly to his chest, listening, tears slipping hotly over the bridge of his nose.

“Please,” he slurs. His heartbeat is a tentative thud, a knock from an unexpected guest. “Help him. Now, help him now.”

“We’re going to try our best Sir, but you’ve got to get out of the way,” someone says gently.

He topples backwards onto his hands. It’s a cramped space, and he knows it would be easier if he waited outside, but he also knows he’d rather die than leave them alone with him.

The first guy kneels down and takes Andrew’s pulse, and Neil shakes his head. They’re too slow, time is feeding directly into a wide open drain.

“He needs an IV. He’s two litres down, at least. You’ve got to—“ A petite woman puts a hand on his shoulder and he shrugs her off violently. “No! You have to listen to me.”

“We know what we’re doing,” she says. “Are you an MD?” She eyes him doubtfully, gaze flitting from his scars to where her colleagues are taking vitals and cutting through Andrew’s clothes.

“Yes,” Neil says wildly. “And he needs an IV. Possibly two. Large-bore, normal saline. He’s not getting any oxygen, and he’s been like this for as long as it took you to gather your meager response team.”

She purses her lips, but she’s a professional. He can see her repressing her anger and it infuriates him. He feels like he’s crashing, over and over again, and he’s watching someone daintily pump the breaks.

“He’s right,” one of the EMT’s says distractedly. “We’re gonna need to get some fluids started, he’s in hypovolemic shock, sats below 50.”

“You want to tell me what happened?” one of the men asks.

“No,” Neil says as evenly as he can manage, reaching out to graze Andrew’s cold fingers.

“Did you do these stitches?” the woman asks, pulling at Andrew’s skin to get a better look at them. He suddenly sees how they must look to them, sloppy and angry red. Neil bends her arm away without thinking about it.

“Don’t touch him,” he snaps. He could break her arm and it would make him feel better. He drops her, disoriented by his own violence.

“There’s no need to be antagonistic,” the first man says. “We don’t want to have to remove you.”

“You really don’t,” Neil agrees. “You won’t succeed.”

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SKAM S04E08 Clip 3 - Expelled

[SANA: Dear Eva. Please don’t be mad at Is..

Eva. I’ve tried writing..]

Sara Nørstelien has published something in Flawless 99


We’re calling you in for an extraordinary bus meeting. Because there are oral exams tomorrow, and most people won’t be at school, we’ll take it on WEDNESDAY after school (SARA: IMPORTANT that EVERYONE comes, also the ones who have dropped out of the bus)

As you all know, there has been a lot of drama surrounding hate accounts lately. There are lots of rumors, and today I got a question from the teachers about it. I said nothing, of course, because we’d like to keep this outside of school. We remind you that this actually can lead to expulsion. It’s not worth it. It’s very important that everyone agrees we won’t involve the school in this, which is why it’s important to have a meeting. The meeting will take place on the benches outside the B-building kl 16 ON WEDNESDAY.

EVA: I honestly think it should be reported to the school.

VILDE: Me too.

INGRID: Come to the meeting and talk to us!! We haven’t had the opportunity to properly explain what’s happening

[Voice mail: Hey! You’ve reached Chris..]

[SANA: Did you see the post on Flawless now? They’re talking about reporting it to the school, I have to tell them it was me, Isak can be expelled

OLIVIA: It’s totally nerdy to report it to the school

SARA: I’ve made up with Isak, and he has apologized. I understand you’re angry with Ingrid and Lea for the ellevillevillde2 account, but talk to them. If they report it to the school, everything will be exposed and Isak can be expelled too. It’ll also be very bad for the bus’ rumor.

EVA: ?????

EVA: I don’t think that message was for me??

EVA: Is this for real???!!!]

Langst p1 (bc I plan on doing more of this)

Okay but, i hc Lance as a middle child in a big family (everyone does that but bear with me) so he is used to his feelings being overlooked.

But imagine he doesn’t have physical breakdowns around anyone, that he handles emotional stuff calmly. And he surpresses his emotions until he’s alone. I bet he likes to break things. Because you know it releases tension.

And he can do the scary parent stare. And sorry If my English is shitty.

Like: (i’m very sorry, but i’m trying to make it as bad as possible)

The mission went horrible. Completely and utterly horrible. And they were all angry and tired, some even more so.


“Keith stop it! You can’t just scream at people like that!” Lance put himself between Keith and Pidge. Pidge shakily clenched her tiny fists in the back of his suit.


The team was speechless. They didn’t know how to react. Not even Shiro. They were all gaping at the scene in front of them.

Lance’s eyes watered and sparkled. For a second he seemed to crumble, ready to break down crying. But his demeanor changed instantly. His posture straightened and his eyes dulled.

“I know i’m annoying and useless. But that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to vent your fury on me, or anyone in the team for that matter. You’re obviously distressed right now.” Lance voice is monotonous. And he is starimg right at Keith. He opened his mouth to say something, but Lance glared. “You are not going to intrerrupt when i’m speaking.” He snapped his mouth shut.“ Now you’re going to take a shower and then come back and appologise to Pidge.”

Keith was about to protest. “You are going to do as I said and I do not want to hear a word from you until you make up with Pidge.” There were obvious tears in Keith’s eyes but he nodded and left.

Than Lance turned to Pidge and crouched to her level. His whole expression softened. He put a hand on her cheek

“Hey, Pidge, don’t cry. I know Keith is mean, and I know you didn’t want to put any of us in danger. None of us blames you, not even Keith, even if he doesn’t know that yet. Okay?” He reassured her.

She put a hand on top of his. “Do you really feel like that?”

“Hm? Of course I don’t blame you.”

“No, i mean… Do you really feel like you’re useless?” She clarified. Lance smiled sadly.

“Yes, Pidge, i do. But right now we are focusing on you. Understood?”


“If I promise i’ll talk to you about it tomorrow will you drop it now?” Offered Lance. Pidge didn’t seem convinced but nodded anyway. “Good, now…” He stood up still holding Pidge’s face. He smiled ar the team and fixed them with a look. “ Go wash yourselves. It was a taxing a mission and we all could use some relaxation. Plus, we stink.”

They all scrambled to do as Lance said. Pidge not before hugging the life out of Lance.

Ahhh! Sorry for the long post! And i know Keith would NEVER do that!! Sorry!

Little Witch (Part 1)

Pairings: It’ll be a Peter x reader

word count: 1730

Requested:  Hey can you write one where the avengers go to recruit a girl they heard about? She lives in the deep woods and uses magic. When they find her they weren’t expecting someone so young since she’s only like 14-15. They start having second thoughts but she shows them that she can handle herself. She also wants revenge cause hydra killed her family trying to get to her.

A/N: I made the reader a little older and i hope it’s not a problem. I really liked the request and i have a big idea how to continue this. I hope you like it and if so let me know in order to post a Part 2 and maybe more ;) Enjoy (and sorry for the mistakes)

Originally posted by merlinemryspendragon

It was Saturday and everyone in the Avenger tower was finally able to relax. The whole week represented a lot of missions, hours of training and a serious lack of sleep. Today had to be their day off. Nat was trying to find an interesting film on the TV but for now with no luck. Steve was in his room immersed in his thought for the present again. Tony, as always, was doing something in his laboratory with Bruce but this time they weren’t eager to make a progress so fast, so they were mostly telling each other jokes rather than work. Clint and Vision, unusually, were cooking whatever they could think of while Peter, Wanda and Thor were ready to become tasters. Everything was going fine until a familiar and detestable sound reached their ears.

“Good morning, Avengers.”, said Colson, “How are you in this sunny and beautiful day?”

“Oh, hey Son of Col! We are perfect.”, Thor answered with a bright smile on his face.

Now everyone was in the living room looking at the man in a black suit showing on the huge TV.

“If you have to tell us something good then go on, if not…better fuck yourself.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you too, Romanoff.”, the man looked with a smile at the red-head and then turned again to the whole gang, “Okay, I will go to the main part. Three days ago something extraordinary happened in woods north of Minnesota.”, bellow him appeared some photos, “As you see, some of the trees are burnt but definitely not from a fire, and this one.”, a photo showing something like spikes coming from the ground became in view.

“What the hell is this?”, Peter exclaimed, “How is that even possible?”

“That’s what you have to find out.”

“What?! No!”, Tony said angrily. “No! Not going to happen! We have a day off, Colson!”

“I know you do, but it’s important. Given the fact it’s like 7km away from a Hydra base, it may be someone used for an experiment. And we need only three or four of you to go and check.”, the man announced.

“I’m in!”, Wanda said with no hesitations.

“Count me, too”, Clint raised his hand to show that he’s ready.

“And me.”

“Peter, you are not going.”, Tony declared.

“Why not? We only have to check what’s going on, that’s all.”

“He is right Tony, and I will go, too.”, Steve stated and the four of them received the needed information.

“I’m sick of Mr. Stark treating me like a kid.”, Peter breathed out as he and the other three avengers were getting in the helicopter.

“But you are a kid, Pete.”, Steve sat down and put his belt on. The others followed his actions and soon they were high above the ground.

“That’s not what I mean. I may be a kid as I am that young but I can look after myself. I can do things just like you guys. I want and I can become a hero. It seems he…he doesn’t want me to be one.”

“You know that’s not true.”, Wanda tried to calm the boy down, “He is just afraid. You and either I are new in all of this, but he, Steve and Clint are deep in this dangerous world and know what it costs to be a hero.”

“Wanda is right, boy. I share Stark’s thoughts but not completely. If you want to be a hero, you must know that you risk the lives of your beloved ones – family, friends, girlfriends… We all have experienced the feeling of losing someone; we just don’t want you to go through this at that young age.”, Clint said while checking his arrows.

“But don’t worry, we’ll be beside your back.”, Steve patted Peter’s shoulder and till the end of the flight nobody spoke.

Two hours later the group was finally at the mentioned place. There was no place for the helicopter to land so the heroes had to get down with the help of a rope.

“So…which direction should we go?”, Clint questioned as he, the last one, got on the hard ground.

“North.”, Steve looked at his compass to make sure he was right and then led the gang towards the destination.

“Why would somebody stay so deep In the woods?”, Peter decided to break the silence.

“I don’t think they are just staying there, Pete.”

“They are hiding.”, Wanda respond back.

“Why do you think so?”

“Colson said that there is a Hydra base in the distance…I think whoever managed to escape, is now terrified and…and angry.”

“How can you be so sure? Hydra probably sent out somebody to see if he can cooperate and serve them.”, the way Steve retorted back showed he had no good feeling towards the organization.

“Because I can feel it!”

“What do you mean?”, Peter was so confused given the fact he was new and didn’t have much information about the Hydra thing and Wanda’s powers.

“Sometimes I can either get in your head or memories, or feel your emotions.”

Steve was about to say something back as his anger has somehow unlocked but Clint was the one to stop them from a fight.

“Guys! We have a work to do and right now it’s in front of us.”, Hawkeye showed the previously seen spikes, which were like 10 meters away from them, “Can you solve your problems when we are back in the base, and I am away from your childish behavior?”

Wanda and Steve looked a little ashamed while Peter was still standing there with a stupid expression on his face while trying to figure the things out. While going to the strange and kind of a scary place the gang saw some burnt trees, others had a burnt hand mark on them, others were still up but their leaves were dry. As they were becoming closer a change in the temperature was felt.

“It wasn’t that hot minutes before. I’m sweating in this costume and now my body is itching like crazy.”, Parker announced as he began scratching.

“It’s coming from the inside.”

The spikes coming from the ground were making something like a dome. The sharp sides were touching at the top, while at the bottom they were forming a circle. This ‘structure’ was definitely made for some sort of protection.

“Maybe the person is inside this thing.”

“I will try to break it. Step back.”, Wanda commanded and then, using her magic, she broke one of the spikes. As she did so, another one grew but not upwards. Instead the spike with its sharp side directed at her body was about to kill her if it wasn’t Steve to save her.  They both fell on the ground while the others two tried to save themselves from the other deadly formations that suddenly appeared from the ground.  

“What the hell was that?!”, Clint exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath.

“I don’t know but we better find a way to…”, Peter was interrupted from Wanda’s scream to watch out. But his spider senses had already informed him about a danger. He jumped and used his webs to get on a high tree.  From up there he managed to notice the small aperture.

“I can get there and I will. Don’t try to stop me, we are losing time. When I get there you will attack and try to ruin this shield. Got it?”, the young boy notified the others through his micro earphone, “Let’s have some fun.”, Peter put his mask on and jumped from the tree. He landed just a meter away from the wanted place but as soon as his foots touched the spikes others began appearing. With his fastness he got in the hole seconds before getting seriously injured.

Although he has done it before, this time Peter made his superhero landing on his ass.

“Shit, that hurts.”, he cursed out but as soon as he did he was thrown against the strong wall made from the spikes.

“Tell me who the hell you are or I’ll kill you.”, a sweet, yet dry voice reached his ears. He looked up and saw a girl around his age standing defensive opposite him with a rage written on her face.

“I’m Pet-, shit! No, I’m Spiderman and I-”, but the boy was interrupted by being sent to the ‘wall’ again.

“You are lying! If Hydra is sending you, which I am sure about, you are gonna die in agony. They’ll finally see what I am capable of! That’s what they want, isn’t it?”, the girl screamed and clenched fists. Peter, who was thrown again, managed to see what she was doing and how she was capable of whisking him wherever she wanted. The guy soon realized she was a witch just like Wanda.

“I have no idea what you are talking about. We are here to help you”, as soon as those words were spoken, the girl was ready to make that boy shut up by repeating her previous actions but Peter was faster. He sent webs towards her hands, sticking them on one of the spikes. She tried to escape but with in vain. Peter used this opportunity to scan the girl. She was his height, with a (y/h/t) (y/h/c) hair, (y/e/c) now full with anger. Her clothes were dirty and scattered, her face slightly sunken maybe due to the lack of food.  

Suddenly the whole structure was hit and a part of it ruined down. The girl used this as an opportunity to go away and this time she managed. She began running but the boy shoot web at her and stopped her. The witch fell on the ground and looked at the four people standing meters away.

“I’ll kill you!”, she screamed and sent a stone towards the group. Wanda was the one to create a shield with her magic and protect her friends. The girl’s eyes widen as she saw that somebody had powers just as her.

“Stop attacking us and just listen!”, Wanda spoken calmly.

“We are here to help you, don’t need to be afraid.”, a man with a soft voice gave his hand to help her stand. The girl looked up and was met by a dirty blonde hair and kind blue eyes.

“C-captain America?”

Part 2 

Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 4, page 6

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Angry Papyrus is best Papyrus.

Goddamn I finally finished this page. Not that it was a difficult page, but a combination of poor time management, a crazy week, and my perfectionism caused this to be delayed. I think it was worth the wait though…

While working on this one I listened to this for about 3 hours straight, and I’m not exaggerating when I say 3 hours. As you can see, I have very refined taste in music. I like to think it helped me get in the mood for this page, you know? Or maybe it killed my brain cells and slowed down production. Whatever it was fun either way.

The original story by Unrestedjade can be found here: