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BTS Reaction on having a crush on you and you admit they are your bias in an interview

Anon Requested:  Hi! I don’t know if you have reaction requests open but if you do can you write one (BTS and BIGBANG) have a crush on you (an international star) and then you are in an interview and you say they are your bias? I’m sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thank you so much and I love your blog 🙂

Okay these are really long so sorry about that.

Jungkook:  Back in his dressing room Jungkook was flipping through the channels that were streaming on the tv that was connected on the way. Jungkook froze when he saw you, his attention diverted to you who was sitting down in a chair in front of a man who was laughing with you and asking you questions. Subtitles appeared on the bottom of the screen once you and the interviewer starting talking.

“So (Y/N), anything new in the love department? Have an eye on anyone?” The man smiled warmly at you. You couldn’t help but laugh and nod slightly.

“I mean there’s this one guy I think is really cute. But we don’t know each other exactly.” You lightly laugh, cheeks lightly reddening at the embarrassment. “He’s a star in Korea and he’s in this boy band called BTS. I think he’s really cute and he’s my age so that’s nice too.” You admit, hands slowly rubbing against each other. 

Jungkook didn’t need to hear his name to know it was him who you were talking about. The moment you said he was the same age he knew it was him. Jungkook smiled, not making a huge spectacle about your announcement in the dressing room. He looked back at the screen to see the interviewer continuing to talk to you and seeing the tint on your cheeks still evident. 

“She likes me.” 

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V: Taehyung heard that you were going to be on a Korean radio show so he had to listen to it. Finally finding the channel he turned the volume up and listened, he knew you spoke some Korean from prior interviews he had watched you on. He listened on and felt his heart stop when he heard the interviewer mention himself to you.

“So I assume that you’ve seen the interview with BTS’s Kim Taehyung, right?” The man asked you and you slightly laughed and nodded your head. 

“Yes I have actually, I think I saw it a day after it aired. Honestly it shocked me because I didn’t know he even knew about me.” You admitted.

“But you knew about him before the interview?” 

“Yeah I’ve been a fan of BTS for about a year now so I definitely knew about him.” Taehyung’s heart began to speed up hearing the words leave your mouth. She knew about me? She knows me?

The interviewer continued to ask you questions about how you felt about Taehyung’s crush on you, you answered honestly smiling with each answer you gave. “I mean he was always my favorite out of the group, I can’t say I like him since I haven’t really met him before but he is very charming and would love to meet him.” The interviewers smile grew wider as he called for his assistant to grab his phone.

“I mean I can’t magically have him appear here for you to meet him but what about talking to him? Would you want to?” The interviewer clicked Tae’s contact in his phone and began ringing him. Taehyung didn’t know a single thing going on since all he could do was listen but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. Without looking at the caller i.d he picked up.



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Jimin: Jimin was on weekly idol with BTS, he never expected that he would be asked about his prior relationship or even if he liked anyone else. Usually he’d just be asked about the recent album and do fun games like before. When asked he answered truthfully, saying that he was much better after his break up from his ex and that he had his eye on an international celebrity. What you didn’t expect from watching this episode of weekly idol was that the international celebrity Jimin was talking about was you. You knew Korean from the past years of studying it so you knew what he was saying.

“She’s from America, her name is (Y/N) and I’ve always been interested in her from her debut.” Your heart stopped for a second, your breath hitching in the back of your throat as Defconn continued to speak. 

“Well maybe we should get her down to Korea to meet you! That’d be a fun episode.” He laughed. Jimin just smiled, not saying anything after. His other members just patting his back and laughing with the hosts. “Well what do you think (Y/N)? If you’re watching us right now let us know!” And without even thinking about it you grabbed your cellphone and called your manager who you find out had already made plans for you. “Oh what’s this?” Defconn’s voice broke out from your computer screen. “Looks like you’re going to get to meet (Y/N) sooner rather than later Jimin.”

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J-Hope: You were clicking through your mentions on Twitter when multiple links showed up in a row. They were all the same and everyone who had put the link in the message told you that you just had to watch this and watch it immediately. Clicking on the message you were brought to a Korean interview with a group of boys. You clicked on the option for English subtitles and began watching the interview. 

“Her name is (Y/N) and she’s an American singer.” One of the boys said. The woman sitting across from them began to speak soon after. 

“Does she know who you are? Does she know that you like her?” 

“Wait what?” You say out loud, eyes widening. You look back at the boy who was once speaking and see him shrug his shoulders. Your mind is racing with questions and thoughts. 

“I actually don’t know, I don’t know if she’s into K-Pop or even likes our group. I’ve just always been a fan of hers.” The boy admits. You scroll down from the live interview and click on your phone to translate all the words to English so you can read the words. 

“Okay so which one is he?” You ask yourself. “Is this Suga? Or maybe he’s Jin, no he can’t he doesn’t look like a Jin.” You quickly pulled out your computer, still leaving the interview on your phone so you can continue to read the subtitles. You googled his group and typed in BTS. “Ah there he is! J-Hope!” You cheered, happy to find out who this mystery boy is. You looked back over to your phone to continue to read the subtitles.

“So you like her? You like her alot?” The woman asks again, and J-Hope nodded with a smile on his face. “Well maybe we should get her down here some day.”

“I’d like that a lot actually.”

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Rap Monster: “So Namjoon did you see that an international star has a little crush on you?” The woman interviewing him and the rest of the group asked. Namjoon shook his head, slightly confused on what she was talking about. “What? Really? It was all over the internet all last week.” She said baffled.

“I saw it.” Suga admitted.

“So did I.” V added. 

“I’m pretty sure we all did.” Jungkook spoke up. “How did you not see it? I would’ve thought you’d be the first to look at the article seeing that it was (Y/N) who said it.”

Namjoon’s eyes widened and looked at all of his bandmates. “What?” All of the boys including the woman nodded.

“(Y/N) totally admitted that she had a crush on you dude.” Suga said laughing at the leaders expression. Namjoon couldn’t feel his fingers, he was numb at the news that was just presented to him. He couldn’t help but crack a smile looking at the camera then back at the boys. 

“She likes me?” He asked. The interviewer chuckled and nodded at his big smile.

“She likes you.”

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Suga: You were friends of many groups in the kpop industry, you were especially good friends with members of BTS so how fun would it have been to make a surprise appearance to one of their interviews? Well it would’ve been a lot more fun if you weren’t in such an embarrassing situation. It was a simple surprise to see your friends but the interviewer just had to ask the boys about who they were crushing on. He went down the line of boys starting with Jungkook and ending with your closest friend Yoongi. The answers from the boys were typical ranging from Sana from Twice, Hyuna from 4 minute and Goeun from Cheese in the Trap. You expected to hear someone like those women from Yoongi, what you didn’t expect was your name to come out of his mouth. 

Obviously the man interviewing the boys didn’t expect that either, especially because he had to introduce you to the boys in a few minutes. “Well um, Suga! You say your celebrity crush is (Y/N)? Aren’t you two pretty good friends?” Yoongi nodded with a small smile. “Does she know you like her?” 

Yoongi shrugged casually. “I mean I’d think she would get a hint, the guys found out after maybe a week of us being friends. Though at the time I’d deny it because I didn’t think I had feelings for her at the time.”

“When did you know you liked her?” The man asked, you had to squint but you could see a slight smirk on his lips as he asked the question. He knew you were coming out and wanted to get more out of Yoongi before then. 

“I admitted it to the boys only about a month ago but I kept it to myself for 2 months prior.”

“So what do you guys think about it? Are you as close with (Y/N) as Suga is?”

“We’re all really close with her.” J-Hope spoke up. “We kept pushing him to tell her but he would always say no thinking it’d ruin the friendship.” Yoongi nodded at that smiling a bit more at his best friends words.

“Well I did say we would be having a special guest.” The man said. “Everyone please welcome (Y/N).” You looked at the screen showing all of the boys and the cameras focused on Yoongi’s face. His big smile dropped and eyes widened. He didn’t speak out loud but you could see the faint words of ‘fuck’ that left his lips. You sighed and walked out to the boys, praying that this interview would go by quick.

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Jin: “So sources tell us that a certain member from a popular boyband in Korea has admitted to having a crush on you, have you heard of this?” The man interviewing you asked. Completely baffled your eyes widened and shook your head. 

“What group?” You asked instantly, it’s no secret that you were familiar with k-pop music, you’ve admitted to listening and being a fan to it in recent interviews. What shocks you is that someone actually knew who you were. 

The male interviewer chucked and pointed to the television that had a video clip paused. “Just watch.” He clicked play on his little remote he had on is desk and set it down once it started. 

A video clip of BTS played and your eyes widened, tripling in size. Your heart dropped once Jin’s face popped on the screen, he was smiling admitting that he had a crush on you, your smile mimicked his once the video ended. You faced the man once again, smile still evident on your face.

“So (Y/N), what do you have to say about that? Do you know who he is?” You nod slightly, still managing to get your words out.

“Well he has always been my favorite in the group.” You smiled still trying to get over the fact that Jin admitted to liking you. “I’d say the feeling is pretty mutual, if not more.”

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Hamilton is important

It is, you can’t deny it. Lin-Manuel Miranda is a lyrical genius. His rap musical has influenced people even outside of the Broadway community.

But do you know what else is important?

Waitress- a beautiful story of friendship and female empowerment. It has incredible performances night after night.

School of Rock- which has 15 kids under the age of 12 blowing people’s socks off with not only their vocal and acting skills but also the fact that they are actually playing the instruments live each night!!

Bright Star- a bluegrass musical, something that has never happened before, thrilling audiences with its beautiful musical and vocal performances. (I’m so sad it’s closing)

Spring Awakening- which is not only beautifully performed and choreographed but also includes an ENTIRE FREAKING LANGUAGE in it’s performances. Not only that but it also includes the first woman in a wheelchair on Broadway.

Plus so many more; Allegiance, Amazing Grace, Shuffle Along, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof, The Color Purple, Disaster, Tuck Everlasting, On Your Feet and Dames at Sea. (There are so many more I could list)

Hamilton deserved a Tony win what it didn’t deserve was 11 Tony awards.

Broadway this year celebrated so much diversity and love but that was blinded by the bright star that is Hamilton. None of these amazing shows got any (to very little) recognition because everyone was to absorbed with Hamilton.

Too many shows were closed too soon because of the fact that Hamilton’s star burns too brightly.

ALL of theses shows are important, NOT just Hamilton.

BTS Star Wars - Revenge of the Maknaes

Seokjin: I think the maknaes have caught on to us
Yoongi: what makes you say that?
Seokjin: oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that they’re being perfect, little angels?
Yoongi: there is that
Namjoon: why can’t we just take it and run with it?
Seokjin: I think I can smell my children getting ready for some mischief
Namjoon: mischief has a smell?
Seokjin: Joonie, you’re on thin ice
Namjoon: I’m always on thin ice with you
Seokjin: excuse me??
Yoongi: okay, getting back to the problem at hand, that I don’t really see as a problem, what are you planning on doing about it?
Seokjin: I don’t know, that’s why I came you, oh genius Min Yoongi
Yoongi: I can smell the sarcasm
Namjoon: sarcasm has a smell?
Yoongi: ice, Namjoon, and we all know how clumsy you are when it’s slippery
Namjoon: wow, I just cannot catch a break here
Seokjin: so what would you suggest?
Yoongi: we stop trolling them?
Namjoon: do we know for sure that they know we’re trolling them, though?
Hoseok: they know
Seokjin: how do you know that?
Hoseok: Tae found out
Yoongi: how did he find out?
Hoseok: he’s smarter than we give him credit for
Namjoon: we give him a lot of credit
Hoseok: exactly
Seokjin: okay, well, our cover is blown, so what are we gonna do?
Yoongi: like I said, we just stop trolling them
Seokjin: but that means they win! We can’t give in to the dark side!
Hoseok: hyung, I’m pretty sure that we’re the dark side on this one, and please don’t try to be nerdy; it doesn’t suit you
Seokjin: what exactly suits me, then?
Hoseok: Mario
Seokjin: how is that not nerdy?
Hoseok: it’s a different type of nerdy. Childish. Cute. Your type of thing
Seokjin: my type of thing is being childish and cute?
Hoseok: yeah
Namjoon: thin ice, Hopi
Hoseok: I’m getting that
Yoongi: really, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal
Seokjin what if they hang this over our heads?
Yoongi: we just go back to trolling them, as casual and stuff
Namjoon: why is this so easy for you?
Yoongi: deep down I’m secretly a sith lord?
Hoseok: yeah right, you’re more like an ewok than a sith
Yoongi: excuse me? I’m not a gibberish spouting bear thing
Hoseok: you kinda are, but it’s okay, it’s cute
Yoongi: what?
Hoseok: I said you’re cute
Yoongi: well, you’re cuter
Hoseok: aw, hyung!
Yoongi: you’re a cute little ewok that I will mercilessly destroy because I’m a sith lord
Hoseok: I take it back, you’re not cute
Yoongi: please, I’m totally cute
Namjoon: you’re a cute sith lord?
Yoongi: must be, I’m a sith lord and I’m cute, so
Namjoon: I don’t think it works like that
Yoongi: Jungkook says I’m a sith lord and Jimin says I’m cute, and if the maknaes say it, it must be law
Seokjin: does anyone else get the impression that Yoongi is trolling US now?
Hoseok: I was about to say
Namjoon: that the smirk he has on is suspiciously like the one Kookie wears when he thinks he’s being smarter than everyone
Yoongi: I don’t know what you’re talking about
Seokjin: you’re in league with the maknaes, aren’t you?
Yoongi: guess you were right about them being the dark side
Seokjin: I’m disowning you
Yoongi: I’m the dad, you can’t disown me
Seokjin: well, I’m kicking you out and making Namjoon the dad
Namjoon: woah, no, I don’t wanna be the dad
Hoseok: well I can’t be the dad, I’m the aunt who comes to babysit the kids while mom is working
Namjon: and I’m the uncle
Hoseok: you’re the grandpa
Namjoon: uncle
Seokjin: this family is messed up
Yoongi: yeah, but at least it’s got a cute sith lord in it
Seokjin: forget kicking you out, I’ll just abdicate my role as mom
Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi: we’re sorry, no, don’t do that, stay, I’ll be the dad, blah blah blah
Seokjin: still not sure if this counts as winning
Jungkook: you should probably take it, hyung, that’s as grovely as they get
Jimin: grovely is not a word, Kookie
Taehyung: it’s okay, hyung, we’ll stick by you and continue to be perfect angels
Jungkook: I did not agree to that
Taehyung: do you see mom’s face right now?
Jungkook: angel, got it

I don’t know what this even is, but Yoongi as a cute sith lord? YES.

sleeping with namjoon

- being the smol spoon while his entire body envelopes yours

- staring at the ceiling at night before going to sleep and questioning the existence of the universe

- soft hand holds while you drift off to sleep

- him rubbing the inside of your hand comfortingly so you can fall asleep

- reciting poems to you about the beautiful stars and your inexplicable beauty 

- waking up to his rough and raspy morning voice calling your name “y/n, wake up, baby”

Steven Universe Playlist

I’ll post this once, I think, cause it’s a long long post! Haha but a lot of people were messaging me asking for it! 

So I made a Spotify playlist inspired by the main characters of Steven Universe and some of the relationships between the characters! I truly hope you all enjoy it! The direct link to the playlist is here:

Here are my full explanations on which character each song is based off of, and why!!

Steven – “Into the Stars (feat. MC Jin)” by Tim Be Told – I can see Steven singing this light-hearted, optimistic tune, with Connie accompanying him with her violin. And the rap within the song is totally Garnet joining it. I felt not only this to be a good song for Steven, but also just an awesome “Steven Universe”-ish song to start off the playlist!

Pearl – “Alice” by Bianca Ryan – This song has such a beautiful balance of delicate melody, with an uneasy background, almost like there is an unease that’s building. Pearl parallels the character of Alice in this song so well, and I think it beautifully highlights her struggles with Rose’s sacrifice (How do you stand so calm when everything you lived for is gone?). I also think it shines a light on Pearl’s mysterious past, as we know the least about her (Alice, what is your secret?). At the end, the line Alice knows where she’s going, I like to look at it as “she” is Rose, and Pearl knows where she’s going… she is going to live on in Steven.

Amethyst – “Done With Bein’ Done” by Daphne Willis – I think this song brilliantly encapsulates Amethyst’s fight that resides within her, despite her being so uncomfortable with herself. She doesn’t let her own insecurities defeat her. It has a deep message, but delivered with such a light-hearted tune, which I think parallels her need to paint over her insecurities with her aloof attitude. Not to mention, the rapping portion of the song sounds EXACTLY as if Amethyst were saying it herself.

Rose Quartz to Steven – “Moon and Back” by Alice Kristiansen - I can see this song as Rose’s message (or even lullabye) to Steven, if only she could talk to him (You’re trying to make me proud, believe me now). She believes in him through and through, and wants to reassure him that there’s always hope (Through the cracks in the road, the flowers grow…).

Garnet – “Valentine” by Pentatonix – This song does such a wonderful job of showcasing Garnet’s faith and firm belief in who she is, and what makes her her (I don’t wanna hide me… Cause I know about my love). I also think the multiple voices of Pentatonix helps to illustrate the fact that Garnet is comprised of two strong souls, in addition to herself as her own unique soul.

Ruby – “Love Runs Out” by OneRepublic – I’ll be your light, your match, your burning sun. I think this song really encapsulates Ruby’s willingness to be the warrior you need to get things done, especially for Sapphire. It’s almost a fight anthem for Ruby, a mantra she would repeat, proving she would overcome anything, never stopping. Not until her love for Sapphire would run out, which would never happen.

Lapis – “Breaking Down” by Lenachka – The beginning of this song starts out almost like rain falling on the ground. I love this song for Lapis, not only because the feel of the song seems to match her personality, but also because it speaks about her wish to find home, and how she must now find it on Earth (I thought I found my way back home… but I’ll find it anyhow…). The song also shows her strength, despite the struggles she’s endured (Just because I’m running doesn’t mean I’m hiding, and just because I’m hurting doesn’t mean I’m breaking down…). I also love the violin at the end of the song, which I can see her dancing to.

Peridot – “The Logical Song” by Supertramp – I don’t think there’s another song that defines Peridot better than this song. The song describes how the world taught the singer to think logically and clinically. I also like the idea that, like the singer, Peridot once looked at the world as a beautiful mystery before society taught her to think only one kind of way. I especially like how the song also reflects Peridot’s fear of disobeying the socially acceptable standards (Watch what you say, they’ll be calling you a radical…). And it also shines light on Peridot’s eventually questioning of the part she truly plays now that she’s a social outcast (Please tell me who I am). Finally, add in the tech sounds near the end of the song, and this whole tune is just perfectly Peridot.

Connie – “The Call” by Regina Spektor – Just like Connie, this song starts out quietly, shyly, and grows louder and more confident. I believe the words mirror Connie’s faith in Steven, especially when he’s going off to fight. This song almost is a premonition of Connie’s imminent journey to train in order to join Steven, so that she never has to stay behind again. The beginning of the song especially relates to Steven stirring the bravery within Connie that she didn’t know she had, but had all along.

Malachite – “Control” by Halsey – This song already showcases the creepy and disturbing feel that Malachite deserves. On top of that, it discusses the unstable nature of the singer, very much like the constant fight between Jasper and Lapis, who comprise Malachite (Who is in control?). It even offers similar sentiments to the ones Lapis uttered to Steven (You should be scared of me).

Greg – “Artichoke” by Gabriel Mann – This song was also recommended by another blogger, due to it strangely having the feeling of Greg, and I couldn’t agree more! I can almost hear Greg making this impromptu serenade to Rose one morning cause it came to him. The whole song contains these sloppy similes to food, which Greg would totally make, and Rose would totally giggle at! Despite the messy meter and rather interesting connections he makes, the song still contains this beautiful heartfelt message that is perfect for them. Plus, the singer sounds very much like Greg, right??

Jasper – “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons – Suggested by another blogger, and once again, another amazing fight song that I think Jasper would declare about herself and all her fellow warrior gems (We are the warriors that built this town). They truly believe they are fighting to colonize other worlds for the good of Homeworld. The beginning of the song could almost be Jasper’s origin story (As a child, you would wait, and watch from far away, and you always knew that you’d be the one to work while they all play…)

Opal – “That’s Just What You Are” by Aimee Mann – This song, sung by Opal’s voice actor, is actually a really fun song I can see almost being sung between Pearl and Amethyst about their differences, and how despite those differences, they come together to make up Opal. That’s what Opal is comprised of, these beautiful juxtaposed characters. Despite Opal’s stoic personality, I still feel she has the potential to be chill like the feeling of this song.

Sapphire – “Once Upon a Dream” by Lana Del Rey – This song has the haunting solemnity that Sapphire most times exhibits. I can imagine Sapphire singing this about Ruby, almost as if she foresaw Ruby to be her soulmate. I know the whole thing about Ruby was that Sapphire didn’t see Ruby coming, haha, but I would think Sapphire could playfully be saying this to Ruby to reassure her that she’s the one for her.

Stevonnie – “Nine In The Afternoon” by Panic! At The Disco – This is another tune recommended by someone, and I think this really captures the feel of the beautiful, innocent sense of discovery that Steven and Connie felt as Stevonnie (Man, it feels good to feel this way!). Everything was new and slightly scary, but they had each other to experience it with. I especially love the line Losing the feeling of feeling unique, as it connects with Stevonnie’s confusion as to what individual was feeling what.

Blue Diamond – “The River” by Ibeyi – I searched a long time for the right song for Blue Diamond! Not knowing much about this character also contributed to that haha. Finally, I came across this (no pun intended) gem! This song, which is infused with the Nigerian language, Yoruba, harkens to the North African style Blue Diamond seems to be drawn from, and has a regal and mysterious feel, which also compliments her personality. The lyrics also almost sound very religious, which draws a parallel to the Homeworld gems’ view of the Diamonds as some forms of deities, or at least how Peridot seemed to view them!

Sardonyx – “Dance Apocalyptic” by Janelle Monáe – This super fun and bouncy song about keeping on dancing despite almost doomsday-ish circumstances, I feel, perfectly encompasses Sardonyx’s confident and happy nature. She always seems to be able to take on any challenge with the greatest aplomb, and that’s what’s so great about her. Not to mention, there is also the occasional Smash, smash uttered through the song, which makes me think of the line “Occasionally, I am known… to smash.” Janelle’s voice and exclamations are so perfectly akin to Sardonyx, it just has the beautiful feel of that character.

Ruby & Sapphire – “All the Matters” by Estelle – Not only is this one of the most endearing and romantic songs I’ve ever heard, which happens to be SUNG BY ESTELLE (voice actor for Garnet), it also is a song that brilliantly describes Ruby and Sapphire’s everlasting love for each other. I just see them reminiscing about all their life together, and how they wouldn’t trade it for the world, especially Sapphire, who had originally seen all of her life laid out in front of her, but now has a completely new path thanks to Ruby (And now we sit and wonder where life went. Of all the moments I missed, I’m glad I didn’t miss you).

Yellow Diamond – “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Lorde – This foreboding, ominous take on the classic song makes it even more appropriate for Yellow Diamond, who I’m almost certain has completely taken Homeworld for herself. The opening even has the oppressive, scary feel that could be almost akin to Yellow Diamond’s tight-gripped reign of Homeworld. There’s even the line, Turn your back on Mother Nature, very similar to Yellow Diamond’s wishes to simply let the Earth die, which isn’t even logical to Peridot, as Earth contains so many important resources that could prove useful.

Steven & Connie – “Oasis” by A Great Big World – I chose this song to represent what Steven and Connie mean to each other. Not necessarily a romantic message, more just about two souls who are meant to support and defend each other. Despite all the hectic and bad things that seem to happen around them, they assure each other they will get through it together (When we can’t fight another fight, we’re gonna make it).

Sugilite – “Win Again” by Nicki Minaj – There were many songs suggested to me for Sugilite that were by Nicki Minaj. This song was the one that not only completely featured Nicki, but also brilliantly encompassed Sugilite’s personality. Not only does it mention that she’s a monster/beast, it also describes her confidence that she will always defeat anything in her path, racking up the wins (Kill, kill everything in, everything in my way).

Alexandrite – “Together” by Ella Eyre – This is a fantastic song with a message of how, like the Crystal Gems all fusing to create Alexandrite, the fight can be won as one (We are more together). Not only, is it an awesome song for Alexandrite, I just think it’s a fantastic fight song for all of the Crystal Gems!

The Cluster – “I’ll Keep Coming” by Low Roar – I wasn’t originally looking to include the Cluster on this playlist, but then this song was suggested, and it was too perfect not to add in! Not only does the song start out with the ominous sounds, which could easily be the low rumblings of something stirring beneath one’s feet, but the multiple voices singing in unison echo the fragmented gems contained within the cluster. The lyrics also perfectly describe the Cluster (Soon I’ll come around, lost and never found, waiting for my words, seen but never heard, buried underground, but I’ll keep coming). The whole song captures the scary and mysterious creation so well.

Rainbow Quartz – “Runaway (U & I)” by Galantis – This upbeat song has the fun, dance club feel that matches Rainbow Quartz’s personality! Not to mention the song is about two individuals who don’t know what lies ahead, but they want to run away together despite it. This is very much like Rose and Pearl becoming rebels to Homeworld, fighting for Earth together, as well as Pearl’s undying devotion to Rose.

Rose Quartz to Greg -  “I Was an Island” by Allison Weiss – What an absolutely perfect song to describe how Rose’s world was turned upside down by Greg (I was a rebel, and I had a cause, til you came to town, pushed me around, and showed me what love was). It has that rock feel that was just like the music that attracted Rose to Greg in the first place. It almost has the same recurring strums that are contained in the song “What Can I Do For You?”. I can almost hear Greg playing the music as Rose serenades him with the words.

On Air // JK Scenario

Anon asked:
idk if this is where you submit requests but can i request a writing? Could the reader also be a kpop star and at a awards show and the relationship between the reader and which ever bts member is a secret and he kisses the reader on live tv and yeah….. thank you <3

I ABSOLUTEY LOVED THIS ONE. NOT GONNA LIE. It was fun to make, so I hope you like it!! I chose to make the bts member Jungkook because he’s my bias and I feel like it’s easiest to write from his pov when given the choice. You were welcome to pick any member though… Anyway, thank you so much for sending it in 😍😍 ENJOY!

Genre: Fluff
Jungkook x reader
Length: 1.3k words

A lot of your fans shipped you and Jungkook together. Ever since BigHit debuted you and your girl group, the fans had immediately thought that you and Bangtan’s maknae would make a great couple. There were many fan theories and fantasies surrounding you two, saying you were dating or at least in some kind of ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Any kind of relationship would satisfy the fans, but the only relationship you and Jungkook were interested in was a real one.

So yes, the two of you were dating, although hardly anyone knew that. It was agreed from early on that it must be kept a secret. Even though the fans wanted the two of you to be together there was still that belief that kpop idols should not be together, no matter how compatible they are. There would always be those people who would shame you for having a relationship, so having it out there for everyone to know about was simply unachievable. It was a painfully slow journey into the relationship but now that you had become completely comfortable as a couple you had managed to become pretty solid. You didn’t want anything to ruin that for the two of you.

Because of your fans’ hardcore love for you as a pair, you’d been nominated as the ‘Most Loved Ship’ at an awards show both BTS and your group were attending tonight. It had been a surprise to the two of you, of course, but you both loved that the audience found you so suited to one another. It only excelled your affections for one another, knowing how much people saw the compatibility between the two of you.

So that was how you both ended up in makeup and formal attire, anticipating the idea of possibly winning the award.

“Do you think we’ll win it?” he asked you, sitting down next to you on the sofa as a stylist noona put one last spritz of spray into his hair before scurrying off to someone else. The buzzing of the busy people around you was always the perfect cover when you guys were talking about stuff like this. Everyone was always too busy looking after the troubles all the other member’s created, so they never paid attention to the two of you if you were simply sitting and waiting for the show to start. Provided that your makeup was done, of course. And it was, so you were safe tonight.

“Maybe. They do really love us,” you said, a small smile creeping onto your face. He stared straight ahead, intentionally gazing at the bustling people as he intertwined his fingers with yours in between the two of your bodies, his hand resting next to your hip. You purposely didn’t react, but reflectively squeezed his hand at the contact.

“I hate having to hide like this, you know,” he told you, still staring in front of him. You chuckled.

“Yeah, I know. You tell me that almost every day.”

“Because we have to act differently every day! Do you know how much I wish I could put my arm around you right now? That’s not too much to ask,” he said, his thumb running in circles over the top of your hand discreetly.

“I know, I want to as well. But you know we can’t do that.”

He stayed quiet for a second, as if he’d run out of things to say. “I wish it was different, but you’re right. Let’s just hope we win this award, okay?”

You nodded, and he pressed his thumb into the top of your hand – his version of giving you a secret kiss. As much as it shouldn’t matter whether people wanted you together, you still were pretty anxious to see if they loved you enough to have you up on stage tonight.

“… Jeon Jungkook and Y/L/N Y/F/N!” A chorus of applause echoed around you as you slowly stood. You’d really won the award. Turning your head in the direction of where BTS were seated, you saw Jungkook get up too, a tiny grin on his face. His eyes flitting over to you, he started to beam as we walked over, taking your arm as the two of you began making your way to the stage. You weren’t exactly expecting him to hold your arm like that right now, but it was pretty innocent looking if you were honest. In fact, it was the kind of stuff the company loved from you. It worked as fanservice for those who shipped you, and for those who didn’t it still didn’t propose anything “sinister”.

Holding onto his forearm, you carefully walked up the few steps before making it onto the stage, the MC moving out of the way so you both could stand in front of the podium. Since he had never been good at public speaking, you were the one that took to the microphone. Before getting close to it you cleared your throat as softly as possible, careful not to project it into the crowd. He stood in his place next to you, tense from standing so clearly in the public eye but nevertheless a comfort to you as you readied yourself to speak.

You began with a bright smile. “Well, this was never going to be an easy thank you speech to give, given the… uniqueness of this award. It isn’t exactly something we can thank our families for, or even the company. All of the fans out there are the ones who have given it to us, and as you clearly have a strong belief in us, we both want to thank you very deeply. It means so much to us both that you look upon us in such a way, and we are truly grateful.”

Jungkook very lightly touched your shoulder, but thinking he was just trying to be soothing you didn’t react to it in any way and continued speaking.

“If it weren’t for all of you out there then we would never have been given the opportunity to stand here like this in front of you all, receiving an award and sharing our thoughts like this…”

“Y/N?” he interrupted softly, but you kept talking without a thought.

“But that isn’t what’s important. The important part is that you have so much belief and support for us, and that is what we are most thankful for today. Thank you all so much.”

“Y/N?” he repeated a little louder. Very confused at why he was insisting on interrupting you, you turned to him, only to have his lips suddenly planted on your own, his hands cupping your cheeks. A coo ripped through the crowd, a few squeals of surprise and delight here and there. The softness of his lips was so familiar to you as you instinctively kissed him back, not at all sure what else you could do. Even so, you were still tense as he moved his thumb to under your jawline like he always did, his fingertips pressing on your skin. The lights above you, the sounds of the crowd and the thought of the managers out back going crazy made the moment feel strange and unnatural, but that comforting feeling you always felt as he kissed you was still there. It was a surreal moment as you didn’t know what to feel about it, however you were still kissing him in the process. It felt right, somehow.

You still felt the usual dull desire for more as he broke away from you very slowly, even though the strange set of circumstances should probably make you unwilling and unsure. But you weren’t. Your eyelids fluttered open at the same time as his did, his dark brown orbs gazing through you and a shy smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“I couldn’t help myself,” he whispered and despite how confident he’d seemingly been as he’d suddenly kissed you, his eyes continually flitted into the audience as if he was unsure of what would happen now that he’d jumped that first hurdle. A shiver ran through your body as you truly realised what you’d just done.

You had just kissed your secret idol boyfriend on live TV. Even better, you felt very proud of it.

Let me know what you think! Writing requests always open ❤ I write for any BTS member so ask me for anything!

Everyone: *happily watching an NCT video*

Chenle: *suddenly appears* *does something extra*

Everyone: Hi Chenle!!! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼We love you so much ahhhhhhhh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can’t stand 🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻it look 👀👀👀at my son‼️‼️‼️My baby🗣🗣🗣🗣 My child🗣🗣🗣🗣Right from my womb😭😵😵

Jaehyun: *suddenly appears* *does nothing*

Everyone: lol not today!!!!!! no siree 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m not🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻🙅🏻 doing this goodbye🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻 see 👀👀👀👀y'all in church🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I’m gonna go home🏠🏠 to my good Christian suburbs🏡🏡🏡 and listen 👂🏼👂🏼👂🏼to my Christian Rap Album™ 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧and get lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥but only 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥metaphorically🔥🔥🔥 good day ☀️☀️

BTS as my nasty tweets
  • Jin: You can kiss my salted bitter ass goodbye!!!
  • Suga: I'm a professional nap star... I mean napster.. wait wat
  • Rap Monster: i'm confidently beautiful without a filter bye
  • Jimin: idk why i try to learn so many sensual dances when i have two left feet... and i'm left-handed
  • V: yes i want to marry every band member because that's why it's called a husBAND amirite
  • Jungkook: it says that 300 for student and 400 for an adult, but i'm an adult and a student at the same time, what now

Do you hate Donald Trump as much as I do?? If yes, then GOOD. This is a sample recitation of a “poem” I’m writing for him inspired by @linmanuel ‘s An Open Letter (Interlude). I would love for you to watch—if not to bond over our mutual Trump hate then at the very least to be entertained by a white girl attempting to rap. Below are the lyrics:

It’s truly amazing we’re alive to bear witness
To a man be elected who was on The Apprentice.
You’re an orange, racist, homophobic wanna-be czar
Who SHOULD be nothing more than a reality star.
But hey, it’s okay, I’m really glad that you won
So you can kick off World War III with a call from Taiwan,
And instead of having Congress convene and meet about it,
They’ll just wait ‘til 3 AM to read your angry tweet about it!

I’m sure you’ll put your power to really good use,
Sippin’ wine in Trump Tower while you’re tellin’ the news
To fuck off, ‘cause they don’t know what they’re talkin’ about
And Alec Baldwin still clearly hasn’t mastered your pout.
You’ll be readin’ all the love letters Vladimir wrote you
When you don’t know what to do without Obama to coach you.
Call him up and say, “Hey, Barack, are you free?”
“Sure, what’s up?” “Uhhhh, how do you run a country?”

You claim that you’re an “outsider” just to get followers.
You “only took a small loan of one million dollars”!
You can fake your success, your wealth, and your confidence,
But nothing on earth can distract from incompetence.
The next four years we’ll fly our flag at half-mast—
Or at least until Putin takes his hand out of your ass!
You’re just a puppet used to execute his will. Are we
Better off with you than we would have been with Hillary?
You really think she didn’t win because of some emails?
Come on, let’s get real, IT’S BECAUSE SHE’S A FEMALE!

Send my regards to the late GOP,
Which died the very moment you became their chosen nominee.
You wanna know the REAL reason that you were their choice?
It’s ‘cause you preyed on their hate and then you gave it a voice.
If they could go back they’d probably vote for Ted Cruz
If THAT’S what it took them to make sure that you’d lose.
You can splash Marco Rubio with bottles of water,
But at least we all know that he’s not FUCKING HIS DAUGHTER!

This is only the first page. I have written seven pages so far. So if you’d like to hear more, I’m considering working with a few friends to actually put a beat to it (read: not the lame beat from garageband that I used in this) and record it.

A Day Off (Chapter 2)

Summary: Haven’t you every heard of the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”? Perhaps snooping on the sleeping man on the floor of the bookstore wasn’t such a bright idea.

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x reader

A/N: Chapter 1 can be found here! I apologize in advance, it is part of my writing style to hang cliff hangers. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!


“A play.”

“Yes, a play!” Lin repeats giddily, eyes still bright with enthusiasm.

“Not only have you written a play about Alexander Hamilton, but you’re starring in it too?” you say incredulously. You didn’t give him a chance to answer because you bombarded him with even more questions: “Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you say you rap in the play?”, “There are actual rap battles?”, and “You’ve worked on this for eight years?!”

“Believe it.” He answers, grinning.

You let out a breath of disbelief, resting your back against the bookshelf behind you. “Hamilton,” You say to yourself, wracking your brain for some type of recognition of the name. Other than the actual ten-dollar bill and from history classes you’ve taken in school, you come up blank. You enjoyed all types of music, but you were never an avid listener of musicals. Even more, you always tended to be a few steps behind on trending topics and celebrity gossip because you were never entertained by it.

“Want to take a look through my notes?” Lin offers, holding up the notebook.

You nod eagerly and he scoots a bit closer, his knee bumping against yours.

“Do you mind?” he asks, gesturing at how close you two were.

You felt your heart stutter, and you willed yourself to not blush at his intense gaze. “Not at all,” You say.

He places the book between the two of you, one side of the notebook resting on your leg and the other on his. He flips to the first page, and begins to explain every word and every line he has written.

Somewhere after the first five pages, you came to the conclusion that he was a genius. After a few more pages, your mind began to drift. Instead of actually listening to Lin, you observe him. You couldn’t help but smile, finding his jittery hand movements, animated eyes, and talent of story-telling endearing.

“Oh no. I lost you, haven’t I?” Lin laughs, interrupting your thoughts.  “You have to forgive me, I tend to go on and on if no one stops me.”

You shake your head. “No please, continue! You’re brilliant, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of Hamilton before. It seems wonderful.”

“Don’t apologize. You are a breath of fresh air, Y/N.” he says. “As much as I appreciate all of the accolades and recognition Hamilton has brought me, it’s nice to not be fawned after.”

“Is that why you’re here? To get away?” you ask.

“Partially,” he says, “Naturally, I found myself enjoying reading history books. That, and it helps me constantly build Hamilton’s character.”

You shake your head in amazement. “You are brilliant,” you whisper. “A rap musical about the founding father…”

“The ten-dollar, founding father without a father. Got a lot farther by working a lot harder, by being a lot smarter, by being a self-starter. By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.” Lin interrupts you, breaking out into a small rap.

He lets out a chortle at your shocked face. “And that’s just a snippet of the intro, Y/N.”

“I have to listen to it.” You say, thoroughly impressed. “I’ll buy the album the minute I get home!”  

“I’ll do you one better – come to the play tomorrow night. You can hear it in person yourself.”

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i’ve got a new playlist for rap/hip hop, one for my girly aesthetic, one for sad/quiet times, one for happy times, one with classical pieces, one with oldies, a musical playlist….so have fun browsing around!

4. Hair, sex, and makeup (M)

This smut took me F O R E V E R to write because I get like super freaked out and nervous whenever I write about sex? It doesn’t make sense but whatever, I pushed through it and some odd amount of hours later its finally here. This is in response to this request. Enjoy~

Genre: Smut

“Yah, ___. Can you grab my makeup bag for me?”

“Yes, unnie.” You frowned in concentration and looked at Yoongi apologetically before running across the room and grabbing the forgotten make-up bag. Being the youngest hair and makeup stylist for the idol group BTS had it’s ups and downs. The boys loved you and you were close to many of them but the older girls bossed you around a lot.

You gave the older girl the bag and bowed slightly, returning to Yoongi to finish his hair. “I’m sorry oppa, I’ll try to finish quickly.”

“It’s fine, take your time. We still a couple hours before the shoot, I just wanted to get it done and over with.” His voice was deeper than usual and one look at his face let you know he was tired.

“Were you up late again, oppa? I told you that’s no good for your eye bags. They’ll just get bigger and require more makeup to cover them.” You bent over slightly and looked at his eyes, pouting as you noticed there were darker bruises formed under them. He blinked a few times at your closeness then smiled and rubbed your hair.

“I’ll try to catch up on some sleep today. Go do the kid’s hair. He’s waiting in the corner.” You looked and sure enough, Jungkook was sitting in the corner of the room playing on his phone, waiting patiently. None of your unnies ever wanted to do his hair because they claim every time they try he acts like a brat but he was never like that with you. In fact he was really kind to you, kinder than the other boys. Maybe it was because he was just a few days older than you were that made you so comfortable to be around. Whatever the reason, you were thankful.

Sometimes he brought you water or shared his snacks during their shoots, whether it was for a music video or just a photoshoot. You smiled and walked over to the boy, bending over to look at his phone. “What are you playing?”

He blinked and his face turned a slight pink but he smiled and looked in your eyes, although his eyes kept darting downward you figured he was just trying to focus on the game. “I was playing piano tiles but you distracted me.” His voice was deep enough to have a nice warm feeling to it and he always spoke to you comfortably. Maybe if he wasn’t famous you would have been best friends.

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hello guys my name is Albert im 16 and I live in Qatar (it’s near Dubai lol) I’m ya typically absurd dude I always want attention and I hate slow replies and I’m mean sometimes HAAHAH 

I’m interested in a lot of stuff like a lot I’m into a lot nerdy stuff like star wars comics and I’m also into fashion,photography and art and I’m into pop-punk,RnB and rap 

I’m looking for someone 14-17  like I can text everyday or call sometimes cos calling is a lot more funnn I prefer in the UK but it’s okay wherever you are 

English isn’t my first language my first language was tagalog lol I’m trnna learn French 

text me in my social medias if you wnna be my friend :-)

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Mnet Asian Music Awards DRINKING GAME

I couldn’t find a drinking game for the always entertaining MAMA awards, so I decided to make one up myself! This is based mainly on the shows from 2012-2015, but can be modified and applied to future years as well. Enjoy!


Take one sip:

  • When the foreign guest stars look awkward/uncomfortable/confused
  • Any time Bangtan is snubbed by Mnet
  • When YG dominates the show in some way
  • Remixes. Any remix. 
  • Idols fangirling/fanboying for other idols
  • A fan in the audience is holding/doing something crazy
  • Any outfits on the red carpet or the stage that are really out there

Take two sips:

  • Every time Exo or Big Bang wins an award
  • When a non-hiphop idol is shown awkwardly dancing along to a hiphop performance
  • Dance-offs/Rap battles
  • Any time you see someone’s abs
  • When an underdog or someone unexpected wins an award

Finish your drink:

  • When there’s a surprise guest appearance (ex: B.I showing up for Epik High’s performance in 2014, 2NE1 reunion in 2015, etc.)
  • For every group that has less members than it did the year before
  • Wow! Fantastic Baby!
  • If the show goes over the allotted time. You’re gonna need the extra alcohol at that point.

I’ll add more and edit it as I think of things. And if you have any suggestions let me know!

right so the other day in gym i told my friend that I would totally get in such good shape if the gym teachers played fall out boy or something instead of rap/katy perry/salsa music (srsly gym teachers wtf). today, in gym, we were running, and “i don’t care,” by fob came on. you know what happens next. i flipped out the fuck out, and began sprinting at full speed. I passed the whole football team, all the while singing all the words. “the best of us can find happiness in mi-i-i-i-iseryyy.” i had an asthma attack after.

bts as korean indie songs

namjoon: lucia - upon your existence 

taehyung: zitten - december ♪

yoongi: the black skirts - everything 

jimin: standing egg - little star 

jin: casker - mountain 

hoseok: j-rabbit - nowadays you are 

jungkook: allegrow - every night on earth 

BTS putting up a tree

~The start of my winter spam~

Jin: *Takes a bunch of pictures*  No. no, a little higher 

His tree:

Jungkook: *Shushes you.*  We’re missing an F.WE.ARE.MISSING.AN.F

His tree:

Taehyung:*Plays Christmas music* *Has the biggest smile ever on his face*

His tree:

Suga: I honestly couldn’t care less. *But is actually having a lot of fun* I need you to pick me up so I can put the star on top of it.

His tree:

Jimin: *Singing Christmas songs* How do you put this thing together? What even is this.

His tree:

J-hope: Why would you build a tree? Get that fake ass tree out of here.*Is not amused*

His tree:

Rapmonster: Why won’t you let me touch the  ornaments?

His tree:

~Credit to gifs and pictures owners~


@yuuei-academy and @galaxy-idol-the-vepper had the idea of Natsu and Lucy’s son to be named Igneel Dragneel and he hates it so much. Growing up, his parents always wanted him to use his super ridiculously strong celestial dragon magic to help people but all he wanted to do was become a rap star named Iggy-D. Uncle Gajeel supports him but his friends and parents all think it’s a really dumb idea. The only other person that supports him is Ur, Gray and Juvia’s daughter. He spikes his hair and he’s ridiculously short. He only summons the dragons to be backup dancers in his videos. Laxus and Freed’s adopted son, Junior, acts like he hates him but secretly cares a lot about him. As you can tell, I cranked out a lot of really shitty drawings in Like 30 minutes so I hope you guys enjoy Iggy-D because there will most likely be an ask blog in the future.