you can be a girl and fancy comic books

Something he loves about you

LIAM: He loves how crafty you are. You are always painting, sewing, or building something new. You can turn old broken boards into a beautiful coffee table, or take random things like old spoons and foil into a master piece. He tries to be crafty with you, but his paintings look like a four year olds finger paintings. But even so, you insist on framing them and putting than on the wall or on the fridge.

ZAYN: He loves how adorably dorky you are. He loves seeing how excited you get each time there’s a new episode of doctor who on, or when you get a new comic book. Sure the guys like comic books and all that, but you and Zayn can talk about them for hours on end, debating who’s the best villain, or which comic is better. It’s a common ground that the two of you have and brings y'all closer together.

HARRY: He loves how laid back and relaxed you are. With his crazy life of screaming girls, concerts, and constantly being followed by paparazzi, it’s nice for him to come home and be able to just snuggle up and watch a movie with you. You don’t need to be spoiled and go on fancy dates all the time, ordering pizza and watching a movie is more than enough. Although he still takes you out on fancy dates, he doesn’t feel pressured to, he feels he can be himself around you and that’s all he could ask for.

LOUIS: He loves how independent you are. You have always been very mature, and from a young age you were very self sufficient. You don’t need, in fact you don’t want someone there to your every wish, you like being able to do things yourself. Although this sometimes causes bickering between the two of you about who is paying for dinner, or whether or not he should open the door for you, he really admires your independent nature and does his best to respect it.

NIALL: He loves how you just get him. Y'all have been together for about six months now, and its like you two are in sync. From just a split second of eye contact you know what he is thinking, and no matter how hard he tries to hide his true feelings he fails. This doesn’t always work in his favor, but in the end it makes y'all a stronger couple because when you know what he’s thinking you can discuss whatever the issue may be and resolve it without a big fight.