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“It’s not too late to set things right.”

I’mmm still real messed up over little Caligosto here…I do wonder what his younger self would think about his grown up self’s actions….and I wanted him to interact more with Raz, since Cali’s sanity seems to be the most intact in his childhood; you do find his moral compass there, after all. Also I just wanted to get that poor kid a hug in some way aaaa

I think it’s interesting (in the most bitter, horrible way possible) that with Mr. and Mrs. Loboto trying to get rid of a “monster”, they really just ended up creating one. :T World’s worst parents everyone!

Happy Birthday to one wonderful friend and person, @mystofthestars!!

Girl, I hope you get to enjoy a great day and have some time to relax. You are such a hardworking person :D! Also, hope you like this little piece done inspired by your awesome fic, Sleeping Beauty. Very appropied that you kick our feels with new chapter of this masterpiece just a couple of days prior your day XD.

Anyways, you are one of the blessings this fandom has given me; it is always a pleasure to talk to you and the biggest one was meeting you and getting to call you a friend ^^.

Wishing you all best now and always <3.

yellowbirdbluetoo  asked:

I don't know if your doing requests but if your up for it could you draw Ansi and Olly from Welcome to the Wayne chilling after a mission. (Maybe a sleep over?)

Normally I don’t take requests, but you hit a weak spot with me because I’ve been waiting for this show to be a series for two years. 


Your girl Ms.dawdler over here is working on something for shallura week bc shes tired of her OTP’s tag being filled with everything but her OTP. Don’t get too excited kids bc I rarely finish anything I start

anonymous asked:

Where do you get all your references (like anatomy) to draw, i really love your art <3 Would you ever do a tutorial or give some tips ;;

Hey, thanks! I don’t hhhh usually use anatomy references when I draw (bc the more steps to the process the less likelihood of me doing it oh well) and mainly rely on my own knowlege of things. When I come across a good pose (on a photo or a drawing) I usually just stare at it for a while real hard and try to understand and remember how it works, like where elbows end and such, though sometimes i do make some studies and my skill levels up greatly but bOY i’m bored by the experience <:)

Also, watching on youtube someone draw with explanations and such actually improves your skill too imo! Lately I’m just !in love! with this dude, Sinix, i finally learn how to draw feet n knees thanks to him <:’D And there’s also this guy, Proko, with more serious anatomy lessons which are also very good! (i mean there’s probably a shitload of talented people i’m just watching those two rn)

About tips, the thought crossed my mind, and maybe I will actually do it sometimes in the future :)


He’s offering his not at all suspicious tea to all yall who keep sending vague requests despite me pleading for more specific ones

“Moderators aren’t able to refuse a turn on the catwalk, I suppose.”