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This is a thank you.  It’s a gift for @nighttimepixels @with-a-whisper @tyranttortoise and @jolie-in-the-underground .   Thank you for running the Halloween Party.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for being such amazing people in and out of this fandom.  And thank you for being my friends.

I honestly can never fully express how much what you guys do means to me, nor can I ever really give back enough, but this is a start.

When you guys run the parties I always picture you guys in a back room, watching some monitors, and directing all the monster’s on how to treat, flirt, and host the party goers. 

Hope you guys like it.

Woo my friends were making a species and I felt left out so I decided to join the fun and make mine. I’m currently working on their general information and background so I don’t think I’d answer your questions about them. Though do enjoy and make your own I don’t mind but tag me once you make yours I’d love to see! :)


i FINALLY finished it… i submitted this colorway but i don’t have enough gems to submit the recolors yet hahahahahahaha (please sub give me my gems back) 

this is “undisclosed desires” and will be released alongside its recolors “supermassive” and “resistance” whenever i get this to come through the queue cause let’s be real it’s gonna get denied at least once


HOLIDAY DISCOUNT COMMISSIONS!! sorry for the horrible banner, finishing this on the go.

so, i can’t work much over the holidays because my work is closed, and i need to keep a steady income, so i’m offering these pretty discounted for a few months. the rest of my commission info HERE still applies if you want something like that. you can also look through my art tag.

payment is over paypal, i’m offering these (fullbody, fullcolor) for $10 USD each, $15 for two characters, $20 for three characters, discuss for more. 

you’ll get the HD image, with a transparent background but i can put any color you want on the back of it!

- i can do most animals, feral, anthro, i have no problem with gore or armor or drawing cartoony versions of your pets so long as i have images + personality descriptions, i’ll draw canon and OC characters, i can also draw characters as animals if you want that! 

just PM me or email me over (this is not my paypal!)! 


Trying out storyboarder. I only had a couple of hours to work on this so it’s a little scrappy. It’s nice to get back into this sort of thing though!

There is a possibility this blog may not continue. 
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my Ultra Moon team has awful type coverage but I love them all mostly so HERE I AM, DRAWIN’ ‘EM EVEN THOUGH WE ONLY JUST BEAT THE FIRST KAHUNA

maybe i’ll do this every time i beat an island?? lol just watch me forget/not have time

Anyway, here’s Raptor the human, Chiaki the Rowlet, Ryoutarou the Cutiefly, Sento the Buneary, Stalk the Ekans, Rogue the Noibat, and Kyuuemon the Zorua who hasn’t done a single damn thing of interest.


Some pieces that I submitted for art contests on pokefarm but didn’t win


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thevoiceinthestatic!
Finished! Just in time for your anniversary of making it another 365 days around the sun! Here’s to making another successful lap around our closest star! I hope you like these doodles!


Drew a sort of skelesona for @thevoiceinthestatic based on discussions they sort of did and sort of didn’t know I was taking careful note of for future doodling reference. Based on and around their visual preferences, various inspirations and references, pieces of cosplay they’ve made (all hail the Rainbow Floof™!) and other tidbits and ran with them! Every main aspect has a reason!

Drew a “normal” version, then an “Omega” version. And then chibi Omega. Because not everyone can be scary 24/7. Especially when you have cozy floof to doze in. Don’t worry, the extra “All Seeing Eyes” have them covered while they snooze.

They can open portals to view other Undertale AUs and although they can get very tired, they make sure to keep tabs on the ones they find the most intriguing, though they would not dare to interfere. Glitches in their form might weaken and interrupt their concentration here and there and the glitches get worse when they start to get weary or if the chunk of shrapnel in their skull starts to hurt but it’s usually nothing some sleep or a surprise visit and chat from a particular Gaster or another kind soul cannot help them to weather.

When they go to into their Omega state, their skull transforms into a crows’, mimicking an eerie plague doctor mask. Multiple eyes will watch over multiple AUs at once and you’d better believe they’ll see any attack coming from a mile away. Those eyes can all function independently, all gathering different points of view, noting even the most subtle of patterns, strengths and weaknesses to be effectively and thoroughly analyzed and utilized until the foe is regretting the moment they decided to go toe-to-toe with them. Glitching avoidance maneuvers make them nearly impossible to strike and their souls are guarded beneath their rib cage. They will tire out after too long and need to rest to recharge but they’re stronger than they let on and continue to pick themselves back up again and again to continue the fight!