you can also call him christ

I can’t even with the tag right now.  People still calling N an ass to M for use of a phrase to describe an acting choice.  Get off the guy’s dick, Jesus Christ.  How do you enjoy a show, let alone a ship, if you actually believe one of the key actors is a misogynistic shithead who enjoys insulting his friend and co-star?   An assessment that would directly contradict every statement I’ve ever heard or read, his female costars make about him.

Also, I don’t know if the phrases, “I love Norman,” “everything Melissa does is magic,” “I adore her,” and “she’s one of my dearest friends,” MIGHT possibly indicate their relationship perhaps has a bit more personal and emotional depth to it, than whatever a couple of fangirls on the Internet who likely aren’t even old enough to drink yet, somehow believe they can divine from the souls of complete strangers, they know from “the TV.”  

And yes, I usually stay out of the drama here, and yes I know, handsome millionaire doesn’t need my defense, but I have PMS right now and stumbling over that shit fucked up my muse, so my tolerance for this d’baggery, is a no go, even if it is like 1% of the group.  And I’ll just end here on a few pictures of this man who obviously doesn’t care for this woman, at all.

quick guide for new musers
  • This is basically the basics of everyone in the band. cool thanks
  • Matthew James Bellamy: chicken man. has a kid with hottie Kate Hudson (how??? idk). acts like a total fucking idiot but this asshole is a genius. has played piano since he was 6 and guitar since he was 14. very small (5'7") but has big feet. whatever that means. glitter. OH also his voice will shatter your soul. wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Christopher Tony Wolstenholme: fucking dad. also daddy. depends on the day. has SIX KIDS and is father of the eon. his smile can cure all problems. is TALL (6'1"). used to struggle with alcohol abuse but is now better and we are all so proud of him and we love him. his voice is beautiful. tats. soccer/football/futball (whichever you wanna call it). reincarnation of jesus christ.
  • Dominic James Howard: damn. ok. total diva. taught himself how to drum??? like damn boy chill. small but not as small as Matt (5'8"). really likes leopard print. wears spandex on stage sometimes. has a thing for spiderman. is basically a total babe and makes me want to cry.
  • Morgan Daniel Nicholls: the reason the band hasnt killed themselves yet. an actual saint. lives in his little hole. can basically play any instrument at any time. sometimes multiple at once. overall a wonderful human being and it PAINS me that he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.
  • Thomas ?? Kirk: hate him. what an asshole. has been buds w Matt and Dom and Chris since they were in school. not IN the band, per se, but he's been w them forever and is behind all the "the making of" vids and those killer visuals on the drones tour. but also do not trust him.

Through Jesus, She Is: Preserved

Day 19

Daily Verse:
“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”
—1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)

Daily Devo:
Today’s passage is apart of the letter that Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ wrote to a group of Christians encouraging them to keep on living well and following Jesus, even in the face of persecution. Today, we must also be reminded of the royal priesthood we are now in because of Jesus Christ. Whether you’re feeling pretty good about yourself today, or you’re not feeling so great at all, remember that there’s nothing you can simply just tell yourself in order to have a peace of mind. Instead, it’s knowing that you are not just a college student or a wife or an employee or a single woman—through Jesus, you have been established as apart of God’s royal priesthood. You are valuable because of who HE is!

Remember this when you feel like:

1. You’re just going through the motions at work or school and nothing exciting is happening
2. It seems like everyone around you is moving on with their lives but you’re stuck where you are
3. The things you were hoping you’d accomplish this year are already looking like they’re not going to happen now.

No matter what you’re dealing with, hold tightly to your identity in Jesus Christ. Let this be the driving force of everything you do. Even if you’re currently working a mediocre job or you’re working to finish a really big project, remember who you are. Remember the crown you wear on your heart because of who you are in Christ! You ARE someone. You are NOT overlooked. You are NOT uninteresting or undesirable. You are a daughter of the King. So keep your head high, and remember that you’re not just some random girl or some random woman. You are apart of the royal priesthood!

Daily Reading:
1 Peter 2

Daily Challenge:
Make a collage on your phone of inspiring photos and quotes that remind you to keep living like the royalty that you are (PicsArt is a good app to use for this).