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I feel like there aren't enough phone sex fics in the fandom. Could you please take this as a prompt?

Hey anon, I’m not sure you really meant me? I’m not known for writing smut (cause I can’t write it). But I tried and here it is. Set in “Chinga”, NC-17 (I suppose). You get a read more cause it’s loooong.

Four rings before Scully picks up the phone and puts Mulder out of his misery.

“Hm, yeah.” Scully’s voice is nothing more than a tired mumble and yet Mulder finds himself sigh in relief, and grin stupidly, upon finally hearing her voice.  

“Hey Scully, it’s me. You weren’t answering your phone earlier and I – wait, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Mulder is cradling his basketball in his arms; he better not be interrupting anything. What was the guy’s name Scully kept mentioning? Jack? He grimaces when he realizes that he’s been stroking the basketball, treating it like a lover. He lets got of it, watches it fall to the ground with a soft thud, and roll away under his desk. Wishing it was Jack’s head, kind of. Mulder has been trying to reach Scully for hours now (Is Jack to blame? He’s not sure he wants to know). He is not going to tell her how close he’s come to flying out to Maine.

“I was sleeping.”                                                                      

“It’s only… oh, it’s already 2 am. I’m sorry, Scully. You uhm, like I said, you weren’t answering your phone. I was worried.”

“I’m fine Mulder. Just really tired.”

“Some vacation, huh?” Mulder knows that he should say his goodbye now, let her go back to sleep. Except he’s so happy to hear her voice, as exhausted as it may sound, that he’s unable to be reasonable. He hasn’t seen her in days. He hasn’t heard her voice in hours. He can’t just hang up now.

“Yeah.” Scully yawns. “Mulder, was there anything you wanted? It really is late.”

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You felt hands on your waist and jumped a little, surprised by the contact. You look up in the bathroom mirror to see Jughead standing behind you. You roll your eyes while smiling and turn around to face him.

“I know we’re roomates, now, but that doesn’t mean you can just walk into my bathroom at any time. I could have been naked, you know!” You shouted at him, though it was obvious that you weren’t serious.

He smirked and tightened his grip on your waist, holding you securely against the sink.

“I know. In all honesty, I was hoping to,” He muttered out, his already low voice growing deeper.

You blush and lower your gaze, unaware as to how he could be so blunt when you two were just friends. Sure, you were physically attracted to him, but he didn’t know that.

“What is up with you?” You asked, your voice low and gaze lower.

He reached out and placed a hand under your chin, pulling your face up until your eyes were locked on his. When you were making eye contact, he smirked.

“I love it when you make eye contact with me, Baby Girl. You standing up to me drives me insane,” He grumbled out. “You’re one of the only ones who ever do.”

You tensed up, not used to Jughead acting this way. With the way that he was speaking and acting, you couldn’t help but get a little wet at the interaction. You pressed your thighs together to hide this from him.

“I don’t understand, Jughead” You confessed breathlessly, leaning a little away from him.

He eyed your movement and moved forward to close the distance that you cleared, leaning in so close that his breath fanned your face. He took his time and studied you.

“You know, I’m not really feeling Jughead right now. Why don’t you call me Master, or something sexy?” He asked you as he stepped away from you, giving you space to breathe and actually stand so that your back wasn’t digging into the sink anymore. He leaned against the wall opposite of you and stared at you down his nose.

Without missing a beat, you answered. “Maybe because I don’t find you sexy.”

It was a lie.

Jughead then raised his eyebrows with a small smirk on his face. He pushed himself off the wall and leaned in close. You were too cautious to move, not wanting to anger him so you held still as he hovered his lips over your ear.

“Mmm, well that is a shame because you drive me crazy. All I ever want to do is touch you; make you scream my name in pleasure,” He whispered, his voice thick and mesmerizing as he grabbed your hand and lowered it slowly down his body until it rested over his aroused dick.

The effect he had on you was incredible, and you felt yourself subtly move your thighs closer together so that you could try to stop the arousal. Or maybe it was just so that you could have some friction to relieve the pressure that was building.

You blushed and dropped your head again, but you couldn’t move your hand. He moved a fraction of an inch backwards so that he could see your face as he spoke.

“Do you know the difference between us?” He asked. He then leaned back in to your ear.

“I’m going to act on what I feel,” He smirked as he stuck his tongue out and brought your earlobe into his mouth, sucking lightly on it before he ignored that completely and moved down to focus on your neck.

He sucked on it harshly, definitely hard enough to leave a bruise and you even wondered if it was bleeding, yet for some reason the intense pain was somehow pleasurable. You angled your neck so that he had better access to it, while at the same time you pushed him away from yourself.

He stumbled back a few feet and you remained stuck to the sink, partially paralyzed as you panted and tried to understand what was happening. You had craved this experience for so many years, and now you finally have it.

But you were still fighting it.

That’s when it occurred to you; you wanted it rough.

“If you say no, I’ll walk out of here and never touch you again. But I don’t think you want to say no. I think you want this,” He continued to growl, a knowing smirk on his lips as he looked at you with primal eyes, hungry with lust.

You took a moment to find your voice. “Of course I don’t want it. Who would want this?” You asked as you placed a defiant hand back onto his dick, rubbing it through his jeans. You wanted to role play as though you weren’t into it, and it seemed like he would play along.

He groaned as his eyes rolled back in his head with anticipation.

“I don’t care if you want it, I am going to fuck you mercilessly,” He growled as he yanked your hand away from him and placed his hands on the sink basin on either side of your waist, pinning you there.

You were intimidated and you could feel your heart pounding in your chest, but still you grew wetter. Something told you that Jughead’s soft spot for you would be enough to protect you against whatever he was going to do to you tonight.

“What are you going to do to me?” You asked him as you look directly into Jughead’s stormy eyes.

At this question, Jughead leans in a bit closer and you can clearly see the smug amusement on his face. He answers with a smirk.

“I think that you should shut up and let me do what I want,” Jughead answered, and as he did his lips crashed down onto yours, his hands quickly moving to the sides of your face to still you, since you jumped wildly in surprise.

His lips quickly persuaded you to kiss him back. They moved in sync with yours, but soon you felt them leave your lips and once again make their way down to your neck where his hot tongue explored the skin that your loose tank top exposed. His mouth continued trailing down, suckling on your exaggerated collar-bones for a moment, giving them generous attention before he continued downward. He then bit roughly on the skin just at the top of your breast.

A soft moan escaped your mouth at the contact, not expecting this kind of pleasure from something so rough. At the sound, Jughead stopped his actions and lifted his face from your body ever so slightly, yet he kept his eyes focused on your skin.

He took a deep breath and squeezed his eyes shut before letting out a quiet groan.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever heard,” He grunted out, causing you to blush furiously as you looked down.

He grabbed your chin and brought your gaze back up to his once again.

“I have never been so hard in my life,” Jughead moaned as he let his head fall back so that his throat was exposed.

“Really? You’ve hardly touched me and this is the hardest you have ever been?” You questioned with slight humor, teasing him.

His head came back to look at you and one brow raised, anger flooding into his features.

“I can’t resist you, what do you want from me?” He asked with a growl, reaching one hand around your back and beginning to massage your lower back.

“A little effort would be nice,” You continued teasing.

“You’re the one moaning,” He reminded as he pressed into your back, trying to give you the best experience he could.

Your eyes locked on his, and now you raised a defiant eyebrow. “I bet you won’t get me to, again,” You challenged.

He took a step away from you as he considered this. He then took you by your hand and led you to his room. When he opened the door, your eyes went wide with surprise.

“When did you do this?” You asked him, suddenly more timid as you saw the giant contraption hanging from the ceiling.

He smiled knowingly but remained silent as he led you to it and began fastening straps and clamps around your body until your arms were held high above your body and kept there.

He bent down and grasped your shorts and gave them a violent tear, ripping the shorts right off your body. From his lowered position, he looked up at you through his eyelashes with a smirk on his face. However, when he saw you scowl, he frowned at you.

“You aren’t enjoying this?” He asked, almost offended.

“I’m tied up, how could I?” You barked at him, pulling against your restraints once more.

He snickered at you, “Don’t tell me that you don’t like being tied up, my dear. I figured you would be dying to try this. I’ve thought about this many times, and every time you thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so let’s see if I can get you to where you were in my fantasies.”

Without another second wasted, he took your exposed breast in his mouth, swirling the swelled nipple in his mouth, then nibbling painfully on it. You yelped out, yet you clamped your thighs shut to offer some friction beneath your panties once more.

You loved the pain.

He looked down at your clamped thighs and smiled softly to himself. He began to knead your other breast through your thin shirt, your prominent nipple obvious through the fabric.

He then ripped the straps off your shirt so there was nothing securing it and slid it down your legs until it rested at your ankles, where he wrapped it several times until it rendered you unable to separate your ankles. He then took your other breast in his mouth, giving it the same attention as the first. Your head dropped backwards and you bit your lip to keep in a pleasured gasp.

He took his mouth from you and said, “What’s the matter, (Y/N), don’t want me to hear you moan?” He teased with a smile, his playful hands dragging his fingertips along your side and down the outside of your thigh.

You brought your head back up to stare at him with rage.

“As if you could make me,” You teased him, but little did you know that you were only digging your own grave.

He stood abruptly, but you refused to cower. He then took your head in his hand, controlling it by holding your neck and stared at you.

“Just remember that you brought this on yourself,” He spoke roughly to you.

“Brought what?” you asked, only now letting a tinge of worry taint your words.

He smiled, his hand gently turning your neck so that it was exposed. “I’m going to tease you so badly that you won’t be able to stop moaning. You’ll be begging me to let you cum, and maybe I will let you,” He said, then instantly attached his lips to her neck, his moist lips massaging the skin before his teeth sunk in, causing the most wonderful reaction to occur deep in your belly.

Your mouth opened and you allowed yourself a sudden sharp inhale before you clamped down on your lip to keep from moaning. You could feel him bite your neck raw, then soothe the wounds with his mending tongue before he would blow cool air onto the area. You had to clamp your legs even tighter.

He began to trail lower on your body, working his way into the valley between your breasts, placing one last lingering kiss there before moving back to the breast, sucking harshly on the bottom of it, pinching the nipple of each roughly.                

Your head dropped once again and you bit your lip forcefully, refusing to let yourself be vocal about the pleasure Jughead was making you feel. Instead, you just furrowed your brow and clamped your eyes shut.

He stood from his spot again, grabbing your chin roughly and bringing it to face him, your eyes opening to meet his. He reached a finger out and dabbed it on your bottom lip then held it out for you to see, and when he did you saw the blood that was there. He then brought the finger back and rubbed it around your lips. Your mouth parted slightly, your body acting of its own accord, and he pushed his finger inside of your mouth. You sucked on it as your eyes closed once more.

He smiled victoriously at you, “I want you to keep your eyes open, love,” He ordered as he walked behind you, trailing his fingers down your spine.

“You’re not moaning yet, I’m impressed,” He teased, his hands massaging your shoulders and arms as he spoke.

“It doesn’t seem like you’re trying that hard. Or maybe you don’t have an effect on me,” You lied obviously, your breath uneven and panted and your legs clamped so tightly that they began to quiver.

Jughead let his hands fall from your body at this statement.

“Then why are your legs clamped so tightly, my dear?” He asked from behind you so that you couldn’t read his expression.

You decided not to answer and just growled lightly, upset that he could read you so easily.

“I think it’s because I’ve had quite an effect on you,” He said as his hand trailed down your body once more, but his hand paused when it reached your bum.

“But if you disagree, then why don’t we just find out,” He said, then immediately yanked your underwear down by hooking his finger in your panties.

Once you were naked, he slowly trailed his finger up the inside of your thigh.

Agonizingly slow.

Then, when he got to your core he slowly dragged his finger around your lips but refused to actually access any of the vital parts of you.

You attempted to maneuver yourself so that his finger would dip inside of you, but he was too quick and avoided it, pulling his finger away altogether.

“Don’t be naughty, I like to be in control, remember? If I don’t want you to cum yet, then you won’t. I did this to see if you were wet, and, my dear,” He said as he walked back in front of you, showing you his finger, which was slick from you, “It seems as though you are soaked,” He said.

Even as he said those words, you couldn’t help the fact that it turned you on even more and caused more of your wetness to drip down your legs.

He looked down and noticed this, then noticed how you moved your legs so that your thighs caused friction to your clit, causing you to moan out for the first time as you began to find release.

He seemed angered by this and forced your thighs apart. You stared at him, a lazy smile on your lips as you saw how agitated he was that you stole your first moan.

“No, baby girl, you don’t get to pleasure yourself. I’m in control,” He reminded you seriously, clamping onto your legs tightly.

“You’re just angry that I was able to make myself moan, and you couldn’t,” You chided, refusing to back down.

He seemed even more angered by this and shook his head at you, dragging a finger along the inside of your thigh so that it drove you crazy.

“I was going to try and take it easy on you, but I just don’t think I’ll be able to,” He said, then instantly plunged a finger into you, stopping only when you could feel his knuckle against your folds.

Your entire back arched and your body stiffened, but as you went to moan you bit your tongue and now you could taste blood. He pulled it out and slowly pushed it back in, your wetness soaking his hand. Your head dropped again as your body pulsed with his increasing rhythm, trying to meet him halfway so that you could cum.

After about two dozen pumps, he added another finger and was more forceful about it so that you had to clamp your eyes so tightly that the back of your eyelids were covered in white explosions. Now, you weren’t able to stop yourself from moaning and you verbally let loose of everything that you had been feeling with a loud “Oooh fuck, Jughead.”

As soon as he heard that, he smirked and pulled his fingers from you. The moment there was an absence from you, you opened her eyes in desperation and found his cheerful eyes looking at you.

“Oh, so it seems I can make you moan,” He teased, letting go of you completely so that you were just hanging there with your juices running down your legs and desperation between them.

You opened your mouth, about to beg, but clamped it shut again because you knew you weren’t lowering yourself to that.

“Cat got your tongue?” He smirked, smiling even wider when he saw how stubborn you were.

“Can I just say that I think that was the hottest thing I have seen, though?” He asked, closing the distance between you guys so that he was talking directly into your ear.

“I take back my previous statement; I have never been as aroused as I am now,” He whispered to you, allowing his hard on to press into you. You actually moved towards it subtly, so that it could help relieve some of your built up pressure, and once it roughly collided with your throbbing clit, you sighed in relief, but he moaned, which caused you to open your eyes in shock.

He also took a step away from you, a hand over his crotch. “Damn, you are too sexy for your own good,” He growled as he slowly pressed his palm over the bulge in his pants.

“Seems like I’m better at your game than you are,” You teased him, liking that you were still able to gain some control from this situation.

He raised a defying eyebrow at you. “You know, you’re the one that’s in love with me. That means that you’ll be the one getting a response out of me getting pleasure,” He said suggestively, and you scowled knowing that he was right. As if testing it, he lifted his hoody over his head and let it fall on the floor, exposing his pale skin.

You raked your eyes over the sight and craved more, but said nothing. Luckily, he obliged with your silent wishes, anyway. He unbuckled his pants and let them pool around his ankles before kicking them away. Once he was left in nothing but his boxers, he palmed himself, letting his head fall back in pleasure as he groaned.

You breathed heavily as you were filled with the urge to kiss his prominent Adams apple, sucking on it, and take over his actions for him.

He then ripped his boxers off and his cock sprung out, and it was much larger than you would have assumed that it was. The actual sight of it nearly was enough to cause you to cum, but when he wrapped his lanky fingers around it and began pumping it, you knew that you were going to explode.

It was hardly manageable when he was only doing this, his eyes closed in pleasure, but when he began to moan your name, you genuinely couldn’t handle it anymore. You crossed her legs tightly and tried to grind into them, successfully causing enough contact to cause you to moan out urgently.

“(Y/N)!” He shouted, which made your eyes open but you didn’t stop grinding your legs together even after he had caught you.

Only did your actions stop when he separated your legs and forced himself between them, both of your smoldering skins touching in an electric buzz.

“You’re so damn naughty,” He whispered into your ear, nibbling on your lobe after he spoke.

You were so needy at this point that you let him do his work and moaned loudly from the contact. You even began to use his body to grind into, getting partial release from this.

He gripped your hips tightly, stopping your motion as he groaned. “I told you, you don’t get to cum until I say,” He said, but now he was speaking with a certain reluctance, and you knew that it was because of how painfully swollen his head was.

“Let me cum,” You ordered, panting.

“Not until you beg,” He responded, now becoming just as desperate and you could feel him stroke himself below you, the action brushing against you causing the most magical reaction. You allowed the motion to continue.

“Oh my god, please Jughead, let me cum,” You finally gave in.

He smiled in relief at you, “I thought you’d never give in,” He said.

As soon as he said that, he placed his swollen cock inside you and slammed it in. You yelped and arched your back, the fullness of his cock filling you so wonderfully.

As he rammed into you, his mouth set to the task of working your nipples, which were right in front of his face.

You began moaning every other breath, and it was quickly becoming too much for you to handle, causing your head to fall back. His thrusts were getting sloppier and more hurried so you knew that he wasn’t far behind.

“God, Jughead, I’m gonna cum,” You quickly screamed out.

“Cum,” He ordered, and your orgasm racked through you as you screamed and let your head fall forward onto his shoulder.

After a few more pumps, he finished and pulled out, finally untying you and letting you free. You wanted to charge at him and destroy him, but that would have to wait till later because you were exhausted. You fell into him and he held you up, allowing you to wear his hoody.

well who is ready ?

A/N: First of all, I’m new here so basically I will reblog a lot of my fav texts from 13rw and 5sos. Little warning English isn’t my mother language and I will do my best while writing the stories ( British English I guess ). I will use Grammarly ( If you don’t know what Grammarly is so basically it’s a grammar app that you can install to your Pc/ Mac and it helps you to correct the wrong grammars/spellings in your text. So you don’t need to wait any longer cause to story will start now. 

P.S Tbh I’m so sorry to people out there who like Tony as gay ( tbh he is adorable ). And He is the only one that I can see as this character in this “fic/smut” cause he hella hot and y’all can’t deny it.  

Pairing: Tony Padilla/ Christian Navarro x Reader ( Or anyone else in the series you can just imagine someone else in it ) 

Word Count: 1178 

Warning: “Slightly smut, light swearing? 

Tony drove quietly with his red car along the road before he stopped at my house. We had a fight yesterday before that because he wasn’t honest with me about these tapes that Hannah had left behind for us all. I was, of course, upset that Hannah had decided to commit suicide. Cause she had been such an important friend to me. 

I accidentally overheard about the tapes when Clay had come to Tony’s garage and started screaming about it. I was just coming from the house to the garage when I heard Tony’s calm voice, telling that everything will be okay and that Tape 11 ( Clay’s Tape ) won't be so bad. So long story short I went to ask about them ( tapes ) and Tony started shouting to me and then I screamed at him telling that I can’t be with someone who isn't being honest with me. The situation got kinda out of the hands and I left his house in anger. 

And now He was knocking on the door. I was still a bit mad at him because he dared to say to me that maybe we should break up. I pulled the curtains fast when I saw Tony looking at my room. I jumped on my bed and I didn’t stay even for 5 seconds when my phone ring, when I was checked whoever was calling me… Of course, my love, Tony Padilla. I rolled my eyes before I answered my phone. 

“Hey Y/N, I think I just saw you stalking me from your room,” He said and laughed nervously. 

“ Do you have something to say Tony Padilla ” I answered very rudely.

“Wow, baby don't get so rude… Can you open the door I think its locked" 

I rolled my eyes once again and squeezed hard before I opened my window and dropped the keys. Tony spread a huge smile of gratitude before he opened the door and came in. I went back to my bed and took my favorite poem book, Milk, and Honey. Next thing I felt was Tony’s strong hands on my waist and turning me around. He looked at my face and then stroke my hair to my cheek before peppering kisses at my face. 

"God I have missed you” He whispered in my ear. Then his lips met mine. I didn’t remember how sweet his lips tasted…I had been like almost 48 hours without him cuddling or just being with me and now when he was just right next to me on me. He pinned my hands above my head. As he moved his way to my neck and kissing my sweet spot which made me moan.Then his warm hands found their place on my waist and little by little my shirt started to rise up. 

“Damn Y/N do that again “ he whispered and started sucking at that spot making me moan little louder. “Just like that princess,“ he said and attached his lips to mine and it made to feel his hard length so I started to rub my thighs around him. 

“Wow, baby girl you are gonna regret that soon, ”   Tony said just before he took my shirt above my head. Now I was shirtless and he could see everything and I started to blush. “ You are so fucking beautiful “ he said while leaving kisses down on my body. 

He takes my thighs to his hands and starts to kiss my inner thighs and he did the sexiest thing ever aka looked deeply into my eyes. 

“ Well looks like someone is ready ” he said in teaseful voice while he started slowly to take my panties off.

“ Nice try… I wasn’t the one who came here with a hard on”I shot back which was a wrong move. I started to moan loudly.

“ I said you will regret it…and your punishment are orgasms ( I’m shocked I have never written a smut but wtf is this omlll ) Y/N, so come to my mouth so I can drink your juices down” he suddenly says in deep dominant voice what makes me more turned on. His tongue feels so good inside of me and my moans start to become more intense, deeper and higher… ( if you  know what do I mean )

“hmmm… Just like that baby” he said as he slid 2 fingers inside making me edging. It didn’t make long before I came and he took it all. And before I could rest he started kissing me with his tOnGue. (He was already in his boxer )

“Wanna taste yourself? It’s so sweet” he whispered between kisses. He gave me some time to breathe when he started kissing on my neck and then my breasts. I guess Tony wasn’t done with me as he twisted my nipple while sucking other. Then suddenly he stopped and took his boxer down making my eyes wide open. 

“Y/N can you see how hard you have made me ? …… I don’t think you have made me this hard, to be honest” he said and started stroking. 

“ What do you mean with ‘i have never made you this hard’ are you telling me that you have horny with me all the time? “ I almost scream at him in shook 

“Yes, bella every time when we are together you make me wanna pin you to the nearest bed and fuck you until you beg me to stop”  as he kissed me softly until entering in. “Does that feel good Y/N? You don’t know how long I have waited ‘til I could shoot my cum inside of you…hmmm I’m about to come” he moans and he thrusts in and out. I never knew this slight of dom and sweet Tony but I wanted it to be shown more often. [ ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) ] 

His thrusts became harder, which caused him to go deep. I moaned out, feeling Tony hit my G-spot as I bounced from the force of his thrusts. I tried to tell him that I was close but there was no use. When Tony pushed himself in fully and rolled his hips I came under. My thighs shook as I came around him. (aGAIN) He groaned as he came after me and literally fell on me. 

“Ugh… Tony, you are heavy” I whined and he started pressing down.

“What did you say, honey ?” he said gently as he stroked my hair.

“I said that you are heavy and I want to go to clean myself” I whimpered and tried ( unsuccessfully ) push him. 

“But you are so cute and I’m not sure if you won’t come back” he whined 

“I promise that nothing is going happen when I take a shower”

“Then I will come with you so I can ensure that nothing is not gonna happen” he grinned as he let go of me.  When I was in shower he came to bathroom and looked at me 

“Round 2 ?” 

A/N I have ever written a smut so I’m sorry if this sucked :’(( But I.m just jamming to Paramore’s new album and Harry’s one too and I can’t handle it atm 😭😭❤️ 

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Blank Canvas

The grass is cold underneath me, and I can only imagine how much worse its going to become. There’s birds up above, high in the trees and looking down on Justin and I as we lay in the garden.

“Okay,” he mutters. It’s the first time either of us has spoken in a while so it causes me to jump in surprise. “Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach, please,” he grins.

“How romantic,” I say as my T-shirt is travelling over my stomach, my chest, my neck and finally, is released from my body completely. The harsh wind breathes heavily onto my skin and I can already see the goosebumps forming; creating mountains all over my body.

Laying down on my stomach, the cold only worsens but I don’t complain. My nipples are being attacked by the grass which is almost wet due to how frosty the early January air is, I have to hold back a gasp when it feels knives against me.

“Thank you for doing this,” Justin says as he rummages through his bag. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I met you.”


“Mhm.” He’s not looking at me, but at the multiple paint brushes - all of them ranging from small to large - while, I’m assuming, trying to choose which would be best to put to use. “It’s like putting art upon art.”

I don’t say anything; I’m secretly touched deeply by his words that I’m sure any words that leave my lips won’t be comprehendible, or of any relevance. Because of this, I merely wait for his next move.

“I’m not too sure what I’m gonna do yet, I’ll just see how it goes.”

“I’m sure whatever it is, it’s beautiful. I love your art.’

Looking at Justin, I could no longer see the full proportions of his face. Although, I could see a slight hint of pink creeping up his neck and I’m sure he was trying to hold back a big grin. I’m already aware Justin’s artwork means a lot to him, but seeing him getting so flustered over a compliment it receives makes it beautifully obvious. I smirk before turning back around.

“Okay, here we go,” he says and I feel him straddle my legs. I tangle my arms together and rest my head in the centre of them. It’s peaceful and I let myself appreciate the soft wind and the chirping birds.

I close my eyes when I feel the tip of Justin’s paintbrush grazing my shoulder blades. The sensation sends shivers down my spine and causes the hairs on my neck to stand to attention; as though a group of people have had their names called in unison and they all rise together. Following this, a feeling that resembles one of drops of water being released onto my back, and then it gliding through the dips and curves, sets through my skin. My eyes become heavy.

“Is that okay?” Justin whispers and it causes me to stir. I nod and hum in response. “Let me know if it gets uncomfortable or anything.”

“It’s relaxing,” I sigh and reposition my head in my arms. The movements the paintbrush is making seems a lot more confident now, meaning it’s pressing harder onto my skin, letting me feel every bristle that swipes across my skin.

I’m unaware how long it takes for Justin to complete the art he’s creating on back because I drift off ever so slightly; allowing the tingles and the cool of the paint to help me drift off into a light slumber. In fact, they’re helping me with so much triumph that I notice when they come to halt. The sudden feeling of nothing makes me stir.

“Well, hello there, Sleeping Beauty,” I hear Justin say, and a throaty chuckle follows directly behind. “Nice nap?”

“It was lovely, actually,” I grin but I know he can’t see it. I lean onto my elbows and rub my eyes with the palms of my hand; a burning sensation buzzes through them for a few seconds before I open them once more. “Are you done?”

He sighs. “I think so. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now, but I guess, yeah, it’s done.”

Justin climbs off of me and proceeds to help me stand by holding his hand out for me to take. I let my own slide into it with appreciation and I’m pulled to my feet in a matter of seconds; the grass is cold against the bottom of my feet.

I’m very aware of the fact that my chest is open to Justin’s eyes. I notice they burn bright as, for only a few seconds, they admire and relish in the sight, but out of, what I’m sure is politeness, Justin quickly averts his eyes to my face and gives me a warm smile.

“Let’s go inside, you must be freezing,” Justin says while resting his hand against my bare back, it does nothing but make shivers run over my body because they’re as cold as icicles. I try not to flinch away from his touch.

Walking through the back door and into the kitchen, I speed up once into the warmth of the house, partly because the cold was becoming too much to bare but also because I’m eager to see the final result of Justin’s idea.

“You wanna go upstairs and look at it?” Justin asks but by the time he’s finished his sentence, I’m already jogging towards the stairs. I can hear his laugh fading out as I move further up the stairs and closer to the bedroom. My anticipation is mixing with a dash of nervousness now.

My bedroom has closet with a mirror doing the job of the door of it, so as I walk in I’m instantly able to see my reflection, my next move is to turn around. I hesitate, but manage to do it eventually.

What I can see over my shoulder causes me to let out the tiniest puff of air. There’s a mix of reds, yellows, oranges and blues, all swirling together to create something breathtaking. It takes my eyes  a few seconds to adjust to the patterns Justin has created, but they’ve seen the art and now, they don’t want to look away.

“What do you think?” Justin’s voice echoes through the room, at least, it sounds like it does; I’m unsure. “Do you like it?”

“I love it, Justin,” I breathe out, still looking at it as though it’s going to begin dancing for me, or something of the sort.

“I started by drawing little patterns across your shoulder blades; you can see them there,” he drew an invisible line that felt like a feather across my back because of his little pressure he put upon it, “but then I decided I wanted to draw a sunset, which you can see there,” and again, his pointer finger flutter across my lower back. “But then, I decided to paint this little otter; I don’t know why,” he muttered.

Even though there was multiple little pieces of art, they all seemed to blend and compliment each other; the blues - while contrasting prominently with the reds - somehow seemed to shift knowingly from a bright evening sky to a winding pattern that was almost snake-like, as though it knew the one job it must complete. The baby otter with its dark brown fur lay floating in a swirl of glittering blue water.

“You’re so talented. I love them,” I whisper, continuing to stare in awe. I almost don’t notice Justin coming up in front of me, so I jump when I feel his hands on my bare waist.
“You make my art even more beautiful. I want to use you as a blank canvas all the time.” His hands are warm, warmer than my own, and they create little patches of heat on my skin and attempts to fill the entire surface of my body.

Before I could even comprehend what was happening, Justin had laid me down onto the bed sitting quietly in the centre of the room, and began to leave hot kisses down my neck. We spent a long period of time there; sweating, panting, moaning and grunting like wild animals. We would stop every now and then to catch our breath and even when we’d insist on that being the last time we collapsed and fell apart, our hands would somehow find each other’s bodies once more and we’d fall back into a rhythm that became so familiar.

Justin loves to create art, his reasoning being that it acts as an escape and it fills him with a sense of being that almost nothing else can replicate, at least that’s what he told me when I asked. That night, Justin created two pieces of art - one being intentional, the other being totally unpredicted. As I writhed beneath him, throwing my legs around his torso while his hands gripped my hips, I failed to remember the paint covering my back.

As we rose from the bed, hours later with dishevelled hair and sweat-coated bodies, the bedsheets on which we laid became, just like I had, a blank canvas for yet another piece of artwork. The colours merged mercilessly, the blues and reds had blended into a deep purple and the reds and yellows; orange. Instead of the otter, there was a large smear of faded brown that looked out of place with all the bright colours.

Justin seemed satisfied with the outcome and I caught him staring at it for just a few moments longer than I had. I could see the familiar satisfaction in his eyes while a small smile matched the redness of his cheeks.

4hr Quickie - part 2

Turns out that BR’s family is back while we were fucking. We were too engrossed in it that we did not realize that they were hoe already. God knows whether our moanings and sex talk have been heard! We were slightly shocked and I can see BR turning soft quickly. I pulled out of him and asked “So how?”

BR asked me to wait awhile while he quickly got dressed and went out of his room. And so I laid on his bed naked and waited. I dozed off while waiting. I was awaken by him sucking on my still hard dick. When he noticed that I was awake, he went on more aggressive, taking my dick full into his mouth. I believe I might have moaned a bit too loudly, so BR stopped and whispered “Lets go into the bathroom so that no one can hear us.”

As we walked into the bathroom, BR picked up the condom and lube along the way and smiled at me. Haha I got the hint immediately as he passed them to me. While I got myself ready, he turned on the showers and started stripping. He bent over the sink area with his ass facing me, without any warning I walked towards him and plunged into him. He let out a sexy deep moan and I continued our fuck. 

Thankfully the sound from the showers was loud enough cos I was pounding BR really hard and the piak piak sounds got really loud. Haha it got so loud that BR said “shhh” along with some moans. He then lifted one leg to rest on the toilet seat, allowing me to fuck him deeper. I could see that he was enjoying it even more in this position as his moans became more slutty together with yeahs and omgs.

I started to feel strings and strings of his precum flowing down onto my leg. About less than 15min later, he yelped “omg I am cumming”. The shoot was so powerful that I see some cum hitting the sink mirror. He then requested me to get some tissue for him, so I pulled out of him and that where I realised that there are also some streaks of cum on his face and hair. 

I helped him clean up the cum, them asked him if he is ok to suck me off. I was surprised when he said “Can you continue to fuck me please?” with a puppy eye look. Without even getting my reply, he lay me down on the floor and sat himself on my still hard dick. Almost immediately, I could see him getting hard again and he started rocking up and down. The sight was really sexy as I had a full view of his pecs bobbing with his movements and him flexing his abs while riding.

BR went on for about 20min while I fondled his nipples which were hard and erected throughout the whole time. He began panting more heavily and said he feels like cumming soon again. I proceeded to switch my slow pumping from below to deep hard thrust which BR complemented really well with his riding. In a couple of minutes, I saw BR’s abs twitch and spurts of cum shooting out, with the second and third hitting my cheeks and lips. As I felt his ass tighten, I thrust in even harder and cum together with BR. BR then licked up his cum that hit my face, before collapsing on me.

By the time we finished washing up, it was nearly 2.30am! BR offered to send me home and along the way, he told me he has not cum for nearly a month, explaining his huge volume of cum. He also revealed that he became more of a bottom as his bf is a pure top. Oops… He thanked me for the night and requested another session before he goes back overseas to work again :)

Let me in (4)

Bucky x shy!reader

Notes: fluff, nightmares, angsty, smutty and some good ol’ fashion dirty talkin’ 

One more part after this guys! Hope you enjoy! :)

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“That’s-.. that’s why you’ve been avoiding me? Because you want to fuck me?”

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Imagine Preview

The grass is cold underneath me, and I can only imagine how much worse its going to become. There’s birds up above, high in the trees and looking down on Justin and I as we lay in the garden.

“Okay,” he mutters. It’s the first time either of us has spoken in a while so it causes me to jump in surprise. “Take off your shirt and lie on your stomach, please,” he grins.

“How romantic,” I say as my T-shirt is travelling over my stomach, my chest, my neck and finally, is released from my body completely. The harsh wind breathes heavily onto my skin and I can already see the goosebumps forming; creating mountains all over my body.

Laying down on my stomach, the cold only worsens but I don’t complain. My nipples are being attacked by the grass which is almost wet due to how frosty the early January air is, I have to hold back a gasp when it feels knives against me.

“Thank you for doing this,” Justin says as he rummages through his bag. “I’ve dreamed of doing this ever since I met you.”

All You Had To Do Was Ask

Tauxolouve x Reader x Partheno 

You stood at the door to the gods mansion. What the hell am I doing here? You wondered to yourself. Oh yeah, because you have this thing you do where you like to torture yourself. You rolled your eyes at your own thoughts. Ever since the incident on the rooftop of the planetarium and getting involved with the gods, you had developed a bit of a crush on both Tauxolouve and Partheno. You couldn’t help it, they were both so sexy and sweet. Tauxolouve had his sexy voice, dark hair, those sexy bedroom eyes, and nice body. Every time you saw him you would have to constantly check your lips for drool.

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My Queen: Daenerys x Reader Smut

Request: Can u do a fic where reader and daenerys meet up at dragonstone like shes wih olena and has a crush on her and daenerys notices and flirts with her and it turns out to be smutty pls and thx xoxo

Warning: SMUT, cursing probably. Spoilers for new episodes!!!!!

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Notes: Reader is Olenna’s grandchild and only heir to highgarden thx <3

You looked up at the looming castle as Olenna Tyrell walked with you, sighing. “Couldn’t we get a damn carriage?” She muttered as she walked, hiking her black dress up.

“Would you like me to carry you?” A guard offered but they were cursed at. You didn’t pay much attention, your eyes were occupied by the dragons. One was flying above the ocean searching for food, another perched near the castle. The other one, well you didn’t know where that one was. All you knew was she had three.

When you saw her, you were stunned. She was gorgeous to say the least. Her hair, her eyes, her everything. You could barely speak when she talked to Olenna, and when she finally noticed you everything froze.

“And you are?” She asked, staring right at you. You stopped breathing and looked around, making sure she wasn’t looking at someone near you. “Yes, you.” She sounded amused.

“My name is (Y/N), your grace.” You stuttered from your seat beside Olenna.

“What a pretty name.” She said and turned to Olenna, talking to her about something. You didn’t hear what she was saying, your ears were ringing and your cheeks were red. She called your name pretty! It felt like such a great complement from someone so utterly perfect. You closed your eyes as little pink flowers grew on your face and in your chest.

The next few weeks were hell. Olenna went back to get her army and ended up dying. Jamie Lannister had her drink poison.

“I am so sorry, (Y/N).” Daenerys said, holding your hand in hers. It was inappropriate for you to be in her room, especially without a guard and definetely not this late at night.

“As if I needed another reason to hate the Lannisters.” You laughed bitterly, looking out her window. “I don’t know what to do. She was my only family. Now I have no where to go.” You knew it was inevitable, Daenerys would eventually make you leave. “I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“I understand.” She said quietly, biting her lip. “Just know, you don’t have to leave here. Olenna is dead, but you are not. You’re as much of an ally as she was.”

“An ally? I don’t have an army. Our army has been killed off.” You sighed, looking down to her hands clasping yours. It was strange she hadn’t let go of them.

“That is correct, but you still stand for High Garden. You will get it back.” Daenerys looked into your eyes. You were too busy looking at her fingernails to notice how she was staring. “I promise.”

You shrugged and removed your hands to rub your face. “I just don’t know. I didn’t think this would happen. If I had gone back with her, I’d be dead too.” You realized how easily you could have died and felt a lump form in your throat. “Gods.”

Daenerys tilted your chin up so she could see your eyes. “Don’t cry. We will get justice for her death, (Y/N).”

You looked at her eyes, at her sky blue iris and smiled. “Thank you.” You genuinely believed her. You looked down to her lips and back into her eyes, your heart speeding up. ‘Don’t kiss the queen, you’ll die. She’ll have someone come kill you for that. That’s weird’. You told yourself and stood up. “I’m going to go to bed, your grace.”

“My name is Daenerys.” She teased and stood up, causing you to blush. “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight.” You smiled and left.

A few weeks later, Daenerys went off to battle. You were sick to your stomach with worry. It wasn’t the first battle she’d been in, but it was definetely the most intense. She took Drogon, her largest dragon, and her dothraki warriors and left. She didn’t even say goodbye to you. For some reason, it hurt more than it should have? What if you never saw her again?

She came back exhausted and angry. You were in your room when she burst through the doors, an annoyed look on her face. Before you could even fully turn to face her she cupped your face in her hot hands and your lips collided. A gasp of surprise was sucked out of your throat as she kissed you.

“Daenerys!” You breathed when she parted from you, her hands still on your face. “Is everything alright?”

“Be quiet.” She snapped, one hand tangling itself in your hair while the other slipped down to the front of your shirt. You swallowed hard as she unlaced it, keeping full eye contact. “I will talk to you after.”

“After?” You were cut off by her lips on yours again. Soon she had your entire shirt unlaced and she slipped it off your shoulders. You inhaled sharply when she pushed you back on your bed. You fell backwards, landing on your back. You pushed yourself up and she was on you, kissing every inch of skin she could find. You sighed, closing your eyes. Inside you were screaming, your dreams were coming true.

Her hands roamed down to your pants, tugging them off. Thank the gods you weren’t wearing some complicated dress. You hated dresses. Once she got them off she stood up, unclasping her cloak. She let it drop to the ground along with the heavy silver chain that held it in place, which clattered to the floor.

“Daenerys, wait!” You stopped her, pointing to your door. She left it open.

She snorted, looking back to you. “You presume I care if anyone sees me?” She asked in a sultry voice and you almost came right there. After a moment she smirked. “Alright, but only because you mentioned it.” She walked to the door and shut it, locking it while smiling at you to show she cared for your privacy. You smiled back and she unclasped her shoes, taking them off.

“Why must you wear so much clothing?” You mused as she walked back over to you.

“You take it off, then.” She said and turned around. You grinned and stood up, rushing over to her. You unbuttoned the back of her dress, helping her out of the complicated thing. Once it fell to the ground you almost fell with it. She turned around and you felt dizzy, she was so gorgeous. She smirked at you, seeing your eyes widen. “You can touch me, I won’t call my guards.” She whispered and something about the sentance made you incredibly wet. Your knees went weak and you stepped closer, licking your lips. Your fingers trailed along her soft skin lit by candle light, sighing. She was beautiful, absoultely beautiful. You would die for this woman. You cupped her breasts, running your fingers over her nipples. She closed her eyes and you bit your lip. You’d been with a few women before but this was so different. She wasn’t just a woman, she was Daenerys Stormborn.

With a smile she pushed you backwards onto the bed. You giggled and sat up as she crawled between your legs, kissing your knees and thighs. When those kisses reached between your legs you cried out, her tongue pleasing you to no end. “Yes!” You moaned and fell back, running your fingers through her hair. She continued her routine until you came, your hands fists in her hair. You groaned and bucked your hips as you orgasmed, cum leaking out from your cunt and onto the bed.

Daenerys sat up quickly after that and pinned you to the bed, straddling your wasit. “I hope you can hold your breath long.” She warned before crawling over you, sitting on your face. You inhaled sharply through your nose at that, surprised by her boldness. You got to work though, licking and sucking until she came on your face. Her moans filled the air, beautiful moans that were more musical than any instrument you’d ever heard. You licked it all away and she got off you, panting. Her head hit your pillow and she sighed loudly, nuzzling into your sheets. “(Y/N), come here.” She sighed into your sheets and you happily obliged, crawling over to cuddle with her.

After a while she explained what happened, Drogon had gotten injured, Jon had pet Drogon, then left to go to the north. She planned on leaving soon to help him, she claimed she had a feeling he’d need it. It was all very hard for her, especially with Drogon.

“I’m so sorry.” You said as you brushed her hair with your fingers. “It’ll get better soon, I promise. Jon will convince Cersei, then you’ll have more time to plan. You will have the throne my queen, I promise it. I’ll kill everyone I have to to see you on that throne.”

She turned and kissed you deeply, lovingly. “And you will be beside me, every step of the way.

“Yes, my queen. I swear to it.”

Punishments (MATURE) |Part Two to 'Getting Off'|

Warning: This imagine has a fair bit of degradation. If that isn’t your thing or it’s a trigger of some sort, you probably shouldn’t read.

He hummed. “I’ve got more important things I need to do.” He chuckled seductively into my ear before tapping my ass. I felt his hard gaze on me as I walked, I turned to see him licking his lips.

When we made it to the bedroom, he shut the door quitely. He didn’t speak, he simply watched me. Moments passed before he finally took a small intake of breath. “You know, you’ve been a bad girl.” He started walking towards me slowly. “And you know what happens to bad girls?” His hand came to the side of my face, moving my hair out of the way. I watched him intently. He raised an eyebrow at me. “I said, do you know what happens to bad girls?” His voice was more demanding now, ringing through my ear. I jumped slightly at the tone of voice he used.

“N-No.” I bit down on my bottom lip, feeling myself heating up already. His stare was taunting, threatening almost.

He took in a large breath before letting out slowly. “Bad girls get punished.” His voice was deep, he moved impossibly close. “Bad girls aren’t allowed to cum until they’re told they can. Bad girls get used. Bad girls get spanked.” His lips were centimetres from my ear now, but he didn’t lower his voice. “You want that? Oh, you do. I can see it in the way you bite down on that poor lip of yours, I can see it in the way your breathing is getting heavier by the second.” His hand moved from face to my chest. His fingers trailed over my boob before they lightly took my covered nipple in between them, making me gasp in both pain and pleasure. “You want to be punished, you want to be treated like a dirty slut. Isn’t that right?” His eyes scanned my face while I stared up at him pleadingly. “Tell me you want it, slut.” He spat, making me let out a high pitched noise, almost like a whimper.

I took a hold of Justin’s arm for some sort of stability, he smirked as he witnessed this. “You know,” He took the hem of my shirt in between both his hands and lifted it up slowly. “You’re lucky I’ve let you get away with being this quiet so far.” The material had only just come over my head as he roughly pressed his lips against mine. I moaned against him. I was left only wanting more when he pulled away. “But don’t worry; you’ll be the furthest thing from quiet soon.” He was now whispering in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

His hands travelled around to my side, beside my boobs. His thumbs stretched and latched over my boobs. His thumbs traced circles around my nipples, causing my body to ignite. “You’re a good girl for not wearing a bra, that makes daddy very happy.” He seemed to bask in the way I leaned my head back while he gave me such simple pleasure. It didn’t lost long however. He removed himself from me.

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?” I watched in the corner of my eye as his hand ran down the front of the material of his boxers, he grunted softy. “You’re going to suck me off. Oh, I know you’re already soaking wet for me but that’s just going to wait.” He grabbed a firm hold of my hand and pulled it towards the hem of his boxers. “I trust you not to disappoint.” A glint of lust floated through his expression when he felt my touch.

I pulled them down his legs slowly, watching as his length stood tall. I stumbled to my knees and pressed my hands against his thighs. I took my time, I kissed up the underneath of him, loving the way he shuddered. Once I’d reached his tip, I took him into my mouth, inch by inch. “Oh, fuck.” He whispered, looking down at me. “Do you like that, [Y/N]? You love having my dick deep in your throat don’t you?” He growled, taking handfuls of my hair in his hands. He pushed himself deeper into my mouth, making me gag. It only seemed to spur him on.

“Shit.” My fingers dug into his skin while he thrusted his hips against me. “Close that mouth around me.” He spoke through gritted teeth, groaning when I did so. He pushed against my throat, I felt the rigidness of him against my mouth. “You got me close already, fuck.” He let out a low chuckle which almost instantly fell as he felt himself edge closer.

I hummed against him, causing him to push further inside of my mouth. I choked while he smirked. “As much as I’m loving this, I want you to stop.” He pulled himself out of my mouth and held out his hand for me to take. I climbed to my feet and I was, once again, stood in front of him. “I want to cum deep, deep inside of you. I know that’s what you want too.” He walked closer to me, causing me to move further back until I felt the bed hit the back of my legs. I fell onto the bed and let out a small gasp.

I closed my eyes when I felt him grab the material of my underwear and slowly, teasingly pull them down. “Watch me. Keep your eyes on me.” His voice was soft but still demanding. I looked up at him as he fell to his knees on the floor, my gaze never left him. “Now,” His hands wrapped under my legs, pulling them over his shoulders. “You remember this part, don’t you? What did I say was going to happen?” I took my bottom lip into my mouth while he stared at me, awaiting my answer. “Come on, slut.” He growled. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember.” His fingers were now digging into my skin. “You better start thinking because I’m not doing anything for you until you tell me.”

“Y-You said you’re going to eat me.” I whimpered, feeling the need for more of Justin’s touch. “And you weren’t going to let me cum.” My eyebrows furrowed when I felt an ache between my hips.

“Hmm.” He tightened his grip around my legs. “That’s right, well done.” His lips attached themselves to the inside of my left thigh, sucking softly. “This is going to feel so good, for me that is.” He chuckled as he leaned down and flicked his tongue across my clit. “Nothing pleases me more than hearing and seeing you about to cum. The way your thighs shake and your body trembles is breathtaking.” Before I had the chance to even comprehend his words, his mouth was latched around my clit.

“Oh, shit.” My back immediately left the bed while my back arched. He noticed and ran his hand up my stomach and pushed me back down. He continued to move his mouth quickly around my sensitive area. The pleasure ran every way through my body, making my eyes fall shut. I felt him slide his tongue down to my entrance, smirking as he did so.

Without warning, his tongue slid through my walls, making me cry out at the new feeling. He let out a groan before moving his left hand and pressing his thumb against my clit. My vision spun as I rocked my hips against Justin’s face, wanting more.

I felt myself edging closer and closer by the second. My chest rose and fell rapidly. I moved my hand and trailed it over my nipples, feeling that pain mix with pleasure. I felt myself already on the verge of exploding due to his extreme build up. I began to prepare myself and grab onto the sheets below me when the heightening pleasure instantly stopped. I let out a groan of frustration.

“Mm, you taste so delicious.” He muttered, licking his lips as he looked up at me. “Don’t think I didn’t know you were going to cum. You thought if you didn’t ask, you’d be able to get your orgasm and I’d realise when it was too late.” He stood up, now so much taller than me. “That’s not how this works, kitten.” He whispered in my ear, running his hand up my thigh.

My face was now probably bright red, and I shivered at the use of his nickname for me. “I-I’m sorry.” I whimpered, wanting the release.

“I think it’s time for a little something else, don’t you think?” He smirked, confusing me. He walked over to the closet and pulled something out, he sighed, almost happily. When he turned around, I caught sight of the red object in his hand. He was biting down on his bottom lip while staring at the vibrator. He walked over to me once again. “Oh, I love the way your eyes fired up at the sight of this.” He rolled it around in his hand. He switched it on, glancing up at me. He got back on his knees in front of me. “Oh, you’re soaking wet for me, aren’t you?” He ran his fingers down my entrance just once. “So wet.” He whispered.

The sound of the vibrations were still present and I found myself wanting nothing more than to have it on my clit. “P-Please.” I whispered, feeling my whole body aching now.

“You’re getting a lot more vocal as you become more and more needy.” He grinned, slowly moving the vibrator just above my clit. “Fuck, you’re trembling. This is the kind of punishment you needed, are you learning your lesson?” My clit took a hit from the palm of his hand, making me gasp.

“You’re such a slut for this. You love that I’m treating you the way you deserve to be treated.” He didn’t take his eyes off of my face as he pressed the object down onto my clit. I cried out at the sudden intense pleasure, feeling tears brimming due to the sensitivity.

I was already impossibly close; I’d already been close twice before he’d stopped to deny me my release. I felt Justin rubbing the end of the vibrator around me, pressing down harder, making my legs shake. My shaky hand grabbed Justin’s and I looked at him pleadingly. “P-Please.”

“You’re pulsing, fuck.” He watched as my juices appeared at my entrance, flowing over. He pulled the vibrator off me, making me cry out in frustration. He said nothing and switched it off, putting it to the side for now. He sat and watched me, a look of lust and power on his face. He stood up and climbed on top of me. “Is the slut getting tired?” He whispered in my ear. I sent him a glare as I reached down to rub my clit, deciding to get myself off. “Don’t you dare.” He spat, grabbing both my hands and yanked them above my head. “Wouldn’t want to spoil the fun now, would we?” He smirked for the hundredth time.

“Now,” His voice was low. “I’m going to fuck you, I’m going to fuck you very hard and it’s going to take me a little time to get on the verge of cumming. This is going to test you and if you cum before I tell you to, I will punish you again and I will make it even worse that this. Do you understand, slut?” He ordered in my ear, it was almost enough to make me cum right in that moment. I nodded rapidly. “Good.” He positioned himself and slammed into me within seconds.

“You’re so tight, holy shit.” He let out a sharp breath. He rolled his hips against me, taking a second to pull in and push in every time. He seemed to speed up to a pace that I didn’t even think was possible. “Remember. Don’t. Cum.” He kissed down my neck, I had to bite down on the inside of my cheek to distract myself from the burning in between my hips.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I whimpered as I squeezed my eyes shut. I felt Justin grab my boob in his large hand, causing me to moan. His cock twitched inside of me, indicating he was somewhat close.

“Seeing you like that got me hotter than I thought; I’m close already, shit.” He groaned, throwing his head back. “Are you ready? Oh, you’re more than ready, aren’t you?” He chuckled. I noticed his cheeks had become red as he came closer. “You want my cum, don’t you? You want it to fill you.” He bit down on my neck with force, making me wince. “Fuck. Cum for me. Fall over that edge and cum for me, you dirty slut. This is what you wanted, and now you’ve got it. Cum like the little slut you are.” He pounded into me continuously as he rode us through our orgasms.

Due to the amount of times he built up my high, it had doubled up and it hit me with much more force, sending immense pleasure flying through my body. “Oh, fuck!” I cried out, sending numerous profanities into the air while I arched my back off the bed and leaned my head back. I felt the breath being knocked out of my as I collapsed, closing my eyes. Justin fell down next to me.

He pulled me into him, resting his head in my neck. “Hmm.” He breathed heavily, his breath tickled my neck. “I love you, I love you so much.” He ran his hand down my thigh, I nudged closer into him. “None of that meant anything. You’re not a slut, you’ve had your punishment but now, that’s it. I’m here to show you how much I love and care for you. You are worth everything and you are a beautiful woman. It’s over.” He pulled me closer, letting me feel his warmth.

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How Hot is Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller?: A Breakdown: 

1. He never takes off his stupid sunglasses so he constantly looks like a bug. 
2. Seriously I bet he wears them inside and at night too. What an asshole.
3. His hair has got to be chemically made up of at least 50% hairspray. The man’s at risk at all times of his head spontaneously combusting. 
4. An ascot? Seriously? I’m getting douchechills from all the way over here. 
5. “Business in the front and party in the back” is bullshit. Get a fucking haircut. 
6. Where the fuck are his nipples at? You’re gonna go to all the trouble of doing everyone the disservice of seeing this fucker almost naked and you don’t even bother to give him nipples. 
7. I can see why Big Boss likes him so much, his face looks like a fuckin cardboard box. 
8. Seriously it’s like a witch invited him to a party and said “be there or be square” and he didn’t show up so now he’s cursed 
9. Probably smells like Axe Body Spray, didn’t he invent that shit? 

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When You Have Nipple Piercings (MONSTA X)

Rated P for Props to you for having the courage to get your nips pierced bc the good Lord knows I’d pussy out without a doubt not be able to do it.

curiously fascinated 

Shownu didn’t mean to stare at your chest so blatantly from his side of the couch, but after quickly noticing the protruding spots where your nipples should’ve been through your thin shirt, well, he was greatly confused. Knowing that he wasn’t going to ask you outright what was going on there, you chose to simply lift your shirt up and arch your back a little, exposing yourself to him without any verbal warning. Shownu didn’t say much of anything as you did this–his suddenly red face and wide eyes spoke for themselves. After his sense of initial shock passed, you found yourself being hoisted up by his strong arms, and were soon straddling his lap as he gingerly touched the metal with his finger tips, quietly mumbling to himself, “These are neat… Neat nips… Neat. Yes. Neat.”

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unsurprisingly, very greasy eager to touch

“Hey, Wonho. Guess what today is?” You asked. He glanced up from his phone screen to see your grinning face. Your excitement radiated over to him and he smiled back at you. “Besides Monday? I have no idea. What’s today?” “Today is the day that you get to see these~” You exclaimed, not wasting a second before lifting up your loose tank top and to reveal your bare chest to him. Instantly, Wonho was directly in front of you, hunched over to be eye-level with the jewelry on your nipples. “Do I only get to see them… or do I get to touch them now too?” You giggled. “How badly do you wanna touch them though~?” Wonho licked his lips and met your gaze with a look that let you know he was struggling to stay off of you. “Take one quick look at my lap and you’ll know how badly I need to touch them right now.”

Originally posted by monstaxreactions

surprisingly level-headed despite the raging feelz inside

“What kind of earrings are these?” Minhyuk asked, picking up a silver-barred, pink studded piece of jewelry from your jewelry box. You glanced over at him standing at your dresser, nosing through your things again, and blushed bright red when you realized what he was holding. You turned to lay on your side on the bed, facing his direction, as you said slowly, “They’re not earrings, Minhyuk.” “Then where do they go? Do you have your belly button pierced?” You giggled at his innocence and sat up straight, then lifted your shirt up and over your head. Minhyuk visibly gulped as he watched you. “They’re nipple piercings. See?” You ran a finger along the white diamond you currently donned. Minhyuk slowly put the jewelry back in the box where he found it before approaching you. “Let me touch one. I wanna touch one… I’m touching one.” “I see this, Minhyuk.” “They feel funny. In like, a good way.” “Thank you, Minhyuk.” “You’re welcome… these are nice.” “My piercings?” “Your titties.” “Thank you, Minhyuk.” Cue smile as shown below

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this little shit tickled pink and giggly

“Baby, are you cold?” Kihyun asked. The question was otherwise innocent–but his smirk was eluding to something other than that. You raised an eyebrow. “Um, no, I’m not. Why?” You were confused even more so after Kihyun started giggling. “Your body is telling me otherwise~” He sang, bursting into more laughs. You were stuck. “What are you–oh. Gotchya.” You realized after looking down at your shirt what he meant. With a shrug, you pulled the material from your body–this caught his attention immediately, and his laughter stopped. “I’m not cold, Kihyun. My nipples are pierced. Surprised it took you this long to notice…” You trailed off, getting distracted by your own body jewelry and beginning to play with them. You looked up again to face Kihyun, only to find him inches apart from you, phone in hand, smiling too widely for his own good, as he took pictures of you playing with your chest. “Kihyun!” You exclaimed, trying to snatch the phone from him. He pulled it out of reach before you could grab it. “That’s for later,” he said, setting the phone down on the coffee table before crawling over your body and laying you out on the couch. His grin was noticeably more seductive now as he lowered his lips down to your chest. “This is for right now…”

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Smol n squishy baby boy v v shy n giggly

“Ouch, son of a bitch,” you cursed. You had dropped your phone on your titty in just the right spot. It wasn’t necessarily your cursing that drew Hyungwon’s attention, but rather, the dull sound of metal hitting metal after he watched you drop your phone that made his eyebrow raise. “What was that?” He inquired. “I dropped my phone and it dinged my bar.” Hyungwon, unfamiliar with this terminology, raised an eyebrow and chuckled lightly. “What?” You looked up at him, blinking once. “Oh, I guess you haven’t seen them yet… You’re such a gentleman, ya know? Here. Lemme show you.” You rose from your back and turned to straddle Hyungwon’s waist, not giving him time to register much before your flimsy clothes came off and he was met with the sight of your tits in his direct line of vision. You cupped them and tapped on the shiny piercings on your nipples. “See, I dropped my phone and it hit right here,” you explained. Hyungwon tried to cover his face with his large hands, absolutely embarrassed by your suddenness–but definitely not mad about it. He giggled loudly, but you figured it was an attempt at a distraction from the growing problem in his jeans that you felt on the inside of your thigh.

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“OH? Oh! Okay. W-ow! Yes! Much wow!!” vibes

You hadn’t realized how long you’d been looking through all the jewelry at the store you were in until Jooheon came up behind you and said, “Don’t you have enough jewelry already, babe?” Upon closer inspection of the items you were looking at, Jooheon raised an eyebrow, picking one up. “These look funny. Where’s the back piece that goes behind your ear?” “These aren’t for my ears, Jooheon. They’re for nipples. I can’t pick which ones I want. Which colors do you like?” It was almost as if all wires in his brain had been cut. “Why are you looking at nipple piercings if you don’t have your–wait, you have your–” One glance down your shirt that you were holding open gave him his answer. Red faced and frazzled, Jooheon put his hands over yours and pressed your shirt closed again. “Those are for my eyes only! What are you thinking, doing that in public when anyone can see you! Over there is a window! To the outside! Someone else could’ve seen those!” He took the items from your hand and set them down on a display table and then promptly took your hand in his and led you out of the store. You whined, having really wanted new jewelry. “I’ll give you something to whine about when we get home,” Jooheon said. “I can’t believe how naughty you are.”

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/instant boner

The two of you were supposed to go to the beach today with a group of friends. Changkyun was quick to get dressed, so while you changed, he started packing everything up by the door. “Are you almost ready yet, babe? Everyone will be here soon to get us!” “I just need to find my towel! Have you seen it?” Changkyun picked up a yellow towel that had been lazily tossed on top of your beach bag. He smiled. “I’ve got it here!” You came out of the bathroom and turned the corner, approaching him with a smile on your face. Changkyun stood up and immediately enveloped you in a hug. You giggled, pressing your chest close to his as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “I’m so excited~” you sang. “I even got new piercings to match my swimsuit! Even though no one will see them, really.” Changkyun raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?” You grinned and detached yourself from him, lifting your clothes to reveal your chest to him. “Lookie~” you giggled, tapping at the shiny jewelry at your nipples. Changkyun groaned and hunched over slightly before turning around and taking his cell phone out of his pocket. You watched him put the device to his ear as he spoke. “Hey, Jooheon… Uh, something came up, and, well, we can’t make it. You guys just go straight to the beach, okay? …Yeah, yeah. Next time man. See ya.” You were dumbfounded. “Changkyun! What the hell!?” You whined, not believing what you just witnessed. “What came up out of no where like that!? What bout the bea–” He crossed over to you and pulled you by the hips into his. You gulped almost immediately, now getting the memo as you looked at him with big, innocent eyes. He grinned and cupped your cheek in his hand. “I’ve got something else you could ride besides the waves, baby.”

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I feel like MX are the kind of guys that would be like, “Oh, you have tattoos/piercings? Cool.” / “You don’t have tattoos/piercings? Cool.” // I wrote them all, then mid-first-round-editing, I realized that the Anon who requested this never specified a preferred gender, so I went back and re-wrote them as Gender Neutral as I could. Hope that’s okay ;~;

- Temporary Contributor, K

Tonight Took a Turn for the Better

Raulson Prompt: A fic that is strictly from Sarah’s or Lily’s pov (I chose Sarah’s)

Raulson Prompt: Imagine their first time. Sarah expecting Lily to be gentle and inexperienced. But by the end Sarah is screaming and squirting because of how well Lily fucks her.

This was just going to be an ordinary night.

We had planned to stay in and watch a movie, maybe cuddle and get drunk, but regardless, it was gonna be mellow. We’ve been official for about two weeks now, and even though we haven’t actually “done it” yet, we usually sleep over at one or the other’s place to spend more time with each other. I mean, even though we technically work together, our filming schedules are so utterly demanding and time consuming that it’s almost like we’re not together at all.

And so, tonight, it’s Lily’s place.

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I set the alarm for 30 minutes. I lie on the bed comfortably, relax, stretch, feel my body against the cool sheets. I start to touch my nipples, run my fingers on the tips.. First the left one. then right.  I get the clothespin and place it on my left nipple. Gush I feel a warmth rush to my pussy immediately.. I leave it for 10 seconds, then it hurts too much and I take it off. Then I do the same to my right nipple. Amazing warmth. I start dripping.  I start touching my clit. I just rub it with my fingertips and think.. that I am doing it for you to watch. I open my legs more so you can see better. I feel more aroused, and the feeling gets more intense. I edge. Then I stop.. Then I start again.. It feels so good as minutes pass I’m almost there oh just soo close.. but I don’t push over. I don’t want to ruin it either. I am in ecstasy pink happy fluid in my brain I am on the brink..

Then the alarm rings. I know I must take my hands off immediately but I don’t.. I continue 5 more seconds.. 5 delicious ever so beautiful seconds.. then I stop. 

I open my legs wide for a bit so I don’t accidentally continue.

Will do 2 more today. 

(Picture not myself, credit to dreamstime.. Although I’d look very similar with those sheets and a photographer)

Your T-shirt - Calum Hood Smut

Summary: Calum’s leaving for tour and this time he want to take a little souvenir.

Word Count: 1.8K

“Y/N! I can’t find any of my clothes!” I hear him shout out in frustration and a few things being thrown across the hardwood floor.

I didn’t want to help him pack. I hate packing all his things away, it leaves me with an emptiness that no amount of phone or skype calls can fill. I love to keep some of his clothes when he leaves, some that I can wear and others that I sleep with. Just so I can feel like I have a little part of him with me, I can still smell him for a little while once he’s gone and it almost makes it okay. Just to be able to still smell him gives me a little bit of relief. Just now he’s probably wondering where a lot of his favourite tops have went and the answer to that question is that they’re mine now, tough shit.

“What are you looking for Cal?”

I trudged to the top of the stairs and leaned in the doorway of our room. He had the suitcase on the bed and clothes were thrown across almost every surface. I sighed looking round at the mess, what is it with boys and packing?

“I can’t find like any of my singlets plus a few of my other tops have gone too. The white plain one with the sleeves kinda rolled up, I can’t find it anywhere.”

I cleared my throat “You mean this one?”

I tugged on the bottom hem slightly to show him I was wearing it. I loved this top on him. It was tight fitting and showed off his torso perfectly. So if he thinks he’s leaving with it then he can think again. The top is tight on him so it was super tight on me especially at the chest area. You couldn’t see it properly though because I had my big cardigan over it too.

“Aww come on, you have hundreds of my tops!” He threw his arms in the air, obviously stressed with packing.

I pouted my bottom lip at him “But I like this one” I tugged on the end of it.

He went back to trying to sort through the clothes in front of him.

“Fine, whatever. You keep it.” He didn’t look at me and there was a roughness in his voice today that he never spoke to me with normally. This always happens though. Cal’s in a bad mood for the last day because he’s mad that he has to leave and I’m all sad and depressed for the day, we’re not exactly great company on a day like today. I know it’s understandable but no matter how many times he does it, it never seems to get easier, if anything it gets harder. I stood leaning against the doorway and rested my head on the wood just watching him trying to pack his case. His face was contorted in anger and he just kept muttering to himself with a lot of swear words thrown in for good measure too. He’s almost like a different person when he’s in a bad mood, the carefree, smiley, light hearted boy is gone and replaced with this guy with curt answers and a permanent frown. Although … he does look good when he’s in a bad mood, his body all tense and his jaw clenched. I know it’s not truly him and that it’s just a defensive thing so it makes me laugh when he’s mad. He threw another top into the pile inside the suitcase and I let out an involuntary giggle.

“Y/N this isn’t funny. If you’re not going to help then fuck off! All you’re doing is distracting me.” He shook his head and kept his eyes on his clothes.

Distracting huh? Let’s see just how much I can distract him. I shrugged out of my cardigan and then shimmied my sweatpants down too. So now I had his super tight top on, without a bra might I add, plus just a pair of booty shorts. Let’s see how distracting I am now Mr Hood.

“Calum do you not like your top on me?” I pressed up onto the balls of my feet and pulled the fabric down so that it became almost see through.

“Yeah, it’s lovely.” He didn’t even turn around.

“I think you can see my nipple’s through it slightly …”

His head whipped round then, quick as a cat. His mouth was popped open as he drank in the sight of me. I gently cupped my breasts as I looked down to my nipples, they were hard already and yup, you could see them through it. I looked up to find Calum stumbling through the clothes until he reached me. His hands instinctively went to my breasts, cupping them and rolling his thumb over my nipple. My chest heaved out into his touch as I pulled his waist closer to mines. He rolled his hips into mines and I could feel his hard erection brush against me which lead me to let out a breathy moan. How can he turn me on with the slightest touch, he knows how to work my body better than me sometimes.

Calum’s hands traveled down the curve of my body until he reached my bum. He grabbed and squeezed it whilst he pressed his lips to my neck, sucking and biting on my sweet spot. I tugged on the bottom of his top and he quickly pulled it over his head, revealing his toned torso. Calum quickly grabbed a hold of my bum and pulled me up so that I could wrap my legs around his waist. I was face to face with him now as we both looked each other in the eye, I loved the look on his face. He was so determined looking, still with a hint of anger under there which turned me on even more. I ran my lips over his face, leaving kisses over his lips, around his mouth, along his jaw until I reached his ear. I was tracing every curve and delicate shape, taking in his scent and burning this moment to my memory.

“Calum, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Calum gave out a throaty groan as he ground his erection against my damp underwear. I was growing impatient with his teasing so I started shimmying the top up my stomach when Calum’s hand stopped me.

“Keep it on for me baby.”

I was confused, why would he want me to keep it on? I needed less clothes between us not more.

"Why?” I asked, I was now the one with the frown on my face as I searching his deep brown eyes.

“I want you to keep it on while I fuck you. Then I’m taking it with me and every time I wear it, all I’m going to think about is you and how perfect you look in it and how hard I fucked you in it. Does that sound good baby?”

I wriggled against him to try and relieve some of the tension that was burning against my aching core.

“Sounds like a plan”

I ducked my head to his neck and started sucking on it as hard as I could. Leaving my mark on him and soothing it with wet kisses and the caress of my tongue after.

“Fuck …. Y/N!” Calum breathed out.

Calum walked us over to the bed and quickly kicked his suitcase from the bed then lay me down. He stood between my legs looking fucking hot. His chest was heaving as his breathing was heavy already. His tan body was scattered with tattoo’s and his erection was straining against his sweats. I lifted my bum from the bed and pulled my pants down my legs before Calum could protest and threw them across the room. Calum was just about to say something when I placed my feet on the mattress and spread my legs in front of him. The cool air felt good against my dripping pussy and I gave out a slight moan at the sensation.

Calum hooked his thumb under his boxers and ran them along the elastic.

“What got you all wet baby?” he purred.

He gently started pulling down his boxers and sweats revealing his impressive length. My hands went to my boobs, gently squeezing my nipples.

“You did baby, you always make me wet” I lowered my gaze and kept my eyes on him.

Calum kicked his sweats and boxers away and gave his length a few strokes.

"You look so fucking sexy baby.”

He ran the tip over my slit which caused me to buck my hips up to meet his touch. I cried out, my body was aching for him to fill me and I didn’t care how needy it sounded.

Calum put his hands on my knees and pushed them as far down to the mattress as they would go then he slowly pushed into me with a moan at the immense sense of relief. I grabbed onto his arms and dug my nails in as I gave out a pornographic moan.

“That’s it baby, hold on tight because I told you it’s going to be hard.”

Calum pulled almost all the way out the slammed back in. I don’t think I’d ever felt that much of him before. It felt like he was reaching place’s deep within me that before now had been untouched. I liked rough Cal.

Calum continued to slam into me, using my knees to pull me down to every thrust. I wouldn’t last much longer with him at this pace, I could feel the familiar build up growing in the pit of my stomach. I started grabbing onto the top of his arms, feeling his biceps under my fingertips.

“Cal, I’m-FUCK! Come Cal … I’m going to-SHIT!”

“Let me hear you baby, let me hear how good I make you feel”

Cal continued his rough pace as his name and profanities tumbled from my mouth. I was close and he knew it so he took a hand off my knee as started rubbing my clit.

“Cal, come with me” I urged.

Calum nodded and gave out a low moan of my name, letting me know that he was moment from his release. My back arched off the bed at his touch and I felt the burning sensation of my orgasm rip through my body. I felt myself tighten around him which triggered his own orgasm in response. He let go whilst moaning my name just as I done with him. I held onto his biceps as I came down from my high then Calum sat me up and pulled the top over my head. He gently crawled over me and slowly started kissing up my torso and then each breast until he reached my lips.

“I love you” He whispered while he looked deep into my eyes.

“I love you too” I placed my hand on his cheek and gently stroked my thumb across it.

“Do you think it’d be weird if I wore that top everyday?”

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I can feel the tug
of the halter at the nape
of her neck, the wind
on her naked front.

It blows her nipples
to amber beads,
it shakes the frail rigging
of her ribs.

I can see her drowned
body in the bog,
the weighing stone,
the floating rods and boughs.

Under which at first
she was a barked sapling
that is dug up
oak-bone, brain-firkin:

her shaved head
like a stubble of black corn,
her blindfold a soiled bandage,
her noose a ring

to store
the memories of love.
Little adulteress,
before they punished you

you were flaxen-haired,
undernourished, and your
tar-black face was beautiful.
My poor scapegoat,

I almost love you
but would have cast, I know,
the stones of silence.
I am the artful voyeuur

of your brain’s exposed
and darkened combs,
your muscles’ webbing
and all your numbered bones:

I who have stood dumb
when your betraying sisters,
cauled in tar,
wept by the railings,

who would connive
in civilized outrage
yet understand the exact
and tribal, intimate revenge.

—  Seamus Heaney

Dean x Reader

Summary: What happens after you die on a hunt?

Warnings: Mentions of gore and death. Brief cursing. Also, angst.

Requested by me~ 

This will be a two part series. Part 2 shall be up soon!

Originally posted by chrissie-chan


Red was everywhere.

It was pouring out in uncontrollable amounts onto the concrete below your weak body. 

Your breaths got quieter as you saw more red. He was above you in an instance, trying anything to stop the red.

But, he couldn’t. You remember him crying out your name as you slipped away. 

They say you live your life flashes before your eyes before you die. Images of you, Sam, and Dean in the Impala singing loudly to Led Zeppelin appear. The images soon fade to another scene-you three were sitting on the couch watching a shitty chick flick. And then the last image came. The lingering touches, the soft gazes, the love you felt for Dean filled your heart. 

And then the red stopped. All you saw was black.


He watched your eyes glaze over as you huffed out your last breath. He watched your body still, he heard your heartbeat stop. 

It was supposed to be an easy hunt, just a simple werewolf case. Sam was still researching when the werewolf attacked you and Dean in an ally. Your gun had been knocked out of your hand, and Dean was laying on the ground half-unconscious. You noticed the beast target him, and before you could think, you threw yourself in front and all you saw was red.

Dean hardly remembers viciously ripping the werewolf to shreds with a silver knife. He hardly remembers Sam pulling him off your body. All he remembers is seeing your beautiful eyes once full of hope die out.

Days passed, weeks passed. Time still passed without you. But, to him, it felt like time stood still, forcing him to live in agony without you everyday. 

He drowned his sorrows in whisky and beer, until he was sure he’d die of alcohol poisoning. He’d become reckless on hunts, silently hoping he wouldn’t make this one out alive. He was empty without you.


The darkness consumes you as all pain melts away. It’s peaceful here, quiet.


You turn around towards the unfamiliar voice, seeing a woman with dark brown hair standing by you. “Who are you?”

“Tessa.” Dean’s reaper.

You eye her skeptically. “I’m guessing you want me to come with you?” you ask knowingly.

She nods. “Don’t stay here and become the thing you hunt.”

You desperately want to go, but you know you’d leave Dean behind. But a ticket to a forever destination sounds very tempting. 

Hesitantly, you take her outstretched hand and close your eyes, awaiting your final destination. Puzzled when nothing happens, you open your eyes to find her somewhat shocked one. 

Suddenly, a blinding light overthrows you. When you open your eyes, it’s bright and unfamiliar. When your eyes finally adjust to the light, you notice you’re in a hotel room. Was this just a dream?

You look for anything to find where you are, grinning when you see a pamphlet with the name of the hotel on it. 

When you try to grasp it, your hand goes right through it, surprising you. You try desperately to grab anything, but alas, no progress. Running your fingers through your hair, you pace around the room, but stop when you see your reflection in the mirror. 

You’re pale, and in the same outfit as the day you died. Then you notice the long deep scratch on your abdomen, dried blood along your shirt.

You were a spirit. 

A reaper came for you and you went with it, so why were you still here?

Suddenly, the door opens, revealing a very worn down Dean. You panic and try to hide, noticing your skin and body turn transparent. 

He apparently didn’t see you as he slumped on the bed after taking a drink of whisky. He lay and stared at the ceiling for a moment before pulling something out of his pocket.

When you see the familiar piece of jewelry, you’re hit with nostalgia. Dean had given you that bracelet on your birthday a few years back. He’d carved it himself, leaving a rough signature, much like the one in the Impala. You never took it off.

Your heart swells with emotion before you notice the lights flicker and Dean’s breath coming out in cold puffs. He seems to notice it too, grabbing a salt gun and holy water. 

“Who’s there?” he asks cautiously, circling the room. The gun frightens you a bit, and soon, it’s thrown on the ground away from him. Your powers were stronger than you thought. 

Before he can retrieve it, you make yourself visible. He almost drops the flask of holy water as he sees you.


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BTS reaction to your white t-shirt being soaked through...

It was pouring that day you cursed yourself for choosing to wear a thin white t-shirt with you favorite lacy black bra underneath.. sigh, this would not have been a problem if you were just going home,but no you were on your way to your project’s partner house, to make it even worse he was your crush and that shirt happened to become basically transparent… the project was due the next day, no turning back…

Jin: The first thing that would have caught his eye was the temping swell of your boobs that were barely concealed by that almost see through bra, if he could just look hard enough he would have seen your nipple. He would have choked out his greeting, having not been adamantly prepared for how sexy you would be rocking the wet cat look.

“I can lend you one of my t-shirts, can’t have you catching a cold”, he’d say nervously trying his best to not give in to temptation.

Originally posted by jinful

Suga: He would definitely be an inner monologue guy, why hello there he’d say but i doubt he was speaking to you personally maybe to another part of you. He’d rip his eyes away from your chest, trying his best to not slip up and accidentally say the word boobs in a sentence. As he tried his best to concentrate he wouldn’t be able to take it anymore because he could see the way your breast rise and fall with every breath you took.

“Is that her nipple I see right in the center in that flower pattern, oh hell nah!”, he’d say to himself, as he rushed to go find you some clothes.

Originally posted by minsecretsoul

J-hope: As he opened the door a very non manly squeak would have escaped his lips as he drank in your appearance, you shaking would  have crossed his mind in a totally different way, which was you squirming under him in his room, but such was not the case as he pulled you in and ran to go get a towel stopping for a moment to steal himself and calm his raging boner.

“You know if this wasn’t a serious matter I would’ve pinned you against the wall as soon as you stepped through the door”, he’d say under his breath.

Originally posted by asdfghobi

Rapmonster: Sigh…daddyjoon, is there anything i need to say?

You looked so innocent, but the fact that you were soaking wet with that sorry excuse of a clothing stuck to your skin, he thought he had never wanted to spank and fuck someone and then feed them ice-cream and rap them up like a burrito in his life. He would clench his fist and try his best not to use his dominant voice on you.

“Did you want me to cum in my pants?”,he’d say a bit frustrated.

Originally posted by ygnj

Jimin: He would definitely turn into a tomato and become shy and squishy the moment he saw your thin clothes clinging to every curve and then his eyes would be stuck on your assets that might have well been on display in a flee market. He’d unconsciously lick his lips, however being the gentleman he is, he’d also offer you dry clothes and a towel. storing away the image of you for.. uh… future reference.

“I almost had a minor heart attack”, he’d say to himself trying to calm his heart rate.

Originally posted by cloudjimin

V: He’d blatantly stare more from the shock than attraction at first, but while asking you if you wanted to change his gaze would linger a bit too long on your chest, he’d definitely be flustered given that he liked you a lot.

“Would you like a slice of melons.. uh.. i mean melon”, he’d say not really sure how to fix the awkwardness.

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Jungkook: He’d be a blubbering mess blushing, hands flailing and then accidentally hitting your boob in his flustered state and then try to apologize for hurting you by rubbing the area, but then registering that he is in fact groping your boob, all while trying to hide the tent that formed in his tight pants.

“i am soo sorry, please don’t think i’m a creep.. but i really like.. you”, he’s say while scratching the back of his neck.

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6 “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

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Hannah frowned, looking up and down her best friend. She leaned against the bathroom counter while her twin showered and Sam turned around, modelling her clothes.

“You’re seriously going to wear that?

Beth stuck out her head of the shower and gave a thumbs down. She returned to her washing, hearing Hannah tell Sam to go change, that ’We aren’t leaving until that ugly shirt disappears Sam, this is a 5 star restaurant.

The blonde begrudgingly walked out and into the twins room with her best friend and took the dress Hannah handed her, noticing she had included the new sexy bra and pantie set they had just bought together.  

“You seriously want me to wear this Han? For real? No ones gonna be seeing me wear this, only we will know!”

Hannah laughed as she watched Sam look down at the lingerie and patted her shoulder, reminding her to follow Beth’s plan. They were dressing to the 9’s tonight, fancy dresses, expensive jewelry, lingerie included. They were treating themselves and treating themselves expensively.

“Yes for real, you picked it out yourself! Are you regretting it already?! You seemed so excited!”

Sam nodded solemnly as she watched Hannah frown and took the clothes, making her way to the bathroom to change. Hannah stopped her, reminding her that Beth was in there changing and to go to Josh’s room since he wasn’t there. 

“You sure hes not here? I know we haven’t heard a peep out of him but we haven’t seen him either.

Hannah reassured her that she would only have to yell if Josh walked in on her changing, or give him a show.

“You could give him a little show! Show him too what the others wont see!

Sam laughed though, as she attacked Hannah with a wet towel and ran out as a shoe flew over her head, giggling while the other moaned about blow drying her hair again.

She knocked at his door, hearing nothing on the other end for a moment and opened it slowly. Looking inside just incase, she nodded to herself as she walked in and opened the light. It was messy, clothes on the floor everywhere but the smell of him wafted at her nostrils strongly and she signed contently at the intoxicating smell. Moving the clothes on the floor with her feet into a pile, she put her dress on the now ‘clean’ floor and her heels at the bottom of it, looking at the assemble and smiling.

Oh I cant wait to see his face when he sees me. But towel dry hair and makeup first!

She took off her normal clothes and put them near her dress, folded and neat. She then took off her bra and put it on top, her panties following.  Sam put on her mascara in Josh’s room, her concentration focused on not getting mascara all over her face. She jumped as she heard Josh moan outside his door at Hannah teasing him to no go in and start to open it slowly.

She ran onto his bed and pulled his blankets and sheets over herself, her body blazing red with embarrassment. His eyes stared at her dress on the floor, inches of the door only partly opened. She knew he thought something was up as he swung the door open and spotted her in his bed, her naked legs peaking out from the blankets as she tried to cover her privates more. Josh’s eyebrows furrowed but as he looked down, he must have seen her undies and bra because his skin all of a sudden turned red and he coughed out nervously.

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

Josh stared at Sam’s red face and with all his might, trying not to look at the outline of her body in his sheets. She was holding his blanket to her chin now, her face redder than a tomato, her eyes boring in his.

“I s-swear I was only changing for tonight! No funny business, I thought you had left!”

Her words tumbled out nervously as she tried to think of a way to get out of this without Hannah or Beth coming in. She regretted taking off her old bra and underwear now as she watching him look at her clothes on the floor. Maybe he was going to laugh at her and her old ugly underwear, oh how she would hoped not. His face became even more bright though as he spotted the sexy lingerie box opened and showcasing her new undergarments. 

Wow.. T-thats really.." 

He mumbled to himself softly, thinking Sam couldn’t hear him. He was too dazed anyway to notice her sitting up in his bed, the sheets almost falling off of her. Josh looked up and dropped his bag that had been forgotten, his hands flying to his eyes. Her breasts were nearly exposed, the only thing hiding her nipples was the thin white sheet she was barely holding close. The sheet had also risen higher on her thighs and he could almost make out between her legs.

You wanted Josh to see you right? Samantha, now or never. Have some balls, give him a ‘show’.

"S-Sammy, Ill um, go wait outside my door so you can get dressed okay?”

“Can you pass me the box of lingerie first, please?”

Josh nodded as he thought about the growing tent in his pants and tried to move without making it more noticeable. He passed her the box with one hand, the other on his eyes, tongue sticking out to lick his lips.

“You know, no one else was supposed to see what I was going to wear under my dress tonight..”

“Ahh.. I’m sorry err.. atleast I didn’t see it on you, so I wont know what they look like well!”

The words fell out from his lips and his eyes popped open from behind his hand, cursing mentally at what he said. Hell, Sam must think he was such a creeper. But here we was, knowing he would give anything to see her in that tight lingerie.

A smirk passed her lips and she dropped the sheets, slowly reaching up for his shirt to pull him forward. He swayed horribly and let the hand from his eyes fall, going wide as he came face to face with Sam’s beautiful eyes and her breasts pressed up against him, still holding onto him.

“Want to help me get ready for our big night Washington?”

Sam giggled, Josh’s face glowing at her suggestion and nodding, jumping on his bed while pulling her close to him, burying his face in her neck and his hands on her body, trying to keep her as close as possible.

“Oh hell yes Sammy.”

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56) 8 facts about my body!

1. I  gained a good amount of wait since I started college (I got thicc)

2. I have small nipples

3. I look cute

4. I have a scar on my foot from a bike accident (its almost gone now)

5.  I used to have a high metabolism 

6.  My body is lazy sometimes

7.  My body hungers all the time

8. I am a soft boy uwu

59) It’s late and mobile doesnt let me add pictures to posts yet…but  you can see how I look under my “le gpoy” tag and look forward for more selfies soon!