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Jokers Daughter Imagine: Where’s Harley When We Need Her Sequel

Request: (anon) I really loved “Where’s Harley when we need her”! Can you maybe write a second part where Joker&Harley are really battling with the fact that their daughter is growing up? I think J&H as parents are just cute 😀

I sure can! Thank you for the compliment and the request


“Puddin ya see blood all the time I don’t unders-”

“I SAID IT’S JUST DIFFERENT OKAY!” the Joker yelled at Harley as he paced back and forth in their bedroom.

“Well Pud don’t yell you’ll wake her up, she’s needs sleep during the first time.” Harley said rolling her eyes at how he was blowing this up.

The Joker put his finger tips over his mouth and squealed like a school girl making Harley giggle. He walked over to her and hugged her swaying her back and forth. It wasn’t the blood he actually had a problem with, it was what it meant. He didn’t think he’d be so affected by what his daughter said. He wanted her to grow up even less than she herself did. He didn’t want his world to change. It had already changed rapidly when Harley came to him and when their daughter was born. He had gotten used to and loved his clown family. He wanted everything to be in his control. Harley could feel his heart racing as she snuggled against his chest. He ran her fingers down his spine feeling his goosebumps rise up.

“So whatcha really worked up about?” She swung her head up hitting his chin with her pigtails making him smirk.

“What does this mean? I know you gave me the whole “womanhood” speech… his bottom lip quivered when he said the word.

“Oh it’s nothin to be grossed out about now. It means she gets hips and boobs like me and she starts to think more mature and ya know wants to probably experience things and-”

“What things?” The joker held Harley out in front of him by her shoulders causing her to stop her thoughts suddenly

“uhh… well when I was her age I started to want to go out and stuff and I started to learn who I wanted to be and.”

The Joker released her from his grasp and threw himself onto their bed and kicked his feet. Harley laugh echoed throughout the house at his theatrical performance. She hoped on his back teased his neck with her lips making him squirm in pleasure. 

“No time for that right now Harls this is serious.” his muffled voice said with his face buried in the sheets. 

“Whatta ya mean serious?” The Joker twisted around under her and Harley ran her fingers through his hair and along his face.

“YOU KNOW!” he grabbed her hands to stop her. “No boys. No moving out. No missions. She’s still a little girl and she’s not going to be hurt. She stays with us forever.” he said in a serious tone. Harley could never take him seriously no matter how much he tried. She fell more in love with him when he acted like this. All frantic over his girl. She bit her bottom lip and let out a faint ha ha before climbing off of him. She walked over to her mirror and sat down. The Joker shot up and gave her a furrowed brow. 

“Ha ha? what ha ha? That’s my thing Harley.” She ignored him as she brushed her hair. The Queen decided to have a little fun with her King.

“Ya know that girl doesn’t do a damn thing anyone tells her to. If she wants to go out with a boy we can’t stop her.” She looked at the Joker’s reflection in the mirror as his eyes scanned the floor and he twirled his between his fingers. He always did that when he was nervous or confused. Just like her with her pigtails.

“Like hell we can’t.” He said before jumping off the bed and leaving the bedroom. 

You were all cozy in your bed finally getting some sleep away from the new pain in your abdomen. Your nerves were also finally calm after talking to your father, and especially when your mother came home. Whatever aunt Ivy gave her was working wonders. You were surprised your father was so understanding and remained calm about it all. Suddenly the door kicked open causing you and your covers to go up in the air. The clown prince marched in the doorway and stood at the foot of your bed.

“WHEN HAVE I EVER ASKED FOR RENT HUH?” He threw his hands up in the air waiting for your response. So much for calm.

Uh daddy I uh… what the hell?”

“You know you don’t have to pay rent princess! What I told you is the truth. You’re still my little girl.” He crawled next to you in bed and just laid their staring at you. 

“I know daddy I didn’t forget what happened an hour ago.” you said with as much sass as you could muster up and rubbed your eyes. 

“GOOD! Cause I mean it. Your mother made me realize I wasn’t as comfortable with this as I thought.” You rolled your eyes at him knowing your mother was teasing him. She loved it even more than you. You giggled to yourself and rolled over to go back to sleep. “Don’t roll your eyes at me young lady! I mean it. No moving out. No going out. And no going out with boy. Marriage is off the table ya know” he scolded you.

Is he serious you thought you thought to yourself. You turned your head so you could see the green hair out of the corner of your eye. “I’ll do what I want. When I want. And with who I want.” you turned fully to see his furious face. It was more furious than you thought those words would make him. 

“Oh I’m sorry… I just thought you knew that you were mine and I’m not going to share you.” he gave you a grin and you got heated back at him. You were still tired and knew you couldn’t solve this. So got out of bed and walked out of your bedroom down the hallway.

The Joker sat there shocked you left. Oh no no no no he thought You blew it you stupid clown shes leaving shes leaving and shes never coming back shes fix it fix it. He leaped of your bed and ran out of your bedroom. “HARLEY!” he screamed down the hallway back to his room and stopped in his tracks when he saw you curled up in his bed. “Oh…”

“What puddin?” she smirked at him

“I thought she uh… uh..” He looked to you cuddled in his bed.

“Uh uh uh uh wha” Harley mocked him giggling. He looked at her giving up on what he was going to say and jumped into bed with you.

“Don’t listen to your mother she’s crazier than me.” He wrapped his arms around you. “And don’t run away from me.” You snuggled into his warm embrace and shushed him thinking of how silly the whole thing was.

“Daddy, mommy is just trying to toy with you. I’m not going anywhere okay. Especially not today.” you squeezed your arms around his chest and let let out a huge sigh. He didn’t have to know then and there that you already had plans for the weekend.

“Harley why do you have to play those mind games with me huh?” 

“Old habits die hard Puddin” she said as she walked over to the edge of the bed sitting next to him. She poked his chest “Now could you do your girls a favor and make us some tea? We’re in the same boat here ya know.” Normally the clown prince would yell for Frost, but he didn’t want to make his girls more upset than he already did.

He walked out following his Queens orders. He thought to himself about how you probably thought it was all a joke. Normally everything he did was, when it came to you there was no punchline. If anything or anyone thought they could touch you they would see the most horrible side of him.

Your mother took his spot next to you and nuzzled her nose on yours. You loved the feminine touch she had and rested your forehead against hers. She planted tiny kisses on your lips before moving them to your ear.

“If you even think about leaving or if anyone touches you I’ll do worse than daddy could even begin to imagine.” The soft smile never left her face as she whispered the words in your ear. Your eye brows shot up and you followed her as she rested her head back against yours and closed her eyes to sleep.

What a pair you thought before joining her in dreamland.

First of all- Mama J is right, 2 of those awards are thanks to 5h, and the other 2 are thanks to Shawn.. :D Second of all- Canola can’t even be compared to Drake, because well.. She’s Canola, and Drake is Drake.. Like the song says “He’s soooo hiiiiigh above her” as an artist, musician and as a person.. But on that last note, who isn’t at this point.. Third of all- Insulting and attacking someone’s family is the lowest blow you could ever give.. Especially for someone who is as family bound as L and her family are.. And especially since they are telling oh so obvious truth.. Even if you don’t like it, IT’S THE TRUTH… But as we can all see Camilizards don’t have boundaries or any sense at all, they are so far up Canola’s ass to know anything different.. But then again, if their queen is just like them and lets them do all the harassing and bullying, that she used to do, how would they know anything different..