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This happened so unexpectedly because his pregnancy had to last longer, but Tobias had twin girls: Lydia and Irene Fletcher. I don’t know which one is this so I’m tagging both :3

I haven’t really talked about this a lot because I’ve been distracted BUT I’ve now been to two meetings with other young trans people and it has been SO refreshing like. After the whole situation with the T and the Gender Lady I’ve been so frustrated and I felt like everything had just Paused and stopped working, but now I feel like I got a boost like!! I’m ready to move on and become a better version of myself & all that. It’s good and I’m very glad

the signs and small children
  • Aries: "Aww you're so adorable... you're gonna be prettier than me one day"
  • Taurus: "You're just so cute I wanna eat you up... oh that sounds weird, that's not what I meant."
  • Gemini: "oml. I don't wanna break you... you do you, I'll just admire you from here"
  • Cancer: "Come and love me please I want to be your favourite <3"
  • Leo: "Never grow up, it's a trap"
  • Virgo: "They're so flipping cute I'm going to steal them and claim them as my own"
  • Libra: "so cute XD I can't"
  • Scorpio: "Awwww you're gonna get all the boys/girls aren't you, I can tell"
  • Sagittarius: "Why're you so small?!"
  • Capricorn: "I will name him squishy and he shall be mine"
  • Aquarius: "you're adorable but also please don't cry because I don't know what to do"
  • Pisces: *taking hundreds of photos* "CAN I HOLD THEM?!"

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Pre-everything and you're already so much prettier and pass so much better than I ever possibly could. I don't understand. It's not fair.

Well, I don’t really pass at all unless I’m wearing makeup and all that.
Keep in mind that you can’t really tell if someone looks passable by pictures alone, since well, those are pretty controlled circumstances. Pretty sure people could tell in real life if they actually looked.

I suppose I’ve been somewhat “lucky”, but passable or not I still have to deal with gender dysphoria. While being passable could be considered unfair I would say that some people being born in the wrong body would be the unfair part.

While I guess it’s unfair that some people are born into the right body and some isn’t, we should try to focus on that we can actually do something about it now rather than being jealous of those who don’t have to go through the same thing. We should just be happy for those people, I sure wouldn’t wish this upon anyone else.

I don’t know, I just feel like I’m rambling without making an actual point by now. But while it sucks dealing with gender dysphoria we should at least try to look on the bright side, in this time and age we can actually do something about it.

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HOBIS FOREHEAD MADE A COMEBACK... can you tell I'm excited 😊

AREN’T WE ALL THOUGH????????????? THAT MIDDLE PART I- I was very emotional last night lol. what will his hair be like for the not today mv???????? I’m so scared for tomorroww asjndaskln

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somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me i aint the sharpest tool in the shed she was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an l on her forehead well the years start coming and they dont stop coming fed to the rules and i hit the ground running didnt make sense not to live for fun you brain gets smart but your head gets dumb so much to do so much to see so whats wrong with taking the backstreet youll never know if you dont go youll never shine if you dont glo

Kai: “But together, we can fix this. Tell all your friends, or anyone you know who sings All Star, to stop with a gentle pat to the face.”

B1A4 in Chigaco

My first kpop concert. It was amazing, I want to remember it forever. I had such a great time seeing how just full of energy they were. They genuinely seemed very happy to see everyone there to love and support them. CNU waved back at me. I died. You can just tell how they appreciate us… they’re all such great humans that work so so hard. I’m rambling and I don’t care. During the high touch it was such a blur.. but I made direct eye contact with each of them and thanked them. I was able to tell CNU that I love him. Jinyoung was last and I didn’t want to let go. I then proceeded out the door with my friend and we collapsed in the parking lot outside. It was the perfect first kpop concert.

Hiatus announcement

Hey you all~ so, I’m sure most of you know that I’m in the navy, and unfortunately, I’m going to have to be on a small hiatus at the end of March due to work. I’ll be gone for a long while and won’t be able to answer anything, but I’ll be sure to queue up some posts and drawings when I can UvU I can’t tell you all when I’m coming back but I’ll make a post when that happens :)
I’ll reblog this a couple of times so everyone can see. Hope you all have a nice day

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Oh my gosh I've never seen a pic of you before. All I can say is :o and some blushing. (Your face is nice) Anyway I don't want to be creepy. You're cinder fall dress looks nice for being homemade (More than I would ever be able to do) I have an artist crush on your art and I HOPE YOU ARE REALLY ENJOYING YOUR TIME AND LIFE. P.S. I love all of your work (If you can't tell)

im- im thank >//////<

thank you ><

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Wow. To that anon who just told you to "stop being gross with Prompto because he is not just some fuckboi". First of all, who are they to tell you this ? You can do whatever the fuck you want. If they're not happy they can just not look at your stuff. A lot of us enjoy your fanservice, hope you're not hurt by this person. Because you like to put our fave blondie in different nsfw situations doesn't mean you're disrespectful toward him. (And even if you were... he's still a digital character.) xx

Haha thank you. I don’t want to put them down or anything. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I would have answered them privately if I could figure out how to do so from mobile.
I do find it slightly frustrating though. I tend to have low self esteem and can easily be hurt by comments. Thanks for saying this haha. It picked me up. I’m totally fine now, but I was taken aback by that comment. I guess because I wouldn’t feel the need to say something like that to someone, so I can’t wrap my head around why someone would say it to me lol


There, have some nb peeps & trans & queer ladies of color with their loved ones. ♥

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 


*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc

i went with sexy hawkeye as my costume. and so did at least half of the other avengers & shield agents. awkward

i told steve no photos so he drew a picture instead. asshole