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So… I’ve been thinking a lot about these panels in the Detective Koshien where Heiji compares Shinichi and Hakuba and I actually came up with a list of possible (HC) similarities (because I totally don’t have more important stuff to do)


-The sassy&salty team.
-Talk a lot about stuff no one really cares about.
-Dinkleberg KID.
-Would definitely fight you over grammar.
-Dramatic speeches and poses.
-There’s probably always someone who eyerolls when they speak.
-“I’m surrounded by idiots”.
-Sherlock Holmes references.
-Are Holmes references themselves (e.g. Shinichi was born the day of Reichenbach Fall (May 4th) // S.H (Saguru Hakuba) = S.H (Sherlock Holmes))
-There’s a high possibility that they said “Twilight isn’t literature!” at some point.
-The Tea and Coffee combo.
-Pretty detectives.
-Lowkey jerks.
-someone: Holmes isn’t THAT great
them: Okay I’m gonna stop u right there

added 18 new Farkle Minkus icons, you can also find them under the cut, i will also add them to my icons page soon. requested by Anonymous.

send me your requests if you have any or let me know if you want any of them in different colour.

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+ riarkle in grey (requested):

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I realised I could send the instagram pic from my phone to my computer so I don’t need to screenshot a crappy resolution picture off the browser (since you can’t add images to video posts on the tumblr app).


If you live in the great state of New Jersey, we have fantastic news and a crucial request!

Bill A.3899 to prohibit declawing of cats was approved and will be voted on this Monday, January 23rd. New Jersey stands to become the first state in the nation to prohibit the cruel and unnecessary practice of cat declawing. However, it can’t advance through the Assembly without your help.

Please find your Assembly member by zip code here and make a quick call to his/her office between now and January 22nd:

You can simply and politely say: “My name is ______, I live in (town/county of residence) and I strongly support Bill A. 3899 to prohibit cat declawing. This practice is harmful and unnecessary. I hope the assembly member will vote in support of this bill.“

If you’d like, you can add that declawing is associated with health and behavior problems for these cats. Many experienced veterinarians who are fully educated on the issue refuse to perform it; they assert that it does NOT keep cats out of shelters – rather, it often puts them there.

Please encourage your feline-loving friends and family in New Jersey to call as well. We can’t thank you enough for your active support – it is making a difference!

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Heyy! I love your blog first of all. Your posts and writing are always fantastic. Second of all, I always feel judged by my 18 year old sister and friends for being part of the phandom because I'm 21 and dnp are real people. Any advice on how I should justify my love to people who don't understand?

if something makes you genuinely happy then it shouldn’t matter what other people think. the point of life is to be as happy as you can get so if liking dan and phil adds to that there shouldn’t be an issue

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Hey! i recently followed you and wondered if you have any favorite blogs you can rec? Thanks

ye ofc ill add some that i talk to daily on here who i love and some who i just admire…all my mutuals are so lovely tho

@lovemarked @hobislesbiangf @ilovehighlightbysvt @c2ncer @blackhoeaesthetic @lunasgrl @4hbi @novasmoon @honeydiosa @jhopeloveblog @cutejin @jhoe @hobisbi @hoseoksnovia @kmgs @balladmix @95taehyung @fadedlovebywondergirls @smhatesfx @hobih @angelsunmi @angelictype @forjisoo @foryoubybts @arrozito 

Supreme King Servant Dragon Odd Eyes
Dark / LV8 / Dragon / PS4 - Effect:

Pendulum Effect: You can Tribute 1 “Supreme King” monster; add this card to your Extra Deck face-up.

Monster Effect:
If a Pendulum Monster(s) is Pendulum Summoned to your opponent’s field while you control “Supreme King Dragon Zarc”, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand, Deck, or Extra Deck) by Tributing 2 “Supreme King Servant Dragon” monsters. Monsters your opponent controls cannot target Pendulum Monsters for attacks, except this one. Each turn, the first Pendulum Card(s) on the field that would be destroyed by battle or card effect, is not destroyed. Any battle damage your opponent takes from attacks involving Pendulum Monsters you control is doubled. During either player’s turn: You can add this card to your Extra Deck face-up; Special Summon 2 other “Supreme King Servant Dragon” Pendulum Monsters from your Extra Deck, and if you do, the ATK of all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls become 0.
ATK:2500 DEF:2000

Anime Only

Life Hack: put your hot cocoa mix in your coffee @ home to get a mocha in which you can control that amount of chocolate that goes in. You can add as much Choco Goodness as u please. Destroy Your Coffee in an Avalanche Of Cocoa Mix no one can stop u

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keith is such a country crooner name you can add it to anything and it becomes country. like if i came up to you and was like hey ‘keith underwood is sitting over there’ you’d be like ‘oh wow the country crooner keith underwood is sitting where? oh over there?’ without even thinking about it 

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Best advice to get over someone who broke you? I'm in an endless cycle of anger, sadness, and acceptance.

Yoo that’s so normal. I was in that exact cycle for a while. Don’t get me wrong I still go thru that cycle some days. But I’d say the best thing you can do to help you get over that person is to delete them from social media. Any way that you normally see them or their face, unfollow them from it. The less you see of them, the easier it is to heal. And if your the type of person who likes to stay friends with your exes then maybe one day when your over it all and healed, you can add them back on all thosse social media but for now it can’t happen in order for you to heal.

Damon: Saying I love You

Words count: 1077

Warning: None

REQUESTED: I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, I REALLY DO. YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT I WANT TO WRITE WHAT THEY WANT. SO I HOPE IT’S WHAT YOU IMAGINED. also i have a bit of a problem with the D key sometimes it doesn’t work, sorry if there was any mistakes.

Requested by @omg-foreverfilledwithweird-posts

I LOVE YOUR FAN-FICTION! Do u think after you get everything done of course, you could write a story about Damon and how he confesses his love for you? U can make it creative and fun and add your own details of how and where and when he says it to her/me. If u cant I understand but I just wanted to ask?

Like maybe a part 2 to the story of Damon kissing her

PART 2 To this

After the kiss you and Damon shared that day, your friendship turned into something more. You decided to stay in Mystic Falls. You learned that things don’t stay calm for long there. There’s always people to kill, Elena to save, things to do, and school dances to die at.

When you and Damon got time to be alone you cherish it more. The best thing about your relationship is that you have been friends for such a long time before becoming an item, thus you know him more than anyone and vice versa.

You and Damon went to the Salvatore lake house for the weekend. Seeing as things were all calm in Mystic Falls. Damon decided to take a few days off the town.

“Damon, what are we doing tonight?” You asked laying on the bed in one of Damon’s black shirts, while he shaved in the in suite. The door was wide open giving you a great view of shirtless chest.

“I my dear (y/n), will be cooking us dinner then we’re going to do some stuff.” Damon said and smirked.

“How very informative of you.” You stretched on the bed and decided it was time to get up.

“I know, right? Should say less next time.” Damon said sarcastically and finished shaving. You walked over to your suitcase and choose an outfit for the day, well the rest of the day seeing as it was already noon. “Are you changing?”


“But I like you in my clothes.” Damon pouted you smirked and shook your ass, you were giving him your back so he was having a perfect view. Damon groaned and wrapped his hands around your waist. “Or you could skip clothes all together for today, and maybe we could do something fun.”

You giggle but pushed Damon away.

“Nice try blue eyes, but I quit like my clothes.” You said and took your clothes and changed. You and Damon spent the day being a bit lazy and goofing around. When it was around six Damon pulled you to the open kitchen, you sat on a stool and watched Damon cook.

“What are you making?” You asked him frowning.

“Something you love.” Damon winked and you pouted, but then it got to you what he was making.

“Are you making (Favorite/Food)?” Your eyes lights up and you lean forever.

“Now that’s more like it.” You laughed and clapped your hands.

Damon finished the dinner and you helped him make desert. Everything was done and finished and you were about to take plates to the table when Damon stopped you. “What’s wrong?”

“There’s something waiting for you in the bedroom first.” Damon said and you looked suspicious. “I promise I’m not going to kill you.”

“I trust you.” You said and vamp speeded to the bedroom and found a beautiful black dress waiting for you, you smiled and quickly changed. You touched up your hair and applied a hint of make-up.

When you were done you walked down the stairs and found Damon waiting for you in a suit. You smiled shyly at Damon and blushed as he looked at you as if you were the best thing he has ever seen.

“So…” You trailed of and waiting for Damon to say something, he smiled at you. Yes smiled, not a smirk.

“Well let’s go then my lay.” Damon said and held a hand out for you to hold, you did. Damon lead you outside, where you saw the pathway that lead to the lake was lightened up with candles to the gazebo which was lighted up with fairy light. You smiled.

“Did you do that all by yourself?” You asked Damon in amazement.

  “(y/n) do you even know me?” Damon asked and you raised an eyebrow. “I compelled a few people to help.”

“That’s more like it.” You laughed and pulled Damon behind you to the gazebo where the food you made today sat, with a glass of bourbon and blood on the side. You both sat in a chair and you began your meal.

You took your first bite and moaned. “This is so good Damon.”

“I know, I made it.” Damon said and you smiled at him, you thought he was adorable.

“You’re cocky today.” You informed him and took another bite of your food with a sip of bourbon. “I’m so happy we’re out of that cursed town for a few days.”

“Yes, it gets too much sometimes.”

“I don’t understand how you stayed there for so long.”

“Kind of ha to with Stefan there, I can’t just leave him there.” Again you smiled, Damon loves Stefan more than anything and no one can deny it. The love those brothers share is rare.

“I understand.” You nodded. When you finished eating you took a glass of blood and leaned onto the railing, watching the on reflect on the lake. You felt Damon’s hand on your waist and held you close, he put his chin on your shoulder.”

“I’m so happy you came to visit me, those months ago.” Damon said in your ear, you got a shiver from his breath on your neck. “And you look so beautiful in that dress.”

“And I’m more than happy you kissed me.” You told him and turned to face Damon, he was close to you but he didn’t close the distance between the two of you like he always does, instead he looked into your (e/c) eyes.

“I love you.” Your breath caught in your throat, as you stared at Damon in shock.

“You do?” You breathed out, your lips turning up ever so slightly.

“I do.” Damon said and you could tell by his eyes and saw them shine in the dim lighting from the fairy lights.



“I love you too.” You whispered and closed the distance between the two of you. Your eyes fluttered shut, both your lips moved in sync, the kiss was full of passion and love, it spoke more words than the two of you could ever speak. Damon’s hand moved to your hair, he pulled you close by your hair, while the other one moved to your waist. You wrapped your hands around his neck and ran it through his hair ever so slightly. You pulled back and Damon leaned his forehead on yours.

“I think we should take more breaks and get out of town more often.” You told Damon smiling.

“I think we should.”

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Nope. Not lying. In fact, *hands them a Squid Girl/Ika-Musume mask* you can add this to your collection. This was part of my niece's Squiddoween costume one year. She outgrew the costume, and her Mom was going to throw it away, but my wife and I saved it as a keepsake. Somehow though, I think you'd appreciate this mask more than my niece. You look like someone who would give this mask a good home. Also, Turf War League employees are not allowed to give false info out. It's against policy

She always loves masks people give her

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hey if we're autistic and we want to add our own experiences can we just reblog and add them on?

You can! If we see them and think they are important to share and have the time, we will do our best to reblog such things again so everyone sees them, but please don’t be offended if we don’t. There are a lot of such reblogs, we don’t catch all of them, and if we put all of them on the blog, it would flood everyone’s dash with long, long posts. If you have an addition you think is really important, feel free to send a message to give us a heads up about the post and maybe link to it. You can also send us a submission or an ask with extra information, and we can pass it on that way.

-Mod Aira

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Hello can you write an elgang reaction to ara's death? Please make it as angsty as possible *^* Thanks in advance

Elsword is on the other side of the battlefield when it happens.  He rushes over as fast as he can, but by the time he gets there, it’s too late.  He spends days beating himself up over the fact that he couldn’t save her.

Aisha does her best to save Ara, trying to heal her, but she never really studied healing magic and oly gets in Rena’s way.  She ends up feeling lie she’s worthless, and she sobs all through Ara’s funeral.

Rena does her best to heal Ara, too. But with Aisha getting in her way, and the demons crowding around them, she can’t concentrate enough to stop Ara from bleeding out.  She withdraws from the Elgang’s general activities for several days to meditate on what she could have done better.

Raven is struck with flashbacks the moment Ara falls.  His mind races, trying to figure out if there was anything he could have done better, if he could have protected her better - Ara’s death reminds him too much of the deaths of his comrades for comfort.  He’s even more silent than normal after the battle is over and Ara’s still body is carried back.

Eve is the one who does most of the planning for Ara’s funeral.  She’s a Nasod and can ignore her emotions easily, but at times when planning, she has to stop and clear her head, reminding herself that she can’t turn to Ara for advice anymore.

Chung is equal parts okay with Ara’s death and sad, and on top of that, he’s sort of mad at himself for being okay with this.  Even though Ara defended Ran, she was still a strong comrade.  Chung might not miss her demon-sympathizing ways, but he’ll miss her.

Elesis is probably the most distraught.  Ara was her best friend - piercing gaze, clumsiness, weird fox, and all.  She habitually turns to ask Ara’s opinion or to tell her a joke for a long time before she can remember that Ara is gone for good.

Ara is dead, but Eun’s reaction is worth mentioning.  Not only is she unhappy that she won’t have a host anymore, she finds herself missing Ara herself.  She’d grown used to having the girl around.

Add doesn’t care.  She was annoying and clumsy anyway.  Good riddance.  Though he won’t deny that sometimes it feels oddly quiet without Ara’s lively personality.

Lu has seen many people die, and she will see many more.  That doesn’t mean she’s not distraught.  She doesn’t come out of astral form for days, actually, permeating the contract with her grief.

Ciel misses Ara for the way he could always ask her to try new teas before giving them to Lu.  Lu’s grief also seeps into him, making him quiet and morose until Lu gets over Ara’s death.

Ain registers it as the death of a powerful comrade and the banishing of a celestial animal.  He’s sad about Ara’s death for both those reasons, but not necessarily for the loss of her personality.

Hello 👋🏾

Hey! I’m in making some internet friends since I don’t have many real ones lol. I am 15. I live in Nashville, TN. I prefer people around my age just so that I can keep a conversation going. Typically around 14-17. I like to read, sing, draw (even though I’m not very good), and listen to music. My favorite artists are Melanie Martinez, 5SOS, Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Beyoncé, and a couple of Kpop groups like GOT7 and BTS. I am awkward and shy so I apologize in advance if I seem like a boring texter lmao.
You can DM me on twitter:@sydthecrybaby
You can kik me:hellokitty34532
You can add me on Snapchat if you want:sydthecrybaby

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Here's a lil suggestion for Iyami's shop!! Maybe you can add gifts for the matsus to the shop??
Like you can get a cat plush for Ichi,, you can get Kara new pair of sunglasses,, etc. Maybe that could be another way to get the friendship bar up too! ; v; I don't know,, I'm just making a suggestion here! Lol

This will definitely be in the game! It may take a while though… Coming up with the items for six different brothers is the hard part though :S

I like the idea of buying Karamatsu sunglasses, and this will be easy to do because the sunglasses already exist in the games database, but they are a key item :/ But to buy them and gift them is a great idea! xD 

Thanks for the suggestions! They seriously help!!!! :D