you can actually see the structure of the house

Another random photo for the evening–

I took this picture of the historic Vaughn-Webb house in Reliance, Tennessee back in the early winter of 2014. Built in the 1880s, this house was owned by the Vaughn family, who grew corn and hay, raised hogs, mules and cattle, and cut timber. They also owned a gristmill. You can actually see the stones from the mill at the Webb Brothers’ Store.

Despite its somber appearance, I’ve been told that someone is still living there, that someone being a member of the prominent Webb family. It appears to me that it “wears” its original paint and it is most likely the intention of the family to keep it that way. All of the historic structures in Reliance are treated in this way, leaving one to believe that they have been transported back in time.

Ahh yes, the mitochondria; the power house of the cell.

Wonderfull as always. A cell sample donated from user imtotallycoolwithscott that holds the same characteristics of users alike. Just beautiful, lets take a closer look shall we.

Looking closer you can begin to see the inner structures of the mitochondria itself. Ahh, yes here we can take a good look at the Cristae struc- Wait, a minute what is that? Something odd imaging on the microscope, something very bright?!?? Magnify, Jamison, MAGNIFY

iTs BecomInG CLeaRer nOw. But this is smthg I only heard of once in my day!!!?!?@@?!@#?

-  - - - - - - - -

Why, I haven't… in 27 years of my work…. Here now before my eyes: The TRUE power house of the power house. A life force really. Ladies and gentlemen what we are seeing here is actually Scott McCall’s essence fueling life itself!! A golden smile acting as the sun to the microscopic world. And a brave Scott McCall standing guard against any foe. ThIs is tHE ReAl poWEr hOusE of thE Cell!