you can actually see ALL the emotions on Olivia's face



I mean do you remember the restaurant scene ????????! common’ 

President Grant is very attractive, magnetic, charismatic  

unless you give me the green light 

and then she was actually going to talk to Mellie about it but she was interrupted TWICE !? like I really don’t get the point of that friendship 

but the scenes where Mellie talked about Marcus tho Olivia was so cute -I mean I hate how Mellie dares comparing herself and Marcus to Olivia and Fitz but I just can’t with the way it makes Olivia react  

I found the light
I was living in the dark
my skin is warm and I feel generous 
and colors seem brighter 
and smells seem stronger 
and the thing is I’m pretty sure it’s just…
I have gone without it all this time 
can you believe I went for so long never feeling this ? 

omg! it actually hurts writing this down, the changing emotions on Oliiva’s face ?! she was missing him so much!!! and I was so here to see her fight to get him back  I can’t 

also bossy presidential Fitz because he’s just f perfect and everyone should start listening to him and stop treating him like shit! please! 

another scene that got me fangirling like crazy 

what is your problem ? 

back and forth hemming and hawing about marrying Charlie ? he somehow loves you and you somehow love him and you’re looking for excuses because you’re scared what is stopping you from accepting something that most people never have ?share your life. Because you’re not tethered to power. Because you live below the radar. Because you’re free from it. Because you can. You are being offered normal maybe even happy. The fact that you are questioning wether you should take them, frankly it’s annoying. Live! you get to live and love and be happy! do you know what some people would give…

She loves him soooo much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

and then the balcony scene 

she’s been trying to find a way to see him since the restaurant scene and after what happened with Quiin and Mellie I’m sure she was quite excited but then

omg! if looks could kill^^

Gosh! that episode was intense! 

the amount of Olitz parallels and foreshadowings in this episode brought back all of my foolish hopes and expectations!! ??!!  

that’s why I’m now almost totally certain that she WON’T sleep with Jake in s7.. 



As the birth mother is deceased, and no father or other relative has come forward, I officially declare Noah Porter an orphan and ward of the state of New York. He shall continue to be cared for in an A.C.S. Facility f… Unless… Sergeant Benson, you rescued the infant, isn’t that right?

Yes, your honor.

And you’re the only one who’s taken a consistent interest on his behalf. Is there any chance you might like to become a foster mother to this baby?

I’m sorry. Excuse me, your honor?

I have a feeling about this, Sergeant Benson. Call it a judge’s hunch. If you agree, I will order Noah Porter into your care as custodial parent for one year, at which time you will be given the option to permanently adopt him.

Spring Awakening (Law & Order : SVU - 15.24)