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Pairing: Yang/Blake
Genre: Romance

Takes place about after the characters have graduated from Beacon and are full fledged huntresses. However, there isn’t Team RWBY and all of them are strangers… for now. ;) 

I may continue this if there’s interest/inspiration to do so! Also posted on Ao3 if you want to follow the story there.

Prompt: Person A has the power to see/sense injuries (anything from bruises to broken bones to hypothermia). They meet Person B when they see suspicious or worrying injuries on them as they walk past each other.


“Aw, don’t be so serious!”

The vibrant lights flickered and danced across shifting bodies as EDM remixes blasted from the speakers and bounced off the walls of the club. Bathed in blindingly bright lights, Yang snickered as she pat her boss on the cheek and grinned. “You know I would never hit on my customers.”

“You sure, blondie?” A deep gravelly voice intoned, followed by a long-suffering sigh as Junior turned to look at Yang. 

“I wouldn’t! But once my shift ends…” Her grin widened as she leaned back on the bar and shot Junior a wink.  “Then she isn’t really my customer anymore, is she?” 

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Arthur's Perfect Christmas REMIX

the-girl-whos-waiting-96 is back biddies! And I’ve got a holiday recap for y'all!! Grab your hot chocolate, Santa hats, dreidels, and lutefisk because here we gooooo

We open on some lovely piano music playing over shoppers buying gifts. We also see Binky getting gifts hand delivered from a toy shop to his doorstep, which always confused me. I mean I understand his relatives shipping gifts to his house, but these are hand delivered by a guy in an elf costume. Is this a thing? Does this happen?

External image

One of the shoppers, Bitzi Baxter, drops a small present and a stranger kindly returns it to her. This puts us in the Christmas mood as we move on to Casa de Read where we are treated with a surprise song. Yes, this episode is a semi-musical, meaning there are musical numbers but not very many. Also the songs just sort of show up in the special like uninvited yet unexpectedly pleasant dinner guests. No one saw them coming, but no one is upset over their arrival. 

During the musical fantasy Arthur describes his vision of a perfect Christmas featuring a ton of snow, a traditional dinner with 17 types of pie (dayyyum son), and a  huge tree decorated perfectly with absolutely NO TINSEL. I never really understood Arthur’s loathing of tinsel. In the fantasy DW tries to put on a bunch of tinsel but Arthur tells her to get that bitch ass shit out of his face and then he punches her again. Truly a perfect Christmas.

External image

When the song concludes, DW comes in bitching about how Arthur has to write her letter to Santa for her since there are only three days until Christmas and time’s a wasting! Dis bitch. If she wanted to guarantee presents from Santa she should’ve mailed that shit months ago. What a scrub. As DW laments over how she should greet Santa in the letter Arthur tells us that everything will be “Almost perfect” this Christmas and resists the urge to deck DW.

External image
The next morning as the kids are on their way to school an ad for Tina the Talking Tabby plays, an annoying toy DW desperately wants for Christmas. She asks her mom if Santa will get it for her and Jane responds with a “I don’t know we’ll just have to wait and see” accompanied by some foreboding music. Sorry DW the foreshadowing just screwed you out of a toy. 

At school Muffy boasts to Francine about her party and when Francine tries to tell Muffy she can’t go, Muffy runs off to invite George.

I guess this is one of those gotta-invite-the-whole-class kind of parties. 

Francine rants to Arthur that she can’t attend the party because her family is celebrating the last night Hanukkah. Arthur suggests a direct approach so Francine walks right up to Muffy and declares, “Muffy I am not going to your party tomorrow”. However, Muffy ignores her and talks about the band she hired. Dis bitch. 

In class, I guess Ratburn gave up on a lesson plan because George describes a tradition from Sweden where they have a parade early in the morning of December 13th in which people follow the Queen of lights. This is a real St. Lucy’s day celebration in Sweden. Afterwards George tries to pass around the Lutefisk, fish that’s been tried and boiled that his grandparents sent him. Of course Buster is the only one to eat it. See George? This is how you ruin a lesson about your culture, by saving the worse for last! This is why you’re left out of the promotional stuff. (Although the ornaments on his antlers are adorable)

External image
Next Binky presents his attempt at a pecan pie, since he’ll be making dessert for the homeless shelter this year. Everyone is excited to try it, until they learn that Binky hasn’t shelled the pecans! Was no one supervising him when he made this? Ratburn pulls a real dick move here by making the class think there’s no homework then psyching them out by assigning a 5 page essay on what they did over break. WTF five pages? That is crap Ratburn, there is no way they’ll be able to fill up five pages on that shit. 

After class, Buster tells Arthur that ever since the divorce, every year his mom keeps waking him up everyday for about a week until the 25th thinking it’s Christmas. After Buster tells her the correct date, she goes back to bed. He knows that his mom is only doing this to compensate for Buster’s dad not being there. Damn, this kid is pretty smart for his age, if only he would study.

External image

Outside Muffy has donned a princess outfit and is announcing her epic party to all through the sunroof of her limo. Didn’t she already invite everyone in person? Guess she just wants to toot her own horn! (Pun intended) She tells Francine to come early to help her set up, and Francine once again tells Muffy that she can’t come and is once again ignored.

External image
Arthur and his mom go last minute shopping at the over crowded mall with too many Christmas displays. They agree to meet back at one of the candy cane displays in an hour. Wait, hold up, this kid is only 9 and he’s allowed to wander around by himself? What the fuck Jane?!
External image
Arthur tries to get the perfect gift for everyone on his list, which only consists of his parents apparently. I guess DW and the grandparents get the cold shoulder. Arthur wants to get his dad the veginator, a kitchen tool that can do practically anything which is only $5.99 due to the 1950’s prices! Before Arthur can even ask if the store has a veginator the employee tells him they’re sold out but offers Uncle Niko’s olive de-pitter and even throws in the olives for free. Arthur then spots the perfect gift for his mom, an exact replica of the glass bird he broke last summer. This is an ongoing gag in the show, and I think this is where it originated.
External image

Having purchased the last gift from a bitchy cashier for only $9.59! Why can’t I live in a world with 1950’s prices? Arthur has to go through the hell that is the toy store to get to his mom all while the annoying Tina the Talking Tabby ad is playing. It’s pretty intense. When they meet up his mom explains that she got almost everything on her list but there was just one thing that was all sold out…HMMM I WONDER WHAT IT COULD BE!!! 

Back at Casa de Read Jane explains to DW over a plate of cookies that Santa can’t always give kids what they want. DW thinks it’s because she’s been bad but Jane lies to her face and says that she hasn’t been bad at all, but before she can continue with her bullshit explanation DW concludes that it’s because Arthur wrote her letter all wrong. Jane doesn’t bother to correct her, so i guess she’s fine with throwing Arthur under the bus for this one. 

David comes in with Uncle Fred’s video christmas card! Ah yes, good ol’ Uncle Fred, the character whose only appearance is in this special and is then promptly left out of the rest of the series, which is a shame because Fred is awesome. (I just looked it up, apparently he’s mentioned once in season 18) Fred says in the tape that he can’t be with them this Christmas because he and his dog Rory are going to Florida! What kind of hotel allows giant ass dogs? The tape gets interrupted by Rory eating the camera. The kids laugh about their uncle and joke about how last christmas he stepped on the tea set David got for Jane. How do you step on an entire tea set like wtf?

External image

The family has a traditional Christmas dinner before Christmas because David wants to have an authentic Christmas dinner this year with food people might have actually eaten in Bethlehem when Jesus was born. Arthur thinks that sounds like a load of suck but tries not to let it show in front of his father, since David doesn’t need anymore disappointment in his life. 

At the Baxter Residence, Bitzi wakes Buster up thinking it’s Christmas when it’s only the 23rd. She puts the presents away once more and says that she “just can’t wait for the holidays to be over” 😞

Thinking Arthur has failed her

, DW mails her own letter to Santa at the mailbox next to the Tibble house.
We cut to Muffy’s Christmas party where things are in high gear as the band sings to have “a boogie woogie Christmas and a rocking and reeling New Year”. I demand a full version of this song. For some reason Mr.Ratburn is there. Ok weird. Wow this literally is an everyone-in-class-gets-invited kind of party.

External image
Arthur bitches about the lack of snow even though Christmas is tomorrow, Brain responds by saying that technically no one really knows what day Jesus was born on, boring him with facts and Arthur tells him to stuff it. Muffy announces that the time has come to give out presents and there is one for everyone at the party. Wait…so she invited like everyone in the school, how many gifts does she have?! When Francine doesn’t come to collect her gift, Muffy angrily calls her in front of everyone, demanding to know where she is. Francine explains that she told her 28 times that she couldn’t come because of Hanukkah. Muffy says “it’s not like Hanukkah is as important as Christmas” and Francine hangs up on her bitch ass.
External image
External image
Arthur and Brain find Buster sleeping on his cake, and tell him that maybe he and his mom shouldn’t celebrate Christmas since it just makes him tired. They suggest Buster create his own holiday, Brain, the human textbook, says that he celebrates Kwanza which wasn’t a holiday until 1966. Brain’s only function in this special is to spout facts.

 Buster fantasizes about Baxter day, which is the chillest holiday of all time. Stop whatever you’re doing, let me hear you say today is Baxter day!

External image
Buster likes the idea but thinks his mom will never go for it. Meanwhile Mr. Ratburn tries Binky’s brownies which he neglected to put sugar in. Who is allowing this child to bake?!

Arthur comes home to find that tragedy has struck! DW has decorated half of the tree and it’s NOT FOLLOWING TRADITION!!!

External image
Jane lets Arthur decorates the top half the way he wants, but he whines that it’s still weird. On the way to church Arthur begs his dad to change the station when the Tina the Talking Tabby ad plays. Without skipping a beat, David puts in the Crazy Bus tape. David is such a douche. After church, Arthur tries Binky’s banana bread which I guess he’s just been carrying around in his pocket or something? Somehow Binky forgot to peel the bananas. HOW HAS HE NOT BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN AT THIS POINT?!

DW insists that she and Arthur make sure everything is set for Santa’s arrival: no fire in the fire place, cookies and milk, and even water for his reindeer. As a snowflake falls in Arthur’s hand he thinks it’s finally going to snow but it rains because the universe hates him. Arthur awakes after hearing a loud crash outside and comes downstairs to find that Uncle Fred has crashed into their fence and has to spend the night since no one can fix his car until after Christmas.

Fred’s dog Rory chases Pal around the house and manages to snag the gift Arthur got for Jane and runs off with it. Arthur and Pal cause Rory around the house, they get the gift back just before it breaks because Arthur Read don’t take shit from nobody. He puts the gift in the upstairs closet to prevent another mishap and goes to bed. 

It’s Christmas morning and DW runs to wake everyone up when she notices Uncle Fred shaving in the bathroom and thinks it’s Santa. But when she goes to show her dad, Arthur is in the bathroom peeing! Pretty sure this is the most adult joke this show has ever gotten away with! DW saw her brother’s ding-a-ling!!!! (Editor’s note: That moment was 100% intense.)

At the Baxter residence, Buster is the one to wake his mom up this time because it’s actually Christmas! Bitzi gets nervous that she accidentally bought Buster a toy he already has but Buster explains that they are two different characters entirely. Duh mom!

External image
Unfortunately Bitzi manages to burn the pancakes and Buster tries get her to mellow out. Just give her some of your stash and this will be over in like 10 seconds Buster!

External image
At the Crosswire abode Muffy excitedly goes to play with her 37 presents, but laments that she won’t be able to play with Francine because of their fight. Oh woe is her! Who will she brag to now? Another fantasy song sequence starts as Muffy imagines Francine basically being her bitch at playtime. Clearly their friendship is one of high value.
External image

External image
Back at Casa de Read everyone is about to exchange gifts when Arthur runs up to get his mom’s gift, fantasizing about how everyone will know he’s perfect after this. He’ll even get a balloon in a hero parade! (No one tell him that his balloon was cut from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade). But when Arthur reaches for the present it falls over and breaks. Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that this thing can survive being bounced around in the toy store and chewed on by a dog without a scratch, but a littlet fall takes it down?! That is bogus!
External image
We cut away to see Bitzi has taken Buster to a fancy restaurant for brunch to make up for burning the pancakes. The place is cleverly called “La Bruchenie- A Fancy Place For Brunch” subtle. Buster tries to tell his mom not to make a big deal over christmas but chickens out.

Going back to Casa de Read, Arthur is crying because he broke his mom’s bird again and thinks he ruined Christmas. Fred goes to comfort his nephew convincing him to come back downstairs.

In the Muffy storyline we see her eating her feelings at the Brain’s ice cream shop, better known as the lesser Sugar Bowl. They’re open because Kwanza doesn’t start until the 26th. Okay, I understand that the Powers family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but having their shop open is just a bad business practice. They have to pay to run the electricity- the lights, the air conditioning, etc. on a day they’ll be lucky to get any customers, because 

a) it’s Christmas and
b) it’s December, most people don’t want ice cream when it’s cold outside
Wait a minute…do the Powers even pay Brain? He’s the only employee! Does the time loop cancel out child labour laws?

External image
Once again back at Casa de Read we see everyone opening presents, and the Read family is struck with another tragedy as DW gets a talking duck instead of Tina the Talking Tabby and throws a tantrum until the duck talks and she finds that she loves it.
External image

Arthur imagines what will happen if he tells his mom the truth, his family will hate him! Binky crashes his fantasy trying to get Arthur to try his shitty ass peach cobbler. In reality Fred has Arthur take the credit for his gift to Jane, the tea set Fred broke last Christmas! And a miracle tow truck shows up to get Fred the fuck out of the series. 

We then head to the Frensky home where the Crosswires have come bearing ham. A fucking ham. To a Jewish family. White people.

External image
Muffy apologizes to Francine and Francine explains why Hanukkah is so important to her and why Muffy is a piece of shit for ignoring her when she said she couldn’t go. Muffy realizes she sucks and they all go to the movies!
External image
Back at the fancy Baxter brunch as Bitzi goes over the day’s schedule, Buster interrupts saying that Christmas doesn’t have to be a big deal, in fact they could celebrate their own holiday, Baxter Day! Bitzi is 100% down to clown and they go celebrate Baxter Day.

Transition to Christmas dinner at Casa de Read and Arthur is surprised that the dinner doesn’t completely suck ass. As Fred leaves the series–I mean, house- -Grandpa Dave gives him a ride hitting the fence on the way out. Nice. It finally snows and Arthur is over the moon as he sings the final song and we get a glimpse of what the other families of Elwood City are doing.
George’s family is partying it up Swedish style

External image
Brain’s family is getting amped for Kwanza
External image
Binky’s family is working at the homeless shelter where he feeds the homeless store bought cookies pretending he made them! What a sneak!
External image
Ratburn is planning all of his tests for next year because his family disowned him long ago and he has no friends…festive!
External image
The Frenskys and Crosswires are living it up at the movies

External image
And the Baxters are looking for Doctor Who
External image
We rejoin Arthur as he reiterates the moral of the story through song. “Sometimes the thing you hope for isn’t the thing you get. But after today, I just have to say, this was the best Christmas yet!”
External image
DW interrupts the moment with her annoying ass duck, and Arthur breaks the fourth wall wishing us all Happy Holidays, before going back inside to beat DW over the head with her duck. It may not have been what he expected but it was Arthur’s Perfect Christmas.

Grade: A (This is honestly one of my favorite holiday specials from any show, I love that it celebrates all sorts of holidays rather than being all about Christmas. The morals are ones that I feel everyone needs to be reminded of every holiday season. The songs are fun and silly but unnecessary as they don’t drive the plot forward at all. Baxter Day steals the show.)

Rating: 200% intense Forgotten Uncle Fred is intensely cool!!!
Piece Of Me: SlaveSnake’s Experience

Ok you guys, here is the super post of my Vegas experience, here you can find all the useful stuff I compiled in case that you’re going to Piece Of Me, or if you can’t make it you can know what is over there.

First of all I want to make clear that this will be a summary of all POM related I found in Vegas, all the pics and videos are mine (hence the quality) and you can use them as you please, if you use them tell me, I’ll love to see what you’ve done with them. Also, english is not my first language so don’t kill me if I wrote something the wrong way. I went to the show on the 19th of august.

Ok so I flew to Vegas with my boyfriend (we will call it SlaveTiger) after a trip I planned since last year. We bought our concert and plane tickets on march to travel on august and we bought tickets for the show of the 19th because that show was a tuesday and weekend tickets are more expensive. I’ll get into more details of the tickets and seats later on.

So, we flew to Vegas and the first thing I saw from the airplane window was a huge Piece Of Me billboard. It is right next to the entrance of the airport so you see it if you get in or out of it. Great location B-Team!

We stayed at the strip, at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino. We chose to stay at Harrah’s because it’s cheaper than Planet Hollywood and its right in the middle of the strip, so we could walk one day half the strip and another day the other half. 

On our way to the hotel I kept telling SlaveTiger to take pictures of the road because Britney’s face is just everywhere. I saw it on several billboards, on top of taxicabs and even on a mobile billboard. I also saw people wearing the Work Bitch cap everywhere during the entire trip.

The first thing on our schedule was to visit Madame Tussaud’s Museum to take selfies with Britney (obviously my idea). We bought the tickets online like a month before the trip. If you buy them online they are cheaper, and there is an option to buy them on a nighttime schedule, which is even cheaper.

Ok, let me tell you about the wax figure. On the internet it looks kind of wacky, but in real person it looks just like her. Her hair and dress were on point, she looks really skinny and short. I’m taller than her, so we could date, you know, if she’s ok with that.

The figure has its own “spot” so Britney is not sharing pictures with any other celebrities, and she is standing on a small staircase. To take this picture I stood on the same stair as her. She’s in the first room with celebrities like JT, Will Smith, LiLo and Jlo. She’s not with Madge, Gaga, Riri or Bey, they are in a separate room. Fun fact: Jessica Simpson is at the gift shop, not inside the museum, which is kind of funny.

The next day we went to the casino on Planet Hollywood. On the façade of the building is a huge screen that says “Britney: Piece Of Me”, which most of you have probably seen, but what you haven’t seen is that next to it is a huge projection which features the shows inside of Planet Hollywood, so there are shots of Piece Of Me and of Britney’s videos playing all the time. There is also a huge picture of Britney on the other side that can be seen through the other part of the strip.

Inside of the casino there is also a huge Britney banner, and the elevators have different pictures of the POM photoshoot on them. There are a lot of screens inside of the casino and they play her songs and music videos all the time. That night they mostly played pop divas and catchy songs like Happy and Blurred Lines, but after every one or two songs there was a Britney song or a Britney remix, which was AMAZING. Planet Hollywood is really devoted to her.

That night we didn’t visit Britney’s theater; we only played in the casino. Since it was friday right before the concert so we saw a group of girls dressed as Britney’s iconic music videos which was really cool.

The next thing I wanted to do was visit Britney’s store. I highly recommend not buying her products the day of the concert. Things get crazy in there and you don’t want to carry your beloved booklet through the whole concert or the after party, it could be easily ruined. So the store and the theater are right in front of each other, between them is a bar called Halo, and if you got standing tickets to the concert you have to stay in line around the bar, I’ll show it to you later on.

The theater is always closed, unless there is a concert, in that case it opens 2 hours before the show and closes after it finishes. There is space for VIP check in and even when the theatre is closed you can see the inside of if through glass doors which display the name of celebrities who I guess have performed at Planet Hollywood. There is also a huge billboard with Brit on it on top of the doors.

Ok, Britney’s store. The day I went there were two guys in charge of the store. They only play Britney’s songs inside of the store (obviously) and there are a couple of screens that play her music videos. Both guys sang along to Britney’s songs, which is cool and didn’t make me feel like a creep for using my advanced lip-syncing abilities in public.

TBH all the products in there can be bought at, which was kind of a bummer because I thought there were more things to buy, but it is fair, since not all of us can go all the way to Vegas to purchase her products. All of her main albums are there, but there are no singles or special editions, so if you are looking for Britney music this probably isn’t the right place. (I’m still looking for a place where I can buy The Singles Collection Boxset for a reasonable price).

The store is beautifully designed and everything is well displayed and well lit. That day I bought my Work Bitch cap and the Booklet, which is just BEAUTIFUL, I love it from cover to cover. The booklet is sturdier than I expected, it is printed in ultra high quality and the pages have glossy and matte textures. Oh and another thing, everything you buy comes in a black bag that says Britney on gold letters. I wish I didn’t had to carry mine around, because it’s definitely worth to keep it.

The next day I used my new cap all day long and people really seemed to like it. Strangers kept complimenting it. I got the one that is uncensored because I don’t need permission to make my own decisions.

And here comes the main event. The concert.

So we arrived 2,5 hours before the show because I wanted to see everything inside the waiting area of the theater, but you don’t have to do this if you have seats, you can get there right before the show starts. If you are in the Gold Circle Pit or in any other standing section you MUST be there early. Standing sections must stay in line before the show to guarantee that you’ll have a good spot in the pit. Like I told you before, there is a line that goes all the way around the Halo bar (the bar is basically a large circle counter), that is the standing sections line. Here’s the view from the Halo Bar:

Once the line has started to move they don’t stop to check you or your belongings at any time. You go quickly through a metal detector without taking anything from your pockets (and apparently it didn’t went off the whole time we were there) then they take a picture of you and your friends against the PH background in like 0.01 seconds (there is no time for more than 1 picture) and then you’re finally in the theater’s waiting area.

To me the waiting area looks a lot more like a bar than a theater, which is good since that’s the concept they were going for. Once you’re in the middle of this area you will find two gift shops behind you (one on each side) 5 Britney outfits around you, two large cocktail bars in front of you and the doors of the theater right next to the bars. Here is a panoramic view:

On this picture you can’t tell but the place gets very crowded.

The gift shops have everything you can find at Britney’s shop, so if you follow my advice you shouldn’t buy things there unless you can’t go to the store another day. It gets really crowded, and your stuff might get lost (or stolen) in the crowd or in the concert. Selfie in front of the store:

The 5 outfits are: Work Bitch’s silver bikini, Oops’ red catsuit, Toxic’s stewardess outfit, Circus’ ringleader jacket and the dress Britney wore on Star Search when she was a child.

On the cocktail bars you can buy lots of kinds of drinks, alcoholic and non alcoholic. I highly recommend getting drunk buying a large drink because it comes with a POM glass. Its costs $24 if you get it with alcohol (shame on me) and it helps you to loosen up before the concert. There are also tv screens on this area, and you can see what is happening inside the theater incase you have to get out to go to the restroom or something (don’t get out once the show has started).


A HUGE error I found here is that they don’t play Britney’s music, so you don’t get hyped up before the concert. I bet you that if they played it in the waiting area people will be chanting Brit’s name even before she gets in there. Instead the play regular pop music, the one you can hear at a club.

When it is time you get in line to get to your seats. Like I told you before, we bought our concert tickets on march, so we got great seats. We bought the tickets at the row 103, section B, seats 13 and 14, which in my opinion is the best you can get without paying VIP or Meet and Greet and without standing up in the Gold Circle Pit. These seats are right behind the people from the Meet and Greet and right in front of the stage, so if you can get these ones, DO IT. Pic for reference:

I recorded this tiny video so you guy can see that from anyplace of the theater you can see her up close. (Keep in mind that this was recorded with a gro pro with a really wide angle so you can see all the stage.)


The seats come with a cupholder, so that’s a plus, and they are nice and cushioned (I think? I was dancing almost the whole time). Since we were seating right behind the guys that came from the meet and greet I asked a guy from stwizerland and a girl who was seating next to him how was it and they told me that “Britney is incredibly sweet, she was wearing lots of stage makeup and hair and she looked gorgeous” they also told me that they had like 10 seconds to see her, that Felicia guided them through the whole tour and that she was also really, really sweet.

While you wait for the show two large screens on each side of the stage show live twits with the hashtag #PieceOfMe so if you have access to internet you can see your photo on the screens. Once there are 30 minutes left for the show a countdown behings on these screens, and you feel like you’re are about to be brought up to heaven.

And then, the show begins. Once the beat begins everybody goes CRAZAY (or was that just me?) And guys, let me tell you, I couldn’t believe how pretty she looked. Britney was a blonde skinny bombshell, she danced her ass off, hair flipped and everything. She was on fire. No YouTube video can capture the show. If you can go, then do it, its definetly worth it.

TBH I’m not sure if she lip-synched or not and sincerely I don’t care. She danced a lot, and I was singing way too hard and dancing my ass off to care if she was hitting the notes.

I didn’t wanted to see anything from the third leg before the show, so the new outfits were a huge surprise.


Ps. The guy they chose for Freakshow was really hot, he danced a lot and knew the lyrics.

The new opening outfit is just amazing. And since SlaveTiger and I are such good people we recorded the whole concert for you guys. The thing is that I edited it in After Effects so that it can have a reasonable size for youtube (it is a very large file) and when I try to render it the sound skips. I’m trying to solve it and I will upload it when I find a way to fix it.

The show went really fast for me, I couldn’t believe when it was finished and I would love to see it again someday. Before we walked out of the theater I picked up some of the confetti. On the Everytime number flower petals fall down and on the final number paper poker chips that say Britney are thrown. (Crumbled ‘cause is kept stuffing them in my jeans)

After you go out of the theater everything gets hectic. There are lots of people trying to get out of the theater so its crazy. I walked next to the wall on the right side and I saw Felicia, she was giving out the pictures to the guys from the meet and greet. The only way to get in there is if you were in the meet and greet, so of course, I lied and got past security and that’s how I got this picture:

Felicia is the sweetest, for real guys.

After you walk out of the theater doors you will probably find a sea of people trying to buy the pictures they took against the PH background. They cost $40 so please, if you want it pay in cash, that way the line can move faster. Of course we got ours.

Finally you’ll get out of the theater, and it’s your choice to go to the official after party at Planet Hollywood’s club. We didn’t went there because SlaveTiger and I were just exhausted (we went to the Grand Canyon the day before to shoot the second part of I’m Not A Girl and we had a long week ahead of us).

The rest of the trip was really cool, one day a french guy stopped us outside of Caesar’s Palace to ask us where was Britney’s show, so holler at you if you read this! Like I told you before Brit is just everywhere in Vegas, so no matter what you do you’ll probably see her face. The last thing I was from the plane was the same billboard I saw when I got to Vegas, and if you fly on Copa Airlines now you can play Britney Jean on the screens in front of your seats.


So that was my trip to Vegas! Hope you guys enjoyed reading this and find this useful.

 See ya!

- Banana