you call this acting

It is very telling when famous people you follow who are females go silent today of all days. Its also very telling when famous males you follow call today protesters hypocrites acting like a peaceful protest is insiting violence when its not.

Like I posted earlier this week people true nature true feelings will come out in 2017.

Guys! Check it out!

Speaker Paul Ryan’s office is conducting a phone poll, hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
Here’s how you can participate:
- Call (202) 225-0600.
- Press 2 to weigh in on the issue.
- You’ll hear a recording about the bill to repeal it, then Press 1 to support continuing the ACA (or 2 if you oppose).
You can also leave a message at the end if you want.
It takes less than 2 minutes.

This is especially great for people with anxiety about talking on the phone. You don’t have to interact with anyone.

⟨ ❛ —rent sentence starters: part one ⟩
  • “real life is getting more like fiction each day.” 
  • “we’re hungry and frozen!”
  • “some life we’ve chosen.” 
  • “how we gonna pay last year’s rent?”
  • “it’s ‘trick or treat’, and tonight it’s ‘trick’.” 
  • “welcome back to town.” 
  • “i should lie down.. everything’s brown.. and uh-oh! i feel sick!”
  • “how do you leave the past behind?” 
  • “when they act tough, you call their bluff!” 
  • “we’re not gonna pay!” 
  • “we’re not gonna pay rent.” 
  • “hey you, bum! yeah, you: move over.” 
  • “what happened to his heart?” 
  • “you’re wasting your time.” 
  • “you broke your word, this is absurd!” 
  • “there is one way you won’t have to pay…” 
  • “our dream can become a reality!” 
  • “you can stay here for free.. if you do me one small favor.” 
  • “why not just get an injunction or call the cops?” 
  • “it’s what we used to dream about!” 
  • “thick twice before you poo-poo it.” 
  • “you’ll see… or you’ll pay.” 
  • “that boy could use some prozac.. or heavy drugs.” 
  • “i’m not much company, you’ll find.” 
  • “got a light?” 
  • “you’re — you’re shivering!” 
  • “it’s nothing, they turned off my heat.” 
  • “i’m just a little weak on my feet.”
  • “would you light my candle?” 
  • “what are you staring at?” 
  • “you look familiar.” 
  • “can you make it?” 
  • “at least the room stopped spinning…” 
  • “i always remind people of… who is she?”
  • “sorry ‘bout your friend.” 
  • “i know i’ve seen you out and about when i used to go out.”
  • “they say that i have the best ass below 14th street. is it true?”
  • “you’re staring again.” 
  • “i’m sure i’ve seen you somewhere else.” 
  • “i didn’t recognize you without the handcuffs.”
  • “why don’t you forget that stuff?”
  • “i’m old for my age.”
  • “i was born to be bad!” 
  • “i used to shiver like that…”
  • “i used to be junkie.” 
  • “thank god for the moon.” 
  • “you earned this on the street?”
  • “it was my lucky day today!” 
  • “haven’t slept in a year.”
  • “i need your help to make my neighbor’s yappy dog disappear.”
  • “who could foretell that it would go so well?”
  • “this is very weird… fucking weird.” 
  • “i’m so mad that i don’t know what to do.” 
  • “and to top it all off — i’m with you!” 
  • “thinking of drinking gasoline.” 
  • “honey, i know this act.” 
  • “you’re wrong! it’s different with me.” 
  • “has she ever pouted her lips and called you ‘pookie’?”
  • “have you ever doubted a kiss or two?” 
  • “did you swoon when she walked in the door?”
  • “did she moon over other boys?”
  • “i’m getting nauseous!” 
  • “where did you learn to tango?”
  • “she cheated!”
  • “i’m defeated, i should give up right now!” 
  • “gotta look on the brightside with all of your might.”
  • “i fall for her still, anyhow.”
  • “you don’t stand a chance.” 
  • “in the end… you can’t leave her.” 
  • “why do we love?” 

So posted a while back that I felt that I felt like I was going to have to unfollow a lot of the Christian blogs I follow. Well it appears that it is true. A lot of the ones I am going to unfollow are because you have no idea how to practice the second greatest commandment “love thy neighbour as yourself.” You neighbour may not agree with everything you say or they could very well be your enemy but you still have to love them!!!!

And yet you don’t. You preach their hate. You won’t take the time to look at what they are experiencing, get to know the issues. Where the hell is your compassion? The compassion you would want given to you?! I am tired of seeing my brothers and sisters in Christ act in hatred of people. How can you call yourselves Christians when you actively call for policies and laws that will destroy the live and harm those around you?!!!! You should not.

Please go read Matthew 7:1-7. Get your heart right before you go and correct others.

anonymous asked:

Hey! How long after eating vegan and acting ethically vegan did you start to call yourself a vegan? Like when did it switch from 'plantbased' to 'vegan?'

I was vegetarian and then I went vegan on November 1st, from that day I referred to myself as a vegan as I ate 100% vegan, I never called myself plant based.

Went I turned vegan I still had things that were probably tested on animals like moisturiser but I used it for a bit longer until I found some other good products that were vegan friendly!

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)

Every time you’re on someone else’s route and:

Zen acts like a huge sweetheart to you…

Or calls you on the phone and is like, “Jagiyaaa, yeoboseyo~! <3″ (”Hello, honey/sweetie!”)…

Or acts protective and paranoid when he knows you’re alone with someone, because he still worries and cares about you even though he hasn’t known you for very long…

Or when he genuinely wishes you all the luck in the world with that special someone… 


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So I’m not exactly the most sexually awakened person around but I can recognise when something is sexual. Audios from @yuurivoice definitely fall under this category. (yuurivoice does voice RP for Katsuki Yuuri; there’s also SFW stuff if you’re still a minor or at work, although I really wouldn’t recommend listening to them at work because you wouldn’t want to stop.) I was catching up on his stuff–the way you do when you’re trying to procrastinate and end up doing something actually interesting–and all of it is really good and although I’m not turned on by them I can see why people are, but one thing I didn’t understand at all was the daddy kink. I’ve said this before, but like why??? Why on earth would anybody have a daddy kink? What exactly is the appeal? Why on earth would you want to call your partner something you call your father? Isn’t that really weird??? I mean, it’s not the weirdest kink I’ve heard of, but this one just baffles me.

shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding

Thank you for saying I’m just like my Mother

For she is Resilient.

Thank you for calling me a Snake

Whose venom is medicinal

Who eat their prey whole

And who my Aztec ancestors worshipped.

Thank you for calling me Fake

Because it reminds me that I protected myself.

Thank you for calling me a Liar

For it reminded me that I was mirroring your actions for the sake of safety.

Thank you for calling me a Victim

For it reminded me that you acted like a perpetrator.

Thank you for congratulating me on my new Love

Someone who deserves all I have to give.

Thank you for blaming me for everything

For it reminded me of your immaturity.

Thank you for telling me I don’t really Love

Because it’s a reminded that my Love was no longer for you.

Thank you for telling me I don’t care

Because frankly my Dear…

I don’t.

—  brujadiaries 
a psa for writers out there

fans who use the “poc fans alienated me from x-ship because they expected quality content” are the definition of privileged ignorance. can you imagine going up to a black person and saying “well i used to like black characters, but black people being critical of how black people are written in media just really alienated me from liking black people” and then acting shocked when you get called a racist. 

people have a right to be critical of how they are portrayed in media, and yes that includes fanfiction. i know, fucking shocking. 

if a black fans tell you to stop writing black characters using racist tropes, then learn from it instead of playing victim because the “mean fans alienated me from famdom”.

if a gay man tells you to stop fetishing gay relationships, stand back and create better content instead of playing victim because the mean gays are oppressing your kinks.

if someone tells you to stop using their culture as an aesthetic….you guessed, stand the fuck back and listen to them. 

i am tired of seen white cis female fans using the “oh but our sexuality was oppressed for years, we just want to enjoy ourselves”, as an excuse to throw everyone else under the bus.  

imagine being so low that you, a muslim, protest against mourning the muslims who were killed in the istanbul nightclub attack saying they don’t deserve to be mourned since they died “committing sins” and what you really mean is that drinking and celebrating is a greater sin than killing the innocent, without realising that now there’s literally no difference between u and the terrorist with the gun who you spent days before trying to denounce and call his acts unislamic… imagine

The joys of playing support

This was the most marvelous game I ever played. Dorado Defense, one kid on my team had been going on about his “Noob team” (which was great btw) for a while now, spewing insults, you know acting like he came right from a call of duty session.

I suggested he chill. He suggested I drink bleach.

I could have muted him. I could have blocked him. I could have sent a report. But as the lone Mercy, there was only one thing that I would do.

Take him off heals of course.

I healed everyone else. Sometimes I’d stand next to him when he was at critical health and healed the person at full health by his side.

Halfway through the game he started begging.

I’ve gained twenty years to my life from the frantic “MERRCY PLZZZ” that I got.

I had half a mind to make him beg for my forgiveness, but I was busy keeping the rest of the team alive.

He forgot the one lesson of any multiplayer game.

Do not annoy the healer.