you call that an ink defense

Black Rose

Group: BTS


Excerpt:  “I don’t know if I can give the girl with a crush on me a job here? Sleeping with other employees is banned, apparently.”

Genre: fluff, tattoo au

Length: 1.7k

A/N: lord have mercy on guk with tats


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The tattoo shop was lighter than expected, as you stepped in feeling sorely out of place. The sound of your heels on the floor made everyone else pause in their conversations, to study you. In your baggy jumper and tight black jeans, skin void of any tattoos; no unusual piercings on your lips or nose, you were almost too normal to be there.

“I’m here to apply for the opening of receptionist,” the guy sitting at the reception put down the large sketchpad that had been concealing his face but not his dirty blonde hair and pale forehead.

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mcmasque  asked:

Hello love! Can I ask for your favorite/literally any and all Musichetta hcs? Thank you!

Whoop Whoop here I go!

  • 6′2′’, she’s so tall, so beautiful. She’s been told so many times tall girls shouldn’t wear heels because “Men don’t like it when girls are taller than them”. Musichetta will crush them under her heel, if you think she cares.
  • Cameroonian from her father and Italian from her mother. They both met in France and stayed there ever since.
  • Food puritan. Good food takes TIME. Good food is slow cooked for 4 hours with fresh products and a sprinkle of love.
  • When she hosts, she’s one of those people who are like: “Oh it’s okay I made something simple to nibble on” *gestures towards 50 party sized dishes*
  • Gold ink tattoos. She has a trinity symbol on her wrist to symbolise Joly, Bossuet and herself
  • Rock climber extraordinaire. Goes on rock climbing hikes with Combeferre and Feuilly sometimes. Could crush a watermelon with her biceps
  • Teaches self-defense voluntarily in a Parisian university
  • So many crop tops
  • The Mom Friend™ , but not the “sweet and overbearing” mom friend, she’s the “will call you out on your bullshit and help you grow” mom friend

Sea cucumbers can eviscerate themselves as a defense mechanism.

When using a microscope to study particularly small organisms, placing a drop of immersion oil on top of the slide cover will focus the light from the microscope and further magnify the specimen.

Rosalind Franklin died of ovarian cancer six years after using x-ray diffraction to identify the physical structure of DNA. Other people were awarded a Nobel Prize for her discovery; there is a very strict rule that a Nobel Prize cannot be given to someone who is dead. It isn’t like the Oscars. Her cancer was probably caused in part by excessive exposure to radiation.

A sound occuring below the frequency of twenty Hertz–the lowest sound usually detectable by the human ear–is referred to as infransound. Infrasonic noises may cause pain in the eardrum, and/or inexplicable feelings of dread.

When trying to identify which chamber of a human heart you are observing, it is helpful to know that the atria have smooth walls, whereas the ventricles’ are textured, and that the walls of the heart are much thicker on the left side than on the right.

Eels have not been observed spawning in nature.

The oldest confirmed wild bird is approximately sixty-six years old; her name is Wisdom and she has flown more than three million miles.

Human beings can also eviscerate themselves as a defense mechanism, but this is often called an Emotional Disturbance.


He said, “You are a diamond
in the rough,” and I replied,
“I’d rather be the rough.
Rather be the tough stuff
that births the something beautiful.
That there is the beauty in me.”

He said, “You are a rose
amongst thorns,” and I answered,
“I’d rather be the thorns.
Rather be the thing that turned
white roses red, the alarm bell
that your hands are getting
far too close - the reminder
that every beautiful thing has
a defense mechanism.”

He said, “You are the sun
after the storm,” and I said,
“I’d rather be the storm -
rather be the difficulty that turns
a girl into a strong woman,
or a greenhorn into a hardened sailor.
The summer does not always
breed strength. The summer
is a too-calm pair of hands
for callouses. But she does know
how to conjure a good storm
from the still winds.”

Do not call me Spring.
Do not call me Summer.
I am Fall.
I am Winter.

anonymous asked:

I'm loving all of your stuff so far! Everything you've written has been phenomenal. I do have a rather odd request. What would the Chocobro's reaction be if they found out that their S/O was a reincarnation of Ardyn's former lover?

I legit squealed at this, because I knew it would be both challenging and fun.  Thank you for such kind words, they really keep me going. <3


You stared in shock at the man before you, how could it have been? There’s no way, you take a step back as your eyes locked with the man before you. Was this, was this really him? Yet those eyes, that hair everything! Everything flooded back, years, how many?
“You’ve changed so much beloved.”
Your head pounded,“Ardyn?”


Ardyn chuckled as he took a step toward you, as you, yourself stepped back, “Is something wrong, My Princess?”

“How?” You managed to get out, before you could stop it. “How are, what did you do to me?”

The red head took another step forward, as you shuffled back, “Do you not remember, beloved, or is this new body causing some type of confusion?”

You step away again, something within you was trying to remember but you refused to let it surface, “I…I don’t know what your talking about.” You state attempting to put on a brave face, you knew you couldn’t fight him, but running at this point was not an option.

The man’s hand went into the front of his coat, pulling at something in his breast pocket.

Believing him to be going for a weapon, you quickly turned summoning a sword, only to have your wrist caught within his strong grasp. A pressure applied causing you to immediately release and drop the weapon.

“Tsk, tsk, alway so defensive, and here I have a gift for you.” He replied, finally pulling his hand from his inner coat. “I always kept it near my heart.”

You stared at the small black book, dog eared, yellow and tattered, almost seeming to be pulled from the past. Hands reaching out without your permission to take it from the man.

“Get away from her!”

“Noctis!” You called in joy as Ardyn released your arm.

“Noct,” Ardyn laughed, a stepped back, “So glad for you to join us.”

“Y/n are you okay?” Noctis called over his shoulder as he stepped before you, summoning a sword to his hand.

“Now Noct, dont be so upset, Y/N and I were simply becoming reacquainted.” Ardyn chuckled, as you stayed rooted in spot, not sure of how to react. “I’ll take my leave, please, Princess, do get the young Prince up to speed. You have much to discuss.”

Both you and Noctis stared at the man who disappeared, before your gaze turned to the small book within your hand. Opening the front cover of the book as you gasped loudly, a picture, a picture of you and Ardyn, at least it looked to be you and Ardyn.

“Y/N?” Noctis called in confusion.

“Noctis, I’m…I’m Ardyn’s wife.” You mutter weakly.

Noctis quickly reached out taking the book from your shaking hand, his eyes scanning the picture before flipping through the book, his eyes scanning the final page bookmarked. Only looking up to you,with soft pleading eyes.

You shook your head, trying to get your thoughts together, you couldn’t be! That woman looked like you, but older, yet that book had to be older than you, you remembered your childhood, growing up in Insomnia, you never had anyone else other than Noctis.

Yet your voice, her voice, called to Ardyn.

Noctis’ embrace engulfed you, as you wrapped your arms around his waist, “I don’t know…”

“Noctis!” You blurt, you needed to get this out and into the open now, “I love you, I don’t care what that book says. Please burn it. Please…”

Noctis pulled away from you, holding the book between the two of you, “Are you sure?”

You cup the hand holding the book, nodding your confirmation, before feeling the tingle of magic, as the book combusted before your eyes. The last of the ashes floating away, before Noctis pulled you into another embrace.

“I know you, and whatever trick that Ardyn is playing at, we’ll stop him together.” He whispered against your head.


Your hand immediately went to Prompto’s, this wasn’t true, simply another play with the man. You knew he had the power to cast illusions but why did these affect you in such a different way? This was just another one of his tricks.

Ardyn chuckled as he stepped toward you, “Are your memories finally returning, beloved?”

You watched as Prompto slowly moved before you, his gun raised, “Stay back!”

Ardyn frowned at the gunner, “Young Prompto, I believe that you have overstayed your welcome.”

“Prompto!” You scream, as Ardyn easily tossed the man aside, your feet moving to go after the blonde, only to halt as Ardyn appeared before you. Summoning one of Prompto’s guns to your hand, you lifted it.

“Y/n, you know you’ve never been a good shot.”  Ardyn chuckled, as your finger pushed at the trigger. “Don’t you recall, that time you accidentally recoiled, you had quite the impressive bruise on your forehead.”

A vision of a woman flashed before your eyes, no you, an older you sitting before Ardyn, as he pressed a kiss to a red mark on your forehead. “Stop it!”

“Y/n, please don’t be like this.” Ardyn called, his hands going to touch your face, only to quickly pull away from you as a bullet grazed his face. Both of you turning to Prompto, his pistols raised to the man, one of the ends still smoking.

“I said get away from Y/n!” Prompto barked.

Ardyn scoffed before turning back to you, “Why are you hiding it, are you afraid of hurting his feelings? You remember everything, isnt that correct?”


You jumped unprepared for Prompto to suddenly call your name in such a desperate bark, your feet quickly rushing over to the gunman’s side.

Ardyn’s eyes stared at you, “I see you’ve made your choice, see to it that you protect her young Prompto, until she returns to my side.”

As the man left, Prompto held his guns still toward the area the man once stood, refusing to look to you.


“Is it true?”


Prompto lowered his guns, as they disappeared, a shaking hand gripping yours, “Do you still…”

“No, my heart is yours.”

Prompto’s hands shook, you already knew he was trying to stop the tears from falling, yet you, yourself could not.


You glanced around, “Gladdy…”

“Beloved, wouldn’t you say it’s rather rude to call out to another man?” Ardyn inquired, as he begun his predatory walk around you, circling you each time closing in. “Are you stating that you don’t remember me? Yet you called my name not so long ago.”

You let out a growl, defenses up, “I’m certain I would remember ‘something’ like you.” You hiss, attempting to ignore the throbbing happening behind your eyes. Yet as he continued his movements around you, the pain became worse, something was clawing to get forward.

Only to gasp, as one of his hands gripped your chin, pulling you to stare at him, his eyes turning a haunting yellow, as the scarlera inked black. “Don’t try to pretend you forgot! I see it in your eyes.”

“I…I do.” You replied, “I remember an Ardyn…”

Ardyn chuckled, as he brought you closer, his lips ghosting over your own, “To think the gods found it fit to bring you back to me.”


“Gladdy?” You wispher, before coming back to your senses as your boyfriend appeared a shriek of joy, “Gladiolus!”

Ardyn quickly silenced you by pulling you forward, his lips sealing your own, as you felt what could only be described as a draining sensation in your body. Only to come out of your frozen stance, as you slam a fist into his head, which only seemed to frustrate the man.

“Why are you fighting it?” Ardyn barked, shaking you.

“I was reborned to be given a second chance, and you are no longer the man I cared for. Let me go, creature.”  You hiss, refusing to give him the justification of a scream, when he bought a hand around to slap you.

“You son of a bitch!” Gladiolus barked, swinging his large sword at the man.

“So you’ve chosen this, over me, a ridiculous decision.”  Ardyn sneered backing up.

“Wanna run that by me again?” Gladiolus growled.

“Gladdy,” You call resting a hand on the man’s arm, “Don’t waste your time, he’s just an ex that doesn’t deserve the time of day.”

Ardyn glared to you, before letting out a smug chuckle before turning dramatically leaving you two.

“Y/n, what was that about?”

You glanced away from Gladiolus, “We were once something, but not anymore.”

Gladiolus glared toward the spot where the man one stood, “And…”

“You.” You replied, already knowing the question on his lips, only to find those lips pressed against your own. Your arms going to wrap around his strong neck, only for a large hand to lace in your hair, pulling your mouths apart.

“You are mine!” Gladiolus growled against your lips, “Don’t forget that.”

“Yes.” You repeat, as he pulled you into another kiss, devouring your mouth.


You couldn’t believe it, you didn’t want to believe it. How, how could this man before you be the same man?

Ardyn’s hand came to caress your face, “Oh, but you do, do not pretend that your memories aren’t returning.”

You flinch at the man’s touch, he was right, the moment the word beloved fell from his mouth, everything flooded back. You, no, some other you from a past would smile at the sweet endearment. Yet now it appeared so…


“I see that you need time, please know that I’ll be waiting for you tonight.” He replied, as he moved past you.


“Ignis?” You gasped, turning to the man.

“Was that the Chancellor?” He inquired, as you nodded. “May I inquire as to what it was that you spoke about?”

Your eyes lowered, “Ignis, I…I haven’t been truthful, I…I don’t know how else to explain it, yet the gods, or through some type of magic, I am a reincarnation of the Chancel…no Ardyn’s love.” You looked to see those green eyes staring holes into you, yet you continued. “I’ve been reborned, 10, 11 times, and each time I found my way back to him, until I found you.”

You glanced up to see Ignis still staring at you, lowering your head, you felt your shoulders begin to shake as you stared at the ground, out of fear that you had lost not just Ardyn all over again, but now, more importantly, Ignis.

“Do you still love him?” Ignis called.

“No, a part of me, a small part, and old part of me. The man he once was, yet that Ardyn died so long ago.” You wispher, only to feel a hand on the back of your head. “I watched him die so long ago, and maybe the gods are repeatedly putting me through these challenges because I need to be patient, but even now I fear that I’ve once again mess that up.”

“Why do you say that?”

You gave a heavy sigh through your tears, trying to keep yourself from wailing ,”Because I’ve lost you.”

“You have not lost me, I am with you until you feel the need to leave, and I do not wish that any time in the future.”

Tears fell harder as you rested your head against the strong chest before you, feeling arms wrap around you protectively, “Thank you.”

officialcarrot  asked:

could you talk more about the male disney villains being queer coded with stereotypes?

Pink hair bows. 

Many male Disney villains are what we would call “camp.” Effeminate, vain, “wimpy” and portrayed as laughable and unlikable. Calling upon common negative stereotypes about gay men, these villains are characterized as villainous by embodying these tropes and traits. 

Think about it: Often Thin/un-muscled figure, heavily inked and shadowed eyes (giving the impression of eyeliner and eye shadow?), stereotypically “sassy” and/or manipulative, often ends up being cowardly once on the defensive, many have comedic male sidekicks (such as Wiggins, Smee, Iago, the…snake that isn’t Kaa) 

Imagine everyone meeting up again years after the breach is closed and everyone’s had relatively normal lives. Everyone is hugging and catching up with people they haven’t spoken to in ages when someone asks “Where’s the small, loud one?” Everyone already knows who their referring to.

Then a nice ass car pulls up. Its sleek and gleaming red, the paint so shiny it looks like it could still be wet. Everyone stares at it for a while because, yeah, its a nice car but none of them got paid for doing what they did. None of them have that kind of money.

Even through the slightly tinted windows they can see the glint of gold teeth in the drivers seat.

Finally, speak of the devil, Newt gets out of the car and turns around to lean into the window after he’s shut the door behind him. The ‘Yeah, baby, dont worry this wont take so long ill call you to come pick me up’ from Newt all reaches there ears as they continue to stare. They see Newt accept a kiss before backing out of the window and turning to them, a big grin on his face. “Hey guys! Sorry I’m late.” He says, looking a bit frightened as they continue to stare at him.

“What?” He asks, holding his hands up defensively. Hermann gasps. “Newton! Have you been hanging around with that bloody gangster again?” Newt looks confused before he seems to remember the new ink on his palms. Hannibal’s symbol tattoo’d there in thick black ink. Newt begins to grin. “Hermann, I’ve been hangin’ out with that gangster since the dome closed.”

Tendo lets out a low, slow whistle. “Newt got himself a sugar daddy.”

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Ollie, I'd be careful about how much ink you give Link, adjustment time is needed, introducing someone who hasn't eaten in a long time to a ton of food at once, could result in them puking.

“I don’t…fe..ell…o kay..Ollee…Bluu”

Mod: In Ollie’s defense, he only gave him two bottles of ink, link ate like 2 packs of blue pens…plus a set of color markers….this is his own fault, he does not understand moderation yet. 

they call it healing

but I know
it is a chemical atrocity
a paleolithic mechanism
of alarm and self-defense

the You within my skull
is being murdered
as the hurt
neuron by neuron
sears the connections
and burns that You away.
and like a cigarette on celluloid
the image is forever ruined

the You that I know -
your smile, your laugh,
your smell upon my sheets
your hair found on my shirt
your whisper in my ear
your fingers on my belt
your voice speaking my name

is vanishing
minute by minute
cell by cell

by a sterile memory
devoid of the Beauty
that I love

I would contain the hurt
deny all its usefulness
and keep You forever safe within
even if it kills me

my body betrays me
my heart will pump
my lungs will spasm
my brain will self-medicate

and You
will disappear


Giving you a tattoo at three am on a school night, your freckled shoulder red and your canary yellow hair pulled back, you whispered, “I took my lip ring out for my ex, she controlled me, I’m free.”
I couldn’t help but think that you were a bird who was always thrown into cages, a free spirit that needed to fly but never got a chance because your mother gave you a tattoo with a toothpick and some pen ink when you were nine and gave you cigarettes to help the pain, and because when you turned eighteen you had to sneak out of your house and leave everything behind or your dad would shoot you down and call it self defense, because a girl off in Malibu was cheating on you and you found yourself loving her still and unable to fly away like you’ve always deserved.
Canary, be free with your cigarettes and torn up shoes, run fast and far from this place and leave the memories behind, we don’t mind, we just want you happy.
Fly away, be free, you deserve it.
—  Canary, a cage doesn’t suit you well

anonymous asked:

I'm going to be a freshman in the fall and I'm kind of worried. I was wondering if you could give some advice? OR if there was advice you would have wanted to tell your past self, what would it be?

Oh goodness. So, I went to UT Austin and I do indeed have some grand wisdom to hand down. 

Where to begin:

  • BACK EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER UP EVERYWHERE. Use Google Docs. Use flashdrives. The cloud or whatever. I literally once had my laptop blue screen of death crash the night before an essay was due and I had to start from scratch because I hadn’t saved it anywhere else. Holy crap please back up your files. I got 2 hours of sleep. 
  • Go out of your way to talk to people when you have a little down time. It can be intimidating to make friends in college, but being lonely on a huge campus sucks. 
  • Get your textbooks from Amazon. Used. Always used. And wait until you actually go to class the first day to buy them. You never know, but sometimes professors change the book list at the last moment. (I once bought over a hundred dollars of books I didn’t need. It sucked.) 
  • Ok, this one is REALLY important- learn the signs for alcohol poisoning, and if you are ever at a party and see someone who is not in good shape call a god damn ambulance.Even if you are underage and drunk as hell, CALL THEM. MANY college towns in the US have laws where you can not be arrested for illegal substance use if you have called for medical help. (This goes for any drug use really) This is a worst case thing here, but really, really, really, do not just assume someone can sleep off an overdose.
  • If a professor says that you can’t finish the essay the night before: believe them. 
  • If you are struggling with a class, email your professor and see them during their office hours. Really. They know how to do well in their own class, and just having a face to put with your name goes a long way sometimes. 
  • Find the best cheap hole in the wall place within walking distance of where you sleep and treat yourself. 
  • Even if it seems tempting: Adderall and all nighters are really not the best way to prep for a test. (Spacing studying over several nights with juice / coffee breaks is far more effective at getting the info into long term memory) 
  • Try a new hobby! Hoola hooping, or D&D, or Fire Dancing, or Salsa dancing, or slam poetry. Find out what bizarre and interesting groups meet in campus and go to a few. I played Quidditch for a while and went to Electro concerts in the park. They also played free movies every week on one of the mall lawns. College is full of weird things: embrace them. 
  • No matter how bad your allergies are: NEVER take two Nyquil before a lecture. You will not stay awake. (I did this. Why, oh why did I do this?) 
  • One of the best ways to do a study guide, especially in your big lecture classes, is to create a Google Doc and share it with EVERYONE who is in that class (many colleges have course email lists set up.) Pop the blank study guide into the Google Doc and then EVERYONE (all 300 of you) can contribute to it. Collaborative learning at its best. 
  • Be prepared to have terrible group partners in group projects. Prepare for the worst. Prepare to do everything by yourself. (It is also ok to let the professor know if a group member is just unable or unwilling to help.) 
  • If your campus has an art collection on it/art shows/an art gallery: Go to it at least once. Its more fun than you would expect. You will also feel very mature and cultured and smart. You should feel this way. It is a good feeling.
  • Find your favorite spot on campus. (Mine was the court yard of the old architecture building. It had a reflection pond and ivy on the walls with these purple flowers and it was always so quiet.) Go there to read or study or nap when the weather is nice.
  • Buy about 4 times more pens than you think you need.
  • Sporting events are optional. I never liked them, but some people really dig it.
  • If you are on campus with a handheld video game system, there is a decent chance people will walk up and ask you about Jesus. (I had this happen to me MULTIPLE times while playing Pokemon.) Just…be aware of the possibility.
  • FOOD CARTS ARE YOUR FRIEND. Find tasty food carts.
  • On that note: do not forget to eat.
  • When writing an essay, make sure you understand the formatting your professor wants. APA and MLA are not the same. Also, there are websites that will generate works cited in any format you need for free online. (I used easybib)
  • There will be days when you feel overwhelmed and frustrated and you want to just give up and not do anything ever again because college is made of stress and vodka shots. It’s ok to feel this way. Take a small break. Take a walk. Go to your favorite spot on campus. Eat at your favorite food cart. 
  • Do not drink Four Loco. That shit will literally kill you. (Mixing energy drinks and alcohol, especially if you drink several of them increases your risk of alcohol poisoning because the caffeine will suppress your body’s natural defense to over-drinking: making you go to sleep.) Also they taste like luke warm donkey piss. Do not drink them. 
  • It’s ok to feel homesick. (I did) It’s ok to go home every other weekend for the first two semesters. (I did) It’s ok to call home multiple times a week (I did.) It’s ok to spend a friday night in pajamas, watching netflix, and doodling on your arm in purple ink. (I did.)

This became a very long list. I apologize. I hope at least some of it is useful.  

You have invaded my heart and soul. I lie in defeat as each of my defense mechanisms fail. I have not called for reinforcements, and my arsenal is empty. My white flag is flown in surrender. Somehow I know you’ll leave me with no regrets.

At the time of writing this, I still haven’t watched the Finale, and my only wish is for them to be a happy family ever for a moment ( ˃﹏˂)・゚。Hopefully this doesn’t rub on wounds for whatever horrors ensue in Weirdmageddon Part 3.

Also, Mabel has found in Ford someone who shares her enthusiasm on self-defense methods (if you can call the grappling hook that).

The Meaning of Ink

I may or may not have done a thing.  And it may be a street!Michael thing (which is my new favorite thing ever right now).  I spent far too long on yetiokay’s blog looking at headcannons and such about this AU and the plot bunnies ran away with me last night.  Also, this is a first attempt, so it’s not my best work. (also posted on AO3)

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