you bunch of dorks

How come in DAO and DA2 you play as a dork and have a bunch of randos as companions and in Inquisition you got the coolest people in Thedas but still play as a huge dork listen Bioware I don’t need help embarassing myself in front of the people I like

french is the language of love so i’ve learned how to call you a nerd in french parce que je t’aime, ringard

F.A.C.E Family Preferences - Nicknames




-Hon’ Bun (He thinks it’s cute lol)





-(He has a bunch of cheesy nicknames for you lol)





-Hero (Duh)


-Snicker Doodle (Idk…I think it’s cute XD)

-Cuddle Bug

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-Book Worm



-Tinkerbell (fite me)

-(Please give this Tsundere very cheesy, stupid nicknames)

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-Mon ange [My Angel]

-Ma douce [My Sweet]

-Mon papillon [My Butterfly]

-Mon bijou [My Jewel]

-Mon Amour [My Love]

-(If I have any translations wrong, please tell me. >3<)


-Buttercup (I think it’s cute, shush)

-Bon Bon

-Love Bug

-Prince Charming

-Sweet Pea

-Honey Bunch

-(Please give this cinnamon roll cute, cheesy nicknames)

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-Maple Leaf (Duh)

-Baby Cakes


-Cutie Pie


-Carebear (fite me)






-Sweet Tart

-(Give him sweet, stupid nicknames please)

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I was about to make a joke about how Floor 19 would have a “days since last death” sign but then I realized that it would never get past 0 I mean what do you expect when you put a bunch of dorks in a place where everyone’s constantly at war


OK so I and @motherofcakes got fucking real today.

Oh fandom. I love this fandom, its created so many wonderful things, has many productive discussions, makes me happy everyday, in one way or another…

But yeah. It’s not without its problems. And because Otabek is my beacon of representation, my son, my hope, I take Otabek problems very close to heart.

OTASQUAD THO. They are Kazakh OCs that @motherofcakes and I created, you can read more about them here. They are a mischievous bunch of dorks from Almaty who will throw down for Otabek, no questions asked. 

Hope y’all are having a good day, and enjoying the new canon Otabek info, fandom. I’m so happy I have to go out and yell for a while.

Ruthless squad of CCG investigators can’t keep from fucking laughing long enough to get to the god damn punchline of this goddamn set up.

Squad goals, though, honestly.

Also Mikage is always high. On space. 

My full time job in the creative industry right now

can be likened to a DA playthough. The similarities are uncanny.

A SUMMARY: “We need you to do this thing, but first you need the information for this thing, which you don’t have.” You should talk to this person, who will tell you to talk to this person who will tell you to talk to this person who surely knows what’s going on. You spend many hours running around between points of contact. Your team are a nice bunch of dorks and try to be supportive, you love them but they have their own timelines and are also useless in this scenario. It’s up to you to figure this out. PLOT TWIST: There is no branding! You will need to wait, but in the meantime, other people need some jobs done so go do some side quests. The art director is here! You can finally talk to them to gather more information! No one is aware of the approaching deadline. THERE ARE MULTIPLE WAR COUNCILS WHERE NO ONE AGREES. You sacrifice yourself to the archdemon