you bunch of attractive people

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🌸- Do you have a crush? 


🦋- Tag three people you want to get to know better and state why!

uhhhh not a whole bunch of people sorry i know a bunch of my close friends really well

🌼- What are you attracted to in people personality-wise?

nice to working class people and funny and just all around kind

🌷- What are you attracted to in people physical appearance-wise?

tall, glasses, athletic twink as @saladalien puts it

Fuck that "Don't Judge Me Challenge"

I don’t understand it. Okay, I understand that you shouldn’t judge someone by how they look but the videos don’t emphasize that or even mention that. It’s a bunch of attractive people putting on makeup so you think they’re ugly and they just take the makeup off and *boom* they were never ugly to begin with. It just goes to show that people with unibrows, pimples, freckles and beauty marks will always be considered ugly in today’s society. It does nothing in the way of promoting a healthy view of what’s really in the mirror and the real “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” theme of it doesn’t matter what you look like, all that really matters is your personality and how you treat others.

:/ Every few months, Tumblr (and I presume other parts of the internet) gets into a weird phase where they start severely twisting some label, usually a sexual one, to prove they’re better than other people.

Around when I first joined, there was a war between the terms pansexual and bisexual. People were insisting the term bisexual was trans- and non-binary-phobic (an argument I can slightly see) and were arguing that being monosexual in general was sexist and cissexist. Essentially, there was a subset of pansexual people and people labeling themselves as pansexual who were trying to claim that experiencing sexual attraction to only one gender was a conscious decision and made you sexist against the genders you weren’t attracted to.

Then a few months later, a bunch of prude people hijacked the term demisexual and went on a slut shaming parade. There was a good period of time there where they were claiming demisexual people were better than everyone else, because they only wanted to (and thus only did) have sex with people they were emotionally attached to, not just any attractive person who walked by like all those others.

Now there seems to be a phase starting of asexuality being hoisted as better than anything else because they can enjoy cuddling and going to movies and other activities without the ulterior motive of trying to get somebody in the sack. I’m seeing posts anywhere from gently bragging to outright shaming sexual people because apparently only asexual people can have platonic relationships that mean something. I’ve even seen one that took it a step further and still said asexual non-aro people were bad because they still would only take people out with the intention of getting them in a romantic relationship - basically, an extreme version of the “guys and girls can’t just be friends” mentality, where it’s “no one can just be friends without secretly wanting to get together unless they’re ace aro”.

All of this is extremely frustrating to me. Half because sexuality and romantic attraction are deeply personal parts of you and are intrinsic, not chosen, so trying to laud one as “better” than others is pointless and cruel - it’s like trying to argue that one eye color is the best. And even more than that, it’s that the groups whose meanings are getting corrupted are all groups that experience a high rate of prejudice to begin with, and this is the kind of bullshit that ruins it for everyone and associates those groups with stupidity that becomes hard to shake.

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What's this Game Grumps you always blog about?

a youtube channel where a bunch of really attractive people play video games really badly while making fart sounds and discussing their dicks and dick related activities