you broke the lift


Chris stood in the elevator, glancing over at the man who was in the elevator with him. He had never spoken to the man but he knew who it was. It was Isaac’s dad. Isaac’s abusive dad. He had a problem with people who abused their kids but he had enough self control to not say anything. Suddenly there was a bump and the lift shook a little. Chris frowned and pushed the button though nothing happened. Great, they were stuck.

Mr. Lahey mostly stared straight ahead in the elevator. He only glanced over at the other man once or twice. He had never met him, and he didn’t recognize his face, but that was all the more reason for him not to acknowledge him unless absolutely necessary. He’d be off the elevator in a few moments anyhow, so it didn’t really matter. That was, until the lift shook a little and stopped. He saw the man push the button and frowned a little when nothing happened. Wonderful. They were stuck.

He really needed to get to his car so he could get to the high school, or he was going to be late getting back. Because of this, he reached over and tried another button on the panel, to no avail. He then looked to the other man, still frowning.


Summary: You woke up in an unfamiliar room, dazed and confused. There were dozens of guards outside who’d shoot you on sight and all you had was an earpiece with one voice on the line. 

He said his name was Steve, and he promised to get you out of there.

Word Count: 3565

Warnings: Violence, blood, injuries, swearing

Author’s Note: Mildly inspired by Transistor, which broke my heart last weekend.

You groaned, sluggishly lifting yourself off the ground to sit against the wall. The room was windowless and cold, especially considering the fact that all you were wearing was a ragged t-shirt and shorts. Florescent lights illuminated the unconscious body in front of you and you froze, hand shaking as you reached for her neck.

Her pulse was slow but steady and you sighed in relief, rubbing your face with your hands. You tried to think of how you got there but your mind drew up a blank. The fear started to set in – how long had you been there? Who captured you? Where the hell were you?

The woman was stripped to a t-shirt and sweats, wounds freshly scabbed over. You inspected the gash on her forehead, eye catching on a tiny black mound in her ear. It vibrated slightly in your hand and against your better judgement, you slipped it into your ear.

“Goddammit,” a voice growled and you jumped, inhaling sharply. There was a beat of silence. “Who’s there?”

You swallowed. What have you got to lose? “My name is (Y/N).”

“(Y/N).” The man calmed down substantially, but you could hear how controlled his tone was. “How did you get this earpiece?”

“I – I found it on this person.” You clenched your jaw to keep your voice from trembling.

“Describe them.”

No room for arguing. “Short curly red hair, pale skin.” You craned your head. “She’s fit – only wearing a dirty grey shirt and sweatpants.”

“Natasha…” The man trailed off.

“I don’t know.”

“How’d you get there?”

I don’t know.” You didn’t mean to sound as desperate as you did and huffed, your eyes watering again.

“You’re a-“ He sighed. “I’m sorry. My name’s Steve.”

“Steve,” you repeated, taking a deep breath. “Okay. What happens now?”

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Not Happy Enough (Luke Hemmings)

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“Fucking hell.” The coffee maker broke—again. You lift the top to make sure that there are enough coffee beans in it, and then press the brew button. Still, only coffee-less hot water pours into the coffee pot. You’ve been saving up to buy a Keurig to replace your obsolete coffee maker, but you’ve never gotten the chance to, thus leaving you to deal with its many problems.

“Starbucks it is,” you say to yourself, taking the pot over to the sink in your small kitchen and dumping the contents. You run your hands over your tired face before heading down the hall to change out of the baggy t-shirt you slept in.

Once your clothes are changed and your hair is combed, you leave your apartment and take the elevator to the parking lot. The harsh wind nips at your skin, causing goosebumps to appear. Once to your car, you toss your purse into the passenger seat and duck into the cramped vehicle, turning the heat on full blast.  

You drive the four or five minutes to the nearest Starbucks, hoping to just go into the drive through lane, but as soon as you see the 12 cars in line you know you’re going to be parking. You lazily pull into the nearest parking space and dash inside to avoid the chill of the wind.

“What can I get for you today?” the young barista smiles at you, and despite your mood, you grin back.

“Can I just get a Grande decaf coffee please?”

The barista punches something into the register, grabs a coffee cup, and then pulls out a sharpie. “What’s the name on that?”

“(Y/N).” You slide some money across the counter, then smile and turn to the other side of the shop to retrieve your drink. You’re suddenly startled as you feel somebody grab your hand and you immediately whip around, only to be met with a face you haven’t seen in months.

“(Y/N),” Luke breathes. “I thought that was you.”

You feel your lips part in incredulity. You haven’t seen Luke since you broke up with him two months ago. The break up was rough, but not just because the two of you were angry and upset. The fact that everybody around you thought you two would be together forever is what made it exceptionally difficult. Neither of you could escape the constant I can’t believe you two broke up and I thought you were going to get married remarks.

After staring at him for a few seconds too long, you finally manage to get out some sort of greeting. You’re snapped out of your trance when a different barista calls you for your coffee, and you stumble over to grab it. Luke follows you over, and once you have your drink he asks you if you want to talk for a few minutes. You shakily nod your head in agreement and he leads you over to a table for two in the corner.

As you sit down, you notice that he doesn’t have a drink in his hand. “Did you want to get a coffee or something?”

“I’ve already had one. I was about to leave when you walked in.” He stares down at his lap nervously.

“Okay, well did you want to talk about anything in particular?” you question, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.

“Well, no. I just wanted to talk. How are you?”

“I’m fine,” you try to smile, “Just trying to finish school.” There’s a pause. “Er, what about you? How’ve you been?” you ask, but only because it seems like the right thing to do. You know exactly how he’s been: miserable.

“Okay, I guess. Um, Cal told me you met somebody else. He says you seem happy?” He looks up at you through his eyelashes, waiting for you to validate Calum’s message. You’re taken aback by his unexpectedly straightforward question, but the tiniest of smiles plays on your lips as you think of the boyfriend you’ve had for almost a month.

“I did. And yeah, um, I’m pretty happy with him.” You were lying through your teeth. This new guy was great, but he was no Luke. He didn’t make you feel butterflies every time you saw him. He didn’t leave his ringer on all night so he would hear his phone beep if you texted him at 3 a.m. because you felt lost and needed to hear his voice. Sure, he’s sweet. He compliments you when he should and knows when to get close and when to back off. But it all feels staged. It seems forced, unnatural. He’s too perfect, yet not perfect enough. 

“Does he treat you right?” Luke blurts out, and you see him cringe as he realizes his mistake. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked…I just…Yeah. Sorry.”

That same small smile crosses your mouth as you recognize Luke’s naturally awkward personality. “He does, yeah,” you mumble sheepishly. An uncomfortable silence falls between the two of you. “Well, it was nice seeing you again. I mean that, Luke. But I should go.” You know if you stay to talk, you’ll only receive more questions about your new boyfriend, and you can’t bear to talk to Luke about him. You smile at him weakly before turning around and walking through the door, fighting tears.

“Y/N, wait!” You stop and turn around, met with the sight of the blonde boy jogging after you. “Are you really happy with him?”

“What do you–?”

“Just tell me if he makes you happy.”

You sigh, digging your toe into the ground. You know you haven’t been nearly as happy as you were with Luke, but you were slightly happy nonetheless. You shrug and mutter, “He’s not you, that’s for sure.”


You take a deep breath, looking at the sky. “Yes, he treats me right. He’s also damn good looking and he gives the best advice. He takes me out all the time and never makes me pay. He has a six year old brother that I helped him babysit one time and he is the absolute sweetest little boy I’ve ever met. He brags about me to all of his friends and he always says his parents can’t wait to meet me.”

“Stop,” Luke stares down at you with shiny blue eyes and a pained look on his face. “I get it. I’m sorry I asked.”

“No, Luke, please. Let me finish.” You take another breath. “He gets along with my friends, he likes the same bands as me, and he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He got me sold out Mayday Parade tickets for my birthday, and he even camped out for hours with me just so I could get a picture with Derek. But he’s not you, Luke. The way he makes me feel, even after all of that, doesn’t even begin to compare to the way I felt when I was with you. So yes, I’m happy with him. But I’m not happy enough.”

Luke’s mouth parts in disbelief, never expecting those words to leave your lips. “But you said that…I…I don’t know what to—”

You cut him off. “You don’t have to say anything. Just know that letting you go is the absolute worst decision I have ever made. Even worse than letting you talk me into skydiving.” You laugh a little, and so does Luke, as you both recall the time Luke convinced you to skydive with him only to discover that you are deathly afraid of heights. “I convinced myself that you’d moved on to make it easier for me. But as much as I told myself that I was happy—,” your voice breaks, and you take a second to regain your composure. “As much as I told myself that I was happy, I wasn’t as happy as I was with you.”

The next thing you know, Luke envelops you in a bear hug. You lock your arms around his waist and he kisses the top of your head before letting you go. “I wish you would have told me that sooner.”

You sigh and feel a tear slide down your cheek as a sob leaves your throat. “I’m sorry, Luke. This is all my fault. I’m so, so sorry, I—”

“Shh,” he silences you, rubbing your back, wrapping you up in a hug once more. You relish in his body heat as you’ve been shivering from the cold. “It’s okay. It’s not your fault. We can figure this out, I promise.” He releases you from his grasp and stares down at you. “Now, go home and light a fire or something. You must be freezing cold.”  

5SOS Preference #4- He Cheats (Calum, Part 1)

Ashton: (Part 1(Part 2) (Team Dylan) (Team Ashton)

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        You honestly knew for a long time that Calum was the same faithful husband he vowed to be. He wasn’t always trying his best to hide the text messages, the many nights out with the “boys” just to see one show up a couple minutes later asking if he was home. Before you knew it you were starring at his phone. Seeing the truth unravel to see the fact that there is a mistress.

        You were hurt, your heart was ripped into small pieced that could barely be repaired. It has only been one year of marriage and he has already given up on you? It just killed. You wanted to me in denial. That made you stay, not stay a word. Made you continue to be the ‘happy’ wife you are.

        The truth is, when he lift to you know who you broke. Tears would stream endlessly and the only thing found in your hand was an almost empty vodka bottle that you always find yourself buying multiple ones in a week. At this point you knew you had enough. You knew that it wasn’t right now live like this, pretending that he’s the same man that gave you his world.

        You decided to make a plan. You told him you were going out and about with your girlfriends for a couple hours. Knowing that soon you will leave the house he will call the home wrecker over.

        You were set. You made yourself look like you’re about to go out. You slowly make your way to the door to see Calum. “You look stunning.” He whispers which made you hurt more. “Thank you.” You say sheepishly before opening the door. “I’ll see you in a hours.” You murmur before sucking in a breath as you feel his lips press gently against your cheek. “Are you okay baby?” He questions. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” You flash a fake smile before walking out of the house and over to the car. You peaked over at Calum noticing his eyes were already plastered on his phone, calling her.

        You pull out of the driveway only to return threw the back entrance a couple minutes later. You’re heart was already torn, already you heard a woman’s voice threw your home. Calum’s and her’s laugh and moans filled the house. “They sure go right at it.” You mutter in sorrow. Your hand way already on the bottle of alcohol. Taking a swig now and then before gaining the confidence to pull out the divorce papers from your purse. “Here we go.”

      You made your way up the stairs at a slow pace before swinging the door open to see Calum on top of a girl. They both gasp as they see your figure at the door. They quickly cover themselves up. “Oh don’t mind me, continue.” You slur slight before taking another swig from the bottle in your hand. “(Y/N), It’s not what it looks like.” Calum nervously states and he rushed to put clothes on. “I know, it looks liked a cheap porno in front of me but it’s actually A husband cheating on his wife with a girl that is probably a porn star.”

        The girl gasps before looking at Calum. “You’re seriously going to let her speak to me like that? I thought you said you were going to divorce her! You promised we could live happily ever after.” The girl whines, not leaving the bed.

        Her words hit hard but you kept your face emotionless. “Don’t worry Blondy I’m one step ahead of him.” You drop the papers on the bed before walking over to the closet. “Don’t worry, I’ll be done in a second. Then you can go back to fucking which I guess will leave to a happily ever after.” You starred down Calum. “But I’m going to let you know. He will probably do the same to you. He is a cocky asshole, that I fucking regret marrying.” You spat before taking out your suit cases. “(Y/N)..” Calum whimpers. “Please, let’s just talk.” He whispers, regret filled his voice. “No Calum, honestly you don’t deserve one little second of my time. You decided to ruin this marriage. You can’t suddenly try to change your mind and make things better.”

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Coworker!Michael always knowing how to cheer you up. He would constantly look at you with the stupidest facial expressions and always make fun of the really annoying customers. One day your boss flipped and yelled at you for some stupid reason and you barely made it to the break room before you broke down into sobs on one of the tables. You lifted your head when you heard someone clear their throat. A cup of coffee and a chocolate bar were sitting on the table, Michael behind them. He smiled sheepishly before explaining, “Thought you could use a little pick-me-up. And maybe a hug.”

For wanksclifford and defcliff0rd coworker!5sos and road trip!5sos blurb night!!


Dodging under a forceful swing of Croc’s left hand, you forgot for a second with whom you’re training and went for a counter, the knuckels of your right hand meeting the adamant skin of your opponent.

“God damnit!”, you cried out in pain, covering your knuckels with your other hand, pain slowly starting to cloud your mind and you feared that you had accidentally broke your right hand.

Lifting your head, your eyes landed on the frozen form of your training partner, who’s watching you with curiousity written over his face.

“Don’t just stand there! Get me a cooling pack.”, you barked in pain, snapping Killer Croc out of his thoughts and to your surprise, he’s rushing out of the gym.

It’s funny, isn’t it?” she asked, her voice sharp as a knife, “how you give me nothing all the time and expect me to give you my everything in return. I broke all my fingers for you and you won’t even lift a single one for me, not once.
—   on balance
evening thoughts #3

Title: Parallel

Character/s: Elizabeth ( Ellie ), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Key: Y/S/N = your surname, Y/N = your name

Word count: 950

Warnings: Language, implied death of a sibling

Based on this post

“Y/N, please don’t, we only have a few hours left,” Elizabeth wrapped her fingers around your forearm, pleading with hazel hues as your legs swung out from the 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback, animosity igniting your veins. The worst scenario by far had just played out right before you, and if these events weren’t enough, you had watched every second unfold, a specific detail stuck between your teeth; the way the driver smirked as his door tore obsidian from aluminium, walking away without hesitation.

“Did you not see what that son of a bitch did to baby? Ellie, he fucking smirked! We’ll be on the road again before you know it, I ain’t letting them take you,” You broke away, lifting your body from the victim, combat boots pounding tarmac as you followed soon after, daylight fading simultaneously with everything reasonable occupying your mind.

“Hey, dickbag,” What left your gritted teeth was something close to a snarl, saturated with rage and decorated your stiff body to mean something more than stillness.

“Who the hell are you?” The offender turned, squinting his eyes in attempt to remember a face he’d never seen.

“You mean who the hell are you, slamming your door into baby like that,” It wasn’t just a car, it wasn’t just a 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback, it was your home. You didn’t have four walls and a roof, you had four doors and a wheel. You didn’t have a mother and a father, you had Elizabeth Y/S/N and whiskey.

What? Look, I have no idea what the hell you think I’ve done wrong, so can I just go get what I came for?” The man gestured to the gas station shop, shaking his head lightly. It was a shame, because the truth was, you were craving a fight. You hadn’t had a case since a few weeks ago, seemingly every job occupied by ‘the Winchesters’. It was hard enough persuading people that two girls could aim a shotgun, never mind finding scraps left behind by the guys who started, and ended, the apocalypse.

“Dean, you can’t even walk five feet without starting something. Look..” A taller figure entered the corner of your vision, lingering on the absence of your name.

“Y/N,” You answered plainly, line of sight locked to the man you now knew was named Dean, refusing to back down in any aspect.

“Y/N, I’m sorry for whatever my brother has done, but I can assure you he didn’t mean to upset anyone,” Autumn breeze brushed your cheeks, swaying your ponytail in the scent of diesel and cooling the blood that had risen closer to your skin. You felt idiotic, sandwiched between the clueless man and the guy stuffed with reason, your only fuel the gash along the left side of your Mustang.

“I rebuilt her only last month, having to scavenge parts from every corner of the country, wash my blood, vampire blood, wendigo blood, you name it, from the inside, and then have to try to match her shade of black to paint her? I can’t believe you expect me to accept your half assed apology,” You continued, sharing your vision between the brothers equally now, gun pressed against the skin where your trouser waistband once lay.

“You’re a hunter?” Dean questioned instantly, identifying your mistake before you could even recognise it yourself.

“Yeah, we are,” The slam of a car door accompanied the footsteps of your sister, as she recovered from something close to forgotten, answering for you. Elizabeth took place beside you, as you took pride in every syllable in a way she never could. The words were never something she wanted to be able to say.

“Hot sister alert,” Dean muttered, ivories pressed against pale pink skin and optics in every place they shouldn’t be.

“Lay a finger on her and I will kill you, your children and your grandchildren,” You growled, positioning yourself you block as much as Ellie from his vision as possible, her height exceeding your own.

“Dean, these girls are hunters too. Can you even remember the last time we spoke to others in this line of work without a knife to our throats? Just hug and make up already.”

And somewhere within those words, clarity was reached. Biting the inside of your cheek, you questioned why you hadn’t realised it earlier, it was so obvious and yet it took your breath away. The 1967 Chevrolet Impala, two men wearing too many layers- one of them tall with long hair and the other nothing short of an asshole? It all meant just one thing:

The Winchesters.

“Y/N, I can hear them, please can we just go now…?” Ellie breathed into your ear, making sure only you heard her fear. She was terrified, no matter how many times she tried to deny it. The fear was raw and intense, pulsing through your own veins as well as her own.

“Get in the car, they can’t get to you there. I’ll finish up here, I won’t be long. I pro-” Deep growls reverberated throughout the dusk atmosphere, ripping the reassuring smile from your lips, injecting high doses of adrenaline into your bloodstream.

“You lied, Ellie?” Her hands fell from your own, tears staining her cheeks with shades of fear and regret.

“I’ve been living on borrowed time since Boston.. I’m sorry, Y/N, I’m so sorry,” You wrapped your arms around your sister, blocking out everything except her existence, knowing it was more than too late.

“What did you get?” Sam mumbled within the brief silence, before barks saturated the air once again.

“Y/N’s life and a year,” Ellie whispered into your hair as she pressed her lips to your head, interrupting her own sentence. “And it was worth it, so don’t you dare cry, Y/N.”

I broke my back, lifting your spirit

You were sad, I told a joke.
You wanted to feel, so I spoke.
You wanted something, and I bought it.
You said you hated me, and I forgot it.
You wanted adventure, I took you places.
You wanted excitement, I put on faces.
You wanted love, I made you fall.
You said you needed me, and I would call.
You were the one, I told you so.
You said it too, then I watched you go.

I realized that this love was untrue.
Because as you just read, it was all about you.
It’s sad because you’ll never hear it,
But I broke my back, lifting your spirit.

- CrW


Listen to:One Direction-History.

“It is kind of weird Dylan"you said brushing the leaves off of your shoes.

"Shut up, Its only weird if you make it weird y/n"he said wriggling his eyebrows up and down whilst grinning.

You shook your head and smiled to yourself.
You were lost in the middle of the forest with your brothers best friend Dylan O'Brien.

Now that doesn’t sound awkward. Does it? Well if you add in the fact that he was your crush then that becomes awkward.

And how did you get lost at 8pm In the woods I hear you ask?
100% Dylan’s fault.
He offered to give you a lift home from a party and his car broke down.
He decided to venture through the forest to find help and you protested telling him that it was a stupid idea for over 20 minutes.

Long story short, he ended up winning the argument and you both ended up walking in circles.

"Dylan"you sighed.

"Yes y/n"he turned around confusion plastered his face.

"We’ve passed this lake already"you said pinching the top of your nose with frustration.

"Just admit it we’re lost"you said sitting down on a wet log.

"Okay, your right we are"he said holding his head in his hands.

"Finally, your not in Denial anymore"you smirked pulling out your new phone.

"Its fine Dylan, i’ll just call Robbie I’m sure he’ll find us he has a phone tracker.

He tensed up and his once confused face had become angry.

"Who is this Robbie everyone keeps talking about?"he asked.

"Just a close mate from school"you replied.

"Sounds like a douche to me,no it’s fine y/n I can get us out of this mess"he announced grabbing your phone and putting it in his back pocket.

"Hey! That’s my phone, I swear if you break it I will seriously consider hurting you"you said catching up with him.

"That wouldn’t be anything new y/n you punch me at least 3 times a day"he said wrapping his hands around your shoulders as the wind started to pick up.

"Yeah but you are so frustrating and infuriating"you said nudging his side.

"But you and me, we got a whole lot of history, we could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen"he sang.

"Dylan"you stifled a laugh.

"Yes y/n"he smiled brightly down at you.

"Did you just try to serenade me with One Direction?"you blushed.

"I did indeed"he nodded proudly.
After that you walked in silence. It was a comfortable silence though.

"Y/n will you do me a favour?"He turned to you.

"Depends on what it is"you raised your eyebrow.

"Go on a date with me?"he asked

"What will my brother say?"you shook your head.

"He was the one who gave me the courage to ask you, he kept teasing me about that Robbie Kid"he replied.

"Okay"you shrugged.

"Is that a yes then"he said,his eyes filled with hope.

"Yeah why not"you said holding his hand.