you broke the lift

2AM - part 6 (A Minseok Series)

You awoke some hours later alone with memories of your breakdown in front of Minseok, his reaction, his tearful apologies that faded as the grief and pain in your heart took over.

You’d let him see just how badly his actions had hurt you and as your eyes adjusted to the light your ears caught a sound in the distance. Somewhere else in the home you could hear voices.

What time was it? It had to be late morning by now.

You sat up on his bed, pushing off the covers that he seemed to have thrown over you in the night, and your feet sank to the floor, resting over a pair of slippers carefully set just where you would be sure to stand and walk.

Had he done this?

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Auston Matthews - Safe

Prompt: Auston finds out about your violent ex boyfriend

A/N: This wasn’t requested but I was dying to write a protective Auston imagine. I tried to make this happier than anything  

Warning/s: This imagine is based off of abuse and violence, but a super supportive and cuddly Auston. Please read at your own risk. If you need to talk, please reach out to someone, and my ask box is always open. 

Word count: 1,347

Song/s: Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran, Mess Is Mine - Vance Joy, Remedy - Adele, Past Lives - BORNS, and finally, fragile - gnash

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Permission Granted

Warnings: Smut; Domination; Swearing


You and Sirius Black were the hottest couple at Hogwarts. Everyone knew that the notorious playboy was a puppy in love and that you had him wrapped around your little finger since day one.

You had been official for the past six months, but had been fucking in secret for over a year. You didn’t want to be associated with him in public, nor allow him the opportunity to break your heart, so you had preferred the low-key “friends with benefits” approach. That is, until you realized you had fallen for the devilishly handsome boy with the grey eyes which saw right into your soul.

Sirius treated you like a lady in public - he adored you. He opened doors, he brought you flowers, he peppered you with kisses at every chance he got. He was head over heels in love with you. But this translated into something completely different in the bedroom. He was dominate, he was the boss, he was rough. His almost animalistic approach to fucking you and making you cum was the one thing that drove you over the edge and ensured that you thought of nobody else but him. And today was no exception.

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You sat in Transfiguration, gazing at McGonagall with a crease between your eyes, tapping your wand on your leg impatiently. Sirius had been teasing you for the past few days, whispering sweet nothings into your ear, brushing his hands against your breasts in passing and squeezing your arse when nobody was looking. His actions had become more and more suggestive and you were going crazy with lust. You NEEDED him. The aching between your legs had started last night, and you had tried to quench your thirst by rubbing yourself, but the thought of Sirius’ hard cock thrusting relentlessly into you left you nothing but impatient and unsatisfied. You began to throb between your legs as your mind brought back memories of your last midnight session with him, where he took you from behind in the boys dormitory while the other Marauders slept. You closed your eyes as you closed your legs, pressing them together to alleviate the heaviness that was building up down there.

The bell rang and your eyes snapped open. You looked over at Sirius. He was laughing and joking with James, a carefree smile on his gorgeous lips as he casually ran his fingers through his raven hair. “Fuck him” you thought. “He’s having the time of his life while I’m suffering to get through a day because of his antics? Not today, Black.

You shoved past your friends, ignoring their protests and marched over to your boyfriend. He caught sight of your face and recognized a fire in your eyes. He knew he was in trouble.

“Love? Everything okay?” Sirius said, gently placing his arm around your shoulders.

“Come with me.” You said as you shook him off you and marched up the stairs towards the third floor. You heard James call after you (something about taking his best friend away from him again) but you ignored it.

You pushed open a door that led to an empty classroom, Sirius right behind you.

“Baby doll, what’s wrong?”

Sirius closed the door and dropped his bag to the floor. You closed your eyes for a few seconds until you felt Sirius standing right behind you. Your switch flipped and you threw your school bag to the side. You spun around and lunged at Sirius, grabbing him behind his neck and pulling his face to yours. The intensity of the kiss was so strong that Sirius didn’t think to protest. After a split second he pulled you even closer to him as he placed his hands on your back and lifted you off the ground. You swung your legs around his waist and clung to him as he kissed you, his tongue forking into yours.

He stumbled slightly backwards and landed on the unused teachers desk, your hands moving to his shirt as you lifted it from his grey pants.

Sirius broke free from the entanglement of your kiss, breathing heavily and stopping your hands with one of his.

“Y/N”, he breathed. “What are you doing? What’s wrong with you?”

You looked deeply into those grey eyes of his, a frown between your brows.

“Fuck, Sirius. You’ve been driving me mad these past few days. I need you. I want you. Can you just shut up and fuck me?”

You saw the immediate shock on his face. Sirius was the one who usually barked out the orders in the bedroom. This change of role was intense and caused him to hesitate, but you saw something reflected in his eyes as his lips twitched into a smile that made your heart skip a beat. “As you wish, mistress”

He grabbed you by your waist and pulled you closer to him, his lips meeting yours once more. As he kissed you with a new hunger, you felt his cock grow beneath you. An involuntary moan escaped your lips as his hands trailed beneath your school skirt and up your backside. He squeezed your cheeks and began to pull at your panties. You lifted yourself up slightly so that he could pull them to the side, one finger sliding easily into your wet cunt. Sirius smiled into your lips as he felt you dripping onto his hand.

He chuckled softly into your mouth. “If I knew this was what was waiting for me, I would have left McGonagall’s class a long time ago.”

He pressed two fingers into you as his other hand pushed you down onto him from the back. You gasped at the pressure and lifted your face to the ceiling. Sirius took the opportunity to suck on your neck, knowing he would leave a mark for the school to see. As he played with you, fingers running in and out of your slit, rubbing your throbbing clit, you could feel his own cock moving beneath you.

You moved back and forth on his hand and legs, creating more friction but not finding the fulfillment you needed. You grew impatient and pulled away from him. He watched you as you fumbled with his belt, the edge of the desk digging uncomfortably into your shins. When you finally unclasped the buckle, you reach to pull his thick, pulsating cock from his shorts, shifting his pants only enough to get him out. Once he sprung free, you felt a vibration run up the base of your spine at the anticipation for what was to come.

You slipped your soaking panties off and kicked them to the side. You pushed him back down onto the desk and climbed on top of him, ignoring the creaks from the old desk. “I’m going to fuck you, Sirius Black.” You said, swatting his hand away from his penis. “And you’re not going to cum until I’m down with you”. The authority in your voice surprised the both of you, but Sirius smiled and placed his hands in the air. “As you command.”

You grabbed his big, thick dick between your right hand and you parted your swollen lips with the fingers of your left. You slowly lowered yourself into him, relishing at the control you had over the man below you as a loud moan left his mouth. He twitched underneath you but you dug your nails into his thighs as you leaned back, reminding him that you were the boss today.

You began to rock back and forth on his dick, feeling his growth fill you, your walls pulling at the size of him, a slight discomfort that only added to the pleasure you were feeling.

“This is what I’ve wanted for the past three days,” you spluttered, rocking viciously with each word. “Do you think it’s fair to let me feel this way? To let me finger fuck myself in the hopes of getting off?”

“N-no…” Sirius groaned as you began to ride him, your wet cunt sliding up and down his shaft, your clit grinding into his pubic bone. Your high was approaching but you wanted him to thrust into you, you needed him to take control. You stopped suddenly and leaned over to his left ear “now fuck me”.

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At these words Sirius grabbed your waist, pushing you off him but never losing contact with you. His pants fell to the floor as he bent you over the desk, spreading your legs with his feet. He took in your form as you exposed your pussy to him, his hand grabbing his cock once more. Without warning he thrust into you, making you yell. He pushed your face back down as his hand held your head to the desk. He continued to pound into you, grunting with pleasure at the way you screamed his name. You didn’t care if the whole school could hear you, all you wanted was for Sirius to fuck you into oblivion.

You felt yourself building up for release as Sirius quickened his pace. You reached your high and let go, moaning incoherently as he rode you through your climax. Still pulsing as he continued to fuck you, you realized Sirius was still hard.

“You didn’t cum?” You asked breathlessly

“You didn’t give me permission” grinned Sirius, letting go of your head. You smiled as you moved off the desk and backed into him.   “Permission granted”

White Day; Taeyong

Request: Heyy I saw you’re taking requests~~ Can you post a smut or smutty scenario with Taeyong in which you had fought for something but then realised it wasn’t for something that important and you realise that and you make up and it’s your first time together… if you know what I mean…😏😏😏… and it’s kinda romantic with kisses on the walls and him lifting his gf and it’s kinda likd Coffee Prince…😍 (no handjob or blowjob pleaseee)

Word Count: 2719

Genre: Smut

A/N - lets pretend for fiction sake that it’s still the 14th lol

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Today is White Day. The day similar to valentines day, where couples went out and did couple like things. But not you. You had been sat on the couch for the most of the day waiting for your boyfriend, Taeyong, to say or do something to acknowledge the momentous day, but nothing happened. He didn’t even have the excuse of being in dance practice or recording, he had the day off and so far all he’d done was wake up and play video games. Usually this type of thing wouldn’t bother you, you knew Taeyong had a busy schedule and he might have forgotten because of that, but today it did.

Taeyong sat on the floor in front of you, his legs crossed, controller in hand, as he played a violent video game with loud explosions and gun shots firing every few seconds. He’d press the buttons quickly and lean forward whenever he aimed and fired, and once he’d hit his target he’d let out victory whisper, ‘Yes’ and the occasional whine when someone else hit him, that person usually being Jaehyun as he cursed his name.

You’d watch him for a while, until you got tired and laid down on the couch, your head resting on the cushions that were scattered on it. Every time he glanced back at you for a split second and smiled at you, you thought he was going to mention it was White Day and that he loved you, but of course you were just getting ahead of yourself again. This happened for the next hour or so, he’d pay games and casually check up on you from time to time, until one time he stopped and looked at you for a bit longer. Your heart raced as you waited for him to say what you wanted to hear, but all he said was, “Y/N, could you get me a drink, please?”

“Huh?” Your heart dropped. Did he really just ask you that? You lifted your leg and nudged him with your foot making him drop his controller on the floor,

“Why don’t you get one yourself?” His mouth dropped and he stared at you trying to understand what he’d said wrong. The both of would usually drop whatever the other was doing to get something as simple as a drink for each other. “O-Okay…”

He paused the game he was playing and made his way over the kitchen, where he grabbed a drink and filled it with ice cold water. Confused he made his way back over to where you sat, this time sitting on the couch with you instead of on the floor. He sat with his posture straight, as if he was a naughty school boy and the teacher had just told him off for talking over them. Still trying to think of what he did that was so wrong he kept glancing over at you until he finally said, “I-I did say ‘please’, right?”

You rolled your eyes. Did he really not know what day it was? He got up from where he was sitting and turned the TV off before sitting a little bit closer to you on the couch. You were now sitting rather than lying down and Taeyong’s hand rested on your leg. You tried not to look at him, if you gave him the silent treatment would he realise?

“Y/N? Babe?” He rubbed his hand up and down your leg, making it difficult for you to not look at him, “Y/N, I’ve really tried to think about what I’ve done, but i really don’t know… Any chance of telling me?”

Finally you gave in and looked at him, “Taeyong, what day is it today?” You smiled at him patronizingly and he avoided you gaze and thought about it some more.

“It’s fourteenth of March? And that day is significant because…?” He glanced back at you sheepishly, which would normally make you smile, but you were upset about him not remembering.

“It’s White Day.” You stood up and went to the kitchen, filling up a glass full of water to distract yourself.

“Shit.”, Taeyong got up from his seat on the couch and made his way over to you as you drank all the water left in your cup, slamming it down on the counter, “Y/N, I totally forgot-”

You turned away from him and opened the fridge. Hidden behind a few items, you brought out a box of chocolates and laid them in front of him on the counter. He stared at it for a second and then ran his hand through his hair, sighing.

“Are trying to make me feel like a bad boyfriend? because that’s what it feels like right now.” He pushed the chocolates away from him.

“Well, shouldn’t you feel bad? These types of days are worshiped by couples. The day where they tell each other how much they love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of their lives and shit, and you forget?” You crossed your arms.

Taeyong moved so that he stood in front of you. “And you think I don’t love you?” He half shouted, his face burning red, his fists clenched at his side, “Because I forgot about some stupid day, it makes me love you any less than I do now?”

This made you stop from firing another advance in your argument. Feeling ashamed that you got so worked up about something like White Day, you looked at the floor, your cheeks burning bright red.

“Just because I didn’t buy you chocolates doesn’t mean I don’t love you, even though I do regret forgetting to buy you chocolates.” He added as a side note. He was breathing hard, but you already new he was calming down from his earlier outburst.

“I-I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t love me, because I know you love me, and I love you too-” You were cut off when Taeyong reached out and cupped your cheeks in his large hands. He looked you in the eye for less than a second, then he stepped forward and placed his lips on yours.

It was over before you realised it, he pulled away leaving his hands on your cheeks. “I love you so much. Let’s not argue over this anymore, okay? Let me make it up to you?”

He gazed into your eyes and you gazed back. His eyes were dark, and if you were meeting him for the first time you’d probably think he was a cold person, but you knew he was far from it, you found comfort in his eyes. Thinking he was going to pull away from you and suggest that the both of you go out on a fancy date or something, you were surprised when he placed his lips back on yours, this time for a little longer than before. His lips were warm and soft against yours as he passionately kissed you, the grip on your cheeks firm.

He pressed his body against yours and walked the both of you back until your back hit the kitchen counter. You gasped from the cold on your back, and Taeyong took the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. The familiar feeling of his tongue against yours made your heart race. His tongue was soft as he explored your mouth, angling his head in different positions so that he could explore new parts of your mouth every now and again.

His hands moved from cupping your cheeks to your hips where he rubbed circles into your hips, making your legs grow weaker. Quite frankly you couldn’t get enough of your boyfriend. Taeyong noticed the shaking of your legs, and suddenly gripped your waist and lifted you onto the cluttered kitchen counter. You knocked over a couple of dishes, but you couldn’t care less. Taeyong made his way so that he was standing in between your thighs, and continued to kiss you, his hand resting on the top of your thighs so that he could reach your lips.

Your hands were tangled in hair, pulling on strand every few seconds, which he responded to kissing you even deeper. His hands started to travel from your thighs to the hem of your t-shirt. He fiddled with it for a bit, and you knew what he wanted even though you’d never gone that far before. You broke away from the kiss and looked down at your boyfriend. Taeyong looked up at you with swollen lips and you wondered what you must look like to him.

“What are you doing?” You reached for your top and tried to pull it out of his grip.

“Y/N, let me make it up to you…” He gazed into your eyes and you knew what he wanted to do. You’d discussed it a lot recently after make out sessions had almost led to something more. “You said lets wait till the right time and I think this is the right time. Let me show you how much I love you, Y/N.” He reached up and brushed a strand of hair behind your ears, and then sheepishly lowered his hand, “But, only if you want it, I don’t want to pressure you into anything-” he started to ramble on and you pressed your lips against his to shut him up.

“Okay” You broke away and whispered into his ear.

“Okay?” He smiled widely, showing all of his pearly-white teeth making you giggle. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you towards him. You folded your legs around his waist and he lifted you off the counter, holding you in his arms. He started walking while kissing you passionately. You knew he was trying to get to the bedroom so instead of blocking his vision by kissing him, you broke away and left a trail kisses down his jawline to his neck. Once at his neck you started to suck at the spot behind his ear making him groan.

His walking faltered and he pushed you up against the wall near your bedroom. You continued to suck on the same spot, loving the sound he was making, but you were too busy to notice that Taeyong was working at getting your top off of you with one hand and using the other to support you. “Let’s get this off,” He whined and you broke away, lifting your arms above your head so that he could quickly take it off and chuck it somewhere on the floor.

He stared at you for few seconds, making you blush, the kissed you on your newly exposed skin. He started again for the bedroom, and once he reached it you had imagined he’d almost through you on the bed, like you often saw in movies, but Taeyong laid you down lightly making sure you were comfortable. He climbed on top of the bed, in the process taking off his baggy white top showing his flat toned stomach. You couldn’t seem to take yours eyes off him, making him laugh.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He whispered in your ear before reattaching his lips to yours again.

His hand traveled behind your back to where he struggled to unclasp your bra. You let him struggle for a couple more minutes before his lips left yours in a frustrated whine, “Can you undo it for me just this once, please?”

You laughed and reached behind you, Taeyong knelt over you in anticipation, his hands shaking, he wanted everything to go perfectly. Once you finally undid your bra, Taeyong helped to take it off. He stared at you before going to kiss at the exposed skin, making you lie down fully on the bed.

He sucked his way down the valley of your breasts leaving marks so that you’ll remember the next day. His tongue came into contact with your nipple and your hips instinctively bucked up, to which he held you down with his hands. His lips then traveled to waist band of your jeans, his hands playing with it. He looked up your body with hooded eyes to confirm if he could take it off and you nodded.

Swiftly, he took off your jeans along with your panties. Feeling completely bare in front of him, you felt embarrassed and tried to cover yourself up with your hands, but Taeyong managed to grab them before your could, “God, do you even know how beautiful you are?” He said in awe and you blushed.

Being the only one naked you reached for Taeyongs baggy sweats and pulled the drawstring, making them loose around his waist, a visible V line making you swallow hard. You didn’t know if you were ready to see what was underneath or not.

“Do you want me to take it off or you?” He asked, his thumbs hooked under the waist band of his sweats.

“You do it,” fear got the best of you, and you watched as he lowered both his sweats and his boxers.

You glimpsed at it for a brief second until embarrassment washed over you and you diverted your gaze. All you could recollect was that it was big, bigger than you’d expected, making you swallow in anticipation.

Taeyong noticed that you weren’t looking at him and fear washed over him, “U-uh, we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready or anything-”

“What? No, of course I want to do this. Taeyong, I want you.” You blushed and turned to face him again. He was on his knees holding himself in his left hand. His face immediately lit up and he pushed you back, lightly.

He parted you legs and placed himself in front of you, and reached out for the bedside table. He opened the draw and brought back a condom package. He carefully made a tear in the packet using his teeth, which looked really hot, you noted. 

You watched as he rolled it onto his length, you couldn’t tell if it was the nerves in your stomach or the suspense of what awaited you. Taeyong, again noticing your nervousness, leaned back over in between your legs and pressed a light kiss to your lips, contrasting with his earlier eagerness.

“Y/N, this might hurt a little bit, but I promise it’ll feel good after, okay?” You nodded after taking a deep breath composing yourself. This was what you’d been looking forward for this moment for while now, and it was finally happening. 

He lined himself up to your entrance and you jumped slightly at the unusual feeling. 

“Relax, trust me.”

He slowly made his way inside you and you held your breath. The pain seemed unbearable, but Taeyong stopped once he was buried deep inside of you, letting you adjust to his size. He watched you intently, and once he noticed your tension lessen, he slowly started to move. 

You let out the breath you were holding and began to feel the pleasure with every thrust Taeyong gave you. Taeyong noticed the way your eyes fluttered closed, and it fed his energy along with your cute moans. 

When Taeyong was close, he lowered himself so that his lips could reach your neck where he sucked on the exposed skin. 

“Taeyong…” You breather out quickly, feeling a tightness in your stomach, and Taeyong new what you meant.

“Me too,” He moaned into you neck, instantly making you release onto him. 

It wasn’t long until Taeyong followed you. Even though he was tired Taeyong removed the filled condom, tied it, then threw into the bin beside your bed. Your eyes were already closed when Taeyong joined you back on the bed. He moved carefully scared he’d wake you. He draped a blanket over the both of you and settled into the pillow; he’d worry about the mess later, for now the both of you were too tired to do anything. 

Taeyong wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close to him. Your breathing was steady against his chest and he thought you were asleep, but he jumped when you said, “Thank you. Our first time couldn’t have been any better than that. I love you, Taeyong.”

Taeyong pecked your cheek lightly as sleep started to take of you, “I love you too.”   

Karamel Fanfic #30

 Title: Someone Who Needs Advice

Prompt: 5 times team Flash gives love advice to Mon-El and 1 time they give it to Kara.

Word Count: 4718

Warning: Contains spoilers up to Supergirl 2x15 (and spoilers from synopsis/promo pics of Supergirl 2x16 and Flash 2x17

Also posted on AO3.

Note: Thanks to @daxtonian-karamel @threesilverthings88 @starcrossed-comets @karamelblobber @awestallendevotee @emarasmoak @breadrunnersofcakedom @thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain for their enthusiasm for my story idea and encouraged me to write it. You. Are. Loved. :)


It was Caitlin who approached Mon-El about the subject after he, Kara, and J’onn arrived on Earth. She’d understood the moment she saw Mon-El carrying the Kryptonian that their relationship was more than “just friends,” even though neither he nor J’onn commented on that. It was all clear from the way the Daxamite looked at the girl in his arms anyway.

She managed to catch him alone only a couple of hours after the arrival, though, as Barry and the rest of the team were looking for a cure for Music Meister’s magic. She, being the biochemist, had to keep an eye on Kara to see if her condition changed anyway, so she used the opportunity to talk to Mon-El.

“So,” she started, her eyes turning to Mon-El from the heart monitor. The Daxamite’s eyes were on Kara, his hands wrapped around one of her limp ones and holding it tightly. As if he was afraid that once he let go, he’d lose Kara. Forever. “You and Kara, huh?” Mon-El’s eyes only briefly flickered to her before returning to the Kryptonian.

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Drug Wars (Pt. 4)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything, so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: I don’t know, I’m sorry. You should probably read from Part 1, because this will just spoil everything for you. Also, I don’t know why I keep doing that thing with the milk, just view it as a metaphor. None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

The air was cold and filled with cries.

“Where are you taking him?!”

You were running, each step echoing through the empty corridor – you kept shouting, but he didn’t stop.

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Student Council Prez [9]

Episode 8 - Episode 9 - Episode 9.5 OR Episode 10
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au

Yoongi didn’t completely break his wrist.

When you went to the private doctor with him, they told you it was more of a severe sprain, some of his ligaments damaged from the fall. And now he had a cast wrapped around his entire arm. It would take anywhere from two to eight weeks to heal and they told you, very specifically that he was not to put any pressure on it and alleviate all heavy weights.

Yoongi on the other hand, told you that you should be happy he wasn’t suing you.

But no matter how much disdain you felt for him, you couldn’t help the wash of guilt that drowned you whole.

You were the one who pushed him after all.

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preference: your favorite thing he does

Ponyboy: He would always be playing with the zipper on his favorite purple sweatshirt. It made you laugh because most of the time it would be unconsciously. However, what you didn’t know is that often times you were the reason he was distracted :-)

Johnny: He would pull at his lower lip whenever he got nervous. You’d smile whenever you caught him doing it because it was just so dang cute.

Dally: Dally would always be looking down at his feet whenever he was at a loss for words or if he was slightly embarrassed. It made you smile because he would never admit to being flustered.

Sodapop: He would lift your chin up whenever you broke eye contact with him. If you were sad or angry, it always helped your mood. You just found it so adorable that you couldn’t help but be happy.

Steve: Steve would constantly be challenging the other greasers to fights or arm wrestles (the scene with him & Soda asdfghjkl) and you always thought it was cute when he got mad if he lost.

Two-Bit: No surprise, he would crack jokes non-stop. Sometimes they would be funny, but most of the time they were just outright corny and you couldn’t help but laugh anyways.

Darry: He would always smile when he seemed to be very serious. It always lightened the mood, no matter what the circumstances were.

over 200 messages in my inbox upon return, and i’m so sorry i can’t respond to all of them, but I will read all of them one by one

and I want you all to know that i really appreciate all the overwhelming love, supportive comments and messages you’ve all left for me while i was gone

I’ve been very unwell, even after a month of care, I still am struggling to live and go on

but right now I need to give a heartfelt thank you to @coldlovetree for trying so hard to contact me throughout my absence, finally reaching me through my personal e-mail; I wouldn’t have spoken again if not for her

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Thank you @askdreamsandstars, for the daily reminders and for just being so patient and understanding about what I’m going through. You pulled me up when I broke down, lifted me up again with your words of advice and held my heart for me when I couldn’t even lift it

thank you everyone for being so patient

I’ll try again

Zach Werenski #2

Wrote this bad boy and decided it could turn into a little mini series if you’d like, just say the word guys :) Also thank you so so much for all the likes/love on the first imagine I did for this cute guy.

Word Count: 1,955

Summer nights were your second favourite kind of nights. First being nights when Zach was on the ice and shooting the puck around. So life kinda worked out nice, because when he wasn’t playing it was Summertime and you were just as happy about it. 

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Reconnection (a Zen fic-series)

a/n: well hello everyone!! it’s been forever i know….. i actually wrote this quite a while ago with the intention to post it but aaa… idk…. anyways. i hope you guys like it! let me know what you think!! and if you’re at all interested in the continuation!! love you guys so much. thank you for being patient with me. ♥

You were mid-laugh when your eyes locked with him from across the café.  The connection lasted less than a second, but your laughter dissolved and your smile nearly faded completely. You snapped your happy demeanor back as quickly as it went, however. Your hope being that the man sitting across from you hadn’t noticed.  Turning to face him again, though, you knew he had.

“Something wrong?” he asked with a look of only mild concern on his face.

The man you were sharing a drink with was named Joowon. You knew him from work. Your relationship with him wasn’t exactly professional any longer, but it was definitely platonic.

You chuckled lightly in response to his question, contemplating how to answer. Was there really a reason to try and cover it up? You were close with Joowon after all. He’d get it out of you eventually, anyways.

“My ex is here,” you said finally.

Joowon grimaced in a sympathetic way. “Bad break, then?”

You flashed him a small, almost sad smile before responding. “No, actually.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Joowon said before nonchalantly taking a sip of his coffee.

You hummed softly in response, trying to decide if you should give him more details. It would be nice to get it out. Especially to someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with both you and your ex. He ended up deciding for you while you were lost in thought.

“So, are you gonna elaborate or just deprive me of the details?” he said with a cheeky grin.

He was trying to get you to smile as the atmosphere had suddenly become a bit too tense for his liking, but he was also genuinely interested. His interest spurred from concern of course, though only in part. Truly, he was just very curious as you rarely talk about personal matters such as this.

You took a long sip from your own coffee, closing your eyes and mentally preparing yourself for the untouched feelings you were about to bring to the surface once more. You had been ignoring the nagging thoughts of words left unsaid and things left undone for months. Perhaps it was time to finally face them.

“It happened slowly,” you began while placing your cup down on the table between the two of you. “Like watching something die… powerless to stop it.”

Joowon studied your features intently, wondering if maybe he should withdraw his curiosity.

You continued however, with little hesitation. “It was my fault, truly.”

Joowon started to protest, thinking you were just beating yourself up. You waved him off, though, insisting what you had said was completely truthful.

“Let me explain.”

And so you did. You detailed how your mind and heart began to wander and how you foolishly thought there was something more out there waiting for you. As you spoke, you stole glances in your ex’s direction. Only succeeding in fueling the emotions that had begun to bubble as you told your story.

“It was only ever intended to be a break… time to figure things out,” you said after you’d finished explaining how it had gotten to that point. “But, we didn’t know how to just be friends anymore… and eventually we just stopped talking altogether.”

You took a moment to collect your thoughts after having just spoken about something you’d vowed to keep inside you. You stared at your hands, wondering how it came to be that your ex had shown up here today. Though, the realization hit you suddenly. It wasn’t such a ludicrous thing for him to have been here at this specific café. You two had come here a lot when you were together after all. How you hadn’t realized it until then was truly telling of how much you’d tried to forget him. Part of you knew, though. It had been you who suggested this location to meet with Joowon today. Your subconscious memories of him influenced that decision, clearly.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Joowon’s voice broke through your thoughts, startling you a bit.

You lifted your gaze and turned it to fully look at your ex as he chatted with one of the baristas. He hadn’t seemed to change a bit. Frozen in time; beautiful as always.

Your eyes were still tentatively glued to him as you responded to Joowon. “I… don’t know.”

Was that true? Or had you just convinced yourself that it was?

“Well, I’m no expert, but it seems there might be something unresolved there.”

He was right, truly; you knew that. But, what could you do about it now? After so much time had passed? Your eyes fell back to your hands.

“There’s not much that can be done about it now,” you smiled weakly as you voiced your thoughts.

In another effort to break the uncomfortable tension, Joowon suggested something of a game. “Let me see if I can guess which guy in here is your ex.”

You looked up at him, smiling wider than you had previously. “Good luck.”

“I’ll definitely need that luck. There’s an alarming number of dudes by themselves in here today.” he chuckled before sweeping his gaze around the café.

“Okay… how about the brunette leaning a bit too close into his laptop?” he suggested.

You didn’t even have to search for the man to know that he was wrong. Your ex was no brunette. You told him to try again, silently worrying what would be said when he finally did guess correctly.

“The dude in the green sweater who seems to be in an intimate relationship with his phone?”

Wrong again. You had stared at your ex long enough earlier to know that he was wearing a leather jacket. His favorite leather jacket, in fact. You shook your head with a small laugh, telling him to try again.

“So, I wasn’t going to guess this guy, but I’m all out of likely suspects,” he explained.

You scanned the café, seeing the two he had guessed previously and silently agreeing you would have been a bit offended had he guessed any of the other lone guys here.

“There’s a guy with long, silver hair over there staring intently at a stack of papers… is it him?”

You almost immediately told him he was right but thought of what he said previously. “Why weren’t you going to guess him?”

Joowon shrugged. “He’s attractive enough, just doesn’t seem to be your type is all.”

“I see…” you trailed off.

Joowon’s eyes widened a bit. “I’m right then?”

You nodded, a tiny blush rising to tint your cheeks ever so slightly.

“Really? Huh…” he rubbed his chin, seeming to think about it for a moment. “What does he do?”

You shifted in your seat, a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he could now put a face to your ex’s name. “He’s a musical actor.”

Joowon raised an eyebrow but quickly shrugged it off. “I think you should try and talk to him.”

Now that really made you laugh.

“Laugh all you want, but I’ve noticed him stealing a few glances in our direction,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “Although he looked a bit… put off a couple times.”

The residual smile from your previous laughter curled into a coyer one. “I can guess why.”

You continued to smile to yourself, recalling how easily your ex became jealous. Though you doubted his current motivator was jealousy. He was always protective, especially in regards to other men, even before you two had gotten together. Your heart skipped a beat at the realization that he must still care at least enough about you to worry for your safety.

“What do you have to lose by talking to him?” Joowon asked suddenly.

A great many things came to mind. You had no way of knowing your ex’s feelings or where he currently was in life. So much could have changed since you last spoke.

You shook your head, still smiling. “And how do you propose I initiate this conversation?”

Joowon leaned back in his seat, really seeming to give it some thought.  Why he seemed so intent on helping you reconnect with your ex was beyond you.

After a brief moment, he leaned forward once more and placed his clasped hands on the table. “Finish your coffee, go throw away your cup, and just sit down across from him.”

You gave him an incredulous look – he can’t be serious. “’Just sit across from him?’” you repeated his words.

Your companion simply nodded as if to say “Why not?”. He couldn’t see anything going wrong with that scenario.

You could, of course. Briefly, you thought of your ex being cold to you or even outright ignoring you. However, you quickly cursed at yourself for thinking that way. Your ex didn’t have the heart to be that way. Of that, you were sure. At least… mostly sure. You cursed yourself again for doubting yourself. But, that evil, little voice in your head was being particularly loud right now.

You looked to Joowon, who was looking back at you expectantly. “…Fine…” you said with a sigh.

You had agreed, but if you would really go through with it was another thing entirely. You kept thinking of everything that could go wrong as you downed your last gulp of coffee. However, Joowon’s encouraging smile gave you a tiny confidence boost as you got up to throw away your cup.

Trying not to walk to close to your ex’s table, you made your way to the trash can, taking the long way around to reach it. After tossing the cup in the bin, you braced yourself against it and steeled yourself. You really had no idea what to expect from speaking to him. A million thoughts were going through your head. Taking a deep breath, you turned around, nearly marching towards your ex’s turned back. You rounded his unaware form and swiftly took the seat across from him.

He looked up at this point of course, his warm, red eyes almost chilling you. The look on his face mirrored your own. It was a look of confusion and of subtle pain. Pain stemming from everything that still hung in the air left unsaid when you two had parted ways.

“Hello, Zen,” you managed to say with a tiny smile.

It wasn’t easy to say the least. It wasn’t easy for Dan Howell to wait at the door. It wasn’t easy to stay awake at night sobbing.  It wasn’t easy to have everything around him have Phil on it. Their whole house had Phil written all over it. The cat stickers that were placed haphazardly around the house. The candles that Phil had bought. It wasn’t easy to be heartbroken and hopelessly in love with Phil Lester.

They had fought about something stupid. Dan couldn’t even recall what it was about. But he could recall what it felt like when Phil left him standing there in a pile of pain and regret.


“I’M NOT FUCKING COMING BACK I CAN TELL YOU THAT MUCH!”  Phil screamed back while grabbing his phone and wallet.

Tears began to flow again as Dan thought of it. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. No, the worst part was the pain in his chest. The constant deep ache that had been in his bones since that night one month ago, it hurt so goddamn bad. He had tried to eat but it did nothing to help the pangs of guilt. He tried alcohol to numb anything that it could manage, but to no avail. He missed being wrapped in Phil’s arms. He missed Phil smiling against his lips. He missed how Phil would throw his head back and laugh while his tongue slightly stuck between his lips.

He screamed into the empty apartment. He just wanted his Phil back. He wanted to spend hours lazily kissing him and laughing with him until their abs were sore. He wanted things that were easy, they were simple needs, but for some reason it seemed as if he was asking for the impossible.

Dan was screaming into Phil’s pillow. There were empty liquor bottles strewn about the entire room. Phil’s room used to be Dan’s favorite place in the world. He felt safe, as if everything was okay. But now nothing felt like home, he didn’t feel safe anywhere. And it was then that he realized that Phil was his home. Phil was where Dan had always felt loved and safe but now Phil was gone and he had taken Dan right along with him.

“Goddammit Phil, why can’t you just fucking come home? Please just come back to me.” Dan whispered brokenly into the tear stained pillow.

The phone rang, for the first time since the landlord had called a week ago, Dan’s phone was ringing.

Dan wiped the tears from his face with the back of his hand. It was Phil.

Dan’s heart began to pound in his chest, his stomach began to do flips and a smile spread across his lips. He swiped the answer button and eagerly lifted the phone to his ear.

“Phil, hello? Phil, are you there?” Dan blurted out eagerly with a cracking voice.

There was a silence on the other end of the line.

“Yeah Dan, I’m here.” Phil nearly whispered into the phone.

“You’ve been crying bear, haven’t you?” Phil questioned with a breaking voice.

Dan was silent, was he supposed to tell Phil how pathetic he had been? Was he supposed to say how he had been drinking profusely and crying into his pillow? Because that’s exactly what Dan Howell did. He told Phil how he had been sobbing and punching the walls and screaming for him to come back. He told him how he had been pulling his hair and clawing at his skin, begging for release. He told how he had taken so many sleeping pills that he wasn’t sure how he was still alive.

“Phil, I miss you so fucking much. Come back to me.” Dan muttered brokenly into the phone.

“I’m coming bear, I swear I’m coming back to you.” Phil whispered back to Dan.

“I love you Phil” Dan smiled into the phone with tears in his eyes.

“I love you more, you have no idea” Phil replied.

Two hours later Phil arrived at the door. Dan heard the rattling of keys and the slamming of a door, followed by footsteps pounding up the stairwell. Dan ran towards the last flight of stairs and met Phil at the top. Dan collapsed into his arms and they sat on the landing intertwined with each other for at least two hours. They were crying into each other with occasional neck kisses and mumbled “I love yous”.

They eventually broke apart and Phil lifted Dan’s chin up to look him in the eyes.

“I will never leave you again, I promise you bear.” Phil whispered before placing a gentle yet passionate kiss on Dan’s lips. Dan smiled against Phil’s kiss and happily reciprocated it. The kiss quickly got heated and Dan rolled Phil onto his lap. Phil was tangling his hands in Dan’s curly hair and tracing the outline of his jaw. Dan had slipped his hands under Phil’s shirt and was holding his waist. Phil tasted like coffee and alcohol and Dan was relishing in it.

But then it ended. Dan woke up in his white room with all the blinds drawn. Reality hit him again and he remembered that Phil Lester died five years previously. After the call, Phil had never made it home. He had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, he had been shot in the chest after getting mugged. Dan Howell was broken and would never be repaired. He wanted to forget all of the pain that had drowned him long ago but he didn’t want to forget all of Phil’s details. He didn’t want to drown out Phil’s scent of body wash and coffee beans. He didn’t want to forget Phil’s laugh or how he sneezed when he had a cold. He didn’t want to forget how Phil bit his nails when he was nervous. Dan didn’t want to forget Phil. As he walked to Phil’s grave he collapsed. He was tired of being strong, tired of smiling when he hurt so badly inside. Dan had long ago died inside from all of the pain and guilt that had built up inside of him. There was a wall blocking the outside world, he couldn’t care less. So as he kneeled over Phil’s grave, tears streaming down his cheeks, he dejectedly whispered

“Come back to me Phil, please fucking come back to me”

anonymous asked:

Hi can I ask for a Kara imagine where R visits her at the DEO, and A is studying a new weapon brought in when R lifts it and starts looking closer at it while A and K are staring in shock because only people with powers can pick it up (kinda like the weapon is like the Mjølnir that Thor has that only can be lifted by people who are worthy but the new weapon brought in can only be lifted by people superpowers or it can be something else I'm kinda interested in what your idea for it would be), pls

Originally posted by alexdanversdaily

“Honestly, we haven’t been able to figure much out.  It seems like it uses a mineral based energy source-whoa!” Alex’s voice broke off the second that you lifted the intricate weapon up with practically no effort.


“Y/N, Kara has been the only person until you who could pick this up,” Alex replied in astonishment.  You quickly put the object back onto the examination table and backed up.

“W-what does that mean?”

“It means you have to have some kind of superhuman abilities,” Kara, who you hadn’t noticed until now, popped into the situation and matched her sister’s shocked expression.

“Uh, I feel like I would have known about them.”

“Come on,” Alex abandoned the tools in her hands and grabbed you by the arm, “let’s go run some tests.”

Look at Me (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: The reader works at the BAU and has a hard time making eye contact with people. A certain Dr. Spencer Reid picks up on it. This is my first time writing a x reader imagine, and also my first post on this blog. Which probably won’t update frequently.

Word Count: 1071 words

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ALLURE | Eric x Reader - Part 8

Originally posted by sparklemichele

A/N: Wow, it is soooo good to be back writing again. I hope the long wait was worth it! As always, I would love your feedback! You can find the mobile masterlist here.

You thought you had been holding your breath for ages. “Eric,” you practically whined. You didn’t know what he was going to do. Your mind was running to a million different places. He wasn’t saying anything, just looking into your eyes with his. His slight anger was replaced by sadness. He sighed, stood up and walked away. 

You watched him in shock. You couldn’t move. Sitting there, mouth gaped open like a fool, you watched. His usually straight posture was slouched. He stumbled out of the club.

You hadn’t noticed that Lucie had walked to your side of the booth. Gently, she grabbed your arm. You almost shouted at her. She pulled you along and you both walked back to the dorms in silence. 

“Y/N?? Y/N!?!

You didn’t realize you were screaming. Cade was shaking you. “You’re alright, you’re okay Y/N,” he assured you. You put your head in your hands and sighed. You tensed up as you felt Cade’s hand on your back. “You’re just nervous. It’s a big day, but you’re going to do great. You always do great.” You shook your head in thanks and walked out of the fear sim room.

Lucie was waiting for you outside of the door. “C’mon, lets go get some food,” she insisted. You walked hand in hand to the caf. 

It was as loud in there as the day you became initiates. You both sat in silence, worried about the evening that was to come. One by one, initiates from the lowest rank to the highest rank would be doing their fear sims in front of the dauntless leaders. With your newest fear, you knew that it was going to be a long afternoon. 

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Bittersweet Affections - Klaus x Reader

A/N: First Klaus imagine! The requester had asked for a reader insert where the reader had fallen for Niklaus years ago, but he hadn’t truly realized until she confessed it. Hope this did it justice! Enjoy! 

Originally posted by bayanposey

Warnings: Originals Season Two Spoilers

Word Count: Roughly 1500

Klaus Mikaelson. The single most frustrating creature on the planet. The Original Hybrid had a temper, and psychotic tendencies, but damn if there wasn’t some good in the man. You saw it every day. Every night. Sometimes it was just glimpses. Other times, it took over him. Especially when he looked at his daughter… Or, was around Cami.

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Chris Evans x Reader

Warning: Angst, Angry Smut 

Notes: I am truly sorry about an adjective I used about Hayley Atwell. I didn’t mean it. :( 

It’s long. (1860 words)

And I suck at endings. 

I hope you like it. Enjoy ;) 

Chris was gone for filming Civil War. Though you were happy and proud about him for doing what he loves, you missed your boyfriend of 3 years very much. You had work to do so you couldn’t travel with him to everywhere he goes for filming. You did try to pay him surprise visits and he did the same to you.

He called you that morning when you were about to enter your office. Between “I miss you”s and talking about your regular stuff, he mentioned that Hayley came to the set and they were going to shoot a dubsmash together. Oh boy you loved Hayley and her silly dubsmash videos. How can you not? You said that you couldn’t wait to watch it before you hung up. You were going to regret that.

Somewhere around noon you had time to take a break from your work and take a quick look on your Twitter. There it was. Team Carter’s winning video.

“Ahahaha oh my god Chris.”

You laughed when you saw your boyfriend. You realized heads turning to you around the office and tried to keep your voice down. You liked it, retweeted it and sent Chris a text message:

“It’s not courteous to stick your tongue out Cap! ;) “

You put your phone back in your bag for you didn’t expect Chris to find time to text back.

Dorks. You thought, still smiling. You shook your head slightly and got up from your desk to go have your lunch.


You were laughing at something Josh said as you walked back to the office with him. Another co-worker and friend Jen was coming from the opposite direction with a look on her face that you couldn’t resolve.

“I’m guessing you didn’t see it?”

She said as she passed by.

“See what?”

You asked but she was gone. You turned to Josh and he gave you a shrug, meaning he doesn’t understand either.

You returned to your desk and opened your computer. Before you started working, you checked you twitter. There was another video. “We celebrated.” Hayley had captioned.

Is this what Jen was talking about?

You started the short video and started watching with a neutral face. That was until:

Wait. What?


You were frozen. That was one hell of a celebration alright! On the outside you couldn’t move but your brain was screaming. You were struggling with your thoughts.

How could they?

Wait they’re just friends.

Friends that kiss?!

It’s just acting Y/N. They kissed before in the movie.

But even that wasn’t heated like this!

As you were contemplating what you saw, you felt a hand your shoulder. You realized you were staring at the looping video for a time now and turned to Josh.

“You OK Y/N ?”

He asked, worried.

“yeah… Yeah I’m, I’m fine.” You mumbled, tears prickling your eyes and anger building inside of you.

“Um. Excuse me. I don’t think I can.. I can” You frantically said and pointed at your computer.

“It’s fine. You go, I’ll cover for you.” he said.

You nodded, grabbed your bag and left the office. Once you were inside your car, you started crying with anger and feeling of betrayal.


Until you arrived home, Chris texted a couple of times and called. You didn’t answer. Not just because you were driving, also because you were too enraged to have a healthy conversation.

At home you took a shower, then put yourself a glass of whiskey but ended up drinking quite a lot. When Chris called for it seemed like the 100th time, you answered.

“What’s going on baby I was worried about you?!” He asked with a rather loud voice.

You snorted “Yeah, right.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Why haven’t you answered my phones?”

“MAYbe because I’m MAD AT YOU!” you yelled. Maybe the alcohol was not a good idea.

“Why are you yelling?! And why would you be mad at me?!”

“You’re right! Why would I be mad at you for making out with some bitch on camera?!”

“Hey hey! Have care how you speak Y/N?”

“Fuck you Evans. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” You said with a lower voice.

“No don’t hang u” |

You already hung up the phone and shut it off. You went to bed and fell asleep with a frown on your face.


Your eyelids were heavy from crying and the slight hangover you were having had made you sleep until afternoon. Groaning you got up.

As you stirred your cereal in your bowl, you thought about last night. You were still going back and forth between your angry, betrayed feels and regret of the reaction you showed.

Door opened and heavy, fast footsteps came closer.

“Y/N ?”


You got up and went to the living room where you found your boyfriend. He looked pissed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked. Did he just fly all the way here when you were sleeping? For what?

“You shut your phone off. I was worried.” He sounded like his thoughtful, sweet self now.

“Yeah I didn’t wanna be disturbed.”

You were keeping distance. In a normal time, Chris would’ve swooped you in a hug and you two would be giggling like teenagers. But right now, you were both tense and keeping distance from each other.

“What the hell was your outburst last night?”  The irritated tone was back.

“Was I not clear enough?!” You raised your voiced.

“Baby you KNOW Hayley and I are friends. That was just acting for her video. That’s it!”

“NO! If you kiss in a movie, THAT’S acting because you HAVE TO. Did you have to kiss her yesterday? No! You just saw the opportunity and jumped into it!”

“What kinda guy do you think I am Y/N?” he sounded hurt.

“Like I said I was just helping a friend out.” He continued when you stayed silent.

“Wow. What a help. Well, have you ever seen me making out with a friend?” You blinked your eyes to fight back the tears pricking your eyes.

“Y/N baby I’m sorry.” He breathed out as he walked towards you.

You tried to back away but he was fast. He stood in front of you but you refused to meet his eyes.

He held out his hand to you, to hold you.

“No don’t touch me.” you snarled with a frown and swatted his hand away.

“Sweetheart please don’t do this.” He tried to hold you again.

“No fuck off!” you spatted and turned around to walk away but you were stopped by a strong hand on your upper arm.

Chris quickly and harshly turned you around and kissed you. At first you didn’t respond but sometime after, you kissed back. Your grip on his forearm was so strong that your fingernails were painfully digging in. Your tongues fought for dominance but you were determined not to give in. As his hands went your waist, you placed yours on his chest and you pushed him.

He stumbled back a little. If looks could kill Chris thought. You let out a low growl and pulled him for another kiss by holding him by his shirts collar. You ripped the shirt open as buttons fell off and on the floor. Chris lifted your tshirt off your head as you fondled with his belt. His pants, briefs and your pyjama bottom were quick to be discarded.

Chris leaned down to kiss you again. You pushed him down to sit on the couch and straddled him. Then you kissed him with force, claiming his mouth. He let out a growl when you pulled his bottom lip between your teeth. You were grinding your hips to his meanwhile and he was hard as rock underneath you. His hands roamed all over your body. He kneaded your ass and groped your breasts. He was not gentle at all. Your hands were in his hair, messing and pulling as you kept kissing.

He ripped off your panties at some point as he broke the kiss. Then slapped your ass hard. You loved it when he got rough but this was your turn. You took his hard cock in your hand and guided it to your hot, aching core. You glided his head a few times over your pussy as you teased both of you and cloaked his member with your wetness. Then you aligned him at your entrance and sat down, taking it all the way in.

You both moaned loudly, having missed the feeling. He held your hips because he wants to take control but you don’t even care. You start to raise yourself up&down, roll your hips forward, all while looking at his pretty, frowning face.

He leaned down to kiss and bite your neck, making sure to leave marks. Then he smacked your ass again. As you let your guard for a second of pleasure, Chris held you and turned you over, hovering himself over you.

“Hey!” you said.

He just grinned deviously and plunged himself back in, fucking you hard. And you let him. He held the arm of the couch with both arms and you wrapped your hands around his giant biceps and squeezed. He started grunting and moaning and you knew he was close. You wrapped your legs around his waist and turned the two of you. Chris fell on his back on the floor with a thud, with you on top of him. The glasses on the coffee table clanked with the force of the fall.

“Ouch!” Chris whined but you shut him with a sloppy kiss. You put one elbow next to his head as you kept kissing his mouth and jaw and neck. He held your hips once again and pushed his hips upwards, hitting your g-spot perfectly. You pushed down to meet his thrusts and your free hand went to his chest.

You nearly screamed his name in the moment of bliss, as a leg trembling orgasm hit you. He followed behind as he shut his eyes and repeated curse words.

You collapsed on top of him as you panted for air. He held you in his arms, holding you tightly. After a while, you lifted your head from his neck and looked him in the eye. You couldn’t stay mad at him. He gave you a sad look.

“I’m sorry darling. I didn’t wanna hurt you. I love you more than anything. I’m sorry.” He said. “Will you forgive me?”

You smiled a little. “I’m sorry too. For what I said. I was just shocked.”

He looked at you with puppy eyes. Damn it.

“I love you too.” You gave the answer he was waiting for. He smiled as you leaned down to kiss him. Gentle and loving, as it’s supposed to be.

You broke the kiss and lifted your head a little to look at him. You smiled mischievously.


“Well…” You lifted and eyebrow. “You came all the way here. Might as well we enjoy while we can.”

He smiled back and leaned up to kiss you.

The End.

Sweet [Sugar] Attachment (M)

►Character: Winner’s Mino || You

►Summary: Mino started to develop feelings, attachment

►Genre: Smut; Sugardaddy!au

►Word Count: 3, 229

I wouldn’t mind having a sugar daddy as hot as him though, any volunteer?

The calming music resonated across the ballroom, sneaking into your far away thoughts. Your hand was lazily draped into the crook of Minho’s arm as he chatted away with his group of companions that you never even remember their names, as there were too many of them. Minho had asked if you could accompany him to this ball, promising that there would be an ample reward for you later on. Coming from an average lifestyle, you’ve never been to any exclusive events like this before meeting him. This rich-ass billionaire with the look that was carved by the God himself (with a touch of the devil) named Song Minho, is your sugar daddy. You met him through your friend a few months ago after seeing that you’ve been struggling with your part-time jobs to cover your study fees and debts. She was also a sugar baby and Minho is a friend of her sugar daddy. Since your first meeting, both of you had clicked. The chemistry between both of you were undeniable and you know attachment is a big no-no in this kind of relationship but you can’t help being attracted to him. Who wouldn’t? With the look that could kill with just one smirk and that unlimited zeros in his accounts, any girl would be head over heels for him. Not that you’re saying you’re a gold digger. Minho has an amazing personality too which added to the list. He was perfect in every way possible. As if sensing that your thoughts are no longer in the room with him, Minho ducked his head towards the side of your face.

“Wanna get out of here?” Your eyes flickered to his, seeing a glitch of playfulness in his eyes and a small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips. You nodded silently. He smiled at you before turning back to the group, excusing himself before pulling you away from the crowd. Both of you silently slipped out of the double door and out of the luxurious hotel. While waiting for the valet to fetch his car, Minho shrugged his blazer off to drape it over your shoulder making his scent wrapping you warmly. You mumbled a quiet thank you. Minho let out a sigh as he watched you quietly. He watched how you buried your nose into the material of his blazer to inhale his scent and how your hair tucked underneath the heavy material, framing your face perfectly, earning a smile from him. The low rumble of his car’s engine interrupted his thoughts. Minho proceeded to open the passenger seat door for you, ushering for you to get inside before sliding in the driver seat himself. He drove out of the hotel’s driveway. “Where are we going?” You quietly asked. Minho smiled. He took a left turn as you scanned the unfamiliar street. “Let’s find something to eat. I’m hungry.” He parked his car in front of a bar. When you got off the car though, he pulled you away from the bar making you frown. “I’ve been wanting to do something that I haven’t been able to do for a long time.” He laced his fingers through yours making your heart race. Both of you walked through the streets for a while. You were surprised that the streets were still alive at this hour. There were stalls selling different kind of items from girl’s accessories to antique collectibles. The crowds also differs from a small happy family to couple dressed casually, hands in hands, contrasting to both of you who were dressed rather formally, Minho in a dress shirt and bow tie while you in a red lace maxi dress with a high slit up to your mid-thigh (a gift from Minho). You grabbed the attention in the crowd but you couldn’t care less about it. Both of you walked for a while, pausing on different booth to marvel at the items sold, arguing with Minho that you don’t need any new hair pin at the moment when an orange tent came into your sight. You grinned. “Ahh… Street food?” He mimicked your expression before quickly pulling you towards the tent making you giggle. Sitting down at the stools provided, Minho ordered beers for both of you and some food. He then sat next to you with a sigh.

You scanned through the crowded tent as Minho’s eyes fixed on your features. Throughout his life, it’s been awhile since he could let loose like this. After being dubbed as one of the most successful businesspersons in Korea, Minho’s life had been hectic. He didn’t even had time for himself. Even his marriage failed because of his chaotic lifestyle. After meeting you though, his life changed. He felt more at ease and less tense than before. Slowly he started to feel himself sinking into you. He started to become attached to you. Day by day, he started to take notice of small things about you. Your favourite food, how you would moan in delight whenever you eat something good, the baby hairs at your nape whenever you had your hair up and even the feel of your soft skin underneath his calloused fingers were embedded deep inside his memories. When Seungyoon first suggested him to get a sugar baby to fill in his loneliness, Minho never thought he would become too attached. You were not that gold-digger and sex-crazed kind of girl he would expect. Instead you were so nice to him, always be there when he needed someone to listen to and someone to comfort him. A small smile appeared on his face. He didn’t regret his decision to meet you, if you ever wonder. When the order arrived, Minho thanked the lady before taking a sip of his beer and heaving out a breath. You watched at how he broke into a wide smile. You reached forward to grab the chopstick, picking up a piece of tteokbokki and bring it to his mouth. You giggled when he swallowed it whole, moaning in delight to mimic the action that you regularly make. “It’s been a while..” You sipped on your beer, as your eyes never left his. Automatically Minho’s hand reached forwards to swipe his thumb at the corner of your lips. The action made your heart skip a beat but you tried to hide it. He was so natural with skin ship that it sometimes took you by surprise. You tugged his blazer tighter around your body so that it wouldn’t fall off, your eyes watching as Minho took a piece of kimbab and popped it into his mouth. Picking up another one, he brought it to your lips, urging you to have a taste. You complied, letting the small roll of rice into your mouth. Minho continued to devour the dishes in front of him as you watched him chewing in delight. For a while, he looked youthful and his smile was contagious that you could feel your cheek risen from a grin.

After a few glasses of beers, chit chatting and giggling at his cheesy jokes, you were now leaning towards him, your chin propped on your hands as your head was feeling a bit hazy from the alcohol. Your legs were crossed exposing half of your thigh due to the slit of your dress. Minho’s hand sat on your exposed knee, his thumb caressing your soft skin. Both of you were quiet now, staring into each other’s eyes. You were so close to him that you could literally count his eyelashes. You tilted your head a bit as Minho’s lips curved into a small smile. His hands glide upward towards your thigh. Your eyes dropped to his lips, feeling yourself drowning in his presence. “Ready to go now?” His deep voice pulled you back to reality. You nodded but your eyes never left his lips. He leaned forward to peck on the corner of your lips. “Let’s go.” You pouted a bit. What a tease. “Let’s go home and claim the reward that I promised you before.” You perked at the sentence he just whispered into your ear. He smirked when he saw how your cheeks flushed.

The drive towards his house was quiet with Minho’s hand caressing your thigh. You bit your lips as your eyes flickered towards him. He pulled his hand away only to park his car in the garage, next to his other cars. Minho has a few mansions and luxurious apartments. He said he also owned a penthouse but you never went there. Once both of you stepped inside, Minho has his arms around your waist, pulling you flushed against his chest making sure there was not an inch of space left before colliding his lips with yours. Your arms wrapped around his neck naturally before sinking your fingers into his hair. The blazer draped over your shoulder was now abandoned on the floor. Minho pulled on the bow tie on his shirt before flinging it away. His fingers also found their way into your thick mane, tugging on your scalp. Minho nipped on your lower lip making you part them. Without waiting anymore, he charged his tongue into your cavern, caressing the roof of your mouth as you sighed, melting into his arms. You couldn’t hold in your moans anymore, letting it spill out of your throat. Minho broke away from the kiss before lifting you up, making you gasped. His arm under the crook of your knees and the other on your backside, your fingers unconsciously gripped on his shirt. He carried you through the mansion, ascended the stair towards one room you know so well was his. Once both of you reached the destination, Minho gently placed you on his mattress.

The smooth texture of his silk sheet grazed your bare arms. Minho sat back to tug on his shirt before hastily unbutton it, his eyes bored into yours. You bit your lower lip, one action that could make him go crazy. Once he had released the last button, he leaned back down to shower kisses on your cheek down to your jaw, pausing on the soft skin of your neck to scatter a few marks down to your collarbone. You threw your head back to arch your body into his chest, fingers tangled in his hair to rake on his scalp drawing a deep groan from Minho. His hands snaked around you to your back, pulling the zipper of your dress down before pushing the garment down. You shivered when the cold air greeted your skin. Minho let out a breath, his eyes fell down on your body drinking in every of your curves. His fingers grazed your bare waist, making your breath hitch as he moved lower. Minho mapped your body in his mind, knowing every curve and every sensitive spot that could draw out moans only for him to hear. He started to caress your thigh, giving the right amount of pressure to make you whimper, arching your back for him. “Please…” He cocked his head; a small smirk lingered on his lips. “What is it, baby?” You bucked your hip up making him chuckle. “You have to use your voice sweetheart.” Before you could protest, Minho bowed down to press an open mouth kiss on the mound of your breast. You felt your bra’s hook snap before Minho took the piece of clothing off of you, revealing your nipples to the cold air. Your fingers gripped on the sheet on either side of your head, your lips parted to heave out hot breath as your heart beat risen and your body was feverish from Minho’s teasing touches. He reattached his lips on your chest, scattering kisses before catching your hardened nipple between his lips rolling it between his teeth and sucked hard. Your hand flew to the back if his head, tugging on his hair as chains of moans and whimpers drawl out of your lips. His arm wrapped around you, one hand splayed across your curved back as the other one glided down to grope your ass before going lower to grip on your thigh.

Releasing your nipple with a lewd pop, Minho dipped his head downwards, pecking on your belly while his finger hooked on the elastic of your panties to push the flimsy fabric down revealing your dripping core to him. Your eyes fluttered close, you could feel the heat had started to graze the apple of your cheek, beads of sweats dripped down the side of your head.  All of that forgotten when Minho parted your thighs further to wedge his head between them, his tongue darted towards your core making you suck in a sharp breath. “Minho…” He clicked his tongue making your eyes flew open. “Daddy…” Correcting yourself, as your eyes flickered to his. He smirked. “Good girl…” With one fluid move, Minho sunk one finger deep inside of you. You shrieked, your fingers tightened on the sheet that your knuckles had turned white upon feeling his thick digit scrapping your inner wall. Minho felt you clench on his fingers, your dripping juice made it easier for him to slide in another finger making you whimper. His fingers curves deep inside of you to graze against your sweet spot making you whine. “God, Daddy please…” Minho watched with a mischievous grin on his face as you writhed underneath him, begging for more as he started to pump his finger in and out of your slick channel, your hooded eyes dark with lust as they stared up at him.  His arm muscles rippled when he started to increase his pace. Slowly he lowered his head to your core, swiping his hot tongue on you sensitive nub earning a lewd whimper from you. When he abruptly pulled out of you, you cried out in protest, your eyebrows knitted together and your thighs clamped around his body. You pried open your eyes only to be greeted with the view of Minho licking his digits clean. He dove towards you before reconnecting his lips to yours, making you taste yourself, your grip on the sheet transfers to his unbuttoned shirt, pulling his body closer to yours in desperate need to feel his body on yours. You arch your back before pushing the offensive fabric off his shoulder as Minho slid it off. Your fingers danced down his hard chest, gleamed in thin sheet of sweats savouring the feeling if his built body underneath your nimble fingers.

Despite having a hectic lifestyle, Minho still managed to keep his body in shape. Your fingers found the head if his belt. You tugged on it, a silent sign for him to take it off and be as bare as you are. He smirked through the heated kiss you shared before parting away from you, releasing a hot breath onto your parted lips as you panted and gasped. Sitting back, he reached towards his pants to unbuckle his belt before unbuttoning and pulling down the zipper. Pushing the soft fabric of his slacks down, his brief following suit with your lustful eyes following each of his movement as he freed his erection from the strain of his slack. You swallowed seeing him stroking his rigid shaft before rolling on a condom that you never noticed him taking out earlier. “Enjoying the view, baby girl?” Your eyes flickered to his amused pair, beaming with desire as he crawled back on top of you, his fingers grazed your thighs pulling them apart so that he could settle himself in between, aligning his erection to your dripping slit. He holds down your hip, enough pressure to make you stay still though a whimper slipped past your lips. Slowly, he sank himself into you, groaning as your heat envelops him. “Damn baby…” You threw your head back, a long sigh spilled from your parted lips as your eyebrows knitted together, your nails digging into Minho’s forearm forming a deep crescent mark. Your back bowed away from the bed, moulding your chest against Minho’s, feeling his ragged breath and thumping heart faintly vibrate along with yours. His erection stretched you deep inside as he holds still. You rolled your hips making him growl, teeth clenching. “Hold still for a minute.” He rasped. You looked up to his face, seeing his eyebrows form a frown and his eyes tightly closed. His arms bend to support his weight above you, entrapping your head. You could see the muscles of his biceps tense as he gripped on the sheet underneath you as he tried hard to regain his control.

You reached up to cradle his face in your delicate fingers, he leaned his forehead down on yours as he sighed, his eyes fluttered open to stare into yours. You nuzzled your nose to his, signalling for him to move. Swallowing, Minho adjusted his position before slowly pulling his hip back, leaving only the tip in your heated core. As slowly, he push back in making you sigh. “Oh god, Daddy.” Minho groaned upon hearing you whine his title, dropping his head on your shoulder as he tried hard to not pound into you. He wanted to pleasure you, to feel your searing channel wrap around him longer. Your toes curled as your arm wrapped around his shoulder to rake your nails on the skin of his back, leaving a nice stinging marks all over. Your trembling breath filled Minho’s ears, his eyes fluttered close as he kept the rhythm of his hips slow and sensual feeling you clenching around him with a whimper. “Daddy…” He cooed at you. “Just a bit more baby, hold on a bit more for daddy.” Gradually increasing his pace, his hips slapped against yours making the sound resonated across the room. You hooked your legs around his waist while crying out his name in ecstasy. “Cum baby…cum for Daddy.” You arched your back as his name erupted from your lips, your juice dripped between the crack of your ass as a result of your orgasm but Minho was still thrusting into you. After a couple more thrust, he paused deep inside of you, a throaty groan escaped his lips as he threw his head back, his eyes fluttered closed at his newly achieved ecstasy, filling the protective sheet of rubber with his cum. Dropping his head down on the pillow next to your face, he breathed in your ear, tickling you making you smile. Once both of you had regulated your breathing, you pushed at his chest making him groan, pulling his soften length out of you; making you sigh at the emptiness, before collapsing next to you. You turn towards him to be greeted with his soft gaze that startled you. He scooted towards you to pull you flushed against his chest. You circled your arms around his body, burying your head into his chest to hear his soft heartbeat that lulled you to sleep. Minho nuzzled his nose into your hair, savouring the silkiness against his skin as he felt your deep breath blew on his chest, signalling that you’ve sailed to the dreamland. He smiled before softly kissing the crown of your head, pulling the sheet over both of you before settling down himself. Maybe he had become too attached to you. Just, maybe, he wanted for you to become only his.

You’re an angel? Pt 2

Originally posted by superherofeed

Pt 1 :

Warnings: Violence

Fandom: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Justice League??

You are a superhero who has recently gotten her powers and has finally gotten a chance to use them. You run into Flash, Supergirl, and the Green Arrow. This prompts them to try and recruit you into the Legion of Superheros. This causes many adventures- and new villain to step into the limelight.

I might make this a series??? Tell me if you guys like it!

You know- this superhero gig might be turning out harder than you thought.

This had never occurred to you- you had just always known that you needed to help people.

But that was it.

That was really the only extra resource you had.

A reason.

It honestly hadn’t been problem in your head until now.

And now you were getting your butt kicked.

You dropped to the floor of the bank, back flat against the tile as a beam of ice passed right through the space where you had just been standing. That was too close.

You lept up and dodged to the side as the beam of ice followed after you.

“An ice gun? I didn’t know that was a thing!” You exclaimed, tugging your small black mask closer to your face, scared it would fall off.

“You seem to be way behind new girl, maybe you should leave this to the professionals.” The shooter quipped, a smile on his face. You scowled, and then launched up from behind the pillar you had been hiding behind.

“Bad move.” The shooter shot ice right in front of you, stopping you in your tracks. A pillar of ice shot up, in your path and you flipped around, placing it between you and the shooter.

“You know, you’re really bad at this.”

“That’s what you think.” You growled and then slammed your back against the ice pillar, breaking it free from the ground. The ice started to tip and you grabbed it, holding it like a shield as you rushed at the shooter. You threw the pillar, and the man pointed his gun at the flying ice. The beam and the pillar connected, shattering themselves. Ice sprayed everywhere, a white mist spreading itself through the bank. The shooter looked around through his goggles, confused. 

Where had you gone?

“Hiding in this mist won’t help you for long.”

“I don’t need a long time Mister Ice-fetish.” You said as you broke through the icy mist, tackled the shooter and lifted him up by the collar of his jacket. You forced him up onto the wall, finally getting a good look at his face. Younger than you thought- he had sounded like he belonged behind a desk making dark, calculated decisions. You had even thought he would be wearing some weird monocle. Oh well.

The man grunted, surprised by your incredible strength when you pinned him to the wall. The shooter looked at you in a new light, impressed.

“Huh. Stronger than I thought.”

“Well you’re dumber than I thought.” You said, spitting out the first thing that came to your mind. It wasn’t your best- but it would have to do.

“Cute. Now are you going to put me down or are we going to have to do this the hard way?” You flushed, embarrassed by the way he was talking down to you. He was the one pinned to the wall wasn’t he? You pushed him harder against the wall, hearing something in his body pop.

“I guess that means it’s the hard way?” The man said through gritted teeth and then shot you in the arm.

His gun.

You forgot the gun!

You stumbled back, ice racing up your shoulder as you fell to the ground. This was hurting way more than you thought it would. The ice crawled up your neck, stinging pain flaring through your skin. The ice moved across your arm and neck, turning your lips blue and your veins solid. You grasped your arm, water vapor rising from your shoulder. The shooter knelt down next to you, the cold barrel of the gun grazing your temple.

“Sorry. For your first time, you did pretty well. But next time, try to catch someone when you’re actually ready.” You gritted your teeth, turning onto your side. He hadn’t beaten you- you weren’t going to let him. You reached for his leg, ready to break his ankles.

And then he was gone.

Or more exactly- you were gone.

Someone had grabbed you and ran off- and they could run at superspeed. You wanted to toss your lunch. You leaned into the person who was carrying you, trying to ignore the biting pain in your shoulder. Suddenly you were laying on a couch, staring up at a low, dark ceiling.

You laid there for a solid couple seconds, taking it in.

You had gotten your butt kicked- and then you were kidnapped.

“Ow.” You said, staring up at the ceiling like it was the most interesting thing in the world. But you knew you couldn’t look up ceiling forever, so you reluctantly began to sit up.

“Woah! Hey-you probably shouldn’t be trying to get up right now.” You turned and saw the Flash, a phone up to his ear as he told you to lay back down. You blinked, registering what had happened. The Flash had gotten you out the bank- he was the one who hadn’t let you keep fighting. You scowled, these thoughts coming to fruition. You sat up completely just to spite him now, even though your arm hurt like crazy. The Flash gave you a look but had begun to talk to the person on the phone.

“Oh hey, Caitlen. Is Cisco with you?” He asked as he waved at you to sit back down, which you replied to by putting your boots up on the coffee table. Flash looked confused but continued.

“Yeah- I need both of you. And can you call the others? Yes, those others. Thanks.” The superhero hung up the phone and looked at you, sitting on the couch covered in ice.

“What?” You asked, trying to keep your face straight and angry.

“Why are you mad?”

“I could’ve handled that.”

The Flash looked at you, shock apparent even behind the mask.

“Seriously? You were on your back with a gun to your head.”

“I had a plan.”

“Sure- was it to punch him?”

“…No.” You said sheepishly, realizing he had caught you. The Flash grinned smugly, proud of himself.

You turned away from him, remember your shoulder. You sighed, shrugging off your sweatshirt revealing a Star Wars t-shirt and the full extent of the ice on your arm. You cursed, gingerly touching the purple-blue tinted skin of your shoulder.

“My friends are going to be here soon- they’re going to help you.” You looked up, having almost forgotten that the Flash was there.

“Oh, thanks-I guess. The ice would have been hard for me to handle.” You said partly joking- partly talking down on yourself. But Flash wasn’t done.

“No- we’re going to help you- my friends and I never got to tell you thank you for saving us.”

“You remembered that?” You asked, giggling as you adjusted the small plastic mask and hoped it was enough to conceal your identity.

“Well yeah- it’s not everyday you see some girl with a homemade costume shoot a water jet at a clay monster’s face, teleport him, and then fly away.” Flash sat on the arm of the couch, explaining himself. You scoffed, turning to look at the red masked guy.

“Well, you’re welcome.” You said, the last bit of the pride in your chest swelling as you tried to act like a superhero.

“Your mask is crooked.”

You cursed and looked down, fiddling with your dollar store mask.

And then they arrived.

A girl with red hair, a shorter guy with long dark hair, another guy with shorter black hair- and then Supergirl and the Green Arrow.