you broke the lift


Chris stood in the elevator, glancing over at the man who was in the elevator with him. He had never spoken to the man but he knew who it was. It was Isaac’s dad. Isaac’s abusive dad. He had a problem with people who abused their kids but he had enough self control to not say anything. Suddenly there was a bump and the lift shook a little. Chris frowned and pushed the button though nothing happened. Great, they were stuck.

Mr. Lahey mostly stared straight ahead in the elevator. He only glanced over at the other man once or twice. He had never met him, and he didn’t recognize his face, but that was all the more reason for him not to acknowledge him unless absolutely necessary. He’d be off the elevator in a few moments anyhow, so it didn’t really matter. That was, until the lift shook a little and stopped. He saw the man push the button and frowned a little when nothing happened. Wonderful. They were stuck.

He really needed to get to his car so he could get to the high school, or he was going to be late getting back. Because of this, he reached over and tried another button on the panel, to no avail. He then looked to the other man, still frowning.

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I thought you were dead. I thought you were gone for good. I thought I lost you.

Michael was sat by my bedside, whispering into the sheets - I don’t know what happened, he looked exhausted, his hair was faded, his stubble was thick - I had no idea what was going on but his emotion made me well up regardless.

“What happened?” I whispered, my voice as thick with tears as his.

“You’ve been unconscious for a week, they weren’t sure whether you were going to wake up, they told me you might not remember me.” He was crying and it broke my heart.

“I remember you, Mike, but what happened?” I whispered, lifting my hand to run it through his hair but realising how much pain I was really in.

“You were in a car accident Princess, the car was destroyed - it’s a miracle you’re alive. I thought I’d lost you, I thought you were going to die, I love you so much okay? You have no idea how much I love you.”

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You're right. I probably overreacted." You'd nod again, your face pressed against his chest. Calle's hands would slide across your back, one moving up to draw smooth circles on your shoulder blades, the other one resting on your hip, just above the waistband of your pants. You'd feel him bury his nose in your hair for a moment before speaking up again, "Bård broke up with his girlfriend." You'd try to lift your head to look at Calle properly, but he wouldn't loosen the embrace. "And?"

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