you broke the lift


Chris stood in the elevator, glancing over at the man who was in the elevator with him. He had never spoken to the man but he knew who it was. It was Isaac’s dad. Isaac’s abusive dad. He had a problem with people who abused their kids but he had enough self control to not say anything. Suddenly there was a bump and the lift shook a little. Chris frowned and pushed the button though nothing happened. Great, they were stuck.

Mr. Lahey mostly stared straight ahead in the elevator. He only glanced over at the other man once or twice. He had never met him, and he didn’t recognize his face, but that was all the more reason for him not to acknowledge him unless absolutely necessary. He’d be off the elevator in a few moments anyhow, so it didn’t really matter. That was, until the lift shook a little and stopped. He saw the man push the button and frowned a little when nothing happened. Wonderful. They were stuck.

He really needed to get to his car so he could get to the high school, or he was going to be late getting back. Because of this, he reached over and tried another button on the panel, to no avail. He then looked to the other man, still frowning.


Dodging under a forceful swing of Croc’s left hand, you forgot for a second with whom you’re training and went for a counter, the knuckels of your right hand meeting the adamant skin of your opponent.

“God damnit!”, you cried out in pain, covering your knuckels with your other hand, pain slowly starting to cloud your mind and you feared that you had accidentally broke your right hand.

Lifting your head, your eyes landed on the frozen form of your training partner, who’s watching you with curiousity written over his face.

“Don’t just stand there! Get me a cooling pack.”, you barked in pain, snapping Killer Croc out of his thoughts and to your surprise, he’s rushing out of the gym.



“I’d love to see you try. Shimada.”

She smirked. She was gonna push him maybe a bit more. She liked a good challenge. And Hanzo Shimada being pushed to his limits was a big challenge. She wondered if Genji did this a lot. Oh, well scratch that.

“I don’t think you’re capable of even lifting me. You barely broke the remote.”


“Watch yourself.”

He quirked a brow.

“You do not know what you’re getting yourself into, Vanilla. I do not wish harm upon you.”


Okay, back story: (facebook) dude sends bff and I a dick pic in a group chat and audio clips of him moaning. We change the topic after she tells him to fucking not bc we’re both in relationships. He starts saying he wishes he’d have dated me, we’d be great together, blah blah blah. My friend AGAIN mentions to knock it the fuck off bc I’m in a relationship. He then says he’s going to bed. Cool, great. Starts messaging that he broke his legs in weight lifting class (mind you it’s like 10:30 at night on a Sunday, no way he’s in any type of class) and he’s going to the hospital. We both call bullshut in a private chat and so THIS is what I did.

Best Case Scenario (w/ some shittiness): He did go to the hospital, it was his dad, and he gets a v embarrassing lecture.
Best Case Scenario (w/out some shittiness): He was lying to get attention and it backfired. Badly.

(I would have addressed the picture beforehand if it hadn’t made me literally throw up.)

J: LOL that is awesome! I really hope he got a very embarrassing lecture because that would make me so happy! 😂😂