you bring me endless joy

anonymous asked:

How do I do a no kill/ghost run of Fucking Daud tell me your secrets

i know anon its hard because killing daud also brings me endless and incontestable joy and happiness but you can just steal his key and run away so there you go

kawaiiusagichansan  asked:

Blush challenge: You bring me endless joy during what otherwise be incredibly dull work day! Your effervescent personality is a bright and shining beacon here, even in the midst of rudeness and impatience! Who could not be enchanted by such a gem such as you whose light and dark indulgences dance so beautifully together and invite others to join!

This is so sweet!!! Omg you’re the best ❤️ Thank you, dear. :)

No words have ever felt more truer than yours
No smile has ever felt so genuine than yours
No poem has ever been more radiant than yours
You have decorated my heart with your
Endless joy your heart brings me
You are a timeless gift to me
Yes, You are home to me
—  Home is you // aj