you both were there

as much as I've been on the fence about whether i wanted sasha or shea to win

i have to say if we’re basing the finale on those lip syncs then sasha deserved that win

also please nobody fucking come for her, its not her fault that the finale was arranged this way and they were both amazing but you can’t deny she turned it out for that lip sync

here is a list of some fonts that one of my teachers from the past school year said we weren’t allowed to use

please help me make a “lazytown characters as cursed graphic design fonts” list (the above picture being a possible reference)

bonus option:

Parent-Teacher Meeting {Bakugou Katsuki}

I just love this idea guys. I’m still working on request, but I just love this idea. So here it is. 

You sit, pinching the bridge of your nose while the other hand drums on your bicep. The little plastic chair underneath you is incredibly uncomfortable, and you just really, really aren’t in the mood for this. You cut a look at your daughter who looks like she doesn’t grasp the severity of the situation. 

Katsumi is sitting between you and Bakugou with her arms folded across her tiny chest. She is swinging her legs carelessly, almost as if she doesn’t care that both of you were called away from work. Bakugou is hunched over in his tiny seat with his forearms resting on his knee. If anything, he is pissed at this dumb bitch who called him away from his agency. And now she is just looking at him with those wide, dumbass eyes of hers, wasting his goddamn time. 

“So why the fuck am I here again?” he growls. 

The young teacher jumps and nervously fiddles with her short brown bob, “W-Well, Katsumi-chan punched another student during recess.”

“That’s it?” he asks, “Did she at least break his nose?”

The young lady blinks, “W-What?”

“Did she break the brat’s nose?”

“Katsuki!” you snap.

“What?” he barks back, “I need to know if her training is sticking or if it’s all going in one fucking ear and out the other.”

“Now is not the time for this, Katsuki!” you growl, pointing a finger at your husband, “And you, Katsumi, what in the world would posses you to punch another student?”

You look at your daughter. Katsumi looks up at you with her crimson orbs. Her spiky (h/c) hair falls into her eyes and she blinks the strands out of her gaze. 

“I had to teach that little bitch a lesson,” Katsumi says plainly as if it was clear as day, “He was bullying me and Shouichi. I had to beat his ass. Right, Daddy?

Her father puffs airs from his nose and grunts, “Damn straight. Katsumi didn’t do a damn thing wrong. How about you stop being a negligent idiot and make sure my daughter is being fucking bullied!”

“Yeah, Daddy, only reason I’m in trouble is ‘cause that kid was so weak. It’s not my fault that he can’t take a punch.”

“Katsumi, baby,” you breath, trying to bring reason to the situation, “He shouldn’t have bullied you. I agree, and I am very upset about that. But you just can’t hit other kids, especially if you know they’re not as strong as you.”

Your daughter furrows her brows in confusion, “If he’s going to be a meanie, then he shouldn’t be such a weak bitch. Right, Daddy?”

“Absolutely, baby girl.”

You rub your temples, desperate to stave off the impending headache. Why? Why is he like this? Why is she like this? She is supposed to be your little angel, your victorious beauty, your Katsumi. But of course she had to take after Bakugou. You got the daughter you wanted, but she is nothing like you expected. It must’ve been all that skin-to-skin with Bakugou when she was a baby. She must’ve absorbed his personality or something. You sigh and pray for strength.

You clasp your hands and take a breath. You just really, really aren’t in the mood for this, and Bakugou definitely isn’t helping you any. He is still glaring at the young woman who is shaking at her desk, looking to your for assistance. Bakugou stands and picks up his daughter.

“Look, I’m done letting you waste my fucking time. Control these fucking kids better,” Bakugou says, “Maybe she wouldn’t have to kick so much ass if you had a better handle on your fucking job!”

“Tell her, Daddy!”

“I’m buying you ice cream, kid. (Name), we’re going for ice cream,” he tells you as he carries Katsumi out of the classroom.

You are hold your face in your hands at this point and the young teacher is still shaking. She obviously isn’t trained to handle Bakugou-like parents. You fish through your purse, finding pen and pad to scratch something down. 

“I’m sorry about … well, both of them. We’ll pay for any of the child’s medical bills, and we plan on making a donation to the school,” you stand, handing the woman a piece of paper, “But I won’t tolerate Katsumi being bullied.”

You walk to the door, stopping at the door frame.

“Katsumi shouldn’t have to defend herself at her elementary school. Please handle the situation and think before you call my husband and me from work. Next time I might not be so rational.”

You close the door and walk down the hallway to meet your husband and daughter. Bakugou is standing at the school entrance, talking to your daughter as she sits in his arms. Katsumi looks over at you when she sees you walking up to them. Your husband shifts Katsumi over to one arms and uses his free hand to take yours.

“C’mon,” he says, “Let’s get that fucking ice cream.”


Ages ago, when we first played DAO, a friend and I got into a big debate over who was the better candidate for king: Bhelen or Harrowmont. We stopped talking to each other for a good 3 months (a “long time” when you’re 13) because we both thought we were right. She now agrees with me that Harrowmont is a terrible king, even if Bhelen is a turd for betraying his siblings.

BTS reaction: s/o getting stomach ache because of an argument with them

Anon:Hi, could you please do bts reactions that s/o getting stomach ache in the middle of a heated argument and asking to pause the fight, *their stomach hurts whenever they get extremely upset*

 I feel sorry for someone who have something like this 😯 


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While arguing his mature side would show. Jin would defend his words and opinions. He would be calm but still he needed to put his feet down. He is not the most stubborn member, but everyone wanted to be right. Same as you. Both of you were stressed before. He had a comeback and you had private problems. So now all of your anger and stress cumulated. You had enough stress and your body reacted like it always did. Aches came, you knew that it was over, and you needed to stop this argument and go rest. Jin was quite surprised when you left the room. When he went to ask you about it, he saw what was happening with you. His stress would go away to make place for the worries about you. Jin would make sure that you had everything, and that you had enough water and food, because he didn’t want to leave you. He would take care of you even when your ache would disappear. Jinnie will do all the chores for the rest of the day. Maybe he would ask for a day off the next day to take care of you because he was worried that this ache could come back. He won’t leave you alone for too long. Showering you with kisses and making sure that you have everything you needed.


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This argument was going in a really bad way. You were yelling at him and he was yelling at you. Plates and glasses were flying. It was the biggest argument that you two had. It gave you a lot of stress and in stressful situations your stomach started to hurt incredibly. When the tears in your eyes showed and you put your hands on your stomach, telling Yoongi what was happening, at first he thought that you were acting, because you wanted him to feel guilty about your stomach ache. But when he saw that the situation was serious, half of his madness disappeared. Yoongi helped you to get into bed and gave you pain killers. He stayed with you till your pain would stop. He felt guilty, but he didn’t tell you. When you were lying in bed, and your ache started to become weaker, you and Yoongi talked about that argument, but this time calmly without yelling.


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Arguments with him would be rare. You two were on the same page for most of things. The only thing that you could agrue about with Hobi would be him spending too much time in the practice room. Not because you wanted him next to you, because you understood that he had to do this, but the reason was that he could get sick and be overworked if he was there for such a long time. You were worried about him. This was the reason why you and Hobi argued this time. He knew that you cared about him and had good intentions, but he couldn’t stop doing what he loved. Both of you were talking at the same time and stating your own opinion. You couldn’t even understand what the other was saying. You were done,  as was he, but still, someone needed to win. The Problem wasn’t still solved when your aches came back. You waved Hoseok to stop and showed him by gesturing to him that you gave up. Hobi didn’t know what happened, he started to get worried. He wanted to know what was going on with you. When you sat down, he immediately sat next to you, asking how he could help you and where it hurt. He was panicked and he felt sorry. He was about to start crying. Hoseok loved you so much, and he didn’t want anything to hurt you, he wanted you to be healthy and happy with him next to you. When you saw the tears in his eyes, you started to cry to you. You both apologized, hugged and stayed like this for a while. 


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He knew about the aches you got when you were really angry. You told him about this in the begging of your relationship because you knew that the time for arguments would come sooner or later. That’s why every time you two argued, he tried to stop the argument before you could get really angry.
At the time you were stressed out due to work, and you wreak your anger at him. The situation was getting out of Namjoon’s control. He knew that this couldn’t end well and something bad was bound to happen, but he didn’t know how to calm you down. When you felt your sudden ache and it made you almost faint, you asked to  stop the heated exchange. Namjoon quickly rushed over to you and put you on the sofa. He knew exactly what you needed and what he should do, he didn’t need to ask you first. Joonie brought everything and took good care of you. He didn’t blame you. He just blamed himself a little bit, knowing that he could have stopped this, like always. He was aware that you both couldn’t control this ache or stop it, which hurt him the most, because he couldn’t help you.


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Arguing with you was the one thing that he hated about your relationship. Jimin tried to be calm, but who could be calm when your gf/bf is yelling at you very loudly. Maybe he wouldn’t yell, but he would openly say what he thinks with one or two octaves higher. You were so angry, like never before. You were right and not him - that’s what you thought. From one second to the other, you felt it again, the pain came back, a stomach ache which paralysed you. Jimin saw that something was wrong, so he quickly came closer, checked on you, and asked what’s wrong. When you told him, he took you in his arms to your bedroom and put you to bed. After giving you pain killers and water, he laid next to you. Jimin hugged you and softly stroked your hair. He knew that you’d go back to the thing you two were arguing about, but now the most important thing for him was to take care of you.


Originally posted by cmtae

Getting into an argument with Tae would be hard. He doesn’t look like someone who likes to argue with anyone, especially not his gf/bf.So even when you two were arguing, there wasn’t any yelling, the only thing your fights consisted of were you two stating your different, individual opinions, but even that could still be very stressful. This time, the only one saying something was you; Tae was only looking at you, sometimes laughing, because he thought that you were making a big deal out of nothing. You wanted to solve this problem, it meant a lot to you, but to him it was nothing. After a few minutes you’ve had enough. You went to your bedroom without even looking at V. You wanted to have a serious relationship, but he always made fun of your problems. Suddenly your stomach ache set in. Tae was worried about what was happening with you, as  there were no more sounds coming from the bedroom. He went to check on you. When he saw you suffering, he wanted to call an ambulance, and he was freaking out. Even though you were in pain, you weren’t as panicked as he was, so you tried to calm him down. Taehyung listened to you, just sitting there and waiting till your ache would disappear. When it was finally over, he hugged you tightly and promised you that he won’t be like this again. He was telling you how important you were for him and how much he loved you. 


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

He isn’t someone who likes to lose, so I imagine arguing with him could be hard. Even more so if you were right; even if you were saying the truth, and he was in the wrong, the chances that you were going to win this argument were slim. Because of this, you would always give in, and say that he was in the right, even if it wasn’t true. You just wanted to have some peace and you didn’t want to argue with him, because it was stressful, and because you loved him and didn’t want to lose him over a small little fight.
But not this time. This time you knew that he was completely wrong, and you just couldn’t give him that satisfaction. The argument was getting fiercer, when you suddenly felt an ache in your stomach. You told him to stop and to leave you alone. When he didn’t listen, you just left the room. He didn’t know what to do. Kookie noticed that something was obviously wrong, but he didn’t know if you would want him to come after the things you said to each other. After a few minutes, he decided that it was best to go and see what was wrong with you. He saw how thin you were. He got extremely worried and asked if you need something. Jungkook gave you everything you needed and asked him for. He felt really guilty, thinking that he was the reason why you were in pain. When you were sleeping, he was still with you. He never left your side. He promised himself that this argument would be the last one.

Don’t Play With Me, Boy | two

Originally posted by bwipsul

Word Count: 1.3k

Warnings: mentions of cheating

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: fluff, very slight angst

Song: Blackpink’s Playing With Fire

A/N: i know i suck at writing fluff and i try to avoid it as much as possible, but i needed a short fluffy setup but now you can expect a lot of angst in the next few chapters

one | two

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161: You can’t swim and you’re scared of water.

Harry: The pool party was in full swing and Harry had been keeping a close eye on you, knowing one of your deepest, and for you, most embarrassing secrets, something only he knew. After your parents’s tragic death by drowning when you were only a child, you had never set a foot into water ever since. Once he observed that you were in deep conversation with Louis and Liam, a satisfied Harry disappeared to grab a beer and catch up with his other pals. “Gonna have a dip, y/n?” Louis asks with a cheeky grin. You shake your head. “Uh, no, I haven’t brought a bikini with me” you reasonably excuse yourself from any water activities, shaking your head with a nervous smile. Louis and Liam smirk at each other and their next actions were completely unpredictable to you as they both picked you up, Louis holding you under your arms and Liam holding your ankles. “No no no no!” you exclaim in panic as they start swinging you. “It’s just a little water y/n, on three, Liam” Louis jokes. “NO!” Despite your desperate screams being loud enough to attract the attention of all the guests, heads quickly turning at your distress, the boys continued to swing you. On approaching the number two, they’re quickly distracted. “Put her down!” Harry yells, running towards the three of you. Louis and Liam quickly put you down beside the pool and you quickly bring your knees up to your chest, sobbing into them. “It was just a bit of fun, mate” Louis murmurs, although he knows he’s angered his best friend and upset you, and both guilt and remorse are evident in his voice. “Her parents fucking drowned!” Harry shouts at the boys before lowering to the ground and pulling you into him. “Shh darling, it’s ok. You’re ok. I’m here” he whispers into your ear.

Liam: A holiday with Liam’s family was the perfect getaway since you all got on really well, and Liam certainly needed the break from the solo music he was producing. Lowering the umbrella to shade him more, you left him sleeping on the sand. Nicola and Ruth both ushered for you to join them in the sea. It was so blue and beautiful and whilst your fear of water was strong, you knew you would be safe with a little paddle. The hot sand between your toes felt out of this world and the sea lapping up onto your ankles was relaxing. Moving in a little further up to your knees, you were comfortable staying put and observing the world around you. As you went in deeper, you began to panic. Liam wasn’t there to guide you or reassure you. Turning around, you see him still sleeping on the sand. You take a step to head back to safety when you lose your balance. A wave comes crashing around you, dragging you under and further out to sea. Everything else becomes a blur as you splash around, gasping for air and choking on the salty water that you’re submerged in. Sounds of distress and screams from all directions begin to fade as your body lacks oxygen and water fills your lungs. You feel a hand around your waist, pulling you against the current. Before you can comprehend what’s happening, your laying on the sand, various faces staring in disbelief a blur, and only Liam’s is in focus. You hear the publics questions darting from every direction before Liam pipes up. “Give her some space!” He quickly averts his attention back to you, resting his hand on your forehead and stroking it softly. “You’re ok darling” he whispers. “We’re gonna get you checked out though” he adds, before lowering his lips to your cheek.

Louis: “That’s it baby girl, you’re doing fantastic!” he praises you, and whilst you feel a little silly and childish, you appreciated that he was teaching you how to swim. “Now let’s go in a little deeper” he suggests. You shake your head. “No Louis, I don’t think I can, I’ll drown” you panic, desperately holding your float. Taking your hand gently, he softly murmurs “I’m right here. I’m not going to let you drown. I love you too much.” He smiles and you reciprocate the actions, before kicking your legs and going deeper into the swimming pool. “I’m doing it Louis, I’m doing it!” you proudly announce. “You are sweetheart, I’m so proud of you.” You both tread water in the deep end with your hands still firmly clasping the float. “You never told me where your fear of water came from and how you never learned to swim?” Louis questions curiously. You shrug your shoulders. “I fell into a swimming pool when I was little. I got into trouble and panicked. It scarred me for life. After that, my mum didn’t want to scare me even more and send me to swimming lessons. I guess back then she was just considering my feelings, but in hindsight, she should have done the opposite.” You never blamed your mum, but you weren’t blind to the fact that she was the reason you had never learned to swim. Louis nods understandably. “Well at least you’re leaning now, darling. And in the future, when we have our own little ones, we can teach them how to swim” he smiles.

Niall: Sitting in the large rubber dingy and bobbing up and down in the sea certainly wasn’t your idea of fun, but as time continued, you were distracted by the conversations you were having with Niall, Louis and Eleanor. Despite your unknown fear of the water and being unable to swim, you had forgotten that you were miles away from the shore. The waves began to get bigger and the sun was disappearing. “Guys, we need to go back” you murmur. “It’s ok y/n, the sea doesn’t get much choppier than this” Louis chirps. You shake your head. “No, you don’t understand. I need to go. I can’t be out here anymore” you begin to panic. “Princess?” Niall questions, wrapping an arm around your waist. “It’s ok” he reassures you, as the dingy begins rocking more vigorously. Your breathing becomes more erratic and you begin to flap. “Please, I need to get out. We need to get back to the shore.” Eleanor grips your shoulders gently. “Y/N it’s ok, like Louis said, it won’t get any worse than this. Just breathe.” You shake your head. “You don’t understand. Any of you! I can’t swim. If we overturn, I’ll drown” you cry out. Sensing your distress, Niall pulls yours body into him. “Sweetheart, why didn’t you say? We’re not gonna topple over, ok? And I’ve got you, you’re ok. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Now please calm down and breathe for me” he whispers into your ear. “We’ll get back to the beach, Ni” Louis murmurs, understanding your distress. He murmurs a quick thank you to his friend before making a mental note to teach you how to swim the next day.

Zayn: The poolside was getting busier, your anxiety increasing even more. You watched Zayn and the rest of the boys enjoying a swim and the occasional water activity. Whilst you felt pretty good in your bikini, you had no intention of setting foot into the swimming pool. “Y/N! Come join us!” Niall calls out. You shake your head and give the boys a small smile. “She’s alright boys” Zayn smiles, understanding your reason for staying firmly on the ground. The boys quickly go back to their games and you continue to mingle with others by the poolside. A group of lads, who clearly drank more than they could handle, barge straight past you and between the conversation you were having. As one of them passed, he lost his balance, grabbing you for support, consequently pushing you in. Whilst you heard a few cheers and “whey’s,” Zayn’s exclamation didn’t go unnoticed by anyone. “Fuck!” he yelled out, swimming the length of the pool. He reached you within seconds of you splashing around and gasping for air. Grabbing you by the waist, he pulled you to the side. “Take her!” he exclaimed to onlookers by the poolside. They did as they were told, pulling you out of the water and sitting you upright on the floor. Zayn was beside you in seconds, rubbing your back and whispering reassurances to you. “Zayn, chill mate, yeah? It’s a bit of water” Liam pipes up from across the pool. “Are you fucking kidding me Liam? She can’t swim! She could’ve fucking drowned!” he yells out. As soon as he shouted at Liam, he felt guilty, it hadn’t even been his fault, but adrenaline was pumping through his body. Wrapping a protective arm around you, he murmured softly, “let’s get you home.”

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Can you believe there's a parallel universe in which Isak and Even are real people and they're THAT in love with each other at the moment? 😭💗 Can you believe that in every universe, whether written or actually existing somewhere out there, they always end up together? Because they belong together and they were maid for eachother? 😭💗 *I've been crying nonstop since we've got the clip, I can't cope with any of this, I just can't, I'm just too emotional*

Ughh hold me!! Isak and Even were literally MADE for each other. Can you believe this? How does one recover from this?
They were both crafted so that they were their own characters with their own important stories to tell, but also so that they were freaking soulmates from the very beginning. In every universe, they find and heal each other. In every universe, it’s always just them for one another.

I’m never getting over this omgg

Secrets | 7

Summary: Peter Parker is your kind, loving boyfriend of 2 years, who also just happens to be the web slinger, Spider-Man. And even though you support what he’s doing, you can’t seem to escape the thought that Peter is getting lost in this new superhero world.

Word Count: 961

Warnings: Language

A/N: (Written in reader’s POV; italics indicate inner monologue/thoughts.) Apologies in advance for all the feels you may endure during this part :// only 3 chapters left!! [tags are now closed for this fic]

Secrets | 6

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For DWC tonight! "19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing"

For @dadrunkwriting - this got quite long and very NSFW - but i’m sure no one will mind ;p

I combined your prompt @ma-sulevin with @gugle1980 so we have: kissing so desperately that their whole body curves into the other person’s and kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing. Thank you both for the prompts!

Cullen X Annabel - Smut, teasing, game playing - fan fic

True superiority

“You know, as the Commander of the Inquisition’s forces, I really expected you to keep a better eye on your infantry,” said Annabel, dashing another one of his pieces from the board with a swipe.

Last time they’d played he’d let her win and now Cullen finds himself staring at the game board blinking in dismay. Working fast he calculates she could sweep to victory in six moves.

Glancing up he sees how her eyes sparkle with mischief, it’s not clear if she’s seen her path to glory or if she’s merely enjoying the thrill of taking another of his pieces. His mind continues to work and returning his full attention to the board a small smirk plays on his lips. There’s a way he can block her and win in less than five.


“Oh, nothing,” he moves his next piece with certainty.

“You know,” she replies dropping her voice low in a way that captivates is attention. It draws his eyes, which are forced to drag over her plump cleavage as she’s lent over the table. “That deviant smirk is going to get you in trouble someday.”

He chuckles lightly and cocks one eyebrow. “Deviant?”

“Yes,” she purrs, leaning further, hair falling loosely off her shoulders as she shifts to loom over the game. Lifting her hand, she curls a finger in a beckoning motion and his throat runs dry. Shuffling forwards, he takes a second to scan the gardens, they seem more or less alone. Swallowing hard he leans towards her, his pulse already beginning to throng in the way that only the anticipation of her or battle could educe.

Sure enough, her lips press against his.

He’d hardly allowed himself to imagine this moment the last time they played, but Maker he had wanted to. Her lips are as soft as her voice, the kiss is slow and tender, slightly awkward given their position. Somehow her tongue slips into his mouth making his pulse jerk before deepening his own end of the kiss to turn it sultry. When she pulls away and smirks, he notes that most definitely is deviant.

“If I didn’t know better, Lady Trevelyan, I’d say you were trying to distract me,” he quips, sitting back down to study her reaction with scrutiny.

“Why would I do a thing like that?”

“I don’t know,” he states, his confidence blooming thanks to the seductive nature of her eyes as he causally leans back in his seat. “Perhaps the leader of the Inquisition is concerned for her title of chess superiority?”

One of her feet grazes up the outside of his boot but his focus never leaves her expression. He knows she’s trying to distract him, but she needn’t try so hard. Her low-cut blouse and the purr of her voice had already made up his mind long ago. If there wasn’t so many curious eyes watching in the shadows he would simply of pounced across and taken her right then.

“Hmm, perhaps,” she muses while she sidesteps one of her pieces, saving it from its once doomed fate. It’s difficult but his eyes do flick down to the board, she’s bought herself a few moves, but there is no denying his victory is inevitable…and she’s seen it too.

“We could stay here and find out,” she continues, her finger tracing down over the distinctly phallus shaped piece in blatant suggestion. “Or we could retire to your chambers and find out where your true superiority lays?”  

Desire begins to bleed through and he can no longer resist her. Without another thought he lunges over to kiss her, cupping her cheeks in his hands and sending pieces scattering to the long grass around them.

She seems as desperate for him as he is for her. Her hands wrap around his neck, her back bows, crushing their bodies together, as she melts into his arms and scorching kiss.

Panting he breaks for air, his skin now flushed and his heart soaring. “Oh, I know the answer to that already,” he rumbles.His scar twitches as he smirks, then he grabs her hand and tugs her up into his arms as he stands.  

Annabel allows herself to fall against his chest. Holy Andraste how she loved it when the lion emerged, springing forward like the coiled beast it was and taking what it wanted. She tiptoes up kiss him but he stands tall, keeping his delicious smirk just out of her reach, it seems he’s finally learning how to tease her back.

With their hands wrapped together she lets him pull her swiftly along, having to rush to keep pace with his swift strides.

As they enter his office he flings her inside before promptly slamming the door. Giggling she speeds up his ladder before he has a chance to grab hold. She’s hardly back on her feet when he barrels into her back, staggering them both to the bed, him pulling off armour as he goes. She helps slug his chest piece to one side so she can run her hands up his torso and the rippling muscles she can feel straining there.

She reaches up for a kiss but is denied again as his face instead slips down to nestle in her curves. One hand undoing her blouse and bra strap while he kisses over the mounds of her breasts. The scrape of his stubble sends a shiver down her spine and already she’s wriggling free from her bottoms. His hand slips down to help, then traces finger tips up her inner thigh. The rumble which resonates from him when his fingers pass over her already wet folds makes her mewl.

Her fingers reach down, the very tips grazing his own, she feels his body shudder, and smiles with pride. But her control over him is short lived, sternly he lifts her hand above her head and pins it there.

Once secure, Cullen wastes no time in easing himself down, leaving a trail of kisses along her stomach and across her navel until he’s kissing her far more intimately. She hums as the flat of his tongue travels up her creases. His fingers clasp and dig into her thighs to hold her, splayed for him, and then a shudder of pleasure vibrates up through her core.

He seems to relish exploring her and she is more than willing to allow it. He dips inside then out, his tongue swirls over sensitive flesh, brushing her nub before he sucks. A cry resonates from her throat as he spills her over the edge with ease. He continues to lap, seemingly savouring her, but chest heaving and nerves flooded with bliss she hardly notices his delicate touch.

Eyes pressed shut, she feels him shift. If this was a game he is most certainly winning as she has already lost all sense to the throng of pleasure seeping through her. He looms over her and running her hands over him her brows knot slightly as she discovers his shirts still on. That mistake is quickly resolved with a tug up over his shoulders. When their eyes meet again she can see lust has darkened his to burnt copper and the predator waiting within, is hungry and wanton.

Then without a grunt he’s inside her and the motion spills a loud broken moan from her. It hasn’t even ended when he pants a growl and begins to fuck her into the mattress beneath them. His pace is relentless, each drive sending a bolt of bliss through her and building her demanding need.

Panting his name against his lips seems to tighten his grip on her wrist and speed him up, pain mixing with pleasure deepens her moans but his lips swallow the sound. His tongue easily dominates over hers as he buries himself against her. Into her. 

Maker’s fucking breath he’s glorious as he pounds, giving her everything, both lost in basic primal need as the heat between them soars.

With one particularly deep thrust she comes again, crying his name, her nails clasping the back of his hand, her face pressed up against his as her back turns ridged and her thighs tremble through the wake of pleasure. The next slam inside makes his own grip tighten. His lips are so close that she nips his scar as he climaxes and the simple bite seems to make the release that much sweeter as his face contorts and the baritone of his moan vibrates through her.

Panting he remains in place, still filling her and slowly opens his eyes. A soft smile comes to Cullen’s lips as she tenderly clears some lose curls from his forehead. 

He rolls off her with a light groan, clearly struggling to breath as he lies flat on his back, sculpted torso covered with a gleam of sweat. She admires his spent state for a moment before he opens his arm so she can nuzzle close against him, both their chests rising and falling rapidly as one. After a few moments of contented silence Annabel smiles as he speaks. 

“Shall we call it a draw, Inquisitor?”


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Chapter 12: MDZ Doesn’t Approve.

 Tyler had gotten the bright idea that you and him should throw a huge preseason party. You were currently cleaning the kitchen from the huge mess that the boys had been made trying to cook dinner. They had almost burned down the entire kitchen. Katie had come in to help you. You both finished and you grabbed a beer heading outside.

You were sitting in the grass watching the Spezza girls run around the grass chasing the newest addition to the Seguin clan, Gerry. Nicola suddenly ran up to you, falling into your lap with a giggle.

“Aunt Y/N, will you sing Moana with us?” She asked, looking up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“How about I set up the big projector over on the green? We can setup the movie and some blankets, maybe even get some of Uncle Ty’s candy stash?”

Both of the girls jumped up excitedly following you inside. You led them to the pantry and allowed them both to pick out some candy and you put some popcorn in the microwave. You grabbed the princess movie from the rack, and led the girls back outside and on to the putting green. You set up the outdoor projector and the movie.

You turned and helped the girls with the blanket. Gerry was nipping at the corners and Cash decided to lay down directly in the middle. You giggled picking up Gerry and heading back inside to get popcorn.

You were heading back inside when you overheard Nicola at the table with the adults.

“Uncle Tyler, you married a princess!” She exclaimed causing the table to laugh.

“Why do you say that baby girl?” Jason questioned wanting to know his daughters reasoning for calling you a princess.

“Well, she is super nice, she sings well, she talks to animals, and her hair is really pretty!” She nods contempt with her answer, she scurries off back to the green. The table all laughs, except for Michael Del Zotto who scoffs, taking a swig from his beer.

You shake it off and head back out to the green handing the girls the popcorn. You watch as they share their popcorn with the three dogs cuddled up to them. You take the opportunity to join your husband and guests.

You walk up the table and go for the seat next to Tyler but he pulls you into his lap before you can. You fall back into him with a giggle.

“Finally some time with my own personal Disney princess.” He chuckles.

“Thank you for being so nice to the girls, they love coming here. Between you and the dogs, they are always asking to come here.” Jason noted, flashing you a thankful smile.

“It’s no problem. I love having them here, plus they tire out the boys.” You laugh.

You all engage in small talk and the boys get started talking about the upcoming season.


“Aunt Y/N, Come sing with us!” You turned and there were the girls singing and dancing around the grass with the dogs.

You smiled “I am going to go rescue the poor dogs.” You stood from your seat and headed over to the girls. You sat on the blanket taking a sip of your beer and watching the girls.

You were still in earshot of the table, so you found yourself listening to the boys newest conversation.

“She is really good with the girls Seguin, should we expect little 91’s running around the rink anytime soon?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know Spezza. We haven’t talked about it but we would make some cute babies.” Tyler quipped, you could almost picture the grin on his face. A smile of your own found it’s way onto your features. That was until you heard MDZ.

“Have you lost your mind?” He choked out.

“What are you getting on dude?” You heard Tyler ask, you could sense frustration in his voice.

“You actually got married Segs. You are 25, you said you would never settle down this young. I love Y/N and all but I honestly think you are crazy, especially with all the problems you two have been through.” MDZ tried making his case.

You braced yourself, ready to stand and make your way to the table to calm your husband, he had a temper and you didn’t want the party to be ruined. But you remained in your seat when you heard Tyler sigh.

“I know Zotto. I know. But I couldn’t let her get away again. We are young but it is what it is.”

You suddenly felt like there was a huge amount of weight on top of you. Had Tyler married you just so you would actually take him back? Would he live to regret it?  You suddenly had doubts of your own. The girls looked at you with concern. You smiled thanking the stars for the well timed sad moment in the movie. You played it off and spent the rest of the evening with the girls.

You had no desire to rejoin the group. The night and number of guest slowly dwindled down. You helped Spezza get the sleeping girls in the car with Tyler. You offered your goodbyes and he offered you another thanks.

You made your way inside, Tyler close behind.

“Tonight was fun. You have a good time baby?” He asked placing a kiss on your lips as you cleaned up a few left behind beer bottles.

“Mhmm. It was a nice night.”

You wanted so badly to talk to him about the conversation with Michael but something told you not too.

“Are you sure? You got kind of quiet towards the end of the night.”  Tyler questioned. You hated that he knew you so well. 

“Yea, just tired is all. It was a long day, plus I needed to clean someone’s mess in the kitchen.” you quipped raising an eyebrow praying he would buy it. 

“I am sorry babe. I will clean it up next time, I promise.” He noted placing a kiss to your temple before hopping in the shower. 

He bought it. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. 

Mistake Number One.

No more babies

This wasn’t requested it’s just a little idea I had! The premise is getting lectured with Carl by Fiona because she walks in on you guys, kinda similar to my last one but also kind of not IDKDKDK also this sucks and is very short and I just wanted to get something else posted

Word Count: 958

Originally posted by lip-gallaghers-bae

You had been friends with Carl for most of your life and you always seemed to be at the Gallagher house. You had never viewed Carl romantically until one night, in a drunken-high haze, you lost your virginities to each other. From that point on you guys were in a relationship. Even though it was surprising and unexpected, your relationship was great. You both really liked each other and were comfortable from your years of friendship.

You would often show up to his house unexpectedly and this was one of those days. You didn’t bother to knock, this house almost felt like your own. Upon opening the door, you were greeted with the typical Gallagher noise level. You spot Ian and Lip on the couch watching TV. The TV is on but they seem more interested in their conversation and their beers than whatever the Chicago news has to offer. Lip turns his head slightly and just points upstairs. He understands your here to see Carl, and he understands what your planning to do. Lip was the only one who knew for sure that you guys slept together, he has walked in on it multiple times. Everyone else just assumes but can’t confirm it.

You gave him a slight hand wave and walk up the stairs slowly. You crack open the door to Carl’s room and see him sitting on his bed scrolling through his phone. He is facing the door but doesn’t notice you when you first walk in. 

“Hey, White Chocolate.” You say laughing, You like to tease him by bringing up his gangster phase nicknames. His head shoots up and at first he glares, but then he smiles when he realizes its you.

“Stooooppp.” He groans out and he opens his arms for you. You walk over and sit across his lap horizontally. 

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You were my last young renegade heartache
It only took one night
Caught in the eye of a hurricane, darling
We had to say goodbye
I wanna know that you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere down this road
You were my last young renegade heartache
How could I let you
How could I let you
Don’t wanna let you
I’ll never let you go

- All Time Low, Last Young Renegade.

© Gifs belong to @gamora (No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6) and @rainybucky (No. 7). Thank you for letting me borrow them, you’re both so lovely <3 

Collages were made with Pic Collage, where I added the captions (no other edits!!!). I hope that’s okay, if not, I’ll remove it right away!

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can you do 11 and wonwoo for the mini fic thing?

11. Things you said when you were drunk

Originally posted by syndrastic

Wonwoo and you had both known each other for as long as you could remember really and he had always been your best friend so when he texted you, asking you to come with him to a party of a friend of his, you agreed without even thinking. 

The party was fun, people were dancing and talking and drinking, but you didn’t really want to drink, figuring that it would be for the best for either you or wonwoo to be sober enough to get you both home. 

“Hey, Wonu, I think we should go now, it’s getting really late” you tell him as he sits down next to you. He had been drinking quite a lot but not to the point where he was annoying or disgusting, just a little bit tired and confused. He agreed and you got up and left the party to take a bus to your house (which he insisted on because he didn’t want his members to know that he was drunk). The bus ride home was pretty quiet and you almost thought that he fell asleep when his head laid ontop of your shoulder, but you didn’t want to wake him up before you two had to get off the bus.

As you got home you told him to go to your livingroom as you brought some spare clothes that he had forgotten at your place before. He thanked you quietly and put the clothes on as you walked into your kitchen to grab him a glass of water. 

When you came back Wonwoo had already laid down on the couch and crawled under some of your blankets. You set the glass of water down carefully on the coffee table before sitting on the edge of the couch by his head. Your heart skipped a beat as your looked down at the boy. Yeah, you had always had feelings for him but you had always been scared of confessing. Did he feel the same way or would it just ruin your friendship if you actually confessed?

“Hey y/n…” he mumbled into the pillow. You hummed as an answer.

“I’ve never told you this but…” he paused and your heart almost stopped, wondering what he might say next.

“I’ve always loved you.. I know you think I’m saying this because I’m drunk but please take me seriously..” He turned around to lay on his back and face you. You smiled and gave him a kiss on his forehead before you stood up and started to leave.

“I love you too Wonu” you tell him with a smile on your face before you left the livingroom. As soon as you left, you leaned against a wall with a hand over your heart that was beating almost a bit too fast.

Did he really mean what he said or was it just one of his dumb jokes? Either way, you were definitely going to ask him about it first thing in the morning.

Send me a number and an idol, pairing or an anime character/pairing and I’ll write you a short scenario!

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“They’re staring at us again“ 

You looked over your shoulder, seeing the glares the people around you were giving both of you. It was to be expected really. Shiro was almost twice your age and you knew that they wanted to intervene, tell you how disgusting your relationship was but they couldn’t because you were legally an adult. And therefore, they could shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Shiro followed your gaze and chuckled before he was biting his bottom lip. 

“When give him something to gossip?“ His eyes were sparkling and his hand traveled from your lower back down to the curve of your ass. He pushed you closer to him, no amount of distance between you anymore while he was waiting for your consent. 

“Fuck yeah“ 

And with that he captured your lips in a ravishing kiss, his tongue moving against yours and the only sound you could hear besides your combined heart beats were the shocked gasps of the crowd watching you.

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can you do a dad!ash with his baby boy named scott and y/n? thank you

Oh, Ashton would be so cute with his son.

“Ashton! It’s your turn to pick Scott up from daycare! I’ll start cooking dinner while you go.” I called out into the living room where my husband was sat watching t.v. He looked at me and nodded, and walked out to go pick Scott up. He was only four, but that daycare is like an early learning place.

When Ashton got back, Scott was hanging from his arm like a monkey and they were both giggling. “Hey boys, what’re you up to?” I asked as I kept cooking dinner.

Scott giggled and leaned into Ashton’s ear to whisper something. Ash nodded with a giant smile and laughed along with Scott. They both walked over to me and I smiled at them. Ashton placed Scott down, and as soon as his little feet  touched the floor, he ran to me and wrapped his arms around my legs locking me in.

When Ashton stared at me with a smirk and started getting closer, I panicked and tried to get Scott to let go of me. “Um, mommy has to get back to cooking, could you let go baby?” I asked Scott nicely as Ashton had some amusement in his eyes. Before I knew it, Ashton grabbed me and started tickling me. I screamed with laughter, and Scott did too.

“Mommy! Stop screaming!” He laughed. Ashton slowed down and stopped tickling me so I could catch my breath. I turned to him a whispered in his ear, just like Scott had done earlier.

Ashton looked at me, and smirked, then looked at Scott. “Come ‘ere little man.” Ashton said as he grabbed Scott and held him in and started to tickle him while Scott tried to get Ashton to release his grip.

I laughed as Scott squirmed and Ashton placed him back to the floor. I went back to cooking and listened to their conversation. “Dad, why did you tickle me? We were supposed to get mommy.” Scott whined as Ashton chuckled at him, “Sorry little man, but mommy wanted to do that, it wasn’t me.” Ashton said as he put his hands up in mock surrender.

“Woah, woah, woah, you were on board with it as well mister ‘I’m so innocent’.” I said with a slight laugh. Ashton laughed too. “Ok, ok, I’ll admit, it was my fault, I’ll never listen to mommy again.” He teased as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. Scott jumped on top of Ashton’s back, and started hugging him.

“Alright boys, you can go do whatever you want while I finish dinner. Love you.” I said as I kissed Ashton quickly and Scott on the forehead. The two ran off and left me to my cooking and thoughts about my wonderful family.

Thanks for the request, it was really fun to make a little dad!ashton blurb so thanks for that! Sorry for spelling and shit again, I’m in a rush, I’m going to my dad's house soon, and I have to get ready. :-))) 

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FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project

To say you and Jungkook were different would be an understatement.

It was just how you were, both born with passions for contrasting hobbies laced within your bloodstream that, really, should have fated the two of you apart from the very beginning. 

Your childhood had been spent surrounded by the pink frills and classical music that built the exterior of ballet; Jungkook had grown up on vinyl records of 80s and 90s punk and rock bands, scuffed Converse shoes, and jeans ripped at the knees as a result of falling to the ground from his skateboard on numerous occasions.

send me a word and I’ll post a piece from my current fic~

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17 & Hux plz

17. Calling each other by a pet name.


“Hon!” You called out.

“Yes, angel?”

“What time is Phasma coming to drop off Addie?”

Hux walked out wearing a checkered shirt. His sleeves rolled up and he was wearing…jeans?!

Hux was too preoccupied with his sleeves to notice you were in awe of him.

“Hon?” Hux finished and looked up, “Yes, angel?”

“You’re wearing jeans.”

Hux chuckled, “Excellent observation, love.”

You rolled your eyes, “You’re annoying.”

Hux pulled you up and held you close to his chest, “You love me.”

“And you love me.” You both leaned in for a kiss, until you were interrupted by the ring of the doorbell. You chuckled, “I’ll get it.” You walked away a couple steps, but then turned around and gave Hux a kiss. You went back to answering the door and Hux just watched you with so much love in his eyes.