you both need to go to bed too


Leaving you today was the hardest. It’s always hard saying goodnight, but today was especially difficult. Thank you for sleeping with me the entire weekend. I loved being too lazy to go to coney island to watch the fireworks. Who needs fireworks anyways when it’s you i get to kiss? Lying in bed with you is the only place i ever really want to be.

On the train i passed buildings, apartments that have been there and newly renovated or under construction ones. I look at them with both a hope and longing for the day to come where we pick one of our own and i get to come home to you instead of go home without you. I look forward to that day. I look forward to everything with you.

-with love from the human you make incredibly happy

Okay, guys. So my lights are off and I’m in bed mobile blogging and my leg is hanging off my bed. I did not hear my dog walk in and HIS NOSE JUST RUBBED AGAINST MY FOOT AND I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY I JUMP SO BAD THAT I KICKED HIM IN THE FACE. It is 3:30 in the morning. HE COULD HAVE BEEN A MONSTER UNDER MY BED OR SOMETHING. I’m going to sleep. This is what happens when I stay up past my bed time.

Harry Styles: Wedding Series

Wedding Series (UK Tour Extra) #9 - Walking Around Together

(Word Count - 3, 437)

Being 2 weeks into the month tour had taken a toll upon you both, with Harry being needed much more than he thought. The only times you’d get to see him would be when you were going to bed, but your nightly conversations weren’t for very long, with his whole body being tired from the days activities. He’d tire himself out when rehearsing, and when it came to the actual show, he’d be too exhausted at times to jump around and be his usual self. It wasn’t just him getting tired either; you were starting to get exhausted with being put second with his choices. He had told you before the whole tour has kicked off that he’d take a few breaks in between rehearsals so he could spend time with you. Whether they be for catch up make up sessions, or chatting about the wedding, or even just cuddling… Yet, so far, none of that had happened.

You couldn’t blame Harry though. It wasn’t his fault. You knew what was going to happen, and you knew you were going to have to share your time with him when you joined him with his work. You loved to watch him dance around and sing with so much passion, and you loved when he gave you cheeky shout-outs or he played on with an ongoing inside joke the both of you had. You couldn’t complain with the life you had with him, because anybody would do anything to be in your position. You felt lucky to be with him, even when you were bickering and arguing. He would always tell you how he felt on top of the world because he had you, and because he had the best job in the world, and because he had the best friends in the world. And you couldn’t complain with anything. Because he was loving it.

With a massive but on the side, weighing down the good side, you felt when tour started back up that you were losing him to his job. With the 2 month break they had just had, you felt he was with you and only you. You loved when they had such long breaks, because as selfish as it sounded, you got Harry to yourself. You got him in bed, cuddled beside you in his naked form, with chuckles and softly spoken words leaving his pink and fleshy lips. With tour happening, you got none of that. He didn’t sleep naked beside you, no chuckles left his lips when he was curled up with you, and no softly spoken works were said; a tired Harry was sometimes never your favourite Harry. Your favourite sleepy Harry was when he slurred his words with sleep, because he’d been awake for the majority of the day. He’d tell you the first thing that came to his mind, or he’d tell you a knock knock joke that the both of you had heard a million times before, but gave off belly laughs due to your tired state.

None of that happened on tour.

He’d come back to the hotel that night after the show in Cardiff, the 10th show in 2 weeks, with a saddened look on his face. He kicked off his boots in the doorway of the suite before he bent down to pick them up, hanging them off his fingers as he shuffled further into the room. You’d stayed back at the room, with a good book and some TV programmes on the suite’s television to take your mind off of the previous argument the both of you had had that morning…

* *

He’d promised to take you out for breakfast under the warmth of the duvet on the king sized bed, yet as soon as he got the call and was told he had to go to the arena for a rehearsal and a quick sound check, he was up and getting dressed right away. His fingers tugged at the t-shirt he was sliding over his head, his hair greasy and hanging limply down the sides of his face. He rummaged around his suitcase for a clean pair of boxers, shimmying the ones he had one down his legs and letting them pool to his ankles. A sigh left your lips as he stepped out of the material and slid the cleaner yet tighter white briefs up his legs.

“I’m sorry, babe… I’ll be sure to come back here as quick as possible. Breakfast doesn’t finish here until 11. We got 3 hours. I’ll come back and we’ll head down for a late breakfast” He smiled, as he grabbed his loose basketball shorts and slid them silky material up his legs and let them rest lowly on his hips. “I don’t think this will take as long. It’s just to get the different pyrotechnics and stuff. This arena is a little different to the ones we’ve been too…” He chuckled, falling to the bed with a pair of trainer socks in his hands.

“Yeah…” You uttered under your breath, rolling onto your side with your back facing him. “Don’t worry about breakfast, Harry. We’ll just meet for lunch like usual. Unless you’re too busy for that as well…” You hissed softly, closing your eyes and hugging the duvet closer to your body. The early 8am sun was shining through the curtain, the rays hitting your face with a flurry of warmth.

“What’s the meant to mean, love? I’ll be free for both breakfast and lunch. We can go for brunch if that’s what you’d prefer…” Harry stated, as he fell back against the bed and let his feet cross over.

“Nothing, Harry. Just… Go to your sound check. I’ll probably be down the road at the spa with Sophia. Liam booked her an appointment, and she’s taking me along as a plus one. So, you have all day to do what you usually do” You mutter, feeling a hand resting on your duvet covered calf muscle. “I’m used to it now, anyway” You whisper to yourself, Harry’s eyes furrowing in confusion. He knew he’d blown off breakfast for past few mornings, but he always made up for it. He’d make sure he’d give you extra loving when he was on stage by apologising and singing you one of your favourite songs.

“Look, I’m sorry I have to blow of breakfast again, but I-“

“Again, Harry. This is the fourth time now. I’m getting sick of it! I came on tour with you, because you told me we’d have time to do our usual morning routine. Getting showered together, getting dressed together and getting breakfast together. We do none of that now, and it’s not fair. I barely see you anymore. It’s like you feel I’m not here with you…” You stated, voice loud and your body turning to face him. He stood from the bed, his hands tugging at his hair as he pulled it back into a ponytail, twirling it around into a bun. “Just go and do your thing, Harry. I have Sophia I can spend time with…”

He didn’t want to yell. He hated getting angry at you. But he told you what you were going to experience at some point on the tour, and he couldn’t believe how selfish you were being. You got to spend time with him before going on stage, and you got to spend time with him when you were cuddling in the hotel room. He didn’t understand where this was coming from.

“You’re so selfish, you know that!? I can’t help blowing off breakfast with you. This is my job, (Y/N)! You should know by now that I have to share my time with my job and with you. Stop being so fuckin’ selfish and give me a break every once in a while. This is important to me!” He hissed, his eyes casting anywhere but your own. You felt your heart tighten and your chest ached as he grabbed his boots, along with his wallet and his room card, making his way to the suite door. “I won’t come back then, since you’re going out with Sophia. I’ll stay with the band and the backing band at the arena, if that’s what you want. Fine by me. I’ll see you later then.”

And with that he was out the door.

* *

‘I’m going to stay at the hotel tonight. I’ll see you when you come back.’

He knew you were pissed off. Usually you’d end texts to him with a ‘xx’ or a cheeky winky face if you were feeling in the mood. At the moment, right before they went on stage, he wanted to go back to the hotel room, and spend his whole evening with you. He wanted to make up for what he said that morning, by showing you with love how sorry he was. He wanted to be with you, whether it be there at the Cardiff Arena or whether it be back at the room with your clothes strewn across the room, your body’s fumbling and bumbling against one another as your actions became boisterous and rough.

His face dropped when he re-read the message. You really weren’t coming because of the feud you’d had that morning and in his boots right now, with his microphone in his hand as the engineers checking his in-ears were snuggly fitting, he felt regret. If only he didn’t erupt like he did, and agreed to stay home for one morning just to have breakfast with his fiancée then you would be here with him, hugging and kissing him one last time before he went off of on stage with a massive smile on his face. His lips still tingling from the feeling of yours against his.

But that night? His face wasn’t how it usually looked. His lips were pursed in a tight line, and his eyebrows were furrowed and a dip was forming at the top of his nose. His chest was full of want. He wanted you there, even if you were angry at him. He wanted you with him so he could apologise sweetly and pull you up on stage and give you some sweet hugging and kissing in front of his fans. His head was ducked down to his chest, his face illuminated from his phone as he tapped the send button and locked his phone, sliding it into his pocket.

‘Stay up for me. Okay? The lads are going out, but I’ll come home straight away. I’m sorry about this morning. I love you. H. xxx’

* *

He bent down by his suitcase, and pulled out his green Packers hoodie***. You could only presume he was going out to the shop, with Preston waiting in the reception for him. He was dressed in his sheer yellow button down with his black jeans***, his boots waiting for him to come back and tug on. Your assumption was proved wrong when he pulled your book from your hand and dropped it to the bed, his hand protruding out with the jumper in his grip. Your head tilted up to look at him, as his eyebrows were raised. His face simply telling you to ‘take the jumper and follow him’, his eyes wide and a soft smile played on the corner of his lips.

“Harry… What are you doing?” You whispered, as he sighed and dropped the jumper to the floor by his socked feet, his hands gripping your own and pulling you up from your duvet cocoon. His lips tugged into a smile as you fell to his chest, the smell of sweat and his cologne filling your nose. “Harry…” You muttered his palms flat against your back.

“Put the jumper on, and meet me in the reception. We’re going for a walk, love. And I want to apologise for this morning. I figured we could stop off at a coffee shop, or get some ice-cream in that 24 hour diner thing we saw… I saw your face light up when we saw it” He chuckled, his chest rumbling as he hugged you tightly to his body. “Now dress warm. Do you want a pair of my socks? I know you like the fuzzy ones. I packed some in the front pocket, just for you…” He smiled, kissing your cheek as he looked down at you. His eyes lighting up as you cupped his cheeks in your palms, your thumbs rubbing against the apples of his cheeks. He could feel the cool metal of your engagement ring against his jawline.

“Did you pack your green beanie?” You wondered, his head nodding as you tugged his ears lightly. “Put it on for me, yeah? Your ears get cold and I don’t want you coming down with a cold…” You grin, as he ducked his head down and kissed your lips softly. “I’m sorry about this morning” You whispered, his breath warm and minty against the lower half of your face.

“No… I’m sorry, my love. I didn’t mean to call you selfish. You aren’t selfish. You just need some Harry loving, and I wasn’t there. I am so sorry I keep ditching our breakfast dates, which is why I spoke to the tour managers and I got them to let me off for breakfast everyday” He whispered, nudging his nose against your cheek. His breaths fanning your neck, making shivers send through your spine. “I love you, my future missus Styles. I can’t wait till I can officially call you (Y/N) Styles…” He winked, as he unhooked his hands from your back and shuffled across the carpet to where his boots laid on the floor.

* *

His large palm engulfed yours in a tight hold, his fingers laced between yours as he swung your arms between your bodies. His green Packers beanie*** was tugged onto his head, holding his curls back from his face. Tufts of his hair were sticking out from beneath the roll up cuff, blowing softly in the wind as you walked down the town of Cardiff. Pubs were lit up and drunken cheers were leaving the open windows and open doors, the smell of food filled the atmosphere around the two of you as you made your way down the partly busy street. His face looked tanned under the street lights, his eyes glinting softly as he looked down at you with a smile on his lips.

“I forgot to ask, how was the conce- Why are you looking at me like that?” You giggled, tugging the hoodie over your head as the wind picked up and blew your hair every which way. Your cheeks flushed and it was something Harry loved every time he stared intently at you, his eyes full of love, lust and adoration.

He chuckled lightly and took his hand from your grip, throwing his arm over your shoulder with a soft tug to his side. “I just think you look very beautiful dressed in my clothes, babe. My trackies. They look lovely on you. Maybe you should keep them” He chuckled, as he looked down at the rolled up sweat pants on your legs. The legs of the sweats were long, and were probably rolled up about 10 times to be the right length for you. A small piece of skin was showing between the rolled up cuffs and the white converse boots tied to your feed. “Are you even wearing the socks I gave you?” He laughed, stopping in the middle of the street as you went to cross the road.

“I am, yeah. I just rolled them down so they looked like ankle socks. They looked weird when I had them pulled up…” You giggled, burying your face into his side. “Anyway… You looked beautiful yourself, mister. This yellow shirt looks beautiful, and your jeans are just my favourite” You giggled, placing an arm around his waist from behind, your fingers resting at the waistband of his jeans. “I’m getting hungry. Can we get like a burger or something? I swear I saw like a kebab shop back there…” You grinned, as Harry chuckled and nodded softly.

“Let’s do that, darlin’… Kebabs sounds pretty good right now. We can take them back to the room, and eat there if you want? Only a short walk back, babe” He chuckled, watching your face drop. “Oh, you just want to eat in? We can eat in. I don’t mind…” He grinned, as you stopped in your tracks and turned around, a wide smile on your lips.

“Oh my god… Harry Styles? And (Y/N)! Hi. Hi!” Someone cried out, your eyes casting over the road to where two young girls were stood, with One Direction t-shirts on and jumpers tied around their waists. They checked left and right, before jogging across the stage and standing before the two of you with wide smiles on their faces.

“Hello, girls. How are you this evening? Were you at the concert tonight?” Harry wondered, as he watched them fumble in their bags for pens and a piece of paper. They nodded happily as Harry gave them a soft smile. “How about we take a quick photo together, yeah? I don’t have time to sign anything and stuff, as (Y/N) here is a bit hungry. She’s a terrible person when she’s hungry…” He winked at you, as a gasp left your lips and you pushed his shoulder. The girls cooed in adoration as they watched you playfully push one another. “Come on then. A photo each” He smiled, as one of them pulled their phones out from their pocket.

“(Y/N), can I get one with you?” The other one asked, as your eyes widened and you looked down at your attire. The one night you come out dressed in lazy clothes, and someone wants a photo. “You look beautiful by the way. I can tell that’s Harry’s jumper…” She giggled, a blush making its’ way onto your cheeks. “Seriously… You’re beautiful. Harry is so lucky to have you.” That made you smile. The fans had always loved you, obviously some had other opinions, but you always loved the supportive and loving ones.

“Oh, come on then!” You smiled, as she slid the camera app up on her phone and snuggled closer to you and she snapped a quick photo of the both of you. Once a photo had been taken, they swapped and had another snapped with you and Harry. “It was lovely meeting you girls” You smiled, as they stood before you again, with smiles reaching their ears settled on their lips.

“Thank you for stopping for us. Congratulations on your engagement by the way! We’re so happy you’re getting married. You’re our favourite 1D couple. God, we’re so happy for you!” One of them cried out, as Harry looked down at you adoringly. “We hope you guys have a happy engagement and a happy married life. You deserve it so much” She added, as you cooed lightly, and wrapped an arm around Harry’s waist, giving him a soft squeeze.

“Thank you, girls. You’re awfully kind. Thank you for being at the show tonight” Harry chuckled, as he pressed a kiss to your hairline. “But, and I apologise, we need to get going for our late dinner. I’m starved. Have a safe trip home…” He smiled, as he brought them both into a last hug before parting their ways. You watched as they squealed down the road, to whom you could only presume was their mothers. “I love fans like that, ya’know? They are wonderful. So supportive” He muttered, as you slowly made your way down the pathway towards the brightly lit kebab shop.

“I’m really glad they’ve taken to our engagement well, H. I’m shocked. You are everyone’s favourite. I was surprised no death threats were given to me” You giggled, as he pushed open the kebab shop door. It was a weird sight to anyone walking the streets. Harry Styles going into a kebab shop? What was he doing? People saw the side to him where he went to expensive restaurants and clubs, but you got to see the side of him when he was dressed in his sweats and a dirty t-shirt ordering a Big Mac at McDonalds. “If you buy me a kebab and a can of Shandy, you’ll get a very seductive thank you later on when we get back…” You winked, bumping your hip against his as you waltzed through the small archway into the empty restaurant area…

… leaving a flushed and warm looking Harry.


“Honestly it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. Let’s just pretend it didn’t happen. It’s better that way.” He glances at Sebastian, not looking too long as to not show his face much. “You’re a demon. I think we both need to remember that.” He climbs back into bed, facing away from those red eyes. “I’m going back to bed.”

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Sharonnat de-aged AU

Natasha at her regular age is an accomplished liar, but Maria had been naive enough to think that, as a seven year old, she might not be that bad. It turns out the main difference is that Natasha now has developed some kind of moral code, relative though it may be; this younger version of Natasha sees no need to engage with that.

“I have to have a sleepover with Sharon,” she says, and her eyes are so wide that even though it makes no sense, even though Maria knows she’s lying, she’s still tempted to believe her. "I can’t sleep when she’s not in the bed too.“

That’s what Nat says when they’re both big, too, but Maria doesn’t want to even go there right now. "But are you going to sleep, or are you going to stay up giggling all night again?” Maria asks.

Natasha smiles, the very picture of innocence. "We’re both very tired, Agent Hill. I’m sure we’ll fall asleep immediately.“

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Need some advice - there is this super big party tonight and although I don't really like the hosts all my friends are going. I really just want to stay at home and read in bed but I feel like I'm letting my friends down and I'd probably have a good time if I went anyway I just don't know what to do

Nobody can decide but you. It’s easy to talk ourselves out of doing things, but sometimes we need to push ourselves too. It’s tricky for introverts and people with anxiety, but try to focus on the good things, which in this case seems to be your friends. Maybe consider other options - like going for only a short while (best of both worlds) or having a plan in case you want to leave if you struggle (try to have a high limit though, rather than making any excuse). It’s really tempting just to stay at home and in bed, especially if books are involved, but I think you’ll regret not going later. You might surprise yourself and end up having a really great time!

If it was me, I’d probably agree to go initially and then stress about it as it got closer and talk myself out of it. I’ve felt that a lot with the (very few) social things I’ve done lately but I’ve always been glad afterwards that I didn’t let my thoughts talk me out of it. 

I hope you have fun with whatever you decide to do. :)

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Harry I have to go home, Delilah needs someone to take care of her *sighs softly as Delilah looks up from where she's playing with trixie*// why me no live here wit chu mama? Share the bed? // because I'm not the only one who lives here princess Harry does too-Zoe

*looks at her and then you* *sighs and shakes my head and rubs my face * you can stay. Both of you can - Harry

Okay stop stalling

Okay so as you know, I went to the university today.

They didn’t have too much to offer me other then “You haven’t gone through menopause but you’ve had both ovaries taken out?” And a long pause to look at me like “That is absolutely in fucking sane”

So we talked alittle bit about how the pain feels (Sharp and stabby and how sometimes I feel like I’m being pinned down against my bed [pressure]) and finally the actual doctor came in and said “okay this is what we’re going to do.”

We decided that I needed to get my hormones checked (because the last time anyone bothered to even do a hormone level on me was back in September (possibly longer then that), if my hormone levels are normal, they want me to go to the Minimally Invasive Surgery Center, because in that case, the person who originally took the left ovary out…left some of it in… Which is understandable (even though it rightfully pisses me off) because he had to battle to get it out. If what this lady is saying is the truth, then basically what has been happening is a small piece of left ovary has been left floating around in my pelvis, growing cysts on it, and causing me pain. (Like curl up in bed with your mom weeping your eyes out…pain.)  Now do you see why I have a right to be mad at the doctor who won’t go in and fix his mistake/mess/etc?

Anyways, I thought I’d leave an update, i didn’t want to leave you guys hanging, that’d be sad… I’m still kind of in the realm of “WTF is going on…” but I’m slowly feeling a bit better, they are considering also doing exploritory surgery as well, just to see if there isn’t anything else going on. My Family doctor was concerned with the rate that I was growing scar tissue (like I had mentioned before), so I guess we just gotta wait and see what this blood test reveals about my hormone levels and go from there.

Thank you everyone for your support and Ilu?

There Is Something About Jack White
I quickly stroke her short blonde hair, a small sign off affection as she kisses a tip of my burnt well, she kept mumbling as we fell asleep and I ended up staying in front of the mirror, my jeans tight and still on, making my knees ache from the long idea we had of going dancing to some shit pub where girls fake lesbians by humping each other and I think someone clapped as we frenched, some too much attention from straight men which we both lack and don’t need.

There is something about Jack White.

“Did you see his new video, Alison?” As the former model falls on the covers and the bed swallows her before she exhales and laughs, blowing out smoke on her lips and smiling, laughing again like a brief angel if heaven would be us instead of burning smoke.


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@ //From Keiji

nihon-shokiSend me “@” for me to randomly generate a number between 1 - 50 and make an open starter with the sentence I get. [Meme Open48

Of all the things he disliked about partying too hard once in a while, this one was probably one of the worse, along with the memory loss. The… dreadful, but not enough to stop you before it’s too late… hangover of the morning after. Man, his head felt like some sort of heavy watermelon about the explode.

It was a the point that he could barely stand the voice of one of his guests when they asked him if he needed some help to clean before leaving. Both arms grabbed at the nearest pillow to pull it closer to his face.

◅🌙▻ “I think I’m going to spend the next seven years in bed. Goodbye.”

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Then go to bed lead camp is in a few days and you need to be turnt for that and I do too lets both go to bed

I am going to bed silly. Let me listen to some bon iver and read, I need to chill first.

okay, now i’m feeling a lot better. just needed some time to settle in my mind and, you know, be aware of everything. also need to figure out what my plans are with this blog, and what the hell i want to do with both of my blogs. but, of course, sunday is the fun day, so i’ll have to really deal with it on monday.

summer school gives me an excuse to go to bed early. well, i probably can if i’m able to put my mind into it, but late nights of just doing my thing is something i’m just used too, you know? even if i think i’m gonna end up being bored the entire night.

There Something About Jack White

I quickly stroke her short blonde hair, a small sign off affection as she kisses a tip of my burnt well, she kept mumbling as we fell asleep and I ended up staying in front of the mirror, my jeans tight and still on, making my knees ache from the long idea we had of going dancing to some shit pub where girls fake lesbians by humping each other and I think someone clapped as we frenched, some too much attention from straight men which we both lack and don’t need.

There is something about Jack White.

“Did you see his new video, Alison?” As the former model falls on the covers and the bed swallows her before she exhales and laughs, blowing out smoke on her lips and smiling, laughing again like a brief angel if heaven would be us instead of burning smoke.


Seriously! The only thing keeping me sane is knowing I don’t have to be at work till the afternoon so going to bed at 3:30am isn’t so bad, right? 😑 I think it is time for me to give the World Wide Web a rest and do some much needed deep breathing exercises. Wish me luck….. Actually wish us both luck because if you’re reading this right now then you need to consider some meditation too 😬💤💤💤💤 #night #goodnight #sweetdreams #insomnia #insomniac #deepbreath #countsheep #doesntwork #positive #imagery #heart #tumblr #nightowl #creativity #alive #reddit #meme #futurama #nomore #hashtags #bye #loveyouall by deanna.michellle

highspeedgays replied to your post “highspeedgays replied to your post “I’ve already reblogged all of…”

Me!! It’s me!! /waves hand frantically I do really love Rin a lot!! And Haru, too, of course. XD Haha, oh god, I need to go to bed, I sound drunk. Have fun!

Yay!!! I love them both!!! I just happen to need rin to even out my queue right now…>_>