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the signs’ anger as natural phenomenons

ARIES: lightening (a sudden destructive release; often well aimed and with few survivors)

TAURUS: volcanic eruption (with a build-up so slow the outburst is rarely expected, though they give lots of warnings; the destruction is vast and they can remain upset or hold a grudge for a long time after)

GEMINI: tornado (very messy and loud, they will verbally throw everything at you in the hopes that something hits where it hurts the most; could be harmless except when it’s not)

CANCER: tsunami (it’s usually very personal, they want you to feel exactly what you made them feel; they want you to drown in that feeling)

LEO: wildfire (one of the worst tempers, they take a lot and it’s usually one seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then on its loud and obliterates everyone in its path and doesn’t end until they’re good and satisfied or plain exhausted; no apologies)

VIRGO: earthquake (they’ve most likely been holding this in for ages just under the surface, hot and densely suppressed; it seems to happen without warning, the façade of control cracks, they release some of their most shattering critiques and observations; no one is exactly the same after)

LIBRA: hail storm (anger is usually communicated clearly, if not coldly and with a bit of passive-aggressive derision; they probably discussed it with themselves whether this anger is deserving or not, if it’s been deemed justified your verdict is final and penance is delivered without respite)

SCORPIO: maelstorm (this is definitely a palpable experience for everyone involved; they will hold back at first, more from fear of themselves than of you; the break can happen as suddenly as an aries, it is consuming and frightening for both of you, the depth of their contempt, even if exposed just a little, causing either of you back off least you fall in and never return; they usually regret not being the bigger person after)

SAGITTARIUS: solar flare (like scorpio, they are aware of the power of their temper which is why they seem to distance themselves or ‘run away’ when upset; if they can’t laugh it off, the flare is sudden and strong for them, throwing everything, like gemini but with grotesquely precise aim; then it’s over like nothing even happened)

CAPRICORN: avalanche/mudslide (their anger is like a higher power, even while they are feeling it they are still trying to distance themselves from it so that it becomes its own force with its own will, course and end; and the end is usually them never acknowledging your existence again. ever.)

AQUARIUS: thunder storm (slow to anger, when it happens all their positive traits are flipped, friendliness becomes cold, imagination becomes cunning, cool cleverness turns to a harsh downpour of criticism and ugly truths; they will make you doubt whether their brighter side ever really existed)

PISCES: geyser (for one fleeting moment they are so completely besides themselves it’s frightening for everyone involved; their deep, emotionally intelligent nature is flushed away in a destructive and scary display they didn’t even know they were capable of, rushing out of a deep chasm of turmoil they probably didn’t know was there)

Say It (4/8)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 3.659

Summary: Y/N loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.  

Warning: Angst (please don’t kill me!)

A/N: I’m so sorry for all this angst I’m giving you guys, please hang in there, I promise it will get better, this is probably the last chapter with this kind of angst! I love you all, please remember that and if you wanna scream at me, my ask box is open. I love you all *bats eyelashes so you don’t kill me*.

He couldn’t shake it.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake the bone-chilling hatred when you had spoken his name. You had said many words after that, but they had fallen deaf to his ears as all he could focus on was the way you were murdering him with his eyes, your voice like knives slicing into the deepest depths of his heart. Steve had been quick to grab his arm and drag him out of the room; Bucky hadn’t been able to tear his eyes from you even though you were screaming murder at him. Your voice was so deep, dark, and cold; Bucky understood why it had scared you when you were a child.

Bucky looked at the screen that showed you in your cell. You were sitting against the wall again, only looking at Wanda who was talking to you. You didn’t answer her. Bucky wanted nothing more than to walk in there again, but Steve had prohibited him from doing that. Which was why he was sitting in the control room looking at you on the big screens. When you had seen Bucky, your anger had risen a tenfold out of the blue, a swing of your fist against the glass wall had caused it to shake, which had shocked both Wanda and Steve. The main reason they didn’t want Bucky in the same room, was for Bucky’s safety and he found it ridiculous.

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anonymous asked:

I'm dying for a fic where someone gives Alex the shovel talk (Maggie's cop partner? Her childhood best friend? I dunno) and Alex has had that talk from previous boyfriends' sisters but this time it feels so very different to hear.

M’gann likes Alex almost instantly.

Likes her because the surface of her thoughts is conflicted – always conflicted – but the welfare of other people?

The welfare of other people is always screaming along with the disdain for herself when she feels she can’t do enough for others.

M’gann knows that feeling.

This girl looks too young to bear all of that.

But M’gann had been too young, too.

No. The Green Martians – all of them, even the eldest – had been too young.

She shakes her head and she focuses her attention back to Alex Danvers, to the young woman who’s courting her Maggie. 

Her Maggie, because the nights that Maggie has too much to drink, M’gann is the one to put her in a cab.

Her Maggie, because the nights that Maggie is sober but lonely and angsty and needy and single, M’gann makes out with her in dark corners because they’re friends, yes, close, close friends, but they both need someone warm, they both need someone affectionate. 

Just a little. Just enough to get them both through the next hour, the next night, the next day.

Her Maggie, because M’gann gives her relationship advice and Maggie listens to her stories about Mars.

Her Maggie, because most humans care that M’gann looks like a Black woman, and because most humans would care if they knew what horrors lay under that beautiful skin, but Maggie? 

Maggie is her friend, for every bit of her.

And M’gann loves her for it.

So she likes this Alex Danvers. She likes her quite a bit.

She seems fiercely protective of Maggie and she seems fiercely devoted to making her smile.

But she’s also new to this whole thing. This whole coming out thing.

She’s also got rage that she channels in ways that are going to hurt Maggie, one day. Not directly. But it’s going to hurt Maggie to watch. Enrage Maggie to watch.

And on top of all that, she holds Maggie’s heart in her hands in a way that M’gann has never seen anyone have it. 

Because she’s never seen Maggie cut her heart out of her own chest and present it to anyone like she’s bared it to Alex.

“Hey, Alex,” M’gann calls from the other side of the bar, flagging her down as Alex passes by to grab more change for another round of pool.

“Hey,” Alex stops, a dazed grin on her face. Like she can’t believe she’s on a date with Maggie Sawyer.

Because she definitely can’t believe it.

“Got a minute?”

Alex glances over her shoulder at Maggie, sitting on a stool next to the pool table, a small smile on her face, sipping at her beer and looking for all the world as happy and as dazed to be on this date as Alex is.

“Uh, yeah. What’s up?”

M’gann leans over the bar, and Alex does the same, brow slightly furrowed.

“Listen, Alex. I like you. You seem like a really great girl.”

“M’gann – “

“No, no, please let me finish. You seem really heels over head for Maggie, and that makes me like you even more. You have good taste. But Maggie… she’s easy to take advantage of. People tend to. Take advantage of her. Do you understand what I’m telling you, Alex?”

“I have no intention of taking advantage of her, M’gann. I just want to make her happy. I like that you’re being protective of her, I’m glad you have her back, but I… I just want to make her happy.”

“People rarely have intentions to take advantage of someone, Alex. Just… you seem like the kind of woman who leaps before she looks. Maggie? She’s worth both. Worth both leaping and looking. And if you don’t – if you only do one but not the other and you break her heart – I will break my vow of three hundred years to take no lives, and I will end yours. Do we understand each other?”

She says it calmly, with the hint of a soft smile, but a shiver runs down Alex’s spine.

Yes. She’s definitely gay.

“I won’t hurt her, M’gann. And if I did? I’d offer you my throat, because I’d deserve whatever slow, painful death you could devise for me.”

They hold each other’s eyes for a long moment before M’gann smiles.

“I was pretty sure I liked you before, Alex. Now I know I do. Get back to your date, now. Not polite to leave the lady waiting, hm?”

“Yes ma’am,” Alex smiles back. “And M’gann?”

M’gann glances up, the ghost of her smile still warm in her eyes. 

“Thank you for protecting her. She deserves it.”

M’gann smiles and nods slowly.

“Yeah, she does.”

Little Parker - Kai Parker (Part Eight)

Warnings: fighting with your significant other.  mild cursing.

Summary: Kai comes back from the dead to find he has a daughter.

A/n: So much fighting oh my oh my @geminioriginalsimagines


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“What? Kai, that’s crazy. We go back and Damon will kill you!” Your voice was low, so that Anna wouldn’t hear you.

“I know, I know, but something’s happening. Something that concerns not just me but Anna, you, and our babies.” Kai was arguing with you now, you could feel him starting to get angry in defense of his decision.

“It’s the Gemini coven, isn’t it? You want to get close to Ric’s twins.” You knew what he wanted, he tried to kill them once already, and when at first you don’t succeed, try again right?

“I want to help them, not everyone needs to end up like me! They don’t know how to control their magic, and I can help them. I can feel them, Anna can feel them, hell I’m pretty sure you’d be able to feel every little tendril of their magic each time they do something!” Your anger was rising, you promised Caroline after Anna was born that you wouldn’t bring your kid close to her kids if you could help it.

“No! I’m not going to put Anna through that, god Kai do you have any understanding of what she’s going through right now? Her father just came back from the dead! She’s currently known by all of the magical community as Kai Parker the Murderous Sociopath’s daughter! Everyone thinks she’s an abomination, a freak, an insane little girl who murders other children FOR FUN! And I made a promise, I made a promise after Anna was born that she wouldn’t even get close to Josey and Lizzie! And I swear to god Kai Parker if you make me break my promise then I will KILL YOU MYSELF!” A window smashes to your left, a few papers on the kitchen table light on fire, the door slams shut.

“Oh my god.” Kai lets out a chuckle as he talks, turning around to look at the door, swinging half off it’s hinges.


Kai looked stunned, he stared down at you wide eyed and you stared back up at him, anger boiling in your blood. Everything you wanted to say to him since the first day came flying out, you wanted to hit him, you wanted him to feel your pain, you wanted him to feel every second of your grief.

“I-” His voice breaks, you take a deep breath, still seething with anger.

“We are not going back to Mystic Falls and that is final, understand?” Kai nods, speechless as you stare up at him.

“Good.” You walk around him and open the kitchen door, trying not to look so angry as you walk towards the front door.

“Where are you going?” Kai walks after you.

“Out.” The door slams behind you and you walk down the stairs, rolling your shoulders with a heavy sigh as you get to the pavement.

An hour later and you find yourself in the French quarter, you weren’t lost, you had your phone, you just needed to calm down. You were so pissed, you weren’t going to return to Mystic Falls and put Anna’s life and the life of your unborn children in danger just so he could get to those kids. They were better off with Caroline and Ric, you couldn’t raise them any better. You were raising Anna as best as you could, you weren’t turning her into a sociopath.

It took you a year to get him to talk about his childhood, once you convinced him that you weren’t going to leave him and that you weren’t going to tell anyone- ever. That’s a serious breach of privacy and trust, you wouldn’t hurt him like that. He told you, about everything, about being a siphon, being seen as the family abomination. His mother was ashamed of him, his father locked him away, he wasn’t allowed to touch anyone, ever. Anna was not treated like that. You weren’t ashamed of her, you were proud of her. She stood up to everyone, she’s always so incredibly brave, and she’s not afraid to show people how powerful siphons can be with a little bit of magic and a lot of emotion. She held your hand while you crossed the street, she hugged you daily, you aren’t ashamed or afraid of your baby. You love her, and she loves you right back.

As you made your way back to the house you passed an old building, condemned, by the looks of it. But you remembered it, after you had Anna you came down to see your old friend Rebekah. She loved Anna, coddled her and showered her in kisses. You were there for a week. Now the place was covered in weeds and falling apart. You stared through the gates, hands at your sides.

“Everything’s going to hell, isn’t it?” You ask yourself quietly, your hand lingering over your stomach.

“I wouldn’t say that,” you spin around, looking right up at Marcel Girard, also an old friend, “I’d say this city is much better off without the Mikaelson’s.”

“Marcel.” You smile at him and he smiles back, letting you hug him. “It’s so good to see you.”

“You too, Y/n.” You back out of the hug still smiling.

“So what happened to the Mikaelsons?” You gesture to the building.

“I sent them packing.” You smile even wider, you never did like Klaus.

“Good on you.” He nods, a small smile directed to you.

“How’s your little one? Anna, is it?” You nod.

“She’s great, great, adjusting to New Orleans life very well. She’s five now, and she still drives me up the wall, but I love her for it.” You were still smiling, ignoring the lurking voice in the back of your head that said something was definitely off about Marcel.

“That’s really good, I’m glad to hear it.” You hug him again.

“I’ll see you around.” You walk away from him. Finally, after being several blocks away and out of the French Quarter, you have into the nagging voice in your head.

You turn into your house, walking up the stairs and opening the doors. Anna was sitting on the floor playing with Legos with the TV on and Kai was in the kitchen. You take your shoes off and then head towards the kitchen. You felt bad for yelling at Kai but you’d be lying if you said you thought he didn’t deserve it. After everything he put you through, and what he put Anna through, he definitely deserved it. Or at least you thought he did.

“I’m uh,” You stood in the kitchen’s doorway, Kai turned around from the stove when you talked, “I’m going to talk to Caroline and Ric this week. They’re probably struggling with the twins and I can give them some advice.”

“Okay.” Kai turns his back to you again, mixing noodles in water.

“I’m sorry Kai, but you know where I’m coming from right? I made a promise, I can’t break it.” Kai nods. You both had time to think, a few hours to calm down and assess the situation.

“Yeah, I get it, we need to think of Anna now. And the twins.” Kai’s eyes flicked down to your stomach.

“We do.” The tension in the air is high and you find it unbearable. You walk away, into the living room with Anna.

“Are you and daddy going to break up?” Anna asks, her eyes staring right into yours.

“No, no of course not baby. Mommies and daddies just, fight sometimes…it’s normal. We aren’t going to break up.” Anna’s eyes tear up, you slide off the couch and onto the floor beside her, recognizing quickly the signs of when your child is about to cry.

“I don’t want you and daddy to leave me.” You lift Anna into your lap as she cries.

“Hey, hey, hey…me and daddy aren’t ever going to leave you, no one can take us away from you.” Anna’s hands curls part of your shirt into a fist, her tears staining your shirt at the shoulder as you cradle her. You rock slowly, trying to calm her down.

“Not even the bad heretic?” Anna’s voice is small, she’s scared.

“Not even him, baby, no one can take us away from you.” Anna slowly starts to calm down as you rock, she was tired, she was always tired after she cried.

“It’s okay, baby, we’re all going to be okay.” You run your hand over her hair, smoothing it out as she calms down, sniffling.

“I don’t want you to go.” Anna’s voice drawls slightly, she was going to fall asleep.

“I won’t leave you, I promise.” Her eyes close and you wipe the tears off of her cheeks, she didn’t need to be afraid, she’s just a little girl.

You continue to rock, still holding her, your baby. She’d always be your little girl, you knew that. You pressed your lips to her forehead before standing and laying her on the couch. You pull a blanket over her shoulders, she didn’t deserve to be afraid of heretics and monsters. She was a little kid, she should be afraid of the bogeyman man in her closet, not of a heretic coming into her home and taking her family away. With that final thought you go back into the kitchen, thinking and thinking of a way to make Malum disappear forever.
Well, You Know What They Say
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Shareen Costello
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They’ve got the moves.

@legendslikestardust​ June 26 prompt: “Well, you know what they say…”

The Doctor careered around a corner at the intersection of Billiards, the Flesh-Eating Plants Botanical Garden, and That Locked Room with the Strange Smell. He skidding in his stocking feet, having been relaxing in the library with a cup of tea and Volume II of the Annals of Ancient Klom. (A very interesting read. He’d marked his page.) The shriek from the direction of Rose’s bedroom had been bloodcurdling. It had been followed by a series of punctuated screams, what sounded like pounding on the floor, and then crying.

“Oh I reeeeeeally hope that Botran scorpion didn’t come out of his pre-feed coma. It has been forty-three months though. Very possible,” he muttered to himself.

The Doctor didn’t bother to knock. He aimed his sonic, and burst through her door (which wasn’t actually locked).

"Rose! I can explain–”

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Request- There Goes My Lunch

There are only two things you do during summer, eat and binge as many shows as possible. Recently, you had moved to Riverdale, and you weren’t as enthusiastic about it as your parents had wanted you to be. The constant reminder of new beginnings and new friends were starting to get old, and you haven’t even made it to the friends part.
School would be starting in a few weeks and you had no idea who anyone was. Thankfully, you had moved in next to an attendee of the high school you would be going to. The one, the only, Mantle the Magnificent, is your neighbor. His words, not yours.
His initial curiosity is what brought him to your house, and his offer to help you move a dresser was definitely a life saver. After moving most of your house with him, you both decided you needed a well deserved break.
“Now, this is where I start asking you about yourself until I get to the question of whether or not you have a boyfriend,” Reggie said after a few minutes of exhausted silence.
“Ah, well then this must be the moment where I say no and get all flustered and giggly,” you said.
“I believe so. The questions will wait for now, let’s go get lunch and then move the rest of your stuff before your parents bring another truck,” Reggie suggested.
“I’m so down, do they have burgers? Because I am so ready for burgers right now,” you asked.
“Don’t worry, they have burgers. In fact, I think you can’t handle their burgers,” Reggie challenged.
“Really? Well, we’ll have to see about that,” you countered.
“I don’t think you can eat half of one, let alone an entire one on your own,” he said.
“If I eat two entire burgers, you’re buying,” you betted.
“Deal,” Reggie agreed.
“Oh, God. I’m stuffed,” you groaned.
“Woah, you’ve got quite the food baby. Tell me, is it a cheeseburger or a bacon burger?” Reggie mocked.
“You’re just jealous that I can eat so much and still be hotter than you,” you taunted back.
“Whatever, do you feel okay? Should we wait to move the rest until tomorrow?” Reggie asked.
“Yea, I’m done for the day. You wanna go in and watch a movie? I need some Netflix if I’m gonna birth the miracle baby burgers,” you asked.
“I’m down, how about some Disney?” Reggie asked.
“Yea, that sounds good,” you agreed.

You leaned out the window, feeling a familiar bile rise in your throat, and threw up whatever had been in your stomach moments prior. “Well, there goes my lunch,” you groaned, disgusted by your bodies reaction.

Part of the Pack

Pairing: Malia x Reader Friendship
Warnings: Stalia, Anti Stydia. Stiles gets slapped.
Please guys, I don’t want to be mean but if you don’t like it, don’t read it.
Word Count: 1686
Notes: Okay, so this fic is basically a huge fuck you to Jeff Davis’ shitty writing in season 6? I still love Stiles, I still love my blog but Season 6!Stiles treated Malia like shit and it made me mad. So yeah… this happened.

“I’ll never get it, Scott! I still don’t understand why I need math in the first place.”
Scott shook his head at the Coyote but couldn’t stop his smile. “I bet you’ll get it soon. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”
“No, I’m not being hard on myself. I’m being honest!”
Malia frowned at Scott’s laughter but didn’t comment on it. A look at the clock on her mobile made her realize that she had to leave soon, if she wanted to bring you back your notes.
“Scott, I gotta go. I promised (y/n) to bring her stuff back today.”
Scott followed Malia down to the front door and was about to say goodbye, when he opened the door and made his friend freeze in her spot. Even if he hadn’t been able to smell it, Scott would have noticed Malia’s anxiety by just taking a look at her. She was shaking.
Stiles and Lydia were looking up from their kiss and Malia could already feel her claws grow.
She had to get away as fast as possible.
“See you guys in school tomorrow!” without looking back, Malia hurried away.
Ignoring Scott’s calls after her, she passed her car and started running.

Malia just run away upset. Please call if you see her!

You frowned at Scott’s text message before typing in a reply.

What happened?

Before Scott had a chance to answer, your ringing door bell made you look up in surprise. You just hoped it was Malia.
Crashing down the stairs, you ripped the door open and almost yelped at the sign in front of you. It was, in fact, Malia who was staring at you wide-eyed, but her fangs and claws were free for everyone to see.
After taking a view looks around, just to make sure that nobody had seen her, you pulled Malia inside and closed the door behind her, before gently grabbing the girl by her arms. “What happened?!”
“I can’t turn back!” 
“What do you mean you can’t turn back?!” you tried to stay calm, for the sake of both of you, but you could already feel your puls rise. You had thought Malia had gotten the anchor thing under control!
“What do you think, (y/n)?!” 
“I thought you’d found another anchor!” 
Avoiding eye-contact with you, Malia pulled you closer and tried to steady herself but it wasn’t working. Her mind was still thinking back to how she had lost her anchor to one of her best friends and the fact that it was hurting even though she didn’t want it to hurt! She was stronger than this!
“You have to tell me what got you so out of it or I won’t be any help!”
Malia hated this day.
“I lied, okay?! I lied.” 
Now, that was more confusing than it was helpful.
Malia looked back up and let go of your arms, sinking to her knees instead.
She wasn’t able to control her coyote and she hated it!
“GOD, (Y/N)!I lied about the new anchor! I never had one! I… when I left Scott’s place I ran into Lydia and Stiles kissing and I can’t …(y/n), I don’t know how to turn back without Stiles.”
The coyote once again tried to avoid your gaze, because she already knew that you were watching her with pity in your eyes. The poor Beta not being able to cope with her feelings.
It was stupid and it made Malia want to turn fully so she could hide in her old cave but she was upset and a full turn only worked when she was content and able to focus.
On days like today she really wished they had never found her in the first place.
What use did it have when the only thing that she had gotten from it was more pain?
“I know this sucks,” you interrupted Malia’s thoughts, “but you have to become your own anchor, at least until you find a new one.”
Malia didn’t want to find a new anchor but she also couldn’t stay like this and so she tried. She tried to calm her nerves down but as she looked down, she could still see her claws.
It wasn’t working and the lack of control made her panic again!
Before she could stress herself into a full blown panic attack, you placed both of your hands on her shoulders and tried to shake her out of it.
At least that had gotten her attention.
“Malia, we’ll try something. You’re going to close your eyes and listen to my voice and if that doesn’t work I’m gonna call Scott, yeah?”
You went on after the girl gave you a short nod.
“We’re going to breath together okay? Breath in through your nose and when I tell you, try to slowly breath out again through your mouth.”
Repeating the breathing exercise a view times, you were relieved to see that it seemed to work.
Her claws turned back into her human nails and her fangs got smaller and smaller until they weren’t there anymore.
You slumped down besides Malia and pulled the girl into a hug.
“I’m proud of you! You did it.”
But Malia wasn’t feeling very celebratory, you realized, as she burried her face in your shoulder, hugging you back tightly.
It would have been a lie to say that you had expected Malia to cry over her lost anchor but you still kept quiet as you let her cry on your shoulder, trying to rub her back in a comforting manner.
How could Stiles hurt her like that? 
He hadn’t even really broken it up between them, too cowardly to even do that right. He simply hadn’t cared.
In fact, it seemed like both Stiles and Lydia didn’t seem to care one bit for Malia’s feelings and it was pissing you off!
They were hurting their own pack member, their friend, and they didn’t care.
If you were honest it didn’t just piss you off. It made you furious.
A view minutes later, Malia was sitting on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands and your anger had yet to subside.
Normally you hated getting in the way of an argument but you had also seen just how hurtful the whole situation was on one of your best friends and ignoring it simply wasn’t an option anymore.
“Malia, where’s Stiles right now?”

“Scott, open the door!” your fist was heavy against the wooden front door and Stiles frowned at his best friend, who was sitting between him and Lydia in the living room. “Is that (y/n)? She sounds pissed.”
“Yeah.” Scott returned the frown before getting up from the couch, leaving Lydia and Stiles alone, and walking to the front door to let you in.
“Hey, what’s wrong?”
As you shoved the Alpha out of the way to call for Stiles, Scott was more than confused.
“What got you so fired up, woman?” Stiles voice spoke up from the living room even before he had reached the hallway.
That’s when Scott smelled it. The sour smell of anger.
The Alpha wasn’t sure if he’d ever smelled that much anger on you, always the optimist and always the one person trying to stay positive, but something had you furious and Scott wanted to know what it was.
Or rather who.
As Stiles fully entered the hallway, you instantly dashed forward.
“You fucking asshole!”
Scott was frozen as he watched you reach back and smack Stiles with your flat hand across his cheek. 
His best friend turned away with a hiss. “What the hell! Are you fucking insane, (y/n)?!”
“No, but you are the biggest fucking douche in existence! That was for Malia by the way!”
“Wait, did she told you to slap me?!”
“No, asshole! Of course not.” you rubbed your temples in annoyance before glaring at the boy in front of you. “Are you… like do you even KNOW how heartbroken she still is about your break up?!”
“Well, it was a break up. They tend to suck but I’m not responsible for the way she feels.”
“YES YOU ARE.” you didn’t care that you were screaming. Stiles was still as dense as always and you had watched them stepping on Malia’s feelings like it was nothing for long enough. Stiles tried to take a step back as you got into his space but you weren’t having any of it. “Maybe you shouldn’t have used her in the fist place if you were still crushing on the Banshee.”
“(y/n), that’s unfair and you know it.”
Lydia’s voice made you turn your attention away from Stiles and fixate her instead.
“No, you know what’s unfair? Treating pack like they don’t belong in it!
Looking back up into Stiles shocked eyes, a new wave of rage hit you.
“Don’t look so fucking surprised, Stiles! You ignored Malia ever since you broke up with her! You even ignored her feelings because you were too busy running after the girl you had been crushing on for years and you don’t even care! You don’t care one bit about your ex-girlfriend and maybe she is too nice to say something but I’m not and you are a fucking asshole for breaking her heart.”
“It’s not my problem that she can’t get over it.”
“SHE can’t- … wow.” a dry laughter escaped your lips and you got the urge to slap Stiles a second time. “You’re even worse than I thought.”
You realized that it had no use. This took more energy than it was worth.
“You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, both of you!
But I still hope you guys get happy together. You definitely deserve each other.”
And with that you were out of the door and back on your way home where Malia was waiting.
You couldn’t say that your anger had magically dissapeared by yelling at Stiles, but you had said anything that had been on your mind and maybe, just maybe it had made Stiles and Lydia think about how unfairly they were treating their own pack.

The Signs Anger As Natural Phenomenon

*sun and mars positions*

Aries- Lightening (a sudden destructive release. Often well aimed and with few survivors)

Taurus- Volcanic Eruption (with a build-up so slow the outburst is rarely expected, though they give lots of warnings. The destruction is vast and they can remain upset or hold a grudge for a long time after.)

Gemini- Tornado (very messy and loud, they will verbally throw everything at you in the hopes that something hits where it hurts the most. Could be harmless except when it’s not.)

Cancer- Tsunami (it’s usually very personal, they want you to feel exactly what you made them feel. They want you to drown in that feeling.)

Leo- Wildfire (one of the worst tempers, they take a lot and it’s usually one seemingly small thing that sparks it, from then on its loud and obliterates everyone in its path and doesn’t end until they’re good and satisfied or plain exhausted. No apologies.)

Virgo- Earthquake (they’ve most likely been holding this in for ages just under the surface, hot and densely supressed. It seems to happen without warning, the façade of control cracks they release some of their most shattering critiques and observations. No one is exactly the same after.)

Libra- Hail Storm (anger is usually communicated clearly, if not coldly and with a bit of passive-aggressive derision. They probably discussed it with themselves whether this anger is deserving or not, if it’s been deemed justified your verdict is final and penance is delivered without respite.)

Scorpio- Maelstrom (this is definitely a palpable experience for everyone involved. They will hold back at first, more from fear of themselves than of you. The break can happen as suddenly as an Aries, it is consuming and frightening for both of you, the depth of their contempt, even if exposed just a little, causing either of you back off least you fall in and never return. They usually regret not being the bigger person after.)

Sagittarius- Solar Flare ( like Scorpio, they are aware of the power of their temper which is why they seem to distance themselves or ‘run away’ when upset. If they can’t laugh it off the flare is sudden and strong for them, throwing everything, like Gemini but with grotesquely precise aim. Then it’s over like nothing even happened.)

Capricorn- Avalanche/Mudslide ( their anger is like a higher power, even while they are feeling it they are still trying to distance themselves from it so that it becomes its own force with its own will, course and end. And the end is usually them never acknowledging your existence again. Ever.)

Aquarius- Thunder Storm (slow to anger, when it happens all their positive traits are flipped, friendliness becomes cold, imagination becomes cunning, cool cleverness turns to a harsh down pour of criticism and ugly truths. They will make you doubt whether their brighter side ever really existed.)

Pisces- Geyser (for one fleeting moment they are so completely besides themselves it’s frightening for everyone involved. Their deep, emotionally intelligent nature is flushed away in a destructive and scary display they didn’t even know they were capable of, rushing out of a deep chasm of turmoil they probably didn’t know was there.)

i-i-i-ines  asked:

What are some of the best Spideypool fanfics you have read?

Oooh, hello hello!
I tend to gravitate towards fics that are already completed so I know there’s a lot I haven’t read yet and there’s a few great ones that aren’t on the list because i can’t remember the title of them right now.…. but here’s a few I really enjoyed reading!! I hope you enjoy them too! 

Seeing the real you (it’s not what I imagined) -  "The fuck,“ Deadpool said slowly. He was staring at him in a way that made Peter feel decidedly uncomfortable, and this was saying something, considering Deadpool had a habit of leering at him at the most inappropriate times.
“Are you kidding me?” he eventually gasped. “How OLD are you? Twelve?“ 

Bleed the Water Red -  Peter and Deadpool are held captive by a super-villain that has an inclination for torture. After she boasts her untarnished record at never having hurt a child or teenager, Peter is forced to break the truth to both her and Deadpool.

Shelter From Cold - The snowstorm was too severe for anyone to sleep out on the streets. Peter knew it was a bad idea, but even Deadpool deserved to have someone looking out for him.

Spidercat: Why Stop at Just Spiders? - Peter Parker must have the worst luck. Not only did he fight a villain and end up with cat ears and a tail, Deadpool has managed to discover his secret identity.He definitely doesn’t expect a happy ending to this story.

Together With You - “I think you don’t give him enough space. Enough air. You know what I mean?”Stark thinks that Wade is way too clingy with Peter and gives him some relationship advices. Wade of course exaggerates.

The Great Florist, Wade Wilson - Deadpool has found the apartment belonging to Spiderman. Or Peter Parker, if the name on the door is anything to go by. Now some people might use this information of said secret identity wrongly. Normally Wade would have been one of them. But this is different. This is Spider-Parker, I-mean, Peter-man, I-mean, fuck.
Now Deadpool just have to figure out exactly what he is gonna do with this information. Which is quite simple really. He’s going to leave Spidey flowers and win his heart this way/or the one, where Deadpool spams Spiderman with flowers, and Spiderman has no idea what’s going on

Pictures Of Us - Sometimes he wonders if Peter’s talent and love for photography - and love for him - could make a picture with him in it beautiful despite his scars, his ugliness, his monstrosity.

Thank You -  Peter has seen him serious and focused, shy and hesitant, crazy and unpredictable, funny and cheerful, and he liked what he saw. 

Kiss Cliches - Spiderman doesn’t like that Deadpool has been making frequent trips to /his/ city. So in an effort to deter the Merc with a Mouth from setting up shop permanently, Spiderman decides to team up with the mercenary whenever he’s in town.Deadpool does not approve.

Teaching -  “Wait, wait, wait, baby boy. You really want me… to teach you how to use a gun?”

Marco - Spidey was fine. Everything was going to be fine.

baby, i’d victoria your secret anytime - Peter’s known Wade for a while now, so he can maybe see how this makes sense – like, maybe Wade has a thing about going commando and just happened to have an old girlfriend’s panties lying around, one thing led to another…but…  “And the bra?” Peter croaks.

Peter Parker’s Mid-life Crisis - Peter takes a moment of his life (swinging among buildings and listening to Wade’s babbling on his back, naturally) and reflect on the Avengers’ insistence.

The One Where Deadpool Doesn’t Like Lemons -  The prompt I found was “Flirted with each other to steal their wallet AU”, so this is me. Trying to prompt… And mostly failing?

Communication Error -  “Have you seriously been doing this bit for a year now?”
“Bit… what bit?” Wade looked at him, confused.
“This,” Peter waved his hand, “the ‘we’re dating’ bit.”

It’s The Alcohol Talking - It wasn’t every day that Wade came across a drunk-out-of-his-ass Spider-man.

Night Off -  Wade is taking the night off when a certain Spider calls for help.

Not a Fucking Part of This -  Wade’s ringtones are obnoxious and Logan is coping.

Homeless - Peter finds himself homeless and had to find ways to survive. Deadpool unknowingly becomes his saviour.

this book is so good and definitely deserves an epilogue that contains both dante and ari being boyfriends with gina finding out that they’re dating. gina finding out that they’re dating and her reaction would be the perfect epilogue. 

like ari and dante could be on a date at the charcoaler and gina would come up to him and hes like screw off gina i’m on break and shes like oHH my god are yout wo DATING you really were trying to hog him all to yourself ari ARI OH MY GOD HOW LONG WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME ARI

How to Write Dual Main Characters

I recently got a question regarding multiple protagonists, so I wanted to address this in a blog post.

Some writing experts will tell you that having dual protagonists is a bad idea. Personally, I like writing stories with a single protagonist, but I try not to discourage multiple protagonists if that’s what the writer wants to do. It can work and it has worked very well, so here are a few tips to get your started.

Develop Each Protagonist Separately

If you want to have two or more protagonists, you need to make each of them dynamic in their own way. If one character is developed less than the other, the audience will naturally lean toward that one. It’s hard to make your audience care about more than one main character, so to do that you need to develop each one individually and know their separate personalities.

Give Each Character the Time and Attention They Deserve

Again, one character can’t be more important than the other if you want them both to be a protagonist. I like to think about Breaking Bad when addressing this point. Walter White had the same amount of character development that Jesse had. I know technically Walter White was the main character, but it’s definitely arguable that Jesse’s story was also the focus. The story would not have developed the same way if they both hadn’t been in each other’s lives. Know all of your characters’ journeys and what they each want/need.

Figure out a Pattern

The best way to tackle dual main characters is to devise a plan. What viewpoint do you want to tell your story in? If you’re going for first person, are you going to alternate chapters? Remember that using first person POV and only focusing on one main character will make that character the most important voice. If you want to have successful dual protagonist, their voices need to feel equal and their actions need to feel meaningful. Figure out a pattern and stick to it.

When writing a story with more than one protagonist, organization is super important. You need to keep track of each main character’s story, so it might require a little bit more work. Hope this helps!

-Kris Noel

rafaelina-casillas  asked:

And if I'm not much of a bother could you write a scenario or headcannon (whichever you prefer) about how Mako, Rin, Sousuke and Haru react when their girl confesses to them that she feels insecure of herself in front of boys because her first crush rejected her and called her too ugly to be with them. Sorry for taking of your time, it's a strange request and I'll perfectly understand, if you don't want to do it. Btw I love your blog! Keep going with the amazing work and best of luck! ^_^

I did headcanons for this because I found it easier. Also, if this request is based off a personal experience then I hope you know that you ARE beautiful and that who ever the fuck they are definitely don’t deserve you but sure as hell deserve a punch in the face. With a chair. And of course you’re not much of a bother, I don’t mind at all! And finally, thank you!


- He would instantly become sad, seeing you like that would break his heart

- The first thing he would do is tell you how beautiful you are to him, and that it doesn’t matter what someone else said


- Tbh, he’d probably let a few tears slip. Both because of the pain you feel and because he’d be sad that you feel insecure in front of him

- Then he’d spend forever and a day sending you texts/telling you that you’re beautiful to him and no one else’s opinion matters


- He’d be pissed. Like super pissed. How dare someone say that. It wouldn’t just be because you’re his s/o it would also be that fact that someone would actually say something that horrid to another person.

- After his initial anger, he’s pepper kisses all over your face and tell you that the past is the past and it doesn’t matter now.


- He’d seem like it wouldn’t bother him much, but inside it would kill him

- You’d probably start to notice stupid little things that he wouldn’t of done before. Like tell you you look especially good that morning or whatever

♥ Armin Shipping Week 2015 ♥

Date: November 4 - 10

Results | Prompts | Rules | Q&A

Day 1: EreMin - Wedding/Proposal
Day 2: AruAni - Escape/Runaway
Day 3: JearMin | AruMika - Dance & Wine
Day 4: WinMin - First Sight
Day 5: AruKuri | RivArmin - Secret Affairs
Day 6: Polyamorous - Confessions
Day 7: Any Ship - It’s Always Been You

Thank you for everyone who voted! As you can see, the winning ships are ranked based on results. Day 3 & 5 ships were a tie, so instead of breaking them up into separate days, I decided why not have both?

Armin deserves all the love in the world, no matter who or where it’s from. Let’s have an amazing week! You guys can definitely participate for more than one ship!

Main tags: #arminshippingweek | #armin shipping week

P.S. Check out the rules and prompts links above for more information.

You Have Me

after finding out your sick you feel like you have to let your boyfriend go aka nathan sticks by your side regardless 

word count: 1,505

“I’m so sorry.”

Those were not the words you had expected to hear when you came back for a follow up doctor’s appointment. Over the phone your doctor had seemed so much warmer, like an actual person. Instead he was now delivering you the worst news of your life, he was playing grim reaper.

“If you’d like I can start taking you through what these next steps are?”

The problem was, in no way did you want to think about what these next steps were. You had never known anyone with cancer; it didn’t seem fair that the first was you. There was not a thought in your head on how to proceed, none of it seemed real or possible in the slightest. The thoughts you did have going on in your head had to do with the future, and whether there would even be one. Maybe these “next steps” would help prolong that future, but there was no definite guarantee. You knew that much. The biggest thing you thought of was Nathan. How this would affect Nathan.  

Clearing your throat, not wanting to get caught up in any emotions, you tell the doctor the truth, “I- um I don’t think I’m ready for that quite yet. If it’s okay I’d just like some time to process this all first…”

“Of course. I mean the sooner the better, but I completely understand. We have some great support groups available if you need to talk to anyone who’s in a similar situation.”

Similar situation

“No thanks, I think I’m okay.” Grabbing your purse off the ground you make the move to leave the office. The office that you knew would be haunting you for the rest of the time you had left. 


You looked at the clock in the kitchen for the fourth time in ten minutes. Nathan was going to be home from practice any minute and you were nervous with what you had to tell him.

After leaving the doctor’s office you went over what must have been millions of options on what to do about Nathan. There was no possible way that you could put him through what a long, emotional process this would be. He had his swimming to focus on, a professional career that would only dwindle if his mind were somewhere else besides the pool. You felt like you couldn’t tell him the truth; he would drop everything for you at a moment’s notice, which was the complete opposite of what you wanted. Ending it was the only thing you could think of that would leave you without feeling completely guilty. Of course you would feel guilty in the slightest because not only were you breaking your own heart, you were above all breaking Nathan’s.

The front door opens and you hear the 6’7” boy’s heavy footsteps walk from the front of the apartment into the kitchen. As soon as you see him you feel your heart race from his award-winning smile and also from what you’re about to do.  He comes closer and engulfs you into a hug holding you for a moment.

“Practice was tough today. Coach kicked my butt but I just thought about coming home to you the whole time and that helped me get through,” he looks down at you in the hug and kisses the top of your head. You break apart and he leans against the counter.

“Do you still want to make dinner tonight? We can always just go out, I mean I think I definitely deserve a cheat meal,” he says wiggling his eyebrows at you and smiling brightly once again. It was infectious and you had to break out into a smile yourself. He wasn’t making this any easier.

“Can we talk?”

Nathan laughs a bit, “Oh no, I’m in trouble” he says with a bit of humor in his voice. Motioning for him to follow you into the living space, you both take a seat on the couch.

“You don’t have to play up how serious this is. I know I used your razor again but I was late this morning and I ran out of clean blades, it’s not that big of a-” he tries to defend himself from a small issue that hasn’t bothered you since the first week of living together but you cut him off. “Nathan…” You sigh, unsure of how to go on. “I-I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

There’s a long pause, both of you just staring at each other for a moment. You had done it, said the words that you never thought either of you would say in your relationship. When you used to think about the two of you together you only saw a long future, but now with the feeling of an impending death on you, it wasn’t too clear.

“Please tell me you’re joking.” His voice breaks in the middle of his sentence and you feel the guilt begin to ooze into your veins trying your best to hold back any tears. You couldn’t have him suspecting anything; it would only make things worse.

“I-I’m not. I just don’t think we’re good for each other anymore.” Your voice takes on the same shaky qualities as Nathan’s. There was no way you could get through this with dry eyes.

As soon as the words are out of your mouth he quickly stands up from the couch and looks down at you, “Bullshit. We’re made for each other! We’re soul mates!”

“People sometimes have different, multiple soul mates.” Your heart only continues to tear in two. It’s hard to look at him anymore, your eyes move to the carpet of the living room as the first tear rolls down your face. “No! Not us… Why are you doing this?”

Nathan sits back down and you feel the weight of the couch change. You feel him grab your hand and gently rub his thumb over yours.

Since the first tear came out they’ve only continued, getting worse as they go on. You had to tell him. There was no way you could betray your best friend, the love of your life that way. To cheat him out of the truth.

Looking back up at him, it’s obvious to see that he too had shed a few tears. Something you had never seen him do in your lengthy relationship. Taking a deep breath in you let the words fall out of your mouth, “I’m sick. I have cancer a-and I don’t know what to do.”

The tears never stop, they come out faster and they come out wetter. You have no idea how to stop and you feel as though you can’t remember what it was like before you started crying. You just feel Nathan hold you, rubbing your back softly and let them continue.

“I love you so much and we’re going to get through this together,” Nathan finally says after about ten minutes of just silence and your tears.

His words warmed you because the thought of you two doing this together was more than what you could ever want, but you knew that Nathan didn’t understand how much it would hold him back. “No,” you say as soon as you can speak again. “Nathan I can’t let you watch me go through this. You’ll only suffer and I can’t let that be because of me.”

He shakes his head instantly, “y/n, we’re a team. It’s you and me. There’s no way I’m letting you do this without me. I’m going to be there every step of the way.”

“Don’t you understand?” You being to raise your voice, “I don’t even know if I’m going to survive! You have swimming you need to focus on!”

He looks into your eyes, “If you think that swimming is more important to me than your life, then you’re completely mistaken. You’re the reason I do anything, the reason I get up in the morning.” With that you once again find tears on your cheeks, “Swimming will take a back burner to this, and I can’t let that happen. I can’t do that to your passion.”

Putting his head in his hands, he groans. It’s clear as the conversation continues he gets more and more frustrated. “Please don’t be this way. Why would you ever want to do this by yourself when you have me right here? We’re going to manage as things come our way, I love you so much and I can’t let you walk away from me.”

You crawl back into his arms and throw yourself into him because it feels like everything’s okay and everything’s all right when he’s holding you.

“What if something happens to me?” You ask with your eyes shut tight.

“I promise nothing’s going to happen. I’m going to keep you safe.”

With him and his warmth all around you, you know that he’s right. He’s the only one that could keep you safe, the only one that you could get through this with.

you've got me


This is basically what I would of hoped what happened when Finn comes around Rae’s to say that he and Olivia had broken up and to say that he’s moving to Leeds. 

“Because I’ve got no other reason to stay, have I?”

“Yeah you do!” Finn’s eyebrows raised and disappeared beneath this fringe.

“And what’s that then?” he was hoping she was going to say ‘me’.

“Well, lots of reasons, you got the gang, Archie! And your dad.” She lowered her head. She knew that wasn’t the reason why he should stay. She wanted him more than anything. She thought that she didn’t matter. She thought that she didn’t even make it close to the list of things why he should stay. She had broken him.

“They know why I don’t want to stay. I’ve spoken to them about it and they say that I should do what I want and do what I need to do. Rae…- I need a real reason.” He looked up at her. Her face unreadable. That was one of the faults in their relationship. She didn’t let him in, she was very secluded and kept herself to herself. He didn’t know how to read her, he never knew what to do when something was wrong. He was lying to her as well – he hadn’t spoken to his dad and Archie about it and knew for definite, that they would both make him stay.

“Well..” she looked at him. She didn’t know what to say. She had always been good with talking, she was always talking about something. But when it came to things that mean the world, she choked. She couldn’t muster up the words to tell him. He deserved more.

“Well, you’ve got me?” she said in the faintest whisper, it was a surprise Finn had heard her.

“You don’t want anything to do with me. You made that very clear when you dumped me” Finn was gutted about the break up. He really loved Rae, he never told her because he was scared – he had never felt this way about anyone before.

“I did it for you!” Rae yelled

“What an earth are you on about Rae?” he really didn’t understand, he never did when it came to Rae.

“I broke up with you, because I was embarrassed you for you to be seen with me! I wa embarrassed for you Finn! You can’t tell me that you didn’t notice the looks, the sniggers and pointing and laughing. Yeah, they never said it to our face, but I know they were thinking it.”

“And you actually care what other people think about our relationship Rae? It was me and you! Not me and you and the rest of college! You should give a shit what those people thought, I knew I didn’t” Finn was speaking in a much lower tone than Rae. He was trying to solve this trying to make this better. He didn’t want to leave, he just couldn’t be around Rae and not BE with her. It killed him.

Rae just looked at him. He was so perfect. He deserved so much more.

“I think you need to leave” Rae said, tears brimming her eyes.

“No. No, im not leaving! Rae I need an answer!” he swallowed hard, “why did you break up with me?”

“You deserved better. I can’t be the one that drags you down because I’m still ill Finn. I’m not better.”

“wha’?! You said you were better?” Finn couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he hated how much Rae hated herself.

“I thought I was. I thought that having a boyfriend would solve all of my problems. That if I found someone who loved me, then maybe I would start liking myself more.” Rae was starting to cry

“So it was my fault? I made you ill again?” Finn couldn’t bare the thought of it. He was beginning to run through a list of things in his head where he could have fucked up – where he went wrong.

“No! no Finn you were perfect  - too perfect” Rae said dropping her head

“I’m not perfect Rae. Nobody is”

“It’s all my fault.. I’ve fucked everything up. I was such a terrible girlfriend!”

“hey, hey, hey! Don’t say that. You were pretty great” Finn said smiling, as he shuffled up closer to Rae and put an arm around her shoulders. He looked her deep in the eyes. This was the closest they has been since they had broken up. It was only now he realised that he had missed her so much.

“What kind of girlfriend feels it is necessary to pour half a bottle of vodka down her boyfriend’s throat because she is too afraid to take her clothes off in front of him?” he finally looked at him. His face was a puzzle, she could read him. “If you can’t already tell, I hate myself quite a lot. I couldn’t even take my clothes off in front of you!”

The sudden realisation hit him. “Did I pressure you into do doing stuff? Did I Rae, because if I did I am so sorry! I didn’t know what t-“

“No Finn, no. Trust me! I wanted to I really, really did but I couldn’t. I didn’t want you viewing me as how view myself. That would break me” the tears had stopped, but they were threating to break.

“Rae” Finn said smiling “I know you don’t look like those girls in the magazines and in the movies. I know that. That why I like ya. You’re different to any other girl I’ve ever met! You’re cool, always talking about something, killer taste in music and quite an impressive rack” he gushed glancing down to her chest proudly and Rae giggled slightly.

“And Rae, I’ve got a vague idea of what ya body looks like. And I like it.” He smiled at her sincerely.

“Rae you’re beautiful” he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and stared lovingly into her eyes. Rae just stared back, she had no idea what to say.


He looked at her confused. She took a deep breath.

“I’m your reason Finn. Stay because of me.” Finn grinned ear to ear and crashed his lips against hers. She happily returned this kiss, slowly sliding her tongue into his mouth. This kiss deepened and soon got pretty heated. She was lying down on her bed with Finn on top of her.

“Finn. I want you”

“Rae, are.. are ya sure? I mean-“

“yeah I’m sure” she smiled small

He took his shirt off and threw it on the floor. He raised his eyebrows at Rae asking for permission to take hers off too and she nodded. He whipped her shirt off in a flash and reached around her to undo her bra. He skilfully unclasped the hook and that joined the rest of her clothes on the floor.

They were both lying on the bed with their legs intertwined.

“Rae, what you thinkin’ about” finn asked

“We just had sex” Rae said, she couldn’t believe she had finally done it! And it was with Finn fucking Nelson!

Finn sniggered slightly “yeah I know” he couldn’t believe it either, he had finally had sex with Rachel Earl! Mind blowing sex!

Finn continued to stroke her hair with a goofy smile on his face

“ey! What you smiling at?!” rae said and hit him lightly on his bare chest.

“I got me girl back” he said, his grin widening, if that was possible.

“yeah you do” she said smiling, stuffing her face into the crook of his neck “so you’ll stay?” she asked hopeful

“You’re never going to get rid of me now! I’m here..” he pointed at her heart “to stay.” And smiled at her. She pulled him tighter to him. “Rae..”

“yeah” she mumbled

“I love you” her head sprung up and looked at him.

“really?” she asked

“REALLY REALLY!” he said grin still prominent.

“good, because I love you.”

It felt like Finn’s stomach just fell out of his butt. He rolled over to her and pressed his forehead to hers.

“hmm.. Round two?”

All Rae did was giggle as he attacked her neck with kisses.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I hope your day has been splendid!! 🌸 29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?
35. Would you rather live without TV or music?
41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
42. If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?
44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
46. What are you paranoid about?
51. Ever wished you were someone else?

Awh, thank you so much! Same to you :)

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

No, but part of me really hopes my last ex will regret it. The better part of me wants nothing but the best for him though.

35. Would you rather live without TV or music?

Ahh I really can’t decide! I need them both for different reasons :(

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

I can definitely think of people who don’t… But yeah, I guess most people do.

42. If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?

I’m pretty quiet in the first place, so it probably doesn’t mean much. I might just be in A Mood™ though.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?

Both are dark and spooky, but I guess outer space!

46. What are you paranoid about?

Currently? That I’ll never find someone to love who meets both me and my family’s standards.

51. Ever wished you were someone else?

Never. I know bad things happen, but I’m still very blessed with my life. 

Thank you for asking, lovely 🌸


In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are the three women I look up to the most. Each of them inspire me to be the best I can be and reach for the stars. Each of them also publicly promote gender equality, which makes them all the more inspiring.

And here are my thoughts:

Today, and every day, celebrate strength and knowledge! Be proud of who you are and strive for your dreams. I’m not going to say “you can do anything!” because I shouldn’t have to tell you that. You should KNOW that you can do anything and be anything. Waitress? Go for it. Scientist? Go for it. Actress? Go for it. Musician? Go for it. Company CEO? Go for it. Badass? Go for it. Don’t let societal “ceilings” or “walls” stop you. Break through and fight for what you know you deserve.

I 100% identify myself as a feminist. I am a big believer in not only women’s rights, but equal rights between both genders. Don’t be scared to call yourself a feminist. Yes, there are those that go overboard and radicalize the word/movement (hell, there are those kinds of people in EVERY group/community/movement, etc), but don’t let that hinder you. The definition of feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.”

There are some wonderful initiatives that have been put in place this past year. From the HeForShe and 10x10x10 movement directed by Emma Watson (PS: go watch her Q&A about gender equality she did earlier today on the HeForShe FB page) and UN Women to the most recent, Let Girls Learn effort directed by Michelle Obama.

It is a joint effort, and the only way we will get to the point where women are paid the same as men, or their birth control is covered under health insurance, or women are given the choice whether to terminate their pregnancy or not, etc etc etc, is if both MEN and WOMEN work together. We must improve ourselves and improve society.

Thank you to all the women in my life who have shown me so many things, and from who I’ve learned so much from. Thank you to my inspirations and role models: Emma Watson, JK Rowling and Taylor Swift (taylorswift) , who’ve all each shown the strength women have, and have each made it their purpose to promote equality. Thank you to all the amazing female leaders & important figures [Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Gina Raimondo (my state’s first female governor 👍), Malala Yousafzai, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and many, many more]. We should look at these leaders for inspiration. ❤️❤️ HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!!🙅

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You seem to be working extremely hard lately! I hope you know we don't mind if you want to take a short break, I think you both deserve one :) We won't go anywhere so don't worry about that, just please don't stress too much xx

We definitely have a LOT of things going on right now! But making videos is always so fun, it’s HARDLY a chore!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t realise how much there actually was in planning a wedding haha, so right now that’s taking priority! :) But we have so many really exciting things coming up for you guys, so even if we are a bit slower uploading to YouTube, it won’t be long until you’re all in the loop! :)



Y/N’s POV:

For the first time in my life, I felt blank. No pain, no misery, nothing. I felt the nothingness as I sat next to Matt on the beach, on a colorful beach blanket. I saw the birds walking on the moist sand, leaving small imprints wherever they went, making silent chirps. The air was clear; no humidity, and not too much heat nor cold, it was perfect. The wind blew the small strands away from my face, leaving me a clear view of the beautiful ocean before my eyes. The waves crashed quietly and what seemed to be baby turtles ran away from the shore each time the water came closer to them. Which seemed strange to me considering 90% of a turtle’s life is spent in the water, yes that is probably the only thing I kept with me from science in school. They know they’ll have to go in the water sooner or later. Is it because they still love the feeling of warmth reflecting off the sun?

Maybe that’s how it is with Jack and I? I know it’ll always be this way, difficult, messy, too intense. And I can never fully commit because I know how it feels to be in such an easy and simple way of loving someone; Matt.

And with that thought, my blank slate breaks and my thoughts come back to me.

I felt as if I was daydreaming, I was just zoned out.

I turn to look up at Matt who’s sitting next to me with his arm around my waist and my head lying against his shoulder.

He’s been staring at me this whole time.

I giggle and ask “What?” as he still hasn’t broke eye contact with me like he normally would due to nervousness and embarrassment.

“You look at the ocean with desire, and amazement. You’re in love with natural water, you always have been. And I think that’s a perfect way of putting how I feel for you into words,” Matt says to me.

He’s never said anything like that before.

“I love you, Matt.”

“I love you, too. And I know you love him, too. And that’s okay,” he says breaking eye contact and refocusing his eyes on the ocean.

“No it’s not. Especially when him and I are practically fire and ice, we both fuck with each other’s heads way too much-“

He interrupts me, “I see the way he looks at you, and I see the way you look at him. Jack fucking loves you, (Y/N). And as much as it kills me to say it, I know you love him, too. He’s just fucked up recently with Madison, and you sure as hell don’t deserve that, but you guys will work it out, somehow. You should’ve seen how bad he was without you when you were gone. He lost his fucking mind.”

He stands up and helps me stand up too as I try to think of how to respond to what he just told me.

We start walking, holding hands, and our free hands holding our shoes as we walk barefoot on the shore towards the pier.

“I’m sorry he did that to you, he just makes me so fucking angry-“ he lets go of my hand, “It’s just that you don’t deserve that, you deserve the farthest opposite. You deserve the world and everything beautiful it contains. You deserve someone who will give you the form of happiness you give others. You deserve..” he looks down at the ground and calms himself down as we arrive at the pier and walk onto the warm wooden boardwalk. The sun is setting with multiple colors illuminating the sky with no clouds in sight.

He’s trying to say that I deserve him.

“Matt, I don’t deserve you.”

“Yes you do, you deserve someone who you shouldn’t be afraid will cheat on you. I know he’s there when no one else is at five in the morning, I know he’s probably the hottest one out of all of us, every fucking fan says so, but look, I just need you to know that you have options. Okay? I would never ask you to chose between us, that’s kinda why you left originally.”

I nod and sit on the ledge of the pier with my feet hanging about twenty feet above the surface of the water; he sits next to me doing the same.

I’m sure this is against the rules, but there’s nothing around and there’s something calming about having the fear of falling off.

After a few silent moments of just staring into the vastness of the ocean and the darkening of the sky, I finally find the words to speak.

“I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry about the months I was gone, about Jack, about the abortion, about you having to constantly take care of me. I’m sorry for not appreciating you, I don’t deserve any of this, and I most definitely don’t deserve you,” I start to feel my eyes well up as he looks at me with pure rage in his eyes.

He puts my face in both of his hands, and smashes his lips against mine. He doesn’t hesitate to insert his tongue into my mouth, making me almost fall off the pier.

He breaks the kiss and gets off the ledge, picking me up and making me do the same thing. He grabs my hand and walks us quickly down the boardwalk.

“Where are we going?” I ask curiously and excitedly.

It’s been a while since Matt and I have had any sort of contact like that and I think I honestly just want him right now.

He ignores my question and heads towards a nearby small hotel, the one we slept in last night.

We walk through the doors quickly and my thoughts are consumed with two thoughts.

1)   I have never wanted Matthew this much in my entire being around him.

2)   I’m a little scared due to how angry he seemed when I said I didn’t deserve him, again.

We take the elevator to our hotel and he slides the key in once, unlocking the door automatically.

He walks inside and pulls me inside as well, pushing me against the door as soon as it shuts.

He lifts my thighs up, bringing me off the ground as I wrap my legs around him while his lips attack my neck, leaving dark marks everywhere. Small moans escape my mouth as he takes us to the bed with freshly cleaned sheets.

He throws me on the bed, pulling his shirt over his head as I do the same with mine.

We start kissing again as his hands roam my chest; he takes of my bra and throws it on the floor next to the nightstand.

He kisses down the valley of my chest, to my stomach, continuing by removing my shorts that we’re already unbuttoned somehow.

He leaves hickies on my hips before moving his face closer to my heat. But he stops to ask me, “Is it too soon? You can always say no.”

“It’s never too soon with you, please,” I barely get out.

He smirks at me and continues to move his lips onto me, making small movements with his flattened tongue.
I slowly start moaning out his name when the door barges open.

I scream and get under the blankets, Matt gets off the bed to see Gilinsky standing at the door.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Both the boys say simultaneously.

I mumble to myself, while ducking my head under the covers, “Fuck.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - 


Horoscope for April 18th, 2016
  • Aries: All financial undertakings have good aspects today. It could be that you have been thinking of starting a new business venture. If so, you're likely to meet the ideal business partner. Keep your eyes and ears tuned as you go about your daily routine. You never know when you might be introduced to that one special person you need in your life. Socialize in the evening with good friends.
  • Taurus: This is bound to be a wonderful day. You're looking and feeling great and it shows! This is a day of kindness and cooperation. You could find that your family pitches in to help at home without being asked. Your romantic partner might volunteer to clean out the garage and your children start to clean their rooms. This definitely isn't your typical day! Enjoy the harmony that reigns today.
  • Gemini: This is a good day for you to analyze information. You have an especially acute business sense, which you should use to your advantage. Whether you're thinking of translating a creative project into a business proposal or working on that business plan, all indications say that your efforts will yield rich rewards. Make the most of whatever this day has to offer.
  • Cancer: You're a conscientious, hard worker, but today your thoughts are more on home than work. You feel especially close to your family and friends. They mean the most to you. Jobs and even careers come and go, but friends and family are forever. Enjoy being with them today. Gather everyone together and order too much Chinese take-out. It's just fine if you restart your diet tomorrow.
  • Leo: Today is likely to be another busy one for you. You might have a volunteer activity in the morning and then get roped into running errands in the afternoon. It will be busy bordering on hectic, but the hustle and bustle of being out and about is energizing for you. Invite some friends to join you for dinner in the evening to cap off this high-energy day.
  • Virgo: You have a strong spirit of cooperation today. It inspires you to pitch in and help others without being asked. Your romantic partner could be surprised to see you show up and help with a chore. Never mind that you don't know what you're doing - you'll figure it out. Others will be impressed to see you going above and beyond what you've been asked to do. Your efforts on all fronts won't go unnoticed.
  • Libra: Keep your eyes and ears open to all new possibilities. Even if it isn't your habit to read the "Help Wanted" section of the newspaper, do so today. You might be surprised at what you find there. Your skills apply to all sorts of jobs. You don't need to limit your search to one profession. You have a good mind that's working in overdrive now. Use it to figure out the next steps for your advancement.
  • Scorpio: Today your strong sense of nostalgia likely has you leaning toward all things old. If you do some furniture shopping, you'll be drawn to antique shops rather than contemporary stores. There is something about the patina that only comes with age. This applies to people as well as objects, which may explain why you tend to prefer to be with people who are older than you.
  • Sagittarius: This is bound to be a wonderful day, as everybody seems to be in a warm and congenial mood. You and your romantic partner, in particular, are feeling especially close and connected today. If marriage is the process of falling in and out of love, then you're both definitely in the "in" phase. Enjoy it while it lasts! Spend a quiet day together and cap it off with dinner at an elegant bistro.
  • Capricorn: You have much to be grateful for. Why not go out tonight and celebrate with friends? Forget about work and family troubles and kick up your heels. Have a high old time. You deserve the break. If you don't seize these moments when you have the opportunity, you risk becoming a single-minded individual who thinks only of work at the expense of life's other great pleasures.
  • Aquarius: You're eager and optimistic today, which works well with your strong, capable nature. You're likely to find that things begin to click into place at work. Something that has been troubling you for some time suddenly becomes clear. What was once a stumbling block is now a mere bump in the road and easily overcome. All indications are that you'll be successful at whatever you do now, so dare to dream big.
  • Pisces: Today should be devoted to paperwork and getting your financial affairs and budgets in order. Once this is done, you can relax in the evening with friends and loved ones. You're especially intuitive right now, so you'll be able to pick up on all the unspoken thoughts and feelings of those around you.