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Anonymous requested: Jungkook/Reader + one of them has amnesia and how they deal with it
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 11,663
Author’s Note: I made myself hurt writing the outline, which ended up quite long and intricate so I apologize. Title taken from Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars”—although I do prefer the Jungkook cover :3

Summary: In which you lose your memory in a car crash, and Jungkook desperately tries to keep both of your lives intertwined. This in itself proves to be a challenge, especially when you can only remember him as the idol you once adored from afar.


Jungkook never paid too much attention to those moments in life where he would figuratively hit the wall and knock the wind out of himself, until he gets the call from the hospital. And then he’s running, dashing fast and wild as quickly as his legs can take him, his mind clouded with so much fear, so much apprehension that even when he can no longer breathe he forces himself to keep running. He feels as if he might lose his mind, already grappling with deniability over his situation, the only thing that can remain consistent throughout his mind is you.

“Are you Jeon Jungkook, Y/N’s emergency contact?”

Jungkook stills, pausing in his momentary movement to wipe the sweat that has formed across his face in recovery from the intense dance practice session all the boys have just ended. “Uh, yes I am,” He answers, furrowing his eyebrows together at the seriousness of the situation, his disposition changing in such a drastic manner that all the other boys stop what they’re doing as well to watch the maknae. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m letting you know that Y/N was recently involved in a car accident and was rushed here under critical condition. She’s undergoing surgery now but—!”

“I’ll be right there,” Jungkook interrupts in a breath, the panicking settling in before the gravity of what has just happened to you really weighs in his mind. He doesn’t wait for the nurse on the other end of the line before he’s hanging up and pocketing his phone. His heart starts to race, making the blood pump quicker as air leaves and enters his lungs at an alarming quickened pace. “I have to go,” He relays to the guys, grabbing his jacket off the couch.

“Woah, woah, Jungkookie, what’s going on?” Jimin inquires, straightening from his seated position on the polished wooden floor. “Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not,” Jungkook says, desperately trying to pull himself from the conversation so he could make his way to the hospital. “Y/N got into a car accident. She’s in surgery right now, I have to go—I have to see how she’s doing.”

“Let me come with you,” Namjoon interjects, already joining Jungkook’s side, jacket on.

Jungkook runs a hand through his hair. “Whatever. I’m running, so keep up.”

Namjoon dismisses Jungkook’s words for stress as he merely nods, following the younger boy out of the studio and dashing down the street. The hospital you have been rushed to is nearby, thank god, only a few blocks away from where Jungkook stands, but it feels like miles stretched on for miles. He runs, runs, runs faster than his legs can possibly carry him, huffing and puffing but never quite moving fast enough.

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Jungkook: *sees JM with sweater paws while shooting ‘Spring Day’*

Jungkook: *clutches chest, falls to knees* So. Adorable.

Taehyung: *rolls his eyes while walking by* You’re ridiculous

Namjoon: *is on the floor bc sweater paws JM too cute*

Taehyung: Why am I here again?


self doubt.
written by @moami! she tweets these little stories that break hearts, i adore them / v \

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did not realize you hated Arthur and Bradley so much wow

????? I most certainly do not hate either, wow. I adore both. I’m not a fan of Bradley’s roles since Merlin but I love Bradley and despite feeling mehh about his roles and complaining I’m still proud of him and wish the very best for him and will, to an extent, support him in whatever role he takes. 

And I do so adore Arthur too, I just think he’s a shitty King, but I adore Arthur as a person and as a character. I hate neither and adore both. You are under the assumption that I don’t complain about everything. I do. Don’t take what I say at face value, I just like to moan. I’m genuinly quite taken back by this ask. 

J-Hoon - B.I.G Bias

Since B.I.G just had a comeback (finally), I’ve decided to make my bias known!

Starting off in B.I.G, I had a lot of trouble deciding on a bias since Gunmin and Benji were always battling it out, then out of no where, innocent little J-Hoon wandered into the fray and took over…

1. This boy somehow has the ability to look both edgy but super soft. I want to call him cool, but also cuddle the shit outta him. Those pink bangs look 👌, whoever decided on that combo forever has my thanks. (They even match his lip color :P)

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(Gunmin be lookin fine AF too)

2. His dancing is quite attractive. I believe the first time I found m eyes glued to him was when he was dancing in the Are you ready MV, and then I went and saw this beauty <3

3. Even when he’s getting ‘mad’ he’s adorable. Yes J-Hoon,how rude of them

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4. Just Gifs and Pics I really like :D

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( I can’t be dealin with any more boys that have tongue problems.)

Bandannas on him are life to me

Seriously, how fricken adorable is he. Leaders looking like a cute maknae right now lol. He looked wonderful in this new MV <3

Honestly though everyone looked good and the song was great too, so please check them out!

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Ok so. Here it's funking 4.55 a.m. And I have just waken up from a reeeally bad dream, thus I opened tumblr to distract my anxious self (gotta a bad relationship with nightmares - but who doesn't after all?) and I found that cute, cute, drabble. Beautifully written as always. Oh Ivory, it really warmed my heart and now I'm feeling quite better. So yeah, thanks for sharing *sends love* argh, I'm a bit too sleepy to elaborate more, but I swear it was extremely adorable eheh💖 happy valentines day~

@baepsaewhalien said: I just want to say I feel really VERY VERY attacked by this Drabble series that you’re blessing us with. You’ll be the death of me and I ain’t even complaining xD Bless you and your stories cause they made my entire day, really.

The both of you are always so phenomenally sweet to me, and I can never thank either of you enough for your darling words! Here, have all of these flowers (yes, I am the goddamn corgi):

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Fem!Dan & Phil (I spent way too long doing this)

Can I call them Daniella (Dani for short) and Phillipa? I feel like they would both wear eyeliner, and dani would wear red lipstick bc its quite… daring? idk. They would probably still have the side fringes because come on, thats half of who they are. Phillipa would be adorable and have her hair in plaints with lion hair clips, i reckon. Dani would still straighten her hair all the time. So yeah. Hope you like it ^^

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To start, let me say I love you and "Sans Sleep" quite a lot. And second... I SAW BOTH OF SANS'S EYES GLOW IN THAT SECOND PAGE OF THE NEW UPDATE! DON'T THINK I DIDN'T SEE IT! Oh god, PLEASE tell me you're going to talk about that a WHOLE lot more! I absolutely ADORE seeing how people work with his "Only-one-eye-glows" back story/theory. (P.S. I'm now looking forward to the puppy and kitten blasters.)

There’s, uh,

well there are a lot of things that this story is about that’ll be explored

Probably too many things to be honest.

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I had a dream bilbo and thorin were mermaids in Venice and it was really quite adorable. Thorin had a black tail and bilbo had a blue one. Just wanted to share that with you.

IT IS adorable!!
and there’s not many aus where they’re both mermen. but just imagine there are still different races of mermen/mermaids like in middle earth. so thorin’s race is known to be hairy and broad while bilbo’s is smaller, plumpier and can’t grow beards. and their culture is totally different too.
so i can’t stop thinking of that gif (that has already been used for bagginshield lmao)

of how thorin would try to court bilbo while swimming around him and invading his personal space. and in bilbo’s culture, you only do this to intimidate someone else so he’s just like ‘wow i didn’t know dwarf mermen were so rude’ and just leaves while thorin is ‘oh no he ignores my advances, did i fuck up????’. so he keeps trying in bringing him shark’s heads to prove he can protect him by showing his strength and bilbo’s just ‘are you trying to get killed??!!’. finally it’s balin who takes pity on thorin and explains how dwarf mermen court, and bilbo’s just ‘that’s so ridiculous, he could have just say it or bring me nice seashells’ and goes find thorin to tell him that yes he accepts ONLY if he stops chasing sharks.