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Can I get some head canons on Kiji being fluffy with his Guard!Fem!S/o? P.s. I'm new to your blog and I love it already!<3

heres a pheasant mom!!

-LOTS of loud smooshy kisses on the cheek at all times
-he wants to he professional but he is not at all
-if you work in his office he will probably be too distracting to let you work
-he keeps gettinf his lipstick on you its so hard to rub off its terrible for both sides
-likes to plan out both of your outfits so you match in a cute but not tacky way
-likes calling you more than texting you and also he uses a lot of emojis when he texts so you probably prefer it that way
-calls you “babe” and “darling” and “light of my life who lets me smile despite all these loud children surrounding me and making me forget why i work here on occasion”
-cuddles while you stand


Hellooo~ so I was tagged by @choco-seventeen + @erinthekpoptrashcan! to do the selfie tag! :D (thank you for tagging me!! aND YOURE BOTH SO PRETTY/CUTE ; v ;) …I hope you like the low quality selfies ;D

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Sara and Phichit bond over the gay
  • Sara: *whispers* hey do you have the stuff?
  • Phichit: yes what about you?
  • Sara: *smirks as she whips out her phone* yes, fully loaded and ready to go
  • [they both proudly present to each other their victuuri and emimike pics]
  • Both squealing: OMG THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!
  • Yurio: wtf are you guys doing
  • Both: oh shit it's the son

I want to see it in a store! I can give you the addresses. You know what I’m going to do when I see it in the store? Whaaat? You know that section towards the front? The staff recommendations? I’m gonna grab a copy of your book and put it in that section. And then I’m gonna write my own little recommendation on a card and attach it, so that people will see it and buy it.

y'all today i went on a date with this girl and we drove like 40 minutes north and went hiking and then when she was dropping me back off, we went to visit the tallest building in atlanta and it was so fun and cute


Mark expressing the happiness of food with a small dance vs Jaehyun’s cute reaction ♥


rory & logan | written in the stars


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead


it gets a bit confusing to me coz i have a male oc that looks like how i draw zarya orz I FORGOT ZARYA’S TATTOOS IM SORRY

Peter Maximoff and Kurt Wagner: Why They’d be CUTE AS HELL Together

Ok, ok, I realize it’s a rarepair.  But hear me out.

  • Kurt’s teleportation is a really good counter to Peter’s speed.  Like, Peter can go as fast as he wants but Kurt’s just gonna be gone before he gets there.  They would have epic games of tag.  New students would watch in slightly concerned awe, especially when Peter manages to grab Kurt’s tail just before he teleports to the roof.  Charles is impressed because Kurt’s teleporting reflexes have never been better and someone Peter is managing to go even faster???
  • Kurt’s first introduction to American music was some earsplitting metal that Scott was listening to while working on his motorcycle and having an Angstfest.  Peter reassures him that there is much better music out there and they spend a whole day just going through Peter’s collection of records and tapes.
  • They watch soccer together.  Kurt’s way more into it than Peter (Alles für Deutschland!  Alles für Deutschland!) but Peter enjoys rooting for the opposing and/or losing team just to bug Kurt.  They both shit all over England, much to Charles’ disappointment.
  • Peter, rebel that he is, goes up to Canada to steal contraband Kinder Eggs for Kurt because a) it’s Kurt’s favorite candy and b) it’s a chocolate egg with a surprise toy inside how cool is that what asshole made these illegal in America.
  • Look they’d just be really cute ok.
  • Also
  • We could call the ship nightsilver

The lack of intimate moments that Sanvers gets really makes me appreciate Lost Girl


[ This adorable idea was commissioned as a present, by @sakashiima specifically as a Christmas gift for our precious @alabasti — hope it’s to both your likings~ ♡  ]