you both are gorgeous and i envy you

Daniel and Jihoon

These two are my types. They are both good-looking and talented but they are also different at the same time. They both can capture you in no time and as for me, they did. Hard and fast.

Park Jihoon is that crush type, the cute winking kind of guy. He’s sweet and exploding with charisma. But he can be sexy too. Cut-sexy to be exact. He’s that guy that will make you melt and will snatch you once he winked. To be honest I think he’s pretty. Those soft eyes of his and his cute lips. I envy him. I want to be his sister so I could look like him. I’ll be drop dead gorgeous if that would happen lmao. Whenever I see Jihoon I just feel like pinching his cheeks and throwing something because he’s just so cute. He’s cute backstage and cool-sexy-cute on stage.

Kang Daniel on the other hand is the type of guy that can be seductive. He’s totally cute when he smiles, not denying that but no shit he’s like a very different person when he’s performing. Those cute bunny teeth are adorable. His mole just below his eyes is what I like the most to the point that it’s turning into a fetish for me. His eyes are so cute too when he smiles gosh, just take my heart with you please. Oh, scratch that you already took it. Those broad shoulders man! And his neck omg how much I want to cling my arms on you and stay like that all day. Open Up killed me a million times with Sorry Sorry and Get Ugly just left my mouth hanging all the time. In short, Daniel is adorable backstage and fucking hot on stage.

Idk peeps, I am writing this while doing my homework. It just popped in my head. I love those two and the other trainees as well but Kang Daniel just snatched me bald y'all. Like I said, I’m a soft stan as long as I don’t see my king performing on stage. I’m going back to my hws now.

Choice Couple {requested Shawn imagine}

A/N: okay so I actually really hate this imagine bc lots of reasons and I hated this request but I mean. Ya know. Basically it’s you are announcing your relationship at an award show idk maybe you guys will enjoy.

“Shawn, I don’t think this is a good idea.” You mumble, fumbling with the zipper of your pale gray dress.
“Darling, it’ll be fine.” He says and you hear his footsteps walk over to you. “Need help?” He asks with a laugh at you not being able to zip up your dress.
“That would be great.” You sigh as you feel his hands go to your back and zip up your dress. He lightly kisses your neck and wraps his arms around your waist.
“Y/n, we have been together for what, seven months? I think it’s time people know. Plus it’s the kid choice awards, and I’m presenting choice couple from a television show. This is the perfect opportunity. I can say something about my gorgeous girlfriend, and the TV channel said it was okay!” He says giving you another squeeze and backed up so you could turn around. He took a look at you. His eyes widened at you. You were wearing a light gray dress, just above the knee with sparkles all over it and your hair was curled in a gorgeous up do.
“My god Y/n you look beautiful. I will be the envy of all the guys there because I have such a beautiful girlfriend.” He smiles and kisses you lightly.
“Don’t we have to get going?” You sigh. He nods, getting excited. His mom was letting him drive to the award show in his “cool new car” and he was insanely excited. You both went down stairs and took some photos because his mom wanted them really badly. Shawn said the management company would probably make him post a picture from the house on his Instagram account. We then made it to the car and Shawn got insanely excited, chatting away about how excited he was to tell the world about our relationship.
“Yeah, can’t wait to see even more hate comments flood in.” You mutter.
“Oh honey don’t be like that."he smiles and puts his hand on your thigh. You put off a weak smile as you made it to the "orange carpet” and someone opened the door for you.
“Oh wow hello y/n! We weren’t aware of you coming with Shawn Mendes!” The man opening the door for you gushes. You smile a bit, knowing that most people will be somewhat surprised at you two dating.
You were an actress on a Nickelodeon television show, and Shawn Mendes was basically a spokesperson for radio Disney so it didn’t seem very likely. People knew you were friends and all, but not this close.
“Yeah… I’m excited!” You lamely say. He shrugs and helps you out and leads you around the car so that you are with Shawn.
“Ready?” He asks kissing your cheek as you loop your arm through his. You nod, putting on a smile. He starts to walk forward onto the Orange carpet, and hundreds of cameras flash.
“Shawn! Who is that y/n? Wow y/n is here with Shawn Mendes! Are you dating? How long have you been dating? Y/n, can you show us your pretty smile?” You heard countless questions being shouted at you at rapid fire speed and you started to stress out. Shawn wrapped his arm around your waist and gave you a squeeze and whispered in your ear.
“Just smile and wave. Just ignore them and smile and wave. In a minute we are gonna have to split up, but not for too long I promise.” His words felt soothing as you painted the smile back on your face. Shawn’s arm was still around your waist as he smiled at the cameras.
“Y/n, you look so gorgeous! Are you and Shawn dating?” You heard a younger female reporter yell/ask. You smile at her.
“Thank you!” You say back warmly. Shawn held on tighter to your waist as you slowly walked down the carpet smiling for photos until you made it to the big ticket Nickelodeon reporters.
“I’m just going to announce it now. I’m not gonna wait for the show.” Shawn says before he starts to walk off for interviews.
“Shawn what the- no!” You try and go after him, but your heeled shoes and crowdedness wasn’t helping. You panicked. You didn’t want to get home from the award show and have hundreds or thousands of awful hate comments. You stood in a cluster of other television actors and singers before someone tapped you on the shoulder.
“Hey y/n!” Someone you barely knew smiled at you.
“Oh hey oh my goodness it’s wonderful to see you!” You smile as you give this person you swore’s name was Sabrina.
“Well, I hope you win that choice actress in a sitcom or whatever the award is.” She smiles at you. You hear one of the Nickelodeon interviewers calling you and you politely say goodbye to Sierra or Sabrina or whoever. You made your way over to the interviewer who was talking to… Shawn.
“Hey y/n! Shawn said he wanted to tell some people something, and he needed you here!” The interviewer said with the fakest smile you had ever seen. Your face turned pale because you knew what he was going to do. He wrapped his arm around your waist and your stomach dropped.
“Yeah, I wanted my gorgeous girlfriend here to say that… Well she’s my girlfriend.” He laughed nervously, looking at the camera.
“Awe well isn’t that a sweet announcement!” The interviewer looked like he couldn’t care less. And your stomach dropped at least ten stories. Shawn said a few more things before he started interviewing someone else.
“Shawn I can’t believe you did that, I am going to get so many comm-” you were cut off by his lips colliding with yours.
“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.” And somehow, all your worries melted away.

Okay maybe it wasn’t that bad…..

It's All About You - Joe Sugg Imagine

“Zoe..I-I don’t know..I’ll see..” You sighed running a hand through your hair as you leaned back in your chair and fiddled with your pencil. “Oh c'mon y/n, you’ve got to be there, no matter what happened between you and Joe..It’s the release night and they’ll do a small performance..You’ve got to..” Zoe whined down the phone making you close your eyes and place your forehead against the palm of your hand and sigh. “Zoe, I told you I’ll see. If I’m there, I’ll be there and if I’m not..then I’m not..” You breathed out opening your eyes and shutting your copy book while you stared at the ceiling. “If your not there, then I’ll have to come to your flat and drag you there. He wants you there tonight y/n. Your his best friend..He likes you..” You took another deep breath and rolled your eyes at Zoe and mentally groaned while you tried to think of an answer. “I’ll text you..” You say quietly and heard Zoe squeal. You both said your goodbyes and hung up. Tonight was the release of the YouTube Boybands video and song for comic relief. “It’s all about YouTube” and your best friend and long time crush, Joe Sugg, just so happens to be in this band. Joe has been your crush since the end of elementary school. I mean how could he not? All of the girls that were in your school did. Those blue eyes could trap you in a trance for weeks, his soft hair always manages to fall down in front of his eyes, resulting in him having to always push it back and make it look sexy without him even knowing. That contagious smile that always manages to brighten up your day, and god that laugh of his. It makes your heart instantly melt like an ice cream on the Fourth of July and your stomach explode with playfully giddily in love butterflies.

You and Joe have never not talked, you’ve always shared secrets and you even both have secret code words that you use when in an emergency or even when people are just around and you both want to talk, but recently Joe hasn’t been talking to you, he hasn’t been replying to your texts or calls, he’s been practically ignoring you which makes you upset, and it certainly doesn’t help the crush that you’ve managed to develop on him. You’ve done everything! You’ve gone to see him at his flat, ‘he’s not here’ Caspar would say, when you know perfectly well that he was there and just ignoring you and he’s been ignoring your face time calls, tweets, basically everything which makes you feel even worse. You both haven’t talked in weeks. The last time you talked to him was when you managed to catch him in the middle of the street and when I say catch, basically you grabbed him and stopped him from making a run for it.

“Joe, why are you ignoring me!? You’re my best friend! You’re not supposed to ignore me! Did I do something?” You shrieked at him, catching a few peoples glimpses and dirty looks from people passing as they tried to push pass you both. “Look y/n I’ve got a lot of stuff going on, and I’ve got a lot of stress. I’ve got a meeting in a couple minutes..I can’t talk to you right now..” He said giving you a look making your heart shatter into pieces as you glared at him. “You can’t talk to me or you won’t talk to me? There’s a big difference Joe.” You spat viciously at him feeling all the years of friendship you’ve had with him go down the drain. All those years, dreaming and wishing of the day your little crush on him would suddenly blossom into having an actual relationship with him just suddenly wash down the gutters on the side walk as a lump gathered in your throat. You looked up to Joe’s eyes to see them well up with hurt and slightly dampen with tears. “Y/N -” “No. You know what Joe? That’s it. I’m done. I’ve been chasing you for weeks now and you haven’t even bothered to call back or explain anything to me. Just..don’t..” You shrieked causing your voice to crack.

You shoved past Joe and felt your heart shatter into more pieces while you listened to his voice call for you, but you kept your head high and walked straight ahead, before you turned the corner and ran. You felt a tear trickle down your cheek as you remembered that day so clearly since it was only last week. Zoe has been on the phone to you twenty four seven, telling you how heartbroken Joe apparently is and of course saying that he likes you. She’s been saying that ever since you both became friends with Joe. “He always tells me about how pretty he thinks you are” “He’s always talking about you and he even told me that he liked you” Zoe would claim but you never believed her, I mean you were just an ordinary girl, but not just an ordinary girl, you were gorgeous but you never quite believed it. Your long cascading hair was normal to you but many girls envied it, and god your eyes, so many boys always just stop and stare when you go by because your so natural but you were ordinary, you liked to keep your head down with your studies, of course occasionally have a night with the girls and hit the clubs but Joe and Caspar were always talking about the girls they saw at the clubs that were ‘milf’ and you never felt good enough for Joe. Zoe has been trying to help you get back talking to Joe and still claiming that Joe likes you which is why she’s been on the phone to you for the last hour or so, encouraging you to go to the big party to celebrate the launch. You’ve been fighting back and forward with yourself about this for the last few days and you’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of going to the party but it’s only now you’ve decided. You’re going to show Joe exactly what he’s missing out on, and show him exactly what he could have had.


This is an imagine I’ve completed and it’s in three parts, if you’d like the rest then I can most definitely post them :) This was the very first Joe imagine I ever wrote :)xx

(not quite a) john hughes moment

pairing: ed/winry
rating: k+ for language
themes: dorky teens and funny situations also au which isn’t a theme but hey
a/n: based off one particular headcanon night that brought upon many, many a fullmetal prom ideas. this is one such coming to life!
a/n2: wow lmao this probably has bundles of mistakes and i apologize in advance also this took a while and i am sorry for that as well.


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