you both are big damn heroes

Meg Brainstorming #1

(At least) Two times your characters have been wrong

Hoo boy. Well, the current biggest one is that Meg is certain that this whole god-mark thing is a giant fluke. She’s convinced she’s the only one out there, and therefore if she can just keep the mark a secret and not talk about it to anyone, nothing ever has to come of it. She doesn’t see herself as a Big Damn Hero, and besides that, she’s got a shop to run and a sister to take care of and who the bloody hell has time for Epic Destinies? She’s terrified of being found out, both out of fear of what it’ll mean for the shop and Nidhi and what it means for her personally. You can bet there will be lots of “NO, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT MAGIC MARKS ON PEOPLE’S BODIES SOUNDS LIKE A LOAD OF HOOEY WOOPS SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING’S EXPLODING IN THE BACK YOU CAN SEE YOURSELF OUT KTHXBYE.” And when Meg DOES find out there are others and they DO find out about her, well, it’s probably not gonna be pretty. She’ll probably have something akin to an emotional explosion and then run off to sulk, because goddamnit can’t she have control of her own life ONE BLOODY TIME?

I’m also continually amused by how much Shahil and Meg are kindred spirits, because like Shahil, Meg doesn’t expect to ever find true happiness for herself. She’s placed herself in a position where she lives for others and places their happiness before her own, and she expects that’s pretty much end game for her. She thinks she had her chance, and she blew it when she dropped out of school and came home, so now the rest of her days are going to be spent being a stepping stone for others. I fully expect her to be proven wrong, between the whole warrior thing getting her out and giving her something resembling a full family, and the fact that she has a lot more going for her than she thinks she does.

Oh, and there was that one time back in school that a friend convinced her that she would look GREAT in pigtails and…it didn’t really work out. They gave her a massive headache and they kept falling into her curry while she was trying to eat lunch and it was SUCH a pain to wash out.