you both are big damn heroes

We can all blame KudaKano for hooking me on the idea of a Punk!Tadashi, and moros-mints for giving me the perfect description of him.  I love you both, damn you. XD

You should probably go listen to this immediately, because it’s his theme song and nothing will convince me otherwise.


Jewish Reclamation, Batwoman, and Bombshells

Name a piece of media that portrays the jewish people as anything other than weak, dead, or dying during the reign of Nazi Germany. Got it? Good! Now, try to name something that isn’t Inglourious Basterds.

Not so easy now, is it?

My guess is that you probably can’t, because another example almost doesn’t exist. Even that Daniel Craig movie, Defiance, doesn’t quite fit the bill because you forgot it was a thing until I just reminded you that it was! The popular belief is that there wasn’t any kind of jewish resistance during the Holocaust, and if there was, it was both minimal and meaningless. That the jews were weak, terrified, and went to their deaths willingly. That we bent over, submitted, and were helpless until the Allies came to liberate us so they could be big damn heroes.

All of which is a blatant lie, and DC Bombshells is actively trying to bring the truth to light. A stylized version of that truth, but true all the same. How? In the best of ways. Reclaiming, and correcting, that exact part of jewish history by making us, in the form of Batwoman, a jewish lesbian, among others, the big damn heroes.

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friendly reminder that people worked incredibly hard on both frozen and big hero six and you don’t need to like one less in order to like one more. they are two very different movies and don’t need to be compared - rather they should be individually judged based on the hard work, extensive amount of time, and immense passion that was put into each of them. you are entitled to your opinion on which you like more, but you do not need to put one down in order to lift one up. people worked damn hard on both and you don’t need to belittle one in order to tell the internet that you like the other more.