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Can I get an imagine where Nyx and Gladio's s/o has been kidnapped. It's been weeks with no sign but one day they're spotted dragging themselves to the walls of Insomnia, caked in dirt and blood (some not their's) and collapses just shy of entering the city. They managed to escape like the big damn hero they were.

Strong for Home

It’s hard to get through the days and weeks knowing you had gone AWOL on your last mission, just disappearing without a trace. Nyx and Gladio knew you well, intimately in fact, and both agreed you wouldn’t up and leave part way through a mission, not without letting someone know or even leave a hint as to where and why you’d gone.

Both suspected foul play.

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So I have been meaning to try my hand at fan fiction for a while so please be gentle. Summary: When an Older Ladybug and Chat Noir get Matching tattoos and it in turn causes an accidental reveal. Marinette awoke to the blinding harsh and unforgiving rays of sunshine that filtered through her window onto her sleeping face. She groaned and winced as the sudden noise of her own voice was too loud for her pudding head and sensitive ears. “Oh my head!” She rolls over and places a pillow over her head as a small red ladybug-esque being floats towards her bed. “Marinette wake up, I placed some pain killers on your side table next to a glass of water for you. Please drink it you’ll feel better.” Tikki, her kwami said as she floated underneath the pillow to look at the heavily hungover girl. “Shh… Tikki, not so loud. Wait what happened last night? Last thing I remember is going out on patrol with Chat Noir and deciding to celebrate our two years of friendship now then nothing.” How did I even make it back home she thought.
Slowly she sat up and drank the pills as her kwami gazed down at her worringly, “you really don’t remember anything marrinette?”
The girl slowly shook her head trying to finger comb her long blue-black locks into a ponytail.
“No Tikki but my body feels heavy and my chest stings!” Marinette complained as she slowly moves off the bed to head toward her bathroom to shower away the soreness in her body and hopefully give time rid her headache to calm down.
“Well you and Chat Noir got progressively drunk after the battle with BrewMeister and as a thank you and apology the Akumatized victim gave each of you a bottle of twenty year old fine wine. -Oh and you might want to look at your chest.” Tikki said with laughter in her eyes.
Marinette frowned in confusion and turned to her mirror and took off her sleeping shirt. She gasped at her reflection as there over her heart sat a freshly inked modified yin yang symbol about two inches in diameter with a green paw print in the black side and a red circle with a line down the middle and five black dots sat in the white side. Needless to say her scream could be heard throughout the surrounding apartments. A few apartments down Adrien awoke almost similarly to the girl with the exception of his kami laughing at the boy’s hangover. “Plagg, knock it off will you!” He said as he stared at his reflection finding the same freshly inked tattoo right over his heart as well. He groaned as he turned to the small floating black cat, “are you going to continue laughing or are you going to tell me what happened last night other than me getting a tattoo?” “Isn’t it obvious kid? Ya got drunk with your Ladybug and both got matching tattoos amongst doing other things.” Plagg said as he took a huge bite out of a wheel of camembert. Well atleast I don’t model anymore or else this would have been hard to explain, adrien thought as he turned away from the mirror “Wait, what else happened?” He asked but the kami was already to busy eating cheese and ignoring him to answer. He headed to his shower to get ready for the day as he had planned to hang with Nino later on. Marinette was having a small panic attack she wouldn’t stop staring at her chest. Ok, she thought, this isn’t so bad I just have to make sure no one sees it but I need to have a talk with that damned alley cat tonight! Determined the girl got ready for her day and after a call from Alya complaining her boyfriend Nino was going to be having a bro day with Adrien the girls decided to go and do some shopping for their upcoming last school year at the university. Later that night both had transformed and after interrogating their Kiwanis about the previous night, ladybug and chat had met up at the top of the Eiffel tower after ensuring no Akumas were around. They sat back down staring out towards the city with Chat Noir laying his head on Ladybug’s lap so she would play with his hair. A habit that had developed over months of constant patrols over a sleepless city. A comfortable silence fell between them both thinking of their civilian lives. High school was over and both just a week away from starting their last year of university. Marinette looking forward to studying fashion and Adrien who at 18 had quit modeling in favor of perusing a career in business and minoring in physics as a compromise he reached with his father when he gave up modelling. By fate or coincidence they ended up in the same university as Alya and Nino. Allowing all four friends to be able to hang out constantly. “Kitty, are we going to talk about last night?” Ladybug asked as she stared down at her partner with a faint blush on her cheeks. Chat slowly opened one eye to stare at her, he sat up and smirked at her, “my Lady, are you by any chance refurring to the matching tattoos we both have? I think they are pawsitively inkredible!” Ladybug groaned at the puns as he continued, “ Or maybe it’s the fact that we both got so drunk we don’t remember much of it.” He stated a bit more serious. “It’s both chaton, I mean not that I don’t like it, I just am not sure why we did it, he’ll I don’t remember even getting home or anything really what do you remember?” She asked looking at him closely to see if he would know anything else she didn’t. “My lady I remember as much as you do.” He smiled at her only half lying about it. Remember a vague conversation they had the previous night FLASHBACK: TWO drunk super heroes walked out of a tattoo parlor holding another up laughing as they walked toward the park that sat by the Dupain-Chen Bakery. Reaching a nearby bench they clumsily sat down still laughing. “I can’t believe we actually did it!” Chat said still amazed as he stared at his bare chest from his open jacket. “Oh man, this night has been inkredible!” Their costumes had changed as they got older to fit their age and style as Ladybug developed more curves and larger breasts and Chat Noir gained height and a more defined muscular body. While Chat’s was almost the same in style his leather outfit was reinforced with Kevlar type material to absorb some of the damage from the battles, Ladybug’ s changed to look more like a zip up jacket in the same polka-dot red but her arms were in a solid black and with palka-dot red skin tight pants that tucked into knee-hight lace up black combat boots. “Mon minou, this was awesome! And why not we are partners! We are showing it!” Ladybug slurred as she clung on to That’s side on the bench. Her jacket open enough to show the freshly inked skin on her chest that chat couldn’t stop staring at either. They both giggled uncontrollably but soon Ladybug quieted down turning to him and startling him with a fierce hug. “My Lady, are you feline ok?” Chat asked as he looked at his partner’s head nuzzling his neck. “Promise me,” she mumbled still holding on to him. Still confused he slowly untangled her from him and silently waited for her to continue. Her eyes bright and her cheeks flushed from the alcohol and their closeness. She took a deep breath and said, “promise me you won’t let me regret this when I’m sober. You are my partner and other half. I wouldn’t be Ladybug without you. So make sure that sober Ladybug doesn’t freak out over the tattoos because trust me she will!” Slightly amused Chat answered his affirmative as he, while still drunk had been more accustomed to drinking than she was, started to notice the lateness of the hour. They had been out all night and had only a few hours before sunrise. Making sure she was ok and wouldn’t pass out they parted ways heading home for the rest of what was left of the night. PRESENT: “Are you Kitten My lady? I love our matching tattoos and you know friends get matching tattoos all time it’s not a big deal is it?” Chat asked. Ladybug shook her head and smiled relieved that he didn’t regret the tattoo as she had secretly feared. She had grown to love the damned kitty and was worried he might regret it. She had already gotten over it and decided she liked the Tattoos. Both heroes having cleared as much as possible of the previous night, had decided that unless they were alone together to keep the Tattoos hidden from all others lest they risked exposure. They parted soon after that. Reaching home, Adrien detransformed as an idea hit. He now knew he could identify his lady with the Tattoos. He smirked and went to bed. Weeks later their courses at the university had started and Adrien was still no closer to finding out who Ladybug is. Dejectedly he sat down in their usual booth at the cafe where he, Alya, Nino, and Marinette usually met after class. A few minutes later they three other showed up. Marinette noticing Adrien’s mood, sits across from him next to Alya, quietly asked him in anything was the matter. He just sighed, “nah, just thinking of a few assignments I have to do,“ he lied. They places their orders and soon all four were laughing along exited for Nino’s birthday pool party the following day. Both had the same worry: how would they hide the tattoo. Marinette had of course designed her swim wear with a slight chat noir theme. The bottom piece was all black with a high waist while the top was black as well but had the the same color green paw prints bordering the top as Chat’s eyes. Unfortunately it did nothing to cover the tattoo which sat proudly visible. Not knowing how she would get away without exposing it , marinette sighed and reached for the rounded green cover up with black pom poms bordering the edges and tied a black sash around her waist. Now the tattoo was only visible if you knew it was there to look for it. Satisfied she headed to the party where she found many of their former high school classmates. Many of whom were either dancing, swimming or chasing each other with water guns in some sort of heated battle. Dodging them, she headed over to the DJ birthday boy and Adrien who was standing next to him with a red tank top and black swimming trunks to congratulate Nino and hand him his present. What the poor girl did not count on was her best friend coming up behind them and blasting to blast her with water. She tried to turn and dodge as she noticed the boys expressions but was too late and only succeeded in soaking her front instead of her back. "Alya!!!! I swear you better watch out I WILL get you back!” Marinette threatened as both Nino and Alya laughed at her. “Oh girl, you are as terrifying as a new born bunny. What S the worst you can so?” Alya taunted with a playful smirk on her face. Nino laughing went to hug his girlfriend, “Nette, she has you there. You are just too adorable to be vicious.” He said with a slight apologetic smile. Marinette scaled as she began to notice how quiet Adrien had been and turned to him surprised to find him with a dumbstruck expressing on his face. Staring at he now slightly visible tattoo through the fabric covering it. Her face paled before becoming red as she fixed her hair to cover over it which seemed to snap him out of his trance. As the party progressed the girl forgot about the incident, the boy did not. He kept his eye on her the whole time and it did not go unnoticed by a certain blogger. “Girl, Adrien has not stopped stating at you since you got here, maybe he finally has noticed you crush on him!” Alya stated excitedly. But for Marinette who had grown to understand that there might not possible be anything more besides friendship shrugged it off and sat on a reclining chair, “ I’m not sure that is true Alya maybe you are imaging it?” “Girl I know I’m not but continue to delude yourself,” she laughed, “oh I see Nino calling me over I’ll be back in a bit.” With that Marinette was left alone but soon enough she felt someone drop into the seat that Alya had just vacated. She turned to find Adrien the giving her a rather familiar smile. “Hi, Adrien enjoying the party?” she quietly asked. “Yeah it’s a lot of fun so far!” He smiled and stretched his arms over his head causing his tank top to shift allowing for Alya and Nino to see a certain tattoo peak out as they neared them. “Dude cool Tattoo! I had no idea you had one!” Nino exclaimed as Marinette turned to look at him surprised Alya asked,“you have got to let us see it when did you even get it?” He took one look at Marinette and smirked. “Well I must say, the cat’s out of the bag now huh,” he said as he shrugged out of his tank top to reveal a lean but very muscular torso and one yin yan tattoo over his heart. “Had it done a few weeks ago,” he turned and winked at Marinette who by this point had her whole body turn tomato red. Her brain still in shock from the tattoo that sat over her own heart. “But if you must know Mari and I had decided to get matching tattoos,” Adrien continued with a loving look as he sat slightly behind her to reach around and tug her hair out of the way. Having snapped out of her her shock Marinette narrowed her eyes at him promising retribution at the smirking guy, “so much for not telling, kitty.” She sighed and pulled off her cover up to reveal her matching tattoo. Alya squealed exitedly and took out her phone to get a picture all the while exclaiming, “Oh my god, Mari when we’re you and Adrien going to tell us and why keep it a secret are you two dating?” Turning the blogger caught aight of the two friends eyeing each other ignoring her so instead she for once decided to let it be for the moment and enjoy her boyfriend’s party. She would hound the for details after. They walked away to leave the two alone. “Hmm looks like we lost them for a bit huh princess?” He said and he hugged her waist from behind her on the chair and she leaned into him. “Shame on you Kitty I won’t here the end of this from her later. When did you realize, are you disappointed it’s me?” She asked some of her old insecurities coming back a bit. “Are you Kitten princess? I’m so glad it’s you! There is no one else I would have wanted to be my Lady but you.” He stated lovingly as she groaned. “No, I have to deal with your puns as Adrien now too?” “Buginette stop lying you love my puns! Besides are you ok with this?” He asked a bit more serious. “She turned and cupped his cheek and smiled up at him, "as you said Chaton, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m glad it’s you too.”

Big Damn Hero

Hurrah for Stormpilot Week! Here is one of my fics for Day 1. There were two themes for day 1 and I ended up getting ideas for both themes. So this is the first of them and I took it kinda literally:

Day 1: Poster boys of the Resistance.

Poe and Finn have been asked to appear on recruitment posters for the Resistance. Finn is confused, Poe is casual and the General is just damn amused.

You can also find this fic over at AO3.

“Why are we doing this again?” Finn asked, pulling awkwardly at the collar of his shirt. It was too tight, too small, he was sure of it, even though he’d been assured it was the same size as all his other shirts. Though, now that he thought about it, his other shirts were pretty much all Poe’s shirts so maybe that’s why this one felt so uncomfortable. It hadn’t been Poe’s first.

“Because we lost a bet with Pava,” Poe replied, sounding ruefully amused.

Finn looked over at his friend. Poe was wearing his orange jumpsuit with all the normal accoutrements that went with it and had his helmet tucked under one arm. He looked comfortable and casual and Finn wanted to curse him for it. He also wanted to peel that jumpsuit off Poe, slowly and with great relish, but that was just a dream, a fantasy that he would never have.

Finn grimaced. “Why does the Resistance need posters anyway?”

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Sorry, I don't know if you have rules for your requests so if this doesn't work for you feel free to skip! Can you do an nsfw scenario of Tadashi and his s/o doing the do while Hiro and Aunt Cass are watching tv downstairs? So they have to watch out about their noise level and one of them walking in~

Tadashi slid his mouth down your hot neck as he nibbled delicately at the skin beneath. “Mmm… A really loud part is about to come up if you wanna scream a lil’ bit.” He panted above you and lifted his body enough to roughly snap his hips upon yours. His sweaty body pressed and stuck upon yours as he tried to control his thrusting, yet kept finding himself delving into the unfit mind of pleasure. “Right… Now.” He mumbled and tipped his head back enough to let a deep moan leave his mouth. “Fuck! God…”

You gasped, head tipping back with pleasure as you grasped desperately at his back. Your fingers locked themselves near his prominent shoulder bones as Tadashi lifted his hips to angle his thrusts. “Tadashi.” You moaned, failing at keeping your voice to a small murmur. You noticed his smooth lips tilting into a smirk as he dropped his head to kiss your neck. You both knew of the possibility that Hiro could come in… Or even worse, Cass as she didn’t know you two were that intimate. A couple of kisses and hugs, Tadashi told her, that’s what we do. Yeah, right, you thought and lulled your head to the side so he had more skin to kiss on your neck.

“you’re n-not afraid of Cass hearing us?” You mumbled quietly, dragging your nails down the scape of his back.

Tadashi shrugged as best he could as he left you a deep red mark of possession on your clavicle. “N-not at the moment. She’s really into that movie. As long as The popcorn and Mochi stay put, we’re good.”

The noise of the front door swinging open then slamming shut overcame both your senses as he stopped above you, “Only thing we gotta worry about is Hi-”

“Hey!” Footsteps emitted on the staircase, “Tadashi!”

“You were about to say Hiro.” You laughed and pushed him off enough to slide a blanket over both your naked bodies, “You jinxed us!”

“Damn it.”

Hiro paused on the steps and listened to the end of the conversation before jolting, “Swear jar, Tadashi!”

“damn it!!” He snapped again.

“swear jar, babe.” You whispered.

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Imagine Bucky having to carry Steve and Steve relives all the memories of Bucky carrying him when they were little

Steve’s head lolls on Bucky’s shoulders, his eyes sliding half shut.

“Stay with me, Stevie,” Bucky says frantically, shifting him in his arms.

“Buck,” he slurs, his hand pressed to an heavily bleeding wound in his abdomen, breath coming out in rasps. Steve presses his head to Bucky’s chest, feeling his heart pound, strong and rapid. His eyes slide shut, everything fading away but that, and he remembers–

“I had him on the ropes!” Steve says hotly, blood pouring out of his nose. Bucky scoops him up in his arms and Steve squawks, hitting his chest.

“Yeah, sure you did,” he says, and he draws up all 100 pounds of his 12-year old self and bares his teeth at the bullies in question. “Scram.” They run off. 

“I woulda had ‘em,” Steve grumbles thickly, nose still bleeding.

“Your ma is gonna kill me.”


Steve comes down with a fever three weeks into his new job at a market, serving pastries and sandwiches to the upper class. He starts to shiver, his whole body going hot and cold at the same time, and he keeps fumbling with the silverware. 

Bucky comes to visit around lunchtime, let in through the back because he smells like a pigsty and the owner doesn’t want his customers to see him. 

“Steve?” Bucky’s voice sounds like it’s submerged in water and Steve moves his head and opens his mouth, then his eyes roll back and Bucky’s there, catching him before he falls.


Bucky has been different since Steve rescued him from the Hydra base. He doesn’t sleep as much, and he’s got this haunted look in his eyes when he thinks no one is watching him. But Steve is always watching.

He’s still damn good at his job, though, but even a sniper as good as Bucky and a team as good as the Commandos doesn’t mean that Steve will always walk away unscathed. 

Case in point, this time, Steve’s been shot in both kneecaps and can’t walk, but they’re still in enemy territory. “Jesus fucking Christ, Steve,” Bucky swears, scooping him up like he’s still 90 pounds soaking wet.

Steve winces as every movement jostles his legs. “Had…to get the kids out,” he pants.

“Yeah, you had to be a big damn hero. Stay awake, Christ!” 

“Language, Buck,” Steve mumbles, hissing in pain.

“Like you ain’t got a mouth that a nun would wash out with soap, Rogers.” 

Steve’s lips curve and he slowly becomes more aware, his eyes fluttering open. The first thing he sees is Bucky’s blue eyes, wide with concern.

“Thanks, Buck,” he mumbles and passes back out again.

Apropos of ongoing conversations among the Hamster brigade, about a certain pair of trousers at the award ceremony after the Battle of Yavin.

This just sort of… happened.

(Rated PG13 probably. Warning for drunken and therefore dubious, but entirely joyful, consent.)

Men from Corellia can sew.

They breed spacefarers, the Corellians, men who make the stars their home, who can draw hyperspace maps from memory, who can fly a ship with a hole in the hull and a half-ruined engine,  and then repair the damage with a screwdriver and a used ration can.

They are men of action, these Corellians, and there isn’t always a convenient tailor when a seam splits or a cuff falls undone.

They’re also usually broke.

Not all of them, not the owners of the big shipyards, not the leaders of the smuggling cartels. But the regular guys, the ones making their way and their livelihood among the stars: There are long stretches when they don’t have two coins to rub together.

A needle, some thread, a bolt of fabric: those come cheap.

A Corellian boy learns at his father’s knee. Or his uncle’s. First, to darn socks and make a simple tunic. Later, to shape a shirt and trousers to fit his own frame, to get the shoulders to hit right and the legs the proper length. Some of them stop there, the practical angles covered.

But a lot of Corellian men have pride. There’s more to a good pair of trousers than a waist that fits and hems that stop above the floor. You have to get the rise right, put a curve in the waistband, get the break just so.

There’s a reason Corellian men look good, even covered in grease or beaten black and blue.

It’s the day before the Medal Ceremony and no one’s seen Han Solo for hours. The Falcon’s closed up tight. Its radio is silent.

Han’s in there all right, but he’s a little busy. Hunched over at a stitching machine, working with needle and thread, pausing to wield scissors, closing his eyes to picture: Yes, that shape, that angle, this many centimeters to trim.

Chewbacca’s already on board, resting sensibly in his cabin. (It’s been a hell of a few days.) There’s only two other people that Han would open the door for. One of them is busy at the Command center and will be there into the night, making plans to evacuate this base and find a new one.

The other turns up outside the Falcon some time after midnight, waving at the security vid. The cup in his other hand tips and spills, and he’s laughing as he licks his hand and shakes drops of liquid off the sleeve.

Han put the thread and needle away just a few minutes ago, folding up his work and setting it on the small shelf in his cabin. Back in the lounge he stretches his fingers, working out stiff muscles, watching the vidscreen. The chime sounds again, and Luke waves more vigorously. He’s shouting something, but the audio’s not working. Han’s been meaning to fix that for… well, a while.

Han’s not a great lip reader, but he can figure out I know you’re in there. Luke holds up the cup and points to it and the meaning of that is clear, too. I’m drunk, and it’s good, and I expect you to join me.

Han presses a button and the landing door drops slowly down.

Han wakes in the morning with a headache, a dry mouth, and a nineteen-year-old farmboy in his bunk. Luke’s head is resting on his chest, arm across his belly, one leg slung over. He’s not any heavier than he looks, this kid. Han could probably toss him across the room.

His memories from last night are a little bit foggy, but he remembers Luke’s absolute delight when Luke slung a drunken arm around his shoulders and Han reached up, put a hand on the side of Luke’s head, and pushed him into a kiss. The kid busted out laughing, which was not the response Han usually expected.

But it turned out getting naked with a Tatooine farmboy was the most fun he’s had on the Falcon in ages. And flying the Falcon is, all by itself, pretty damn fun.

Luke wakes up by degrees, long lashes fluttering and then blue eyes opening, unfocused, blinking for a few seconds before he’s really there.

Han can see the moment when Luke realizes where he is.

A flush creeps up from Luke’s cheeks to his forehead, and instead of the unabashed laughter from last night, he gives a shy smile. “‘Morning.”

“Good morning, hotshot,” Han tells him, marveling (as he did last night–but he’s sober now) at how pretty this Luke Skywalker is.

Luke groans. “I think I drank enough for three people. Stop me if I ever try to do that again.”

“You sorry you stayed?” Han asks, suddenly thinking he’s overstepped, that Luke was only here last night because he wasn’t thinking straight, that he’s taken advantage of a kid from the Outer Rim who’s never–

A look of worry crosses Luke’s boyish face, putting a wrinkle in the smooth skin between his eyes. “Only if you are.”

Well all right then. Han lets him worry a minute longer, just to tease him, as he slides out of the bunk and checks the chrono. “Better get ready for that ceremony, kid.”

He leans down, puts a hand behind Luke’s head, and kisses him.

“You can sleep another few minutes. I’m gonna go get cleaned up.” Han’s still naked as the day he was born, but Chewie won’t care. On the way out the door to the refresher, he passes the small shelf, picks up his work from the night before. “Here,” he says, tossing it to Luke. “I made you something.”

The pants fit, of course they do, they were made by a Corellian pilot and Corellian men know how to sew. Luke doesn’t know the meaning of the stripes down the sides, but Han will tell him later.

They’re standing just outside the Great Hall now, waiting for the signal to walk out and let the entire Alliance applaud them. Luke looks every bit the dashing young hero. Good tailoring, Han thinks, admiring his own work, is like syrup on a sweetcake: takes a good thing and makes it better.

Luke catches him looking and shoots him the sunniest damn smile, and if Han wasn’t half in love with him already he’d probably flee in terror.

“Nice pants,” Han says, and behind him Chewie chuckles, and Luke says, “Thanks.”

“Get them off you later,” Han adds in a softer growl, leaning closer, and Luke’s eyes get big and his face goes pink.

And then the trumpet fanfare starts and someone nudges them both forward, and they’re walking out into the Great Hall, past the assembled Rebel troops, toward Leia waiting for them at the end.

Jurassic World for those too scared to go  (TOTAL SPOILERS)
  • Chris Pratt: [Sassmeister extraordinare, shouts at raptors for roaring at him]
  • Raptors: [Have secret crushes on him, probably]
  • Everyone: [Has a secret crush on Chris Pratt]
  • Baddie: Hey, let's turn these raptors into soldiers, we would win all the wars ever!
  • Chris Pratt: WTF? They're DINOSAURS!! You can't put Blue in khaki anyway, she'd clash with herself.
  • Baddie: I still say it's a good idea.
  • Chris Pratt: Will someone get this idiot out of my raptor pen please and thank.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: So yeah we've developed a new dinosaur.
  • Chris Pratt: Excuse me?
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: It's big. And scary. Come see.
  • Chris Pratt: This is legit a bad idea.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Shit son where'd the dino go?
  • Chris Pratt: WTF how did you let it escape?
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: I dunno man, don't shout at me! I'm just the finance manager! I actually have no plot-based need to be here!
  • Chris Pratt: Well listen, love, I'm the hero, I'll go check it out.
  • Chris Pratt: [goes into big scary dino pen with a couple of other guys, both probably named Oh You KNOW He Dead]
  • Dino: [Eats everyone except Chris Pratt]
  • Chris Pratt: [Is hot, tough, badass and generally amazing and hot and did I mention he's pretty damn hot in this film?]
  • Baddie: Y'know what'd help with this dino problem?
  • Chris Pratt: Wut?
  • Baddie: If we sent the raptors after it!!
  • Chris Pratt: WTF!!! You can't solve a dino outbreak with MORE dinos!! Did you not SEE the last three films??!?!!?!
  • Baddie: Bring on the raptors!!
  • Chris Pratt: You can't -
  • Baddie: Raptors
  • Chris Pratt: Have you not considered -
  • Baddie: RAPTORS
  • Chris Pratt: Fine, just don't kill them.
  • Raptors: Let's go get the dino!
  • Dino: Hahahahahaha NO.
  • Raptors: MUMMY!!!!
  • Everyone: Aaaaahhhhh FUCK.
  • Raptors: WE WILL EAT YOU NOW!
  • Chris Pratt: Nuh-huh, I'mma smoulder at you till you give in.
  • Raptors: Shit son. No. Not that.
  • Chris Pratt: Here comes the smoulder!
  • Raptors: WE WILL RESIST!!
  • Raptors:
  • Raptors: Goddammit.
  • Dino: C'mon guys, let's eat these things!
  • Raptors: Nuh-UH!!!!!!!! [pounce on Dino]
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Y'know what we need right now? MORE THINGS THAT CAN KILL US.
  • T-Rex: Waddup bitch, heard you were talkin' shit.
  • Dino: WTF
  • T-Rex: Pretty sure you know I'm the most badass motherfucker in Dinoland.
  • Dino: Sssshyeah! You WERE, Old Man!!!
  • T-Rex: That is IT!! I'm gonna MESS. YOU. UP!!!
  • Raptors: We will help, T-Rex!! Fear not buddy!
  • Dino: No way man, I trusted you! We're family!!!
  • Raptors: Nobody fucks with our Chris Pratt.
  • Mososaurus: Ooooooh!!!! LUNCH!!!!! Ommmmnomnomnomnomnonnonmnom.....
  • T-Rex:
  • Raptors:
  • Chris Pratt: Well. That was unexpected.
  • T-Rex: Thanks guys
  • Raptors: No problem, bro. High three!
  • T-Rex: I can't man, it's these little arms!!
  • Raptors: Okay, man. Stay safe out there! Love you!
  • T-Rex: Call me!
  • Raptors: Cool beans!
  • Raptors: Hey, so Chris Pratt - wanna get a soda?
  • Chris Pratt: Dudes, you go fly free. And don't eat people.
  • Raptors: You got it, big guy.
  • Bryce Dallas Howard: So what do we do now?
  • Chris Pratt: We should stay together. For survival.
  • [copious eye fucking]
  • T-Rex: Here I come for the big-money final roar.... Raarrrr!!! RAARRRRR!!!!!
  • [THE END]

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Imagine Bucky learning that they've started to make "Winter Soldier" merch now that he's with the Avengers and seeing Steve wearing some around for the first time.

The first few months after Bucky moved in with the Avengers had been … complicated. Learning how to be a person again had been exhilarating, confusing, and exhausting: he got a name, sequential time, and the possibility of possessions back all at once.

Wearing a Captain America t-shirt felt like the epitome of a ‘fuck you’ to Hydra. Hell, it got a little rise out of Steve Rogers too, and that sort of needling opportunity should never go to waste.

“It’s not me,” Steve had muttered, waving a hand to encompass not just the shirt Bucky was wearing but all the rest of it out in the world: the tote bags, the action figures, the commemorative mugs. “Captain America’s boots are a damn big fill.”

“Your adoring public thinks it’s you,” Bucky had said, smirking. “You’d better keep stepping up, then.”

Besides, the shirt is soft cotton and blue and it’s weirdly comforting to see the shield whenever he looks down. Not that he was ever admitting that out loud.

The first few times Bucky goes out and fights as an Avenger the media doesn’t quite know what to make of him. (That’s not true, Fox News calls him a sleeper agent who’s infiltrating the nation’s finest heroes, and they both agree to not watch said news again after what Steve does to the TV.) It doesn’t take long for things to settle, though, at least in the public eye.

Steve wanders into the kitchen one morning wearing a black shirt with a – “What the hell?” Bucky says, staring – red star on a gray sleeve.

“Hey,” Steve says. “We all had to suffer through horrible merchandising. Besides, yours looks pretty good.” Steve flexes his muscles to make the star ripple and looks far too pleased with himself.

Bucky goes online, and it’s … he doesn’t know what to feel, looking at the Instagrams of people in their hoodies, or their t shirts, or carrying messenger bags: red stars and gray fabric plating everywhere.

“I’m not - it’s not me,” Bucky protests to the room at large as Steve brings him coffee. “Anything to turn a buck, right?”

“Sure,” Steve agrees easily. “And the other end of that is that people think you’re worthy enough to spend their money on.” Bucky bites his lip and stares at the screen.

Steve comes around, sliding his arm around Bucky’s waist and resting his chin on Bucky’s shoulder to watch as Bucky scrolls.

“You saved fifty people in that apartment building last week,” Steve says softly. “And kicked the ass of the latest wormhole incursion. Avengers wear big boots, and you’re filling them.”

“Team effort,” Bucky mutters.

Steve presses a kiss to the side of Bucky’s head. “Wouldn’t want to be doing it without you, Buck.”

Bucky rests his plated arm over Steve’s, entwining their fingers, and smiles.

friendly reminder that people worked incredibly hard on both frozen and big hero six and you don’t need to like one less in order to like one more. they are two very different movies and don’t need to be compared - rather they should be individually judged based on the hard work, extensive amount of time, and immense passion that was put into each of them. you are entitled to your opinion on which you like more, but you do not need to put one down in order to lift one up. people worked damn hard on both and you don’t need to belittle one in order to tell the internet that you like the other more.

"So this is happening." - A non-coherent fan review of Rookie Blue 5x01 (and some background ramblings)

I got into this show in the absolutely worst way and I definitely wasn’t supposed to love it, but here we are and here I am with feelings that drip all over everything.

Super long text post full of bad words and Officer Lunchbox gushing. (Not actual Officer Lunchbox gushing, but me gushing about them.) 

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✎ the mun rambles for a bit

Oh, where does the time go? No seriously, it doesn’t feel like only a few months had passed, not after this adventure of a fandom that I’m in. And here we are, folks–I could not be any more happy with where I am now, where the fandom is now.

A few months back, I was ready to have this blog be just another crack-filled one–so full of crack, Grand Theft Auto would like to include it into its next game. But of course, things don’t always work the way as planned out, and this blog became something way, way, way more. I’ve met so many awesome and wonderful people by way of roleplaying and general silliness. So many headcanons, stories, ideas, and awesome fuckery (*stares at all the ruined food, eye twitches*) shared between so many people; I feel so deep within a fandom like I’ve never been before.

Gratitude would then be terribly understating how I feel at the moment and always.

And as such, I wanna thank all of you guys–jeez, it wouldn’t be enough if I leave it just that. Thank you so very, very much for allowing me to be a part of this fandom. Thank you for allowing me to get to know all of you to some extent–whether I’ve talked to you on Skype or I’ve admired you from afar; all of you have had an impact on me that I would not trade for anything else. With which that makes all you my heroes, and I am so thankful for that. No really, guys, I love you all so very, very, very, very (repeat until indefinitely) much. <3

Again, this is a mix of roleplay and non-roleplay blogs; I’ve gotten to know so many awesome people on both fronts, and once again, I’m hugely grateful for that.

✎ honorary heroes (or, goddamn it let me love you all endlessly)

tadashi-niisan ✎ Candy, Candy, Candyyyyyyyyy, my sugar sugar~ You are such an inspiration to me in so many ways. In fact, your Tadashi blog is what got me to make my Hiro blog. It’s just that–how you’ve impacted me goes way beyond that. You’re such a strong person and you’re supportive and protective of your friends that I’m so very honored to know you and share in this amazing fandom. Thank you and I love you so very, very, very much. <33333

bigheroswag / howcoolwasthat ✎ Laureeeeeeeen my kaiju bae~ I found Swampcon through you, and since then, I’ve not been the same person, and I have to thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to have known and befriended you. Goodness me, when I think about how passionate you are about the things you love, it amazes me. Your very presence lights up everything in sight, and I hope you know that you deserve the happiness that you bring to others a thousand times over. Thank you so much for the opportunity of knowing you. No really, thank you very, very much, bae.

auntcasshamada / krei-alistair / babymaxi (+ *insert triple digits* other blogs!) ✎ Spatzi, my sweet sparrow. You are such an overwhelming person in all the most wonderful of ways. There’s such an eloquence to you that surprises me over and over again. Couple with that how you’re such a strong person and that you’ve got all these wonderful ideas within you, and you’ve got someone so wonderful, so amazing. All of that’s you and so much more. Keep being so multifaceted in your perfection.

fredflyingfuck ✎ Melon, the sweetest of fruits. You are so wonderful and adorable, and every moment that we’ve ever interacted–whether it be on Tumblr with roleplaying and other stuff, or on Skype, along with the multiple livestreams of shows and what not–those are moments I cherish so much. Your awesomeness shines through so perfectly in so many ways.

kaijufucks / cum-for-me-krogar ✎ Beccaaaaaaa my kaiju dear, you have so much in you that’s wholly awesome and amazing that it could power San Fransokyo for years and years and years to come. When you’re around, it brings a jolt of excitement to the mix, and I have to say that I’m so grateful to know you. And you’re such a strong person that I would have never picked anyone else to be Swampcon mom but you.

mr-kibuki-san ✎ Sketchyyyyyyyyyyy, you’re the sole reason why I am so in love with fanon!Yokai. You bring with you a heap of crazy awesomeness that I’m practically excited to see you every time you go online. And you deserve to have all the amazing things nyoom towards you at light speed, too.

lunadiane / hirokohamada / helloiambaymax ✎ Luna my dear, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again–you are an infinite amount of diamonds made of stardust and nebulae. You’re so sweet and endearing, and I know you’ve got it in you to reach for all your dreams and aspirations. Know that I’m always here to support you, and I believe wholeheartedly in you. I love you lots and lots, bae <33333

maximumbae ✎ Sonyaaaaaa, you big hero bae, you. When you’re around, it adds another dimension to the already high concentration of awesome that is Swampcon. You’re so wonderful and adorable, and know that we’re ready to tackle glomp you and give you so much love because you’re so very worth it.

big-burly-neatnik ✎ Wasabaeeeeeeeeee~ My goodness, can I just say how amazed I am at how strong of a person you are? Sometimes things might seem too difficult and everything feels like too much to handle, but you’re still here pressing on and moving forward, and for that it amazes me so. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, because that’s true bravery in itself. And that’s pretty amazing, bae–you’re so very amazing.

hxneylemon / selflessbrother ✎ Another Lauren that I treasure so dearly, bae you are such a nice and selfless person, with the way you make everyone feel welcome and important, as well as all the many other things that you do. And I know you’ve got what it takes to realize whatever dream and aspiration you have, ‘cause it’s like what I said before–you are way, way more than whatever any anon says. And that sentiment still stands now and indefinitely.

baymax-the-nursemaid ✎ Cross, you were the first Baymax I’ve ever interacted with, and am I glad that that’s the case. You’re such a sweet and caring person, always looking out for other people’s wellbeing. And just like Hiro was with Baymax, I hope you are always being looked out after, because you deserve to be taken care of.

i-am-the-bay ✎ Daniiiiiiiiii, you are such a huge, huge sweetheart. Whenever you pop around wherever it may be, you bring such a huge smile to so many. You’re so adorable and endearing, and I dearly wish more people could see just wonderful you are. We love you so very much, and keep being our sweet potato, okay? ouo

xarazura ✎ Beccaaaaaaaa my kaiju twin, you truly are a wonderful person. I’m always looking forward to talking with you because we’re able to fangasm about so many things and you’re such a sweet person who deserves to have so many wonderful things. And you’re so strong of a person that I’m so very proud of everything you do, no matter how small it is. Take good care of yourself, okay?

cinabooty ✎ Cinaaaaaaaaa, you’re such a sweet and wonderful person! Every time you’re on, I’m always so glad that you are because you’re so eager and willing to talk with others. You’re so easy to talk to, and I am grateful that you are and you’re kind and caring towards others, too. I hope you find so many other things that makes you happy and that these happy things last you your entire life and beyond that.

smallhirodork ✎ You were one of the first other Hiros that I interacted with, and I wouldn’t have picked a more perfect one to do so but with yours. You’re such an adorable and amazing person; you do so much that makes everyone feel nice and welcome, and honestly I wish you the very best because you give your very best every time.

wowgotomago / tadashionfire ✎ Aaaaaaah you are such an awesome person, you know that? Every time I see you online, no matter where it’d be, I always expect something awesomely hilarious and mindblowing, and that’s always been the case! Dear you’re such a huge bae and I hope you stay as brilliantly awesome as you’ve always been!

invisiblefrxst ✎ In the short span of time we’ve interacted, I’ve absolutely and thoroughly enjoyed the time like you wouldn’t believe. Both you and Jack are all shades of cool, and I dearly wish that we would find more chances of interacting, regardless of the means, because you’re such a very cool (pun may or may not be intended) person!

✎ big hero baes (or, damn awesome people who I’ve interacted with or would love to interact with)

bignerd6hayamikalilidani15tadashii-hamadamrballoonman / argentatephoenixhashadenoughpoptarts / wasabitfwnogingerwasabi-no-homosocially-awkward-gogo-tomagobootymax / stopstop-iwontgobigbrothxrhamadahamadorkleikoiismlittlehirosixgogo-fuq-urselfmaglxvprofessor-callaghanneatnxkyourhxrobaymax-speaksmarshmxllowcaretakeriamthehirohiro-hamada-sixsweet-honeylemonaikxmiyazakinxrdlordxxbriighthatsumei-shalittlehiro6hairy-mochi-babytadashihamxda / invxsiblesandwxchinvxntivehoney-lemon-dont-careauntcassdontgiveafuckwecouldbehirostechno-geek-hamadabig-hiro-sixloyal–brotherhamaheroauntxcassspeedytomagoxfredzillaaikoshoneylittle-miyazakixtomagootobaibitchniisxntendheart

(If I forgot to include or mention you on here, I am so very sorry; I have the memory of a senile crab. But know that either way, you are so very important to me and I wish the best and more than the best for every single one of you. And if we’ve never interacted, my apologies as well and we should remedy that. The reason I included you is because I’ve always wanted to talk with you but my shyness and anxiety gets the better of me, but rest assured, I would love to interact with every single one of you mentioned on here. Aaaaaand, that’s about it for now! Once again, thank you so very, very, very much, and I love you all so very, very, very much as well! <333333))

Now I know both fandoms are at each other’s throats (or might soon be), but I think we can all agree that HTTYD 2 and BH6 both contain enough drama and angst to fill a friggin' house.

I mean, first we lose our beloved Viking daddy, now we will soon lose a Mufasa-like older brother.

2014: the year where animation just went “What’s that? You want angst? We’ll give you angst! Here’s your damn angst!”

anonymous asked:

In the grave scene, do you think maybe Oliver isn’t just upset by the death? Other things could be going on that make him want to break his no kill rule on top of whoever’s death(probably not Felicity). Maybe Felicity is missing? Kidnapped? In the hospital? Would also explain why she is not there comforting him. The same incident could be the cause of the death and Felicity to be taken or injured. Maybe they are just leading us to believe that the death is super important. What do you think?

I think that’s incredibly possible, anon. 

Look, here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking about this a lot - too much - and the more I think about it the more convinced I am that it’s not Felicity who dies. HOWEVER, will bad things still happen to Felicity? Almost certainly. Let’s look at this from a couple of directions… 

Felicity isn’t dead. There’s a lot of reasons it can’t be her. Here are a few off of the top of my head.

  • As a brilliant anon pointed out on @olicityalamode‘s page, “Story wise Felicity dying will make Zero sense. Marc said that in S4, we will see how Oliver will find a balance between his 2 lives- as a man & a hero. So if Felicity dies, the moral of the story is “Oliver can never find a balance between his 2 lives because the girl he loves will eventually die in the hands of big bad of the particular season”. For Oliver to be both hero and a man, Felicity should live.” That’s a damned fine point that makes me want to slow clap because it’s 100% true. If the EPs have been straight with us about what story they want to tell - and overall, I think they have - it makes no sense for Felicity to die.
  • Everything about the way 4x01 was cut screamed that Felicity was going to be the death. Now, you tell me, when has Arrow ever done that before? Did we have an inkling that Moira was going to be gutted? That Sara was going to be shot? That Tommy was going to be impaled? They’ve already given up that someone will be dying. I find it hard to believe that they’d heavily imply who it is to get the ax. That’s not their style at all.
  • Stephen Amell is a surprisingly fantastic dramatic actor. His grief at Thea’s apparent death last season was gutting as was his goodbye to Felicity in Nanda Parbat. Now, maybe Amell doesn’t know who is in the grave, maybe the writers aren’t even set on that, but if it were Felicity or Thea - the woman he wants to marry or his last living relative that he knows of - don’t you think they’d have directed him differently? Oliver wasn’t torn apart. He was mournful but not shattered. He was regretful but not devastated. That’s important because that’s not an emotional punch you pull for any reason. And Amell? He’s more than nuanced enough to pull that off. You can count on him expressing exactly what his character feels. And what he was feeling there? That was not the death of his lover or his sister. 
  • There has been a lot of talk for a long time about Felicity’s father. To date, the EPs still say they haven’t figured out how to fit his story in, but that they want to. Now, that in itself could be a misdirect, but it’s come up consistently for a long time. If they haven’t even planned out how to use him yet but still want to, would it really make sense to kill off Felicity before they do? What would be the point? 
  • There are loads of other great points I’ve seen. Things about syndication and storyline symmetry, the fact that Oliver couldn’t get himself to go to his own mother’s funeral because it hurt too much, the fact that this has been touted as Felicity and Diggle’s year. But all of it boils down to this - Felicity is just about the last person I’d expect to find out is in that grave. And that’s not even my obvious bias talking. 

Then we have the core of your question - and damned if it isn’t a good one. What if the death is a misdirect? I think it is. I think you’re right. I think it’s important but it’s not the most important thing going on. We’re all so distracted by who-is-in-the-grave that we’re missing other things. 

  • Like @olicity-balcony-kisses said… who is it that Oliver’s vowing to kill? The ‘I’m going to kill him’ is incredibly vague. Her theory was Oliver was talking about Digg - which is interesting and engaging, if terribly gut-wrenching. My first thought is Anarky because the writers have already said him becoming a villain is Oliver and to some extent Thea’s faults. I think Oliver might be hesitant to kill him and regretful about that. Darhk? Not so much. I think he’s most of the way toward committed to killing him already. Then, who is the other big option here? Malcolm comes to mind as a viable option for sure.
  • Why is Oliver alone at the grave (before Barry gets there)? Obviously it’s because they want to keep us guessing as to who dies, but what if it’s more than that? What if Thea is hurt or Felicity is corrupted or Laurel is captured? 

Ultimately, it’s too soon to see exactly where all of this is headed. But I think you’re right. I stand by my theory that it’s Lance who dies, but I also think that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I think the more interesting elements are exactly what you said. Why is Oliver alone? Who killed the person in the grave? How did they die? Who is Oliver vowing to kill? Only time will tell, but I, for one, am going to try to stop obsessing over it quite as much as I have been and just enjoy the ride. Because really? This show isn’t about the end-point. It’s about the journey. And right now? Right now we’ve got Oliver and Felicity supporting each other and loving each other while they fight for the city and for each other and that’s a story I’m excited to see play out.