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What happens when antimatter falls into a normal matter black hole?

You get … the same. (Yeah, awful boring response.)

Black holes are formed because of the curvature of spacetime, not because of the matter itself.

Then, both matter and antimatter are affected by its pull in the same way: they are both in the same space-time, and they both fall.

You’re probably thinking: “But when it reaches the end, it does annihilate part of the matter, right?”. Assuming that was the case (because we really can’t know what happens inside an event horizon yet).. yes, but it still doesn’t matter: the energy is conserved and so the gravitational pull (spacetime curvature) is conserved.

Sorry for the anti-climatic response.


Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.

The various skill levels of Naruto

Beginner level taijutsu: you kick somebody
Advanced level taijutsu: you kick somebody super hard
Master level taijutsu: you kick somebody into the planet’s stratosphere, jump above them while they’re still going, and kick them back down to earth.

Beginner level genjutsu: you make yourself look like someone else for five minutes. this is useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.
Advanced level genjutsu: you can make someone else look like another person to all of their friends for five minutes. this is useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.
Master level genjutsu: you can trap someone in their brain, torturing them for hours, and they feel all the pain and suffering as if it were real. this is still mostly useless if a hyuga or uchiha is around.

Beginner level ninjutsu: Fire spell.
Advanced level ninjutsu: Firaga spell.
Master level ninjutsu: You create fire in the shape of an ancient god dozens of stories high and bring its burning fists down upon your enemies, annihilating anything in it’s path.

Beginner level fuinjutsu: you try to make an explosive tag without killing yourself in the process.
Advanced level fuinjutsu: you try and make a seal that holds objects in a pocket of space time without killing yourself in the process. you then use the tag to carry your luggage
Master level fuinjutsu: you hand a person a note that says ‘i can do what i want’, only the note is actually a seal that instantly brainwashes them upon looking at it so you can do what you want. you can do whatever you want. you place a seal on a building and it is all sucked into an equivalent of a black hole. you can rip people’s souls out from their bodies and damn them into super ninja hell indefinitely. you can summon an actual death god to hang out with. you can carry your entire house in your wallet. you can do whatever you want

You are an astronaut. As you are being sent out in space by yoursef, WW3 begins and all out nuclear warfare happens. You are propelled out of orbit by a mis guided missile that exploded off course, which led you into a black hole. You wake up 7 days before WW3 happens

| Roleplay | Peter Parker

[permanent + peter parker tag] : @momosakaki-san

“Hey pretty lady,” You wiggled your eyebrows. 

A snicker.

You tried to recover from your laughter and put back on your character, smoothing your expression out. 

“Do I work out? Nah,” you kissed your bicep, still grinning at your reflection in the mirror, flaunting off the spiderman outfit you found stashed in the back of Peter’s closet. You winked. “I’m just Peter Parker, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.”

You scoffed, striking another pose. “My powers? Got em off the world wide web.”  

Are you crooks alright? You look like your hands are tied.”

“Cat caught your tongue? Well more like spide- actually that’s gross, scrap that.”

“Babe, I can show you a sky high view of the city.”

“A mutant you say? Well sure I’m a freak, but only in the sheets-”


You stiffened, mouth clamping shut. Pure trepidation ran through you, lighting your cheeks as you turned around.

Peter greeted you with a raised eyebrow, leaning against the closed door that you hadn’t heard open, a slight tint to his cheeks as well but largely outmatched by his grin. He was comfortable, as if he’d been watching for a while.

“P-Peter!” You laughed nervously. “Your aunt said you were over N-Ned’s-”

“I was,” He confirmed, eyes raking over your form, the red and blue material looking much more revealing on you than he, hugging to your chest and sides. You flushed brighter, attempting to cover yourself. He blushed at your reaction, snapping his eyes back to yours. “But I left early.”

You broke his gaze, looking everywhere else but him and coughing into your hand. “Is that so?”

“Yup,” he nonchalantly put his bag down on the floor beside him before starting to walk towards you. You tensed further, backing up. 

He stopped in front of you, so close you could feel the warmth radiating off him.

If you weren’t so embarrassed, you might have had a rush of tingles.

“Look, Pete, I can explain-”

“Explain what?” He interrupted, his eyebrows pulling together. “I’m the one freaking out about the actual Spiderman in my room.”

You blinked, confused. It only took you a couple more moments to get the hint and when you did, you felt happiness fill your chest.

“Fret not, citizen,” You placed your hands on your hips. “It is I, yes, but I am only a mere human, one of you. I’m not that special.”

“But you’re so cool!” He placed a hand on his forehead, mock swooning. “Can I get an autograph?”

“Where do you want it?” You bit your lip playfully, sounding authoritative.

Peter contemplated, glancing at the ceiling before falling backwards onto the bed, pulling you down with him. You landed on top of him, your hands by his head to hold you up and knees straddling his hips.

“Somewhere no one can see,” Peter whispered, hot breath hitting your ear and causing you to lose strength, almost falling on top of him as your arms wobbled.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that,” You mumbled, flashing a cocky grin. “Spiderman does tend to be incredibly flashy.”

Peter laughed, eyes twinkling.

“Well then I guess we’ve got to make due.”

He cupped the back of your neck gently but firmly with a calloused hand, tugging you down to seal his lips to yours.

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Original blue paladin theory

so I belive that Haggar was the original blue paladin and here’s why.

When Lance and and the others found the blue lion, Haggar knew it has been found, it is not impossible for Haggar to have connection from far, as we know Zarkon had with black lion as well.
tough if your thinking why she doesn’t have connection at all after LAnce and others found it, the blue lion would have been just cut the connection.
Blue lion is the most pilot accepting from the lions, it wouldn’t surprise me if Lance would just have been better than Haggar.

After blue lion had been found there is a scene when Haggar come to Zarkon talking about blue lions return and that altean energy she felt.
Se said “it is time to reclaim what is rightfully ours”
She would just have said “yours” if she would been talking about only black lion.

And as smart as Haggar is, it would be a little weird for her to stand beside Zarkon, when he was acting really stupid.
She yelled to druids that  “Hurry! We need to protect our emperor!” even though she just said how stupid Zarkons actions was.
As well in episode 2, Coran said
“you know, the original paladins fought hundreds of battles together, Side by side.“
If Haggar would have been the blue paladin, Zarkon have been her leader much over 10,000 years. What would explain why Haggar is so loyal to Zarkon.
AND she’s altean.

When you see a Black Hole 10000 times larger than our Sun and leave the spaceship to take a picture ✔✔💯👀📷🎥📹

When you accidentally fall into a Black Hole from your spaceship, but are okay with your inevitable death 😨😱😆😂

When the pilot sees you get incinerated at the event horizon, due to “Hawking’s Radiation”, and only your ashes are left. 💀💀👀😭👎👎

When you realize you didn’t instantly die because you passed through the event horizon unarmed, due to Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, and the gravitational pull of this huge black hole isn’t strong enough to spaghettify you, so you end up experiencing “Einstein’s Happiest Thought” bc you’re peacefully floating forward in time unharmed (until you eventually die at the singularity). 

When you existing in two places at the same time defy the law of Physics, stating information cannot be cloned.

When you remember because of Quantum Physics, information cannot be lost, therefore; all traces of your existence has to be left outside the black hole (ashes) even though you are alive and well inside the black hole.

When it turns out you aren’t violating this law of Physics because only one of you exists in both you and the pilot’s reality, and there is no one around to prove the existence of two of you.

When the copilot, still in shock, doesn’t want to believe you’re dead, so they try to look inside the black hole themselves, from safe distance, utilizing Quantum mechanics rather than relativity.

When the copilot has something up their sleeve called “Spooky action-at-a-distance” which allows them to collect samples of your ashes, to see what info its entangled with, in order to determine if you’re alive or if all your remains are across Hawking’s Radiation.

When you know no matter the answer, it will either break General Relativity or defy the laws of Quantum Mechanics.  

When science and technology isn’t fast enough or advanced enough to decode the entangled information, so no one will ever know if you’re really dead or alive bc the Black Hole will be long gone by then.


sigridhr said to dwimmerlaiks: for the palette meme, can i suggest for galadriel in figues? only if it strikes your fancy :) <3

I meant to draw artanis-vacationing-in-alqualonde again, but it turned out kind of weird lol. I’m gonna give this prompt another go but in the meantime, here’s try n1