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A/N: Written for the Break the Zone challenge. So the challenge was to write something that’s out of my comfort zone, and keep it under 1k words. Which I, by some miracle, managed to do. This is basically just getting frisky with Dean in a supply room at your work. Thanks for betaing @thorne93

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (barely)

Warnings: This is basically just smut, which I am not all that comfortable writing and it probably shows.

Wordcount: 959

Originally posted by dean-winchester-crush

You sat at your desk in the reception of the law firm you worked at. For five year’s you had been stuck here, behind this desk. You had been taking some night classes to get your degree as a legal assistant, and the people running the firm had promised you a promotion within three years if you managed to get your degree, which you had. You had thought many times about quitting, but the way the job market was these days you didn’t know how long it could take you to find a new job, and you definitely couldn’t afford to be unemployed.

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Brendon Urie - Smut Request

*a/n I didn’t write it as threesome because I’ve done so many of those recently. Sorry*

You were sharing a flat with one of your closest friends Brendon whilst the two of your were busy recording music and working away from home.
You had both just got in from a release party of a film, both of you had a bit of a drink but Brendon had more. He stumbled through the door before you after finally getting the key in, it made you thank the fact he hasn’t bought a girl home, he was just sloppy and uncontrollable tonight.

“Right, you need to go to bed now” you ushered Brendon into his room.
“Only if you join me y/n” he slurred back moving closer to you.
“I don’t think that’s a smart move” you opened his bedroom door and sat him on his bed, he began undressing
himself and you tried to tuck him into bed.
“I don’t want to go to sleep, we should do something” he whined.
“Like what?” You were losing your patience.
“Each other” he winked.
“Goodnight Brendon” you walked out of the room and closed the door.

When you got into bed you could hear Brendon moaning, obviously he was horny. As much as you found him attractive in his appearance and personality you couldn’t sleep with him, not when it was only his drunk self talking.
You could hear him moaning your name muffled by the wall between you. It turned you on slightly, but you needed to remember it was just the alcohol talking and you went to sleep.

You were up early the next morning and decided to wake a hangover Brendon up. You walked into his room and jumped on his bed.
“Wake up it’s a beautiful morning” you sung to him, and opened the curtains above his head.
“Ugh, it hurts y/n, help!” Brendon groaned, with his cute bed hair sticking out everywhere.
“What hurts?” You asked and tried to pull his duvet off him.
“Everything, and I wouldn’t do that, I’m not wearing anything” he turned over cocooning himself in the duvet.
“Well how can I help” you laid next to him on top of the covers.
“Well… Sex has been known to cure a hangover*” he smiled looking you dead in the eye. You wanted to do it, but there was uncertainty.
“Brendon, are you still drunk?” You asked hovering over him.
“No, honestly” he replied in a serious tone.
You lowered your face closer to him and kissed him gently. His reaction was stronger, he held your face between his hands and flicked his tongue in and out if his mouth. You could still taste the alcohol on him but you didn’t care.
You were only in an oversized tee, so Brendon took it off over your head leaving you completely naked. He pushed you onto the bed and took the sheets off if him, getting on top of you.
“I have wanted this for so long” he said to you between kisses.
“Not just a hangover cure then?” You said and winked.
“Definitely not” he said before his mouth moved in between your legs.
He tongue circled gently, it felt amazing but you didn’t want him to tease you, you wanted him, all of him at that very moment.
You pushed his head down onto you making the pleasure more intense as you moaned out his name. He grabbed your hips moving them up so he could hold your ass at the same time.
It felt like nothing on earth has he moved his tongue around, you already felt close to an orgasm.
He stopped a put two of his fingers inside of you
“Fuck, you’re so wet” he moaned into your ear, he kissed you and bit you lip gently pulling it. Still pumping his fingers into you.
You were screaming profanities and moaning as he sped up, your body was curving towards him.
“I’m close” you said barely audible to him.
You came on his fingers and he licked them.
“You’re so beautiful” Brendon said as he nibbled at your ear, he grabbed a condom for a drawer next to you and put one on, positioning himself over you he pushed his hard cock into you. It took you a few seconds to adjust to his size. He was bigger than anyone else you’d been with.
Your legs gripped around his back, and your hands playing with his hair. You bucked your hips in rhythm with him, the air was full of the sounds and smells of sex.
You clawed his back, making him go deeper and faster into you. He moaned and buried his head into you neck kissing it.
You felt a knot in your stomach, you knew you were close to your second orgasm, before you could say anything Brendon got sloppier and moaned your name loud enough for the neighbours to hear and came inside of you, his moan set you off, making you come just after. You rode out your orgasms together, you clenching around him lengthened his and his moaning helped yours.
He got off you and laid next to you.
“Hangover better?” You asked, kissing his lips gently.
“Mmm, definitely” he positioned himself next to you hugging you “maybe we should just spend the day here” he said nibbling on your neck.
“Sounds like a plan” you said an got under the covers.
The two of you spent the rest of the day in bed.

*that is true btw!

Requested: Nurp

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x Reader

Words: 568

Warnings: Tiny bit of swearing

I had literally just sat down when I got a text from Jack.

J : Hi! Can you watch my new vid plz? It’s really special. I want u to see it!

Y/N : Do you think I wouldn’t? your videos are my life!




I laugh at Jack’s use of the nickname he gave me when he discovered I owned a huge teddy bear, and stand up to go get my laptop.

Jack and I had met over the Internet a couple years ago, and really hit it off. I watched his videos and he watched mine. We got in touch via Twitter and have been best friends since. And, well, I kinda sorta maybe might have developed a crush on him. But I’m almost one hundred percent sure he doesn’t like me in that way. So I have to settle with best friends. Which is good enough for me.

I plop back down on my sofa, and click into my subscriptions. Sure enough, there is Jack’s video. But when I see the title, my heart drops into my stomach. The video is called “I have a crush…” I decide to watch the video anyways. I’m his best friend. I need to be his wingman. I start to build up my walls as the video starts.

“WAPSH WAPSH! TOPODAMORNINTOYALADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND TODAY WE’RE GONNA BE DOING ANOTHER VLOG! I know I’ve been doing this a lot recently, but I promise, this is for a good reason. I have a crush, which you already know from the title, I guess.” He giggles.

He then goes on about how beautiful, and wonderful she is. I sink deeper into a pit of darkness as he says all the amazing things about this girl, wishing I was in her place.

“Ugh, it’s so hard to be saying this on the Internet, because I know she’ll be watching. That’s her entire life. I just wish I could tell her in person, but unfortunately, she lives overseas, so I can’t. I miss her so much. My little bear.”

My eyes widen.


Stay calm, I tell myself. It might not be you.

“So, well, what I guess I’m saying is, Y/N, I love you, so so much. You and all your quirks, and your fangirling. Your beauty, your humor, the way you can make me smile bigger than anyone else I’ve ever known. And I have one question, one I’ve been dying to ask ever since the day we met. Y/n, will you be my girlfriend?”

I start screaming. Tears of happiness start falling from my eyes. The man i’ve loved for years, just told me he loves me back.

I get another text from Jack.

J : Look out the window, love

I scramble to my window, and I see Jack standing there, with a bouquet of red roses.

I grab a coat and run out of my door, rushing down the three flights of stairs, and out the front door. I run into Jack’s arms, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. He kisses me back, just as passionately.

We stop for breath, and his forehead touched mine.

I love you, my little bear. He whispers.

I smile, and kiss and kiss him.

Your answer is yes. I whisper back. I would love to be your girlfriend.

#168 - For Isla

Filling the prompt “Van trying to calm you down when someone comes at you for your opinions and things your passionate about” from @placidus

Maybe you were just too smart for your own good. If you could be naive, or live in ignorance, things would be easier. You wouldn’t notice the bad. The injustice. The wrong. You wouldn’t feel the need to speak up, speak out. There wouldn’t be so much backlash from your small-minded family and your closed-minded ‘friends.’ Maybe if you could just not care about it all, you could live in the same bubbly sunshiney world Van seemed to. 

The boy was blessed and his lack of suffering meant he’d never really thought about anyone else’s. It wasn’t that he didn’t care, it was just that he didn’t think about it. When you first started dating, it took a long time to reconcile loving a person that didn’t get angry about things like you did. In the end, you realised he was actually good for you. If you had to fight the big, bad world, then at least you could come home to warm, soft Van. He’d rattle on about music and Larry and the new curry place down the road, and he’d remind you of the good you were fighting for in the first place. Not everything needed to be political. Sometimes you were allowed to just exist and that was enough.

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The Panic Button

My first-ever Lunar Chronicles fic for TLC ship weeks! Kaider - Rainy Day. Hope y’all like it.

The last time Empress Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn of the Eastern Commonwealth snuck out of New Beijing Palace without any kind of security detail was less than a month after her wedding.

This was something she’d been doing with some regularity since she’d moved to New Beijing, and it was so easy she was starting to get concerned about the state of the palace’s security. She hadn’t had an ID chip re-implanted since cutting hers out—there was no need for one on Luna, and she’d just never gotten around to it since moving back to Earth, because everyone in the palace knew her and it took her about five seconds to manually override a security checkpoint or android. So all it took for her to slip out of the gates undetected was an excuse (usually feminine-emergency-related) and a hoodie, and she would return after a few hours with sticky buns and a smug smile.

But that last time, two things happened: She got careless, and it rained. Iko noticed the sticky buns and the soaked hoodie, and when she counted backwards, deduced that it had been “that time of the month” three times this month alone, and realized what Cinder had done, her eyes turned a sickly pale green with horror.

“What if one of the old Lunar families saw their chance and had you kidnapped and mailed your limbs back to Kai until he signed away the entire Commonwealth to them?” she wailed, pacing back and forth in Cinder and Kai’s living room, as Cinder frantically tried to shush her. “And then forced you to annul your marriage with Kai and marry one of them instead so they could instate an intergalactic dictatorship? WHAT THEN, CINDER?”

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Seventeen Reaction: When They Fell in Love With You

Requested by anon: “ Hi!! Could you do a reaction on what the boys would do when they realized they are in love with thier s/o?? Thank you so much!!” 

Super cute request! I love it! I hope you guys enjoy!

S. Coups/Seungcheol

Seungcheol would know he loved you after a few months of being together. He would be texting you throughout the day and couldn’t wait to be with you. The distance and time apart would be torture. He’d play it cool when he first discovered he was in love with you. He would tell you relatively soon after. He’d say it casually over the phone as you’re about to hang up. He’d be nervous to tell you and he’d hang up right after. You’d call immediately, demanding he repeat what he just said.


Jeonghan would know he loved you when he found himself staring at you. He would marvel at how beautiful you are and wonder how he ever had eyes for anyone else. He would fall in love slowly, but not nearly as slowly as Woozi and DK. When he knew, he’d tell you. He’d be cool about it. It would be just the two of you making out somewhere and as he pulled away, he told you “I love you” and would go back to kissing you like nothing ever happened and you’re like “bro I need to pause. WHAT DID YOU SAY?”


Originally posted by choivernon

Joshua would fall in love slow. He’d take your relationship seriously and would want to know for sure that he loved you before he said anything. I think Joshua would only say “I love you” after a long time of dating. He’d know he loved you because he’d always think of you. He’d worry if you’ve eaten, if you’ve been taking care of yourself, and stuff like that. He’d confess calmly during a date. He’d plan it out cutely because he wanted you to remember the moment forever.


Jun knew he loved you when he couldn’t stop talking about you. At interviews, to the others, and to his parents. He wanted everyone to know about you and how happy you made him. He’d fall in love within a few months. When he knew, he grew serious and a little worried that you didn’t feel the same way. He would show up at your place late at night, I feel, and just confess because he needs to get it out of his system and let the world know that he loves you. He’d feel so much better after he said it and would be grinning from ear to ear.


Originally posted by amillionwon

Hoshi would fall in love within 6 months, I think. He’d know because you made him laugh louder, smile bigger, and feel happier than anyone else. When he was with you, it was like he was a ball of sunshine. He loved to make you smile and he realized he wanted to do that for the rest of his life. As soon as he knew, you knew. He’d blurt it out on accident and try to laugh to lighten the serious mood, but when you said it back, he all but died of happiness.


Wonwoo knew he loved you when he, similar to Jeonghan, couldn’t stop staring at you. He’d find himself looking at you and thinking he was lucky to have you. He couldn’t fathom how a soul like yours could even exist. He would tell you a while after he knew- months later, even. He’d want to know you felt the same way before he told you.


Woozi would come to the realization after a LONG time. Like, you guys would date for almost two years and he’d be so oblivious to his own feelings. But then he caught himself thinking about having a family with you and settling down and he was like “woah”. He was kind of withdrawn for a few days as he thought about how to confess. Finally, he’d nervously tell you during a date when it was just the two of you. He’d say it sweetly and maybe do aegyo unintentionally and oh my god I’m dead.


Originally posted by hansolence

DK knew he was in love the minute he began picturing you when he sang love songs. It hit him hard after dating you for over a year. The more he sang, however, the more he came to terms with the fact that not a single song could sum up what he felt about you. This boy would be a nervous wreck. He’d talk to the boys and ask for advice, but ultimately he’d just blurt it out when you two were casually eating lunch or something. He couldn’t contain it anymore and he just needed to tell you.


Originally posted by jihoonns

Mingyu would actually fall in love quickly- within a few months, I think. He’d know because he used you as motivation. He worked harder so Seventeen could be more successful so you’d be proud of him. He wanted to be the best he could be so you two could be flawless together (he thinks you’re perfect, obviously). Mingyu won’t say it first though. I feel like he’d play it cool until you confessed. He’d talk about a future between you two, but he wouldn’t ever say “I love you” until you did.


Originally posted by the8soo

Minghao would fall in love after a year of dating or so. He’d know he loved you because he felt completely at ease when he was with you. He felt like he knew you his whole life. He felt like you two were soulmates. Being with you felt more right than anything else. He’d take you out on a date somewhere private. He wanted the moment to be special and just for the two of you. He’d tell you in a sweet voice that he loved you.


Originally posted by seungkvvan

Seungkwan would know he loved you because you made him feel complete, as corny as that sounds. He never felt more like himself than when he was with you. You made him a better person. Seungkwan would realize he was in love with you either immediately or not for months or a year after. He wouldn’t tell you first though. He’d hint at it through singing you love songs, but he’d only say it after you did. 


Originally posted by enchanted-puns

Awkward. So awkward. He knew he loved you when his heart ached when you were away. He was usually very chill, especially in a relationship, but you make his heart race and he’s always blushing around you. He loved that feeling and that’s how he knew he loved you. He’d say “I love you” while you two were cuddling and it would be a quiet, nervous confession.


Originally posted by ftwonwoo

Dino would fall in love quickly and passionately. Chan didn’t know why, but he knew he loved you. You were a permanent fixture in his life. He couldn’t imagine not having you in it. He’d confess quickly, as well. He was overjoyed to tell you. Chan would confess, after some advice from his hyungs, with a rose and a present in hand. It would be a sunny afternoon, he would wear his best outfit, and everything would be just perfect.

The Signs And What You Will Find Them Doing At A Party (requested)

Aries: BODY SHOTTTTTTTTS–is the one who starts the first fight. 

Taurus: Lets see how long I can hold this salvia in for. *attempts to jump out a window*


Cancer: I made this drink called the backflip, see you put codeine in the margarita and then you put molly around the rim, it has a nice taste while also making you lose your shit. 


Virgo: *takes a sip of cancers ‘backflip’ drink and suggests adding more vodka 


Scorpio: takes everyone’s shoes and wallets while they’re passed out on the floor 

Sagittarius: goes streaking around the whole party and pisses off the balcony 

Capricorn: suggests selling all the IDs that Scorpio has collected on the black market and makes a profit to pay for all the alcohol they drank 

Aquarius: hold my beer 

Pisces: out-drinks everyone at the party, collects all the leftover alcohol and quietly invites everyone they like to an after-party at their place

oftd featuring. tezri propie


Requested by @janaespecter14

“Up you go.  Come on.”  Clint eased you to your feet from where you had stumbled onto the sidewalk.  Tony had convinced everyone to go clubbing, and let’s just say you were a bigger lightweight than anyone else.  Clint wrapped an arm securely around your waist, his other hand entangling with your fingers as you tossed an arm over his shoulders.

“You’re so nice to me.”  You mumbled, words slurring together but Clint was still able to understand you.

“Someone has to be.”  He teased as the Avengers tower appeared ahead of you.  “Almost home.  Then we can get you to bed.”

“Clint, are you trying to bed me?!”  You giggled loudly as he shook his head and chuckled.

seungri & taeyang x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Seungri (Big Bang) x Reader x Taeyang (Big Bang)
Rating: R ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comments: Oh, look, I’m working on my requests like a good girl. Some pervert asked me to write this, trolololo. But, really. I tried figuring out a story so I can pretend it’s some artsy fartsy writing piece, but said ‘fuck it’ and so there’s not a lot of back story to this at all - just enough so I can pretend to justify that it makes sense. It’s closer to the short side, but whatever. I think it’s good. I hope that satisfies your pervy needs. c:

Summary: “Can I get a lil’ risky risky and request a threesome scenario with Taeyang and Seungri? (≖ ͜ʖ≖)” - Anon

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WWE Imagine

Requested- Dean Ambrose gets his hands on you after you’ve been teasing him all day!
Word Count: 1291
Warnings: Smut, Language.
Author’s Notes: LOVE, this request I hope you enjoy Anonn!

  You smile when you spot Dean walking through the hallway, he was walking towards you, his head down, headphones in. You smiled a little wider, his shaggy hair bounced with every step.

  “Hey watch it!-” You said, with fake irritation  as you purposely stepped in front of him, making him run into you.

  “I’m sorry Darlin’!” His wide eyes were filled with sincere worry as his hands grasped you tightly around the waste, pulling you towards him to balance you.

 “Well, normally I would be upset, but since the result was me being pressed against you like this I don’t really mind” You giggle, reluctantly stepping back, your teeth catching your bottom lip suggestively.

 “Oh, I- uh-” He shakes his head, his face reddening a little as his casts his gaze down at the floor.

  “Come on Ambrose, don’t be shy” You purr as you walk by him, skimming your hand across his thigh lightly. “See you tonight” you murmur softly, “In the ring of course.” You smile as a shiver runs though him.

 “Yeah, see you to-tonight!” He stutters, shoving his hands into his pockets, and walking down the hall again, glancing back at you a couple times. You and Dean had a tag-team match tonight against Seth and Sasha, and you intended to drive him crazy the whole time.

Through out the match you  bounced up and down and bent over the ropes, making sure he got a eye full whenever you could. When you were tagged in you made sure you whimpered loud enough for him to hear, and when you were hit, you made sure it sound much more suggestive than it was.

 When you get backstage you deliberately try to walk away from him, smiling as he catches you quickly, his huge hand curling around your smaller wrist, engulfing it, and tightening, stopping you and swinging you around to face him, his eyes were burning.

 “What was that all about Y/N?” His voice was low and husky as he racked his free hand through his disheveled hair. His grip never left your wrist. You looked over him once, taking in his appearance. His black wife beater was soaked with sweat from the match, his arms glistened with sweat as well, and his face was only a couple inches from yours, his breath fanned over your face.

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about Dean I was jus-”  “Don’t play stupid Y/N” Dean interrupted you, not falling for your innocent gaze, and fluttering eyelashes.

 “You’ve been teasing me all damn day, and you know it” His voice was low, and sent shivers down your spine.

 “What are you going to do about it Mr. Ambrose?” You purr, steeping closer to him, your faces only a couple inches apart.

 He let out a low growl, his eyes closing as he raked his hair back again, when he opened his eyes again, they were filled with need, and hunger. “Well, I think I am going to take you back to my locker room and make you beg for me to fuck you senseless since you want to be a little tease Y/N” His tone made you shiver, and sent a hot, wet, wanting to directly to your throbbing mound.  

 “Dean!” You squeal as he yanks you through his locker room door, slamming you against the wall adjacent to the door, his hands finding your shirt ripping it over your head, tossing it to the floor behind him as his lips find your neck.

 “Dean please!” You beg as he pulls his shirt over his head discarding it as well, and reaching down to undo the buckle on his belt.

  “Mmmm, that’s what I want to hear Darlin’ Beg me” He snarls his jeans falling to the floor as he steps out of them, his erection springing free. He was big, bigger than anyone else you‘d ever slept with.

  You make quick work of your ring shorts, pushing them down quickly, your panties going down with them. “Damn Y/N” Dean stops for a second taking in your naked body, his eyes roaming all over your exposed flesh, landing on the apex of your thighs.

 “Please Dean I need you” you whimper as you step into him, his erection pressing into your hip hard, throbbing softly against you. “Please” you moan into his mouth as your tongues intertwine.

 “Lay down” he groans around your mouth, pointing at the bench in the centre of the room. You hurry ove to it, and lay flat on your back, spreading your legs so that there is one on either side of the bench, your soaked cunt exposed as he settles between your legs, his face inches from your core.

 “Looks like someone is ready” Dean murmurs, his breath breezing over you and making your back arch.

 “I’ve been ready since I first saw you” You breath as his tongue caresses your knob, swirling skillfully around you, making you moan loudly. “Fuuuck!” You hiss, gripping the bench with one hand and moving so the other is curled into his long hair.

 “Mmm You taste amazing Y/N” Dean purrs again, one of his finger tracing your entrance, driving you crazy. “Dean! Pleaseeee!” You whine pushing against his face and fingers, your body begging for some kind of release.

  He pushes one finger into you achingly slowly, his tongue still lapping at your heat. “Christ you’re tight” he growls as he pushes another finger into you, making a come-hither motion  over and over, making you whimper and throw your head back.

“Please fuck me Dean please!” You beg your voice cracking as you moan.

 “Since you asked so nicely” He coos, removing his fingers and crawls up your body, planting kisses up your torso, stopping momentarily at each of your hardened nipples, taking each into his mouth one at a time, his teeth and tongue tormenting them.

 “Dean!” You beg, grinding yourself into him, your body aching with want. He smiled down at you as he positions himself against your soaked mound. “Ready baby?” He Teases, his breath heady in your ear, his teeth grazing your earlobe.

 “Please” you whimper once again. “Ah!” You nearly scream as he buries himself into you in one hard thrust, “Shit, God you feel good.” He growls against your neck.

You wrap your legs around his waist, and your arms around his broad shoulders, Digging your nails into him. “Fuck, Dean, Fuck!” You moan as he stretches you, his cock pounding in and out of you repeatedly, his breathing becoming thicker in your ear. “Oh Fuck, Jesus you feel as good as you taste Darlin’!” Dean exclaims as he bottoms out in you once again.

“Dean! I’m going to Cum!” You nearly scream as he hammers into you for what seems like the hundredth time.

 “Good girl, Cum on my cock” He snarls into your ear sending you over the edge as a hard orgasm rocks through you, Making you wake and clench him.

 “Fuck, Mmm I’m going to cum to baby!” He moans into your neck his breath hot on your neck. “Agh!” He grunts as he pushes hard into you once more, his load filling you.

 “Shit” you whimper as he pulls out, and collapses on the bench next to you. “That was amazing” you pant, your eyes still closed as you try to steady your breathing.

 “Yes it was.” He grins, his breathing still erratic. “Round two?” You giggle, crawling on top of him, placing your hands on his chest and a kiss on his lips.

tattoo artist!luke who’s always adding new things to his skin; hidden tattoos that only the two of you know about, inside jokes swirling around existing ink, tiny pictures that are things you like or things that remind him of you camouflaged amongst the bigger pieces, numbers that mean nothing to anyone else but are dates that he wants to remember, and sometimes while you’re laying around at home your fingertips pass over them and you laugh while you recount the memories and conversations and he grins fondly at you, cause this is the whole reason he has them

You know what’s fun. When you’re searching for pictures of Luke and Michael to use in some kind of muke edit, there is literally no photoshop required in order to make them look like boyfriends. There is a whole world of completely real pictures out there of them gazing lovingly at each other and leaning on each other and giggling together like they’re the first people to ever share a joke and staring with lust in their eyes at each other’s lips and constantly vying for each other’s attention and smiling at each other bigger than they smile at anyone else. You don’t need to manipulate these photos to get them looking like they’re in love. They do it all on their own. The only problem is narrowing down which one to use because there are literally thousands.

Idk I think that’s good fucking times.