you big manchild

bunny-girl-sweetseek  asked:

🐇 a big saber tooth tiger


          inspected the large, sabertooth tiger plush with much distaste and underlying confusion, the hefty captain scoffed. nearly tempted to toss it like yesterday’s garbage. what the hell made her think this would be a good idea? to give him a damn plush toy? and a sabertooth tiger at that? was it a hint at the possibility of her knowing someone who possessed the ancient zoan type devil fruit? one that gave the user the ability to turn into a sabertooth? it couldn’t be something as complicating as that.

          so he figured she was just doing this in an attempt to give him something– or to see his reaction. 

          nearly jabbed the wretched toy into her arms, the irascible captain clicked his tongue, amber molten pools narrowed.

     “What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Do I look like some little brat to you that’s easily entertained by a damn plush toy?”