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I do love Shadamy…but the fanfic are just…..

BTS Reaction ;; when you’re whiny

Me too, anon! Me too! 

Sorry it took me so long to do this request, hope you enjoy in it!



Jin found you incredibly adorable in those moments. He had to restrain himself from purposefully pushing you to the edge but he couldn’t help but indulge in those moments. When your bodies were intertwined, and neither of you knew your start nor end; with breathing stretching through the silence of the room, and he truly felt content with just holding you closer to his being—when just moments prior you were a whining mess.

You whined just to get here, to snake your arms around him, to pretend that you could hold onto him for an eternity. You longed for this unexplainable scene with your emotions threatening to burst. He was humming lightly, to whatever tune that invaded his mind, and he left a kiss to your forehead, smiling afterwards, “You’re so cute, darling. I should get you whiny more often…”

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Your boyfriend could be just as whiny about sleep as you were but you both had horrible, exhausting schedules that couldn’t just be moved. You always tried keeping your composure around Yoongi, knowing well that he had to have it more rough with all the hours he went on without sleep—just, today wasn’t a day on which you could hold back. The moment you both were in the same room that had a bed, you dragged him to the comforts of the blankets, displeasure crossing your features.

“It’s enough, Yoongi. The world  is enough, work is enough, everything is enough. I’m done. You’re done. Sleep. Please. Please,” you kept on murmuring words as you both got comfortable enough underneath the warmth of the bed. Yoongi was looking at you with the biggest smile on his face, albeit tired. He didn’t say a thing as you kept on ranting, he only shut you up with his lips against yours, and his arms squeezing you closer to him.

“Me too, baby, me too.”

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Hoseok saw it coming from the moment you weren’t enjoying the night out. It wasn’t that it was bad or that you didn’t want to spend time with him, rather the people were too loud and the place was too loud. He noticed how you were suppressing yawns, and the subtle remarks you would make about how it’d be nice to have a movie night or so after this. He also noticed the way your eyes glistened in agonizing anticipation. It was obvious how much you wanted some rest.

Hoseok didn’t waste a second with that newfound realization, almost instantly getting the two of you in the comfort of your house. You felt infinitely grateful to him, immediately hugging him the moment you were both out of the public’s eyes—but you wouldn’t let go, not really. “Hobi.~” You drawled, voice muffled as it was buried in the crook of his neck, “Hobi, I don’t wanna let go. Don’t make me let go. Let’s just go cuddle and sleep like this.”

“Aish, (Y/n)!” He protested but still had a smile stretching over his lips, “We can’t sleep in our clothes, come on,”  he manages to, somehow, get to the bedroom with clutching you in his arms (more like the other way around). You refused to comply, which led to the both of you lying in the bed still dressed from the night’s events. “I promise, we’ll change…later. I just need a moment with my lovely boyfriend.”

He couldn’t say no.

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It was late at night, though you refused to go underneath the covers without Namjoon. Spending a night with him was already so rare as he was constantly working, ideas infinitely pouring out of him. You enjoyed seeing him so passionate, you really did—but now was not a good time. You barely kept your eyes opened, growing tired of begging him to stop. You saw that he was just as tired, but he was doing this on purpose now as he could have ended his little inspiration streak hours ago.

“Namjoon, baby, please…” You practically slurred the words, draping your form over his. You gently tugged at him to try and make him stand up from that computer chair, but he wasn’t bugging. No, he chuckled at you. “Please, please, I miss you so much, come on…” You drawled, littering kisses all over his neck.

“I’m sorry, I just find you so cute when you’re this desperate for my attention,” he grins as he turns around in his chair, embracing you in his arms. You sigh in relief, clinging onto your boyfriend as if there was no tomorrow, “You big jerk. I’m gonna keep you in bed till late morning, okay? And I’m gonna cuddle you, and you’re gonna be paying extra attention to me.”

“I’d love nothing more.”

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“Chim, I feel like I could drop dead and just sleep for the next seventy-two hours. Would that be socially acceptable? If I faked my own death, I could sleep for all eternity then. It doesn’t sound so bad. No, it’s even appealing,” you rambled, occasionally glancing at your boyfriend with the most serious look in your eyes. You were seated in the boys’ living room, specifically on the couch as you watched Jungkook, Jin and Taehyung play whatever video game Jin choose. Jimin laughed at you, shaking his head, “You’re not enjoying in this at all, hmm, love?”

“Oh, no, no, don’t get me wrong,” you heaved a sigh, crawling in his lap for better comfort, “I just feel really tired,” you said in a slightly higher pitch, “And I just wanna sleep. Can baby sleep?” You asked him sweetly, already yawning, “Can baby sleep with you?” To this, Jimin laughed as Taehyung groaned in the background, and an ‘ohmygod’ could be heard from Jin.

“Okay, okay,” he picked you up, and had it been any other day you would have complained about your weight, but you let him make the exit for you both.

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It was the middle of the day, hence Taehyung figured that it wouldn’t bother you that much if he teased you and annoyed you out of your sleepy state. Though, he had accidentally woken you up when you had fallen asleep at the couch in the boy’s dorm, inevitably making you extremely angry—yet you were far too sleepy to actually be angry or manage your emotions well which resulted in you actually crying.

“Tae..” You practically glared at him even though you were whining his name, “Why would you do that? I just wanted some sleep, a boyfriend to cuddle, maybe even do him a favor if he was nice to me, but what do I get?” You buried your face in your pillow in the meantime, your complaining muffled to Taehyung’s ears. He grinned sheepishly, immediately laying down next to you to try calming you down.

“I’m so sorry, sunshine,” he started, shushing you down, “I didn’t know, I promise! I swear, I’ll be a good boyfriend now and comply to your wishes.”

“You’re only saying that because the ‘favor’ piqued your interest.”

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You just weren’t having it—it was a tiring day, on the borderlines of being entitled a shitty one as well. All you wished to do was drop dead, preferably with your boyfriend, on the bed, underneath the covers, and if you were feeling spicy enough with hot chocolate and a nap afterwards. Though, midway into brewing the hot drink for the both of you, Jungkook wrapped his arms around your form, grinning with his front teeth on show. You instantly leaned into the warm embrace.

“Hey,” his tone seemed mischievous, “Are you up for a hangout? The guys want us over, maybe a movie, a few rounds of Mario Kart…” Obviously, the idea was appealing to Jungkook but you had to instantly reject it with a heavy sigh. What you should have expected is for Jungkook to question why when you exactly didn’t want to explain yourself. The thin thread broke, and tears started pooling in your eyes.

“I just want to sleep, and do nothing with my life. Please, Jungkook,” you whined, hugging the male closely to hide your tear stained face in the crook of his neck. He immediately hugged you back just as tightly, “I’m so sorry, shit. Okay, okay, yeah, let’s stay in then, alright? I’m gonna cuddle you until you feel better, how about that, mm?”

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Dear jakieiainai How dare you insult my people by saying the fire trucks eat triangles while smelling orange, I have you know that my dead hamster has a deep relationship with a fire truck that eat triangles while smelling YELLOW NOT ORANGE you big jerk how dare you make fun of my flying bed like that... have a good day.

i is a racist and omofobic and i admit that pls kill me tumblr pls

Property of Dean Winchester

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SUMMARY: You and Jensen are best friends, you accompany him to Nashville for the convention and drunken hijinks ensue!

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x (bestfriend!)reader

Word Count: 1810

Warnings: Some swearing

A/N: So i have been struggling with writing and what not, and the other day this idea hits me. I am basing it off the information that I saw about NashCon and it just grew to this fic. This would be my first attempt at writing a possible more than friends type fic based on the actual actor. I mean no disrespect to Danneel, we will just consider her happy with someone else for the purpose of this fic. Also a huge shout out to Daddy B aka @bigdaddymongoose, she is my rock and helps me out sooo much with writing!

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“C’mon you two, let’s hit another bar!” Jared laughed, drunk off his ass already.

You giggled, watching your best friend trying to walk unaided. His bow legs making the staggering all the more comical. Finally, he made it to your side, he threw an arm around you, almost knocking the two of you to the ground.

“I think Jay here has had enough,” you snickered.

After the tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery and all the free shots, then the dart throwing game with Jason and the guys and more shots imbibed. Next, Creation Ent wanting to celebrate Jay’s birthday during the Saturday Night Special concert with you guessed it more alcohol involved. Let’s just say when Jay sang Tennessee Whiskey, he was almost three sheets to the wind then. If Jared got his way, this would be the third bar you all hit.

Jensen started shaking his head, “No, I-I think we need more bars,” he grinned. “Me likey, more acl-aco-alc-,” he furrowed his eyebrows like he was concentrating, “drinks.”

You laughed, “I think everybody is done for the night. You two have a panel in the morning, remember?” You smacked Jensen’s hand away from your face as he tried to “boop” your nose. “Stop that!”

Jared just gave you “Sam’s puppy eyes”, “Nope, Pada-gigantor, those will not work on me. I am impervious to “Mr. Awesome,” you jerked a thumb at Jensen, “you don’t stand a chance my tall friend.”

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It's been a loooooong week and your grimmons has been a boon and a privilege for my eyes to view. All the rag roses at your door.

Pst, hey, here’s an extra grimmons for you, you beautiful wonderful person, you. 


Presenting for your reading enjoyment my entry for @trexrambling and her daring drabbles challenge! You pick a letter and Jess gives you something beginning with that letter - I chose the letter T and got given toes! Also couldnt go over 500 words!

Word count: 495 (ooo so close!)

Characters: Dean, Reader

Warnings: Tickling, threats to pie, implied smut

The bunker was silent. Silent except for your squeals.

“Damn it Dean! Pack it in!!”

“What’s it worth Y/N?”

‘I won’t kick you in your damn face you big jerk! Dean!! Oh my god please, mercy!”

The first time Dean had tickled you had been completely by accident. The two of you had been alone in the bunker, Sam having driven over to the next town to see some film that even you had turned your nose up at as being a bit too arty. Instead you’d curled up on the library couch, your favourite book in hand and a cup of coffee next to you. Dean had been giving Baby a bit of TLC but had at some point come and plonked himself down next to you, laptop and headphones to keep him occupied. Sitting there, you’d eventually stretched out, your legs draped over his lap. And then he’d gone to go get himself a beer, and his hand had brushed over your feet…

“What was that?”

“Nothing!” you’d replied, slightly muffled from where you’d clapped your hand over your mouth at the snort that brief touch had caused.

“Y/N? Is someone ticklish?”

“No! Dean… Dean!!” you yelled as he grabbed onto your feet again, long fingers causing your toes to curl as he tickled you.

After that, Dean would spend ages waiting to pounce on you. While he quickly found out your sides and back of your neck were good spots to tickle, there was nowhere better to aim for then your feet. Which led to this moment, you desperately trying to wiggle out of his hold as his right hand drew nonsense patterns on the heels of your feet and between your toes.

“Dean!! I swear if you don’t stop I’m never making you pie again!”

His hand stopped at that, but stayed hovered above your foot.

“You wouldn’t dare Y/N. You love pie almost as much as me.”

But the threat had worked and his hand slid up to curl round your waist. As your breathing got back to normal from where you’d been gasping for air against your giggles and curses, you became very aware of the fact that you were practically curled up in Dean’s lap, his arms wrapped round you and his breath hot on the side of your neck.

And as you gave one more wiggle to get out of his iron grip, you froze as your ass came into contact with…damn! Seems you weren’t the only one all hot and bothered from your little tussle. You turned your head to face him, and before you could blink you found yourself on your back, Dean kneeling between your legs.


The two of you were frozen in that moment, just waiting to see what the other would do. And then you decided. Grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down into you, lips meeting in a blazing kiss.

Your toes were curling for very different reasons that night.

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Saeran Fanfiction #5: Calculus Sucks

A/N: Wrote this as a smol pick-me-up for @dancingchestnut, my smol bean lover @saerans-ri (omgomgomg our r/s is public now 😂😂😂) and other people who might be having exams/dealing with a lot of exam stress!! This is like, such a big throw-back to my life last year lmao. Hope you enjoy~ 

Calculus sucks. 

You run your fingers through your hair again, chewing at your bottom lip as you frown at the particularly difficult question on the practice paper you’re doing. How many questions does that make, exactly? You’ve already skipped a ton of them and you’re not even halfway through the darn thing. 

You glance over at the hopelessly tall stack of notes on the table, and dread fills you immediately. The frustration that has been gnawing away at you for the past half hour begins to bubble up in your chest.

With a groan, you throw down your pen, and in the process the inky tip skids across the page that you were reading. Great. As if the dizzying, hypnotic mess of words haven’t been difficult enough to digest already. Squeezing your eyes shut, you lean back in your chair, letting your head swing back.

You need a break. A yawn escapes you and you’re reminded once again of the bitter fact that you only had a measly few hours of sleep the night before because you had so much left to finish.

What you need is a nap. A long, uninterrupted nap. A permanent one doesn’t too bad to you at this point, actually. 

You just want a break.

“Wow. 8cm, huh.”

Your eyes fly open at the sound of someone’s voice, and you find yourself staring up into the face of a certain redhead standing over you. He has an amused smirk playing on his lips at the moment, clearly pleased that he managed to give you a near heart attack. You wonder how long he’s been there for.

You feel your insides melt a little as a moment passes where you’re a little too dumbfounded to speak. That smirk and adorable dimple below the corner of his cheek always makes you go weak in the knees, it’s unfair. 

Snapping up into an upright sitting position, you spin around your chair to send him a glower. 

“Geez Saeran, don’t scare me like that,” you say with a groan. “And what are you talking about? What’s ‘8cm’?”

“You have a pretty big mouth,” he answers, smirk deepening. “Does your mouth always stretch that wide when you yawn?” 

Okay. Forget mushy insides. 

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was gonna color all the fusion doodles i did but i tweaked the sniper/spy and soldier/engie fusions a lil bit so i drew new things for them.

i love the idea of big, terrifying, multi-limbed, four-eyed fusions interacting with their normal sized teammates and i still think pyro lighting cigarettes with their flamethrower is funny.


“Over my dead body.” Tony scoffed. “That can be arranged.” Wade said and began to walk towards him. You stopped them both, “Okay I’m an adult and don’t need you to babysit me.” You told Tony.

“And you’re not hurting him.” You told Wade. “I’m your older brother.” Tony said. “And he’s being rude.” Wade told you. “You guys are children.” You groaned. “I’ll wait in the car, before I detach his pretty head from his body.” Wade said and left, but not being giving you a kiss just to piss of Tony.

“He’s tried to kill me!” Tony shouted. “No he wasn’t. If you didn’t blast him, he would’ve explained that he was trying to save you.” You told him. “What?” He asked.

“He was trying to warn you that the place was rigged with explosives. If you stepped inside, you would’ve died.” You told him and Tony felt guilty. “I-I didn’t know.” He said. “Of course you didn’t. He’s not always a bad guy.” You explained. “And, I love him.” You said.


Chapter Five

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 2959
Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Garry being an absolute shit.

Three days went by. Three days in which you spent almost more time with Garry than you did with Steve. Three days in which you were so rattled by what Bucky had said to you, you’d taken to avoiding him as much as possible. Something easier said than done even in a compound the size of the one you were all living in, and it was messing with your head.

It was like he had two personalities. When he was around everyone else he was the same old Bucky, the good natured friend, the laughing, teasing jokester you’d always had fun with. Then, when he’d catch you alone, it was a lot less harmless. It was flirting and sly glances, comments that would normally seem harmless had taken on completely new subtext. He made you uncomfortable but never more than that. He didn’t touch you beyond what was normal, yet still, he was freaking you the freak out!

It all came to a head the morning of the third day when, on your way to see Tony in his lab, you ran into Bucky in the hallway.

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Wars *Requested* (Mitch Marner)

This was requested by @mitchellmarnthews who wanted a cute & fluffy Mitch imagine using the prompts “Kiss me” & “Come over here and make me”.

Sorry it took so long! I get easily distracted when writing…blame my cat & Looney Tunes. Hope y’all like it!!

Requests are Open!

Warnings: None

Up Next: TJ Oshie

“Mitch.” You whispered. He didn’t budge so you poked his cheek. “Mitchhhhhhhh.”

“Can I help you?” He turned his attention from the game he was playing and swung his eyes to look at you. The sass level in his expression was off the charts.

“Let’s go do something. We haven’t left the house all weekend.” You sprawled over his lap. “I’m so boreddddd.”

Your boyfriend of over a year just looked at you, lips pursed and eyebrows raised. “So find something to do. Notice how I’m entertaining myself? Entertain yourself.” Then he unmercifully flipped you off and onto the floor. Sure it barely constituted a fall…but that was beside the point.

“You leave me no choice Mitchell no middle name Marner.” Hands firmly placed on hips you sneered, “This means war.” He just made a “mhmm” noise before shooing you out of the way of his game.

Stomping off you mentally prepared your assault. Quietly going through drawers you collected your arsenal and then after hiding it around the house, headed upstairs to change. Once situated in a pair of Mitch’s shorts that you were “borrowing” and a tank top, the war was ready to begin.

Your position at the top of the stairs gave you the perfect angle. You aimed and after snickering to yourself, squeezed the trigger. The foam dart when flying across the room before hitting your target…aka the back of Mitch’s head.

He whipped around and once he spotted you marched to the bottom of the stairs. “Y/N! What was that about??” He demanded.

You blinked innocently, shrugging your Nerf gun. “You told me to find something to do. I did….starting a war with you.”

“No. We’re not doing that. Hand over the gun.” He held his hand out like you were just going to walk down there and hand it to him.

You scoffed. “Come over here and make me.”

“Y/N….” He warned. “Give it here.”

“Go get your own.” And with that you fired another three bullets at him before sprinting down the hallway.

You reached your next hiding spot, under the guestroom bed (it was the only one that had a bedskirt), when you heard him pounding up the stairs. Giggling quietly to yourself you watched as he “stealthily” looked for you. It was hard to not laugh as you watched his feet moving around outside the room. He paused just outside the room, his back to the door as he paused, listening for you.

You eased the gun out and nailed him…right in the butt. You pulled the gun back under just as he whipped around. He walked slowly into the room, examining the closet and dresser. He continued to look around the room, but you lost track of his feet and you couldn’t move to find him without making noise. So you waited anxiously.

“AAAHHH!” Copying Taken, Mitch grabbed your ankles and dragged you out from under the bed, startling you. After flipping you over so that you were on your back, he literally stood over you, a foot on each side of your hips.

He pointed his gun at you, “Surrender?”

“Not a chance!!” You squeezed off a few more rounds and wiggled free before running for the door. You rounded the corner and felt your ponytail swish as a dart just missed. You laughed wildly as you ran down the stairs, hearing Mitch hot on your heels.

“Y/N!! Come back here!!” You felt a dart hit your lower back and increased your speed, hoping to get to your next location. You slid around the corner into your kitchen and in one smooth motion, grabbed the gun you had planted there earlier and ducked behind the counter.

Lifting just your head and resting the gun on the counter you pointed it at the corner he would be whipping around. But he didn’t. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, because he was barely 25 feet behind you when you entered the kitchen. Standing up you peeked around the corner, but still didn’t see him.

After five minutes of still no Mitch, you were convinced that he was hiding somewhere. Determined to out wait him you pulled a trick from Ellen’s handbook and climbed into one of the cabinets. You were like King Thranduil…you were patient, you could wait.

15 minutes later, you decided that maybe there was a chance you weren’t actually that patient. After checking your phone for the eighth time you decided to get on Instagram. At the top you saw that Mitch was live. Seriously?? You were in the middle of a standoff stake-out and he was doing a live video?!

Taking a risk you opened the video, hoping that there were enough people watching that he wouldn’t pay attention to your joining.

“-Doesn’t even know where I’m at.” He was saying. “We’ve been hiding from each other for over 15 minutes. I’m going to outlast her though.” He gave a light laugh. “Between you and me, she’s very impatient…I bet she’ll break soon.”

HA! You’d show him! You would be the most patient person there was. But…he had the nerve to chirp at you on social media…so it would only be fair that you did the same to him. So you opened up Twitter.

@Marner93 jokes on you buddy…I’m gonna beat you. It’s dinner time and you get nada until you come out or wave the white flag in surrender!” Less than a minute later your phone lit up with a response.

@YourTwitterName You wish, Sweetcheeks. This victory is mine!

@Marner93 In your dreams! …Also nice Insta vid, the paint in the bathroom matches your eyes.”

You heard a crash of what you assumed was shampoo bottles meeting the shower floor. Then pounding footsteps. “You dirty cheater!!” He yelled. “You’re not allowed to spy on me!!”

Giggling quietly you shot him a text. “It’s not spying if you’re broadcasting your location.”

You heard the ping of his ringtone and knew he had entered the kitchen. So you froze, refusing to move. “It is so spying.” He muttered. He began to rustle around the kitchen. “I know you’re somewhere near Y/N…and I’m going to find you.”

As cabinets began opening and shutting you softly positioned your gun. Every muscle tensed and then the cabinet swung open. Without missing a beat you squeezed the trigger and pelted him with darts.

“Alright! Alright! You won this battle…the war can be postponed until after dinner.” He shouted. You stopped firing and just smirked from you position in the cabinet. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s go! I got a burger and shake calling my name.” He started to head out of the room but after realizing you had yet to follow him, turned around. “Are you coming?”


He waited, but you didn’t move. “I thought you said you were coming.”

“I am.” You bit your lip. “Just a slight problem.” His eyebrows raised. “There’s a possibility…and a strong one at that….that I’m stuck.”

Mitch, your oh so loving boyfriend, doubled over in laughter. “Are you serious?!” The laughter continued. “This is priceless.”

“Just get me out you big jerk!”

“Oh, I will…but first I’m taking a picture.” And he did.

@YourTwitterName may have war the battle…but I think the cabinet won the war.” Attached was a picture of you still in the cabinet, a pout firmly in place.

“Will you get me down now??” He chuckled again, but helped you down. “You’re so mean!”

“I just can’t believe you actually got stuck in the cabinet!” He shook his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, whatever.” You stuck your tongue out. “At least I won!”

He wrapped an arm around you. “Sure you did. What would you like as your prize?”

“Just kiss me!”

“I can do that!”

Not edited, so let me know if there are any blazing errors!

Hannibal Rewatch: 1x01

Season 1, Episode 1 - “Aperitif”

Heeyy all my buddies!

So I thought it would be a swell idea to rewatch Hannibal, because what is emotional stability good for, really? Very little, I’d say.

In my ~dreams~ I imagined writing posts covering the first two seasons that people could read if they were watching Hannibal for the first time, and that would eventually join up with my season 3 recaps to make one continuous chain. But then I realized two things:

1) that maybe I could actually provide something kinda interesting and a little more rare in tv commentary, in that I could relook at a series as a whole, knowing what it is they built over time, and talk about how the boards were laid, as it were

2) that I have no control when it comes to foreshadowing or pain

This latter realization was mostly about myself, and although it wasn’t a surprise it was valuable.

These in turn mean two things for YOU:

1) as a whole these posts will contain spoilers through the Hannibal series finale (it’s over & it’s perfect shhhh wade into the stream). Sometimes the spoilers will be specific, other times it will be more general knowledge of circumstances, which I think counts as a spoiler for Hannibal because so much of the joy/horror of this show is in being very much with the characters in what you are (not) aware of at any given moment. And I don’t want to take that from newbies, so we’re keeping these things on Alert.

2) probably this whole adventure is going to be primarily screen shots followed by me being like

…which was a joke but also, I am beginning to suspect, oddly accurate? Like I just want to make sure everyone is yelling enough and for the right reasons. I am a mere humble thinker of feelings, at your service.

Take, for instance, this, which we see in the very first word-free minutes of the television series Hannibal:

Just the face of a man about to walk forward into the rest of his life. And do you know what he does first? He closes his eyes. Do you know what happens when you close your eyes? That’s when the monsters can move.


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Tripple Dog Date Him!

Written by: @alliswell21

Prompt #57: Katniss is dared to ask nerdy!Peeta out on a date, she ends up actually enjoying her time with him. By: Anonymous.

Rated: T for some language.

Triggers: None

Word Count: Around 7500

Summary: Katniss has known of Peeta Mellark since they were little, but not until her roommate Johanna decides Katniss has had a too long hiatus from the dating scene, she dares speak to the boy.

This piece has not been betaed. All mistakes are mine.  

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Southern Bird (part 2)

pairing: Tormund x Reader

fandom: game of thrones

warning: smut

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway 

part 1

Blood was coursing through your whole body quicker than normal. Heart beating fast, a druming in your ears and a fuzzy feeling all over. You lie on your back, staring at the stone ceiling above while Tormund looks at you from the side and plays with a stray strande of hair. You had agreed to spend the night with him but now you were nervous and the words kept dying in your throat. He on the other hand, didn’t look too bothered. 

“I’m not expecting anything." 

The heavy silence was suddenly lifted as he spoke, making you finally turn around to look at him. It sounded honest and his reassuring smile made you relax a little. Your breathing evened and the tension left your body because you knew he was telling the truth. You had known that all along, it was why you felt safe in his pressence.  

"It’s just…I’m nervous that’s all." 

"Why?” He sounded genuienly surprised, looking at you with curiosity. 

“Forget it you big, dumb jerk…” You mumble quietly while his warm arms move across your stomach and pull you closer as he laughs at your pouting face.

Would he go back to his home once everything was over? Would either of you even survive? He kind of grew easily on you and if he’d leave you would miss him terribly. His arms tighten around you, his head resting on your shoulder. The warmth he radiated felt nice and his breathing against your skin gave you some sort of comfort. 

“Would you…like to…?" 

His hand moves down to your breast, squeezing it softly and moving his thumb over your hardening nippple. You draw in a sharp breath, surpresing a loud moan when he continues to explore your body. Your skirt is quickly lifted up as well to grab at every part of exposed skin. 

He parts your legs with his hand, his fingers easily sliding into you. They’re big enough to completely fill you out and you dig your fingers into his arm as you move up your hips to meet his pumping fingers. 

He pulls them out, fumbles with his clothes before rolling on top of you. His fingers were quickly replaced with his cock that felt way too big to fit anywhere inside you. Your walls were clenching down around him immediately, both of you moaning in bliss at the feeling. 

His mouth meets yours, tongues twirling against each other in a passionate kiss. His teeth bite your lower lip once he pulls back. A warm feeling is spreading through your whole body, burning skin and beating heart. 

His thrusts get quicker and he grabs your wrists, holding you down in place as his cock pushes against your cervix with every move. You buck up your hips with shaking legs, letting go as you groan his name. He slows down, pushing his hips hard into you a few more times before spilling his seed. 


Dean looked up from under the hood to find you standing beside him, holding a grease rag outstretched to him. 

“Thought you were going to sleep all morning,” he said, taking it from you and wiping his hands with it. 

“I wouldn’t leave you and Baby hanging like that,” you grinned. He looked you over, eyes appraising you slow.

“And I see you took it upon yourself to borrow one of my shirts to work in.”

“I figured you wouldn’t mind. Do you mind?” you asked. He was still looking at you, not your eyes, but at the way his shirt looked on you. You saw the corner of his mouth turn up just a bit; a secret smile.

“I don’t mind,” he said, tossing the grease rag back to you. “Let’s get to work.”