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How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

Crooked (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 4

Part four!

I’m so, so sorry for the wait! But I still hope that you’ll like it :) Enjoy!

Summary: He broke your heart two years ago and you left him. Time is supposed to heal all wounds, so will you take him back?

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Three whole months had gone by since the night at the club.

The times you found yourself being around Ji Yong had not decreased in the least, if anything those times had increased. However, something that was very surprising to you was the fact that you didn’t mind as much to have Ji Yong around anymore. Without realizing it, you’d started to look forward to ‘accidentally’ running into him or meeting him when you were about to spend time with Seung Hyun or Youngbae. The new discovery regarding your feelings freaked you out a little. How could you actually start to enjoy his company? He was nothing but a bastard who hurt you. Right?

Three days ago, you had made plans to spend some time with Youngbae at a coffee shop near campus; Ji Yong had already been there when you’d arrived. The fact that he was there hadn’t surprised you and you had been well aware that it hadn’t been a random accident that he’d stopped by that particular coffee shop on his way to his father’s company. From the very start, after the night at the club, he’d made it perfectly clear that he would work his ass off to get you back. He had also let you know that he wouldn’t leave you alone until you’d truthfully tell him that you sincerely hated him with all your heart and never wanted to see him, ever again. Deep down, you were well aware of the fact that not having Ji Yong in your life would make you miserable – and it already had, during the two years when you’d been on the run from him. You’d never admit it to anyone – even yourself – but, no matter how much he’d hurt you in the past, he was an essential piece in your life’s puzzle. You needed him in your life.

Three days ago when Ji Yong had showed up, you’d tried your absolute hardest to ignore the fact that your heart had started racing like it had done when you’d first met him and had fallen in love with him. Even with the mop of whitish-blonde hair, that made you think of the bad times during your days with him – that nowadays always appeared to be perfectly styled -  made him look incredibly handsome. It annoyed the hell out of you, while at the same time making you feel like a little girl whose crush was around.

When you’d arrived at the coffee shop, Ji Yong had been very quick to direct you attention to the table he and Youngbae had been sitting at. You’d completely ignored him – with more difficulty than before, you’d realized – when you’d waved at Youngbae before getting in line to buy coffee. The way your cheeks had gotten warmer had made your mood a little worse. Why was he such an adorable and charming bastard? With one wave and a simple smile your way, your body had failed you. Damn it.

Once you’d arrived at the front of the line and had ordered your coffee, you’d quickly rummaged through your bag to get your wallet. When you’d retrieved it and had taken out your credit card to pay, there had already been an arm outstretched – a credit card attached to the hand of said arm. You’d quickly turned around in surprised and had been met with Ji Yong, who’d been standing so close his chest had almost been touching your back. To say that you’d felt a little lightheaded from the closeness and the familiar cologne would be an understatement. Your cheeks had heated up so much you’d had to instantly turn around, so that he wouldn’t notice.

“I can pay for myself”, you’d told him, trying to sound as annoyed as possible – even though you’d wanted nothing more than to turn around and bury yourself in his embrace. It had been infuriatingly annoying how your body had started to react just like it had back when you’d been dating him.

“But beautiful girls like you shouldn’t have to, not when there’s a guy who’d gladly buy you the enite world if you asked”, he’d said and had smirked down at you, earning a sigh from you.

“Well-…”, with that cheesy line from him, you’d been rendered speechless for a few moments, while you’d tried to calm your racing heart.

What you’d failed to notice had been the triumphant smile on Ji Yong’s face, since he’d easily noticed your red cheeks and the fact that his cheesy words had made you flustered. He still knew you like the back of his hand, every single expression on your face was very easy for him to interpret. You’d also failed to notice the amused expression on Youngbae’s face, who’d observed the entire thing from where he was sitting. The fact that Ji Yong wanted you back was no secret; it actually surprised you that the entire world didn’t know. However, the fact that you’d subconsciously started to accept the fact that you might want him back too was something only your closest friends had realized. Not even you yourself had understood that yet. Something that you actually had realized, was the fact that your closest friends had started to scheme ‘against’ you. They’d started trying to figure out how to get the two of you together.

After Ji Yong had paid, he’d humored you enough to actually go back to the table where Youngbae had been waiting. You’d waited for your coffee by the counter to the left of the register, since you’d needed some time to calm your racing heart and burning cheeks.

“Your boyfriend is really handsome… And charming”

The voice of the girl who’d taken your order and then had prepared it had surprised you. First of all; you hadn’t realized that your coffee had been ready, since you’d been so caught up in your own thoughts. Secondly; her choice of words had not been what you’d expected. Boyfriend?

“Uh… He’s… Not my boyfriend”, you’d managed to say, as you’d stumbled over your words – your cheeks heating up again.

“Really?” she’d sounded genuinely surprised, “it really looked like it, though”

After you’d awkwardly assured her that he really wasn’t your boyfriend, you’d thanked her for the coffee and had made your way to the table where Youngbae and the guy who’d been your entire world two years ago had been sitting. Because of the barista’s words, you’d been feeling slightly lightheaded by the time you arrived at the table – so flustered and with cheeks so warm, you hadn’t known what to do with yourself. What the hell was this man doing to you?! After every horrible thing you’d had to go through because of him!

Once you’d sat down, the three of you had spent time simply just talking. You’d tried your best to only focus on Youngbae, but had quickly failed – even finding yourself giggling because of the jokes Ji Yong said.

At one point, Youngbae had excused himself and had gone to the bathroom; leaving you all alone with Ji Yong. You’d instantly suspected that he’d only done that to mess with you, earning an annoyed glare at his back when he’d walked towards the bathroom.

With only the two of you at the table, an awkward silence had instantly risen, that had been loaded with tension that’d made your heart beat faster. Even if you’d tried your hardest to ignore the growing desire to make the silence and tension disappear, you hadn’t been able to resist in the end. You’d eventually said the first thing that’d come to your mind.

“You know… I liked it much better when your hair was dark brown”, you’d said, surprising yourself with your honesty. Ji Yong had looked equally as surprised.

“Oh, really?” he’d eventually said, a smirk on his face.

“… Yes”, you’d said, silently giving in and accepting the fact that you’d put yourself in that situation by being an idiot, “you looked classier with it, that’s all”

That honesty had seemed to make Ji Yong’s day, because during the remaining time the three of you had spent in the coffee shop; he hadn’t been able to wipe that annoyingly happy smile of his face. It had both annoyed you and had made you want to give him a big hug, because he’d looked adorable.

That day had ended with Ji Yong having to hurry to his father’s office, still with the big smile on his face. He’d told you that the two of you would see each other soon and that he looked forward to it. The adorable bastard had left you with a racing heart, heated cheeks and a desire to run after him and give him a hug. Damn it.


It was now one week since the heart racing afternoon in the coffee shop. Friday night, to be more specific. You’d invited Seung Hyun over to your apartment for dinner, since you hadn’t seen him for a while because of his busy work schedule. You missed your adorable dork of a ‘big brother’ and wanted to hear how he’d been.

You were cooking, making Seung Hyun’s favorite dish that he himself had requested when you’d invited him yesterday. Another request he’d made when you’d called yesterday had been one that made you a little confused. He’d asked if he could bring one of his friends over for dinner as well, since that friend apparently really needed to get out and do stuff. Seung Hyun had also informed you that you’d met this friend before, information that’d made you agree. All of Seung Hyun’s friends were people you liked, so dinner wouldn’t be ruined because of some asshole.

It was now close to 7 PM and, as you were in the kitchen preparing the last things for the dinner, the doorbell rang and a smile made its way to your face. Your silly teddy bear had arrived!

You made your way to the front door and opened it. On the other side stood none other than Seung Hyun, a smile on his face and a bottle of wine in his hand. He greeted you and gave you a hug before stepping into you apartment, more than familiar with the face. With all the times he’d visited you, it almost felt like he lived there at times.

When Seung Hyun had stepped out of the way, the friend that he’d brought was revealed.

Ji Yong.

Surprisingly, the fact that he turned out to be the friend didn’t shock you as much as you’d thought it would. You’d already realized that Seung Hyun and Yongbae were trying to get the two of you back together, since the two men weren’t always so smooth with their tries. What did shock you a whole lot was Ji Yong’s appearance; his hair no longer blinded you with its almost white shade of blonde; it was now a dark brown, just like when you first met him. He looked like his old, classy and charmingly handsome self.

“Wh-…?” you were so shocked, no words seemed to be able to escape your mouth.

“Hello, ____-ah”, Ji Yong said and smiled at you, “you look beautiful tonight”

His comment sent your heart racing, like it usually did nowadays when he was around. You quickly glanced down at your outfit; your white jeans and your simple, black t-shirt. Comfortable, yet surprisingly stylish.

“… Thank you”, you mumbled as your cheeks heated up.

Ji Yong kept smiling when you invited him inside. As you closed the door and made your way into the kitchen where Seung Hyun was waiting, you tried to calm your racing heart like always. When the hell had this kind of reaction become normal? You didn’t even feel surprised or annoyed over the fact that your body was reacting like this. When had you gotten used to feeling like this when Ji Yong was around? Why had you gotten used to it?

“You’re so dead, Oppa”, you whispered to Seung Hyun when you shooed him away from the stove, where he was inspecting the food with great interest.

“Doubt it”, the older man said and smirked down at you like the annoying dork he was.

You simply just sighed and turned the stove off and removed the pan filled with food from the hot plate. Footsteps approaching the kitchen told you that Ji Yong had removed his shoes and was now coming closer. You stupid heartbeat picked up at this realization.

“Your apartment is really nice, ____-ah”, he casually commented.

You glanced back at him where he now stood, leaning against the doorframe and looking incredibly handsome. Why was he doing this to you?

“Thank you”, you said and turned back around, trying to busy yourself with getting plates and wineglasses.

“I’ll open the wine”, Seung Hyun suddenly said when you’d gotten three plates and had started your mission of getting three wineglasses.

It was a mission, because your wineglasses were placed so high up that your short frame never managed to get them down without standing on a chair. You cursed the fact that you were so short and the fact that you’d placed the glasses so high up.

While you were busy with you impossible mission, you failed to see the wordless conversation the two men were having. Seung Hyun gave Ji Yong a look that pretty much said ‘go help her, idiot’, while he nodded his head to the side, in the direction of where you were standing on your tiptoes. Ji Yong looked like he wanted to nervously protest at first, but then seemed to realize what an incredible opportunity it was to get closer to you. He smirked, nodded and then walked over to you. He stopped right behind you and stretched his arm up and got the first glass down with ease.

You turned around slightly in surprise when you felt a chest press against your back, sending your mind right back to a week ago when Ji Yong had paid for your coffee.

“You should’ve asked for help from the start, you know”, he said as he concentrated on getting the remaining two glasses down, “but you’ve always been stubborn… It’s as adorable now as it was two years ago”


Having him so close and hearing him say things like that rendered you speechless yet again, just like one week ago. How could this man be so skilled with his words alone? It wasn’t fair!

Once your shock had died down a little, the three of you had all agreed that you were very hungry and had sat down to eat. Both men complimented your cooking with enthusiasm, after almost every bite they took. Seung Hyun constantly told you that he loved your cooking, often inviting himself to your place and making you cook for him. You always agreed and did just that, because the man was like an adorable little child when he was excited about something. You also felt proud of the fact that you seemed to be a good cook. Ji Yong, when the two of you had been dating, had been a devoted and outspoken fan of your cooking, always asking you if you could cook for him. Even if a lot of time had passed, his love for your food didn’t seem to have disappeared.

Watching the two of them almost attack their plates put a smile on your face. Two incredibly wealthy, mannered and refined young men; eating like two starved savages who hadn’t eaten for weeks. It was quite amusing to see, to say the least.

After dinner, both Seung Hyun and Ji Yong had offered to wash the dishes, but you’d told them to sit their asses on the couch in the living room or on the chairs out on the balcony while you did it. They did as they were told when you gave them a look that told them not to challenge you.

As you tidied up in the kitchen, you missed the conversation between the two friends out on the balcony.

“I had no idea she lived so close to my father’s company”, Ji Yong said and took a sip of his wine, looking out at the city of Seoul.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about her now, because she made everyone promise not to tell you anything”, Seung Hyun said.

Ji Yong sighed, “I screwed up completely back then, huh?”

“Yes”, was Seung Hyun’s answer, making Ji Yong hang his head for a moment with a pained yet annoyed expression on his face. He wanted to beat the crap out of himself, for being such an idiot.

“I have to fix it”


“… I don’t know”, Ji Yong said, “but if she’s not in my life, I have absolutely nothing to live for, hyung… I need her”

“I know you do”

“And I mean it”, Ji Yong stared up at the sky as he spoke, “she’s the love of my life”

A few moments later, the balcony door opened and you stepped out, completely unaware of the conversation that had just taken place out there.

“Is your laptop on, Angel?” Seung Hyun suddenly asked, before you even had time to take another step out on the balcony.

“Uh, I think so… Why?”

“Work”, was all he said before standing up, ruffling your hair a little and giving you a smile before entering the apartment again.

You turned around and looked at his retreating back with confusion. Eventually, you just shook your head a little at Seung Hyun’s behavior and sat down next to Ji Yong – since there were only two chairs out on the balcony.

“I’m sorry”, Ji Yong suddenly said after a few moments of silence.

“What?” you looked at him, confused, “what exactly are you sorry about?”

“Everything”, was his answer, “for coming here tonight…”

“You showing up here isn’t exactly something you have to apo-“

“And for not leaving you alone for the last three months”, he interrupted you, “… Also, for getting so completely messed up that night, so that Seung Hyun hyung had to call you”

You looked at him with confusion, yet expectation of what else he had to say. Truthfully, you’d waited for two years to hear him apologize for everything he did to you. After all the hurt, that was the least you deserved, right?

“After two years, that was the last thing you deserved and that was not how I wanted our first time meeting after such a long time to go”, he continued, “and for everything I put you through during those last six months two years ago…”

You waited for him to continue.

“… Nothing will ever be enough to express how incredibly and, honestly, fucking sorry I am”, he said and looked at you with such a serious expression that you realized how sincere each and every single word he said was, “I screwed up the only perfect thing I had, but… I just hope that it’s something that can be fixed and returned to its original state”

“I-… I’m not sure if that’s possible, Oppa”, you quietly said looked down at the wineglass and bit you lip.

Ji Yong surprisingly enough smirked at this, “you didn’t say it’s never going to happen, though”

“Wh-…”, you gave him a stunned expression before a giggle managed to escape you mouth, followed by a small smile that spread across your face. Why did it make you so happy that Ji Yong had no plans to give up? Why did you want him to keep trying? And why did it feel like he was very close to succeeding with his mission to get you back?

“I’ll fight until the day I die if I have to, ____-ah”, he said and gave you a small smile, making your heart skip a beat.

“I’ve kind of understood that”, you said and gave him a small smile back while biting your lip slightly, feeling nervous and giddy at the same time.

If the heart never actually gave up on a true love, the mind will eventually give in and follow the heart; something you were starting to slowly realize.

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Emma Approved, Frank and Jane videos: Glossary of words and phrases


Human rights.
= You think they’re sexy, right?

Any right in particular?
= How serious are you about my cause?

You really know your human rights.
= Please stop asking me hard questions. Also, you’re hawt.

I take them very seriously.
= Look how easily I can ignore your smoulder.

I’m saying there’s a difference between working for human rights, and raising money for them.
= And if you don’t pay attention to this difference, we are so over.

I just wish that every company that backed a charity actually believed in it.
= And if Emma doesn’t pay attention to this wish, I am so outta here.

I wish that too!
= I am putty in your hands.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude. Slavery and the whole slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.
= You must have a death wish if you’re poking fun at human trafficking around a black woman.

That’s another human right?
= You are so sexy when you quote verbatim from official UN documents!


The bachelorette auction
= I totally disapprove.

While I admire Emma’s desire to do good, I’d rather she didn’t rope me into it.
= I cannot possibly express how distasteful I find the idea of putting myself up for auction.

You know, some day you’re gonna get tired of being so alone all the time, Miss Fairfax.
= Lighten up a bit, lady!

I have all the company I need.
= I love you.

But do you have all the company that you want?
= Don’t you want to spend more time with me?


We’ve known each other long enough now, I think you can call me…Frank?
= This charade is really wearing on me.

I think ‘Mr. Churchill’ is more appropriate for the workplace.
= You’ll stay in character if you know what’s good for you.

I see you got a new laptop!
= Do you like it?

You must be thrilled! The old one was practically falling apart!
= Do you like it?

It still worked!
= You didn’t have to buy me a whole new computer, you dork.

I mean, whoever sent it must be an incredible, thoughtful, generous individual!

Isn’t it better that way? I mean, if it just comes out of nowhere, right, when you need it, like…like MAGIC?
= I’m trying to be your knight in shining armour here!

It would have been better to get some kind of notice.
= I hate surprises.

Having to answer Emma’s questions about who sent the package
= Honestly, that woman will just not shut UP!

On the other hand…
= But I do love it. Thank you.

I’ll have more free time.
= For you.

Free time you can use to enjoy the city
= Ohboyohboyohboy! Date tonight?

Carpe diem, Jane Fairfax; carpe diem.
= Or better yet, date right now?


Emma’s not here right now.
= I’m not interested in talking to you.

You know, I heard somewhere that the two of you have become…lunch buddies?
= I am insanely jealous.

First carpool buddies, now lunch buddies.
= I hate that guy.

This is starting to sound serious.
= I hate that guy.

There have been rumours, whispers, implications…even a wager placed on the outcome.

What’s important is that you and Mr. Knightley have become quite the topic of conversation.
= Pleasepleaseplease deny it. I need to hear it from your own lips.

Either it hurts your career, or it hurts your relationship.
= Maybe I never should have gotten involved with you.

And which one would you put first?
= Do you care about me at all?

Which one would you? Or should I even bother asking?
= Do you care about me at all?

Apparently the Richmond Corporation, a company you own shares in, is buying up natural resources.
= I’m really bitter that you’re prioritizing your work over our relationship.

You obviously have a lot of work to do, and I, uh, wouldn’t want to get in your way!
= I’m really bitter that you’re prioritizing your work over our relationship.


I think you might need a new phone to go with that laptop; it doesn’t seem to be working properly.
= Baby, please stop ignoring my calls.

I’m leaving now.
= I’m going to miss you so much.

I came over to say goodbye to…everyone.
= I couldn’t leave without seeing you first.

I know you didn’t want to do it, and I–we talked you into it.
= I was inconsiderate of your feelings. I’m sorry.

I tried to postpone, but they gave me no choice.
= I would much rather be here with you, don’t you know that?

Come on, Jane–Miss Fairfax.
= Please don’t be mad, love, it’s killing me.

The Richmond Corporation.
= A symbol of everything I hate…and you’re a part of it!

I hope you’ll still be here when I get back.
= I hope we can make up when I get back.

Harriet, can you bring me a cup of tea?
= My heart is breaking.


What a coincidence.
= You can’t seriously believe that I didn’t jump at the chance to get you alone.

= Hilarious raunchy pictures of myself

Urgent matter
= Valiant rescue mission

Harriet told me about that
= You are the sweetest guy.

I only hope she understands that I would never intentionally hurt anyone.
= I never meant to hurt you.

Even when it’s not on purpose, you’re still responsible for the consequences of your actions.
= Oh, no, you’re not getting off that easy, bub.

My aunt
= Me

Oh, well, hopefully I haven’t used all mine up.
= We’re still dating, right?

I’ll put in a good word for you!
= Sure we are, you big giant adorable dork.

Thank you.
= I love you.

I’ve realised there are a few things more important than business.
= You are my number one priority.

Have a wonderful day, Miss Fairfax.
= Enjoy those pictures, sugar.


Let me help, let me help!
= I’m really, really sorry I messed up.

How bad is it?
= How mad are you?

It’s nothing that can’t be fixed.
= I’ll rein Emma in somehow.

Would it really be so terrible if the secret got out?
= Would it really be so terrible if our secret got out?

= I want to shout about you from the rooftops; why don’t you want to do the same about me?

= Me

Mr. Pitt
= You

That’s why we’re making the most of the time we have
= I haven’t really thought about what our relationship will be like after we go public.

Carpe diem
= Take what you can get whenever you can get it

That’s a lot of jam to sample!
= I’m totally thinking of creative sexual ways we can use up all this jam.

I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.
= I love hearing you laugh.


I read The Economist in my spare time, not What To Expect When You’re Expecting.
= I don’t know if I actually want kids.

Being around Annie and Ryan…they seem like naturals.
= Maybe we could be like that some day.

It just took the love of a good woman to make him see the errors of his ways.
= I’m really trying to do better, honey.

I’m sure she didn’t really change him that much. She just brought out the best in him.
= I know at your heart you’re a good guy.

That she did.
= You’re so awesome.

You are coming, aren’t you?
= You’d better show up or I will be mad as hell.


Whoa, whoa, look what we have here! Jane Fairfax, hard at work in her office!
= I’m so mad at you.

Mr. Churchill, showing up out of nowhere…as usual.
= I’m so mad at you.

After you left.
= Why the hell did you do that? I cut a business meeting short and everything!

I’m surprised you stayed! It didn’t really seem like you cared that much.
= I can’t believe you went to a business meeting on the day of the shower!

You say late, I say prioritizing
= Geez, what do I have to do to get a little credit here?

The Richmond Corporation is expanding. And it’s your money that’s making it possible.
= Clearly, you don’t care at all about what I’ve been saying about the importance of human rights.

It’s just business, Jane.
= Clearly, you don’t care at all about what I’ve been saying about the importance of our relationship.

I’m just glad you finally figured out what’s important to you.
= I can’t believe work is more important to you than I am.

Shouldn’t you be off saving starving orphans somewhere?
= I can’t believe work is more important to you than I am.

Clearly I’ve lost sight of who I really am.
= Maybe we should take a break.

I won’t be bothering you anymore.
= A break? Fine. I’m going to go sleep with the copy girl…er…flirt with Emma.