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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

i hate when people on tumblr just say shit like “just surround yourself with positive people!!!! dont keep negative people in your life!!!!” like it’s not easy to just drop friends you’ve known for years and magically find a new gang of friends that you can trust so stop making it sound so simple


First of all, I’d like to thank all the nice comments I received about my video! I’m happy a lot of people liked it or had a good laugh at the memes I dropped in. 

1. anon: Thank you so much!! I’m really glad you enjoyed it And I’m extremely flattered you watched it so many times. Makes it all worth it ;v; <3

2. @shadowtrmn8r : omg Pharmercy musical. Thank you so much! Yes welcome aboard the Somb.Va ship B)

3. @actualasamisato : I’m glad she’s both or this animation would’ve been awkward. Also thank you for supporting me on Patreon! I appreciate it <3

4. anon2: Thank you, anon! And Happy New Year to you too :)

some reminders for artists

  • it’s okay if you can’t speedpaint like the people on youtube do
  • it’s okay if it takes you longer than an hour to finish a piece
  • it’s okay if it takes you longer than a week to finish a piece
  • it’s okay if it takes you longer than a month to finish a piece
  • it’s okay to take however long you need to finish a piece
  • it’s okay to never finish a piece (unless someone commissioned u and u got money for it. then u need to pick it up, but communicating with the person you’re working with is always better than not! 9 times out of 10, they’ll be understanding)
  • it’s okay if your art gets 5 notes
  • it’s okay if your art gets 1 note
  • it’s okay if your art gets 0 notes
  • it’s okay if you paint on thousands of layers
  • it’s okay if you paint on one layer
  • it’s okay if it takes you hours on one part of the picture to get it to look right
  • it’s okay if you spend more time or less time on certain parts of the piece than on others
  • it’s okay if you draw lots of fanart
  • it’s okay if you draw just for fun
  • it’s okay to take breaks between drawings that last long, long times

Scott: gotta keep moving forward together. If you get scared, just hold our hands and we’ll continue to lead the way. Keep venturing on. 

  • You are not your thoughts.
  • You don’t have to act on your thoughts.
  • Your thoughts alone do not make you who you are.
  • The people around you are safe.
  • You are safe.
  • You are going to be okay.

Nice, the power is finally back on in my house so I can post this ;7;

A gift for @x-i-l-verify , Shiro and Tadashi and their daemons! Shiro has a Pyrenees Mountain dog, while Tadashi has a St. Bernard (thanks for typing him for me, I really love what you came up with <3)

They’re having fun chatting and sharing funny stories about their families :’)


Hey! I recently had the honor of doing the art assets for Marvel’s web series, Marvel TL;DR. It was a great experience and a lot of fun to do, especially because I love this incarnation of Ghost Rider.   

Me on my death bed...

Me: Tell my family that I love them

Grandkid: Yes, grandma.

Me: And tell telanu that Truth and Measure is the best novel I’ve ever read.

Grandkid: I think you mean fanfiction, grandma.

Me: Did I fucking stutter?

  • Chuuya: I've been dropping subtle hints that I like him.
  • *walks over to Dazai*
  • Chuuya: I can't stand you, go fuck yourself!
How to Stay Organised

It can be difficult to stay organised and on top of things, especially at college/uni, but it is a crucial skill! Why? It reduces stress, helps you get things done (on time) and produce better work. We all know how difficult it is to balance a social life, grades and getting enough sleep, and, while achieving at all three is (sometimes) impossible, being organised brings you a couple of steps closer.

1) USE A FRIKKEN PLANNER! This is *the* most important. I don’t care if it’s a decorated bullet journal or a Google Calendar on your phone or a notepad you got for free somewhere - find one, use one, make it your own. Plan your tasks in advance, take note of your deadlines and follow through with the next step.

2) Start early. I know, procrastination is beautiful and seductive, and you have two weeks until your essay is due, but start early! As soon as you get an assignment or task, start working on it. Even if it’s just reading thoroughly through the task, start as soon as you can. If you have any questions or problems, you will have enough time to get them answered. 

3) File your work weekly. It reduces both physical and mental clutter. I write my class notes on loose leaf paper, then, at the end of the week, I put them all in a big, ringbinder file. It keeps my backpack light and I know exactly where to find my notes when I need to refer back to them.

4) Colour-code if it’s not distracting. Some people find colour-coding too distracting, time-consuming and ineffective. Other people find it impossible to live without. Some people are in between. Figure out where you are on the spectrum and choose a system that works for you.

5) Do a little every day. It’s so much easier to stay organised if you break big tasks down into smaller ones and tackle a small task every day. I personally find this to be the most effective in reducing my stress, since I don’t have this huge “OH MY WORD I NEED TO STUDY” panic hanging over me. Sometimes all I need is two or three hours of studying throughout the day during the week to ensure that I don’t need to spend 12 hours on Sunday afternoon freaking out to finish my physics problem set.

6) Schedule time to relax, screen-free. I am as addicted to and in love with the internet as much as any tumblr user, but I’ve recently found that taking an hour every day to relax, without my laptop, phone or watching TV is really beneficial. Do some yoga, pray, read, daydream, draw…whatever doesn’t feel like work. I’ve come to realise that mindless tumblr scrolling isn’t actually all that relaxing. I still love it, but it’s simply not effective in clearing my mind. Having an hour to refresh my mind completely has been a game-changer, and it helps me feel more mentally organised by reducing mental clutter. 

I hope these are helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to message me or send me an ask! You can also find my studyinstagram @ munirastudies. Happy studying!

xx Munira

behind the scenes of home schooling
  • doing homework in your pajamas. yesterday night i was getting ready for bed when i realized i never changed out of my pjs.
  • regularly sleeping in until “unreasonable” times (i.e. 9:00am)
  • watching tv during lunch
  • condensing the school week to 4 days so you can have infinite 3-day weekends
  • perpetually feeling out-of-touch with pop culture despite having normal friends and social media
  • sunday roast leftovers for lunch
  • not understanding gossip, both in theory and actuality
  • peer pressure isn’t really a thing. it’s quite freeing not always being surrounded by other teens.
  • home-schoolers in my experience are generally more out-going than most teens, since we’re used to being forced outside our comfort zone.
  • no standardized tests. we feel so sorry for y’all
  • “you better have your school work done by the time dad comes home”
  • specifically transfers: that sudden realization after a few months that nothing is stopping you from just reading that book or binge watching all day. nothing.
  • weekends: aka catch up
  • the idea of living independently and self-motivating in college seems normal to us
  • the terror of hearing the garage door announcing mom’s return from errands when u have done nothing productive
  • we’re all threatened to be sent to public school at least once
  • NO CROWDS. ever. because we can go at the dead hours when everyone else is at school or work. whole movie theaters to ourselves.
  • anywhere is the work desk. A N Y W H E R E
  • usually resulting from the above: “stop doing school on ur bed!”
  • only about 5-7 hours of school a day. no homework. we’re free

obviously not all homeschool experiences are the same as mine (some parents are more strict than others) but these are generally true

New Years Resolutions 2017

I’ve made resolutions in the past and followed them spottily at best, but this year I’m making a proper effort to write down a list and stick to it:

Write every day.

Even if it’s just one sentence. Write every day. You wrote hundreds of thousands of words of terrible science fiction in middle school when you were bored and had no friends, dammit. You can do it as a much happier person and far better writer.

Waste less time.

When you have something to work on, just do it. Stop looking at your phone. Stop traipsing around and doing things that are decisively less of a priority. 

Work out more.

(Because you really fell off the wagon around mid-November.) Five times a week is ideal, and it needs to be real exercise like you used to do, running or cross fit or something else aerobic. You get back into shape quickly enough–no reason not to.

Read 52 books.

You fell short of this the past two years, and that’s fine! You read a lot of short fiction and academic papers too, so it’s not like you just aren’t reading. But 52 isn’t really all that lofty of a goal considering how fast you read. Just do a little every day, and don’t fall hopelessly behind the book per week pace.

Earn a better GPA than first semester.

You did well this fall! You transferred to a much more challenging institution and still made Dean’s List, so that’s great. But now that you’ve adjusted and aren’t taking a hellish economics class, you can do better.

Have at least one publication by the end of 2017.

This is your most ambitious resolution, and the least in your control. But you have a lot of people who believe in your writing and the stories you want to tell. You owe it to yourself to give it your best shot. In that vein:

Have no should-haves.

Matt Murdock Relationship Headcanons

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Matt Murdock Relationship Headcanons

Prompt: idk if it’s been done before, but what would dating Matt Murdock be like?

Matt likes contact. He likes to touch your face to imagine what you look like, working to build a better picture of you every time he does.

He likes it when you wear soft perfume. Anything too in-your-face messes with his sense of smell.

When you’re nervous, he can hear your heartbeat racing and immediately tries to comfort you.

Sometimes, you lie awake at night. He lets you go on and on, describing things about him or you in extreme detail so he can picture it better.

Matt is super polite and only ever makes an advance if he has your permission.

He likes long hugs, and his favorite thing is learning new little things about you based on the way you sound or move.

Matt’s kisses are always soft and meaningful. His lips are soft and gentle.

He’d let you read to him for hours and hours just so he could hear the sound of your voice.

Matt introduced you to Foggy as soon as he knew things with you were serious.

Matt impresses you every single day with his abilities and advanced senses.  

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